May 5, 2006

The Big Scoop Series #12: The Rogue Superpower And Its Corporate Henchmen

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"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world."

— John Muir

"I (and every single other individual on this planet working for peace and justice) am often accused of being "anti-American" for dissenting against my feral government that has gone wild with lawlessness and greed, even though dissent from our government is as American as apple pie. Some people believe that if one is critical of the Bush criminal regime, then one is anti-American. I steadfastly believe that to be anti-BushCo means being pro-American, pro-life, and most of all, pro-peace."

— Cindy Sheehan - Taken from "Pro-American = Anti-BushCo" (04 May 2006)

Worthy of Your Attention


Death Made In America: Wondering if your conscience is still anesthetized (4-29-06)
FROM THE AMERICAN GIFT (URANIUM MUNITIONS) THAT KEEPS ON GIVING - HORRORS UNLIMITED: MADE IN USA - OUR CHILDREN WOULD BE BORN THIS WAY FOR EVER THANKS TO THE URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY YOUR ARMED FORCES PAID FOR BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Due to the use of massive amount of uranium munitions used by the US forces in the initial bombing and subsequently, massive amount of congenital deformities occur all over Afghanistan. The rate of various cancers has gone up significantly. Leukemia and esophageal cancers are very high among children. According to doctors at maternity and children hospitals in Kabul, the rate of various congenital deformities have increased by many folds since the US invasion. In fact, the magnitude of man made isotopes was established by the Uranium Medical Research Center after their investigators made to trips to Afghanistan and collected urine and soil samples. They established that the rate of man made isotopes was gone up 2000 times in some subjects located near the bombed areas. Since uranium used in the weapons have a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the US forces ensured that generations of Afghans suffer from cancers and deformities. This is certainly not development. In fact, it is the biggest crime ever committed by anyone in the history of humanity. CLIP - Recommended by "Stephanie Rudd"> who wrote: "Our horror and shame - what we have done to Afghanistan." (and Iraq, and Kosovo, and Yugoslavia, and Serbia and the United States and soon the entire planet).

A Message to Stop The Nuclear Explosion Called: Divine Strike - June 2nd, 2006
There is a huge explosion of 700 tons of explosives scheduled to be detonated with an Nuclear Atomic Warhead detonation device scheduled for June 2nd, 2006 at the Nevada Test Site, called "Divine Strike,” at the Nuclear Test Site just outside of Las Vegas...We need your help in standing up to protect LIFE is the message from Corbin Harney and his Western Shoshone people, his friends and many other organizations and groups. His website is at Many are working to help stop this powerful devastation of Mother Earth in the continued disregard for humanities sake and all living life forms that sustain us. Harmony to the planet is being threatened once again in our everyday lives taking Mother Earth more out of balance in nature’s environments everywhere. How much more can she take? CLIP

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No Plane at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. No Crash, No Shoot down, No Flight 93. No "Lets Roll"
Hunt the Boeing — Can you can find it? - There is overwhelming physical evidence that Flight 93 did not crash at Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9/11. Coupled with circumstantial and documentary evidence, plus the numerous government cover-ups and conflicting stories, lends credence to this allegation. What is crystal clear is that the official story concerning Flight 93 is a blatant lie. (...) What Probably Happened at Shanksville - As the 757 flew over the crash site, pre-planted explosives (remember this is a former mine) were detonated creating the central crater. This caused the mushroom cloud in the photo. The wing and tail imprints were dug in advance, plus some of the central crater, long enough for grass to grow. Aircraft debris, paper and fuel were pre-planted and blown out by the explosives.What happened to the plane and its passengers? We don't know. There is some evidence, as presented by the researcher woody box, that Flight 93 landed at Cleveland-Hopkins airport. Other Oddities and Coincidences - There are numerous other oddities and coincidences concerning Flight 93: ranging from terror drills at nearby airports to debris found miles away at two separate locations. Further, a C-130H cargo plane saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon, continued on its journey to Minneapolis; was at the Flight 93 crash site and continued on its journey. Plus, the impossible cell phone calls, the political and corporate connections to the land where Flight 93 crashed and much, much more.

The Asian Development Bank warns of threatening monetary turmoil (April 28, 2006)
The oil trade is uneasy about the increasing impossibility of reinvesting the petrodollars they are accumulating, whereas the bank world is pondering over the dollar's real value. A downturn in trade has just begun on the stock exchanges of the Gulf, even as the Asian Development Bank was warning its members against a possible collapse of the US currency. What if the dollar was really no longer anything but fiat money? For several months a lively debate has been developing within international financial circles: is the dollar so overvalued as to be at risk of a brutal collapse, on the order of 15 to 40% depending on the commentator? The controversy is kept alive by a disputed rumour whereby some oil contracts might be on the verge of being converted from dollars into euros. This, in turn, would spawn a depreciation of the US currency. Until now, official statements on this issue seemed to belong to the realm of psychological warfare between rival powers. As such, they were subject to question. But suddenly, on March 28th, 2006, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) chose to put its credibility at stake among its members by issuing a memo advising them to be ready for a collapse of the dollar. In the same note, the ADB specifies that there is a certain degree of uncertainty as to whether this might happen or not, but that the immediate consequences would be severe if it were to happen [1]. The ADB is already in the process of working on the creation of a regional alternative to the dollar - the ACU, a basket of currencies modelled on the principles of the European ECU. (...) Through a cascading effect, the US are also concealing the costs of their presence in Iraq in order to hide the size of the fraud they are committing. Refusing to cover up for an escapist monetary policy which sooner or later is bound to lead to a catastrophe comparable to 1929, several senior officials of the FED, the US Federal Reserve, have tendered their resignations [11]. In an interview to the German weekly Der Spiegel, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Joseph Stiglitz has estimated the real budget of the US war effort in Iraq to be in range of $1 to $2 trillion over the first four years [12], in other words two to four times higher than the official figures. The hidden part of the war budget thus stands at $500 billion to $1.5 trillion. This sum, if it were to be publicly accounted for, would have to be added to the US public deficit, which is already soaring at over $400 billion per year. It is being absorbed by the printing of worthless paper dollars. In a true market economy, this use of the Mint would lead to a corresponding depreciation of the currency. For the past three weeks, signs of a bear market have begun to make their appearance on the Gulf Bourses [13]. From now on, any political crisis could trigger a panic on the international markets.

Dollar Starts Big Slide Against Major Currencies
The dollar has embarked on a big decline that will see it fall against all leading currencies, according to analysts. The plunge is being prompted by America‚s $800 billion current-account deficit.

Impeaching Bush, State by State
"On Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Dave Zuckerman (Prog.-Vt.) dropped the third of three nearly unreported bombshells on the Bush administration. Zuckerman, along with 12 fellow lawmakers, introduced a formal resolution for the Vermont state legislature to call on the US House of Representatives to impeach President George W. Bush," writes Evan Derkacz.

36 US House Reps Want Bush Impeachment Probe
36 US House representatives have signed on as sponsors or co-sponsors of H. Res 635, which would create a Select Committee to look into the grounds for recommending President Bush's impeachment.

Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove
Despite vehement denials by his attorney who said this week that Karl Rove is neither a "target" nor in danger of being indicted in the CIA leak case, the special counsel leading the investigation has already written up charges against Rove, and a grand jury is expected to vote on whether to indict the Deputy White House Chief of Staff sometime next week, sources knowledgeable about the probe said Friday afternoon.

Bush Team Imposes Thick Veil of Secrecy (30 April 2006)
Washington - As the Bush administration has dramatically accelerated the classification of information as "top secret" or "confidential," one office is refusing to report on its annual activity in classifying documents: the office of Vice President Dick Cheney. A standing executive order, strengthened by President Bush in 2003, requires all agencies and "any other entity within the executive branch" to provide an annual accounting of their classification of documents. More than 80 agencies have collectively reported to the National Archives that they made 15.6 million decisions in 2004 to classify information, nearly double the number in 2001, but Cheney continues to insist he is exempt. Explaining why the vice president has withheld even a tally of his office's secrecy when such offices as the National Security Council routinely report theirs, a spokeswoman said Cheney is "not under any duty" to provide it. That is only one way the Bush administration, from its opening weeks in 2001, has asserted control over information. By keeping secret so many directives and actions, the administration has precluded the public-and often members of Congress-from knowing about some of the most significant decisions and acts of the White House. CLIP

Taking the President to Court
John Conyers announced today that he and other House members are suing the President for signing a budget bill that was not passed by the House. The House and Senate passed different versions of the budget bill last year, but the Republican leadership did not bother to secure the final House vote needed to officially pass the bill.

Mission Accomplished Day
"The Mission Accomplished Day (or Operation Codpiece) public relations dream for the presidential pelvic zone has turned into a frighteningly real nightmare for so many people around the world who have had sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and oftentimes entire families wiped out and devastated by the strutting and smirking terrorist who was feeling mighty "chipper" last night at the Washington Correspondent's annual dinner as the 2,400th soldier was being killed and as the 2,400th Gold Star Mother was falling on the floor screaming for her child," writes Cindy Sheehan.

Conspiracy of Silence
Nationwide Child Abuse Ring RevealedIn Free Discovery Channel Documentary Dear friends,"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians. CLIP

The War Affects Us All
On Saturday, April 29th, hundreds of thousands of people marched for "Peace, Justice and Democracy." TruthOut was there, and over the next few days we will provide you with video reports. In the first report, Geoffrey Millard interviews the organizers behind the scenes. The recurring theme was that the war affects all of us.

Scapegoats in Terror War
Marjorie Cohn writes about the Bush administration's search for scapegoats, an example of which can be found in the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui. Meanwhile, the administration avoids prosecuting the real culprits, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Mohammad al-Qahtani.

"Reason for Their Death Is Known"
"On one of the days when multiple car bombs drained the blood and souls of scores in Baghdad, my closest friend wrote from there, 'Dahr, this is a very sad letter I'm writing you as a friend. My tears are coming down due to the humiliation, suffering, frustration, thwarting defeat and discomfiture we, the Iraqi, are living in,'" Dahr Jamail writes. "Death lurks everywhere in Iraq today. Keeping up with the numbers of dead is impossible."

A Giant Embassy in Iraq
The question puzzles and enrages a city: How is it that the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in Baghdad for more than a couple of hours a day, yet still manage to build themselves the biggest embassy on Earth?

Iran Intelligence War
"In a replay of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction charade," Robert Parry explains, "neoconservative supporters of George W. Bush are pushing the US intelligence community to take a more alarmist view about Iran‚s nuclear program - only this time, the nation's top spy, John Negroponte, is resisting the pressure, unlike former CIA chief George Tenet."

Administration Conducting Research Into Laser Weapon
The Bush administration is seeking to develop a powerful ground-based laser weapon that would use beams of concentrated light to destroy enemy satellites in orbit. The largely secret project, parts of which have been made public through Air Force budget documents submitted to Congress in February, is part of a wide-ranging effort to develop space weapons, both defensive and offensive.

Chernobyl's Elusive Bottom Line
A study by the international environmental watchdog Greenpeace says that in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia alone, by 2056 the Chernobyl accident will have claimed the lives of more than 93,000 people through thyroid cancer, leukemia, and blood and respiratory diseases.

Divisions Cast Aside in Cry for Darfur (01 May 2006)
Mall rally highlights growing concern. Clutching signs that read "Never Again," thousands of protesters from across religious and political divides descended on the Mall yesterday along with celebrities and politicians to urge President Bush to take stronger measures to end the violence in Sudan's Darfur region that the U.S. has labeled genocide. They wore skullcaps, turbans, headscarves, yarmulkes, baseball hats and bandanas. There were pastors, rabbis, imams, youths from churches and youths from synagogues. They cried out phrases in Arabic and held signs in Hebrew. But on this day, they said, they didn't come out as Jews or Muslims, Christians or Sikhs, Republicans or Democrats. They came out as one, they said, to demand that the Bush administration place additional sanctions on Sudan and push harder for a multinational peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur. By Washington standards, where protests often draw more than 100,000 people, yesterday's rally - estimated by organizers at between 10,000 and 15,000 - was not huge. Yet the Rally to Stop Genocide appeared to be distinctive for being one of the more diverse rallies the capital has seen in years. (...) "This is one world, and we are all one family," said Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of the Washington Archdiocese. "What happens to the people of Darfur happens to us." Speaking later before the crowd, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said: "Paralysis in the face of genocide is wrong.... If we care, the world will care." Lawrence B. Mogga, a former Sudanese diplomat who was forced to flee his country, stared at the crowd from his perch backstage and said: "I have never seen this type of organizational arrangement. I think this is the first of its kind." Yesterday's rally, along with protests planned in 17 other cities, was the largest public outcry for Darfur since the conflict began three years ago. It underscores growing public support across the nation to end the bloodshed, in much the same way activists in the 1980s launched a social justice campaign to end South Africa's apartheid system. "The world policy on Sudan is failing," said actor George Clooney, who recently visited the Chad-Sudan border, where hundreds of thousands of Darfuris live in refugee camps. "If we turn our heads and look away and hope it will all go away, then they will, and an entire generation will die." His father, Nick Clooney, a veteran journalist, said: "We didn't stop the Holocaust. We didn't stop Cambodia. We didn't stop Rwanda. But this one, we can stop." In recent months, universities, states and municipalities have divested some of their investments from companies doing business with Sudan. CLIP

Darfur Crisis Puts Sudan at Top of "Failed States" List
The humanitarian crisis in Darfur, which is now spilling over into neighboring Chad, has pushed Sudan to the top of the Global Index of Failed States. This index ranks nations by giving them a score based on criteria such as the massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples, widespread violation of human rights and intervention of other states.

