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December 7, 2004

The Light Series #69: Just AMAZING!

Hello everyone

I'm just too tired to write any meaningful comment to introduce it except that there is some really astounding, extraordinary, not to be missed stuff in this one.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Everything is in vibration... All of life is in a state of perpetual movement, of vibration. This is not a new idea, but a natural law known and used by the mathematicians, engineers and healers of ancient civilizations, and a truth our scientists are beginning to discover. From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom to the planets spinning around suns in galaxies, everything is in movement. Everything is in vibration. And if it is in vibration, it is putting out a sound, which travels as a wave form measured in cycles per second, called its frequency. Slow waves make low sounds, while fast waves make high sounds. Dolphins can project and receive information upwards of 180,000 cycles per second, more than 10 times that of humans. And this to them is sound, although human beings cannot hear it. Just because we can't hear something does not mean it is not vibrating, or creating a sound. Every object has a natural vibratory rate, called its resonance. One of the basic principles of vibrational healing is that every part of the body, every cell, every organ, every bone, is in a state of vibration. When we are in a state of health, the body and energy field puts out an overall harmonic of health. However, when a frequency that is counter to our health is introduced in some part of the physical or subtle bodies, it creates a disharmony that we call dis-ease. The focus of Synchronization Harmonics is on restoring the inherent harmonic resonance of the energy field, which holds the blueprint for what is manifesting on the level of the physical. During the treatment process, stagnant and dissonant energy is gradually released from areas of the physical and subtle bodies which are vibrating "out of tune", through a series of synchronised steps given by the Higher Self and guides of the client and the facilitator. "

- Edna Spennato> - More details at

NOTE FROM JEAN: When I mentioned to Edna that I was going to run this excerpts above, she replied with lots more information about her work. Since she doesn't yet have a website, I've simply archived parts of her material HERE for your review if you are interested. But I'd like to add this quote from her email to me and recommend to all people who have any kind of distant healing skills to join her - and me as I'll do so too - in sending as often as possible healing support to our suffering brothers and sisters in Fallujah, especially on Tuesdays as Edna does...

"The planetary work continues each week, but due to time constraints, it is only on the Equinoxes and Solstices that I actually write up a full report like this, from the handwritten notes taken during the treatment. For the past year and a half, the epicentre of our planetary work has been Iraq, and for the past few weeks Falluja. Words fail for me in expressing the horror of what has played out there, and my energies have been focused in remote energy work with the people there, whose suffering is just too great to bear. We have a surrogate on the ground in Iraq, someone who was in Fallujah during the last "assault" there in April 2003, and who is now based in Baghdad but is in close contact with the refugees on an ongoing basis. He is able to consciously send us their vibration energetically, and receives and grounds the incoming healing energy for them when we do the planetary work each week, usually all day on a Tuesday."

Dreaming a better world

There is a capacity now, that we are being given, to live more deeply within ourselves. It requires that we surrender to a Love that we have very seldom experienced. It is a Love that embraces all of humanity, including the suffering. This Love will not fix life, but will take us deep within ourselves, to the natural self that nourishes us, and nourishes life. Through listening to our dreams, we hear this hidden heartbeat, the way the soul speaks to us and guides us, each according to our own nature. Through working with our dreams, we learn to be attentive to this Love and to weave it into our lives. This Love needs us, now. "Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone knew the Self and the Holy Secret. Imagine how that would heal the interrelationship of all animals, humans and the earth."

- From a dream by Anne Scott
Recommended by "Maggie Erotokritou">

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1. A Dream about Extraterrestrial Contact from Phil Armstrong, New Zealand
2. Alien Odyssey
3. Feedback from Cammy in Oklahoma
4. Feedback Re: Meditation Focus #121
5. Prodigy, 12, Compared to Mozart
6. Irisha and Dominique
7. The Great Awakening
8. Story of the Geese

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NOTE FROM JEAN: Update on the world referendum "CHANGE THE WORLD! "DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!" which I recommended last year - see at
I've discovered about 3 weeks ago that the author of this text has been seriously discredited. It is a complicated story. The information I found on this is available only in French at -I thought you should all know...



Date: 03 Dec 2004
From: Phil Armstrong>
Subject: A Dream about Extraterrestrial Contact from Phil Armstrong, New Zealand

Dear Jean,

I just read you latest Phoenix Arising newsletter and was very interested in the letter from Matthias Bonning - Are they out there?, and I am writing to share a brief but fascinating dream which I had about 3 weeks ago.

In the dream I was standing with some friends out on the front lawn of out house ,which has rural views (Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand) taking in three mountain ranges, and I looked up and saw the sky full of flying saucer and cigar shaped craft. The sky was literally full of them. In my dream I jumped around and cried out "Yes - yippee, about time" and I felt so overjoyed and excited at seeing all these space ships. Next thing a voice inside my head said "There are four million of us." And then I awoke.

That experience had a very strong impact upon me and I have since had (what I perceive to be) telepathic information from an entity associated with a space craft, of which I have had a vision, and who has informed me of his links to Arcturus. This I have written down and typed up, but I do not feel confident enough to share it on the Internet yet.

So I have written this in response to Matthia's letter and yes - I also feel that something BIG is in the wind!!

With love and Peace

Phil Armstrong



Dear Phil

Thank you very much for sharing this tantalizing dream about the imminent global First contact - which is now included in a forthcoming compilation for next week. I would love to
also network the information you received and will be most happy to do so whenever you feel confident enough to go forward with emailing me a copy. The first time one receives such telepathic communications it is fairly normal to experience either doubts about its validity or a certain shyness about coming forward with this material. I experienced the same in 1981 the first time I received such a message - which at the time I did not identify as coming from an ET source or anything like it (It was entitled "The Time Has Come"). It felt to me that it came from my higher Self - from the soul level - and yet it was so powerful and came in such a fast-paced, unexpected way that I needed some reassurance I was indeed to send it out to others - for otherwise why would I've had received it in the first place if not for that?...

