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December 31, 2006

The Axis of Good Series #1: Going Exponential in 2007

Hello everyone!

Here is my last compilation for 2006, yet another very active year for me and for countless other dedicated Light Servers, each contributing in their own unique and vital ways to our global awakening and to the healing of Mother Earth.

Many mentioned to me that they feel 2007 will be an even more momentous year. I think so as well. In fact, I can see the development of a truly awesome "Axis of Good" as more and more souls join the fray and add their own Light to the good vibes of Love and Peace spreading like wildfires around the globe. Actually, if you think of it, as we are now entering in the final 5 years countdown before the 2012 Shift of Ages into a higher dimension of existence, we are bound to see an acceleration of nearly unimaginable changes and miraculous events, all of which will happen only because each one of us will find it more and more easier to "go exponential" in every aspect of Light service we are being called upon to perform.

Now is the time to believe in ourselves, in our values and in our ideals as never before and to act upon the promptings of our still small Voice within. Now is the time to be All that we can BE. Now is the time to manifest as best as we can our unique contribution to the global metamorphic puzzle from which the future is being shaped right now.

Some of you - not as many as I hoped though - took me up on my suggestion, made in my previous compilation, to offer us all their take on what they felt were the most significant developments or information they've seen in my compilations in 2006. These "Best of 2006" are included for your review below... Some are quite interesting as you'll see...

I wish you all a most enlightening and Love-filled year ahead and thank you all for sticking around ;-)

I guess it is appropriate to say "We ain't seen nothing yet!"

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Your feedbacks are as always welcomed and may be included in a coming compilation - unless you prefer they are not. Circulating this compilation (or any part of it) and personally inviting your correspondents to subscribe to this list would also help enlarge the circle of people who have access to this material. Please include the following note and the URL address for the archived copy below along with your forwards, so others may have the opportunity to explore the original copy, if they so choose.

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Replies received to my request expressed in The Cornucopia Series #2: The Never-Ending Stories

"I'd just like to say how I appreciate the time you must take to sift through and compile the information that swarms your way daily. I can't say there's one piece that stands out particularly - there is usually something that comes to me though, just when I need it, that takes me to the next step (or gets me out of a stuck place) - and for that I'm truly grateful."

- "Aannsha Jones" (

"Since you came across of my path, showers of Light helped me to build up the puzzle of what is going on in this Ascensional process we are all in. To me, you are like a Ray of Light that bring understanding in All levels. Love and Gratitude is what I feel when I connect with you."

- Ricardo (

"Dear Jean, in this post you ask: "I would appreciate hearing from you what have been the 5 stories that you found through my compilations over the past year that struck you as the most important ones or which have been the most helpful to you." And this is my reply. I cannot find five items that can equal the one that stands out the most. The one that stands out is you. You have heard the clarion call and have responded with every fiber of your being, committed to serving the creator and the creation. There are many who serve in their own way and each is an inspiration to the others. It is we who hear and love in so unswerving a manner that inspire others to hear their call to serve the light of God, and through their service they become the hand of the creator and a participant in the creation. Be sure to be a conscious creator of your health as your work is not yet done and the creation of your body needs to serve you in the efforts you have yet to perform. Love."

- Leonard Spade (

"In the end of year compilation, Jean asked which ones of the year had been most important for us. For me, the "Halloween Schizophrenia" compilation pierced straight to my heart. Prior to Halloween i had been made aware that it maybe very challenging to "hold the Light ".

When the window of time of Halloween came, i experienced it as a very energetic 'battle'. When i read Jean's opening words - "I feel split between hope and despair. I don't know if you are like me, but the accrued impact of all the info and news I've reviewed and passed on to you over the past several years is really starting to take its toll......", I strongly felt for my Brother. I have never felt so close to Jean as then. Feeling the magnitude of his mighty being, I wept, lit candles and symbolically held him in my arms, for such is the Love, he does inspire.

It takes an extraordinary heart to give to the world as relentlessly as Jean has done. What a Labour to go through the material he does, as he has to 'absorb it' before he sifts, orders, then gives as an offering to us. We have a choice each week in the compilation, as to what we will handle reading. He experiences The Lot. I am in Awe of my Brother's stamina throughout this epic commitment.

With tears i watched how in that Halloween Newsletter, Jean demonstrated a heart-moving Transmutation. He is able to encompass the heaviest darkest happenings of our planet, then expand to the Source of Oneness and in so doing , is able to bring the Alchemy and offer it to the world as renewed Love................... Light... Hope... Faith... Trust that indeed this New World of Peace is indeed in existence. It's here. It's not a future time. Here is One individual who's actually living it.

Apart from the gentle passive qualities that are associated with Peace, it is also an energetic active movement of Love.

Jean is the Messenger of Love each week. Yes, he said on Halloween, full well i know that there are times it can be heavy... then moved to the point where... and he said: "A flip-second freewill decision is all it takes... And from there all doors open, all changes become possible and an irresistible spiritual juggernaut will spring forth from our combined Love to heal all that needs healing... Here and now..."

Peace exists because we claim it, proclaim it and live it. I see Jean as a PeaceWalker of great courage. Yes, says Jean... though the Light reveals the last darkness, we are united in the power of the One Love.

At this time of year many have been celebrating the Christed One. Christ is a Consciousness. Our natural birthright. Ours for the claiming. Thank you Brother for your reflection. For me you stand as a mighty multifaceted Chrystal, for each darkness you have fronted , another shining facet has grown, and here you stand, radiating your laser Lights round the world.

My hearts Thanksgivings to the Light you are Jean. You can take the blackest of blues to the darkest of reds and spin... until we have a whirling rainbow... spin... until we have the Shining Light that goes round the World.

At the time of Halloween i wished to nominate Jean as a key "Focus of Meditation". Wished to say to everyone who receives the Compilations.... send huge beams of Love to Jean, ~ for by his love, this Newsletter connects us all.

Perhaps in 2007, if we are so fortunate to receive Jean's Labour of Love... we could all spend some minutes each time we receive the NewsLetter sending out some Love Beams to him, for in the energy balance equation, it is a massive Labour.

Jean knows he is not alone in his labour. Around the planet many Souls stand as conduits for Love. We are connected. The network of our Light is a Living Reality!

And on we shall go... our individual and collective Light ever expanding.

With profoundest of respect dear Jean and love from the Galactic Centre... the world would not have been the same without you in this 2006 orbit around the Sun. Keep Shining! Your Sister in heart."

- Mariana (Message posted on the ERN guestbook on 2006-12-30)

I dream of peace on planet Earth,
where happy children learn and play,
where life is joyful and has worth.
The News has nothing bad to say.
There is no war, no hate and strife,
just awe and tenderness for life,
with lakes and rivers sparkling clean,
and fields and forests verdant green.
I hold this vision in my heart,
to bring the world a brand new start.
I pray for peace eternally.
This is my hope for you and me.

- Rosemarie Jeannero


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16. Message from SaLuSa - 29 December, 06


SENTENCING INFLICTS EXTREME DISGRACE UPON THE UNITED STATES GENERALLYU.S. TREASURY SECRETARY SEIZED AND BROUGHT BEFORE 'AD HOC' TRIBUNAL IN GERMANY ON A SUBPOENA HANDED OUT BY THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE [OR 'WORLD COURT'] ON CHARGES OF MONEY-LAUNDERING, NON-PAYMENT OF THE WANTA $4.5 TRILLION AND FOR MISAPPROPRIATION AND/OR DIVERSION OF COLOSSAL $ SUMS.VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY LIKEWISE AT THE RECEIVING END OF PARALLEL SUBPOENA FOR SIMILAR CRIMINAL OFFENCE(S). (...) US Treasury Secretary Paulson has been arrested by German authorities on a subpoena issued by the International Court of Justice, and brought before an 'ad hoc' Tribunal accused of money-laundering, misappropriation/diversion of colossal amounts of money, and non-payment/non-performance on the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan Settlement. He has been sentenced to severe penalties [see below]. Henry M. Paulson's arrest by German authorities implementing the 'World Court' subpoena, took place on 23rd or 24th of December 2006. Although we have been 'sitting on' this intelligence since the Christmas weekend, pending further information, we now have very high-level confirmations from both London and Washington, and a total of seven sources for this intelligence. The basic details are as follows:1. Records exist confirming that International Court of Justice subpoenas were issued against Henry M. Paulson, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and Vice President Richard Cheney, citing inter alia money-laundering, misappropriation or diversion of colossal amounts of money, and non-performance on the Wanta Plan Settlement funds of $4.5 trillion, subject of postings since June 2006. This is an inevitable consequence of the corruption exposed on this website over the Wanta Settlement, for the past six months and more. (...) COLLECTIVELY, THESE DEVELOPMENTS REFLECT THE ANXIETY OF THE GROUP OF EIGHT [G-8] COUNTRIES TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE CATASTROPHIC MESS THAT MR PAULSON ET AL HAVE CREATED, GIVEN THAT THEIR FINANCIAL OPERATIONS HAVE (AS WE PREDICTED) NOW BROUGHT THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM TO THE BRINK OF MELTDOWN. (...) THE U.S. 'MAINSTREAM MEDIA' ARE WITHHOLDING THE BIGGEST SCANDAL IN WORLD HISTORY FROM THE MUCH-ABUSED AMERICAN PEOPLE.  (...) What we are witnessing is the cornering of key US criminal operatives and the imminent collapse of the criminal empire that seized control of the US Federal Government and intelligence services many years ago. This criminal empire is now on its last desperate legs, and is watching its corrupt edifice collapse at an accelerating pace, 'as we speak'. EUROPEAN NATIONAL CURRENCY REVIVAL GATHERS SPEED. One crucial by-product of this crisis, too, is that, as was exclusively reported in our previous posting, both France and Germany have started distributing pre-stored national banknotes (denominated in French francs and deutschemarks) to their respective central banks and leading commercial banks. The Dutch authorities are now in the process of reintroducing Dutch guilder banknotes. We are also hearing unconfirmed reports of other EU countries introducing national banknotes, as the EU Governments hedge their bets against their Collective Currency experiment, the days of which are clearly numbered. CLIP - Recommended by "P. Dalton" (

INNER CHRISTMAS -- movie (3 1/2 minutes)
THE TWELVE HOLY NIGHTS - December 25th through January 6th

A fascinating website with lots of amazing stuff and pictures to explore
including... The Harbin Snow and Ice festival (2003)
and the Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Fair 2005
and then follow the link to the next page at the bottom of each page...

Do we have the courage to change course and to be global good neighbors?
Then explore the Global Good Neighbor Initiative website at

Guitar never seemed so hard

One Big Circle
What is One Big Circle all about? Sharing, Learning and Teaching! One Big Circle was started to create a free world wide community of like minded light workers with no limitations or barriers. Recommended by Susan Shane">

Scarborough Sees The Light - Barnicle: "Bush is delusional"

An exploration of human emotion, in six movements (AMAZING!)
Make sure to click on the "Open we feel fine" button and to spend a couple minutes exploring this amazing world of feelings - and check the methodology at to understand how it works. If something BIG happens on the planet, this could be an interesting way to find out how people react to it.

Quasiturbine as Kyotoengine?
The piston engine has been dominant for over a century. Have we abdicated to do better? And if better exists, are we going to give it a try? -- A Canadian invention now recognized internationally for its potential to replace the piston engine. Can work also on compressed air - no pollution, no vibration!

Video: The Daily Show knocks Bush administration on 'winning' in Iraq
In the final broadcast of the year of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart trashed President George W. Bush and his Press Secretary Tony Snow for their flip flop on the idea that America was 'winning' in Iraq. The segment includes clips from Bush's Wednesday press conference and discusses his earlier interview with the Washington Post, in which the president was quoted pointing to the formulation of his new Defense Secretary that America was neither winning nor losing the war in Iraq. (The 6 min. video clip can be viewed at the URL above)

The Power of Nightmares 1 (Parts 2 & 3 available in the right-hand column)
Great documentary about the illusion of terror and politics. Recommended by Leonard"> who wrote: "How many times have you heard me say that Al Qaeda doesn't exist? Well, here is a BBC report that says the same thing. You might be wondering why we can't see this on American TV. This report was broadcast in Britain but, you won't see it here. Could our media be controlled? We are being duped and here's the proof."

EXTRA Cans For The Needy (Message found on the ERN guestbook)
(...) We collect empty bottles and cans on every movie and tv set (The Oscars are joining in too) and then we hand them over to the homeless and people in need....


Pentagon still juking the stats
Yesterday, we speculated that perhaps even the new Pentagon report showing the number of attacks in Iraq at an all-time high shouldn't be trusted, because of the Iraq Study Group's revelation that the Pentagon had been drastically under-reporting the number of attacks in Iraq. At his new Iraqslogger blog, Eason Jordan has confirmed our suspicions, noting that despite the ISG's recommendations on how better to quantify attacks, this latest Pentagon report still leaves out much of the violence in the country, including any sectarian violence of indeterminate origin. As we noted yesterday, the underreporting is not a question of one or two attacks -- the ISG found, on one single day, a discrepancy of some 1,007 attacks between official Pentagon numbers and reality. (The Pentagon had reported 93 attacks; the real number was 1,100.)

Federal Bureau of Intimidation - By Howard Zinn
They don't like social movements. They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things. So the best defense against them and resistance against them is simply to keep on fighting back, to keep on exposing them.

Insurgents cutting off Baghdad's power
The failure of American and Iraqi forces to provide reliable electrical services in Baghdad has been a persistent, and serious, problem for much of the post-invasion period, decreasing the credibility of Americans and of the new government in the eyes of many residents there. Now, the New York Times says, the insurgents are capitalizing on that failure and making the problem worse. The Times reports that insurgent attacks have essentially isolated the city from outside power sources, forcing it to rely on outdated and overworked plants inside the city. One problem with the city's plants, the Times notes, is the failure of Americans working on reconstruction to plan ahead: They installed one plant that uses powerful engines that can only run on the kind of highly refined fuel that war-torn Iraq is not currently capable of producing. What's particularly interesting about the Times' article is the discrepancy between the accounts of the Iraqi electricity minister, who seems deeply pessimistic about the situation, and "Western officials," who are described as "generally more optimistic." Seems to us like a parable for the war as a whole.

77 killed as carnage grips occupied Iraq
Carnage has gripped Iraq after Saddam Hussein has been executed when 77 people died in bomb attacks and December became the deadliest month for American forces in more than two years.

Hanging Saddam "barbaric" says top EU official
Hanging former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was 'barbaric' and may turn him into a martyr, the European Union's aid and development Commissioner said.

Bush's Signing Statement on India Nuke Deal Raises Concerns
A statement by President George W. Bush issued in connection with the just-signed US-India civil nuclear cooperation law has raised concerns that Bush may try to circumvent some of Congress's intentions, lawmakers and analysts say.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): A Vital Institution Under Siege (October 12, 2006)
International institutions and norms exist to maintain the rule of law in international relations and to keep international affairs from descending into power struggles between nations. In the throes of a period of increased unilateral action and military intervention, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) merits special distinction as a force for peace, order, and rationality in the increasingly dangerous global neighborhood.For consistently basing its labor on science and facts in a politically charged environment, for maintaining its commitment to international rules as the path to resolving differences, and for working to protect the planet from nuclear weapons proliferation, the International Relations Center confers the third Global Good Neighbor commendation on the International Atomic Energy Agency. Created in 1957 to manage and encourage the peaceful uses of atomic energy, the IAEA has become the central agency involved in monitoring the unlawful development of nuclear weapons. The IAEA is not a familiar name to most people, yet its monitoring operations and reports constitute a frontline defense against nuclear proliferation. The IAEA deserves commendation for its steadfast determination to stop nuclear proliferation and its considerable success in discouraging many nations from pursuing nuclear weapons development. According to IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, 40 nations are capable of developing nuclear bombs but have refrained from doing so-a tribute to the success of the IAEA and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), signed in 1968. Especially since the early 1990s the IAEA has, under UN mandate, organized inspections and investigated suspected violations of the NPT. (...) The IAEA and its Director General ElBaradei merit commendation for their important role in implementing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, for providing credible verification of the objectives of nuclear development, and for disputing highly exaggerated threat assessments made by U.S. government officials and congressional members. The IAEA helps ensure that the world's nations-both the nuclear powers and the non-nuclear states-act as good global neighbors. But the safety of the global neighborhood demands too that the nuclear powers abide by all the provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, in particular the agreement signed by the United States and the other great powers that they move toward "general and complete disarmament." Furthermore, the NPT specifies that the Nuclear Weapons States declare not to "induce any non-nuclear-weapon state to … acquire nuclear weapons." Not only have the nuclear powers failed to disarm, but the United States is also pursuing the development of new nuclear weapons. Moreover, the Bush administration's regime-change and preemptive-strike national security doctrines may be credibly viewed as inducements for targeted nations, notably North Korea and Iran, to develop nuclear deterrents. CLIP

US Plans "Test" of Military Draft
The Selective Service System is making plans to test its draft machinery in case Congress and President Bush need it, even though the White House says it doesn't want to bring back the draft.