Sudanese Government Accepts Darfur Peace Deal
The Sudanese government on Sunday accepted a peace plan for the Darfur region that requires it to disarm Janjaweed militias before rebels lay down their weapons in what diplomats said was a major breakthrough.

Million Voices For Darfur Postcard
(...) We must put pressure on our national leaders to take immediate action. President Bush and the United States Congress have recognized the situation in Darfur as "genocide," but it will take much more than words to end the violence and suffering in Darfur. In fact this recognition imposes a legal obligation, let alone the inherent moral obligation, upon the U.S. to take action to stop the genocide. (...) If our leaders made Darfur a priority, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved. Please join me in calling for immediate attention to Darfur and more robust action on behalf of the U.S. to support security efforts in the region.

Malnutrition Kills 10 Children Every Minute, Says UN
Ten children die every minute as a result of malnutrition, more than a quarter of children in developing countries are underweight and suffer disease because of their poor diet, and in some areas almost half of all under-fives are malnourished, a new United Nations report says.

400 Dead Dolphins Wash Up on African Beach
Hundreds of dead dolphins washed up along the shore of a popular tourist destination on Zanzibar's northern coast. The dolphins had empty stomachs, meaning that they could have been disoriented - perhaps by military use of sonar - and were swimming for some time to reorient themselves.

Sonar tied to deaths of 400 dolphins? (May 3, 2006)
Zanzibar scientists look for clues; U.S. Navy task force in area - ZANZIBAR - Scientists are studying the remains of some of the 400 dolphins that washed up dead on a beach popular with tourists on the northern coast of Zanzibar.Among other possibilities, marine biologists were examining whether U.S. Navy sonar threw the animals off course.Villagers and fishermen on Saturday buried the remains of the roughly 400 bottlenose dolphins, which normally live in deep offshore waters but washed up Friday along a 2.5 mile stretch of coast in Tanzania's Indian Ocean archipelago. CLIP

British Satellite News - Red Rain Contains DNA Could be Human or Extraterrestrial (28 April 2006)
Scientists in Britain say they have confirmed that DNA, the genetic blueprint for life, does exist in the mysterious red rain which fell over the Kerala region of India, in 2001. The blood-coloured rain caused a storm of controversy among the world's scientists. Many theories have been put forward to explain the strange phenomenon, but the latest results, from studies carried out at Cardiff University in Britain, seem to confirm that the red colour does come from living cells, although where they came remains a mystery. The strange cells fell as red rain for six weeks, following reports of an explosion in the sky. Indian scientists who first analysed the rain expected to see grains of dust or sand, perhaps blown from the Sahara by freak winds. Instead, they found themselves looking at complex cell-like structures, that have many of the characteristics of living organisms. They were even more surprised to find the cells could be made to come to life and reproduce, under laboratory conditions. "If there was an explosion of a small piece of a comet over Kerala, and an explosion was in fact heard just minutes before the first rainfall, those particles would have drifted along a belt of latitude, but when you look at a map of the world, the latitudes west of Kerala run into the Indian Ocean and then into the Sahara. So if it fell all over that area it wouldn't have been noticed, and in the Sahara there is not much rainfall, so the particles could have drifted a long way away and not be noticed." Intensive investigation under high-powered microscopes confirmed the cell-like structures are biological and that they do contain DNA, the blue print of all life forms on Earth. What's not yet known is whether it is terrestrial life or alien DNA, but investigators believe they will know soon. The Cardiff team is now comparing DNA from the red rain with that of all known terrestrial species. "It's a long and painstaking study, but if no known DNA from Earth matches, the only remaining possibility would be that it is an alien life form from outer space."

FACTBOX-Bird flu strains have been seen globally (May 3, 2006)
(Reuters) - Scientists warned on Wednesday that nearly 150 different strains of the virus with the potential to cause a global pandemic were laying in wait, Hiroshi Kida, of Japan's Hokkaido University, said on the sidelines of a bird flu conference in Singapore organized by the Lancet medical journal that it was dangerous just to focus onH5N1.Kida said H5N1 virus, responsible for 113 deaths around the world, was one of at least 144 potential different strains which posed a threat to humans. Here are some facts on some of the different strains:* There are dozens of different strains of avian influenza, classified as either highly pathogenic (HPAI) or low pathogenic. CLIP

US outlines human bird flu plan (May 3, 2006)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Americans should prepare for travel restrictions and school closures if an influenza pandemic hits, but such measures can only temporarily slow the inevitable spread of disease, the government's new flu plan says. The White House influenza plan released on Wednesday builds on an earlier plan to combat a potential pandemic of H5N1 avian influenza, including preparations to build a stockpile of vaccines and drugs, already under way, and work to develop newer and better vaccines. As before, it assumes that 30 percent of the population would be infected, and that anywhere between 200,000 and 1.9 million would die, depending on how deadly the virus turns out to be. The H5N1 avian flu virus has spread out of Asia, across Europe and into many parts of Africa. Although the disease is still confined largely to birds, it has killed 113 people out of a recorded 205 infections since late 2003 and experts fear it will trigger the next pandemic once (IF!!) it becomes able to transmit efficiently among people. As much as 40 percent of the workforce will be out during two-week-long peaks as people become sick or stay home to care for children, ill relatives or to protect themselves from infection. "In terms of its scope, the impact of a severe pandemic may be more comparable to that of a war or a widespread economic crisis than a hurricane, earthquake or act of terrorism," the report reads. If the pandemic hits the United States, the report lays out some specific actions while acknowledging there is still a shortage of vaccines, drugs and other supplies. CLIP

Paradigm Clock reset to 11:59:45 - 15 seconds to midnight (April 24, 2006)
Washington, DC - The Paradigm Clock, created and published by PRG in 1998 to track the proximity to a formal announcement by the United States Government confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, has been reset to 11:59:45 - 15 seconds to midnight. Such an announcement is formally referred to as Disclosure and would mark the end of a 59 year truth embargo imposed by federal authorities. Midnight on the Paradigm Clock is Disclosure. According to PRG Executive Director, Stephen Bassett, "Due to extraordinary circumstances primarily pertaining but not limited to the United States, a window of opportunity has opened for a Disclosure event to take place. This window should last through the November election and may remain open or possibly close depending upon the outcome of the election." He further added, "I believe this to be the best opportunity to get past this very difficult transition in human history since the truth embargo was initially imposed in 1947."

Protective shielding to go up near high-voltage power lines
Some 2,099 households in central Vietnam are to be protected from dangerous electromagnetic fields emanating from a high-voltage power line with shielding technology, said Power Company No 2. The shields are to be set up to protect homes in line with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) practice by end of March through central Vietnam, beginning in Gia Lai province and running north to Quang Binh province. Leukemia, lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system are diseases that can be caused in children exposed to the powerful electromagnetic waves without protection. The shield system is considered the most effective measure to combat the waves and effectively protect anyone that spends excessive periods of time near high-voltage power lines.

Greenhouse Gases Continue to Rise
The greenhouse gases widely blamed for raising the planet's temperature are still building up in the atmosphere. Overall, NOAA said, its annual greenhouse gas index "shows a continuing, steady rise in the amount of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere."

Federal Study Finds Accord on Warming
A scientific study commissioned by the Bush administration concluded that the lower atmosphere was indeed growing warmer and that there was "clear evidence of human influences on the climate system." The finding eliminates an area of uncertainty that the Bush administration has used to justify its inaction.

The interests of big oil, wild creatures, and native populations collide on the largest remaining piece of U.S. wilderness, Alaska's North Slope. (...) The next stop on the oil industry's wish list—based on where it is putting its money—isn't the coastal plain of ANWR, known by its government label as the 1002 Area. It's Teshekpuk Lake. The largest freshwater body on the slope sits in the most controversial chunk of NPRA to go on the auction block, some 4.6 million acres (1.8 million hectares) known officially as the Northeast Planning Area. The lake and its swampy borders, laced with creeks and potholes, have long been considered one of the most important molting areas for geese and other birds in the Arctic. A third of the world's black brant, for example, lose their flight feathers near the lake, along with tens of thousands of Canada geese, white-fronted geese, snow geese, and tundra swans. It's also the calving grounds for some 45,000 caribou known as the Teshekpuk herd, which serves as a veritable meat locker for four villages. Up to a tenth of the herd ends up on Inupiat tables every year. (...) Even Ronald Reagan's famously anti-environmental secretary of the interior, James Watt, barred leasing on 200,000 acres (80,000 hectares) north of the lake to protect the geese. When the Clinton Administration decided to open NPRA to oil exploration in the late 1990s, it commissioned an exhaustive environmental impact statement (EIS) for the 4.6-million-acre (1.8-million-hectare) northeast block. After numerous studies of caribou and geese and countless meetings with villages that depend on game from the area, then-Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt expanded the protection to more than a half million acres (200,000 hectares), but opened the remaining 87 percent of the Northeast Planning Area to leasing. (...) Some industry observers speculate that the oil companies aren't as interested in drilling ANWR as they are in placing pipelines and other infrastructure there to tap the massive fields thought to lie beneath the Beaufort Sea. So far, the prohibitive cost and high risks of developing such fields amid the Arctic ice have kept the oil companies close to shore. But with oil prices climbing and Arctic ice melting, it may soon be profitable to put those fields in play. Offshore drilling has long been the Inupiat's greatest fear. Even oil company officials admit that there is no known technology for cleaning up an oil spill in the broken ice conditions that occur in spring and fall—coincidentally when some 10,000 bowhead whales are migrating just offshore. The annual spring and fall bowhead hunts and communal sharing of the whale meat have become the cultural backbone of the Inupiat in the face of the onslaught of westernization. And a spill in an area where the base of the food chain—phytoplankton and marine algae—depends on sunlight filtering through the ice could devastate the Arctic ecosystem for decades. CLIP

TAKE ACTION - Tell your Senators and Representative to oppose oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge!
Tell your Senators and Representative to oppose oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge!Congressional leaders are exploiting higher gas prices to launch yet another attack on the Arctic Refuge. This gift to Big Oil would worsen America’s addiction to oil and save consumers only one penny per gallon at the pump in 20 years! Please tell your Senators and Representative to oppose any bill that would sacrifice the Arctic Refuge. Tell them to move America beyond oil by supporting The Fuel Choices for American Security Act. Click here to see what oil development could do to the Arctic Refuge. CLIP

Sakhalin Weighs Environmental Cost of Shell Project
A Shell oil pipeline being built in Russia crosses 1,100 rivers and water courses and threatens spawning fish and the critically endangered Western Grey Whale.

Omega-News Collection 29. April 2006



Morphic Resonance: Crop Circle Spinners (VHS/DVD)
"Crop Circle Spinners" is an amazing DVD of high-speed, spinning crop circles featuring the drawings of video-artist Peter Sorenson and the photos of Ron Russell. Music by Simeon Hein. The idea to create this movie came from extraterrestrial channelling. The extraterrestrials claimed that secret messages are contained in the spinning circles that are can only been when the crop circles are spinning, not while they are standing still. When the circles are spinning, new multidimensional information becomes available to the viewer. You will see three-dimensional shapes and mesmerizing, complex patterns emerge from the screen. Watching this DVD will also enhance your creative abilities by creating balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The patterns spin too quickly for the conscious mind to understand, so the subsconscious mind becomes more active instead. Because every person is unique, each viewer will see the moving patterns on the screen differently. Many viewers feel that watching this movie enhances their vibrational frequency. CLIP


IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT I ENTIRELY CONCUR WITH BONNIE BELOW ON THE ABSOLUTE IDIOCY OF EXPLOITING OIL SHALE DEPOSITS. THE FACT I NETWORKED THIS MATERIAL, WHICH INCLUDED A BIT OF DETAILS ON THE ENORMOUS ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS OF SUCH AN EXPLOITATION (that's all I could find then on this subject) WAS TO BRING THIS UNSUSTAINABLE FOLLY TO THE ATTENTION OF EVERYONE. AS INDICATED IN "U.S. Oil Shale Deposits May Be Tapped Soon" AT SUCH AN EXPLOITATION IS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED. ACCORDING TO AN ARTICLE - "Oil shale retort" AVAILABLE AT (...) Three barrels of water are needed per barrel of oil produced, and it is not clear how current users of that water might be persuaded to surrender its use for oil shale. YET IN THE SAME ARTICLE IT IS ALSO STATED: "A recent Rand study concluded it will be at least 12 years before oil shale reaches the production growth phase. And that is a technological assessment, not a reference to the environmental review process. If it takes 15 years to get an oil refinery built and approved, despite well known technology and well understood environmental issues, viewing oil shale as something that could make major contributions to world energy supplies in the immediate future seems highly unrealistic." SO I TRUST IN THE MEANTIME OTHER POLLUTION-FREE ENERGY SOURCES WILL REPLACE ALL OUR FOSSIL FUEL DEPENDENCY.

Date: 27 Apr 2006
From: Bonnie Mandell-Rice>
Subject: Re: Turning Tide of History #17: Refusing To Be Neoconned Again

Hi Jean:

I was quite surprised to see the piece by Matt Badiali extolling oil shale and encouraging investment and only moderately relieved to see a brief blurb following the article regarding the environmental costs. Those costs are HUGE.  As the Economic and Environmental blurbs point out, the largest oil shale reserves are found in dry regions of Colorado.  Water is an issue. To obtain water for oil shale development will require either (1) further depletion of aquifers, or  (2) re-allocating already scarce surface water resources. Eastern Slope cities face on-going shortages due to drought and to the depletion of aquifers from development and its attendant proliferation of green lawns, golf courses, and swimming pools. Western Slope communities are unwilling to continue to allow Eastern Slope cities to transport "their" water through the Rockies, because of water shortages impacting the Western Slope. Farmers are struggling to find adequate supplies for crops, particularly as aquifers are depleted and drought requires that teeth be put into the administration of surface water supplies.  Oil shale is not the answer. Instead of spending billions of dollars on another environmentally destructive way to fuel our cars, why not encourage - through our investments - development of safe and renewable alternatives, such as zero gravity, fuel cell and similar technologies, which are around but that have been kept from public awareness because of the enormous potential they hold for cheap and safe energy.