So I used the I-Ching as a divinatory tool to find out what I should do with it (I still have the reading it gave) and finally resolved to go ahead, typed it of an old typewriter that had belonged to my grand-father, translated it in English (I'm a French speaking guy from Quebec and didn't know much English at the time), made 500 copies of each version of an old Gestetner printer (using stencils), bought 1000 envelopes, found mailing addresses from around the world where I could mail this, bought lots of stamps and started mailing it out. That was the beginning of my networker career and I'm on a roll ever since.

Imagine how easy it will be for you today to do the same as I did except on a much larger scale through the World Wide Web and in infinitely less time-consuming manner and at no cost to you? You'll just have to click on the send button on your computer screen and I'll take care of the rest for you.

I'm including Matthias as a Cc as I'm sure he'll be very interested to read such confirming evidence - if he needed any! - about the dreams he had.

Lots of Love to you Phil and stay tuned!



Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for your loving support and encouragement. The last time I had a communication with An-Wah from Arcturus, was in the form of direct voice communication, with my wife and friends, with who we were doing healing work at the time. (I have been involved with clairvoyant work for over 30 years). Fortunately some notes of the message were recorded but unfortunately I did not have my tape recorder with me.

I have another off-planet entity who writes through me named Darius, and another entity who calls itself Body (an emBODYment of the love of the Creator) who has been writing via me for several months.

When I sort out my communications I will be very happy to share them on the internet.
So thank you for your generous offer.

As General MacArthur once said - "I shall return."

With love


LAST MINUTE NOTE FROM JEAN: I just noticed Phil sent me the material he referred to above. I'll read it and will let you know later about it all.




Alien Odyssey

John Meloney>

I am a contactee. Almost all of my contacts have been positive. I would welcome an ongoing relationship with benevolent ETs. I wrote a book called Alien Odyssey, self published, telling about some of my and my late wife's experiences. I can contact ETs psychically but can't receive from them telepathically. Am studying dowsing now to develop more telepathic receiving ability and am having some success.


Could you tell me more about your book and if there is information on a website about it as other people on the list might be interested in it. I would include your comment above in a coming compilation along with some info on your book if you'd like that .

AND ON 4 Dec 2004 HE REPLIED THIS (in part):


Thanks for your note and generous offer. I am an avid reader of yours and greatly admire you for all that your doing. There is a webpage where the book is reviewed.
If anyone contacts me by email at> I can send them a copy. It is $6.95 plus $1.50 for shipping in the USA.

Briefly it is a true account of my late wife's channeling but it was more than that. ET's would step out of their own physical bodies and push her out of hers and then step into hers and take over her vocal chords so they could talk to me or anyone else who was not highly psychic. My wife was psychic enough so she could communicate directly but if it was a long conversation I was having with them it was quicker and easier for them to use her body than have me ask her a question which she would relay telepathically to them and then get their answer and relay it to me.

Some people, including my wife, could see them in their physical bodies but I only caught a glimpse once in a while. We travelled some 10,000 miles in the USA under their direction and that is what the book is about.

I hope this is the information you wanted.

Love and light to you,

John Meloney


(...) I believe there will be many people interested to hear about the quite amazing and unique story you and your wife experienced. Is it still going on or have ETs now ceased such body invasions of your wife's body? BTW I hope it was with her consent all along, otherwise it would be a grave violation of an individual soul sovereignty and would cast serious doubts about the real intentions of these ETs towards Earthlings. If you have a 2-3 page article giving a more detailed synopsis of your experience with them and especially about what their actual agenda is, I'm sure many would be interested - I sure would be as I have no time anymore to read books but would appreciate getting the gist of it all in such an article - and I could also circulate this.

Love and Light to you and Phyllis



Subject: Alien Odyssey background
Date: 6 Dec 2004


I don't have a three page summary of what my book is all about so I just wrote a three page email to you giving the background you seek when the whole email disappeared from my computer. So I will try again, this time putting it on Microsoft Word, saving it as I go along, and try to email this as an attachment.

To begin with, I will be 82 next month so I am not an impressionable youngster. During World War II I edited intelligence reports from allied agents behind the Nazi lines in occupied Europe. Later I was a newspaper reporter for several years. Shortly after the war I married Virginia, a girl who had a multi-engine instrument rating to fly planes for the military.

When Donald Keyhoe, director of NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) learned that I had training in interviewing people and writing reports, and that my wife knew a lot about things flying through the air, he prevailed upon us to represent the organization in New Hampshire, building a team of UFO investigators.

Skeptical at first, we soon became convinced that UFOs and their occupants were real because of some of the cases we investigated. After some of our associates were harassed and even sent to prison and the government went to extreme lengths to debunk some of the material we handled, it became obvious to us that there was a lot more to UFOs than the public was being told. 

Later my wife and I were divorced (we still keep in touch and share UFO material) and I married Phyllis who was also divorced. Phyllis was totally different, being a simple country girl who had never flown, traveled, or read anything about UFOs. She was, however, extremely psychic. She had friends I could not see, saw colors most people could not see, was able at times to see through solid objects, saw auras and thought everybody did. She also saw spirits of dead people. Her first husband thought she was "odd".

Shortly after we began living together she started talking in her sleep. It soon became apparent to me that a different personality was talking and I began tape recording our two-way conversations. She was totally unaware of these sessions until she heard the tapes. I quickly learned that ETs were talking to me through her because I could not receive telepathically as she did. They used her vocal chords and I soon came to recognize them by their different voices.