The Race for Iraq's Resources
The Iraqi government is considering a new oil law that could give private oil companies greater control over its vast reserves. In light of rampant violence and shaky democratic institutions, many fear the law is being pushed through hastily by special interests behind closed doors.

Another 100,000 Iraqis flee their homes in the last month
More than 108,000 Iraqis have left their homes and registered as refugees in the last month, a senior official has said.

Baghdad Burning | End of Another Year ...
From the Riverbend blogspot: "A day in the life of the average Iraqi has been reduced to identifying corpses, avoiding car bombs and attempting to keep track of which family members have been detained, which ones have been exiled and which ones have been abducted. 2006 has been, decidedly, the worst year yet. No - really."

"Surge" Spells Stalingrad
Ray McGovern and W. Patrick Lang write: "Virtually everyone concedes that the war cannot be won militarily. And yet the so-called 'neoconservatives' whom Bush has listened to in the past are arguing strongly for a surge in troop strength. A generation from now, our grandchildren will have difficulty writing history papers on the oxymoronic debate now raging on how to surge/withdraw our troops into/from the quagmire in Iraq."

Troop "Surge" Plan for Iraq Meets Growing Opposition in US
The idea of having more American soldiers go to Iraq does not sit well with the public, and signals that emerged from Capitol Hill Sunday indicated the White House may face a very uphill battle if, as expected, it embraces the proposal to pour up to 30,000 new troops into Iraq.

PROTEST When Bush Announces More Troops Going to Iraq
Every day the media reports the possibility of a major deployment of tens of thousands of U.S. troops into Iraq. Plan to protest at military recruiting centers the day after a troop increase is announced. Prepare signs and banners now that read "No Troops, Not More Troops - Drive Out the Bush Regime" as part of the efforts to make maximum impact on the press and public. Assemble at a military recruitment center the day after Bush announces a major increase of troops in Iraq. Make a concerted effort to use and distribute the World Can't Wait Call through this period of escalation. Contact other social justice groups, community organizations and college groups/departments about preparing to ACT if and when President Bush announces a major troop increase in Iraq. CLIP

Military Considers Recruiting Foreigners
The armed forces, already struggling to meet recruiting goals, are considering expanding the number of noncitizens in the ranks - including disputed proposals to open recruiting stations overseas and to put more immigrants on a faster track to US citizenship if they volunteer - according to Pentagon officials.

U.S. Military graduates calls War in Iraq illegal and criminal
America stands shamed in the eyes of the world thanks to the Bush administration's crime spree. And, as a partial result, the Democrats scored a resounding triumph in an election where only 40.4% of eligible Americans cast ballots. 40.4%! So much for urgency.

A Dictator Created Then Destroyed by America
Robert Fisk revisits the circumstances that resulted in Saddam Hussein's rise to power, and asks, "Who encouraged Saddam to invade Iran in 1980, which was the greatest war crime he has committed for it led to the deaths of a million and a half souls? And who sold him the components for the chemical weapons with which he drenched Iran and the Kurds? We did. No wonder the Americans, who controlled Saddam's weird trial, forbad any mention of this, his most obscene atrocity, in the charges against him. Could he not have been handed over to the Iranians for sentencing for this massive war crime? Of course not. Because that would also expose our culpability."

Poll: Bad guy of 2006: President George W. Bush
Bush won the villain sweepstakes by a landslide, with one in four respondents putting him at the top of that bad-guy list. When people were asked to name the candidate for villain that first came to mind, Bush far outdistanced even Osama bin Laden

Would You "Support the Troops" in Bolivia?
Soldiers who join the military voluntarily sign a very unusual contract with the federal government. It is a contract that effectively obligates the soldier to go anywhere in the world on orders of the president and kill people as part of an invasion force against other countries.

The President's Challenge
More than 20,000 Jews still live in Iran. In spite of Ahmadinejad's anti-Semitic provocations, his aggressive rhetoric has not yet convinced Iranian Jews to leave the country.

Iran may need nuclear power: study (Dec 26)
Iran's claim to need nuclear power may be genuine, given that it could run out of oil to export as soon as eight years from now, according to an analysis published on Tuesday by the National Academy of Sciences. The study's author, Roger Stern, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, said investment in Iranian oil production had been inadequate to offset oil field declines and the explosive growth in domestic demand. "I'm not saying that Iran will have no oil in eight years," Stern said in a telephone interview. "I'm saying that they will be using all of it for themselves." The analysis, published in the latest issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the Iranian government could become "politically vulnerable" from declining exports. Oil exports account for about 70 percent of Iranian government revenue, said Stern, of the university's department of geography and environmental engineering. He projected that in five years, Iranian oil exports may be less than half their present level, and could drop to zero by 2015."It therefore seems possible that Iran's claim to need nuclear power might be genuine, an indicator of distress from anticipated export revenue shortfalls," he wrote. "If so, the Iranian regime may be more vulnerable than is presently understood." Iran has vowed to boost its uranium enrichment drive despite new U.N. sanctions approved on Saturday aimed at rolling back a nuclear program that the West fears is a prelude to atomic weapons. Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns called on Japan, Europe, Russia and China to stop "business as usual" with Iran "to drive up the cost to the Iranians of essentially doing what they're doing" with uranium enrichment.

Report says Iran's oil exports could decline to zero in less than a decade
Iran is suffering a staggering decline in revenue from its oil exports, and if the trend continues income could virtually disappear by 2015, according to an analysis released Monday by the National Academy of Sciences

Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War
Ritter writes, "In exploiting the ignorance of the American people about nuclear technology and nuclear weapons so as to engender enough fear that the American public has more or less been pre-programmed to accept the notion of the need to militarily confront a nuclear armed Iran."

Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby Is So Important - by James Petras (Dec 24, 06)
Many Jewish writers, including those who are somewhat critical of Israel, have raised pointed questions about our critique of the Zionist power configuration (ZPC) in the United States and what they wrongly claim are our singular harsh critique of the state of Israel. Some of these accusers claim to see signs of 'latent anti-Semitism', others, of a more 'leftist' coloration, deny the influential role of the ZPC arguing that US foreign policy is a product of 'geo-politics or the interests of big oil. With the recent publication of several widely circulated texts, highly critical of the power of the Zionist 'lobby', several liberal pro-Israel publicists generously conceded that it is a topic that should be debated (and not automatically stigmatized and dismissed) and perhaps be 'taken into account.' CLIP

Killing of Palestinians triples
From January to December 2006, the Israeli military killed 655 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, according to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem - a huge rise on last year.

Egypt sends weapons to shore up embattled Abbas
Israel approved the transfer of 2,000 automatic rifles, 20,000 ammunition clips and 2 million bullets on Wednesday, the officials said.

Taking stock of US aid to Egypt
The US has provided Egypt with $1.3 billion a year in military aid since 1979, and an average of $815 million a year in economic assistance. All told, Egypt has received over $50 billion in US largesse since 1975.

US and EU visit Fatah training base
US and European officials have visited a base in Jordan where Fatah is training troops to reinforce Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in any showdown with Hamas.

U.S. Eyes Support for Abbas' Forces
The Bush administration is holding talks with Congress about providing training and other support to security forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli PM agrees to transfer $100 million in frozen Palestinian taxes to Abbas
Olmert agreed to a series of concessions to help bolster the PA chairman, including the transfer of $100 million in frozen taxes collected on behalf of the PA. The funds will be transferred directly to Abbas, and not to the Hamas-led government.

In Somalia, a reckless U.S. proxy war
Undeterred by the horrors and setbacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, the Bush administration has opened another battlefront in the Muslim world. With full U.S. backing and military training, at least 15,000 Ethiopian troops have entered Somalia in an illegal war of aggression against the Union of Islamic Courts, which controls almost the entire south of the country.

Ethiopia pushes deeper into Somalia
Thousands of Ethiopian troops, backed by aircraft, artillery and tanks, have escalated a military offensive against fighters from the Islamic Courts Union.

Hundreds may have been killed in Somalia - Red Cross,7340,L-3346125,00.html
The Geneva-based organisation called the military escalation over the past 10 days "the heaviest fighting in a decade" in Somalia, which has suffered 15 years of civil conflict and a series of natural disasters, including severe floods.

The Latest Reassurance Ruse about Cell Phone and Cancer
After a number of prominent, peer-reviewed studies indicating that cell phone radiation can cause genetic damage, brain and blood cell dysfunction and a host of health problems including cancer, now comes a Danish study that appears to say there is no danger at all. And, that is exactly what cell phone users want to hear - if it is true. The problem is that the new Danish cohort study does not support the reassurances that have been ascribed to it. It is a ruse based upon a program initiated by the telecommunications industry more than a decade ago to control the global scientific research agenda concerning cell phones and health effects. The industry strategy has been to fund low-risk studies that will assure a positive result - and then use it to convince the news media and the public that it is proof that cell phones are safe. Even though the actual science proved nothing of the sort. It is against this backdrop that the Danish study provides an illustrative case history. (...) The Danish Cohort Study Was Epidemiologically Designed To Produce A Pre- Ordained Positive Outcome The study, although published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, followed a pre-determined methodology that gave it little chance to find any increase in the risk of cancer among cell phone users in Denmark. The basis for this assertion is described below. The study was also industry-friendly from a public relations perspective: several hundred thousand people could be included in the study, and thus it could be packaged as a very large study that would seem meaningful to the media. Prior to the onset of the study, it would have been clear that, if managed properly, the study could provide very useful data for the industry's position that cell phones are safe. CLIP

Study finds no cancer risk from cellphones
Same researchers involved with INTERPHONE Read further comments about the Danish study, it is worrying to discover that the same researchers are also involved with the INTERPHONE study, what hope have we got?If the allegations of corruption are true, many people's lives are at risk and we should be demanding an investigation.If huge cancer agencies are prepared to put money before public health, trust and respect will continue to diminish calling all authorities into question. If cancer levels continue to rise, questions will be raised and I believe this has the potential to bring huge authorities down; there will be no forgiveness as our children's lives are at risk. CLIP

Epidemiologists with secret ties to industry - Industry 'paid top cancer expert'
The scientist who first linked smoking to lung cancer was paid by a biotech firm while investigating cancer risks in the industry, it has emerged. The Guardian newspaper reported that Professor Sir Richard Doll held a consultancy post with US firm Monsanto for more than 20 years. During that time he investigated the potential cancer causing properties of Agent Orange, made by the company. But a former colleague said he gave the money he was paid to charity. Professor Sir Richard Peto, a fellow expert in cancer, said: "Everybody working in this area knew that Richard worked for industry and consulted for industry, and would do court cases. "It does not in any sense suggest that his work was biased. He was incredibly careful to avoid bias." The Guardian reported that Sir Richard, who died in 2005 aged 92, received a US$1,500-a-day consultancy fee from Monsanto, then a chemicals company, in the mid-1980s. During that period, Sir Richard wrote to an Australian commission on the results of his investigation into whether the chemical Agent Orange, famous for its use by the US during the Vietnam War, caused cancer. He argued in his letter that there was no evidence that Agent Orange caused cancer. CLIP

Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island (24 December 2006)
For the first time, an inhabited island has disappeared beneath rising seas. Environment Editor Geoffrey Lean reports - Rising seas, caused by global warming, have for the first time washed an inhabited island off the face of the Earth. The obliteration of Lohachara island, in India's part of the Sundarbans where the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal, marks the moment when one of the most apocalyptic predictions of environmentalists and climate scientists has started coming true. As the seas continue to swell, they will swallow whole island nations, from the Maldives to the Marshall Islands, inundate vast areas of countries from Bangladesh to Egypt, and submerge parts of scores of coastal cities. CLIP

Polar bears may get protection
(CNN) -- Polar bears may be listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because of a loss of habitat that jeopardizes their survival, the Interior secretary said Wednesday."Polar bears are one of nature's ultimate survivors, able to live and thrive in one of the world's harshest environments," said Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne in a teleconference with reporters. "But we are concerned the polar bears' habitat may literally be melting," he said. After a public comment period and additional study, the Department of the Interior will make a final decision on the polar bear's status in 12 months. The announcement by the Bush administration comes in response to a lawsuit filed by three conservation groups, who sued the Department of the Interior in an effort to protect the polar bear from the effects of global warming. "The science is extraordinarily clear: Global warming in the Arctic threatens polar bears," said Kassie Siegel, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity based in Tucson, Arizona. CLIP

Ice mass snaps free from Canada's Arctic ( Dec 29)
TORONTO - A giant ice shelf has snapped free from an island south of the North Pole, scientists said Thursday, citing climate change as a "major" reason for the event. The Ayles Ice Shelf - all 41 square miles of it - broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 500 miles south of the North Pole in the Canadian Arctic. (...) "This is a dramatic and disturbing event. It shows that we are losing remarkable features of the Canadian North that have been in place for many thousands of years," Vincent said. "We are crossing climate thresholds, and these may signal the onset of accelerated change ahead."The ice shelf was one of six major shelves remaining in Canada's Arctic. They are packed with ancient ice that is more than 3,000 years old. They float on the sea but are connected to land.Some scientists say it is the largest event of its kind in Canada in 30 years and that climate change was a major element."It is consistent with climate change," Vincent said, adding that the remaining ice shelves are 90 percent smaller than when they were first discovered in 1906. CLIP

Our Worst Fears Are Exceeded by Reality
"The signs during the past 12 months have been all around us. Little winter snow in the Alpine ski resorts, continuing droughts in Africa, mountain glaciers melting faster than at any time in the past 5,000 years, disappearing Arctic sea ice, Greenland's ice sheet sliding into the sea... 2006 will be remembered by climatologists as the year in which the potential scale of global warming came into focus," writes Steve Connor. (...) The single most momentous environmental image of 2006 was a holiday snap. Of sorts. It showed typical European package tourists on a nice sandy beach in Tenerife. Until a few minutes before the picture was taken, on August 3 on Tejita beach in Granadilla, it had been a day of utter normality for these tourists. Then something very different erupted on to the scene. ">From the sea came a boat. Out of it fell pitiful figures - exhausted, terrified, dehydrated, starving. They were African migrants who, out of desperation, had risked the long voyage from the African coast to the Canaries; for the Canaries are part of Europe, a place of hope and opportunity. What did the tourists do? They did the decent thing. They rushed to the aid of fellow men and women. But will they offer such a welcome when the boat people are not just a boatload, but a whole country- or region-load? For that is coming. As climate change takes hold this century, agriculture may fail in some of the poorest and most densely populated parts of the world. Sir Crispin Tickell, Britain's former Ambassador to the UN, who is one of the most far-sighted of environmental commentators, pointed out as long ago as 1990 that global warming is likely to create environmental refugees in the hundreds of millions. We have paid little attention to his warning. But if you look at the picture taken on Tejita beach, you can see something even more dramatic than the fact that the ordinary European holidaymaker has a lifestyle most Africans can only dream of. You can see the future, starting to happen.

Climate change at crisis level
The United States produces about one-fourth of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, yet we're the only major nation that officially denies there's a problem. This is the year for all of us -- government, business, individuals -- to aggressively attack global warming.

China to use foreign reserves to build up strategic resource base, vice premier says (Dec 26, 2006) ULTRA MASSIVE CHINESE AIR POLLUTION AHEAD!
SHANGHAI, China: China will take advantage of its massive foreign exchange reserves to expand its stock of strategic resources such as oil and minerals, state media reported Wednesday, citing a top economic official. Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan told leaders of the national legislature that the government plans to step up exploration for key resources such as oil, gas and coal. It also intends to use the opportunity afforded by the country's more than US$1 trillion in foreign reserves to improve strategic resource bases, the state-run newspaper China Business News and other reports said. (...) He reported the discovery of eight major oil fields with proven reserves of more than 100 million tons (700 million barrels) and of five gas fields, with an estimated reserve of more than 100 billion cubic meters (3.53 trillion cubic feet). Zeng noted that China's output of coal and iron ore had doubled in the past five years. In 2006 alone, the government spent 2 billion yuan (US$256 million; ¤190 million) on mineral exploration and plans to spend more in the future, the reports said.China is building 13 big coal production bases that are expected to produce about 100 billion tons of coal a year, he said.

Mystery "Buddha boy" reappears (December 26, 2006),23599,20974789-1702,00.html
A MYSTERIOUS teenage boy believed by some to be a reincarnation of Lord Buddha has reappeared in eastern Nepal after vanishing for nine months. Sixteen-year-old Ram Bahadur Bamjon was spotted on Sunday by villagers in the remote and dense forests near Piluwa village in Bara district, 150km east of Kathmandu, said local journalist Raju Shrestha, who visited the boy. Bamjon disappeared in March from the forests in nearby Ratanpuri village where he had reportedly been meditating without food or water for almost 10 months. "I have been wandering in the forests since then," Shrestha quoted Bamjon as telling him." I am engaged in devotion which will continue for six years," the boy told Shrestha. Hundreds of curious onlookers, including many Buddhists, thronged the site to see the boy, sitting in a meditating position. A local TV station showed people pressing their palms together and lowering their heads in devotion in front of him. "I don't think he is a Buddha. But he has some sort of extra strength to meditate. He eats herbs," Shrestha said. Before his disappearance, an estimated 100,000 people from Hindu-majority Nepal and neighbouring India flocked to see him meditate. They were not allowed to get closer than 50m. Shrestha, who met the boy up close, said he had shoulder-length hair and sat cross-legged under a small tree. "He has an ash-colour shawl wrapped across his chest," he said. The boy had a "flat-ended scimitar" next to him. Buddha was born a prince in Lumbini, a dusty village in Nepal's rice-growing plains about 350km west of the capital Kathmandu more than 2600 years ago. He is believed to have attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, which borders Nepal.