Bonnie Mandell-Rice


From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 28 Apr 2006

April 28, 2006

S: Hi, Sweetheart! Do you want to start with the questions on my list or do you have something to say first?

MATTHEW: Loving greetings to you, dear soul! Let us begin with the question in your mind.

S: OK, thank you. I saw a film clip advertising the avian flu movie that ABC network is going to air soon. Can you tell if this is going to cause a lot of fear and widespread demand for vaccines? That has to be the only reason this movie was made! In the clip, one character says that 20 million are dead and another responds, "That's only the tip of the iceberg," and the narrator says this story is "ahead of the headlines." 

MATTHEW: We know of this movie from Earth monitors in Nirvana. Yes, fear and inoculations to initiate the disease are the double purpose, but the latter won't happen and we feel that little fear will result—simply, the time has passed for this to have the effectiveness the dark ones intend. Earth's people have become weary of scare tactics like the colored terror alert system in the United States, the SARS virus with its elaborate precautions and publicity before abruptly disappearing, and now the "bird flu" endemic that some time ago left the top of the news because the virus has shown no indications of mutating into a communicable human disease. In both of these disease situations, death and sickness on a wide scale was the intention. Because your benevolent ET family used their technology to greatly reduce the potency of the virus strains, only individuals with the weakest immune systems were affected, and the technology neutralized the most harmful ingredients in the contaminated vaccines.

S: Someone wrote about a study that claims the stronger one's immune system is, the more potentially fatal bird flu can be because the immune system's response to the virus overwhelms the body's organs. It's not clear whether that study or something else the writer is referring to states that bird flu may kill up to 50% of infected people.

MATTHEW: Oh my! It's hard to imagine that study would be given any validity with the writer's conclusion from whatever data was used that a strong immune system puts one at serious risk of death if that flu hits. And certainly the potential 50% death rate of infected people is a dark straw in the wind—the few deaths reportedly due to the virus were individuals who worked directly with diseased birds.

S: I don't mean to belabor bird flu, but one writer is concerned that the outbreak of mumps in the US is manmade so bird flu virus can be put in the vaccines to inoculate against mumps. Another asked if there will be a mandatory requirement for meningitis vaccinations, and a father of a newborn wants to know if religious beliefs will be sufficient reason to keep his baby from having to get the usual vaccinations.

MATTHEW: Well, the lack of trust in the motives of ones in authority is well deserved, but I'll repeat what I have said in previous messages: There will be NO bird flu epidemic, let alone endemic. But until all inoculations are halted, which will happen when there is sufficient public knowledge about the harmful ingredients in all vaccines, for the sake of your health, refuse them. Information is coming to light that some vaccines cause a condition that is similar to, and is being diagnosed as autism, and this is fueling the demands to stop mandatory inoculations. Take heart in knowing that this is another area where your space family has been at work to reduce the harmful effects to the extent possible. All diseases that ever have befallen residents of Earth were created by the darkness, which feeds on fear and creates situations that generate fear, and assuredly the portent of illness and death of epidemic or endemic proportion does that. Later, greed also entered the picture with required vaccinations and prescription drugs establishing an inexhaustible market for the pharmaceutical companies.

To the father who wrote—to all parents!—I would say, do not permit vaccinations to be given to your children. Some medical personnel are agreeing that any potential good is outweighed by the potential adverse effects, and others still turn a deaf ear, so question your medical practitioner in this regard. If you must give a reason for your choice to forego vaccinations when they are recommended or required, I advise bolstering religious beliefs with clinical reports available on the Internet that address the dangers of vaccines and also the explosion of autism diagnoses.

S: Thank you. Several questions are about a report that a comet will collide with Earth May 25 and the catastrophic results. In short, will this happen? 

MATTHEW: We know of this report, too, and assure you—again with thanks to your space family's technology—that this will not happen. For many years any celestial body that could have endangered Earth through continuing either on its natural path or deliberate direction by off-planet darkness, has been deflected. Although reports of predicted or potential global catastrophes such as this kind of collision would cause may be disseminated by persons wishing only to alert others, this kind of information is originated by darkly-influenced minds purely to cause fear.

S: The next question is, Will the Iraq war turn out alright and when?

MATTHEW: It would be simplistic to say "Yes" and not quite correct to say "We don't know when." The occupation of Iraq primarily by US military will end much sooner than the internal conflicts of that besieged country, where ages-old differences have been exacerbated by the invasion and all that has ensued. Already there has been some foreign troop withdrawal and the rotation of US troops will diminish within the next several months as the energy for peace keeps mounting in forcefulness, but for the war to "turn out alright," no political or military opinion will suffice. It is not only that a nation has to be rebuilt; the divisive emotional fervor of Iraq's traumatized people has to end, and this will be an ebbing process that requires their willingness to accept the light and forgive past and current grievances.

S: There are questions about Iran, too.

MATTHEW: There is really nothing to add to my report about Iran in the last message. Briefly restating that, there likely will be incursions but no full-scale war. I don't mean that the Illuminati's intent to conquer Iran and all other countries in the Mideast has changed—it hasn't, but the time when they could implement their longstanding plans has passed. The energy momentum toward peace is unstoppable.

S: Your mention of Illuminati is the topic of a comment written to someone who forwarded it to me: "Since we are in the 21st Century of globalists and Neo Cons‚ let's call them that, not Illuminati. We can prove they are globalists‚ and Fascists. Illuminati is too murky and full of dead end roads."

MATTHEW: That lets me realize the benefit of repeating what I've said before about the Illuminati and their plans for global domination. Mother, the best way is to copy the information in the last book, which describes this fairly thoroughly and shows why Illuminati is the only name that covers all of the many individuals and groups within this once-all-powerful force, so will you do that, please.

S: Here it is. You gave me this message August 28, 2003.

S: Matthew, how much Illuminati influence is still affecting us, and exactly who are they?

MATTHEW: Considerable influence, Mother, considerable, but this is not to say that it will last very much longer! It is being exposed at every pore, but that powerful group is tenacious in fighting to keep control over governments, economies, natural resources and all souls. The light is aiming to release that control, which is why there is such great activity in the field of potential and why formerly hidden situations on Earth are being exposed.

Evidence that the control of the Illuminati is waning is that, despite their firm hold over what may be released by your mainstream media, which are owned by a mere handful of Illuminati, those sources are beginning to report widespread opposition to what is being exposed. For the media to have any credibility whatsoever, they no longer can withhold the kinds of reports that only a few years ago would not have seen the light of day by that means. Certainly not all the truth is being aired, nor is everything that is being reported true, but rather only enough to "prove" that your media are reliable sources of information. At this point they are not, of course, but this will change along with all other remaining points of dark control.

The Illuminati gave themselves that name, which means "the enlightened," but they don't publicly refer to themselves that way. They work in secret but the results of their efforts are seen throughout your world. Illuminati members lead national governments and their regulatory agencies; global economic agencies and banking; European royalty; international corporations; the United Nations; legal, policing and justice systems; educational institutions; all media forms; church hierarchies; the various medical and prescription drug establishments. I may have forgotten some areas, but in short, there is NO area of your world that is not Illuminati-infiltrated and influenced.

On Earth they are the people whose greed and control got way beyond their soul-level agreements, which was to serve in powerful positions to balance their own and a multitude of others' chosen karmic experiencing. At the point when that had been accomplished and the collective karma had been satisfied, the intensity of greed and control in the Illuminati members was to have quickly reversed into the equitable sharing of their resources and power.

For some time, with full knowing of their soul-level agreements and the consequences of not abiding by those, the most powerful members of this group have refused to follow the agreements. Rather, this hard-core few intend to continue their amassing of the planet's resources and suppression of entire nations. They have been told that they will not be able to do this, but they are deaf and blind to all urging of the light, and in their intention to relinquish nothing, they are using every possible means to keep lower-level members of the group fighting for this as well. Of those who turned to the light in accordance with their soul contracts, some have been assassinated. Family members have been killed as a warning to those in positions of influence where they still are needed by the top leaders. In the more weak-willed members, bribery is a successful tool because greed is in the hearts of all Illuminati. Threats of exposing embarrassing information about personal lives is another common control method.

Now, above the Earth human Illuminati top level are the dark souls of the reptilian civilization, some of whom are embodied as humans and living on the planet. They are working in conjunction with their dark reptilian brothers off-planet, whose goal is total domination of Earth, if not by absolute control, then absolute destruction. The light forces of the universe, including reptilians, are in confrontation with the darkness of any civilization. What is happening on your planet is a reflection of the universal conflict, and regardless of universal progress, your beloved Earth will be freed from the clutches of darkness as she rises farther into higher vibrations where love reigns overall.

S: There you are, dear.

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. I see that I did forget to mention several areas of Illuminati power: the entertainment field, communications licensing, environmental and intelligence-gathering groups; and the royal families definitely include those in the Mideast too, but I think that not identifying the Zionists is my most serious omission.

When I speak of Illuminati control or influence, it does not mean that all members or all groups are actively involved; nor do I often repeat that there are two factions within the Illuminati competing with each other for supremacy. What my Illuminati designation always means is the factions‚ common darkness: their intent to rule the world and cause suffering through fear, civil and international wars, religions based on lies and divisiveness, impoverishing nations by controlling their governments and natural resources, environmental abuse, disease, tyrannical regimes, corporate corruption, unfair laws and taxation, seriously flawed education, promoting the illegal drug industry and legally drugging the population, and on and on. The writer of the comment is right that "Illuminati is full of dead-end roads"—Yes! and in this truth, all of your world can rejoice!

S: Amen! Several people would like your comments on articles they forwarded or their own concerns about the Muslim "mindset", or ideology. The major concerns are the leaders of radical factions and the young boys who are intensely taught hatred and destruction of "infidels", but also the religion itself, which seems to support extremist views and activities. One reader asked if religions can evolve.   

MATTHEW: The fanatical face of Muslims is prominent, largely by media emphasis, but the tenets of this religion do not espouse hatred or killing. Actually, the basis of the faith is more aligned with universal truth than Western dogma, but by dark intention, you are not seeing this aspect of the believers. I would ask those who would criticize this religion or even the fanatics to compare them with the Christians who support the US government's actions: killing a quarter million or more Muslim civilians, imprisoning captives in vile circumstances without charges or legal representation, using torture to extract "intelligence", and virtually destroying Iraq and parts of other Muslim nations so they can become "democracies", albeit with a great deal of radioactivity from the weaponry used to subjugate them. It is publicly known that all of this was based on a network of deceit; but, although support for the Bush administration is consistently waning, has there been any outrage from the devout religious Christian masses in the United States about this war? We don't see this. We see that the most fervent among them are more opposed to aborting a month-old fetus than killing people who call their god Allah.

Please understand that we are NOT judging any! I am showing you why I have said in previous messages that the greatest challenge facing light workers is the compassionate, patient re-education of the many who will resist accepting the truth of their religion, the truth that all religions have been devised by dark intent. Do religions evolve? Souls evolve as people grow spiritually and move on from the religious doctrines they were taught.

Now Mother, let us move on.

S: There are some questions about the depleted uranium, basically all are how this lethal radiation will affect future generations.

MATTHEW: First I say that long-time readers of my messages and the books know my objection to the term "depleted" that indicates short-term effects, and that more often I have used "depleting," which is what the uranium released through weaponry is doing. The toxicity is greater than can be totally neutralized by off-planet technology; however, the sickness and birth defects due to the radiation would be far greater without that technology's ameliorating effects. When your space brothers and sisters can work openly on the planet, all pollution, including radioactivity, will be eliminated.

S: Matthew, excuse me, but did all the people who are now or will be later affected by this radioactivity choose this in their soul contracts?

MATTHEW: The children and adults whose original contracts call for debilitating illness and relatively short life span did not necessarily specify radiation poisoning as the cause of their chosen experiencing, but it serves the purpose of those contract provisions. Infants born with severe physical and mental defects choose this very brief embodiment to complete third density experiencing, and if their parents' contracts do not include this kind of grief and hardship, they may amend them to permit the souls to come through; if they choose not to, then abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth result, and there is no judgment of any of these souls.

The infants and parents whose third density experiencing is being completed via the effects of radioactivity know at soul level that their next embodiment will be in fourth density, or higher in the cases of the more evolved souls who come in as the "volunteers" I spoke of in my last message. Thus all of these souls are moving forward in their evolution as they are suffering consciously.

Mother, by wondering why any soul needs to endure such traumas as these and the genocide, starvation, AIDS or suffering from any cause, you are resisting my many explanations that it is needed to balance other lifetime experiencing. "Why didn't this need for balance end long ago?" Earth still is operating in the time your civilization devised for past, present and future, whereas in the continuum the ones whom you know are suffering are simultaneously causing or ignoring the pain of other souls and also they are flourishing in abundant health and joyfulness—their "past" and "future" lifetimes in third and higher densities respectively.

Also there is the planetary karma that every soul on Earth knows about before birth and chooses to play a role in fulfilling. The plight of those living in heartrending circumstances has stirred compassion worldwide. The light in those feelings and in the actions they motivated are helping to lift Earth out of third density, where the negativity of darkness thrives. During the transitional period from this moment into the world of love, peace and harmony that you are co-creating, all the heartache, tyranny and pain will cease, so please keep steadily envisioning that world!

