Novermber 3, 2004

Hybrid Series #28: Oh dear!... Four! More! Years!

Hello everyone

Like most of you, I've followed last night election results in keen anticipation of how things would turn out. Like most of you probably, I felt a growing disappointment at the sea of red covering the U.S. map on TV. That was to be expected despite the last minute hopes that a higher voters turn out was presumably going to favor Kerry, because so many things were going in favor of the Bush camp despite his poor performance during the debates and the mess his domestic and foreign policies have created. For those living outside the United States - which is my case being from Quebec, Canada - it is hard to understand the level of cunning media disinformation that is going on in this country as well as the deep influence so-called "moral values" have on many Christians voters when it came to deciding which candidate would best represent them in this regards. So before casting any stone and passing any judgement against anyone, we should be aware of these constraints and try to understand with an appropriate level of compassion our fellow American brothers and sisters who decided to vote for Bush and thus give their blessing to what has been done so far in the name of their "security", and all that is yet to come.

One thing is sure for me, as Matthew indicated last night (see his message below), I can but be optimistic for our common future judging from the beyond-all-scales level of spiritual upliftment and intense energies I felt during yesterday's meditation - a subjective measure some would argue but one which for me needs no further proof because of the sheer intensity of Light and Love vibes experienced during this moment of global communion. Perhaps others will want to come forward and share their experience in this regard, but to me this is enough to dispel any doubt that things are progressing in the right direction and that the last miasmas engendered by the Illusion of separation from All That Is are bound to ebb away and entirely vanish in due time.

Love IS really the answer...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Once global oil peaks, and we need to start pumping Saddam's oil, I expect Americans to invade and occupy Iraq. Moreover, profits will flow to friends of George Bush ˆ not some wild-eyed, gun-waving crackpot like Saddam. Obviously, once oil production peaks in a couple of years, the public will throw their total support behind an invasion of Iraq."

-- Jay Hanson in 1997

Worthy of Your Attention

Wednesday November 3rd ~ WAR WITHOUT END? NOT IN OUR NAME! Rally in Hollywood at 6:00 PM, March at 6:30 - Where: Intersection of Hollywood Blvd & Argyle Metro station, across from the Pantages Theater. NOVEMBER 3rd REPRESENTS A MOMENT OF RENEWED COMMITMENT TO SOCIAL JUSTICE AND NON-VIOLENT CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Whichever candidate prevails in the election, we must remain vigilant in our resistance to the Federal Government's Neo-Imperial global designs. Please join our march and bring a renewed spirit of resistance and a profound commitment to Peace in the world and peace in our daily lives! Bring: Hand held posters, drums, noisemakers, flashlights. Make posters with focused, clear, messages. No more lies! War is Terror! Troops Home Now! Drop Bush Not Bombs! Peace Now! 100,000 Innocent Iraqis, 8,000 US Casualties -- what sense does this make?  http://WWW.LA.NOTINOURNAME.NET - Forwarded by "Meria Heller"">

Illustrate just how things could have turned out for the U.S. and world if Kerry had won


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See also:

Bush wins a second term in office (Nov 3)
Kerry concedes defeat, urges nation to ‘begin the healing. John Kerry concedes Wednesday in a speech at Boston's Faneuil Hall, where he launched his presidential bid two years ago. President Bush won a second term in office on Wednesday as Sen. John Kerry conceded defeat after a fiercely fought race for the White House. “We cannot win this election,” the Massachusetts senator said in an emotional campaign farewell. “In America, it is vital that every vote count .. but the outcome should be decided by voters, not a protracted legal fight,” Kerry said, referring to an earlier option of contesting the race in Ohio and the fact that Bush was 3 million votes ahead in the popular vote.“I would not give up this fight if there was a chance that we would prevail," he said, but "there won’t be enough outstanding votes for us to win Ohio, and therefore we cannot win this election.” CLIP

Bush Wins Re-Election As Kerry Concedes (Nov 3)
WASHINGTON - President Bush won four more years in the White House on Wednesday, pocketing a quiet concession from Democrat John Kerry that closed out a loud and long campaign fought over the war on terror and the economy. "Congratulations, Mr. President," the Massachusetts senator said simply in a call that lasted less than five minutes and followed Kerry's decision not to contest Bush's lead in make-or-break Ohio. The victory gave Bush a new term to pursue the war in Iraq and a conservative, tax-cutting agenda — and probably the chance to name one or more justices to an aging Supreme Court. He also will preside alongside expanded Republican majorities in Congress. The GOP gained four Senate seats and led for a fifth. The party bolstered its majority in the House by at least two. (...) Kerry placed his call after weighing unattractive options overnight. With Bush holding fast to a six-figure lead in make-or-break Ohio, Kerry could give up or trigger a struggle that would have stirred memories of the bitter recount in Florida that propelled Bush to the White House in 2000. Kerry's call was the last bit of drama in a campaign full of it. While Bush remains in the White House, he returns to the Senate, part of the shrunken Democratic minority. He acted, hours after White House chief of staff Andy Card declared Bush the winner and White House aides said the president was giving Kerry time to consider his next step. One senior Democrat familiar with the discussions in Boston said Kerry's running mate, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, was suggesting that he shouldn't concede. The official said Edwards, a trial lawyer, wanted to make sure all options were explored and that Democrats pursued them as thoroughly as Republicans would if the positions were reversed. Advisers said the campaign just wanted one last look for uncounted ballots that might close the 136,000-vote advantage Bush held in Ohio. An Associated Press survey of the state's 88 counties found there were about 150,000 uncounted provisional ballots and an unspecified number of absentee votes still to be counted. CLIP

Unhappy Democrats Need to Wait to Get Into Canada (Nov 3)
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Disgruntled Democrats seeking a safe Canadian haven after President Bush (news - web sites) won Tuesday's election should not pack their bags just yet. Canadian officials made clear on Wednesday that any U.S. citizens so fed up with Bush that they want to make a fresh start up north would have to stand in line like any other would-be immigrants -- a wait that can take up to a year. "You just can't come into Canada and say 'I'm going to stay here'. In other words, there has to be an application.

Early exit polls predict Kerry landslide, though early polls not considered reliable (Nov 2)
Kerry seen as presidential victor in early exit polls - Sen. John Kerry looks to make a clean victory of the electoral college, according to exit polls conducted by a consortium of six media organizations (the National Election Pool) that RAW STORY has acquired and confirmed with myriad sources.Exit polls typically favor Republicans in early voting, as Republicans by-and-large tend to vote earlier in the day. This may spell bad news for President Bush, though it's also important to consider that early polls are routinely unreliable.The polls put Kerry ahead in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the polls received, Bush leads in Colorado, Louisiana and Arizona. Iowa is a tie. CLIP

If you or someone you know experienced Voter Fraud - go here
If you or someone you know experienced problems voting in the election
please go to Michael Moore's website and fill in this form - PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE!