One of them told me that they picked us as a team, because of my knowledge of the government cover up and her psychic ability. They wanted us to help teach newly arrived ETs on Earth how to survive here when they didn't know earth languages and customs. They said they influenced our divorces and meeting each other though they could not force this to happen unless we were willing.

Eventually we traveled more than 10,000 miles under their direction and we met more than 50 ETs. One of them lived with us for six months. These happenings are what the book is about. I did not write the book to make money and have lost quite a bit on it. I wrote it because most UFO books are compilations of what other people have written. This is all original and is just a reporter's summary of events (at least many of them). I wanted the material to be available to serious UFO researchers before the information got lost or we died. Phyllis did pass away three years ago and I wrote it after that.

Since her death I have not been able to contact ETs. When she was alive we could be in bed at 2 a.m. and she would be snoring lightly. I could mentally call one of the ETs and ask him or her a question without saying anything out loud. Usually in about 45 seconds she would start talking in the voice of the ET and answer my question. She would never know about it unless I told her in the morning.

Since she passed away I have been out of touch with ETs because I don't receive well telepathically. To correct this I have joined the American Association of Dowsers and taken training which puts me in touch with my higher self. I am fairly successful at dowsing now and hope it will develop into continued ET communication. One day last summer I was in a hot attic thinking about the ETs and saying to myself something like "where are you?" I thought it in their language, some of which I had learned. Suddenly I had a severe psychic chill which had me shaking with cold. I assume one of them heard me and that was his/her way of letting me know he/she was around. So there is hope that we will regain contact.

As for their agenda; the ones I "met" were spiritual and wanted to help us. They said they could not infringe on our free will except if we tried to put nuclear weapons into space or use them extensively on Earth. This would hurt them also and they would simply not allow it. They will not stop us from killing ourselves by other means. They have the technology to diffuse war heads. They said some ETs are interested in exploiting Earth for some of its natural resources but they have no interest in humans. The ones I met did want to help us develop spiritually and in other positive ways.

This pretty well tells you the basics. Feel free to use it any way you wish. For a long time, I've wanted to make a financial contribution to your site, but have been rather tight on money since going through bankruptcy just before Phyllis died. However, if this leads to any book sales I will send something. You are providing a MUCH needed service.

Love and Light,

John Meloney



Dear John

A million thanks for taking the time to write up (twice!) this background summary of your book. This is a quite amazing story and I would not be surprised you would get several orders for your book. I for one will mail you $10 US next time I go to the post office as I now definitely want to read your book. And please I would prefer that you do NOT send me a donation as I believe you need money more than I right now. OK?

I would also like to reassure you about the sudden "severe psychic chill" which you experienced in response to your attempt to receive a contact from your ET friends. This is a perfectly natural phenomenon. I've experienced the exact same thing hundreds of times over the last 30 years as I've grown accustomed with such incoming burst of spiritual/cosmic energies from the invisible dimensions of existence. Every time I connect with the higher aspect of my being it happens, same thing during the Meditation Focus when I serve as a channel for these powerful vibrations. I encourage you to welcome this reaction when it happens and not get frightened by it. Some call it ecstatic bliss, so it must be good ;-)

If you try a bit to get into meditation, you may quickly learn more about this (often dormant) aspect of Who We Are, that is, an aspect of the divine in bodily experience. You may even soon realize you can receive directly the thoughts of your ET friends and type what you hear in your mind directly at the computer. Eventually you will realize they and us—and everything else That Is—is all One...

BTW I was not aware that it was such a difficult adaptation for our space brothers and sisters to learn to live among us but now that you mentioned it, it makes plenty of sense indeed that they would need such assistance to "get the hang of it" here. You must have had some amazing encounters and experiences with them and I very much look forward to read about those you recorded in your book.

Love, Light and Universal blessings to you



From: "Cammy Ganatta-Templin">
Subject: Re: Rising Phoenix Series #31: Subtle Activism and Mass Awakening Urgently Needed
Date: 3 Dec 2004

dear jean,

i would like to comment. i haven't before because i, unlike many of your readers, have no formal education nor skills at eloquent, clear, concise speaking or writing.

i am just a 'redneck hick', from oklahoma, usa, that is walking this path of the lightworker as best i know how, without the benefit of others in my area that share the same vision. instead, i live in a place of angry, bible thumping, say jesus died for your sins, or go to hell for eternity zealots.

i have many times talked about and worked to bring greater awareness to my family and friends of what is truly going on w/ the bush regime, and the horrid killings. i am seen as a nut case, in dire need of a reality check by those that know me. so now i keep my mouth shut, and let my heart and mind do the work in my meditations and intent.

certainly there are many of us that feel in the deepest part of our souls the anguish, anger, heartbreak, and desperation of all that is going on in our world.

i am a mother, a wife, recovering from a work injury from over 4 years ago. in the past year alone i have witnessed many that i love choosing to leave the planet, some in devastating and unbelievable ways. couple this with the horrible happenings all over the world, and some days it is too much, some days my heart is so very heavy that i live in a fog of depression and helplessness. some days i am able to lift above this, most days not. just in the past week i have seen young men that were classmates and graduated w/ my daughter come home in body bags. i have seen the anger, the deep despair, and the unnamed pain that those moms now carry because they had to bury their children for a war that should not exist.

it is not that many of us don't care, or are in total denial. for myself, i simply do not know what to say, or what to do. so i use what i have, my own meditations and light, and envision healing for the planet and all upon her. please don't judge all in america as being uncaring or killers. some of us are overwhelmed by what is going on, and do our best to do what we can to bring healing and love.