S: Mash, I know I falter occasionally, but there still is so much evidence of horror. Sticking with "that world," four women asked if they will see it in their lifetime ˆ one is 47, one is in her 50s, one is 62, and the other said she and her friends are in their 60s and 70s.

MATTHEW: If their pre-birth agreements call for life spans to include a few more calendar years, they will indeed live in the Golden Age and witness the marvels that will be occurring all along the way. If not, they will joyfully see this in spirit and they may choose their next physical lifetime there.

S: Here's a question that fits in: Do ET souls from other worlds who are incarnating on Earth during the ascension process have first choice on bodies to incarnate into, and souls who have been here and want another Earth lifetime will have to wait longer to get a body?        

MATTHEW: That's an interesting question, and I can't answer it. I can only surmise that your extraterrestrial family members who are living among you specifically to assist with Earth's ascension will want to return to the sanctuary realms of their respective homelands if they make transition prior to a physical return home. Subsequently, like every other lighted soul, they may choose to reincarnate in the worlds most familiar to them or move onward, if that is in accordance with their evolutionary pace.

I wish to add that the question seems to imply that all of you except those who came from other civilizations expressly to help in the ascension are Earth "citizens" only, and that is not the case. Many of you have lived in other worlds, even in other galaxies, between or before any Earth lifetimes—or more accurately, ARE experiencing elsewhere in other incarnations that your cumulative soul also has chosen. Nevertheless, the "next" physical lifetime of every soul builds on the "last," which determines where the soul automatically is drawn by the universal law governing energy registration, and the measure of growth in that spirit lifetime.

S: Thank you. A number of people, including some energy healers and some health care practitioners in "established" medicine, have written about changes in their health. These go from one extreme—high energy, emotional exuberance, constructive personality changes, and needed weight loss—to the other: chronic tiredness, hot "flashing" with severe sweating that affects men and women, sleep loss, unneeded weight gain, depression, and difficulty holding the light. What can you tell these people?

MATTHEW: Only generalities, I'm afraid. The incoming energy of what some call goddess vibrations affects bodies and emotions differently, and some take longer than others to adjust to a change in frequency. And that may not be the cause since there are so many variables to consider like body chemistry, diet, water consumption, age, exercise, effects of prior physical afflictions, presence of parasites, bodies‚ particular weaknesses, working environment and attitudes of co-workers, exposure to chemtrails, financial or relationship stress—the list could go on and on, and of course it includes the influence of each person's beliefs.

My recommendation is that those who are experiencing the "downside" of the conditions in question look at their lifestyle and change aspects that common sense dictates and resources can accommodate. Consult practitioners in both mainstream medicine and alternative therapies, and have tests for blood chemistry, parasites, low level infections and any other condition you suspect so it can be properly treated or ruled out. A simple measure that can be very helpful to everyone is rhythmic deep breathing. It is possible that your soul contract calls for this kind of experiencing, but it may be presented as a condition to either master or endure, so please consider both of these possibilities. Ask your soul for illumination and guidance; the answer will come as intuition—heed it! I wish I could be more helpful here, but you can see why I can't.

S: Yes, I can and I hope they can. Energy healers asked how they can tell if a patient's condition is part of the soul contract and can't be improved or if the condition can be treated and cured by the patient's belief and any necessary lifestyle changes.

MATTHEW: There is no way for the healer or, in most cases, the patient to consciously know this. If the condition is a soul contract provision, the patient's energy field simply will block the healing effort and the dis-ease will continue to run its debilitating course, but that also can be the outcome if the patient doesn't believe healing is possible. We understand that not knowing which is which is difficult for the healer and the patient, too, especially when there is belief that the therapy will be effective and it cannot be. I feel that healers' sensitive, yet candid talks with patients about their soul's choice prevailing is compassionate and wise.

S: A reader said that when he is "allowing the light in and returning the light to Earth," he has a sense of well-being, but when he isn't doing this, he experiences a sense of dread; he's asking if there is a technique for avoiding the latter sensation.

MATTHEW: Mother, let me think about this a moment... I'd like to suggest something other than practicing holding the vision of golden or white light encompassing and permeating Earth, because the man may be doing this, but I can't think of a technique that is more effective. But beyond any technique is the belief, trust, knowingness that receiving and sending light is paramount in one's spiritual evolution and Earth's ascension. This man is doing exactly that, and this reassurance may be all that he needs to prevent any sense of dread, which may stem from his feeling that he isn't doing enough.

S: I hope that will be helpful to him and anyone else who has the same experience as he. Mash, your messages are reaching a lot of animal lovers! Many are vegetarians, but a few who aren't and would like to be have various reactions like health problems, cravings and depression after they stop eating meat, and one wrote that she gets depressed when she has to resume eating meat so she can feel better physically. Can you suggest how they can overcome these situations? One person asked if food animals understand their fate before they're born, like souls choose their karma and then forget. Someone else just asked, "Are we supposed to eat animals?"

MATTHEW: Mother, I know that you feel animal lovers are kindred spirits, and they are—there is an energy streamer that connects souls who deeply care about animals. Now then, the animals that are grown for food have a species-wide agreement that this is their purpose for incarnating and they do remember this as instinct, however dimly in their consciousness it lies. They do not agree to the brutal circumstances in which most of them live and die, and it is this darkness in humankind's character that led lighter souls to become vegetarians or vegans. Some third density bodies can adjust to these diets and some can't, and if yours cannot, please do not feel guilty for eating meat and seafood or eggs and dairy products, but do feel gratitude to the animals that provided them. As cellular changes in light beings make bodies less dense, most of you will successfully modify your diets to exclude the heaviness of meat.

As Earth continues into the higher vibrations, people who accompany her physically will treat all animals with the respect and compassion these souls deserve. As I have said before, they once again will live peaceably among themselves and with humankind, and a joyous thought to leave with you is that the harmony on your horizon includes telepathic communion with animals, and the plant and Devic kingdoms, too—you will feel the infinite and eternal love energy of Creator that is the life force of every soul in the universe.

In that boundless love and the blessings of the universe, I say my farewell.



Suzanne Ward

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Sujiatun Death Camp: Putting Conscience on Trial

Please remember the name: Sujiatun. It will one day be as infamous as Auschwitz and Dachau.

On March 8, 2006, a Chinese journalist on the run from the Chinese communist regime disclosed to Falun Gong practitioners in the United States some appalling news: a secret death camp in Sujiatun, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province in China

According to this journalist, over 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been taken to Sujiatun. “I believe that once they are in they 100% cannot come back out,” the journalist said. He also disclosed that there are incineration chambers and a large number of doctors there. “Why are there incineration chambers there? Why are there so many doctors inside? Certainly not for the benevolent treatment of prisoners. Something you simply cannot imagine…”

“The prisoners, the Communist Party definitely will not let them just waste food there. Why are they there then? … They will all be murdered, and all their organs will be harvested and distributed to hospitals. The sale of human organs is a vastly profitable trade in China.”

Falun Gong practitioners are not the only victims of such crimes. One week after the journalist’s disclosure, a former nurse whose ex-husband had taken part in harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners also stepped forward to testify:

“I used to work at the Liaoning Thrombus Treatment Center, which was next to the concentration camp. My ex-husband had taken part in removing corneas from Falun Gong practitioners. This brought disaster to my family.”

“In early 2001, my husband was assigned by the hospital to secretly remove corneas from Falun Gong practitioners. He hid this from me at the beginning, but slowly I sensed he was in great agony, had nightmares often, and was always stressed. After my repeated inquiries, he told me the truth in 2003.”

“He knew they were Falun Gong practitioners. Every doctor who took part knew. They were told that eliminating Falun Gong was not a crime, but helping the Community Party to do ‘cleansing.’ Those who were taken in on the operating tables were anesthetized. Elderly people or children were mostly used for harvesting corneas.”

“At the time when my ex-husband told me about this, he could no longer bear the torment of doing such evil things, and decided to leave China to escape the horror. He said to me: you cannot possibly know my despair, because those Falun Gong practitioners were still alive. It was different from removing organs from dead people—they were alive.”

“Because of this, I divorced him. I said to him: you are done with your career; you will not be able to hold a scalpel in the future.”

“I know there are still Falun Gong practitioners in that hospital,” this nurse said in the end. “I hope this crime can be exposed to the international society as quickly as possible, so their lives can be saved. I also hope, through my disclosure, to atone my relative’s crime.”

The victims are not even limited to Chinese. It is an open secret that China has become the world capital of organ transplantation, and ships human organs to nearby countries such as Thailand. Tens of thousands from different parts of the world have received organ transplants in China and Thailand, being assured that the organs have been legally obtained. How will they and their surgeons feel when they learn about the barbaric organ harvesting, even if the organs harvested from Falun Gong practitioners turn out to account for a portion of all human organs used in transplant operations? Is there a way for them to remove the doubt? Will they want to find out? Or will they bear that doubt and forever avoid mentioning “transplanted in China”?

Another doctor recently stated that extracting organs from living prisoners is common across China. How many more camps like Sujiatun exist?

It was precisely because we abhor such appalling crimes that humanity vowed “Never again!” after the shock of the Holocaust. Yet, as this vow is still ringing in the ears of Holocaust survivors, we are in for another shock—or are we? How do we explain to ourselves and our children that we have watched the systematic eradication of Falun Gong for more than six years and allowed it to escalate to the emergence of human organ harvesting factories like Sujiatun?

It is not due to a lack of information. Ever since July 1999, Falun Gong practitioners in China have been taking great risks to collect and send abroad, on a daily basis, detailed information on the extensive and severe human rights violations committed by the Chinese communist regime. Falun Gong practitioners overseas have worked their hardest to disseminate this information to governments, media, opinion leaders, the United Nations, and the general public to appeal for their attention.

It is not because the information is unsubstantiated. In the past few years, many Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations Human Rights Commission have cited in their annual reports numerous cases of torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese regime. Special Rapporteur Asma Jahangir wrote in her 2003 report: “The cruelty and brutality of these alleged acts of torture defy description.” On October 15, 2004, seven Special Rapporteurs sent a joint letter to China to express their concern about the persecution of Falun Gong. These Special Rapporteurs are the most-respected authorities on human rights. Their findings and opinions on the Chinese regime’s persecution of Falun Gong have been reprinted to thousands upon thousands of copies and submitted to world governments and media.

History, unfortunately, repeats itself. Just as the Holocaust information provided by Jewish groups was cast aside or downplayed because of the “unsubstantiated nature of the information” and its “prejudiced sources,” information from Falun Gong practitioners has received the same fate. History has also shown that all major atrocities occurred when there was not enough media exposure, when perilous signals were ignored because they were “incomplete” or “unsubstantiated” or from “prejudiced sources”—when evildoers’ deceits prevail, when the silence allows the evildoers to carry on unnoticed and unhindered.

History, however, never duplicates itself exactly.

There is no major military or ideological confrontation in the world now. While the Allies did not have their focus on saving the Holocaust victims, at least they were fighting the Nazis and determined to win the war. We do not have that excuse now. On the contrary, we are apparently determined to win the market in China.

Technology is far more advanced now than it was in WWII, and we do not even need to be at Auschwitz or Buchenwald to know what is going on there. If 6,000 people have been taken in to Sujiatun and none has come out, how hard is it to see from surveillance satellites the suspicious traffic going in and out to figure out that it is a death camp?

There are now many international human rights laws that were not available before the Nuremberg trials, and there are now many surveillance and protection mechanisms implemented by the United Nations. How hard is it to demand an international investigation into the serious claim of the death camp’s existence? What were those international human rights laws established for?

We do not always ignore incomplete or unsubstantiated information from China, however. When Dr. Jiang Yanyong disclosed the Chinese regime’s deadly lies about the SARS epidemic, the retired doctor’s letter to the media contained only what he had heard from his colleagues. Did the world hesitate for a second because the information was “incomplete” or “unsubstantiated”?

Why didn’t the information’s incompleteness prevent decisive action by the international community? In fact, his letter was sent only to Chinese media, but Western media got hold of it and publicized it. Why does the world react so differently to the SARS news and the Sujiatun news, both of life-and-death importance? Isn’t it because Sujiatun is about other people’s lives?

If that is not enough to make us to look at the selfish side of our humanity, consider this: if Sujiatun happened anywhere else other than China, whether in democratic countries or in North Korea, Sudan, or Cuba, it would have caused major outcries. Only the human greed for economic gains from China has kept the Sujiatun death camp from being an international issue.

“The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated.” Justice Jackson knew the legacy that the Nuremberg trials would leave behind when he drafted his opening speech. If he have lived to see the post-Nuremberg wrongs, he might have been more introspective and lead a trial on human conscience and how it could allow the wrongs to continue to happen.

Much more gruesome details through and

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Action Alert: China Olympics 2008: Destroying Papua's Ancient Rainforests to Raise the Olympic Torch

Protest China's Plundering of Indonesian Rainforests to Build 2008 Olympic Facilities

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - April 29, 2006

Raping of Indonesia's Rainforests for once off sporting event anathema to Olympic Spirit 

With two-and-a-half years to go until the start of the 2008 Olympics to be held in Beijing China, the Chinese government and Olympic Committee has recently placed a $1 billion rush order for endangered rainforest timbers from Indonesia's Papua province to be used in construction for the games. A proposed timber processing factory would industrially harvest 800,000 cubic meters of the famous and threatened merbau (intsia spp) rainforest timbers, to be exported to China for the construction of sports facilities.