High Court Won't Take Up Election Appeal (Nov 3)
WASHINGTON - Ohio emerged as the most likely setting for any court fight that would put the close presidential election into overtime, while armies of lawyers sent to other battleground states found themselves with little to do. The focus was on tens of thousands of uncounted ballots in Ohio — most of them provisional ballots required nationally for the first time this year — which could be greater than the margin between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell said at a news conference that the number of provisional ballots in the state could be as high as the 250,000 Democrats were claiming. Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman for Kerry in Ohio, said: "We think that a good bit of those voters will be our voters." (...) A Republican-sponsored suit filed before polls closed in Ohio asked a federal judge to force the state's Republican chief election official to rework rules for counting provisional ballots. Republicans asked for a guarantee that they could watch, alongside Democrats, as state officials prepare the provisional ballots to be counted. That process will take several days. Provisional ballots are not counted until after the election — 10 days afterward in Ohio's case. They are cast by voters who come to the polls but find they are not listed on the rolls, or that their qualifications to vote are in question. CLIP

Electronic Voting Machine Woes Reported (November 2, 2004)
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Voters nationwide reported some 1,100 problems with electronic voting machines on Tuesday, including trouble choosing their intended candidates. The e-voting glitches reported to the Election Protection Coalition, an umbrella group of volunteer poll monitors that set up a telephone hotline, included malfunctions blamed on everything from power outages to incompetent poll workers. But there were also several dozen voters in six states — particularly Democrats in Florida — who said the wrong candidates appeared on their touch-screen machine's checkout screen, the coalition said. In many cases, voters said they intended to select John Kerry but when the computer asked them to verify the choice it showed them instead opting for President Bush, the group said. CLIP

Are Electronic Voting Machines Reliable? (November 1, 2004)
Determined to avoid the fiasco of the 2000 U.S. presidential race—with its dimpled ballots and hanging chads—election officials around the country looked to new technology for tomorrow's U.S. presidential vote. Many states have switched from paper ballots to high-tech, ATM-like electronic voting machines. State election officials expect touch screens to prove more reliable than older systems' punch cards. But are these largely untested machines really secure? For months now, computer experts have criticized the electronic voting machines, saying they are not much more reliable than home computers. Experts worry that hackers, software bugs, badly trained poll workers, or power outages could intentionally or accidentally erase or alter voting data captured by the new machines. Critics maintain that, in the event of a close election, a recount would be impossible on machines that keep no paper record of votes cast. "We're trusting the fate of our democracy to technology that's not ready yet," said Tadayoshi Kohno, a computer security expert at the University of San Diego in California. (...) Much of the problem has focused on the lack of a voter-verifiable paper trail. Most touch screen machines will not produce a receipt for the voters. "This makes the job of a person who wants to cheat a lot easier," Rubin said. "If the machines had a paper trail, anyone could inspect the outcome, because the paper would give you the right answer." Nevada will be the only state to use machines with reel-to-reel paper cartridges that voters can review. The machines were used for the fall primary, and tests later showed that the paper totals and electronic totals matched perfectly. CLIP

How They Could Steal the Election This Time (July 29, 2004)
On November 2 millions of Americans will cast their votes for President in computerized voting systems that can be rigged by corporate or local-election insiders. Some 98 million citizens, five out of every six of the roughly 115 million who will go to the polls, will consign their votes into computers that unidentified computer programmers, working in the main for four private corporations and the officials of 10,500 election jurisdictions, could program to invisibly falsify the outcomes.

Group Pushes Open Source Model for Electronic Voting Machines (Nov 1, 2004)
Electronic Voting Machines have never been more important or controversial, and there's plenty of skepticism about voting machine integrity. Some see open source software as the solution. "Electronic voting machines are almost sure to be a problem" in Tuesday's election, said David Mertz, a member of the team at Open Voting Consortium, which advocates making public the source code of voting devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(...) The companies that produce voting machines have poured gasoline onto the smoldering embers of concern.  Some of these products are built on Microsoft operating systems - operating systems that have a well earned reputation for being penetrable and insecure.  And most of these companies claim that their systems are full of trade secrets and proprietary information and that, as a consequence, their internal workings may not be inspected by the public.  In addition, these  companies have frequently displayed a degree of disdain (in some cases disdain that takes the form of lawsuits) against those who are concerned about the integrity of these products.  And finally, these companies themselves have frequently demonstrated an appalling lack of sophistication regarding the protection of their systems, procedures, and corporate computer systems.  There is a widespread perception that these companies are more concerned about profits than about elections. CLIP

Watchdog Electronic Group Mulls Litigation As Touch-Screen Voting Problems Surface (Nov 2)
Not which man. Which method? Both are pretty contentious questions this presidential election. - Expect fresh legal challenges related to use of new touch-screen voting machines after scattered problems at the polls, critics of the systems say. Conversely, makers said Tuesday that electronic voting was faring well, and predicted it would prevail as a reliable method. (...) One point of touch-screen criticism has been that the computer source code for the machines is not made publicly available. So security researchers can't examine its susceptibility to fraud and hacking. A more common complaint has been the lack of a paper ballot. While it's part of punch cards and optical scan voting systems, it's not built in to touch-screen voting.

Presidential campaigns, voters upset about misleading calls (November 1, 2004)
Some voters on Monday complained of getting misleading automated phone calls over the weekend telling them either that their polling place had changed or that a vote for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was a vote to legalize gay marriage.The messages - known as robo calls - were placed in heavily Democratic cities of Detroit, Flint and Pontiac and the Democratic-leaning city of Grand Rapids. "When you vote this Tuesday, remember to legalize gay marriage by supporting John Kerry," the call said. "It's what we all want. It's a basic Democratic principle."

Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S.
Al-Jazeera releases full transcript of al Qaeda leader's tape

COSTS OF THE IRAQ WAR (A Must read! Just mind-boggling!)

Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty? (October 23, 2004)
Understanding Pro-war Christians' Indifference to Civilian Deaths by Dr. Teresa WhitehurstIt's been going on for years now. Almost daily we read that another child, another parent, another sister or brother, another grandpa or aunt, is killed in Afghanistan or Iraq by U.S. weaponry in Mr. Bush's "war on terror." Sometimes it's a wedding party, or a bunch of kids, or a family of six. Sometimes it's a journalist, or a whole group of journalists, who may even be killed on camera in real time for all the world to see and hear. But no matter how bad it gets, nothing seems to change Americans' support for war, which for some reason is stiffest among Christian supporters of the Bush administration. "Stuff happens in a war zone." "Don't worry because God is in control." With these and other slogans, I've been reassured by countless pro-war Christians that, as long as civilians aren't intentionally targeted, taking their lives is okay, maybe even predestined, God's will. Recently a Christian from Australia wrote to ask, "Why are American Christians so bloodthirsty? Why do they support the war in Iraq, no matter how many innocent people are made to suffer? We just don't understand why they're willing to kill other people so that they can feel more safe – it's so selfish!" CLIP

No Longer a Christian (Oct 25)
I was told in Sunday school the word "Christian" means to be Christ-like, but the message I hear daily on the airwaves from the “christian ” media are words of war, violence, and aggression.

Near Fallujah, a Sense of Imminent Action (Nov 2)

Four Decades of Imperial Hubris (Nov 1)
In most of the wars we’ve fought, our leaders have understood our enemies and how to take them down. But in the current shootout – a continuation of the revolutionary fervor first ignited in Algeria in the 1960s, then fanned by the Iranian Revolution, a huge Jihad victory against the Soviets in Afghanistan, Israel’s humiliating withdrawal from Lebanon and its interminable fight in Palestine culminating in 9/11 and our retaliatory invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – America’s leaders from both major parties and our military and intelligence establishments remain in deep denial and blindly continue to believe that because we’ve got the power, we shall overcome. (...) But unless we get real and bend our brains around what motivates our enemy, we will never prevail against the increasing millions of polarized Muslims who are becoming more united with every explosion of smart bombs and every Yankee occupation boot stumping across their turf. It’s a commonly held belief among Muslims that the United States is grabbing their land in order to destroy their faith and their ancient way of life. Most believe that our unconditional support of repressive Muslim regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and other “friendly” Arab lands is all about keeping the people in chains and sucking up their oil on the cheap at a price that Joe and Jane Doe can pay at the U.S. pump without stroking out. “Bin Laden has been precise in telling America the reasons he is waging war on us,” writes “Anonymous,” the author of Imperial Hubris, a critically important book that defines Osama and what’s driving his bombers. And the reasons don’t “have anything to do with our freedom, liberty, and democracy, but have everything to do with U.S. policies and actions in the Muslim world.” (...) History is peppered with examples of a numerically inferior insurgent opponent destroying a Goliath. Especially a Goliath who obviously learned nothing from the Vietnam experience. Israeli historian Martin van Creveld, one of the world’s top insurgency experts, says: “If you are strong, and you are fighting the weak ... (t)he problem is that you cannot prove yourself against someone who is much weaker than yourself – the Israeli forces have not yet lost, but they are, as far as I can see, well on their way to losing.” We have mindlessly waded into the same minefield and are getting clobbered daily. And we will never win over an enemy we refuse to understand.