being uneducated, i cannot as you can, carry the message in a way that is understood by others. i do not have the skills necessary to speak out in a way that makes a positive difference. instead, i feel the best thing i can do is to use what i know about light and love in my meditations, prayers, and active 'imagery work'. and of course, to work on myself, first and foremost to remove my own negativity, judgement, and blocks to love's coming.

of course my heart breaks for every man, woman, child, and critter on this planet that has been so horribly killed, maimed, or lost loved ones. of course my heart breaks for the little girl babies in china that are tossed out on the street like we do puppies and kittens in this country. of course my heart breaks for those in africa dying of aids, starving, and destitute, with no visible way out. my heart breaks for the earth, when i see my neighbors using poison to 'kill the weeds' in their yards.

so tell me jean, what is it you want from me? what is it you would have me do to help this planet besides utilizing the tools that i have so fervently sought out, that so go against the old energy of control and hate? to email you every time you send out a compilation, and tell you how the news you bring makes my heart ache, my stomach sick, my mind reel, and the fog of depression thicken? no, i don't think that would benefit either of us, nor the planet.

i thank you for your work, truly, i would not have the information w/out your diligence and search for the truth. but please understand, some of us don't KNOW what to do, what to say, other than to keep it close to our hearts and be willing to send out healing light and love. there are MANY days, that i ask myself............. "why am i here? why did i choose to come back to this place?". then i remember, a lighthouse does not exist in a safe harbor. lighthouses are placed near treacherous, dangerous waters. just because we don't say anything does not mean that we do not care, in fact, i am so overwhelmed at times that there are no words to come close to what i feel. but i highly suspect there are a great many out there like me, doing what we can in our own personal lives to bring the ships into safe passage.

those are my comments, thank you for listening, and thank you for your incredible work. to all the planet, i send light, love, joy, peace, laughter, and blessings.

cammy lee

p.s. there is something else i would like to add..........................
years ago, when my daughter was in the 3rd grade, my grandmother came to visit, and she went to the school w/ me to pick up my child. we went inside, she met the teacher, and she was quite shocked to learn that in that class, there were only 3 girls, the rest were boys. i will never forget her words.
"Cammy, that is a sign. all these boys, so few girls, is mother natures way of preparing for war".



Dear Cammy

For someone who believes she is not good with words let me tell you that you came across very eloquently in this powerful letter above. I think that by sharing your story and feelings as you just did, you are indeed contributing mightily to greater awakening and compassion as all those who will read it and empathize with you - even if they never let you know although I believe you will get a tremendous number of emails of support and encouragement will be touched and, in turn, may open themselves a bit more and likewise share with others about their deep unexpressed feelings and thus help bring out in the open the difficult realities of our times, therefore fostering an end to denial which is the first BIG step towards actually triggering the healing process that our world and all humans so urgently need.

Please never lose hope that a Light and Love-filled future is indeed at our doorstep. These are some of the darkest hours before dawn and soon the sun of a radiant era of happiness and bountiful love for all will break through the fog hiding to our sight all the wonders just ahead. Do not be afraid either to express to others in the kindest possible way whatever your heart prompts you to tell them. Even the most closed minds have a deep-welling desire to discover who they really Are and partake to the banquet of souls in the process of freeing themselves from the shackles of religious and cultural indoctrination breeding so much fear, hatred and prejudices if far too many people today.

Love and Light will prevail



From: "Meria Heller">
Subject: Feedback Re: Meditation Focus #121: Changing Our Consciousness to Prevent Climate Change
Date: 5 Dec 2004

Hi Jean,

The Earth "changes" are quite natural for Mother Earth. I refer to it as "going through her menopause". Of course humans do contribute to the pollution and weather manipulation techniques, with the audacity to think they can challenge or control nature.

Nature proves time and again how defenseless and puny humans are when she blows, shakes and quakes. Yet, man in his ego thinks he can "Control the Weather by 2025" (U.S. Air Force). We are all living the results of over five years of aerosol spraying (chemtrails) and are only getting sicker and sicker, while the weather gets weirder and weirder.

As I was told years ago by Spirit to tell the world "live in a sacred manner or die" (see my book "Reinventing the Wheel" for the whole story), we are living the results of mans thoughts of somehow being superior to nature. I'm sure they get this from their twisting of the scriptures and their self created "missions" from God.

When one thinks that the Earth has survived for millions of years through natural disaster, meteor hits, comets, sun storms, ice ages, etc., to think that humans could destroy her is ludicrous. The only thing humans can destroy is themselves through destruction of their habitat (the outer skin of a living planet).

We, as Sun Bear taught, are as fleas on a dog's back, and sooner or later the dog will shake us off like the fleas we are.

There is nothing super-natural about what is happening on the planet, it is mostly all very natural. We just happen to be in the way of it. If we truly were connected to nature, we would know where not to build our homes and cities. We would be true caretakers of the planet and all living things. Not just takers. However, when one builds in the path of a natural lava flow, and a volcano erupts, why be surprised when it flows over "Mauna Loa Lava Condos"?

To truly meditate for life, one needs to pray for all living things. All. Remember, the elements are as alive as we are. They are under attack by silly humans who think they can own the wind, water, land, etc. People believe the animals are here for our purposes, not that they are sentient beings with their own reason for being here. All of nature seems to be "in the way" or a commodity of humans, a big mistake.

When Mother Nature starts calling, they find themselves defenseless. When one walks with spirit, and recognizes all life, all of life notices. All of life protects them. Their "heartlight" beats a different color. That color is recognized by Spirit, and the protection is there. This is the purpose of living in a sacred manner and honoring all life. To change the vibration of one's soul. There are many holy people walking the Earth, and Mother Earth responds to them. Living in a sacred manner is easier than people realize and my latest book covers that in simple terms and lifestyles.