Indonesia's Papua province on the island of New Guinea has some of the world's last remaining large intact rainforests. These rainforests are millions of years old, contain untold biodiversity and evolutionary history, and provide critical regional and global ecosystem processes including climate regulation through their storage of massive amounts of carbon. These priceless ancient rainforests have come under severe pressure from the rampant illegal logging of merbau and granting of massive logging concessions. China already consumes almost all of the estimated 300,000 cubic meters of merbau smuggled out of Papua every month.

Merbau is a dark, luxurious, red wood that is primarily used for the manufacturing of hardwood floors. The merbau tree is endemic in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Irian, as well as in neighboring Papua New Guinea. Experts forecast that China's drive to develop its infrastructure to host the Olympics will consume tens of millions of cubic meters of primary forest products. Setting up the timber plant in Papua was the only way that the company could meet its timber needs as the Indonesia government has banned the export of round logs since 2001.

An investment of this size will only serve to legitimize and further fuel illegal, highly unsustainable, and ecologically devastating logging, ensuring the destruction of this critically threatened ancient rainforest. It is against the Olympic ideals of bringing "people together in peace to respect universal moral principles" when the events are housed in facilities constructed with ancient rainforest timbers of questionable legality and morality. Please insist the Chinese government and Olympic committee commit to hosting an "old-growth, ancient forest free" Olympics.

This alert is going to 247 email addresses including international and national Olympic committee members, Chinese embassies and Indonesian embassies and ministries!


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China's investment fells forests in Borneo
JAKARTA, April 29 (UPI) -- China is planning $7 billion in investments in Indonesia that will bring jobs and modern amenities, but at significant environmental cost. The Indonesian government signed a deal with China that will result in the leveling of much of the remaining tropical forests in Borneo, in an area so vital it is sometimes called the lungs of Southeast Asia, The New York Times reported. The deal is a double bounty for China, the newspaper said. Wood from the forest will provide flooring and furniture for its expanding middle class, and the trees will be replaced with vast plantations for palm oil -- an increasingly popular ingredient in detergents, soaps and lipstick. The forest-to-palm-oil deal illustrates the increasingly symbiotic relationship between China's need for a wide variety of raw materials, and its Asian neighbors' readiness to provide them, often at enormous environmental cost, the Times said. China recently placed a $1 billion rush order for a prized reddish-brown hardwood, called merbau, to be used in construction of its sports facilities for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Borneo healing plants threatened (April 27, 2006)
Much of the deforestation has been blamed on illegal loggingPlants that can offer cures for many serious diseases could be lost because of deforestation in Borneo, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Such plants could be used in the fight against cancer, Aids and malaria, the conservation group said in a report. But the WWF warned that such knowledge could be lost "if the disappearing rainforests of the heart of Borneo are not adequately protected". Much of the deforestation on the island has been blamed on illegal logging. Only half of Borneo's forest cover remains intact, down from 75% in the mid-1980s, the report said. Life-saving medication A total of 422 new species have been discovered in Borneo in the last 25 years, the campaign group said. But it added that many others had yet to be found. As an example of the medical advances already made, the WWF cites the discovery of a potential anti-cancer compound found in the shrub Aglaia Leptantha, by the Australian pharmaceutical company Cerylid Biosciences. The substance has been found to kill 20 kinds of human cancer cells in laboratory tests. "The fact that the compound is very effective against a number of tumour cells presents a very good argument for preserving the plant's habitat in Borneo," Murray Tait, vice president of drug discovery at Cerylid Biosciences, is quoted as saying. "More forest destruction could well deny science the opportunity to discover and develop further potential sources of life-saving medication." The three nations which claim territory in Borneo - Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia - have recently launched a joint initiative to preserve some of their equatorial forests. The WWF hopes these three governments will soon sign a pact to help secure the area. "Such a declaration would ensure long-term protection to a region which might contain some of tomorrow's most significant medical discoveries," said Mike Kavanagh, Chief Executive Director of WWF-Malaysia.

Much more on the destruction of the rainforest in Borneo

Malaysian PM Says Billions Lost to Environmental Degradation, Unchecked Logging (April 27, 2006)
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia's prime minister said environmental degradation and unchecked logging have cost the country billions of ringgit (dollars), adding that rehabilitating natural resources in one of the world's most bio-diverse countries would be difficult. "Billions of ringgit (dollars) worth of (the nation's natural) wealth have been destroyed, something that is very difficult for us to rehabilitate," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said late Tuesday, according to the official Bernama news agency. Abdullah said the government would step up efforts to keep forest destruction in check, Bernama reported, without elaborating. Last week, environmentalists and beauty products retailer Body Shop launched a campaign to stop state-backed logging in a 130 million year-old rainforest in the northern Malaysian state of Perak. The state government said it could not end the logging because timber is a major revenue earner. Malaysia is home to some of the world's oldest rainforests and many of the most endangered species. However, the country's rivers are also frequently polluted, and emissions from landfills seeping into key water sources have stopped supply of tap water to residents in the country's largest city, Kuala Lumpur, in recent months. "If a baby crocodile is thrown into one (river), it will die in two minutes," Abdullah said, according to Bernama.

Forests in Southeast Asia Fall to Prosperity's Ax
For as long as anyone can remember, Anyie Apoui and his people have lived among the majestic trees and churning rivers in an untouched corner of Borneo, catching fish and wild game. But all that is about to change. The Indonesian government has signed a deal with China that will level much of the remaining tropical forests.

How China Is Winning the Oil Race
China is racing to lock up energy resources for its fast-growing economy, acquiring energy from countries with horrific human-rights records such as Sudan, Chad and the Republic of Congo. China's willingness to deal with rogue states gives it an edge over the US in competition for oil and gas.



Natural world on red alert

By Devika Bhat

May 01, 2006

A report compiled over two years details the ever-increasing species of flora and fauna facing extinction

THE polar bear and hippopotamus have joined the list of species facing the threat of extinction, according to a report to be released this week.

More than 16,000 species of animals, birds, fish and plants are registered as under serious threat of becoming extinct on the Red List of Threatened Species compiled by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The number is up from just over 15,500 last year.

The study, which examines the status of more than 40,000 species most in need of conservation attention, says that one in three amphibians, a quarter of the world’s coniferous trees, one in eight birds and one in four mammals are under considerable risk. Of 547 shark and ray species listed, 20 per cent are considered to be threatened with extinction.

The report, compiled over two years by scientists from around the world, provides one of the most comprehensive indications of progress in meeting targets to reduce the rate at which species become endangered. The increase in the latest list is partly because more species have been examined than before.

Among the worst affected are polar bears. The report says that the impact of climate change is being increasingly felt in the Arctic, where the level of sea ice in the summer is expected to decrease by 50 to 100 per cent over the next 50 to 100 years. As a result, the polar bear population is predicted to decline by more than 30 per cent in the next 45 years, and the species has moved up the IUCN list to be classified as “vulnerable”, threatened with global extinction. More unexpected is the decline of the common hippo, listed as under threat for the first time, largely because of a dramatic fall in numbers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 1994 the DRC came only second to Zambia in hippo populations — with 30,000, compared with Zambia’s 40,000 — but numbers have since plummeted by 95 per cent, primarily because of unregulated hunting of them for meat and ivory from their teeth. The lesser-known pygmy hippo, a forest creature which exists in small numbers in West Africa, has similarly been affected by illegal logging and loss of habitat.

Achim Steiner, directorgeneral of the IUCN, said: “The 2006 IUCN Red List shows a clear trend: biodiversity loss is increasing, not slowing down.”

Several marine groups have been included in this year’s list. The angel shark has been declared extinct in the North Sea and the common skate upgraded from “endangered” to “critically endangered”. Both were once commonplace on European fish counters. Freshwater fish appear to fare little better, having experienced some of the most drastic falls in numbers, with 56 per cent of 252 endemic freshwater Mediterranean fish at risk of extinction.

Mark Wright, science adviser for the World Wide Fund for Nature, said that the study’s findings were “sad but not surprising”. “For freshwater species, not only do they face loss of habitat, but there’s also the issue of water pollution and poor management of water systems,” he said. “In Africa, governments understandably want to develop and improve their countries, but this must be done in a way that is environmentally sustainable.

“Polar bears face the double problem of losing their natural habitat through climate change as well as being at the top of the food chain and hence carrying a high toxic load.”

Mr Wright acknowledged international efforts to accommodate conservation issues. “We have seen some governments who are keen to improve their approaches environmentally and recognise that it is to the benefit of their economies if they act now,” he said.

Desert wildlife, including various types of gazelle, also features in the list because of the threat of hunting and loss of habitat. Additionally, several plants from the Mediterranean area, one of the world’s 34 biodiversity hotspots, are listed, faced with growing pressures from intensive agriculture and mass tourism.

However, some conservation projects have appeared to yield results. The Abbott’s booby, a seabird found in Australia and listed as critically endangered in 2004, has since started to recover, as have the Indian vulture and Mekong catfish.


* The World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species contains information on the global status of 40,000 species, keeping track of those that are most at risk

* Threat categories range from “least concern”, “near threatened”, “vulnerable”, “endangered”, “critically endangered”, “extinct in the wild” to “extinct”

* The list was first conceived in 1963 and is used by government agencies, wildlife departments and conservation-related NGOs

* The number of species declared extinct is 784, with 65 found only in captivity or cultivation

* There are thought to be about 15 million species on the planet, with up to1.8 million known today

* Its results show that Australia, Brazil, China and Mexico are key areas containing threatened species



Greenpeace stops huge consignment of Amazon soya entering Europe


Amsterdam, 29th April 2006 — Sixty Greenpeace activists (1) today prevented commodities giant Cargill from unloading a shipment of Amazon soya in Amsterdam port, to protest against the destruction of huge tracts of the Amazon rainforest to grow soya to feed farm animals in Europe.

Several activists chained themselves to the conveyor belt and the suction pump Cargill uses to unload the soya, while others started to paint ’Forest Crime’ on the company’s silos.

Greenpeace forests campaign co-ordinator, Gavin Edwards, said: "Cargill is trashing the Amazon so we can eat cheap meat. The scale of the destruction is incredible -approximately 19,000 hectares of the rainforest, almost the size of Amsterdam, would have to be destroyed to grow the amount of soya on this ship alone."

Cargill, which leads the global trade in Amazon soya, (2) has illegally built a port in the heart of the Amazon rainforest to export its soya. Greenpeace has documented that the company has dealt with farms that have illegally grabbed and deforested areas of public and indigenous Amazon land. Some have even used slave labour. (3)

"This crime stretches from Cargill’s illegal operations in the Amazon rainforest to food companies, supermarkets and fast food chains across Europe. Cargill must stop destroying the Amazon to grow soya and must sever its links to slavery and human rights abuses."

Today’s shipment (4) is the second to have arrived in Amsterdam since Greenpeace first blew the whistle on the company earlier this month.

A recent report in scientific journal Nature (5) warned that 40% of the Amazon will be lost by 2050 if current trends in agricultural expansion continue, threatening biodiversity and seriously contributing to climate change. Soya monocultures also rely heavily on toxic chemicals, and some Amazon soya is genetically engineered.

Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organisation that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions essential to a green and peaceful future.

Notes to Editor

(1) The activists are from: The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Chile, Italy and Hungary.

(2) Cargill, together with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Bunge, controls 60% of soya production in Brazil and more than three-quarters of Europe’s soya crushing industry that supplies soya meal and oil to the animal feed market.

(3) A copy of the "Eating up the Amazon’ is available on:

A shorter crime file, based on the report:

(4) The Amazon soya comes from Rondonia and Pará. In 2005, 787,000 tonnes of soya were exported from Santarem: 52% went to the Netherlands; 31% to the UK; 6.5% to Spain; 6% to France.

(5) Soares-Filho, B.S. et al., 2006. Modelling conservation in the Amazon basin. Nature 440:520-523. Published 23rd March 2006.



Also from:

Bush's Nuclear Madness

By Joshua Holland

02 May 2006

If George Bush gets his way, the USA is going nuclear - and he won't let a little thing like radioactive waste stand in his way.

George W. Bush has a vision for a strong, independent nuclear America. He wants nuclear weapons for everyday use - deterrence is for Democrats - and he wants to build dozens of new nuclear energy plants across the United States.

He'll also ship thousands of tons of nuclear waste across the country, first to a huge storage facility in Yucca Mountain, Nev. But that will only contain a little more than what we already have sitting around. We'll need nine more Yuccas by the end of the century if Bush's plans go through.

Filling the one we already have means shipping highly radioactive waste through 44 states - coming within a half mile of 50 million Americans. The most toxic, deadly substances known to humanity would pass through Boston, Baltimore, Newark and Miami.

A 1982 study by Sandia Labs - the country's premiere nuclear research facility - found that a containment breech in one plant in Pennsylvania would kill 74,000 people within a year and another 34,000 later from cancer. The 1986 Chernobyl disaster spewed more radiation across Europe than was released in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, took out 486 villages in Belarus and left a region that had been inhabited by 100,000 people a glow-in-the-dark no-man's land.

But don't worry. According to the administration and the deep-pocketed nuclear lobby, it's all perfectly safe. Sure, there's no human invention that's foolproof and, yes, we're talking about making dozens of ripe new targets for terrorists to attack, but hasn't the administration and its corporate partners earned our trust?

Nuclear Renaissance

According to Bush administration spin, the mighty atom is a 21st century panacea for the United States' - and the world's - most intractable problems. Nuclear energy will free us from our dependence on those "tyrannical regimes" that sponsor global terror, bail out the planet from global warming and avert a new superpower struggle by giving fast-industrializing behemoths like China and India an endless supply of "renewable" energy. Nuclear weapons that we can deploy freely in small conflicts will lock in our global dominance for the rest of the century. And, of course, all this will create lots and lots of high-paying jobs.