Scientist Stephen Hawking Decries Iraq War (November 2, 2004)
LONDON (AP) -- Britain's most famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, condemned the U.S. led invasion of Iraq as a "war crime'' and said Tuesday it was based on lies. The physicist spoke at an anti-war demonstration in London's Trafalgar Square timed to coincide with the U.S. election. Protesters read out the names of thousands of Iraqis and coalition troops killed since the March 2003 invasion. "The war was based on two lies,'' said Hawking. "The first was we were in danger of weapons of mass destruction and the second was that Iraq was somehow to blame for Sept. 11. "It has been a tragedy for all the families that have lost members. As many as 100,000 people have died, half of them women and children. If that is not a war crime, what is?'' Hawking, the best-selling author of "A Brief History Of Time,'' was joined by other public figures. Similar events were being held in Spain, Italy, Australia, the United States and Iraq. "Our message to the U.S. is that the war is illegal and unnecessary, and we want our troops to come home,'' said Andrew Burgin, a spokesman for demonstration organizer Stop the War Coalition. "We also want to highlight the enormous number of Iraqis killed in this conflict who are so often ignored.'' CLIP

European Press Voices Anxiety, Dread Over 'Mother of All Elections' in US (November 2)
PARIS - Europe's newspapers voiced anxiety and dread as they mulled the future of America, Europe and the world according to who wins the cliffhanger US presidential vote, dubbed the "mother of all elections.""The world holds its breath," says Italy's La Repubblica, as American voters were set to head to the polls to choose between incumbent George W.Bush and his Democratic challenger John Kerry. Austria's popular Kronedaily warned "the mother of all elections" was set to throw "our world either into a calmer future or into new military adventures."

The Manchurian cover-up (November 2, 2004 ),2763,1341467,00.html
Revelations that the Carlyle Group was involved in a secret deal to profit from Iraq's debt have vanished under a spell of silence - Less than 24 hours after it was disclosed that former secretary of state James Baker and the Carlyle Group were involved in a secret deal to profit from Iraq's debt to Kuwait, NBC was reporting that the deal was "dead". At The Nation magazine, which broke the story that was then carried on these pages, we started to get congratulatory calls. They were commending us for costing the Carlyle Group $1bn, the sum the company would have received in an investment from the government of Kuwait in exchange for helping to extract $27bn of unpaid debts from Iraq.We were flattered (sort of), until we realised that Carlyle had just pulled off a major PR coup. When the story broke, the notoriously secretive merchant bank needed to find a way to avoid a full-blown political scandal. It chose a bold tactic: in the face of overwhelming evidence of a glaring conflict of interest between Baker's stake in Carlyle and his post as George Bush's special envoy on Iraq's debt, Carlyle simply denied everything. (...) The central question remains unanswered by the White House: have Baker's business interests compromised his performance as debt envoy? That question does not go away simply because $1bn will stay in the coffers of a wealthy oil emirate rather than in a Carlyle equity fund. The week after losing the deal, Carlyle handed a record-breaking $6.6bn payout to investors.In Iraq, the last 18 months have been markedly worse, and the stakes for Baker's job performance there are considerably higher. This was underlined on October 13, when Iraq's health ministry issued a harrowing report on its post-invasion health crisis, including outbreaks of typhoid and TB and soaring child and mother mortality rates. A week after the report, Iraq paid out another $195m for war reparation debts, mostly to Kuwait. Meanwhile, the state department announced that $3.5bn for water, sanitation and electricity projects was being shifted to security in Iraq, claiming that, according to deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage, debt relief is on the way. Is it? In fact, Iraq is being plunged deeper into debt, with $836m in new loans and grants now flowing from the IMF and the World Bank. Meanwhile, Baker has not managed to get a single country to commit to eradicating Iraq's debts. Iraq's creditors know that while Baker was asking them to show forgiveness, his company was offering Kuwait a special side deal to push Iraq to pay up. It's not the kind of news that tends to generate generosity and goodwill. And the timing couldn't be worse: the Paris Club is about to meet to hash out a final deal on Iraq's debt. CLIP

Arctic Melt Accelerates, Governments Split (Nov 2, 2004)
OSLO (Reuters) - A thaw of the Arctic icecap is accelerating because of global warming but nations in the region including the United States are deadlocked about how to stop it. Due for publication on Nov. 8, an eight-nation report compiled by 250 scientists says the Arctic is warming almost twice as fast as the rest of the planet due to a buildup of heat-trapping gases and the trend is set to continue. "We are taking a risk with the global climate," said Paal Prestrud, vice-chair of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) report, which says emissions of gases from cars, factories and power plants are mostly to blame. The Arctic icecap has shrunk by 15-20 percent in the past 30 years and the contraction is likely to accelerate, Prestrud said. The Arctic Ocean could be almost ice-free in summer by the end of the century. Inuit hunters are falling through ice, permafrost is thawing and destabilizing foundations of buildings and vital winter roads while the habitat of creatures from polar bears to seals is literally melting away. The report says that the thaw will have some positive side-effects. Oil and gas deposits will be easier to reach, more farming may be possible and short-cut trans-Arctic shipping lanes may open. NATIONS SPLIT Diplomats said governments in nations around the Arctic rim -- the United States, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland -- disagree about what to do, with the United States most opposed to any drastic action. Arctic nations are meant to agree policy recommendations based on the report at a meeting of foreign ministers in Iceland on Nov. 24. CLIP

US must act over climate says Queen (October 31, 2004),6903,1340279,00.html
The Queen has made a rare intervention in world politics to warn Tony Blair of her grave concerns over the White House's stance on global warming. She is understood to have asked Downing Street to lobby the US after observing the alarming impact of Britain's changing weather on her estates at Balmoral in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk. The revelation gives an unusual glimpse into the mind of the monarch, who normally strives to stay above politics. Further evidence of the Queen's views on global warming will be seen this week when she opens one of the most high-profile conferences ever staged in Europe on the issue. She is keen for this to be interpreted as a symbolic and political statement. The Berlin summit will come a day after the US presidential elections and its outcome will dictate the tone of key climate talks. George Bush's administration has remained hostile to international attempts to reduce emissions of climate change gases. CLIP

High oil prices raise interest in renewables, and this time it may stick - Whenever the price of oil spikes, interest in renewable energy spikes along with it -- but despite the perpetual hopes of advocates, interest recedes as prices go back down. This time, though, as oil tops $55 a barrel, it may be different. Really. For one thing, although most analysts agree that the current spike is temporary, the long-term trend is clear: Global supplies of oil and natural gas are dwindling, demand is rising, and prices will trend upward. In addition, renewables are finally more than a novelty. The Rocky Mountain Institute estimates that, at today's average wholesale prices, wind power is running 4.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, with oil power at 9.1 cents, natural gas at 6.8 cents, and nuclear at 10 cents. Large-scale wind farms and renewable-energy targets are springing up in many states. Home Depot is going to sell solar panels. Gas marketers in Seattle and elsewhere are blending ethanol with their gas to save money. FedEx is rolling out a fleet of hybrid trucks. It could be real this time! Really! We hope.