Walk in Beauty always,


"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 5th yr On The Net- #1 on Net!

My book "Reinventing The Wheel, The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity" is now available through the website!



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CBS News: 60 Minutes Wednesday Transcript - November 28, 2004

There is a composer studying at New York's renowned Juilliard School who some say is the greatest talent to come along in 200 years. He's written five full -length symphonies, and he's only 12 years old.

His name is Jay Greenberg, although he likes the nickname "Bluejay" because, he says, blue jays are small and make a lot of noise.

Greenberg says music just fills his head and he has to write it down to get it out. What's going on in Bluejay's head? Correspondent Scott Pelley spoke with him.


Jay wrote a piece, "The Storm," in just a few hours. It was commissioned by the New Haven Symphony in Connecticut.

When the last note sailed into the night, Jay navigated an unfamiliar stage, and then took a bow.

"We are talking about a prodigy of the level of the greatest prodigies in history when it comes to composition," says Sam Zyman, a composer. "I am talking about the likes of Mozart, and Mendelssohn, and Saint-Sans."

Zyman teaches music theory to Jay at the Juilliard School in New York City, where he's been teaching for 18 years.

"This is an absolute fact. This is objective. This is not a subjective opinion," says Zyman. "Jay could be sitting here, and he could be composing right now. He could finish a piano sonata before our eyes in probably 25 minutes. And it would be a great piece."

How is it possible? Jay told Pelley he doesn't know where the music comes from, but it comes fully written -- playing like an orchestra in his head.

"It's as if the unconscious mind is giving orders at the speed of light," says Jay. "You know, I mean, so I just hear it as if it were a smooth performance of a work that is already written, when it isn't." All the kids are downloading music these days. But Jay, with his composing program, is downloading it from his head.

The program records his notes and plays them back -- that's when the computer is up and running. Jay composes so rapidly that he often crashes his computer.

"It's as if he's looking at a picture of the score, and he's just taking it from the picture, basically," says Zyman.

Jay's parents are as surprised as anyone. Neither is a professional musician. His father, Robert, is a linguist, and a scholar in Slavic language who lost his sight at 36 to retinitis pigmentosa. His mother, Orna, is an Israeli-born painter.

"I think, around 2, when he started writing, and actually drawing instruments, we knew that he was fascinated with it," says Orna. "He managed to draw a cello and ask for a cello, and wrote the world cello. And I was surprised, because neither of us has anything to so with string instruments. And I didn't expect him to know what it [a cello] was."

But Jay knew he wanted a cello, so his mother brought him to a music store where he was shown a miniature cello. "And he just sat there. He ...started playing on it," recalls Orna. "And I was like, 'How do you know how to do this?'"

By 3, Jay was still drawing cellos, but he had turned them into notes on a scale. He was beginning to compose, and his parents watched the notes come faster and faster. He was writing any time, anywhere. By elementary school, his teachers had no idea how to handle a boy whose hero wasn't Batman, but Beethoven.

"He hears music in his head all the time, and he'll start composing and he doesn't even realize it probably, that he's doing it," says Robert. "But the teachers would get angry, and they would call us in for emergency meetings with seven people sitting there trying to figure out how they're going accommodate our son."

Jay has been told his hearing is many times more sensitive than an average person's. The sounds of the city need to be shut out manually. But Jay can't turn off the music in his head. In fact, he told us he often hears more than one new composition at a time.

"Multiple channels is what it's been termed," says Jay. "That my brain is able to control two or three different musics at the same time -- along with the channel of everyday life."

"This child told me 'I'm gonna be dead if I am not composing. I have to compose. This is all I want to do," says Orna. "And when a child that young tells you where their vision is, or where they're going, you don't have a choice."

By the age of 10, Jay was going to Juilliard, among the world's top conservatories of music, on a full scholarship. At age 11, he was studying music theory with third year college students. Jay also takes high school courses at another school - courses his parents say he will finish when he's 14.

Elizabeth Wolff is a concert pianist who works with Jay on his piano technique. Jay writes things he can't even play, and he says he wants to perfect his piano playing, even though he doesn't need the piano, or any instrument, to compose.

What happens when he first hears a tune?

"At first, I just listen to it, and then I start humming it. And then while walking, and I like walking a lot when I am inspired," says Jay. "Because I walk to the beat of the music. For example, if the beat is (piano), I start rocking. ...And I often start conducting as well."

Jay's not a usual 12-year-old, and he knows it. Catching onto baseball isn't as natural as playing piano. Even though Jay's a genius, he's still a kid.

What happens when Jay gets bored? "He gets restless, and then he starts improvising. Last week, he took the Beethoven sonata we're working right now, and decided that everything would be kind of interesting upside down and backwards," says Wolff. "So he took the volume and literally did just that. He can do it for you right now. And I couldn't even follow it. But he actually took the clefs and inverted them. The treble became bass, bass became treble, and did it backwards."

How does Jay rank among other child prodigies?

"To be a prodigy composer is far rarer," says Zyman. "You have to conquer these issues. How do you notate this rhythm? What's the range of the oboe? Can this be played on the piano? How do you compose for the harp? There are hundreds of thousands of bits of information that you need to master to be able to write a piece of music."

Talented composers might write five or six symphonies in a lifetime. But Jay has written five at the age of 12.

When the music enters Jay's head, he has a lot of confidence about what he puts down on paper. Does he ever revise one of his compositions? "No, I don't really ever do that," says Jay. "It just usually comes right the first time."

Sam Adler was a child prodigy himself. Today, he's an accomplished composer and professor of Jay's at Juilliard. He agrees Jay can be great, but only if he is constantly questioning his gift.