It sounds great on paper. But if you look behind the dramatic shifts in U.S. nuclear policy over the course of Bush's presidency, you find an intense lobbying and public relations campaign by a handful of firms that stand to rake in billions from the construction of new civilian reactors, and by a generation of Cold Warriors that lusts after new, more "usable" nukes for their toy chest.

The administration has offered up a series of initiatives that will reshape decades of nuclear policy, both civilian and military. Bush scrapped the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and undermined the Test Ban Treaty. And it's not just plans for new bombs and new reactors; he's shifted U.S. policy towards countries like India and Pakistan that developed nukes outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

And Bush plans to use Yucca Mountain in Nevada as a repository for the world's nuclear waste, not just our own. It's the linchpin of what the administration hopes will become a new economic order - superseding OPEC with a nuclear cartel that reads "Made in the USA."

At the heart of Bush's atomic dreams is the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) announced in February. Under the plan, we'll dramatically expand nuclear energy production at home, encourage new nuclear generation abroad and import other countries' spent fuel for reprocessing in the United States.

The idea is to limit the two most sensitive parts of the nuclear cycle - enrichment and disposal - to a handful of sites in the United States, Russia and perhaps France and Japan. In January Vladimir Putin announced that one piece of the puzzle - a joint waste initiative between the United States and Russia - was a done deal.

The GNEP constitutes a sharp break with decades of American nuclear policy, dating back to Jimmy Carter. He banned nuclear fuel reprocessing in 1977, concluding - along with the American public - that the costs were too high and the hazards too great.

According to the administration, GNEP will incorporate "new proliferation-resistant technologies to recover more energy and reduce waste" from spent fuel - there are an estimated 55,000 tons of the stuff sitting around - which will "reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation worldwide." But while the first moves have begun - in addition to the deal with Russia, Bush signed a major, possibly illegal, nuclear agreement with India just last month - those "proliferation-resistant technologies" are still on the drawing board. As Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, told the Christian Science Monitor: "What seems rather fanciful about this project is that the fuel-supply aspect appears contingent on proving some highly advanced technology."

It's a different kind of faith-based initiative; Bush is barreling full-speed ahead with his programs and assuming that we'll invent the technology we need to do it all as we go along.

It may be Bush's boldest vision yet, but it's nothing new; like so much we've seen from this administration, Nixon's presidency is the source of inspiration, and his old staff are the agents. In his 1974 State of the Union Address, during the height of the great oil shock, Nixon touted his proposed "Operation Independence," declaring that "1974 must be the year in which we organize a full-scale effort to provide for our energy needs." The plan would have increased the United States' use of nuclear energy in order to break the back of OPEC.

But Nixon's vision of "independence" suffered a meltdown of public opinion and political opposition after the near disaster at Three Mile Island in 1979 - the most serious accident in the history of American nuclear energy. Since then, the domestic nuclear agenda has been in deep freeze, and the 1986 Chernobyl disaster only strengthened public resolve against restarting it.

On the military side, Bush wants to shrug off decades of constraints and develop a new generation of nukes. Fred Kaplan, writing in Slate, noted some of the overlooked provisions in Bush's 2004 defense budget, including the repeal of a 1992 ban on the research and development of "low-yield" nuclear weapons. Our cash outlay for new nukes, given the United States' military supremacy, is stunning:

[T]he Department of Energy is spending an astonishing $6.5 billion on nuclear weapons and President Bush is requesting $6.8 billion more for next year and a total of $30 billion over the following four years. Measured in "real dollars" (that is, adjusting for inflation), this year's spending on nuclear activities exceeds by over 50 percent the average annual sum ($4.2 billion) that the United States spent - again, in real dollars - throughout the four and a half decades of the Cold War.

The Military Energy Complex

While the administration's civilian initiatives have been launched with great fanfare, Bush's revolutionary nuclear weapons policies have been low-key - no grand pronouncements, no media rollouts. But the line between military nukes and civilian energy is not a clean one. A network of advocacy groups, lobbyists and corporations link the nuclear community together. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) - known to be firmly in the pocket of the industry - is charged with overseeing both sides of the atom.

The military and civilian programs are joined by companies like General Electric, a major defense contractor that builds and services civilian reactors (GE stopped manufacturing nuclear weapons in 1992) and Bechtel, which despite an atrocious safety and environmental record, has a $6 billion contract to develop Yucca Mountain, services two-thirds of the civilian plants in the United States (and more overseas), and is part of a consortium that manages the military's Nevada Test Site, where advanced nuclear weapons tests are conducted. Another key player is defense giant Lockheed-Martin - also part of the Nevada Test Site Team -which runs Sandia National Labs, where both civilian and military research is conducted. Westinghouse, the world's leading manufacturer of civilian reactors, was the government's third-largest nuclear weapons contractor as recently as 1995. The United States' last full-scale nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge Tenessee is managed by a consortium including Bechtel. It took over the contract from Lockheed-Martin in 2000. Bechtel and Westinghouse are both making a fortune cleaning up nuclear facilities across America, both civilian and military.

The nuclear power industry is snuggled up tight with government - even more cozily than most. The NRC - supposedly the public's watchdog - is financed not with tax dollars but by rate payers, meaning through the companies themselves. All the while, a revolving door between business and government spins like a top. According to the National Catholic Reporter, the NRC has seen its "senior staff regularly moving into the nuclear industry as employees and consultants." A General Accounting Office survey in 2000 showed that more than a quarter of all NRC staffers "are considering leaving the agency within a year." "Everyone in any NRC position who can goes to private industry," said one whistleblower.

That's pretty much true across all of the sectors of nuclear technology. Only weeks after the passage of last year's energy bill - which showered billions on nuclear power operators in direct subsidies and other giveaways- eyebrows were raised when NBC reported that a key Senate staffer "who helped steer those billions through" did so "in between stints representing nuclear power companies like Exelon" as a major lobbyist. Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom ridge joined Exelon's board soon after leaving the administration. According to Open Secrets, which tracks campaign contributions, Dick Cheney, who as former defense secretary and CEO of Halliburton is intimately connected with both the military establishment and the energy industry, is "by far, nuclear power's biggest ally." The Cheneys are heavily invested in Lockheed-Martin; Lynn sits on the company's board of directors.

It's just one big, happy nuclear family.

Whose Bold Vision Is It?

CLIP - Read the rest at or



Torture "widespread" under U.S. custody: Amnesty

May 3, 2006

By Richard Waddington

Geneva (Reuters) - Torture and inhumane treatment are "widespread" in U.S.-run detention centers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba and elsewhere despite Washington's denials, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

In a report for the United Nations' Committee against Torture, the London-based human rights group also alleged abuses within the U.S. domestic law enforcement system, including use of excessive force by police and degrading conditions of isolation for inmates in high security prisons.

"Evidence continues to emerge of widespread torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of detainees held in U.S. custody," Amnesty said in its 47-page report.

It said that while Washington has sought to blame abuses that have recently come to light on "aberrant soldiers and lack of oversight", much ill-treatment stemmed from officially sanctioned interrogation procedures and techniques.

"The U.S. government is not only failing to take steps to eradicate torture, it is actually creating a climate in which torture and other ill-treatment can flourish," said Amnesty International USA Senior Deputy Director-General Curt Goering.

The U.N. committee, whose experts carry out periodic reviews of countries signatory to the U.N. Convention against Torture, is scheduled to begin consideration of the United States on Friday. The last U.S. review was in 2000.

It said in November it was seeking U.S. answers to questions including whether Washington operated secret detention centers abroad and whether President George W. Bush had the power to absolve anyone from criminal responsibility in torture cases.

The committee also wanted to know whether a December 2004 memorandum from the U.S. Attorney General's office, reserving torture for "extreme" acts of cruelty, was compatible with the global convention barring all forms of cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment.

In its own submission to the committee, published late last year, Washington justified the holding of thousands of foreign terrorism suspects in detention centers abroad, including Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, on the grounds that it was fighting a war that was still not over.

"Like other wars, when they start, we do not know when they will end. Still, we may detain combatants until the end of the war," it said.

The U.S. human rights image has taken a battering abroad over a string of scandals involving the sexual and physical abuse of detainees held by American forces in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

In its submission, Washington did not mention alleged secret detention centers.

Amnesty listed a series of incidents in recent years involving torture of detainees in U.S. custody, noting the heaviest sentence given to perpetrators was five months in jail.

This was the same punishment you could get for stealing a bicycle in the United States, it added.

"Although the U.S. government continues to assert its condemnation of torture and ill-treatment, these statements contradict what is happening in practice," said Goering, referring to the testimony of torture victims in the report.


See also:

US: Government creating "climate of torture" (3 May 2006)
(...) The US last appeared before the Committee Against Torture in May 2000. Practices criticized by the Committee six years ago -- such as the use of electro-shock weapons and excessively harsh conditions in "super-maximum" security prisons -- have in some cases been exported for use by US forces abroad -- serving as a model for the treatment of US detainees in the context of the "war on terror". "The US has long taken a selective approach to international standards, but in recent years, the US government has taken unprecedented steps to disregard its obligations under international treaties. This threatens to undermine the whole framework of international human rights law -- including the consensus on the absolute prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment," said Javier Zuniga. CLIP Much more at

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’ (5 April 2006)
(...) The size and location of the final secret facility, where they spent 13 months, remains unconfirmed. Two of the men told Amnesty International in October 2005 that they believed this detention centre was in Europe. Other information they have since provided, some of it confirmed or augmented by media reports, indicates a strong possibility that the men were indeed held in an Eastern European "black site". As Amnesty International has reported, the facility was new or refurbished, and carefully designed and operated to ensure maximum security and secrecy, as well as disorientation, dependence and stress for the detainees.(27) Well-staffed and resourced, and highly organized, the system in operation there could not have been maintained solely for the purpose of interrogating low-level suspects like Muhammad Bashmilah, Salah Qaru and Muhammad al-Assad.(28) One of the men calculated that at least 20 people were being taken to the shower room in his section each week, although he does not know whether the facility contained more than one section. The men were initially examined by a doctor or medic, who had access to the medical records that had been kept on the men throughout their detention. At each transfer, the men said, they were stripped and photographed, front and back, and any wounds or marks on their bodies were noted on a medical record, which followed them from place to place. Salah Qaru explained that the doctor used a template drawing, and that he has two scars that the doctors always recorded. The scales used at their checkups, he noted, measured weight only in pounds, the unit used in the USA.(29) According to one of the men, "all of the guards and officials were Americans. One doctor we saw was an American and one spoke English with a European accent. CLIP

The Death Penalty in 2005
In 2005 * at least 2,148 people were executed in 22 countries * 94% of them were killed in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the USA * An additional 5,186 people were sentenced to death. However, despite the shocking figures, the trend towards abolition continues to grow: the number of countries carrying out executions has dropped for a fourth consecutive year; over the last twenty years, numbers have halved. Mexico and Liberia have most recently abolished the death penalty."As the world continues to turn away from the use of the death penalty, it is a glaring anomaly that China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the USA stand out for their extreme use of this form of punishment as the 'top' executioners in the world." - Irene Khan, AI Secretary General. There are also more than 20,000 people on death row waiting to be killed by their own governments. The figures we have are approximate: many governments, like China, refuse to publish full official statistics on executions, while Viet Nam has even classified statistics and reporting on the death penalty as a ‘state secret’. The death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights. It is often applied in a discriminatory manner, follows unfair trials or is applied for political reasons. It can be an irreversible error when there is miscarriage of justice. AI will continue to campaign until the death penalty is abolished worldwide.



Also from:

Ridicule and Contempt

By Sidney Blumenthal

04 May 2006

An imperial president is smothering the system of checks and balances, imperiling free speech.

The most scathing public critique of the Bush presidency and the complicity of a craven press corps was delivered at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday by a comedian. Bush was reported afterwards to be seething, while the press corps responded with stone-cold silence. In many of their reports of the event they airbrushed out the joker.

Stephen Colbert performed within 10 yards of Bush's hostile stare and before 2,600 members of the press and their guests. After his mock praise of Bush as a rock against reality, Colbert censured the press by flattering its misfeasance. "Over the last five years you people were so good - over tax cuts, WMD intelligence, the effect of global warming. We Americans didn't want to know, and you had the courtesy not to try to find out ... Here's how it works: the president makes decisions ... The press secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Just put 'em through a spellcheck and go home ... Write that novel you got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration. You know - fiction!".

The day after Colbert's performance, the New York Times published a front-page story on the latest phase of the administration's war on the press. Bush is weighing "the criminal prosecution of reporters under the espionage laws". Since the Washington Post exposed the existence of CIA "black site" prisons holding detainees without due process of law and the New York Times disclosed the president's order to the National Security Agency to engage in domestic surveillance without legal court warrants, the administration has applied new draconian methods to clamp down.

"Has the New York Times violated the Espionage Act?" asks an article in the neoconservative journal Commentary by Gabriel Schoenfeld, a senior editor, that lays out the case for prosecution. When the Post and Times won Pulitzer prizes for their stories, William Bennett, a former Republican cabinet secretary and now a commentator on CNN, said: "What they did is worthy of jail."

At Bush's orders dragnets are being conducted throughout the national security bureaucracy in search of press sources. And the FBI subpoenaed four decades of files accumulated by recently deceased investigative journalist Jack Anderson in an attempt to exhume old classified material.

Bush takes a different attitude on his own leaking of secrets. Dozens of National Security Council documents were leaked to journalist Bob Woodward for his 2002 encomium, Bush At War. Vice-President Cheney and his staff leaked disinformation to reporters to make the case that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD. And Bush and Cheney authorised Cheney's then chief of staff Lewis Libby to leak portions of the national intelligence estimate on Iraq's WMD to sympathetic reporters in an effort to discredit a critic, former ambassador Joseph Wilson.