As oil rises, cleaner energy surges (22 Oct 2004)
With climbing oil prices and predictions for a cold winter, more US companies embrace alternative energy practices. (...) Energy experts say, however, the US will still lag behind Europe, which has plans to produce 10 percent of its power from alternative sources by 2010 and 20 percent by 2020. Denmark, which sits on the windy North Sea, probably leads the world with 20 percent of its electricity currently coming from wind farms. By next year, that will increase to almost 30 percent.Both Germany and Japan are snapping up much of the world's supply of solar panels. Japan's solar use is growing three times as fast as that of the US and Germany's twice as fast. "In Germany, they are literally paving farmlands, blocks of land as large as 10 city blocks, with solar panels," says Mike Eckhart, president of the American Council on Renewable Energy in Washington.In fact, demand is strong for the panels. Rhone Resch, executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, estimates individuals who want to buy solar panels might have to wait as long as three months to get them.Canadians are also taking notice of the potential for wind power. For instance, earlier this month, Hydro-Quebec, the giant utility in Canada, announced plans to buy up to 1,000 megawatts of electricity - enough to heat 200,000 homes - from eight windmill projects in the province. CLIP

Oil: is the end at hand? (November 2, 2004)
A once-fringe group saying we'll run out of oil is gaining attention, even within the oil industry. - NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The end of cheap oil may mean more than just higher gas prices for Americans. It may mean the end of the oil age as we know it.That is according to the so-called peak oil movement, which says that by 2008 humans will have extracted half of the earth's oil. In other words, we're using oil faster than we can ever hope to find it.

Iraq Oil Pipelines Hit by Biggest Attacks Yet (November 2, 2004)
Saboteurs have mounted the biggest attacks yet on Iraq's oil infrastructure, blowing up three pipelines in the north and hitting exports via Turkey, oil officials said Tuesday.The attacks, which were hours apart, sharply reduced crude oil supplies to Iraq's biggest refinery at Baiji. The government is already struggling to build up stocks of refined oil products ahead of winter. Sabotage against oil facilities in north and central Iraq has intensified in the past few weeks as U.S. forces attacked Sunni Muslim cities where insurgents have support. Imports of refined products have been also disrupted.

FLIPPER FLOP (Also from WEEKLY GRIST, 02 Nov 2004)
Court rules that whales and dolphins can't sue
"..." Did you hear that? That was us breaking the bad news to the whale community: They can't sue the U.S. government. Such was the unanimous ruling of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week, responding to a lawsuit against President Bush brought on behalf of "the cetacean community" by Hawaii lawyer Lanny Sinkin. At issue is the Navy's use of low-frequency sonar, which is believed to cause tissue damage and other injuries in whales. Currently, the law allows only humans to sue, when they are affected by some threat to animals. But this doesn't help animals "in the middle of nowhere," said Sinkin. "We were trying to close that gap." The attorney does not plan to appeal to the Supreme Court, generally considered less sympathetic to environmental regulations than the 9th Circuit. The only way for the whales to get standing now would be for the law itself to change. "But that," said Sinkin, "will depend on who wins the presidency and who wins the Congress." Too bad the whale lobby can't reach landlocked swing states. More details at

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fading (September 9, 2004)
Earth's magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say. If the trend continues, the field may collapse altogether and then reverse. Compasses would point south instead of north. Not surprisingly, Hollywood has already seized on this new twist in the natural-disaster genre. Last year Tinseltown released The Core, a film in which the collapse of Earth's magnetic field leads to massive electrical storms, blasts of solar radiation, and birds incapable of navigation. Entertainment value aside, the portrayal wasn't accurate, according to scientists who say the phenomenon of Earth's fading magnetic field is no cause to worry. "The field has reversed many times in the past, and life didn't stop," said Gary Glatzmaier, an earth scientist and magnetic field expert at the University of California, Santa Cruz. CLIP

Why Does Earth's Magnetic Field Flip? (September 27, 2004)
Earth's magnetic field has flipped many times over the last billion years. But only recently have scientists developed computer models to reveal how these reversals occur. CLIP

Bee Decline May Spell End of Some Fruits, Vegetable (October 5, 2004)
Bees, via pollination, are responsible for 15 to 30 percent of the food U.S. consumers eat. But in the last 50 years the domesticated honeybee population—which most farmers depend on for pollination—has declined by about 50 percent, scientists say. Unless actions are taken to slow the decline of domesticated honeybees and augment their populations with wild bees, many fruits and vegetables may disappear from the food supply, said Claire Kremen, a conservation biologist at Princeton University in New Jersey. (...) The honeybee decline, which is affecting domesticated and wild bee populations around the world, is mostly the result of diseases spread as a result of mites and other parasites as well as the spraying of crops with pesticides, scientists say. Among the greatest problems is the varroa mite, a bloodsucking parasite that attacks young and adult honeybees. Attacked bees often have deformed wings and abdomens and a shortened life span. "The varroa mite is also really effective at transmitting disease, particularly viruses," Frazier said. Left untreated, a varroa mite infestation can wipe out a bee colony within a few months.

Major Breakthrough in the Detection of Weapons of Mass Destruction Announced by GammaSight Technologies (Nov 1, 2004)
Ports and Borders Now Safer - New homeland defense technology for ports, borders, airports and military bases was announced today by GammaSight Technologies. The new system, NIRIDS (non-intrusive rapid inspection and detection system), permits the rapid detection of weapons of mass destruction including shielded weapons-grade uranium & plutonium, radiation dispersion devices (dirty bombs), chemical warfare agents, and conventional explosives, all automatically and without risk of human error or the slowing of commerce.

"We've entered the world of George Orwell's 1984 20 years late"

Identity card plan sparks 'Orwell' fears


From: "Maggie Erotokritou"">
Date: 1 Nov 2004
Subject: In the midst of a major transition

We are in the midst of a major transition, everyone is feeling it in one way or another. The energy of the grand quintile was very potent and is still being felt and is causing expected turbulence as the old is transformed by the new and we try to integrate new ways of being into our existing consciousness. It is a time of expansion, a time of great growth and a time of letting go of old thought patterns and limited ways of being that no longer work or serve us. Add to that the intense emotion right now surrounding the US election, whatever the outcome it is important for us as lightworkers to stand our ground and maintain our centeredness and remember who we are and why we are here.

The light web we create together needs to strengthen and to reach every corner of the globe, there is so much work to be done. We stand at the beginning of the Golden Age, we are in the doorway, how many will pass through now? It is no longer somewhere off in the future, it is here, it is now, access is possible when we are correctly aligned. We are feeling what the Buddha taught - that nothing is permanent, as we learn to live in faith with impermanence, then the truth and new possibilities will be revealed.

These are exciting days and stretching days, so we may need to remember to loosen the thread a little so it is not pulled too taut.

May there be peace on earth and may the energies of light and love spread far and wide.

Love and blessings, Maggie

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From: "Suanne Ward"">
Subject: Matthew - November 2, 2004
Date: 2 Nov 2004

November 2, 2004

MATTHEW: Mother, I thank you for coming to the computer when I know you would rather watch TV to learn voting results, and I shall make this message short. Once again, a host of high light beings has requested me to speak on their behalf.

We wish our voices to be heard around the world because the world is keenly watching the presidential election outcome in the United States. We are urging all peoples of all nations to attach NO negative sentiments to this! As we have said previously, and other high light sources have given this same word to their respected channel messengers: The outcome is not significant! The so-called victor is the candidate of the Illuminati faction that won the battle of infighting that has seesawed for several months. The two factions differ in the strategies within their dark agendas, but the ultimate aim of both factions is global domination. This no more favorably serves the people of the United States—most of whom are unaware that their votes do not count—than it serves any other country where true freedom and honest elections are valued.

What IS of great significance to everyone on the planet is the massive amount of light generated by the voters! Regardless of their choices, these citizens cast their ballots with the desire, even conviction, that their preferred candidate will make wise decisions that will bring peace, end environmental destruction, and initiate other beneficial changes to improve conditions in the United States and the world. Collectively the voters who turned out in great numbers have substantially added to the light that is moving Earth into the higher frequencies. While it is true that much darkness is yet to be transmuted into light, the outpouring of electors in the United States has given Earth a considerable boost on her journey. If you could see the soul of Earth in this moment, you would be stunned by the brilliance! THIS is the magnificent joy of this day that we see and we wish to have YOU see! Today has brought your world closer to the era of peace and love, where all leaders will be acting within spiritual integrity and peoples of all nations will live within cooperation, compassion, justness, forgiveness, comfort and harmony.   