A Woman's Fight to Save the Poor from Black Fever,1518,454694,00.html
Black fever kills about 60,000 people a year, most of them poor. There is a cure, but the global pharmaceutical industry wasn't interested in producing the drug, at least not until an American woman began her crusade.

Richest 2 percent own more than half the world
Two percent of adults command more than half of the world's wealth, while the bottom 50 percent possesses just 1 percent, according to a U.N. development institute study

Omega-News Collection 23. December 2006

Omega-News Collection 30. December 2006


Date: 24 Dec 2006
From: Christopher Rudy (
Subject: Best of 2006

My vote for your best of 2006 was the article on Ho'oponopono by Joe Vitale introduced in The Moment of Truth Series #1: Final Assessment of our Choices. I believe it represents the heart of Buddhic compassion, Christic conscience and the core spirituality of all the great world religions.

Much has been said in the Earth Rainbow Network about the power of love to bring light to dark places. Few are the news services that go so deep into the dark side while affirming the power in prayer and meditation for miraculous healing of souls and civilization. This power for transcendence and transformation ultimately involves the Ho'oponopono process in one way or another.

It's one thing to know the power of love and quite another to apply it with the spiritual practicality that utilizes this power for self-elevation (salvation), whereby the rising tide of love floats all ships and heals all dis-ease, dysfunction and dis-integration of the dark side. The spark of co-creation that lights every soul that comes into the world is ultimately accountable to this Ho'oponopono process. We may be created equal with that spark, but how we kindle the flame -- and network for the Net worth of greater love -- is where the rubber meets the road... on earth as in heaven... within and with all in the web of life.

What I love about your news service is the great opportunity you provide for participating in the great drama of Ho'oponopono as the Great Light of converging cosmic cycles begins the "Great Purging" of all momentums of the Kali Yuga -- the dark night of the soul of humanity. Not just the return of more light to Earth during Winter Solstice, but also the full entry of Earth into the Photon Belt in the 25,800 year Precession of the Equinox in the sign of Aquarius. The universal energies of divine love are indeed thinning the veil of darkness with more light of a Christ-like nature that inadvertently -- en masse -- enlightens the "Christ Mass" in the mass conscience of humanity.

Some will call it the "O" point of "spherical conscience" in collective spirituality. Other's refer to the "critical mass" as the "hundredth monkey" effect. I like to think of this natural evolutionary ascent of personal and planetary conscience as the "Second Coming" collectively that every compassionate Christ-like being has experienced individually. It's the heart of Ho'oponopono -- how we are One... and love is "for-giving".

The initiation of more light begets the "test" to witness that light, celebrate that light and sustain the movement to "Christ mass" with the language of light and "Nature of LOVE" that fulfills the Ho'oponopono process. May it restore the divine plan for Earth with an enlightened vision witnessed to all dimensions of consciousness.

"When you are engaged in absolute Reality and absolute Unreality, then your vision by Love can span all dimensions. But when you are not, beloved, then your vision is limited, the senses of the soul are not awakened, the third eye has no clear vision. For, beloved, God does not open the kingdom of heaven to you unless he also opens the depths of hell. Understand, then, beloved, that those who truly love will not fear the embrace of Christ or the challenge of Death and Hell."

- John the Beloved, June 24, 1990 via Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
- from "Winter Solstice 2006",

Ultimate reality may challenge the ultimate unreality of puffed-up egos stuck in the sense of separation and suffering, but the full spectrum of universal truth is witnessing to fragmented unreality through the Earth Rainbow Network. Enlightened love may be denied by some and resisted by others, but it is already a self-evident truth to those who "get it" and give it with full spectrum light.

So Merry "Christ mass" Jean. May the Great Spirit bless the world with the great opportunity you provide all of us,

Christopher Rudy
Co-Creator of, by and for LOVE


Date: 29 Dec 2006
From: Ariel Ky (
Subject: 6 Top Stories of 2006

Hi Jean,

As for the compilations you send on such a regular basis, they are the main source of news that I rely upon, distrusting the mass media completely. I am very grateful that you provide this excellent service and marvel that you have kept doing it over the years even though the news has at times been so disheartening that many of us simply tune out. But you don't have that option with the obligation you've taken on to get out the truth. I am also very grateful for the networking that you do which has put me in touch with so many wonderful people all over the world. I consider myself privileged to have access to your compilations and that for the most part, I have had the leisure to read and ruminate on them. Muchas gracias por todo que Ud. hacerlos!

Here's my take on the five top stories of 2006 -- they all have to do with the shifts taking place, the shift from the dollar to the euro, the shift to renewable energy, the shift to spiritual action, and the energetic shift of solar activity.

-- Ariel Ky in Andorra

- Euro Faces Huge Change If Others Follow Iran
That Iran has been attempting to shift from the dollar to the euro in its reserves says a lot about the real reasons for a planned invasion. However, it still hasn't happened! And now China is making this shift and how many Latin American countries? An economic crisis around a greatly devalued dollar could be the most effective way to stop further U.S. military excursions.

- Global Village News and Resources (July 2006)
Shift occurring to renewable energy sources -- a promising way to a sustainable future. This isn't really so much a story as a general trend, but I think it is one of the most positive ones reported on in 2006.

- A Global G8 Summit Meditation proposed by Takara"> on 5 July 2005 - Item #1 archived at
Shifting what happens with our collective prayer and meditation. I often see this circle of people envisioned by Takara ( dated 20 August 2006 entitled "Fatalism ?" - Item #4 archived at
Excellent message from Alex about reality-shifting potentials and our ability to choose the direction we take in the future. In response to Michael C. Ruppert's article, "A Permanent Goodbye to the United States". I have not been threatened with my life the way that Ruppert was before he left the U.S., but I also left the country this year for many of the same reasons. However, I agree with Alex that we have the ability to shift our reality and I have hope for my country and the world yet.

- A Large Tsunami Shock Wave on the Sun
Tsunamis this large don't happen on Earth. One week ago, a large solar flare from an Earth-sized sunspot produced a tsunami-type shock wave that was spectacular even for the Sun. THOUSANDS OF STUNNING SPACE-RELATED PICTURES THROUGH
I looked at these photos and fell in love with several. The sun is shifting to a more active phase as everything is ascending, purifying, cleansing, and energizing to a higher level. As we learn more about our universe with photos like these, we also shift in our awareness of our true nature as cosmic beings.


Transcript of a letter mailed on December 11, 2006 by long-time ERN subscriber Rosemarie Jeannero (

Dear Jean,

I can't tell you how grateful I am that through your compilations I found the Christ Letters. They helped me to resolve remnants of doubt in my consciousness.

My break with the Catholic Faith came at age twelve when we learned in catechism non-baptized babies went to purgatory. I argued with the chaplain who gave the lesson that this was terrible, as the little ones could not help it. I said I could not believe in a God who could do that and I didn't.

As I grew older and saw more and more cracks in the system, I became totally disenchanted with religion. Once I was away from my very, very catholic parent's upbringing, I left the Church. I wanted the truth, same applications of the laws for everyone, be it in China, Africa, or wherever.

I investigated different religions but in each one there were poor souls who would be deprived of heaven for some unforgivable trespass. I used to ask the teachers who tried to convert me, "When I am saved in heaven, will I be able to look down on the suffering ones in hell and enjoy myself?"

I studied different faith, read reams of books and found a measure of understanding and peace. In the seventies I studied the "Course in Miracles" which was a revelation and relief to me. EVERYONE will make it to heaven eventually! I cried with joy and I also learned much about mu own consciousness when I applied the teachings.

The Christ Letters are my graduation assignment. I am immersing myself again in their teachings. What was especially helpful to me, I could identify with Jesus' rebellious youth and learned to forgive myself for the grief I caused my parents who could not understand me.

I enclose a poem I wrote for an assignment from my writing group for the Millennium. Thank you again for all your work.

Blessings, love and joy to you

Rosemarie Jeannero (Michigan)


Moon Landing

They stepped on the moon with one giant leap.
It was an incredible sight.
The whole world watched when this took place
And mankind's hope burned bright,
For the astronauts looking back to Earth
Saw only a planet of blue,
With oceans and continents turning below
As they came into view.
Not once did national boundaries appear,
No walls to divide the land.
Only mountains, rivers and earth were there,
Fashioned by the Creator's loving hand.
The city of Sidney turned on every light
To greet our brave pioneers,
To show them the bond that unites us all,
Our love that knows no fears.
The vision that was shown us that day
Is calling us anew.
We are one people, our home is the world.
Let's make it a safe place for me and you.



Life more abundant


'I said, when I walked the earth in Palestine, 'I HAVE COME TO BRING YOU LIFE MORE ABUNDANT'.

'Has anyone in the Christian Churches ever truly understood this statement?

'Life More Abundant in your human minds may mean more energy, vitality, health - perhaps even riches. But from my perspective of having BECOME the individualisation of LIFE ITSELF, I meant something so far beyond your human perceptions at this moment, that I know this is the right time to try to lift your consciousness to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness where you will begin to glimpse the TRUTH I was trying to reveal to the Jews in Palestine.

'LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!! In the earlier words of this statement, I tried to make it clear that your human perceptions are limited. In fact, unless you have already been on a true spiritual path, seeking the Reality of THAT which gave form and consciousness to all creation, you will be bound down by your ruling 'Sovereign' - the Ego.

'The EGO sorely limits the breadth of your human perceptions and vision, since it forces your consciousness to focus exclusively on your own happiness and survival.

'It is only when the soul of a person first sends out a message to its human consciousness that there is more to life than 'the self', that the individual begins to want to discover more about life and about the Origins of life.

'As the consciousness of the human mind is gradually woken up from its long subordination to the Ego, so does it begin to question much that lies beyond its present knowledge. At the beginning of its quest for greater knowledge of the unknown, it will probably be drawn to a religion, since it would seem, humanly speaking, that the Churches must hold within their wisdom and teachings, the secrets of the Source of Life.

'This Christian subservience to Religious human domination, claiming to know the secrets of the universe, is a good kindergarten for the opening consciousness of Ego directed minds.

'Thou shall worship God; Thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal; thou shall not commit adultery and sleep with your neighbour's wife; thou shall not slander and tell lies; thou shall not envy your neighbour's goods; and so on.

'All these rules belong to the control of the Ego Kingdom. They do not apply to the spiritual realms of the soul. The soul knows nothing of such human impulses.
The very first injunction: 'To worship the Lord thy God' is a pagan concept.
PAGANS put up fetishes to worship. SPIRITUAL ADEPTS move beyond this elementary human practice and begin to experience the Infinite-Divine Consciousness which is transcendent of all forms of consciousness on earth.

'When coming into membership of a Church - especially a Christian and Jewish religion, the first instruction is to remember at all times that you have come from a great SOURCE which has given you individuality and consciousness. Because this is so, you must refrain from the Ego Impulses.

'The Ego Impulses impel you to either grasp those possessions which you believe will make you more comfortable or happy, and to push away, defend yourself, physically if necessary, from those elements and things which make you uncomfortable or are perceived to be dangerous to your life and well-being
'On entering a religious observance, your immediate attention is drawn to God and you are taught that to 'please' God and ensure your own happiness, you must avoid all the ego impulses listed above. But this is still an Ego driven precept. Since the unacknowledged purpose behind it is the aim of finding happiness and security.

If you belong to a Christian Church, then there is usually the following:
'Unless you please God - you sin.'

'As you may be able to see, this statement places severe limitations on your ability to appreciate life. You are placed in a mental cage imprisoning your mind within these dire warnings that unless you please God, you will sin, and punishment inevitably follows. How this punishment will be recognized is never said, BUT THE THREAT LIES OVER CHURCH GOER'S HEADS. Some people are greatly depressed by this teaching.

'This is a severe restriction of the LIFE IMPULSE which is, in its fullest sense, boundless JOY, enthusiasm, laughter, love, spontaneity, a feeling of well-being and an in-built sense of optimism-that life will never let you down-that you will have enough to eat, drink, clothe yourself and everything needed to make your lives happy.

'LIFE is an active stream of consciousness having its origins in UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. IT unites - and ignites - dormant SEEDS in plants, animals and human beings, and impels them to grow according to an innate plan which science calls DNA.

'This is the true universal, eternal LIFE IMPULSE which is yours by right of birth into this world.. You can witness it in children, before their little minds, coached by adults, begin to wonder whether LIFE is really so secure and free of pain and misery, as they thought it was. Instinctively, babies lie on their backs and wave their arms and legs and gurgle with laughter. 'BEING ALIVE is GOOD', they are saying. Providing, of course, they have had the good fortune to be born into loving families which cater for all their needs.

'But there is a far deeper ASPECT OF LIFE-which is really UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS become active within Its own creation of the galaxies and earth itself.

'It is an aspect that was given me to perceive clearly and UNDERSTAND when I was in the Sinai Desert in Palestine. I saw that the ORIGIN of LIFE, the SOURCE of our BEING, always manifested Itself through all living things from the very least to the greatest, from a pansy to an elephant, in a very special way, an intelligent way. It was so consistent, you could call IT the NATURE of THAT which has brought all created things into visible being.

'ITS NATURE is also the SOURCE of all earthly wonder, joy, happiness, personal fulfilment and creativity.

'No matter where living beings, humans and animals, may go, they are literally supported minute by minute by the indwelling NATURE of our SOURCE of being. There is no escaping it. BUT until I came to earth and then, not until I returned through the mind of my Recorder, has this great TRUTH been taught, showing its full significance.

'You do not have to chase happiness, or success, expansion of your dreams, health - because ALL OF THESE are already within you, being impressed in you by your SOURCE of being, your SOURCE of LIFE. All these things you so earnestly and rightly long for - are YOURS. But they do not appear to be yours, because they are hidden under all your mental structures, beliefs, opinions, created and handed down by your ancestors and their ancestors before them, and it is high time that you, as many of you as are capable of taking necessary action, can launch into a wholesale re-upholstering of your mental programme.

'Strip away the myths, strip away your bogey men, your fears, your despair, your frustrations, your anguish, and wake up-STAND UP and REALISE that they are all in your mind, born of your personal mental conditioning, AND GET RID OF THEM.

'More easily said than done, you will no doubt be thinking, but the GREAT TRUTH of BEING is THIS.


There are teachers who will preach positive thinking-but I never did that. I told you clearly that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU. What I meant was that LIFE is the source of ALL you could ever want-providing you allow it to work in you by sweeping away all doubt AND by BELIEVING THAT IT WILL BRING YOU INTO PROSPERITY, JOY AND FULFILMENT to the extent you can rid your minds and emotions of old ego thoughts and feelings.

THIS is what I meant when I said: 'I came to bring you life more abundant.'

I came - and I am come now - to awaken you to the fact that LIFE within you, grows you first of all, then it grows your plans, hopes, expectations, it brings to you all the necessary assistance to enable your plans, hopes and dreams to grow in the right and perfect way which will bring life to other people also. IT enters into your difficulties and brings healing where your heart is sore or your bodies succumb to illness, IT mends catastrophes in your life in the same way as IT heals broken bones, it fulfills all your needs as they arise-in the perfect way. And LIFE, unlike human beings, maintains a system of order in all it undertakes to do.

All these are 'LIFE MORE ABUNDANT'-more than you dreamed possible. Put my words to the test. Make a clear form of your dearest wish in your mind. Take it to Divine Consciousness in silent meditation, ASK, give sincere thanks that you are receiving. The request is now filled with LIFE and must come into manifest being in exactly the same way as a seed grows when put in earth and watered. Wait, give constant thanks for receiving, never doubt, and you will receive a very clear answer.

'It is possible that having read this message, that 'all things beautiful and wholesome, including healing, are already yours', you wonder why it is that you still have your chronic illness or poverty despite your prayer and your belief. You seriously question how much you can really believe.

'I can only say that true belief is a relatively rare condition.


'It is a moment of overwhelming transcendent conviction when you KNOW way beyond all negative and fearful disbelief, that LIFE IS more powerful, more transforming, more perfectly in control of atomic elements than any sickness can ever be. Then, as hundreds of chronically and critically ill people have testified down the ages, the longed-for unimaginable miracle takes place, and suddenly there is felt an inflow of heat and power, perhaps a Light is seen, and wholeness of mind and body are experienced where before there was sickness.