In January, two officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (the so-called Israel Lobby) were indicted for receiving classified material from a Pentagon official who was imprisoned. The Aipac officials are being prosecuted as if they were reporters receiving leaks; if convicted under the 1917 Espionage Act, the precedent would be ominous.

Some in the press understand the peril posed to the first amendment by an imperial president trying to smother the system of checks and balances. For those of the Washington press corps who shunned a court jester for his irreverence, status is more urgent than the danger to liberty. But it's no laughing matter.


See also:

Colbert Slays Bush To His Face at White House Correspondents Dinner (April 29)
WASHINGTON: A blistering comedy "tribute" to President Bush by Comedy Central‚s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondent Dinner Saturday night left George and Laura Bush unsmiling at its close.Earlier, the president had delivered his talk to the 2700 attendees, including many celebrities and top officials, with the help of a Bush impersonator. Colbert, who spoke in the guise of his talk show character, who ostensibly supports the president strongly, urged Bush to ignore his low approval ratings, saying they were based on reality, "and reality has a well-known liberal bias."He attacked those in the press who claim that the shake-up at the White House was merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. "This administration is soaring, not sinking," he said. "If anything, they are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg." Colbert told Bush he could end the problem of protests by retired generals by refusing to let them retire. He compared Bush to Rocky Balboa in the "Rocky" movies, always getting punched in the face˜"and Apollo Creed is everything else in the world."Turning to the war, he declared, "I believe that the government that governs best is a government that governs least, and by these standards we have set up a fabulous government in Iraq." CLIP

Watch the video here, it's fantastic!
Recommended by "Mark Graffis">



“…Looking for Square Two (by Douglas Mattern available in bookstore in about 2 months or sooner through explains, with frightening clarity, why nuclear disarmament is so desperately important for the future of our children and our planet. It is something none of us can afford to ignore: read this book, talk about the issues, send copies to friends, neighbors and politicians.” 

— Dr. Jane Goodall


The United States, Israel, and the Possible Attack on Iran

Stephen Zunes | April 28, 2006

Foreign Policy In Focus

With even mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post and The New Yorker publishing credible stories that the United States is seriously planning a military attack on Iran, increasing numbers of Americans are expressing concerns about the consequences of the United States launching another war that would once again place the United States in direct contravention of international law.

The latest National Security Strategy document published earlier this year labeled Iran as the most serious challenge to the United States posed by any country. This should be an indication of just how safe the United States is in the post-Cold War world, where the “most serious challenge” is no longer a rival superpower with thousands of nuclear weapons and sophisticated delivery systems capable of destroying the United States, but a Third World country on the far side of the planet which, according to the latest National Intelligence Estimate out of Washington, is at least 10 years away from actually producing a usable nuclear weapon. Furthermore, Iran has no capacity to develop any delivery system in the foreseeable future capable of landing a weapon within 10,000 miles of our shores.

However, despite the fact that there is no evidence that Iran is even developing nuclear weapons in the first place, the Bush administration and Congressional leaders of both parties argue that simply having the technology which would make it theoretically possible for Iran to manufacture a nuclear weapon at some point in the future is sufficient casus belli. As part of his desperate search for enemies, President Bush claimed in January that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “a grave threat to the security of the world,” words that echoed language he used in reference to Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion of that oil-rich country. Meanwhile, Vice President Dick Cheney vowed “meaningful consequences” if Iran did not give up its nuclear program and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton claimed there would be “tangible and painful consequences” if Iran did not cooperate.

The Washington Post quoted White House sources as reporting that “Bush views Tehran as a serious menace that must be dealt with before his presidency ends,” apparently out of concern that neither a Democratic nor Republican successor might be as willing to consider a military option.

Not that he needs to worry about that. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, widely seen as the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, accused the Bush administration in January of not taking the threat of a nuclear Iran seriously enough, criticized the Bush administration for allowing European nations to take the lead in pursuing a diplomatic solution, and insisted that the administration should make it clear that military options were being actively considered. Similarly, Democratic Senator Evan Bayh, another likely contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, accused the Bush administration of “ignoring and then largely deferring management of this crisis to the Europeans.” Taking the diplomatic route, according to Bayh, “has certainly been damaging to our national security.”

Despite the hostility of these two Democratic senators toward diplomatic means of resolving the crisis and the similarity of their rhetoric to the false claims they made prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein's government was a threat to global security and that diplomatic solutions were impossible, both Clinton and Bayh are widely respected by their fellow Democrats as leaders on security policy.

Indeed, in May of 2004, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution with only three dissenting votes calling on the Bush administration to “use all appropriate means”—presumably including military force—to “prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

As with the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, both Republican and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have tended to call witnesses before the relevant committees who would present the most alarmist perceptions as fact. Last month, for example, Patrick Clawson of the right-wing Washington Institute for Near East Policy testified before the Senate International Relations Committee that, “So long as Iran has an Islamic Republic, it will have a nuclear-weapons program, at least clandestinely.” None of the senators present, however, bothered to mention the inconvenient fact that under the secular regime of the Shah that preceded the Islamic Republic, Iran also had a nuclear program (which was actively supported and encouraged by the United States.) However, Clawson said that since a nuclear program was inevitable under the Islamic Republic, only by overthrowing the government—not through a negotiated settlement—would the United States be safe from the nuclear threat. He insisted, therefore, that “the key issue” was not whether an arms control agreement could be enforced, but “How long will the present Iranian regime last?”

The Risks from a U.S. Attack on Iran

With the ongoing debacle in Iraq, any kind of ground invasion of Iran by U.S. forces is out of the question. Iran is three times bigger than Iraq, both in terms of population and geography. It is a far more mountainous country that would increase the ability of the resistance to engage in guerrilla warfare and the intensity of the nationalist backlash against such a foreign invasion would likely be even stronger.

An attack by air and sea-launched missiles and bombing raids by fighter jets would be a more realistic scenario. However, even such a limited military operation would create serious problems for the United States.

The Washington Post, in a recent article about a possible U.S. strike against Iran, quoted Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA Middle East specialist, as noting how “The Pentagon is arguing forcefully against it because it is so constrained” by ongoing operations in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan. Similarly, the Post quoted a former Pentagon official in contact with his former colleagues as observing how “I don't think anybody's prepared to use the military option at this point.” Given that the growing opposition to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld 's handling of the war in Iraq within the leadership of the armed services, as expressed by a number of prominent recently-retired generals, would make a major military operation without strong support from America's military leadership particularly problematic.

Fears expressed by some opponents of possible U.S. military action against Iran that the Iranians would retaliate through terrorist attacks against American interests are probably not realistic. Indeed, Iran's control over foreign terrorist groups and its role in terrorist operations has frequently been exaggerated by American analysts.

However, there are a number of areas in which the United States would be particularly vulnerable to Iranian retaliation:

One would be in the Persian Gulf, where U.S. Navy ships could become easy targets for Iranian missiles and torpedoes.

Perhaps more serious would be in Iraq, where American troops are currently operating against the Sunni-led insurgency alongside Iranian-backed pro-government militias. If these Iranian-backed militias also decided to turn their guns on American forces, the United States would be caught in a vise between both sides in the country's simmering civil war with few places to hide. It would be difficult for the United States to label militias affiliated with the ruling parties of a democratically-elected government fighting foreign occupation forces in their own country as “terrorists” or to use such attacks as an excuse to launch further military operations against Iran. (Given that the Iraqi government is ruled by two pro-Iranian parties, recent charges by the Bush administration that Iran is aiding the anti-government Sunni insurgency are utterly ludicrous and have been rejected by the Iraqi government.)

A U.S. air strike would be a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and would be met by widespread condemnation in the international community. It would further isolate the United States as a rogue superpower at a time in which it needs to repair its damaged relations with its European and Middle Eastern allies. Even Great Britain has expressed its opposition to military action. Pro-Western Arab states, despite their unease at Iran's nuclear program, would react quite negatively to a U.S. strike, particularly since it would likely strengthen anti-American extremists by allowing them to take advantage of popular opposition to the United States utilizing force against a Muslim nation in order to defend the U.S.-Israeli nuclear monopoly in the region.

As a result, the negative consequences of a U.S. attack may be strong enough to convince even the Bush administration not to proceed with the military option.

Israel as Proxy

Though direct U.S. military action against Iran is still very possible, it is more likely that the United States will encourage Israel to take military action instead. In such a scenario, the U.S. officials believe that the United States would gain the perceived benefits of a military strike against Iran while limiting the damage to the United States by focusing the world's wrath on Israel. Fox News reported that Bush administration officials effectively told the Israelis that “we are doing the heavy lifting in Iraq and Afghanistan … and that Israel needs to handle this themselves.”

Israel has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to violate international legal norms and—with U.S. veto power blocking the UN Security Council from imposing sanctions, and the United States providing vast sums of unconditional military and economic assistance to their government—its ability to get away with doing so. The Israeli government is convinced that the U.S. occupation of Iraq has radicalized the Iranian clerical leadership and that Iran, unlike Iraq in the final years of Saddam Hussein, poses a risk to Israel's national security interests. However, for reasons mentioned above, Israeli leaders have been reported to believe that the United States will not move militarily against Iran and that they will end up using their own forces instead.

An Israeli strike is not inevitable, however. Public opinion polls show that a majority of Israelis oppose the idea of an Israeli strike against Iran. Policy analyst Steve Clemons was quoted in the Washington Monthly as saying, “I have witnessed far more worries about Iranian President Ahmadinejad's anti-Holocaust and anti-Israel rhetoric in the U.S. than I did in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem … Nearly everyone I spoke to in Israel who ranged in political sympathies from the Likud right to Maretz left thought that … Israel thought it wrong-headed and too impulsive to be engaged in saber-rattling with Iran at this stage.” He added, “Israeli national security bureaucrats—diplomats and generals—have far greater confidence that there are numerous potential solutions to the growing Iran crisis short of bombing them in an invasive, hot attack.”

There is no indication that Iran would ever contemplate a first strike against Israel or any other country. Iran, like other Islamic governments in the region, has used Israel's repression of the Palestinians for propaganda purposes, but has rarely done anything to actually help the Palestinians. It is inconceivable that the Iranians would ever consider launching a nuclear attack on Israel—which possesses at least 300 nuclear weapons and sophisticated missiles and other delivery system that could totally destroy Iran—for the sake of the Palestinians, many thousands of whom would die as well. However, an Israeli attack could give Iran grounds for retaliation.

Despite these dangers, Israel—with U.S. encouragement—has long considered the possibility of an attack against Iran.

In the mid-1990s, prior to the election of the U.S.-backed Likud government of Benyamin Netanyahu to office, the peace process with the Palestinians was progressing steadily, a peace treaty had been signed with Jordan, and diplomatic and commercial ties with other Arab states was growing. With the prospects of a permanent Israeli-Arab peace, American arms exporters and their allies in Congress and the Clinton administration, along with their hawkish counterparts in Israel, began emphasizing the alleged threat to Israel from Iran as justification for the more than $2 billion worth of annual U.S. taxpayer subsidies for U.S. arms exporters for them to send weapons to Israel. Among these was an agreement to provide Israel with sophisticated F-15 fighter bombers. As the peace process faltered due to increased repression and colonization by Israel and increased terrorism from radical Palestinian groups and as reformists appeared to be gaining momentum in Iran, Israel began focusing upon more immediate threats closer to home, though deliveries of the F-15s continued through 2001.

Last year, however, the United States unexpectedly provided Israel with an additional thirty long-range F-15s at a cost of $48 million each. The United States has also recently provided Israel with 5000 GBU-27 and GBU-28 weapons, better known as “bunker busters,” warheads guided by lasers or satellites which can penetrate up to ten meters of earth and concrete to destroy suspected underground facilities. Reuters reported a senior Israeli security source as noting, “This is not the sort of ordinance needed for the Palestinian front. Bunker busters could serve Israel against Iran …” Israel also has at least five submarines armed with sea-launched missiles which could easily get within range of Iranian targets.

One scenario reportedly has Israel sending three squadrons of F15s to fly over Jordanian and Iraqi airspace, currently controlled by the U.S. air force, to strike at major Iranian facilities. The United States would provide satellite information for the attack as well as refueling for the Israeli jets as they leave Iranian air space for their return to Israel. The Sunday Times has reported that the Israelis have been “coordinating with American forces” for such a scenario. That same article described Israeli commando training operations at a full-sized mockup of Iran's Natanz nuclear facility at a military facility in Israel's Negev Desert and the dispatch of clandestine Israeli Special Forces units into Iran. Meanwhile, the Israeli Ofek-6 spy satellite is now reported to have been moved to an orbit over Iranian facilities.

As far back as April 2004, President Bush exchanged letters with Sharon in which he stated, in reference to Iran, that, “Israel has the right to defend itself with its own forces.”

Despite the widely-held tail-wagging-the-dog assumptions, history has shown that the United States has frequently used Israel to advance its strategic interests in the region and beyond, such as aiding pro-Western governments and pro-Western insurgencies, keeping radical nationalist governments like Syria in check and engaging in covert interventions in Jordan, Lebanon, and now Kurdistan. During the 1980s, Israel was used to funnel arms to third parties the United States could not arm directly, such as the apartheid regime South Africa, the Guatemalan junta, the Nicaraguan Contras, and, ironically, the Iranian mullahs. Israel's bombing of Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981—despite formal criticism—was enthusiastically supported by the Reagan administration.