"Let's take a great genius in the musical world, someone like Beethoven. When you look at a Beethoven score, it's horrendous. He didn't have an eraser. So, he had to cross it out," says Adler. "And it looks as if, you know, he was never satisfied. And that is something that comes with maturity. And I think that's going to happen to Jay."

But is it fair to say the potential is there? "Absolutely," says Adler. "Without doubt."


NOTE FROM JEAN: Recently I received a hard copy of an article published about the caring work done by Irisha, a long-time subscriber to this list, and I wrote this to her after reading it:

"Irisha I believe you are an angel. I've never read such an amazing story of compassion. I had tears in my eyes at the end. I would love to include your story in a future compilation as I'm sure many others will be likewise moved by it. It is a stellar example of the kind of compassionate real life spirituality that could transform this planet into a heavenly place and this is why I want to bring it to other people's attention. Do you have it in your computer and could you please email it to me?"

So here is this amazing story...


Irisha and Dominique

By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker

(Published in the "Western North Carolina Woman" journal)


I met Irisha Pomerantzeff several years ago; we were both involved with a group of people looking to establish some sort of community living situation. Irisha specifically wanted to create a healing center on land in the area. She had already begun working with a young man, 21 year old Dominique, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. She started out working through Turning Point Services, helping his parents care for him in their home in Fairview. Today Dominique lives full-time with Irisha at her home in Hot Springs. Over the years I have seen Dominique infrequently˜perhaps two or three times per year. When we three met recently to talk about Irisha‚s work, I had not seen him in more than 6 months. I was, frankly, astonished at the changes in his physical abilities and his personality. Dominique is now almost 26 years old; he is completely dependent on others for his daily needs: feeding, drinking, diapering, moving him from place to place. As recently as two years ago, I experienced him as a profoundly handicapped person˜little or no response to his environment, nearly complete inability to move with any volition, subject to difficult and frequent seizures. Today he is so clearly improved that I would term it a miracle. His eyes are aware, he has much more coordination in his movements˜Irisha has even taught him to do a modified sit-up that he clearly relishes accomplishing. Following are excerpts from our talks and from writings she sent me about her experiences caring for Dominique and her goals for him and others like him.


From the start I knew to recognize the gift Dominique is to those around him. From the start I knew there really isn't anything wrong with him. Nothing to fix. His mind may not work like most people's but his heart is open, always hearing. He is perfect in this role he chose for himself. His purpose in life seems to be that of mirroring, always mirroring, in an effort to promote and create harmony, truthfulness and love. This knowing has afforded him enormous recognition and validation. And as I say these things, I recognize the need and importance of repeating theses things to him again, as 6 years of routine and rote, 6 years of struggle with an unwieldy body tend to obfuscate the life and splendor of this most giving being.

While Dominique's success has been a great source for his own fulfillment, it has been a huge source for my own personal transformation and my growing experience of mindful living and unconditional love. This work has afforded me a continuously deepening experience of myself, it has offered me daily opportunities to face and embrace both my dark and my light sides as well as the negative and positive within me and its reflection around me. This work has, and continues to bring me closer to Who I Really Am, more and faster than anything else I've undertaken in my life. I dare hope I am becoming a more compassionate person in my entire universe. And it had to start with me. It had to start with me being compassionate toward myself. He has no problem forgiving me my shortcomings. I do. And in forgiving myself, deeply, I am able to recognize, understand and forgive the same in others, whether with respect to their behavior with Dominique or with respect to anything else. (I am still working on Bush!—hmmm, on myself that is!)

I started working with Dominique almost 6 years ago. In those days he never looked into anyone's eyes. In the beginning he was sad and withdrawn most of the time. Today he is mostly happy and responsive. He displays much more subtle emotions, reactions, laughter and interest. His body as well is capable of feats he didn't come near 6 years ago. Just recently Dominique had a sustained interaction with me for an entire 10 minutes. This has never happened since I've known him. For 10 minutes he responded to me via smiles, almost giggles, and eyes that were so wide and alert! His eyes were full of expression and relatedness. To have witnessed this is my greatest reward so far for my work with him!

How did this come about? For almost 6 years I've had to communicate with Dominique non-verbally. That's akin to conversing with, say, a dog, a cat, etc. about their daily needs, their bodily needs, their emotional needs, their every need. His body needed strengthening. I bought him a pair of sunglasses, as direct sunlight seemed to hurt his eyes. Soon we discarded the syringe and began drinking straight from the cup, increasing the amount of intake, slowly but surely. His diet needed some adjustments and modifications. I made sure it had diverse tastes, different colors and textures, more raw foods, more fiery stuff. From typical male striped clothes we went to the girl's department to find soft, bright colorful garments. Massage and bowel movements became a daily routine. Some 6 months later, he moved into my house and began frequenting the Hot Springs Spa on a weekly basis. His body relaxed, he gained weight, and he relished attentively every night as I read James and the Giant Peach to him before sleep. Dominique began to feel I was his friend. He was ecstatic to trade his seat in the recliner towards the passenger seat in my Honda Civic and go places. He manifested his enthusiasm with loud sounds and broad smiles. We went to Satsangs, meditations, parks, waterfalls, pot lucks, movies... and everywhere we went friends recognized him for the beautiful being that he is. Slowly he dared replace the scowl on his face when seeing strangers with inquisitiveness and trust.

In the end Dominique is communicating back and not just to me, but more and more with those whom he knows well and with whom there is an established trust. Before, he never looked into anyone's eyes. But trust was established. He looked into my eyes. He looked into his mother's eyes.