'It can be done. Miracles also occur over a longer time span and are therefore discounted but may well be as much a result of ongoing faith as the quick spontaneous healing. Other miracles of 'fulfilment of need', take place far more than you realize they do. Seek to BELIEVE, pray for BELIEF - and when you least expect it, it will be given you. Seek to be absolutely consistent in all your efforts to find and make contact with the Divine - and it will surely be given you.

'It is a Law of Existence that when you ASK you will receive. When you SEEK, what you seek will be revealed to you. When you knock it will be opened to you.
'Take comfort. Believe!'

This entry was posted on Monday, October 31st, 2005

Much more such wisdom from Christ at


Forwarded by Ricardo (


Message from Ker-On - 15 December, 2006

Your whole Universe is involved in a massive upliftment, and yet your little blue planet that is called Earth is the main point of attention. The reason is that without help you would be unable to achieve the degree of changes necessary for completion. Furthermore you are a group of souls that are dearly loved and cherished for the great challenge you accepted. It is not every day that severe limitations and loss of consciousness are graciously experienced in the name of Love for the Creator.

It has been a long time since you first agreed to drop into the lower vibrations. It is fortunate that your memory has been veiled from full recall of this time, as the tasks you faced would have seemed much more difficult. Yet at no time have you toiled by yourselves, and you have been accompanied every step of the way by many great Beings from the higher lighted realms. This link will remain, and in the future you will have full knowledge and understanding of the place of the Spiritual Hierarchy. They will forever be your mentors and guides as you climb the great ladder of growth in love and enlightenment.

For millennia of time you have gradually been awakened as to your true nature, as you are souls of immense power with the ability to give of your Unconditional Love. Reaching this level is of extreme importance, and absolutely necessary if you are to ascend. The hardest place to try and practice it is where you are now, as at every turn there are distractions and emotional situations that can pull you down. However, you are encouraged to believe in yourselves, as you will find it gets progressively easier as you learn how to go into that center of Self where complete peace and calmness reside.

We view your attempts at upliftment with much satisfaction, as so many of you are becoming successful. It is so important in this last period before Ascension, and where some of you have led the way others are ready to follow. By your example you have shown what is possible, and that makes it so much easier for them. For each of you it is a personal journey that makes you unique, and an essential part of the whole. We journey with you and ensure that we are there for your help, and also to keep a balance between the dark and Light. Yet at the same time the Lighted Ones are distancing themselves from the dark Ones, as they tread firmly on the Path of Light.

All of this has been enacted before, and you are not really new to it. However, there is as distinct difference this time as the cycle will end with your Ascension as a physical Being. Albeit that the changes will mean that in essence you will ascend as quite different in composition to what you are now. Matter of a lower vibration cannot exist in the higher dimensions, which is why you are already in the process of drawing the higher vibrations to yourself. To this end we work with you, and providing you are able to apply yourself to the task you will certainly succeed.

It was only a few days ago that you were enlightened as to the high energies beamed to Earth on what you know as 12.12. If you care to reflect on how you now feel, many of you will register a distant change that reveals itself as a greater inner calmness that is sustainable. You will be no longer respond to the negativity around you as you might have done previously. Instead you will find a new strength that enables you to be a powerful center of peace. What you are achieving is to the benefit of everyone, making it easier for others to follow. As a result the mass consciousness has been lifted up, and not only will it be maintained, but will continue to increase exponentially.

There have been pointers along your paths where the opportunity to lift up your vibrations has been given to you. On each occasion they will have become more powerful and continue to do so. The net result is that you are the Wayshowers who are by example showing what is possible. Nothing is more natural to you than returning to the path of Light. It is your true state of being that you were prepared to leave behind to experience duality.

As growing Beings of Light it becomes much easier for you to understand the motives and agenda behind the actions of the dark. You will have broken away from their devious ways of mind control and manipulation. They can no longer exert the degree of control needed to make you subservient to them. Consequently, the more you who can break away from their grasp the less power they can exert. Their power base is breaking up, and you will find that eventually it will implode and be the very cause of their destruction.

What you see now is the collapse of the dark empire on Earth. Once their leaders are unable to exert their authority and control, they will lose their sense of direction and the moment will soon arise to remove them. Already many dear souls are groomed to take their place. The Galactic Federation and other forces of Light have certainly not been idle, but well prepared for the dramatic changes that will occur. We will accompany your new leaders all of the way, and they know they have our constant attention and protection. We have not come thus far to experience failure.

Everything is finely balanced and we shall ensure that it is kept that way. Outwardly it may still appear that the dark are winning, but this is an illusion created by them. They are losing their power very quickly, and there will be no way back. We are looking to those souls who are leading our allies to act at our prompting, as very soon a series of events will present the opportunities for your advancement. Many have come to Earth at this time to lead the way, and they are fully awakening to their assignment.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and I see that there is a wonderful Light emanating from Earth that tells us all is proceeding well. Do not allow doubt to creep into your thinking, as there is only one result possible and that is victory for the Light. Enjoy your end of year celebrations, and take your peace and love into the wonderful New Year and help make it very special.

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey

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Date: F22 Dec 2006
From: "PEERS: List" (
Subject: Top Censored News Stories of 2006 as Judged by Respected University Researchers

This message is available online at

Dear friends,

Project Censored specializes in covering the top news stories which were either ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media each year. Project Censored is a research team composed of more than 200 university faculty, students, and community experts who review about 1,000 news story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources, and national significance. The top 25 stories selected are submitted to a distinguished panel of judges who then rank them in order of importance. The results are published each year in an excellent book available for purchase at their website (, and most major book stores.

A brief summary of last year's top 25 censored news stories provided below proves quite revealing and most informative. After the headline of each news story is a link for those who want to read the entire article. These links contain the sources for the censored news. For whatever reason the major media won't report these major stories. Thanks to the Internet and wonderful, committed groups like Project Censored, the news is getting out to those who want to know. By revealing these censored news stories, we can stop the excessive secrecy and work together to build a brighter future. Please help to spread the word, and have a great day!

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team


1. Future of Internet Debate Ignored by Media
The Supreme Court ruled that giant cable companies aren't required to share their wires with other Internet service providers. The issue was misleadingly framed as an argument over regulation, when it's really a case of the Federal Communications Commission and Congress talking about giving cable and telephone companies the freedom to control supply and content - a decision that could have them playing favorites and forcing consumers to pay to get information and services that currently are free.

2. Halliburton Charged With Selling Nuclear Technology to Iran
Halliburton, the notorious U.S. energy company, sold key nuclear-reactor components to a private Iranian oil company called Oriental Oil Kish as recently as 2005, using offshore subsidiaries to circumvent U.S. sanctions. The story is particularly important because Vice President Dick Cheney, who now claims to want to stop Iran from getting nukes, was president of Halliburton in the mid-1990s, at which time he may have advocated business dealings with Iran, in violation of U.S. law.

3. World Oceans in Extreme Danger
Governments deny global warming is happening as they rush to map the ocean floor in the hopes of claiming rights to oil, gas, gold, diamonds, copper, zinc and the planet's last pristine fishing grounds. Researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2005 found "the first clear evidence that the world ocean is growing warmer," including the discovery "that the top half-mile of the ocean has warmed dramatically in the past 40 years as the result of human-induced greenhouse gases."

4. Hunger and Homelessness Increasing in the United States
As hunger and homelessness rise in the United States, the Bush administration plans to get rid of a data source that supports this embarrassing reality, a survey that's been used to improve state and federal programs for retired and low-income Americans. In 2003, the Bush Administration tried to whack the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on mass layoffs and in 2004 and 2005 attempted to drop the bureau's questions on the hiring and firing of women from its employment data.

5. High-tech Genocide in Congo
If you believe the corporate media, then the ongoing genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is all just a case of ugly tribal warfare. But that is a superficial, simplistic explanation that fails to connect this terrible suffering with the immense fortunes that stand to be made from manufacturing cell phones, laptop computers and other high-tech equipment. What's really at stake in this bloodbath is control of natural resources such as diamonds, tin, and copper, as well as cobalt - which is essential for the nuclear, chemical, aerospace, and defense industries - and coltan and niobium, which is most important for the high-tech industries.

6. Federal Whistleblower Protection in Jeopardy
Though record numbers of federal workers have been sounding the alarm on waste, fraud, and other financial abuse since George W. Bush became president, the agency charged with defending government whistleblowers has reportedly been throwing out hundreds of cases - and advancing almost none. Statistics released at the end of 2005 by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility led to claims that special counsel Scott Bloch, who was appointed by Bush in 2004, is overseeing the systematic elimination of whistleblower rights.

7. US Operatives Torture Detainees to Death in Afghanistan and Iraq
While reports of torture aren't new, the documents are evidence of using torture as a policy, raising a whole bunch of uncomfortable questions, such as: Who authorized such techniques? And why have the resulting deaths been covered up? Of the 44 death reports released under ACLU's FOIA request, 21 were homicides and eight appear to have been the result of these abusive torture techniques.

8. Pentagon Exempt from Freedom of Information Act
In 2005, the Department of Defense pushed for and was granted exemption from Freedom of Information Act requests, a crucial law that allows journalists and watchdogs access to federal documents. The ruling could hamper the efforts of groups like the ACLU, which relied on FOIA to uncover more than 30,000 documents on the US military's torture of detainees in Afghanistan Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, including the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

9. World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall
In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled that the wall Israel is building deep into Palestinian territory should be torn down. Instead, construction of this cement barrier, which annexes Israeli settlements and breaks the continuity of Palestinian territory, has accelerated. In the interim, the World Bank has come up with a framework for a Middle Eastern Free Trade Area, which would be financed by the World Bank and built on Palestinian land around the wall to encourage export-oriented economic development. But with Israel ineligible for World Bank loans, the plan seems to translate into Palestinians paying for the modernization of checkpoints around a wall that they've always opposed, a wall that will help lock in and exploit their labor.

10. Expanded Air War in Iraq kills More Civilians
At the end of 2005, U.S. Central Command Air Force statistics showed an increase in American air missions, a trend that was accompanied by a rise in civilian deaths thanks to increased bombing of Iraqi cities.

11) Dangers of Genetically Modified Food Confirmed
Several recent studies confirm fears that genetically modified (GM) foods damage human health. These studies were released as the World Trade Organization moved towards upholding the ruling that the EU has violated international trade rules by stopping importation of GM foods.

12) Pentagon Plans New Land Mines
The Bush administration plans to resume production of antipersonnel land mine systems in a move that is at odds with both the international community and previous US policy, says Human Rights Watch.

13) New Evidence Establishes Dangers of Roundup/Glyphosate
New studies from both sides of the Atlantic reveal that Roundup, the most widely used weed-killer in the world, poses serious human health threats.

14) Homeland Security Contracts Halliburton Subsidiary KBR to Build US Detention Centres
Halliburton's subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown and Root) announced on January 24, 2006, that it had been awarded a US$385 million contingency contract by the US Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps able to hold 5,000 people each.

15) Chemical Industry is EPA's Primary Research Partner
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research program is increasingly relying on corporate joint ventures. The American Chemical Council is now the EPA's leading research partner. The EPA is diverting funds from basic health and environmental research towards research that addresses regulatory concerns of corporate funders.

16) Ecuador and Mexico Defy USA on International Criminal Court
Ecuador and Mexico have refused to sign bilateral immunity agreements (BIA) with the USA in ratification of the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty. Despite the Bush administration's threat to withhold economic aid, both countries confirmed allegiance to the ICC, the international body established to try individuals accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

17) Iraq Invasion Promotes OPEC Agenda
According to a report from journalist Greg Palast, the US invasion of Iraq was indeed about the oil. However, the US wasn't out to destroy OPEC, as claimed by neo-conservative writers, but to take part in it and increase US oil company profits.

18) Physicist Challenges Official 9/11 Story
Research into the events of 9/11 by Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones concludes that the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings is implausible according to the laws of physics. Professor Jones is calling for an independent, international scientific investigation "guided not by politicized notions and constraints, but rather by observations and calculations."

19) Destruction of Rainforests Declared Worst Ever
New developments in satellite imaging technology reveal that the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed twice as quickly as previously estimated due to the surreptitious practice of selective logging.

20) Bottled Water: A Global Environmental Problem
Consumers spend a collective US$100 billion every year on bottled water in the belief-often mistaken-that it is better for us than what flows from our taps. Worldwide, bottled water consumption surged to 41 billion gallons in 2004, up 57 per cent since 1999.

21) Gold Mining Company Threatens Ancient Andean Glaciers
Barrick Gold, a powerful multinational gold mining company, planned to melt three Andean glaciers in order to access gold deposits through open pit mining. The water from the glaciers would have been held for refreezing in the following winters. Opposition to the mine because of destruction to water sources for Andean farmers was widespread in Chile and the rest of the world. Construction of the mine is expected to begin in 2006.

22) Billions of Dollars in Homeland Security Spending Undisclosed
More than US$8 billion in Homeland Security funds has been doled out to States since the 9/11 attacks, but the public has little chance of knowing how this money is being spent.

23) US Oil Targets Kyoto in Europe
Lobbyists funded by the US oil industry have launched a campaign in Europe aimed at derailing efforts to tackle greenhouse gas pollution and climate change. Documents that have been obtained by Greenpeace reveal a systematic plan to persuade European business, politicians and media that the EU should abandon its commitments under the Kyoto protocol, the agreement that aims to reduce emissions that lead to global warming.

24) Cheney's Halliburton Stock Rose Over 3,000% in 2005
US Vice-President Dick Cheney's stock options in Halliburton rose from US$241,498 in 2004 to over $8 million in 2005, an increase of more than 3,000 per cent, as Halliburton continues to rake in billions of dollars from no-bid/no-audit government contracts.

25) US Military in Paraguay Threatens Region
Five hundred US troops arrived in Paraguay with planes, weapons and ammunition in July 2005, shortly after the Paraguayan Senate granted US troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court jurisdiction. Neighbouring countries and human rights organisations are concerned that the massive air base at Mariscal Estigarribia is potential real estate for the US military.

Note: For a more detailed description of each of these items on the Project Censored website, go at
To understand why the media won't report the major stories, go at




The Chemtrail Smoking Gun: Proof of global atmospheric geoengineering

by Bruce Conway

"There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt in your philosophy."

- Shakespeare

Five years ago I founded the Chemtrails Hall of Shame web site to document and investigate the elusive Chemtrail spraying operations in the skies above my home in the Pacific NW. The site can be found at: During this time I have had the opportunity to work with and befriend several of the luminaries within this field of investigation: Diane Harvey, Brian Holmes and a very special investigator who chooses to remain anonymous in this article. Each of these individuals has contributed greatly to the subject, keeping this topic alive within the alternative media . These chemtrail spraying programs, which are apparently being conducted on a worldwide basis, are evident to anyone who has the desire to look up and perceive the evidence. Yet, definitive proof has remained elusive.

Total denial by governmental authorities, the shunning of this topic by mainstream media, the systematic discreditation of researchers, ongoing coverups by the scientific establishment, and a coordinated systematic policy of disinformation has relegated this topic to the realm of fantasy and paranoid delusion. Regardless, it continues to go on above our heads, and has now grown to become the largest coordinated global engineering project in the history of our species. How can I make such a preposterous claim?

Brian Holmes of has investigated these eco-crimes for the past several years. Because of his efforts, many within Canada and on the net have become aware of the ongoing spraying operations. Like other serious investigators who have studied this phenomena, Brian's work has been maligned, and there are ongoing attempts to discredit him and his sources.

Some months ago, a Chemtrail insider that Brian nicknamed 'Deep Shield' came forward with specific and detailed information about this mysterious program, corresponding with him via e-mail. A transcript of the communications with Deep Shield and the Shield Project can be read online at: For those of us who have studied chemtrails carefully, the revealing dialog rang of the truth.
Since then we have been able to study, and verify a number of Deep Shield's primary claims. The anonymous insider gave Brian's readers some valuable clues to follow if they wished to investigate deeper into the history and hard science of chemtrails. A primary clue was to investigate the term 'geoengineering.'

One investigator took the clues provided by 'Deep Shield' and dug in. She eventually found an N.A.S. study on Geoengineering and the Mitigation of Global Warming. This study is still available online and is also available in hardcover. This massive document validates the insider information provided by Deep Shield, and has lead to an additional gold mine of evidence.

This massive research study is entitled: Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base - Panel on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming, sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. The results were presented in 1992 and published in book form in 2000 by the National Academy Press. This 994 page study is the textbook on greenhouse gasses, global warming, policy decisions and mitigation's (corrective measures).

Included within is the hard science many chemtrails researchers have been searching for: the scientists, agencies, institutions and corporations involved, cost factors, chemical formula, mathematical modeling, delivery methods, policies, recruiting of foreign governments, acquisition of materials, and the manufacturing of aerosol compounds, ect.

This entire volume can presently be read online at: Keep in mind that this study is only the tip of the iceberg. Literally hundreds of papers on related topics have been published in scientific journals. We don't expect this featured study to remain online for long once the cat is out of the bag. So do check it out soon.
The full involvement of foremost government agencies, research firms, universities and private corporations are detailed in this global 'geoengineering' study. Keep in mind that this was approved by and funded by Congress. We expect that this documentation will bolster the beliefs of most hardcore chemtrail believers. It will also continue to undermining what little trust still remains in our leaders and their institutions. This documentation proves that they have lied repeatedly about their involvement and the existence of chemtrail spraying programs.