You need to remain steadfast in the light during the times of turmoil that will precede that Golden Era. Earth still must rid herself of the remaining negativity along her journey into fourth density, and that is why we urge all who may feel disheartened in this moment NOT to attach that negativity to the election outcome. Please do not add to Earth’s chore in this respect! Instead, feel immensely heartened by what WE see this day! Feel immensely heartened by knowing that the numbers of people awakening and becoming soul searchers are continuously growing, and you have as constant allies and helpers myriad members of your space family, in physical as well as in spirit, among you on the planet as well as surrounding it. The abundance of love-light being beamed to each of you comes with a purity, beauty and intensity you can only imagine, and the light we see within you is equally joyous for us. Stay the light course, our beloved Earth family—we are with you!


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Date: 3 Nov 2004
Subject: NOW WHAT?
Dear friends of freedom, life, and peace,

O.k. So now what?

We are baffled. We are frustrated. We are disgusted. We are angry. And, yes, we are scared. But I canŐt see that any of these attitudes can help us much, either in our personal spiritual growth or in our attempts to change the political climate of our country.

Our job today is exactly what it has been all along. We need to steady and center ourselves in our own beliefs and values. We need to reach out in friendship and compassion to those folks around us who may or may not agree with us. We need to walk our talk and lead exemplary lives. And most important, we need keep hope and faith and trust alive in our hearts.

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and prepare for the long haul. So many of us became politicized and active in these past few pre-election months. This earnest passion for positive change is precisely where we must begin. We cannot allow ourselves to go back to sleep, apathetic and dormant until six months before the next election. We have to realize that we are now engaged in training for a huge marathon. Sprinters need not apply.

From now on we must be ever vigilant and allow no injustice, no aggression, no display of disrespect to pass without a loud protest. We must pay attention and ethically respond to the feelings, needs, fears, and desires of others as well as the planet that supports us all. We must be the early responders.

So letŐs spend this evening bemoaning our fate by crying in our beer, eating too much ice cream, doing yoga, having sex, doing whatever it is that will make us feel better for the moment. And then in the morning, let us awaken to the dawn of a new day, a new era, a new way of being in the world. This is just the beginning.

With ultimate blessings of peace,

xx Mama Donna

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From: "Meria Heller"">
Subject: Notes from Meria’s Listeners & Karl Schwarz
Date: 3 Nov 2004

Hi All, Well, here we are. No surprises, again. This finishes off elections in the country and could finish off the environment. It's time to take a stand, walk the talk and talk the walk.
Wanted to share some notes (lots of good news) with all -Meria

CLIP (by Jean to shorten this long compilation a bit))

Meria -

I went to bed this morning somewhat stunned by what was unfolding; I had felt almost certain that we would soundly defeat Bush and give the world reason to hope again. I suppose I expected to wake up feeling despair - I even tried to summon it - but reality is prevailing. I finally know emotionally what I've known intellectually for several years, that the answer is love.

Focusing on and fighting only contributes to problems, I've known that, but the embodied information-addicted me has had such a good time following all the injustices and crimes as they've been revealed. I fed that part of me, even gorged myself, and apparently it's finally enough. I feel absolutely no desire to attach to the ongoing drama. I think I may even give up the "news" entirely.

I'm ready to get down to work now. No more letters to the editor, no more marches or petitions. What's most surprising - and welcome - in its absence this morning is disdain for those who are still blind to what you & I see so clearly. They just need love. Love. The opposite of love is fear, I believe, and I have a hunch I'm joined by whole legions of my fellows in waking up to LOVE today.

I'm narrowing my bumper stickers down to "God Bless the Universe" and "A Better World is Possible". Oh, and I'll need a new sticker too, won't I?

I love you Meria. I'm so glad you're t/here.



Hi Carrie,

I'm so glad Matthew's note cheered you or comforted you so. That's what real spirituality and spiritual truth does. It calms the soul. I too am sick of the news. Believe me. I am so happy over the success of the Earth News Hour and interviewing Dr.Suzuki. This is what REALLY matters and neither "candidate" choose to take it on. So who are the real leaders? Those who's goals are destruction of life on Earth, and the heroes you get to meet almost daily on the show?

The answer is love. "Be of the world and not part of it". I too am separating myself from the whole election debacle. I don't want to cover ANOTHER stolen election. Nothings changed except the crooks got smarter, and the dems got weaker. I intend to kick ass with the topics that really matter.

I have no animosity for those why may actually have voted for Bush. They are only sheep led to the slaughter by Bush's media. So many souls on one head.
Of course news will be part of the show as usual. We need to know the truth about what's going on, and that's what I present. As for "putting my faith in man" that was never an issue for me to start with. My dad taught me well. He said "if you want something done right, do it yourself" and I do. I count on ME. I count on YOU. We are the saviors, never forget that. Time grows short for the darkness...a lot of people woke up yesterday...

Send me your address and you'll get a bumper sticker! Wear it with pride! I do.
Much love,



Subject: FW: God Bless America? (this from Karl Schwarz)

We may have just witnessed some "really bad acting" as our media was trying to spin this story for their wealthy masters. Oh, the horrors of it, and it was "on the edge of the cliff all night long" - but more importantly - oh the false drama of it. Below what I write here is something Alan Adaschik wrote and sent to me early this morning.

Never in presidential politics have massive crowds shown up for an election to "endorse the incumbent", on the contrary they show up to get rid of tyranny, or malfeasance or the pathetic nature of the incumbent. 

In Chapter 1 of my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, "> I quoted an Arkansas Conservative editorial writer that may have cited what is fundamentally wrong with the DNC that has led to this lock-step fascism to creep into the lives of us all. 

When a couple of "moral issues" that have been over-politicized (i.e., abortion and gay marriage) to outweigh 1.) why we are a hated nation; and 2.) why condoning the senseless slaughter, maiming and torture of others is OK and appears to be endorsed by the good people of this nation when it is NOT; and 3.) rampant greed of American Financial Terrorists that are inflaming hatreds towards us all - it is time to step back from the abyss and reconsider our actions.

Remember, I am a Christian Conservative Republican that did not vote for Bush Cheney, does not support them and is part of the one movement that will bring them down.

There should not be less than 2,000 signatures on the 9-11 Justice petition. According to the vote result last night there should be at least 54.6 million signatures on that petition demanding JUSTICE.

9-11 is the defining event and the defining moment that fascism attacked this nation to subject us all to the tyranny that is Bush and corporate America.

As appalling as the presidential election results are at this time, I see three more things that are more telling. Republicans took a tighter grip on the gubernatorial elections. Secondly, the Republicans maintained control of the House. Third, the Republicans increased their hold on the U.S. Senate and can now ram through the type of policies, judicial appointments, etc that will push this nation into the depths of an abyss called FASCISM and bankrupt this nation for generations to come.

They got off their butts to go vote and looks like they may have come up shy. Now, in the first shot of the Battle for this America - they should get into action and sign on to the petition that is demanding justice against Bush Cheney and others who attacked this nation to create what we are seeing right now.

I am one of the original 100 citizens on the complaint that was delivered to Eliot Spitzer in New York on October 28, 2004. 

If you want to put an end to Bush Cheney, I urge all to sign the petitions and join the fight that can win, cannot be stolen at the balloting booths, and cannot be stopped for nothing can stop the truth when people stand up for what is right.

best regards,

Karl Schwarz

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From: "R. Davis"">
Subject: FW: Voting Problems at the Booth
Date: 3 Nov 2004

Dear Jean,

This was reported in Austin Texas, a non contested state. Both Austin and San Antonio has taken on the electronic voting machines. If this is happening here, it has probably happened everywhere these machines are in use. I believe that the one that was reported here had a flaw in it that allowed to voter to see that her vote was being changed. I do not for an instant believe that this election has been a fair one, but how do we prove this kind of voter fraud? We are all still hanging on by a wire here hoping that the last few states that need to be counted will turn Kerry’s direction. It seems to me that all the losses across the whole of the United States with regards to Senate and House of Representatives leaves us in the hands of the wolves. I cannot personally see how people are so blind to the truth, and would vote for Bush.