And speaking of trust, my most intense apprenticeship has been in the area of tolerance. I used to think that what was required was patience. How else can any one repeat the same task everyday, sometimes for several hours each task, day in day out? He could know perfectly well how to drink one minute, and in the next not know. He could be doing splendidly well, laughing, happy, all systems on and working, then in a split second, out of nowhere, comes a seizure, and in an instant, all that is gone: sometimes for an hour, sometimes for days, and in the past for weeks. Six years ago, very short drinks (3 oz), lasted for hours. Today, long drinks (18 oz), usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour on a good day. On so-so days the same drink can take up to 3 hours. On really bad days, one drink can take all day—no kidding! 

The one most difficult aspect for me to accept is Dominique's physical resistance to everything. Even when he wants to do something his body, his motor skills, are resistant. "Relax, Dominique!" are my most commonly used words just about any day˜I couldn't count them, they are in the hundreds. He relaxes and then we have to do it again. I used to think of God's patience towards us humans, always resisting his love, always resisting trust of All That Is.  No, that's not the most difficult thing to accept. It's the seizures. Recently I realized it's not patience that's required it's tolerance. It's both, but tolerance is harder and more encompassing.

And Seizures! My goodness! They used to be numerous. Today, they are not rare but they are few and are either isolated or go in cycles. He rarely has more than 3 in a day and often goes for weeks at a time without one. Yet when he does have them in a grouping and his body and motor skills quickly deteriorate, I often feel exasperated, frustrated at least. In one instant, everything changes. His well being changes, our plans change, the color of the day changes. How I deal with this frustration influences Dominique's trust of me and through me of people in general. It influences how much eye contact he has with others and how much happiness he can experience.

His seizures are very interesting. According to my chiropractor, they are the result of over stimulation of the brain. This appears true on a physiological level and that's how they can be treated physically. Yet there are so many other levels and so many different reasons for them to happen. So many times, Dominique has made quantum leaps after a seizure. So many times they are a form of release. So many times, it seems like he goes into a black hole and gets reworked, gets informed. So many times, it seems like he is having sex in another dimension. And so many times, it would seem better for him not to have them at all. Yet it's also true that after each time Dominique has been very ill, which manifests in numerous seizures, Dominique has grown exponentially. It appears that seizures are a form of letting go, a form of death and a rebirth. Everything that is dark, negative, fearsome, unworkable is spit out as a prelude to a new beginning, a quantum leap into a higher frequency.

Today, after looking at all the work we have done together I can say that what makes him feel good and thriving are the same things that also make you and me feel good and thriving: being recognized, being acknowledged, being heard, being loved! It was approximately a year ago, I realized people, including me, ask him questions but do not wait for the answer. Sometimes it takes several minutes, many minutes for him to come up with the answer. And then, what good is it to answer, if no one is listening? [And I would add that in our culture, we only acknowledge and are comfortable with verbal answers; we don't really know what to do with the non-verbal ones!]

I have quickly understood Dominique heals as soon as I do. He has less to do as I heal, as anyone heals. He no longer has to react. Dominique has a capacity to fluctuate his physical well being according to how people in his environment deal with their own issues. To the degree that we look at our issues, dealing with them and being honest with them, he is OK. The minute I deviate from my own truth, he reacts. This is the way he interacts with his surroundings. Yet it is not the end result that seems to affect him, it is the honesty during the process.

My work with Dominique has become, when I let it happen, a living meditation. All of my animals participate. I have also noticed how the birds have come to signal and alert me to Dominique's calling. For example, one day, I was weed eating, making a lot of noise. My weed eater's string got eaten up, and I had to stop because the string got enmeshed and I had to manually get the string out. When I stopped the machine, I noticed the birds where frantically screaming around the house. I thought of Dominique and went to see. Indeed it wasn't the cats. Dominique needed to be changed. I could tell he had just relieved himself. As I responded to the birds' call by taking care of Dominique's need, the birds became silent and went on with their normal business of eating... I was amazed. The entire universe, and even the weed eater, when I listened was talking to us. I, we, can choose to be in sync.

Dominique is not my son, and never will be. Yet I know him like my son, I feel him like my son. I know, whether I am in the room with him, or outside, whether I am awake or asleep, I know when he needs my assistance, or anyone's assistance to burp, to come out of a seizure. He knows this and relies upon it. It has given him and me the ability to create non-verbal, occasionally vocal, "vocabulary" for some of his daily needs. In the end Dominique is increasingly communicating back, not just about his daily needs, not just to me but to all, though it is true he does it better with those whom he knows well and trusts.

I would like to continue caring for Dominique and provide him with a good home where he can best self-express. I would like to create an environment where such caring would extend to others. From this environment Dominique and others will find their unique voice to speak to other caregivers, to their families and to anyone who would like to hear.

For this purpose, I would like to find a person, or persons who would come into this picture and help. I would like for our work to be filled with celebration and fun but also with contemplation and accountability. I would like to fill our house with music and play yet with silence and exercise as well.

We live on slightly more than 3 acres of organic, beautiful land. With a large pond filled with frogs and fish, a small enclosed garden intended to grow larger with time, flower gardens, wooded areas, creeks, knolls and views, the land is of several dynamics and feelings.

I would like for the people on this land to evolve into a mindful and sustainable way of living and create a microcosm of peace, compassion and celebration!

With time I envision a small center to enable the disabled (CP and Autism) which would be a nucleus for a greater retreat for people in general who would like to come and learn innovative ways to work with the handicapped, and/or to simply to immerse themselves into a way of life that falls back on who we really are and what we are here to be.


If you want to contact Irisha her email is

When she replied to me with this article, she also wrote: "I am looking for someone who would join me in my work, perhaps you could mention this as well. And yes I did send it to you to as a way to show solidarity to you in our work to acknowledge the light that's flowing in."



The Great Awakening

by Peter Russell

We are living through the most exciting times in human history. Breakthroughs in every area of science are opening our minds to the beauty and mystery of the material world. At the same time technology is giving us the power to make many of our dreams come true.