It also appears that we 'Chemtrail' investigators have been chasing our tails, being intentionally discredited, maligned, and fed disinformation to keep the actual truth just below the levels of media perception. The real story has been taking place in broad daylight, safely concealed under the scientific umbrella of 'Geoengineering and intentional climate change.'

Chemtrails are just one of the 'mitigations' proposed to Geoengineering our planet. Once we began sifting through the numerous studies, experiments and papers written on intentional climate change, we found a wealth of supporting evidence of well funded global atmospheric modification programs. One such paper is Geoengineering: A Climate Change Manhattan Project (Jay Michaelson, published in the Stanford Environmental Law Journal, January, 1998)

The author makes a very convincing case for the pressing need of undertaking geoengineering projects. He argues that regulation, environmental laws and other stumbling blocks limit our ability to directly address the dangers that threaten us directly and immediately. He writes: "The projected insufficiency of Kyoto's emission reduction regime, and the problems of absence, cost, and incentives discussed in part II, cry out for an alternative to our present state of climate change policy myopia."

"Geoengineering--intentional, human-directed manipulation of the Earth's climatic systems--may be such an alternative. This part proposes that, unlike a regulatory "Marshall Plan" of costly emissions reductions, technology subsidies, and other mitigation measures, a non-regulatory "Manhattan Project" geared toward developing feasible geoengineering remedies for climate change can meaningfully close the gaps in global warming and avert many of its most dire consequences."

"In some ways, this phase has already begun, as geoengineering has moved from the pages of science fiction to respectable scientific and policy journals. [FN127] One of the most encouraging proposals today focuses on the creation of vast carbon sinks by artificially stimulating phytoplankton growth with iron "fertilizer" in parts of the Earth's oceans. [FN128] Another proposal suggests creating miniature, *106 artificial "Mount Pinatubos" by allowing airplanes to release dust particles into the upper atmosphere, simulating the greenhouse- arresting eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. [FN129]" pp. 105-106, Geoengineering: A Climate Change Manhattan Project."

In Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Bases conclusion, the N.A.S. found that the most effective global warming mitigation turned out to be the spraying of reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere utilizing commercial, military and private aircraft. This preferred mitigation method is designed to create a global atmospheric shield which would increase the planet's albedo (reflectivity) using aerosol compounds of aluminum and barium oxides, and to introduce ozone generating chemicals into the atmosphere.

This method was the most cost effective, and yielded the largest benefits. It could also be conducted covertly to avoid the burdens of environmental protection and regulatory entanglements.

It is evident to anyone who cares to look up, that this mitigation is now being conducted worldwide and on a daily basis. It is certain that our leaders have already embarked on an immense geoengineering project; one in which they expect millions of human fatalities, and consider these to be acceptable losses.
This landmark study; the widespread experimentation and published papers of atmospheric theorists and scientists, combined with the visual evidence that atmospheric mitigations are being conducted in our skies, clearly shows that Chemtrail spraying has became a preferred solution to global warming mitigation.
The evidence is all around us. For example; this past week Boeing Aircraft received an enormous initial order from the Pentagon for 100 Boeing 767 tanker planes, to begin replacing the Air Force's aging fleet of KC-135s, the most commonly seen chemtrail spray plane. The final order will exceed 500 planes. There has been no mention of the usage of these aircraft.

Geoengineering is being carried on Earth on a staggering scale, without the impediment of environmental laws or regulatory constraints. This grand experiment is being conducted in full view, while being concealed in plain sight.

The following excerpts detail the preferred geoengineering Mitigations for reducing greenhouse gasses, global warming and radiation from space. Quoted from: Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base - Panel on Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming
CLIP - Read the rest at


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NBC news: Chemtrails over California (Oct 2, 2006) 4 minutes 29 seconds




Horror Of US Depleted Uranium In Iraq Threatens World

By James Denver

American Use Of DU is "A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time.

"US Iraq Military Vets "are on DU death row, waiting to die."

"I'm horrified. The people out there - the Iraqis, the media and the troops - risk the most appalling ill health. And the radiation from depleted uranium can travel literally anywhere. It's going to destroy the lives of thousands of children, all over the world. We all know how far radiation can travel. Radiation from Chernobyl reached Wales and in Britain you sometimes get red dust from the Sahara on your car."

The speaker is not some alarmist doom-sayer. He is Dr. Chris Busby, the British radiation expert, Fellow of the University of Liverpool in the Faculty of Medicine and UK representative on the European Committee on Radiation Risk, talking about the best-kept secret of this war: the fact that, by illegally using hundreds of tons of depleted uranium (DU) against Iraq, Britain and America have gravely endangered not only the Iraqis but the whole world.

For these weapons have released deadly, carcinogenic and mutagenic, radioactive particles in such abundance that-whipped up by sandstorms and carried on trade winds - there is no corner of the globe they cannot penetrate-including Britain. For the wind has no boundaries and time is on their side: the radioactivity persists for over 4,500,000,000 years and can cause cancer, leukemia, brain damage, kidney failure, and extreme birth defects - killing millions of every age for centuries to come. A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time.

These weapons have released deadly, carcinogenic and mutagenic, radioactive particles in such abundance that there is no corner of the globe they cannot penetrate - including Britain. Yet, officially, no crime has been committed. For this story is a dirty story in which the facts have been concealed from those who needed them most. It is also a story we need to know if the people of Iraq are to get the medical care they desperately need, and if our troops, returning from Iraq, are not to suffer as terribly as the veterans of other conflicts in which depleted uranium was used.

A Dirty Tyson

'Depleted' uranium is in many ways a misnomer. For 'depleted' sounds weak. The only weak thing about depleted uranium is its price. It is dirt cheap, toxic, waste from nuclear power plants and bomb production. However, uranium is one of earth's heaviest elements and DU packs a Tyson's punch, smashing through tanks, buildings and bunkers with equal ease, spontaneously catching fire as it does so, and burning people alive. 'Crispy critters' is what US servicemen call those unfortunate enough to be close. And, when John Pilger encountered children killed at a greater distance he wrote: "The children's skin had folded back, like parchment, revealing veins and burnt flesh that seeped blood, while the eyes, intact, stared straight ahead. I vomited." (Daily Mirror)

The millions of radioactive uranium oxide particles released when it burns can kill just as surely, but far more terribly. They can even be so tiny they pass through a gas mask, making protection against them impossible. Yet, small is not beautiful. For these invisible killers indiscriminately attack men, women, children and even babies in the womb-and do the gravest harm of all to children and unborn babies.

A Terrible Legacy

Doctors in Iraq have estimated that birth defects have increased by 2-6 times, and 3-12 times as many children have developed cancer and leukemia since 1991. Moreover, a report published in The Lancet in 1998 said that as many as 500 children a day are dying from these sequels to war and sanctions and that the death rate for Iraqi children under 5 years of age increased from 23 per 1000 in 1989 to 166 per thousand in 1993. Overall, cases of lymphoblastic leukemia more than quadrupled with other cancers also increasing 'at an alarming rate'. In men, lung, bladder, bronchus, skin, and stomach cancers showed the highest increase. In women, the highest increases were in breast and bladder cancer, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.1

On hearing that DU had been used in the Gulf in 1991, the UK Atomic Energy Authority sent the Ministry of Defense a special report on the potential damage to health and the environment. It said that it could cause half a million additional cancer deaths in Iraq over 10 years. In that war the authorities only admitted to using 320 tons of DU-although the Dutch charity LAKA estimates the true figure is closer to 800 tons. Many times that may have been spread across Iraq by this year's war. The devastating damage all this DU will do to the health and fertility of the people of Iraq now, and for generations to come, is beyond imagining.

The radioactivity persists for over 4,500,000,000 years killing millions of every age for centuries to come. This is a crime against humanity which may rank with the worst atrocities of all time.

We must also count the numberless thousands of miscarried babies. Nobody knows how many Iraqis have died in the womb since DU contaminated their world. But it is suggested that troops who were only exposed to DU for the brief period of the war were still excreting uranium in their semen 8 years later and some had 100 times the so-called 'safe limit' of uranium in their urine. The lack of government interest in the plight of veterans of the 1991 war is reflected in a lack of academic research on the impact of DU but informal research has found a high incidence of birth defects in their children and that the wives of men who served in Iraq have three times more miscarriages than the wives of servicemen who did not go there.

Since DU darkened the land Iraq has seen birth defects which would break a heart of stone: babies with terribly foreshortened limbs, with their intestines outside their bodies, with huge bulging tumors where their eyes should be, or with a single eye-like Cyclops, or without eyes, or without limbs, and even without heads. Significantly, some of the defects are almost unknown outside textbooks showing the babies born near A-bomb test sites in the Pacific.

Doctors report that many women no longer say 'Is it a girl or a boy?' but simply, 'Is it normal, doctor?' Moreover this terrible legacy will not end. The genes of their parents may have been damaged for ever, and the damaging DU dust is ever-present.

Blue on Blue

What the governments of America and Britain have done to the people of Iraq they have also done to their own soldiers, in both wars. And they have done it knowingly. For the battlefields have been thick with DU and soldiers have had to enter areas heavily contaminated by bombing. Moreover, their bodies have not only been assaulted by DU but also by a vaccination regime which violated normal protocols, experimental vaccines, nerve agent pills, and organophosphate pesticides in their tents. Yet, though the hazards of DU were known, British and American troops were not warned of its dangers. Nor were they given thorough medical checks on their return-even though identifying it quickly might have made it possible to remove some of it from their body. Then, when a growing number became seriously ill, and should have been sent to top experts in radiation damage and neurotoxins, many were sent to a psychiatrist.

Over 200,000 US troops who returned from the 1991 war are now invalided out with ailments officially attributed to service in Iraq-that's 1 in 3. In contrast, the British government's failure to fully assess the health of returning troops, or to monitor their health, means no one even knows how many have died or become gravely ill since their return. However, Gulf veterans' associations say that, of 40,000 or so fighting fit men and women who saw active service, at least 572 have died prematurely since coming home and 5000 may be ill. An alarming number are thought to have taken their own lives, unable to bear the torment of the innumerable ailments which have combined to take away their career, their sexuality, their ability to have normal children, and even their ability to breathe or walk normally. As one veteran puts it, they are 'on DU death row, waiting to die'.

Whatever other factors there may be, some of their illnesses are strikingly similar to those of Iraqis exposed to DU dust. For example, soldiers have also fathered children without eyes. And, in a group of eight servicemen whose babies lack eyes seven are known to have been directly exposed to DU dust.

They too have fathered children with stunted arms, and rare abnormalities classically associated with radiation damage. They too seem prone to cancer and leukemia. Tellingly, so are EU soldiers who served as peacekeepers in the Balkans, where DU was also used. Indeed their leukemia rate has been so high that several EU governments have protested at the use of DU.

The Vital Evidence

Despite all that evidence of the harm done by DU, governments on both sides of the Atlantic have repeatedly claimed that as it emits only 'low level' radiation DU is harmless. Award-winning scientist, Dr. Rosalie Bertell who has led UN medical commissions, has studied 'low-level' radiation for 30 years. 2 She has found that uranium oxide particles have more than enough power to harm cells, and describes their pulses of radiation as hitting surrounding cells 'like flashes of lightning' again and again in a single second.2 Like many scientists worldwide who have studied this type of radiation, she has found that such 'lightning strikes' can damage DNA and cause cell mutations which lead to cancer.

Moreover, these particles can be taken up by body fluids and travel through the body, damaging more than one organ. To compound all that, Dr. Bertell has found that this particular type of radiation can cause the body's communication systems to break down, leading to malfunctions in many vital organs of the body and to many medical problems. A striking fact, since many veterans of the first Gulf war suffer from innumerable, seemingly unrelated, ailments.

In addition, recent research by Eric Wright, Professor of Experimental Haematology at Dundee University, and others, have shown two ways in which such radiation can do far more damage than has been thought. The first is that a cell which seems unharmed by radiation can produce cells with diverse mutations several cell generations later. (And mutations are at the root of cancer and birth defects.) This 'radiation-induced genomic instability' is compounded by 'the bystander effect' by which cells mutate in unison with others which have been damaged by radiation-rather as birds swoop and turn in unison. Put together, these two mechanisms can greatly increase the damage done by a single source of radiation, such as a DU particle. Moreover, it is now clear that there are marked genetic differences in the way individuals respond to radiation-with some being far more likely to develop cancer than others. So the fact that some veterans of the first Gulf war seem relatively unharmed by their exposure to DU in no way proves that DU did not damage others.

The Price of Truth

That the evidence from Iraq and from our troops, and the research findings of such experts, have been ignored may be no accident. A US report, leaked in late 1995, allegedly says, 'The potential for health effects from DU exposure is real; however it must be viewed in perspective... the financial implications of long-term disability payments and healthcare costs would be excessive.'3

Clearly, with hundreds of thousands gravely ill in Iraq and at least a quarter of a million UK and US troops seriously ill, huge disability claims might be made not only against the governments of Britain and America if the harm done by DU were acknowledged. There might also be huge claims against companies making DU weapons and some of their directors are said to be extremely close to the White House. How close they are to Downing Street is a matter for speculation, but arms sales makes a considerable contribution to British trade. So the massive whitewashing of DU over the past 12 years, and the way that governments have failed to test returning troops, seemed to disbelieve them, and washed their hands of them, may be purely to save money.

The possibility that financial considerations have led the governments of Britain and America to cynically avoid taking responsibility for the harm they have done not only to the people of Iraq but to their own troops may seem outlandish. Yet DU weapons weren't used by the other side and no other explanation fits the evidence. For, in the days before Britain and America first used DU in war its hazards were no secret.4 One American study in 1990 said DU was 'linked to cancer when exposures are internal, [and to] chemical toxicity-causing kidney damage'. While another openly warned that exposure to these particles under battlefield conditions could lead to cancers of the lung and bone, kidney damage, non-malignant lung disease, neuro-cognitive disorders, chromosomal damage and birth defects.5

A Culture of Denial

In 1996 and 1997 UN Human Rights Tribunals condemned DU weapons for illegally breaking the Geneva Convention and classed them as 'weapons of mass destruction' 'incompatible with international humanitarian and human rights law'. Since then, following leukemia in European peacekeeping troops in the Balkans and Afghanistan (where DU was also used), the EU has twice called for DU weapons to be banned.

Yet, far from banning DU, America and Britain stepped up their denials of the harm from this radioactive dust as more and more troops from the first Gulf war and from action and peacekeeping in the Balkans and Afghanistan have become seriously ill. This is no coincidence. In 1997, while citing experiments, by others, in which 84 percent of dogs exposed to inhaled uranium died of cancer of the lungs, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, then Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Georgetown University in Washington was quoted as saying, 'The [US government's] Veterans Administration asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body.' He concluded, 'uranium does cause cancer, uranium does cause mutation, and uranium does kill. If we continue with the irresponsible contamination of the biosphere, and denial of the fact that human life is endangered by the deadly isotope uranium, then we are doing disservice to ourselves, disservice to the truth, disservice to God and to all generations who follow.' Not what the authorities wanted to hear and his research was suddenly blocked.

During 12 years of ever-growing British whitewash the authorities have abolished military hospitals, where there could have been specialized research on the effects of DU and where expertise in treating DU victims could have built up. And, not content with the insult of suggesting the gravely disabling symptoms of Gulf veterans are imaginary they have refused full pensions to many. For, despite all the evidence to the contrary, the current House of Commons briefing paper on DU hazards says 'it is judged that any radiation effects from possible exposures are extremely unlikely to be a contributory factor to the illnesses currently being experienced by some Gulf war veterans.' Note how over a quarter of a million sick and dying US and UK vets are called 'some'.

The Way Ahead

Britain and America not only used DU in this year's Iraq war, they dramatically increased its use-from a minimum of 320 tons in the previous war to at minimum of 1500 tons in this one. And this time the use of DU wasn't limited to anti-tank weapons-as it had largely been in the previous Gulf war-but was extended to the guided missiles, large bunker busters and big 2000-pound bombs used in Iraq's cities. This means that Iraq's cities have been blanketed in lethal particles-any one of which can cause cancer or deform a child. In addition, the use of DU in huge bombs which throw the deadly particles higher and wider in huge plumes of smoke means that billions of deadly particles have been carried high into the air-again and again and again as the bombs rained down-ready to be swept worldwide by the winds.

The Royal Society has suggested the solution is massive decontamination in Iraq. That could only scratch the surface. For decontamination is hugely expensive and, though it may reduce the risks in some of the worst areas, it cannot fully remove them. For DU is too widespread on land and water. How do you clean up every nook and cranny of a city the size of Baghdad? How can they decontaminate a whole country in which microscopic particles, which cannot be detected with a normal geiger counter, are spread from border to border? And how can they clean up all the countries downwind of Iraq-and, indeed, the world?