Love and Light,


Subject: Voting Problems at the Booth

This was on the local news in Austin tonight. Share with your family and friends so, that we can help ensure that our vote represents our TRUE VOTE!!!   FYI: This note came from my neighborhood net:

Yesterday a friend voted early at a polling location in Austin. She voted straight Democratic. When she did the final check, lo and behold every vote was for the Democratic candidates except that it showed that she had voted for Bush/Cheney for president/vice pres.

She immediately got a poll official. On her vote, it was corrected. She called the Travis County Democratic headquarters. They took all her information. They told her that she wasn't the first to report a similar incident and that they are looking into it. So, check before you leave the polling booth, and if anything is wrong, get it corrected immediately. Report any irregularities to your local Democratic headquarters.


Bloggers for Kerry late last night

NOTE FROM JEAN: While the uncertainty about the outcome of this US election was growing last night with the Ohio situation looking like it was not going to be resolve soon, I turned to the Internet and looked at the Kerry Blog to see what people were saying there about this whole thing. It turned out to be quite interesting - and sometimes revealing! Here is a selection of some of the hundreds of comments posted last night at

They said on the radio tonight that there were a lot of suspicious things that went on in Ohio....... I'm not sure what they meant but they said people were turned away from the polls, not given provisional ballots, and not enough machines so people left the lines. Posted by: votekerry2004 on November 3, 2004 02:04 AM

Okay, this is freakin' unacceptable. Why are we having so much trouble with this whole voting process? Isn't this the country that used to go into other nations to insure that their voting was democratic and valid? WTH? What a mess! Posted by: KC Democrat on November 3, 2004 02:05 AM

Turn on CNN and don't give up, this thing is not going to be decided for at least another 11 days. I hope Bush goes on TV and gives a victory speech that he'll have to retract in 2 weeks!! Posted by: twott28 on November 3, 2004 02:05 AM

"it ain't over till its over"
yogi bera a great yankee Posted by: snorris on November 3, 2004 02:06 AM

Hope they have someone neutral guarding those damn machines overnight... And what is up with the fatigue, could they not have scheduled a night shift crew and told them to sleep during the day????? Posted by: rainbow4321 on November 3, 2004 02:06 AM

It Will be 10 days before they count those provisional ballots.
Of course if we win OHIO by more than 200,000 then that might not happen.
Those people stodd in line for 7 hours !!
Let all their votes be counted!! Posted by: jimdeedler on November 3, 2004 02:06 AM

Don't you dare stop counting ballots in Ohio. I want all of your 10,000 lawyers there. 537 votes ring a bell, anyone? 537 votes and 4 years later, I say we can wait a few days to find out who won, or else I'm moving to Britain. Posted by: emkem on November 3, 2004 02:06 AM

For the love of God, seize the machines in Ohio and Florida! Posted by: SaveDaWorld on November 3, 2004 02:06 AM

TO JOHN KERRY, TERESA HEINZ KERRY, JOHN EDWARDS, ELIZABETH EDWARDS, AND.... Everyone else who has worked their heart out on this campaign in the quest for a better America: We are here with you. You have been the light in the darkness.....and still are. I am so proud of everyone I could just bust. You have been the example of everything I always believed America was all about. Thank you for working your hearts out. I still believe in you. We all do.....and we have your back. I will be here as long as it takes. Posted by: ChristianforKerrytoo on November 3, 2004 02:07 AM

Dear Team my vote wasnt counted in NJ the young voters had problems with provisional votes , if I had this problem what about FL , OH and anything that the Provisional Count is higher than the loss in each county (not state) , there is some talk out there that theres missing young voters ... why dont you get your lawyers to get every vote counted in ALL states I am fed up of seeing Democracy fail.. I dont want JK to just give up on OH or the others but dont conceeded in any state untill ALL votes absentee, and provisioanl RECOUNT IN ALL SWING STATES Posted by: Garden-in-a-state on November 3, 2004 02:07 AM

ABC is saying 20% of votes in New Mexico were cast absentee and they haven't been counted yet - from one of the biggest counties. We're not lost yet. Posted by: patncincy on November 3, 2004 02:07 AM

This is not over. With 250,000+ votes still to be counted in Ohio, a large majority of them provisionals that could break with Kerry as much as 2-1, we are still in it. A loss of the popular vote that's inevitable is still bad - but we still will win the election, and I can only assume that Kerry's popularity will rise, as did Bush's - except his will stay there. -Gabe Posted by: potterhead4 on November 3, 2004 02:07 AM

From Atrios: (teehee) It's not over yet, but you better keep this handy: Emergency Election Guide Posted by: sc kitty on November 3, 2004 02:07 AM

How else to explain the discrepancy between exit polling that showed a Kerry landslide! Seize those machines now! Posted by: SaveDaWorld on November 3, 2004 02:08 AM

remember this also. florida has over 1.5 million votes to count bush did not win it. Posted by: jimdeedler on November 3, 2004 02:08 AM

Still waiting... Ohio WILL be ours! ...and im still upset about Florida. i SWEAR jeb pulled something... Posted by: nativetexan4kerry on November 3, 2004 02:08 AM

With provisional ballots there could be 5 or 6 hundred thousand uncounted in Ohio. I don't know how bush miraculously gained the lead in Iowa before their " Fatigue" set in, but at least JK has NOT conceded!!! Don't make it easy for that BASTARD WARMONGER, bush!!! My childs future is too important!!! So is yours! Posted by: KerrySupprter on November 3, 2004 02:09 AM

There is no way that Bush will win this election fair and square. He did not win in 2000, and he has spent the past 3+ years orchestrating one disaster after another. I hope the Kerry campaign contests each and every discrepancy and dispute in Florida and Ohio and anywhere else Bush and Company cheated. I firmly believe Kerry won Ohio! Do not concede anything!! Cheaters never prosper in the end... Posted by: NJMomforJKJE on November 3, 2004 02:09 AM

CNN Posted 2:03 a.m. ET, November 3 - Broken machines and a delay in opening absentee ballots will delay Iowa reporting its final count in the presidential election, state election officials said. Posted by: defrosted on November 3, 2004 02:10 AM


and im still upset about Florida. i SWEAR jeb pulled something... I am ashamed of our nation. What does this say to the world? We like leaders that invade countries based upon mistakes? Shame is upon us. Kerry should have won in a landslide. Except for all the religeous idealogs that have their head so far up their asses that they see out their belly buttons. Posted by: Steambomb on November 3, 2004 02:12 AM

I can't understand how terrorism can be Bush's strong card. The Bush administration blocked much of the 9-11 investigations, and so much points to extreme negligence or worse, i.e., they may have known something big was going to happen and let it happen for their own purposes, as recent behavior would strongly suggests. In Bush's own words, he doesn't really think that much about Osama Bin laden, and he doesn't want terrorism to be "just a nuissance;" that again suggests he wants to have the threat of terrorism to scare the public, perhaps into whatever he wills. The administration has inadequately funded Homeland Security. And it will not implement adequate cargo ship inspections, nor has it implemented adequate tracking of nuclear material, nor has it adequately worked with other nations to ensure a close watch on nuclear material around the world. I am fearful of another 4 years of a Bush administration, and our country could see a disaster far worse than 9-11. Maybe some day the public will discover disturbing items about the Bush administration and its, possibly, deliberate passiveness, to accomplish its own ends, before 9-11 and its borderline criminal negligence afterwards. However, this may all happen too late. Posted by: newbloom on November 3, 2004 02:14 AM

Don't give up! It's time for Bush's reign of terror to end, and for America to become the home of logic, rationality, and respectability once again. We need you, John Kerry! Posted by: geminiaria on November 3, 2004 02:15 AM