One Israeli analyst was quoted as saying in the Washington Post during the Iran-Contra scandal, “It's like Israel has become just another federal agency, one that's convenient to use when you want something done quietly.” Nathan Shahan wrote in Yediot Ahronot that his country serves as the “Godfather's messenger,” since Israel “undertakes the dirty work of the Godfather, who always tries to appear to be the owner of some large respectable business.” Israeli satirist B. Michael describes U.S. aid to Israel as a situation where “My master gives me food to eat and I bite those whom he tells me to bite. It's called strategic cooperation.”

Just as the ruling elites of medieval Europe used the Jews as money-lenders and tax collectors to avoid the wrath of an exploited population, the elites of the world's one remaining superpower would similarly be quite willing to use Israel to do their dirty work against Iran. That way Israel, not the United States, will get the blame. (In fact, there are those who blame Israel even when the United States takes military action itself, such as the various conspiracy theories now circulating that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was done on behalf of Israel.)

It Won't Work

A military strike against Iran, either directly by the United States or through Israel, will not likely succeed in curbing Iran's nuclear program. Indeed, it will likely motivate the Iranian government, with enhanced popular support in reaction to foreign aggression against their country, to redouble their efforts.

Iran has deliberately spread its nuclear facilities over a wide geographical range, with at least nine major locations. Even the bunker buster bombs may not fully penetrate a number of these facilities, assuming all the secret sites could be located.

The U.S.-backed Israeli raid of Iraq's Osirak reactor in 1981, according to virtually all accounts by Iraqi nuclear scientists, was at most a temporary setback for Saddam Hussein's nuclear program and ultimately led to the regime accelerating its timetable for the development of nuclear weapons until it was dismantled under the watch of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency in the early 1990s. Despite this, the Congress passed a resolution in 1991 defending Israel's action and criticizing the United Nations for its opposition to Israel's illegal military attack.

The only real solution to the standoff over Iran's nuclear program is a diplomatic one. For example, Iran has called for the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone for the entire Middle East in which all nations in the region would be required to give up their nuclear weapons and open up their programs to strict international inspections. Iran has been joined in its proposal by Syria, by U.S. allies Jordan and Egypt, and by other Middle Eastern states. Such nuclear weapons-free zones have already been successfully established for Latin America, the South Pacific, Antarctica, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The Bush administration and Congressional leaders of both parties have rejected such a proposal, however, insisting that the United States has the right to unilaterally decide which countries get to have nuclear weapons and which ones do not, effectively imposing a kind of nuclear apartheid. In 1958, the United States was the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the region, bringing tactical nuclear bombs on its ships and planes. Israel became a nuclear weapons state by the early 1970s with the quiet support of the U.S. government. To Iran's east, Pakistan and India have developed nuclear weapons as well, also with U.S. support: the Bush administration recently signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with India and has provided both countries with nuclear-capable jet fighter-bombers.

Located in such a dangerous region, then, it is not surprising that Iran might be seeking a nuclear deterrent. The United States and Israel do not want Iran to have such a deterrent, however, since it would challenge the U.S.-Israeli nuclear monopoly in that oil-rich region. In other words, what those in the Bush administration, the Israeli government, and the bipartisan leadership in Congress are concerned about is protecting the hegemonic interests of the United States and its junior partner Israel, not stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Such a policy does not protect the interests of the American or Israeli people, nor does it help the people of Iran and the Middle East as a whole. It remains to be seen, however, whether the American public will once again allow the Bush administration and the leadership of both parties Congress to successfully employ exaggerated stories of potential “weapons of mass destruction” controlled by an oil-rich country on the far side of the world to justify a disastrous war.



From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: A most powerful opportunity for global transformation
Date: 4 May 2006

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your continued awesome email compilations and for including some of my work. I very rarely write people individually to make a recommendation, but this is just too important. There is an amazing free Google video documentary titled "Loose Change" which is spreading into the consciousness of the country and world as we speak. I believe this 80-minute, very well documented film on 9/11 is the most powerful opportunity we have yet for creating positive transformation in our nation and world. The film speaks for itself, which is why it has been listed in Google's top 10 videos for several weeks running now. I know that you are very busy, Jean, but I can almost guarantee that you will thank me if you put aside time to watch this powerful, eye-opening documentary.

To watch this excellent documentary free online, go to

Once you've seen "Loose Change," I know that you will want to email your friends to let them know, so that this information can rapidly spread to those who care about our nation and world. A movement is rapidly growing to bring these little-known facts to light and call for a release of the many key documents and evidence being withheld which would expose the truth of all that really went on during the fateful day of 9/11. I am in regular contact with a number of highly respected leaders of this movement.

I honestly believe there is no single action that is more important that any of us take today than to watch this incredibly powerful documentary and invite all of our friends and colleagues to do the same. If we all do this, it will not be long before we build a critical mass which will turn our entire nation and world in a new, positive direction. Thanks for caring, Jean, and you have a great day!

With very best wishes,





Pro-American = Anti-BushCo

By Cindy Sheehan

t r u t h o u t | Perspective

04 May 2006

I (and every single other individual on this planet working for peace and justice) am often accused of being "anti-American" for dissenting against my feral government that has gone wild with lawlessness and greed, even though dissent from our government is as American as apple pie. Some people believe that if one is critical of the Bush criminal regime, then one is anti-American.

I steadfastly believe that to be anti-BushCo means being pro-American, pro-life, and most of all, pro-peace.

In a recent editorial in the Boston Globe (Sunday, April 30, 2006) the Bush regime is blamed for breaking or giving itself permission to break over 750 laws. George is the only sitting president to have admitted to breaking laws and to openly disdaining the Constitution as an "old scrap of paper." How can we peaceniks be accused of being anti-American when the squatter in the Oval Office has no respect for the supreme law of the land? But of course, 9/11 changed the world and we are a nation "at war" so George thinks he can do whatever he wants, even though he is the one who made us a nation at war with his lies and deceptions. I will stipulate that the constitution is a deeply flawed document, but the founders realized this and gave us ways to amend it, and one of the ways to amend it is not just "cuz the president says so." He may be the decider but he is not the amender.

Extreme rendition and torture are being authorized from the top and carried out in the name of the American people. A recent Amnesty International report calls torture "widespread" for people in US captivity. CIA-trained black operatives have even bragged how inhuman and brutal water-boarding is and gave a high level terrorist his persecution props for being able to last over two minutes. In this particularly lovely form of torture, a person has cellophane wrapped around his mouth and nose and is tipped at an angle so water pours over his face - thus creating the feeling of drowning. To avoid choking, the prisoner succumbs. Our own torturers, who have to go through the ropes, can last for only a few seconds in this torture. Add the sexual depravation practiced on the prisoners with the tormenting of some prisoners by flushing the Koran and so forth: not only is the humanity of the tortured broken, but the torturer also becomes lower than an animal. I used to watch a lot of "Animal Planet" but I have never sen nor heard of a four legged creature torturing another four legged creature. However, as long as we Americans condone this behavior from the ones who authorize such viciousness from the top, we are the torturers also. We become the thing that we abhor.

George, Condi, Rummy, Dicky, Wolfie, Colin, et al. went on a media blitz of propaganda before the invasion. We all know now that they were lying and knew they were lying when they told us that Saddam had WMD and would use them on America - he had a fleet of remote control planes that could be deployed to the US at a moment's notice - the smoking gun could come in the shape of a mushroom cloud - Powell pointed out where the WMD were hidden on the map - Saddam was trying to buy yellow-cake uranium from Niger - on and on and on. By the time that the US military began to use WMD on the people of Iraq, we all knew that BushCo was full of camel manure and we watched in horrified near-silence as the people of Fallujah were burned beyond recognition by white phosphorous and enhanced napalm.

Not withstanding the crimes against our own constitution and the crimes against humanity that BushCo has executed, the assassins, with a governmental seal of approval attached, pay lip service to being anti-abortion. The people who run things into the ground for us have nothing to do with being pro-life. I wonder how our fellow citizens who say that they are pro-life reconcile the fact that their government has massacred thousands of innocent Iraqis, many of whom are mothers, children, babies and unborn babies. These harmless victims have not only been killed by bombs, bullets, and shrapnel, but they have been killed by a lack of clean water, medicine, and basic medical care. We can't expect the people who bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors to care about the babies of Iraq. They will even say: "We have to fight them over there, so we don't fight them over here." I have to believe that the average American, warnik or not, has to have compassion for the suffering of Iraqi citizens, whose only crime is to have been born in the wrong place at the wrong time. An Iraqi woman I have met here in the states is a doctor who works in the Baghdad morgue; she told me that at least 1,600 bodies come through her morgue per month. This is just in Baghdad.

Many of my friends voted for George in the 2004 election, telling me that he is "pro-life." My answer to them is that George is "pro-birth," and once the baby gets out, he has no problem with subjecting them to inadequate education, health care, environment, and job opportunities, and then, to boot, killing them in war. If George were truly pro-life, Casey and legions of people would still be alive. Life is life: born and unborn. The corporations in Iraq are the things that need to be aborted. Bring the war profiteers home. Save the children.

Dr. Martin Luther King said that if we do not practice non-violent co-existence, we will have to suffer mutual annihilation. With Bush being such a lame duck and under threat of the domino theory of indictment, I shudder to think of the continued war in Iraq and the future wars that he will begin just to bolster his sense of failure and lack of self confidence to insanely ensure his place in history. Even he must know that he will not be judged kindly by future historians. It is terribly frightening to think of what a person like this is capable, especially when there are so many bad men with their hands in the profitable cookie jar who are pulling his strings and when he is willing to go along as a puppet with the neo-con PNAC flow and as a corporate whore to the war profiteers.

If we want to have a viable future to leave as a legacy to our children and the children of the world, BushCo must be stopped, not supported and funded by a Congress who is getting their strings pulled by the same malevolent puppeteers that pull the chains of corporate greed of the executive branch.

We need to shut down the war machine and realize that to feed that monster our country has to be, and has been, at constant war with some country or the other, especially since WWII. It is a fact of life, whether a Republican or a Democrat is in power, that we are suppressing and killing other people to make the world safe for our corporations. To help facilitate the spread of the contaminated semen of "Planet America" the leaders of every country that stands up to corporate America are being demonized and are ripe for BushCo to bring them "freedom and democracy," which is really just a Trojan Horse carrying genocide and destruction.

How do we throw a monkey wrench into the war machine? We join boycotts, such as the one against Exxon Mobil. We buy gas from President Chavez and Venezuela's Citgo to help him in his struggle against corporate America - not against Americans. Hugo Chavez has done more to help the less fortunate citizens in our Northeast and Katrina victims than BushCo who have shown themselves quite adept at fiddling while the world is burning and enriching themselves in the blood-soaked process.

Unfortunately, BushCo does symbolize everything that America is about, but they do not have to. We the people of the United States, in order to secure a more perfect union, need to vociferously and with everything we have stand up to the traitors in power and redefine, if not reclaim, what it means to be Americans. For me, it means living in a country where health care, education, human rights, jobs, peace and prosperity are readily available, not just to the rich white ruling class, but to everyone! This is pro-American. Torture, committing atrocities on a helpless people, and honoring and protecting the life of corporate America above human life are not.

And, by the way, if an imminent attack on Iran does not frighten you, think WWIII.

Be pro-American. Urge your congressman, whether he/she is Republican or Democrat, to stand up for our country by supporting articles of impeachment against BushCo. November will be too late for too many people.


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Martian Remote Viewing Data

Through remote viewing, key researchers in the area of relations between human and Off-Planet Cultures have identified key characteristics and goals of an apparent Off-Planet Culture (OPC) on Mars.

REMOTE VIEWING (RV) is the trained psychic ability to access information from any geographic location whether it be in the past, present or future. It is accomplished through a scientific methodology usually done in a blind way so the viewer does not know what he will view in advance. Remote Viewing research was carried out by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1970s and further developed by the CIA and the U.S. military in the 1980s. It became a stunningly accurate intelligence data collection tool before becoming partly declassified in the mid 1990s.

Remote viewing exercises by former U.S. military and intelligence remote viewers, report the possible existence of a present Martian Off-Planet Culture, humanoid in form, living under the surface of Mars, as well as on Earth in underground bases in the United States of America, and in intentional rural colonies in South America. This Martian culture reportedly may be survivors of a Martian-Solar System cataclysm in the distant past. The survivors of the Martian cataclysm, rescued from this past cataclysm in a time-travel operation approved by a galactic governing body known as the “Galactic Federation.” The time-travel rescue operation was reportedly conducted by the an Off-Planet culture known colloquially as the “Greys.” The Martian survivor-culture, now existing under the surface of present-day Mars, may be about 150 years technologically in advance of our human civilization. The remote viewing data suggested that the Martian OPCs may be desirous of initiating contact and integration with human civilization, including migration to Earth, as living conditions on Mars are difficult for the long-term. These initial data suggested that mutual benefits to the Martian Off-Planet Culture and to our human civilization may result from good will contact and public interest diplomacy between our two cultures, and set out a proposed general course of action for mutual contact.

One scientist's release of remote viewing data that Mars was once a planet that was hospitable to life and still hosts life today, was first greeted with skepticism by some when the book Cosmic Voyage was published in 1996. Though many people dismiss it as a coincidence, what has stunned some skeptics is that since the publication of his first book, the following is now accepted by NASA:

1) Scientists have discovered that Mars once had saltwater oceans

2) Scientists have discovered that microbial life once existed on Mars as evidenced by a Mars meteor that has impacted Earth

3) Scientists have discovered both methane and ammonia in the current atmosphere on Mars. Sciences demonstrates that such gases can only result from current life or from recent volcanic activity. Currently, scientists have found no active volcanoes on Mars.

4) Scientists say that life on Mars is likely today
Time will tell these former U.S. military and intelligence remote viewers are accurate that there is intelligent life on Mars today.



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