So there are only two things we can do to mitigate this crime against humanity. The first is to provide the best possible medical care for the people of Iraq, for our returning troops and for those who served in the last Gulf war and, through that, minimize their suffering. The second is to relegate war, and the production and sale of weapons, to the scrap heap of history-along with slavery and genocide. Then, and only then, will this crime against humanity be expunged, and the tragic deaths from this war truly bring freedom to the people of Iraq, and of the world.


1. The Lancet volume 351, issue 9103, 28 February 1998.

2. Rosalie Bertell's book Planet Earth the Latest Weapon of War was reviewed in Caduceus issue 51, page 28.


The secret official memorandum to Brigadier General L.R. Groves from Drs Conant, Compton and Urey of War Department Manhattan district dated October 1943 is available at the website


Further information

The Low Level Radiation Campaign hopes to be able to arrange a limited number of private urine tests for those returning from the latest Gulf war. It can be contacted at: The Knoll, Montpelier Park, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5LW. 01597 824771. Web:

James Denver writes and broadcasts internationally on science and technology.


Many more related articles through


Date: 26 Dec 2006
Subject: Washington Post corroborates rumors many of us have been sharing for a long time...

So, now I am not the only loonie tune out there. Finally some "mainstream" corroboration of what I have been preaching for some years now. (See below)

The Chinese now hold the key to our very survival, unless we as a nation get off our arses and PRODUCE something.

(...) Get over it people. What we have is a ruined currency, a near-complete destruction of the esteem and reputation of America in the world. A decimated military, worn-out and demoralized from a protracted deployment in a civil war hell-hole that is nearly universally condemned. We have already killed many more Iraqis than Saddam. When will it stop? We have American troops or some level of military presence in 110 countries of the world. Think about that.

The rest of the world will NOT come to our rescue. They are sick of American arrogance, the bullying, the economic blackmail. I can't blame them. Hugo Chavez is no accident, my friends. South America, too, is emerging from the shadow of the Colossus of the North, especially Brazil, and Canada is asserting itself economically, and going its own way politically. And now, just 17 years after winning the ideological war against the Soviets, we are no longer respected, but only feared. And fear is the mother of resentment..

The Europeans have been planning for this day for many years now. There WILL be a multi-currency world, with the EURO as the reserve.

Get used to it, and make your plans now. The sun is setting.

The Washington Post confirms. . . .

"U.S., China Clash On Currency"

December 16, 2006

Additional sources, one in the U.S. Commerce Department and another in the US Treasury have confirmed the initial report above and referred me to another, Third, source in the Pentagon.

Both the Commerce and Treasury Sources report that while China will not be able to simply trade their Dollars for other paper currencies, they will spend their U.S. Cash on commodities such as gold, silver and Rhodoium as well as military hardware; ships and planes, placing large orders and paying for those orders with the one point one trillion in cash dollars they possess.

Extreme Military Concern

In speaking with the contact at the Pentagon, I am able to now report the Pentagon views this currency-killing as a cunning military aspect to Chinese plans:

The Pentagon says that while China has a 2 Million man army, they lack the logistics and heavy lift capability to move that army and supply it. They can, however, get that military to South Korea and to Japan.

The Chinese see that the U.S. Military is over-stretched and almost exhausted by its globe trotting Commander-In-Chief. They feel that by intentionally destabilizing the dollar, the U.S. economy will fail, putting tens of millions of Americans on the unemployment line and putting unbearable pressure on the US Government.

Then, with the U.S. economy in shambles and its manufacturing base eroded by a steady stream of manufacturing plants moving out of the US., the American government will be too occupied with troubles at home to do much internationally. America will be in no position to challenge China, allowing the Chinese to act militarily elsewhere in the world.

Further, if the U.S. attempted to intervene against any Chinese military action, the only plant in the world which can manufacture the specialized gyros needed for U.S. Cruise Missile guidance systems, is now located in. . . . .China.

China could prevent that plant from shipping to the U.S., and once our arsenal of cruise missiles was depleted, it would take a long time to re-tool a plant to make more gyros and resupply cruise missiles for battle. The Chinese feel they could accomplish certain military goals before the U.S. could re-tool.

They are also confident the U.S. will never "go nuclear" as long as the U.S. itself is not attacked.

The Pentagon source went so far as to say "Even if China was to lose the entire one trillion in cash to a collapse of the Dollar as a currency, they will have succeeded in taking the U.S. off the world stage as any type of effective military or economic power -- without firing a shot!" A 'classic' Sun Tzu paradigm of victory - the art of fighting, without fighting.

The crippling of the US is a highly desirable military benefit for China at a relatively cheap price since it will leave their human capital and infrastructure assets in place; assets they know they would lose if a hot war erupted with the U.S..



"The Nazis did the exact same thing too. They had their lawyers infiltrating law schools. Carl Schmidt was the worst and he was the mentor to Leo Strauss, the founder of the neoconservatives. So the same phenomena that started out in Nazi Germany is happening here and I exaggerate not... we could all be tortured, we could all be treated this way."

- Francis Boyle

Sent: December 26, 2006
Subject: Francis Boyle, Impending Police State in America

Below, please, find a rough draft of a report about a recent interview with the highly distinguished American expert on international law, Professor Francis Boyle.

The report speaks for itself. Professor Boyle provides a chilling story of FBI involvement in the destruction of evidence germaine to the investigation of both the anthrax attacks and 9/11.

Bottom line: contact Patrick Leahy and urge him to investigate the post-9/11 Anthrax attacks that targeted him and former Senator Daschle. Professor Boyle believes that these attacks were designed to eliminate partisan opposition to the Patriot Act an objective that they did, in fact, achieve.

Professor Boyle is one of the most perceptive and articulate critics of the US government and its draconian policies that he argues have led to the institution of a police state in America.

His writings on biowarfare and terrorism are less well known than those of Chomsky, but they deserve a much wider audience.

Michael Carmichael

With thanks to Peter Webster



Impending Police State in America

Interview with Professor Francis Boyle

Francis A Boyle says 9/11 was allowed to happen, war on terror is facilitating the downfall of The Republic, concentration camps are in place and US citizens are the targets.

To hear the show:

12/23/06 "CRG" --- - Alex Jones was joined on air this week by a leading American professor, practitioner of and expert on international law to discuss his detailed knowledge of the cover up of the 2001 anthrax attacks, which he is adamant were perpetrated by criminal elements of the US government in an attempt to foment a police state by killing off opposition to hardline post 9/11 legislation.

Dr Francis A. Boyle literally helped write the law with regards to terrorism, as he was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that was passed unanimously by both Houses of Congress and signed into law by President Bush Snr.

Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court.

The professor started off by explaining the motivation behind the October 2001 anthrax attacks:

"After the September 11th 2001 Terrorist attacks, the Bush administration tried to ram the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress, that would have, if already had not, set up a police state. And we know for a fact that the PATRIOT Act had already been drafted and was sitting on Ashcroft's desk as of September 10th.

Senators Daschle and Leahy were holding it up because they realised what this would lead to, indeed the first draft of the Patriot Act, they would have suspended the writ of habeas corpus. And all of a sudden out of nowhere come these anthrax attacks. And at the time I myself did not know precisely what was going on, either with respect to September 11th or the anthrax attacks, but then the New York Times revealed that the technology behind the letter to Senator Daschle. A trillion spores per gram, special electrostatic treatment.

This is super-weapon grade Anthrax that even the United States government, in its openly proclaimed programs, and we had one before Nixon, had never developed before. So it was obvious to me that this was from a US Government lab, there is no where else you could have gotten that."

Dr Boyle proceeded to call a very high level official in the FBI who deals with terrorism and counter-terrorism, Spike Bowman, whom he had met at a terrorism conference at the University of Michigan Law School.

He told Bowman that the only people that would have the capability to carry out the attacks were people working on US government programs on Anthrax and with access to high level a bio-safety lab. Dr Boyle went through all the names, the contractors and the labs for Anthrax work with the FBI's Bowman.

Bowman then informed Dr Boyle that the FBI was working with Fort Detrick on the matter, to which he responded that Fort Detrick could really be the main problem.

It was documented at the time that the anthrax strain used was military grade. This was widely reported in 2002 in publications such as the New Scientist.

"Soon after I had informed Bowman of this information, the FBI authorised the destruction of the AMES cultural Anthrax database." The Professor continued.

The destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames, IA., from which the Ft. Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant destruction of evidence as it meant that there was no way of finding out which strain was sent to who to develop the larger breed of anthrax used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led directly back to a secret but officially-sponsored US government biowarfare program that was illegal and criminal.

"Clearly for the FBI to have authorised this was obstruction of justice, a federal crime. That collection should have been preserved and protected as evidence. That's the DNA, the fingerprints right there. It later came out of course that this was AMES strain anthrax that was behind the Daschle and Leahy letter."

At that point Boyle says it became very clear to him that there was a cover up in operation by the FBI. He points out that later on on reading one of David Ray Griffin's books on the 9/11 attacks, he discovered that Agent Bowman was the same FBI agent who sabotaged the FISA warrant for access to Zacarious Moussaoui's computer, which contained information that could have facilitated the prevention of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Later on Bowman was promoted and given a decoration, presumably because he did such a fine job on Moussaoui's computer and also on the anthrax.

So it was to be that the patriot act was rammed through, because the opposition from Leahy and Daschle, whom they had tried to kill, disappeared. Congress and even the House itself officially shut down for the first time in the history of the Republic. The Senate refused to shut down. Dr Boyle commented that he believes this to be one of the biggest political crimes in the history of America.

The professor agreed that actions such as this and legislation such as the Patriot act and the new Military Commissions act are the precursors to a military dictatorship.

"And remember that the first draft of the Patriot act that sat on Ashcroft's desk before 9/11, and also remember that Ashcroft was flying around in a private jet because he was told that there was going to be a terrorist attack with airplanes, so all this had been planned.

They were going to move to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, which is all that really separates us from a police state. And that is what they have done now with respect to enemy combatants."

With regards to 9/11 itself the professor asserted that it is clear Bush, Rice, Tennet, Ashcroft and other Bush Administration officials all knew a terrorist attack was coming and that the attacks were at the very least allowed to go ahead.

"They let it happen because they wanted a war and they wanted a police state, all the elements for a war against Afghanistan were there in place, even the military force in the gulf were there on the scene, there were massive military forces in the gulf, in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean, in the Arabian Ocean before September 11th poised for an attack, whether it was going to be Afghanistan or Iraq would be decided by Bush and the rest of them."

The professor pointed out that it is now being argued by lawmakers that the 14th amendment does not mean what it has been taken to mean and that under the Military Commissions Act any US citizen can be stripped of their citizenship and thus be labeled an enemy combatant.

"So in other words they have taken the position that in some point in time if they want to, they can unilaterally round up United States native born citizens, as they did for Japanese Americans in World War Two, and stick us into concentration camps. That is correct. They haven't actually yet done it but my guess is that the papers have been drawn up... and we know that the FEMA camps are out there.

So it's clear that the Bush people, I guess they are waiting for some other terrorist attack, another anthrax attack, who knows what, and then they will proceed to invoke these emergency orders."

Dr Boyle believes that the domestic police state is seen as a must by the neoconservatives who are pushing for dominance in the Middle East in order to quell dissent from an American public who, the informed majority of, clearly will not stand for such aggression in their names.

The professor then went on to talk about the sickness of the neoconservative sympathizers who are pushing for the practice of torture to be made legal. Legislators such as John Yu and Professor Goldsmith of Harvard Law School. Dr Boyle believes that there is a move afoot to infiltrate both the legal profession and legal education with opinion and legislature that subverts long established US law. His warning is stark:

"The Nazis did the exact same thing too. They had their lawyers infiltrating law schools. Carl Schmidt was the worst and he was the mentor to Leo Strauss, the founder of the neoconservatives. So the same phenomena that started out in Nazi Germany is happening here and I exaggerate not... we could all be tortured, we could all be treated this way."

Dr Boyle stressed that in order to seek justice over the anthrax attacks it is vital to keep the pressure on Senator Leahy who will apparently be becoming the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Leahy will have subpoena power and investigative power, and if anyone would have motivation to try to get to the bottom of the attacks, it would be him.

Dr Boyle ended by urging readers and listeners to become informed and spread this information. He also admitted that in the Summer of 2004 he was interrogated by an agent with the CIA/FBI joint terrorism task force. The agent tried to recruit Dr Boyle as an informant to provide the FBI with information on his Arab and Muslim clients. When he refused the FBI placed him on all of the government's terrorism watch lists and he now finds it very difficult to travel in and out of the US.


Francis A. Boyle
Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA
217-333-7954 (voice)
217-244-1478 (fax)
(personal comments only)


Recommended by Fred Burks"> who wrote: "Many thanks to the Los Angeles Times for having the courage to say what so many of us know, yet so few media have reported: the Iraq War is all about oil. The below article is well worth reading for laying bare the subtle manipulations which keep so many people in the dark about the deeper purposes of this, and indeed most wars. As one of the most highly decorated U.S. generals said, "war is a racket" to keep the coffers of the major corporations filled with dollars from the pockets of tax payers. By spreading the word, we can and will change all this and work towards real peace and a world which recognizes that we are all one human family."


It's still about oil in Iraq

A centerpiece of the Iraq Study Group's report is its advocacy for securing foreign companies' long-term access to Iraqi oil fields.

By Antonia Juhasz, ANTONIA JUHASZ is a visiting scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies and author of "The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time."

December 8, 2006

WHILE THE Bush administration, the media and nearly all the Democrats still refuse to explain the war in Iraq in terms of oil, the ever-pragmatic members of the Iraq Study Group share no such reticence.

Page 1, Chapter 1 of the Iraq Study Group report lays out Iraq's importance to its region, the U.S. and the world with this reminder: "It has the world's second-largest known oil reserves." The group then proceeds to give very specific and radical recommendations as to what the United States should do to secure those reserves. If the proposals are followed, Iraq's national oil industry will be commercialized and opened to foreign firms.

The report makes visible to everyone the elephant in the room: that we are fighting, killing and dying in a war for oil. It states in plain language that the U.S. government should use every tool at its disposal to ensure that American oil interests and those of its corporations are met.

It's spelled out in Recommendation No. 63, which calls on the U.S. to "assist Iraqi leaders to reorganize the national oil industry as a commercial enterprise" and to "encourage investment in Iraq's oil sector by the international community and by international energy companies." This recommendation would turn Iraq's nationalized oil industry into a commercial entity that could be partly or fully privatized by foreign firms.

This is an echo of calls made before and immediately after the invasion of Iraq.

The U.S. State Department's Oil and Energy Working Group, meeting between December 2002 and April 2003, also said that Iraq "should be opened to international oil companies as quickly as possible after the war." Its preferred method of privatization was a form of oil contract called a production-sharing agreement. These agreements are preferred by the oil industry but rejected by all the top oil producers in the Middle East because they grant greater control and more profits to the companies than the governments. The Heritage Foundation also released a report in March 2003 calling for the full privatization of Iraq's oil sector. One representative of the foundation, Edwin Meese III, is a member of the Iraq Study Group. Another, James J. Carafano, assisted in the study group's work.

For any degree of oil privatization to take place, and for it to apply to all the country's oil fields, Iraq has to amend its constitution and pass a new national oil law. The constitution is ambiguous as to whether control over future revenues from as-yet-undeveloped oil fields should be shared among its provinces or held and distributed by the central government.

This is a crucial issue, with trillions of dollars at stake, because only 17 of Iraq's 80 known oil fields have been developed. Recommendation No. 26 of the Iraq Study Group calls for a review of the constitution to be "pursued on an urgent basis." Recommendation No. 28 calls for putting control of Iraq's oil revenues in the hands of the central government. Recommendation No. 63 also calls on the U.S. government to "provide technical assistance to the Iraqi government to prepare a draft oil law."

This last step is already underway. The Bush administration hired the consultancy firm BearingPoint more than a year ago to advise the Iraqi Oil Ministry on drafting and passing a new national oil law.

Plans for this new law were first made public at a news conference in late 2004 in Washington. Flanked by State Department officials, Iraqi Finance Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi (who is now vice president) explained how this law would open Iraq's oil industry to private foreign investment. This, in turn, would be "very promising to the American investors and to American enterprise, certainly to oil companies." The law would implement production-sharing agreements.

Much to the deep frustration of the U.S. government and American oil companies, that law has still not been passed.

In July, U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman announced in Baghdad that oil executives told him that their companies would not enter Iraq without passage of the new oil law. Petroleum Economist magazine later reported that U.S. oil companies considered passage of the new oil law more important than increased security when deciding whether to go into business in Iraq.

The Iraq Study Group report states that continuing military, political and economic support is contingent upon Iraq's government meeting certain undefined "milestones." It's apparent that these milestones are embedded in the report itself.

Further, the Iraq Study Group would commit U.S. troops to Iraq for several more years to, among other duties, provide security for Iraq's oil infrastructure. Finally, the report unequivocally declares that the 79 total recommendations "are comprehensive and need to be implemented in a coordinated fashion. They should not be separated or carried out in isolation."