DO NOT CONCEDE! No Retreat. No Surrender. This is civil war! Seize the hard drives and demand recounts. Not all the absentee ballots and provisional ballots have been counted and there are reports of voters whom voted straight democrat only to have the touch screen return with a vote for Bush and straight republican. Not surprising as Diebold had said long ago that he would be pleased to give GW Florida and Ohio. I ask humbly, how is it that a man full of lies and deceit, be honestly elected by the majority? It's not true and some trickery is in play. The system is rigged and I have lost all faith in my government. This country was founded on freedom of religion and persecution. We are now in hell. And, I for one will consider moving abroad if the people do not have the power to take back this country! The world begs you. Do not give up President Kerry! Posted by: Faith in Florida on November 3, 2004 02:15 AM

Boston, MA – Kerry-Edwards campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill released the following statement: “The vote count in Ohio has not been completed. There are more than 250,000 remaining votes to be counted. We believe when they are, John Kerry will win Ohio.” If the media had done its job just a LITTLE better...maybe more of the public could have seen through the lies Bush+surrogates told regularly...maybe the Swift Boat Liars wouldn't have gotten as much air time and credibility that they received....maybe the public would have been better educated on what Viet Nam was all about... Maybe the majority of Bush voters would have realized that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11....maybe more of the voting public would have realized that Iraq War planning began as soon as Bush entered office....maybe more of the public would have realized that 9/11 was the tool that was used to go into Iraq, and to get Bush re-elected as "a war-time President"..... Maybe voters would have realized better just what this huge national debt is going to mean down the road....and how it is going to hurt ALL of us.... Kerry may lose Ohio by only 100,000 votes or so. All the media had to do was its job....just a LITTLE better. And there is a LOT of room for improvement on this count. Most media types, by and large, should be ashamed, but they aren't. They're too busy analyzing the Bush win and describing Democrat failings....there really isn't any need for any introspection on their part. Yes, I'm disgusted....and no, I don't think Kerry should concede until the numbers are obvious. Posted by: Kerry Republican on November 3, 2004 02:15 AM


God Bless the Kerry people for giving us another thread to flood! With that I'll say... I'll say it again, I can't stop saying it. To quote some famous individual or another that I can't remember because I'm too pissed right now, "We have not yet begun to fight" Even if Kerry loses, we FIGHT on. The people that have rallied behind Kerry...WE are the true Patriots...and throughout history, it has been the task of the patriots to protect their country, no matter what the threat, or where it comes from...even if that threat is internal. I'm not ready to concede this....Kerry isn't ready to concede this. There is *HOPE* There is always hope, and we can't let go of that. Call me a starry-eyed liberal if you want, but I for one am not ready to give up on this country. Even if we are forced to live under George Bush for another four years, I say we fight... Let's work to get this man impeached, half the American people are behind us, so I say we take the fight home, to *defend* our home. Don't give up on Kerry, and for God's sake don't give up on his ideals. Regardless of what happens, as American's, we've got a job to do. For all of you who have decided that its "over" for all of you that have resigned yourself to dealing with Bush another four years...I ask...where is your courage? John Kerry turned a Swift Boat into enemy fire to save his men, can we show the same courage, turn to Bush and fight, tell him that we will not tolerate the hateful, ugly politics that he promotes, that we will not tolerate him? I say the vote is still out, but I also say that if Kerry wins, we have a leader, but if he loses, we still have a cause. Kerry *will* take Ohio, I'm not even ready to concede that he lost Florida. I say the Bush people are being cocky as hell to say the absentee's are going to swing in their favor. It'd be rich to watch the bat swing the other way and nail them in the face. Bush is confident the military is behind him. He sent the military to Iraq to *die* These men are voting from a war zone...wake up Georgie. FIGHT ON!!!! Posted by: Screaming Liberal on November 3, 2004 02:16 AM

I don't get it people. We can freaking put men on the moon, but we can't come up with a national, fail safe way to vote??????????????????????? This is what's needed in my opinion - 1. A fail safe voting method that leaves a paper trail. If we can cure cancers and put men on the moon, good lord, we can come up with something. 2. everyone in the country uses the same freaking method. EVERYONE 3. Election day is a national holiday. No work. everyone get's off to have time to vote. 4. All states have early voting. 5. Have plenty of machines or whatever method used so people don't have to wait in line 10 hours to vote. Good lord, this is just unacceptable. 6. No exit polling. 7. No reporting of votes coming in by meida until ALL POLLS IN US CLOSED. 8. No 'calling' for a candidate until all votes counted. Posted by: TNKerryFan on November 3, 2004 02:16 AM

Ohio: Be our Red Sox! Posted by: hugouno on November 3, 2004 02:16 AM

Okay, I feel MUCH better now...... :-) Makes me know that the Kerry team will (im) patiently wait for ALL the votes to be counted, or recounted, until the totals are CORRECT.....!!! There are a huge number of votes to be counted in OH and FL yet to get a decent administration for the citizens of this nation..... DO NOT LET THE MEDIA CONGLOMERATES DECIDE THIS ELECTION LIKE THEY DID FOUR YEARS AGO!!!!! Bush signed the communications bill on June 2 this year, so they "owe" him for their ability to own multiple kinds of media in multiple markets and the only thing we will hear is what the Bush propaganda machine wants us to hear, just exactly as what has been happening for the last four years!!! They will try to spin this the Wrong (shrub) way, BUT DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!!! NO RETREAT, BABY, NO SURRENDER!!!!! We knew there was a possibility (or probability) that the Rovian machine would try to steal this election, too, so this might have been expected. JK/THK/JE/EE - we have your backs, and we're not gonna let the bastards get away with stealing another election!!! We will wait as long as we have to for a successful outcome to this election, and you will take the Oath of Office on Jan. 20, 2005.....!!! Bloggers: Thank you for your emotional support for many months, and especially this evening..... Love you all, and send all positive vibes, prayers, sunshine and light to our beloved JK/THK/JE/EE and their families..... Love to all of you, because we know you've been out there for all this time, and please know we support you One Thousand - no, One Million - Percent!!!!! :-) Posted by: NonnyO on November 3, 2004 02:16 AM

This election had to be rigged. Bush was kickin' it at home watching the results, but he probably already knew what the results would be...just like he knew about 9/11. Posted by: K007 on November 3, 2004 02:16 AM

John Kerry has to win. It is the only logical thing that can happen. This is my 11th presidential election. Some of the candidates that I voted for won and some lost. When my candidate lost, I tolerated and made it through the 4 years. But, if JK doesn't make this one, I don't know what to do. I cannot bear to spend the next 4 years watching my beloved country continue to be raped. I am not a poor looser; this is not a game. I don't think I can live in a country comprised of so many self-righteous zealots whose heads are where they can view their appendix. According to the networks, the biggest issue, as it turned out, was "moral values". Give me a break. Who cares if you are unemployed or that your kid is being shot at in Iraq. Just as long as we abide by "moral values". That evangelical in the white house who supposedly has unsurpassed moral values has no problem killing over 1000 of our people and untold Iraqis. JK, you must win. It ain't over. But if the worse happens, then I am a man without a country. Posted by: kerrycarries on November 3, 2004 02:17 AM Exit polls for Kerry All three Presidential debates won by Kerry MSNBC on-line poll earlier today, showed 68% thought Kerry would win vs Bush's 31% (However, MSNBC apparently removed the question when the results did not go the way they expected. Things don't add up folks. All the outstanding votes must be counted. Kudos to CBS, PBS, C-SPAN and CNN for not declaring the undecided states prematurely. Posted by: IndyForChange on November 3, 2004 02:18 AM