But what makes these times even more exciting is that we stand on the threshold of the greatest changes in human consciousness ever. Whether it is our relationships with our loved ones, our attitude to money, the ever-increasing pace of life, the environmental crisis, everything is pushing us to wake up to our full mental potential. We are being called to rediscover for ourselves the profound truths of which the great saints and teachers have spoken for thousands of years.

At their core, they all have been urging us to become wiser, more compassionate, more psychologically healthy human beings. To let go of our attachments to having things be a certain way, to be less materialistic, less egocentric, less greedy and hungry for power or status. And through this shift in consciousness to find peace in the moment -- the inner peace we have been yearning for all along, but fruitlessly seeking in the world around.

This is the next great frontier; not outer space but inner space. The exploration and development of human spirit. This is not an exploration to be conducted by some scientists in a laboratory; it is an exploration in which we are all personally engaged, and it is taking place in the laboratory of life. And it is an exploration that is already underway. Look at the book bestseller lists. Hardly a week goes by without at least half of the top ten being about some form of personal development. Look at television, the specials on healing, the success of Oprah. Look at the Internet, the plethora of sites devoted to spiritual growth of one form or another. This is what people are hungry for today; this is the direction the collective consciousness is moving in.

And look at kids today. I know many in their teens and early twenties whose values and wisdom far outshine the liberated thinking of a couple of decades ago. Those of us who lived through the heydays of the sixties might have thought our philosophy of life was pretty cool; and by the standards of the time it probably was. But place some of the wiser kids of today back in that world, and they would stand out as beacons of enlightenment.

Spiritual exploration is not just some lofty work, to be undertaken by some select few who have renounced the worldly life. Every day we have the opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves, to let go a little more of attitudes that no longer serve us, to step back and be a little less attached to desires. In every unexpected situation when the world fails to match our expectations, when what is happening is not what we think should be happening, we can remind ourselves that we have a choice. We can either see the situation through the eyes of fear - all the ways in which it could lead us to suffer. Or we can choose to see it through the eyes of love - as an opportunity for learning, growth and greater understanding.

This shift in perception is a foundation stone of spiritual work. If we practice this in every situation in which we find ourselves, with every person we meet, then we can move from being the victim of our thoughts and feelings to being the master of them. And through that help ourselves and each other to become happier, healthier, and more caring people.

A Crisis of Consciousness

We have come a long way in our understanding of the physical world around us. But as far as our understanding of the worlds within is concerned, we have not progressed very far at all. We still know very little about how we think, about why we feel the way we do, or about how our attitudes and beliefs affect our perception and hence our reality.

Today we have reached a point where we can no longer afford to ignore this inner world. It is human decisions that lead us to continue producing CFCs even though the cost to life on Earth might be catastrophic, or continue burning fossil fuels rather than suffer the temporary inconveniences and discomforts involved in the shift to renewable sources of energy.

The decisions we make are in turn guided by our values and our sense of what is important. If we believe that sustained material growth is the root to salvation, that money can buy us peace of mind, or that the survival of our egos is more important than the survival of the planet, then it is little surprise that our behaviour is so crazy.

Our global crisis is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness. The nuclear threat, the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the rainforests, the wide-scale extinction of species, acid rain, soil erosion, the depletion of the ozone layer, pollution, toxic waste, atomic waste, the energy crisis, the North-South crisis, the economic crisis, the food crisis, the water crisis, the housing crisis, the sanitation crisis, and the many other crises that humanity faces are all symptoms of a deeper psychological crisis.

The writing is on the wall. If we are to navigate our way safely through these critical times we have to mature inwardly. Why do we feel so insecure? Why do we want to feel we are in control of things? We must discover how to move beyond this egocentric phase in our development. And fast.

Other Passing Thoughts by Peter Russell are available at

Peter Russell, the widely acclaimed author of the bestseller "The Global Brain" and other pioneering works, earned an honors degree in theoretical physics and psychology--as well as a master’s degree in computer science - at the University of Cambridge, England, where he studied under Stephen Hawking. He subsequently went to India where he explored meditation and Eastern philosophy. His work has been endorsed by such notables as Ken Wilber, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Gary Zukav, Ervin Laszlo, Brian Swimme, and many others.


Forwarded by Jan>

Story of the Geese

Next autumn, when you see geese flying southward bound in V-formation, away from winter time, consider the following...

Science just recently has discovered something about flying in V-formation. Every bird flapping his wings, creates an air cushion for the other bird flying right next to him. By flying in V-formation, the entire flock creates a velocity which is 71% more than 1 bird alone.

What can we learn from these geese?

People who are going into the same direction, who are having a feeling of togetherness, can reach their goal faster and easier because they have faith in one another.

When a goose falls out of the formation, he suddenly feels how hard it is to fly through the air resistance, and tries to catch up with the formation as soon as possible, to benefit from the air cushion which the goose in the front creates. - If we had the brains of a goose, we would keep flying in the vicinity of those who are going in the same direction as we are.

When the front goose gets tired, it pulls back, and another goose takes over. - It would be wise for people who carry a heavy task to take turns, just like the geese flying southward.

The geese flying in V-formation make "quacking" sounds to stimulate the birds flying in the front maintain their. - What do people say when they are "quacking" behind? Usually they have comments on the ones ahead.

Finally - and this is important - when a goose becomes sick or injured and falls out of the formation, two geese always join it. They escort it to the ground where they help and protect it. They stay with it until he is strong again and can fly again, or dies. Only then they will continue their flight, or wait for another flock to join in and fly off to their own group.

If we had the brains of a goose we would stick together to help and protect each other to reach our goal...

- Author unknown


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