All told, the Iraq Study Group has simply made the case for extending the war until foreign oil companies - presumably American ones - have guaranteed legal access to all of Iraq's oil fields and until they are assured the best legal and financial terms possible.

We can thank the Iraq Study Group for making its case publicly. It is now our turn to decide if we wish to spill more blood for oil.



THE REAL SCOOP ON BIOFUELS: "Green Energy" Panacea or Just the Latest Hype?

By Brian Tokar* -- Dec. 15, 2006

You can hardly open up a major newspaper or national magazine these days without encountering the latest hype about biofuels, and how they're going to save oil, reduce pollution and prevent climate change. Bill Gates, Sun Microsystems' Vinod Khosla, and other major venture capitalists are investing millions in new biofuel production, whether in the form of ethanol, mainly derived from corn in the U.S. today; or biodiesel, mainly from soybeans and canola seed. It's virtually a "modern day gold rush," as described by the New York Times, paraphrasing the chief executive of Cargill, one of the main benefactors of increased subsidies to agribusiness and tax credits to refiners for the purpose of encouraging biofuel production.

The Times reported June 25, 2006 that some 40 new ethanol plants are currently under construction in the US, aiming toward a 30% increase in domestic production. Archer Daniels Midland, the company that first sold the idea of corn-derived ethanol as an auto fuel to Congress in the late 1970s, has doubled its stock price and profits over the last two years. ADM currently controls a quarter of U.S. ethanol fuel production, and recently hired a former Chevron executive as its CEO.

Several well-respected analysts have raised serious concerns about this rapid diversion of food crops toward the production of fuel for automobiles. WorldWatch Institute founder Lester Brown, long concerned about the sustainability of world food supplies, says that fuel producers are already competing with food processors in the world's grain markets. "Cars, not people, will claim most of the increase in grain production this year," reports Brown -- a serious concern in a world where the grain required to make enough ethanol to fill an SUV tank is enough to feed a person for a whole year. Others have dismissed the ethanol gold rush as nothing more than the subsidized burning of food to run automobiles.

The biofuel rush is having a significant impact worldwide as well. Brazil, often touted as the most impressive biofuel success story, is using half its annual sugarcane crop to provide 40% of its auto fuel, while accelerating deforestation to grow more sugarcane and soybeans. Malaysian and Indonesian rainforests are being bulldozed for oil palm plantations -- threatening endangered orangutans, rhinos, tigers and countless other species -- in order to serve at the booming European market for biodiesel.

Are these reasonable tradeoffs for a troubled planet, or merely another corporate push for profits? Two recent studies aim to document the full consequences of the new biofuel economy and realistically assess its impact on fuel use, greenhouse gases and agricultural lands. One study, originating from the University of Minnesota, is moderately hopeful in the first two areas, but offers a strong caution about land use. The other, from Cornell University and UC Berkeley, concludes that every domestic biofuel source -- those currently in use as well as those under development -- produce less energy than is consumed in growing and processing the crops.

The Minnesota researchers attempted a full lifecycle analysis of the production of ethanol from corn and biodiesel from soy. They documented the energy costs of fuel production, pesticide use, transportation, and other key factors, and also accounted for the energy equivalent of soy and corn byproducts that remain for other uses after the fuel is extracted. Their paper, published in the July 25, 2006 edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded that ethanol production offers a modest net energy gain of 25% over oil, resulting in 12% less greenhouse gases than an equivalent amount of gasoline. The numbers for biodiesel are more promising, with a 93% net energy gain and a 41% reduction in greenhouse gases.

The researchers cautioned, however, that these figures do not account for the significant environmental damage from increased acreages of these crops, including the impacts of pesticides, nitrate runoff into water supplies, nor the increased demand on water, as "energy crops" like corn and soy begin to displace more drought-tolerant crops such as wheat in several Midwestern states.

The most serious impact is on land use. The Minnesota paper reports that in 2005, 14% of the U.S. corn harvest was used to produce some 3.9 billion gallons of ethanol, equivalent to 1.7% of current gasoline usage. About 1 1/2 percent of the soy harvest produced 68 million gallons of biodiesel, equivalent to less than one tenth of one percent of gas usage. This means that if all of the country's corn harvest was used to make ethanol, it would displace 12% of our gas; all of our soybeans would displace about 6% of diesel use. But if the energy used in producing these biofuels is taken into account, the picture becomes worse still. It requires roughly eight units of gas to produce 10 units of ethanol, and five units of gas to produce 10 units of biodiesel; hence the net is only two units of ethanol or five units of biodiesel. Therefore the entire soy and corn crops combined would really only less than 3% of current gasoline and diesel use. This is where the serious strain on food supplies and prices originates.

The Cornell study is even more skeptical. Released in July 2005, it was the product of an ongoing collaboration between Cornell agriculturalist David Pimentel, environmental engineer Ted Patzek, and their colleagues at the University of California at Berkeley, and was published in the journal Natural Resources Research. This study found that, on balance, making ethanol from corn requires 29% more fossil fuel than the net energy produced and biodiesel from soy results in a net energy loss of 27%. Other crops, touted as solutions to the apparent diseconomy of current methods, offer even worse results.

Switchgrass, for example, can grow on marginal land and presumably won't compete with food production (you may recall George Bush's mumbling about switchgrass in his 2006 State of the Union speech), but it requires 45% more energy to harvest and process than the energy value of the fuel that is produced. Wood biomass requires 57% more energy than it produces, and sunflowers require more than twice as much energy than is available in the fuel that is produced. "There is just no energy benefit to using plant biomass for liquid fuel," said David Pimentel in a Cornell press statement this past July. "These strategies are not sustainable."

CLIP - Read the rest at



Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart

Scott Pelley Talks To Boy Who Has Written Five Full Symphonies

Nov. 28, 2004


"We are talking about a prodigy of the level of the greatest prodigies in history, when it comes to composition. I am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saint-Sans."
Sam Zyman, composer

(CBS) There is a composer studying at New York's renowned Juilliard School who some say is the greatest talent to come along in 200 years. He's written five full-length symphonies, and he's only 12 years old.

His name is Jay Greenberg, although he likes the nickname "Bluejay" because, he says, blue jays are small and make a lot of noise.

Greenberg says music just fills his head and he has to write it down to get it out. What's going on in Bluejay's head? Correspondent Scott Pelley spoke with him.
Jay wrote a piece, "The Storm," in just a few hours. It was commissioned by the New Haven Symphony in Connecticut.

When the last note sailed into the night, Jay navigated an unfamiliar stage, and then took a bow.

"We are talking about a prodigy of the level of the greatest prodigies in history when it comes to composition," says Sam Zyman, a composer. "I am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saint-Sans."

Zyman teaches music theory to Jay at the Juilliard School in New York City, where he's been teaching for 18 years.

"This is an absolute fact. This is objective. This is not a subjective opinion," says Zyman. "Jay could be sitting here, and he could be composing right now. He could finish a piano sonata before our eyes in probably 25 minutes. And it would be a great piece."

How is it possible? Jay told Pelley he doesn't know where the music comes from, but it comes fully written -- playing like an orchestra in his head.

"It's as if the unconscious mind is giving orders at the speed of light," says Jay. "You know, I mean, so I just hear it as if it were a smooth performance of a work that is already written, when it isn't."
All the kids are downloading music these days. But Jay, with his composing program, is downloading it from his head.

The program records his notes and plays them back -- that's when the computer is up and running. Jay composes so rapidly that he often crashes his computer.

"It's as if he's looking at a picture of the score, and he's just taking it from the picture, basically," says Zyman.

Jay's parents are as surprised as anyone. Neither is a professional musician. His father, Robert, is a linguist, and a scholar in Slavic language who lost his sight at 36 to retinitis pigmentosa. His mother, Orna, is an Israeli-born painter.

"I think, around 2, when he started writing, and actually drawing instruments, we knew that he was fascinated with it," says Orna. "He managed to draw a cello and ask for a cello, and wrote the world cello. And I was surprised, because neither of us has anything to so with string instruments. And I didn't expect him to know what it [a cello] was."

But Jay knew he wanted a cello, so his mother brought him to a music store where he was shown a miniature cello. "And he just sat there. He ...started playing on it," recalls Orna. "And I was like, 'How do you know how to do this?'"

By 3, Jay was still drawing cellos, but he had turned them into notes on a scale. He was beginning to compose, and his parents watched the notes come faster and faster. He was writing any time, anywhere. By elementary school, his teachers had no idea how to handle a boy whose hero wasn't Batman, but Beethoven.

"He hears music in his head all the time, and he'll start composing and he doesn't even realize it probably, that he's doing it," says Robert. "But the teachers would get angry, and they would call us in for emergency meetings with seven people sitting there trying to figure out how they're going accommodate our son."

Jay has been told his hearing is many times more sensitive than an average person's. The sounds of the city need to be shut out manually. But Jay can't turn off the music in his head. In fact, he told us he often hears more than one new composition at a time.

"Multiple channels is what it's been termed," says Jay. "That my brain is able to control two or three different musics at the same time -- along with the channel of everyday life."

"This child told me, he said, 'I'm gonna be dead if I am not composing. I have to compose. This is all I want to do," says Orna. "And when a child that young tells you where their vision is, or where they're going, you don't have a choice."

By the age of 10, Jay was going to Juilliard, among the world's top conservatories of music, on a full scholarship. At age 11, he was studying music theory with third year college students. Jay also takes high school courses at another school - courses his parents say he will finish when he's 14.

Elizabeth Wolff is a concert pianist who works with Jay on his piano technique. Jay writes things he can't even play, and he says he wants to perfect his piano playing, even though he doesn't need the piano, or any instrument, to compose.

What happens when he first hears a tune?

"At first, I just listen to it, and then I start humming it. And then while walking, and I like walking a lot when I am inspired," says Jay. "Because I walk to the beat of the music. For example, if the beat is (piano), I start rocking. ...And I often start conducting as well."

Jay's not a usual 12-year-old, and he knows it. Catching onto baseball isn't as natural as playing piano. Even though Jay's a genius, he's still a kid.

What happens when Jay gets bored? "He gets restless, and then he starts improvising. Last week, he took the Beethoven sonata we're working right now, and decided that everything would be kind of interesting upside down and backwards," says Wolff. "So he took the volume and literally did just that. He can do it for you right now. And I couldn't even follow it. But he actually took the clefs and inverted them. The treble became bass, bass became treble, and did it backwards."

How does Jay rank among other child prodigies?

"To be a prodigy composer is far rarer," says Zyman. "You have to conquer these issues. How do you notate this rhythm? What's the range of the oboe? Can this be played on the piano? How do you compose for the harp? There are hundreds of thousands of bits of information that you need to master to be able to write a piece of music."

Talented composers might write five or six symphonies in a lifetime. But Jay has written five at the age of 12.

When the music enters Jay's head, he has a lot of confidence about what he puts down on paper. Does he ever revise one of his compositions? "No, I don't really ever do that," says Jay. "It just usually comes right the first time."

Sam Adler was a child prodigy himself. Today, he's an accomplished composer and professor of Jay's at Juilliard. He agrees Jay can be great, but only if he is constantly questioning his gift.

"Let's take a great genius in the musical world, someone like Beethoven. When you look at a Beethoven score, it's horrendous. He didn't have an eraser. So, he had to cross it out," says Adler. "And it looks as if, you know, he was never satisfied. And that is something that comes with maturity. And I think that's going to happen to Jay."

But is it fair to say the potential is there? "Absolutely," says Adler. "Without doubt."



Swimming To Antarctica
American Swimmer Spends 30 Minutes In Water Cold Enough To Kill Lynne Cox is an American woman who's among the best ocean swimmers of our time. But there's something else about her that you may find hard to believe. Science doesn't fully understand it, but she survives - she even thrives - in water that is cold enough to kill. It is so remarkable that researchers have been trying to figure out how she does it for 30 years. CLIP

Meet Musical Savant Rex (Oct. 23, 2005 )
Lesley Stahl introduces us to a boy with an unbelievable musical gift. - The human mind can be mystifying in its capacity to accommodate both disability and genius in the same person, as 60 Minutes found in a little boy named Rex. Rex was born blind, with brain damage so severe it looked as though he would never walk, talk, or do much of anything. And yet he has a talent few of us can imagine. To understand Rex's brain would be to unlock mysteries of language, memory, and music. Rex Lewis-Clack at age eight was a study in contrasts. Blind and full of enthusiasm, Rex was unable to dress himself, or even carry on a basic conversation. But with everything Rex can't do, he can instantly identify any note that is played for him. It's a talent only one in 10,000 people have. But that was just the beginning of Rex's gifts at the piano. Stahl played Rex a song he had never heard - "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" - with Rex's piano teacher singing along. Despite not being able to see the keys, Rex was able to play the song himself after a single hearing. Rex is a musical savant, one of a handful of people in the world who share a mysterious combination of blindness, mental disability, and musical genius. CLIP




A listing of Star Kid (and Star Seed) abilities

December 22, 2006

Transformative abilities in Star Seeds, Star Kids, and experiencers.

I'd like to in a systematic way go through some of the transformative changes that occur so often in Star Seeds, hybrid kids, and experiencers who are deeply touched and modified by repeated contact. Then I want to go through them again, in terms of not just the oddness, the differentness, the amazingness of these changes, but what's the social purpose, what's the social-spiritual purpose of this?

And there I think we get down to the punch line not only of where our development is headed, but why the Star Visitors - most of those cultures with highly spiritually advanced consciousness - are investing time and energy in trying to help us reach our full potential. They respect the fact that we have that spiritual and metaphysical full potential built into us, and they'd like to fan that flame and see it reach its full design potential.

So bear with me while I suggest a list of things. You might in your own personal experience go down and tick off which one applies to you.

Mental telepathy communication, both incoming and outgoing. Everybody who has had Star Visitor contact had incoming. That's the only way, usually, they talk to you, and it makes for social connection.

Precognition. Knowing the future; hunches that just happen to come true time and time again.

Telekinesis. The ability to modify things by focused mental effort alone. The classic example is lifting something up. Some of you have seen that movie, "Bless the Child," where the little girl rotates an object in mid-air just by mental thought. There it is. You could do that, and more delicate things. (I'm a "psychic dunce," as they say. But I've been known to cheat a little on bowling, when the ball's going down the alley - a little bit over there, that kind of stuff. Some of the kids can use this with pinball, you know.)

Penetrating intuitiveness. Being able to see into a situation and know exactly what's going on with the agendas without anybody briefing you; to see a story in the paper and know just what's going on behind the scenes making that happen. Or looking at a person, knowing what's going on with them.

Aura reading. The bioelectric field around us. Some people define it a little differently. We all have auras, we can all see them. You can quickly learn how to do that. But the more you develop the ability, the greater the potential for good use - to see colors, to see where it's fuller or diminished, or even little bits of absence. You can tell things, diagnose mental or physical illness for example.

Psychic healing. The ability to achieve healing in another person without medical instrumentation and medicine. The antidote or successor to medical school, in some cases. We don't want to throw out allopathic medicine. It has its place. But it isn't always going to be available. There are some things allopathic medicine can't fix, that psychic healing can. It's like you have two hands. Yes, you can cut off one and still function, but most people would rather have two.

Remote viewing. Why should the Army intelligence have all the fun? They're not that good at it. I mean, think about those two words: "Army, intelligence." Some of my best friends are ex-intelligence. But would you want your daughter to marry one?

Invisibility work. Imagine this power in the hands of a six-year-old child. You're looking for him, it's time to come in and do the dishes. Where did that kid go?

Teleportation. The ability to have an object that used to be here, now be over there. Some of our shamans can do that. Some experiencers can.

Levitation. Antigravity without the antigravity craft.

Mental influencing. My favorite example is in the first "Star Wars" movie, a decade ago, when the Imperial storm troopers come marching up to Obe Won Kenobe and Luke Skywalker, and the two droids they have with them. The storm troopers are looking for the droids, because they contain downloaded information that's dangerous to the Empire. It's terribly important that the droids not be captured. And so as the Imperial captain marches up, Obe Won Kenobe thinks telepathically to the captain - and you can hear it in the sound track - "These are not the droids you want." And sure enough, the captain turns around to his men and says, "These are not the droids we want." And then Obe Won says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go." Then the captain turns around to his men and says, "We have no further business here. It's time for us to go." An illustration of mental influencing.
Now, we've seen some illustrations of the psychotronic version of that for dire military intelligence purposes, but that's not what the gift is about, and it frankly doesn't need electronic circuitry to do it.

Earth energy adjustment work. Psychics - or perhaps yourselves - who have done some work to try and smooth out some of Earth's energetic perturbances, trying to calm down hurricanes that are beginning to develop, or smooth down tectonic plate movements, so the earthquakes that are building up won't be quite as violent, that kind of thing; or trying to smooth Earth disturbances from all the nuclear weapons and pollution and wars which resonate with Earth - which is a conscious organism (even our physical scientists have now conceded that) - and smooth that energy out.

Time dilation or contraction. For example, making a journey a lot shorter that it normally would be. To go from one town to another, a trip that should take an hour, and you get there in 40 minutes, because it's terribly important to get there quick. Is that possible? Yes. Or the other thing, to make an experience last longer than it normally would, slow down.

Pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters. Like car crashes - knowing ahead of time it's going to happen, and sure enough it does.

Interdimensional awareness. Being able to sense beings from another dimension. Or being able to move across the "dimensional barrier" and sensing what's going on in another world. These abilities exist. In fact, I was just given some information by my ex-NSA contact that this technology (of course, the government always does that at a technology level) has been achieved at Los Alamos National Labs, with the interdimensional portal that's been created using extremely high-powered holographic technology. They've sent a person through. On the other side, they accessed another world, and it both intrigued and unsettled them. One of the scientists involved in this project was Dr. Wen Ho Lee, famous in the headlines.
It wasn't nuclear secrets that they were worried about. Dr. Lee knows about a lot more delicate stuff than 50-year-old A-bomb designs. It was very important to keep his mouth zipped shut tight.

Astral travel, out-of-body travel. Many of us as experiencers, and us as researcher-therapists, have run across astral travel as one of the preferred ways in which Star Visitors make contact with Humans. If I make an oversimplified template of how contacts go as a pattern, often the Star Visitors soften up the beachhead with a physical encounter. They show up in the flesh and you say, "Oh, my god, they're real. They're visiting me."
After you get over that, often the subsequent encounters take place in the astral, out-of-body mode. You're lying in bed, your body stays in bed, your conscious self goes elsewhere, maybe up on a craft, is with them, gets information, has communication, is shown things, then comes back down into the physical body, you finish sleeping, and wake up in the morning with something you went to bed not knowing. That's a lot easier than running discs through military radar nets, trying to get down and snatch the persons physically from Earth's surface - and more efficient.

Managing close mental connection with your ET guides. Anybody have mental connection with a Star Visitor guide?

And here's a throw-away, extra-added item of no great importance: Putting out street lamps when you walk by. How many folks have had that happen? Doggone, they make lousy light bulbs these days, don't they? :-)

Social and spiritual applications

You read this menu of things to the average citizen that's not been indoctrinated in psychic paranormal reality, and they think you're talking science fiction - if they don't think you're talking "looney bin." But, as the majority of the people in this room know, it's not only real, it's personal.

Now we're at a different phase in our human social evolution. Now it's going public. Now it's going across society. No more shamanistic elitism. Our kids, many of them, are being bred with these characteristics as a given. It keeps spreading. And as the reproductive genetic spread goes on, it will become normative in society. The folks in this room are merely the vanguard of what our whole population is going to look like in probably the next couple of generations. If you want to see Fifth Society, you're looking at it.

Now, why the gifts? Let me just quickly suggest some social purposes, the social and spiritual uses of these gifts, a few ideas from yours truly. I'm sure you can add your own.

Telepathy. Creating a social network of trust. Just like in an office building, you have a bunch of computers that all are connected by a LAN network to a master computer, so that many terminals talk to each other with a common database. That's a model of us, Fifth World society.

Sensitivity or precognition. Folks with these talents developed are sort of like the Indian scouts of old, up in the trees saying, "There's buffalo over that next hill. Let's go get 'em and have something to eat." The precognitive Indian scouts of Fifth World Society will be seeing probable futures, because no future is absolutely cast in stone. They're highly probable, based on current circumstances confluencing together in the most likely way. That's as close as anybody can get to the future, because of free will and chaotic random interpinging of events. (Even for a subatomic particle at Los Alamos, our scientists can't say for sure whether it's going go through one grid or another, because of the "uncertainty principle.") Anyway, we have probable futures.
And if the precognitive experts in our pack can point that out, that allows us as a society to say, "Hmmm, unless we do something, such and such is going to happen. If we'd like it, fine, let's keep on doing what we're doing. If we don't like it, whoa, let's see what we can do to change it." See, this is a benefit to society from that kind of ability.

Telekinesis. We're moving to a stage of mind over matter - mentally-assisted vehicle guidance, for instance. As someone was saying yesterday, that technology already exists. Many experiencers have "taken the wheel," if you will, in a saucer, and after a little coaching mentally guided it in doing its maneuvers. The better star civilizations do it by mind alone - there's no joy stick. Some of our advanced classified military fighters and fighter pilots are doing that, only they use helmet technology. They think, and their helmet accepts their electroencephalogram waves without wires, by radio pickup, and translates the signal into aileron and rudder control in the craft. That's not quite mental telekinesis, but it's pretty close; it's a mechanical model of it.

Penetrating intuitiveness. Social discernment could be the benefit. If all of us can pick up when something is "loaded" - it's not right, and there's some hidden agenda - it's going to be much harder to pull a lot of political and social scams that are now floating successfully.

Aura reading. This allows each of us to discern the other. How are they doing today? And if they're coming from an unsettled, dark place, we can spot that. If they need a little help, be it physical or emotional, it can perhaps trigger our psychic healing. Imagine everybody as a "barefoot doctor" to everybody else.

Psychic healing, remote healing. We've already indicated some of the usefulness of that. We're going beyond medical science, for situations where you can't get to traditional help. Or maybe as an alternative choice a person would be rather be healed psychically than visit their doctor.

Remote viewing. Seeing the past or the future, learning from past mistakes, seeing future probabilities.

Invisibility work. In certain situations, a person may need protective privacy.

Teleportation. For important urgent deliveries that just can't wait for FedEx.

Levitation. If you fall off a cliff, it might be nice not to have to go all the way to the ground.

Mental influencing. This could also be used to encourage and support people doing difficult work. You know, it doesn't have to be mind control. It can be supportive and friendly, giving somebody in a tough place a little extra boost from the outside.

Earth energy adjustment work. With the earth changes coming up, we're probably all going to have to get fairly busy to modify some of the rather dramatic cataclysms that otherwise are building.

Interdimensional awareness. Some of our visitors are coming across dimensions, and when we see them we're not just seeing somebody who came in a high-tech vehicle from another star system. We're seeing folks who jumped dimensions. Often they have trouble getting into third-dimensional density here. They kind of are fuzzy on the edges of it. It's as dense as they can stand being without getting a migraine. If we can reach across halfway and meet them with some interdimensional awareness, the connections are that much easier.

Astral travel. That's how remote viewing works. This is a preferred way of doing a lot of Star Visitor and other contact - connecting with relatives who have departed, for instance.

Connection with Star Visitor guides. Having our "guardian angels" to offer some suggestions and hints."

In the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
Email: drboylan@...
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, California 95619, USA
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Race distinguishes various Star Visitors of decidedly different appearances, or from different planets of origin even if similar in appearance. More research into exo-biology, (the science of Star Visitor life's physical structure and processes), and exo-anthropology (the study of off-world cultures) will help us understand better the many races of intelligent species with which we are dealing. So would the declassifying of the Government's already considerable covert research on Star Visitor ( exo- ) biology, (such as is going on at NASA's Ames Research Center, Sunnyvale, CA, and at Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico. Information from a member of Star Nations' Council informs us that there are 1,483 Star Nations Species who are currently operating within Earth's energy zone, and/or have operated here in the past. Needless to say, this article will not catalogue them all, but only the ones with whom Humans have had more frequent interaction. (...) Then there are the light beings, the energy beings, and the pure, disembodied consciousness beings. The light and energy beings do not have a solid, three-dimensional body, but rather there presence is marked by the presence of an ill-defined mass of light or other energy. In the case of the pure consciousness beings, the only signal of their presence is the onset of telepathic contact, and, occasionally, their influence on something in the local environment. Undoubtedly, many more races could be described. We as humans are challenged by intelligent life that looks so different from us, a challenge which can be disturbing. But it can also remind us that the Source of All is myriad in its expression of lifeforms, including intelligent lifeforms, across the vast Universe. Only the most anthropocentric would be offended by the Supreme Source's creation of intelligence in other anatomical packages. And, indeed, Star Visitor messages tell us that we are that special variant mix of intelligent life: part-Earth primate, part-Star Visitor intelligent lifeform.Thus, when any of us has an encounter with a Star Visitor, we truly are meeting our "distant cousins". (...) Why do the Star Visitors intervene? Because they see that Earth is on an extremely dangerous course, facing collapse of ecosystems, nuclear war, biological warfare, continued concentration of power for total domination of fellow humans by the geoplutocratic cartel known as the Cabal, and potential failure to reach our potential as a mature species, constructing and living in a society of high social, moral and spiritual development. Their response is akin to that of fireman paramedics responding to a 911 call about persons unconscious on the floor of a burning house. If the Star Nations act with a sense of urgency, and don't wait for cowardly governments to eventually get around to informing their citizens about official contact, their sense of urgency seems eminently appropriate. (...) "Since your humanity's era of the industrial Revolution, your species has changed the aura, should we say, the makeup, of earth energies and other life forms on your planet. The extinction of many species shows that the changes disrupted the energies so those species could no longer survive on the planet. Not good. "Your most recent times have been devastating to al life forms. Earth is in a crisis! This shows us that Earth humanity is not progressing in the proper way as a whole. Those you title light workers, and others who are developing positive awareness, are observed, assisted and adjusted for future work among the Federations. Earth, herself, is transforming and becoming lighter on many levels. This process releases unwanted 'times', toxins, and negative energies she has been forced to endure over the past several hundreds of years." CLIP

Number of races visiting Earth identified (Dec 12, 2006)
A member of Star Nations' Council has identified the number of races visiting Earth. Councillor For the Watchers yesterday said, "At this time, there are 1,483 Star Nations Species within the Earth Energy System." "Race" distinguishes various Star Visitors of decidedly different appearances, or from different planets of origin even if similar in appearance.

French space agency to publish UFO archive online (Dec 19, 2006)
PARIS (Reuters) - The French space agency is to publish its archive of UFO sightings and other phenomena online, but will keep the names of those who reported them off the site to protect them from pestering by space fanatics. Jacques Arnould, an official at the National Space Studies Center (CNES), said the French database of around 1,600 incidents would go live in late January or mid-February.He said the CNES had been collecting statements and documents for almost 30 years to archive and study them. (...) Advances in technology over the past three decades had prompted the decision to put the archive online, he said, adding it would likely be available via the CNES website

United States Marine Corps (USMC)Officer Job Descriptions - MOS 9666, Space Operations Officer (THIS IS ON A US MILITARY WEBSITE - COULD THIS BE ANY MORE OVERT?)
a. Summary. Space operations officers will be involved in the management and supervision for the Marine Corps active participation in the development, operation, and use of space systems for the accomplishment of Marine Corps missions, to include support for strategic defense.
b. Requirements/Prerequisites(1) Complete the Space Systems Operations curriculum number 366 at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.(2) Space operations officers must have a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge of the space environment and relevant technologies and specific knowledge of: (a) Plans, concepts, strategies, and tactics for employment of space systems. (b) Factors leading to assessment of design requirements.(c) Simulation and modeling. (d) Orbitology. (e) Space warfare. (f) Military employment of space systems. (g) Computers. (h) National space effort organization. CLIP



Star Nations message for Humans

December 22, 2006


Councillor For the Watchers recognized the efforts made by lightworkers in he recent Joint Psychic Exercise to send healing corrective energy to Earth, its species, including Humans and even Cabal. But he also had these observations.

CFW: "Humans of Earth have within their ability far more than they are willing to accept. Earth is known as a place of certain hardships, but it is not without its own comforts. These things are as Earth Being has designed. These things are as the body of which she is a part has determined. Humans are observed to struggle within themselves to combat the tendency certain comforts have brought them. 
"To put it with plainness, Humans are still learning as a Species when it is right to be in rest and when it is time for action. Even those who are called animals on Earth Being are known to have surpassed Humans in this skill. For their own survival, they will stop play time.  
"We do not speak against your Humans. We do not say that all Humans are lazy in these things. It is known that many Humans continue to stand in service when all others have ceased. Still Humans speak to the Star Nations that they must have one thing or another so their Species can survive their own corruption. 
"It is seen that even Humans who understand that the fate of their Species hangs in the balance still withhold internal efforts. When given the combined contribution of the Star Nations was given to Humans, even Humans who understood the impact of this contribution did not give the effort forward that would have been given by a non-dominant Earth Species if it was known that their survival was at stake. Even the Human who serves as a channel for this communication is the same. Even now it is understood by many that Humans posses the ability to continue Healing contribution which will be matched by Star Nations energy. Do your Humans comprehend this item? It is observed that they do. They are not ignorant. Do they take action on this? It is seen that very few have. 
"This is not to say that Aware Humans are not making an effort, but Humans do not yet make the effort they must make for their own changes.  The gentle nature of life many Humans have made for themselves could very well lead to their own destruction."

[end of Councillor For the Watcher's observatons.]

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Forwarded by Ricardo (


SaLuSa - 29 December, 06

Dear Ones I am SaLuSa, and looking back at this year it has to be one that in general terms has been very satisfactory. Although the threat of terrorist action has been a possibility, it has not occurred to the degree that you have been led to expect. Bird Flu has not proved to be anywhere near endemic proportions as previously suggested, and has tended to affect only those who are closely associated with their breeding and personal use. Relatively speaking, the Earth itself has been quiet, and the many minor occurrences that have taken place could be considered as quite normal.

All told the year has passed without any real trauma, natural or otherwise. Without some change of direction, the outlook is however still grim as the dark forces try to escalate confrontation in the Middle East. You will have noticed that peace talks are rarely if ever on the agenda, and the war machine marches on under the guidance of the Illuminati. Over many years their plan has led to their presence in most countries, and whether as friend or foe their intention is still one of seeking global dominance. For some time their attention has been taken by the South American countries that have spurned their advances. This has caused a delay to their plan, and they plot ways in which to overcome democratically elected leaders.

In the area of weapons development the U.S. spends astronomical amounts of money, particularly on advanced Space weapons. This takes place to the background of a falling dollar and the possibility of devaluation. The dark have no real concern about the future of the people, except that through allowing or creating chaos they promote fear and tighten their grip upon them. The World and its resources are seen as a target for complete control and domination, by an un-elected government that fails to truly represent its people.

The picture creates one of despots and criminals taking over the world, but wait because you the people have your own champions who are ready to come forward. You also have the Galactic Forces and many highly evolved Beings with you, working purely in your interests and commands of the Creator. The Creator's plan is the only one that will be fulfilled, and the others are already collapsing. The path of the dark and the Light is clearly defined, and it is a one sided contest as the Light will always prove superior.

The greatest change has occurred amongst the people who have become enlightened, and now have a greater understanding of the battle that is taking place. Instead of being held down, many have broken out of the shackles of ages past that have denied them their freedom and sovereignty. They now have a realization of their power to determine their own future. No one can take away your growing consciousness and determination to take it back. Your mass consciousness continues to grow at an accelerated pace, and it is awakening Humanity to its true purpose.

The beauty of your rapid awakening is that you are creating a powerful energy that must manifest itself and fulfill its destiny. It is you the people that are lighting up the path ahead, and many are being drawn to it. There may be momentary pauses brought about by the activities of the dark, but we are working with you to ensure there is no lasting effect. We do much to prevent the dark from creating too many problems, and can nullify their ability to do so. From way out in Space, out of harms way we continue to monitor all events on Earth. If necessary, we come very close to alleviate the problems arising from the use of advanced electronic technology. Our concerns also arise where the animal kingdoms are concerned both on land and at sea, as they are being destroyed without any thought for their right to existence.

Our association with you will become stronger, and soon we will find it possible to make more contacts with you. We do not put anyone at risk, but the time is approaching for a much more open contact with you. One way has already started and working successfully, and that covers the growing number of contacts who are able to receive our messages. This is an important area of communication, and it is essential that more people know of our intentions for the advancement of Humanity.

You have been held back for far too long, and now we make ourselves more known to you but in a way that shows our respect for your sovereignty. We see you as One with us, and our association with you will be based on this understanding. We are your mentors and protectors, and have been with you for millennia of time. In the course of your history you have had encounters with other extraterrestrials, but many simply visit Earth for exploration purposes with no other intent.

The Greys are not as some believe attempting to take over the people or the Earth itself. They come out of self-interest to promote a program that will ensure their own survival. It is unfortunate that their activities promote much fear amongst you, but it may be some consolation for you to know that their actions are monitored. They do not have a free hand to do just as they wish. Almost every contact they make with people of Earth is pre-arranged and therefore permissible, although most of them are unaware of this fact.

You have a lot to learn about the great Cosmos that teams with life. However, it will not be much longer before it will be open to you for your exploration. Beforehand you will be educated so as to understand the Laws of Contact, as you cannot interfere with the evolution of others. You will find that once you have achieved a certain level of understanding and a higher consciousness, you will be welcomed to visit other civilizations. The crudity, disregard and inconsideration that Man presently shows for other life forms are unacceptable elsewhere. Can you now see why you have been quarantined upon Earth, and have so far been prevented from traveling into Space?

My friends, great changes are coming as you put on your cloak of Light and become the Christed Ones that are lifting off Earth. Your achievements are astonishing in such a short time, and we accompany you with great love and admiration for your success. Victory over the dark will soon become yours.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey


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