Dear John Kerry: The final treasure in your adventure to the White House may be found in Ohio's provisional ballots. Sit back, have a warm cup of tea, smile at your wife, hug your daughters, and relax. Those of us who have been with you from the start are still with you nearing the end. You have run a valiant course. Now is not the time for discouragement. It's the time for faith in God and faith in the people. You can't hear the cheers in the hearts of your supports there in the comfort of your own home, but cheering we are! Please keep the faith, John. Posted by: sorbet on November 3, 2004 02:19 AM

IF YOU WANT TO SMILE WATCH THIS - Posted by: VANDA on November 3, 2004 02:26 AM

JOHN EDWARDS ON CNN NOW!!!!!! Posted by: svonkampen on November 3, 2004 02:28 AM EDWARDS SPEAKING NOW !!!!!!!!!! Posted by: KerrySupprter on November 3, 2004 02:28 AM

WE ARE NOT CONCEDING..... Posted by: EliezerbenEfraim on November 3, 2004 02:28 AM EDWARDS ON CNN "We will fight for every vote, you deserve no less." Posted by: IndyForChange on November 3, 2004 02:30 AM


CBS is saying that the Kerry people think they will get about 85% of the provisional ballots. Most were in Democratic areas, and it was Republicans who contested making the provisional ballots necessary. Posted by: ron chusid on November 3, 2004 02:31 AM



NOTE FROM JEAN: Recommended by yet another long-time subscriber to this ERN list, Jonathan Granoff himself! His cogent argument in favor of getting back on the integrity track before the entire legitimacy and cohesiveness of international treaties and the very system of mutual trust preserving peace on Earth (except when the U.S. is concerned, mainly) is mangled beyond recognition, now must be firmly put on the world agenda


The Iraq Inspections Worked, Lies Have Consequences

by Jonathan Granoff">

October 28, 2004

The inspection disarmament efforts through the UN system worked in Iraq. The invasion was not necessary. Billions of dollars have been squandered, thousands of lives and limbs lost, and the people of Iraq live in increasing poverty and insecurity. Did this happen because important facts were ignored?

With the release of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) report by Charles Duelfer on October 6, 2004, it is clear that the following statements by the Bush Administration have proven to be false:

“Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” - Dick Cheney, speech to VFW National Convention, Aug. 26, 2002

“We know for a fact that there are weapons there.” - White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, press briefing, Jan. 9, 2003

“Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.” - George W. Bush, address to the U.S., March 17, 2003

“Well, there is no question that we have evidence and information that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical particularly…..All this will be made clear in the course of the operation, for whatever duration it takes.” - White House spokesman Ari Fleisher, press briefing, March 21, 2003

“We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat.” - Donald Rumsfeld, ABC interview, March 30, 2003

“You remember when Colin Powell stood up in front of the world, and he said Iraq has got laboratories, mobile labs to build biological weapons....They're illegal. They're against the United Nations resolutions, and we've so far discovered two. And we'll find more weapons as time goes on. But for those who say we haven't found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they're wrong. We found them.” - George W. Bush, remarks to reporters, May 31, 2003

The reason these statements were not true was because the international legally mandated inspection and disarmament efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), backed by the UN system and U.S. commitments, worked effectively

From 1991 to 1998, the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) substantially identified and dismantled Iraq weapons capacities. In conjunction with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it conducted hundreds of inspection missions at weapons sites and documentation centers, systematically uncovering and eliminating Iraq's nuclear weapons program and most of its chemical, biological, and ballistic missile systems. Then, from November 2002 until March 2003, there were 237 missions to 148 sites in which the UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) confirmed the depleted state of Iraq's capabilities. As former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix wrote in his recent book, "the UN and the world had succeeded in disarming Iraq without knowing it."

Let me be very clear: the Treaty of the UN Charter which defines how nations are to work together toward collective security worked. The inspection disarmament efforts in Iraq reinforced the nonproliferation and disarmament norms set forth in the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Without these standards, which degrade the value of weapons of mass destruction and in fact drive international efforts towards their universal elimination, the legal, moral and political basis for constraining and disarming Iraq would have been flawed. It was correct to disarm Iraq. It was incorrect to invade it.

The use of force where it was not required must be condemned. We simply must find our way back to honesty, equity and law. The unnecessary invasion of Iraq by U.S. and coalition forces has reaped destruction on the fabric of Iraqi society, the trust of the U.S. citizenry and the international community in the integrity of the U.S. government, and, most serious of all, the stability of international security based on the guidepost of the rule of international law.

The NPT will be reviewed in May of 2005. Diminished confidence in US integrity has caused many countries to doubt the sincerity of commitments for the global elimination of nuclear weapons, a core bargain of the Treaty. Over 180 countries have refrained from developing these devices based on this pledge. The consequence of a corroded NPT is dozens of nuclear weapons states and a diminished collective security regime. We are in a race against time to get back on track. If we do not restore confidence in the rule of law and collective security, the cohesion of the Treaty will collapse and proliferation will be far more difficult to constrain.

In a world where terrorists seek the ultimate weapon and where they believe that law and secular morality hold no legitimacy to guide their actions, the prospect of the spread of nuclear weapons must wake us all up. We are not in a Cold War. We are in a cold sweat.

Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute and CoChair of the American Bar Association Committee on Arms Control and National Security


From: "Meria Heller"">
Subject: 911 Synthetic Terrorism - Made in the USA
Date: 1 Nov 2004

Hi Jean,
Please share with your readers the most excellent interview airing at my recent show link (free) all week. I interviewed Webster Tarpley on his book "911 Synthetic Terrorism - Made in the USA".

For all those who truly want answers about 911, the secret government, and who could have pulled off 911, this is it. Absolutely breathtaking. They only need go to and hit the recent show link. It's so important everyone should hear it, especially before voting.



P. S. tomorrow I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. David Suzuki on the environment. I vote for the planet.

"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 5th yr On The Net- #1 on Net! & WARL1320AM, R.I.


From: "Meria Heller"">
Subject: Today’s show with David Suzuki was AWESOME!
Date: 2 Nov 2004

11/2/04 "Meria With Dr. David Suzuki -The Environment - The Votes that Counts"
Today I had the honor of interviewing Dr.David Suzuki, author of 30 books and a man who truly walks his talk. We discuss his beautiful new book "Tree, A Life Story" - - sign up for his newsletter and get involved. We discuss his awesome PBS special "The Sacred Balance" as well. The Earth is our mother, we are the Earth; humans as animals and part of nature; the candidates ignoring the global issues on the environment; The economy vs. the environment; China's growth putting an end to life as we know it; SUV's and childhood asthma; our children are the canaries in the coal mine today; the future for life on the planet; sustainable energy and lifestyles; what you can do about it; the good will of 911 tossed to the wind by a president who said "go shopping"; the alarming increase in cancers and the causes; 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day (explains guerilla warfare); How to achieve sustainability within one generation; pollution; 50,000 species gone a year; Our dependence on nature; 90% of the fish are gone from the oceans; and so much more.

This show is a natural companion of "The Earth News Hour" with myself and Mark Elsis. It also ties in beautifully with my book "Reinventing the Wheel, The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity" ready for shipping this coming week. Please buy your copies, or a bunch. They will be the best gift you can give to yourself, your children and your friends. $13 special price (add $4.95 s/h) until February. If you want ten or more, email me for a special discount. Help me make this book a success for all of us.

Together we MUST take this issue into our own hands. Our lives depend on it. - Meria

The Meria Heller Show
5th year on the net & WARL1320am R.I.



October 28, 2004

Bush Administration’s Nuclear Policy Slammed by Einstein Associate

Nuclear arsenals create more danger now than during the Cold War

NAPA, CA. -- Joseph Rotblat, one of the last surviving associates of Albert Einstein and winner of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize, said today that the Bush Administration’s aggressive nuclear policy is plunging the world into a new nuclear arms race. In an interview on, Rotblat said that the United States’ development of new nuclear weapons and its aggressive “first use policy” have undermined the work of scientists working to get rid of the world’s nuclear arsenals --- and created a danger even greater that that of the Cold War.

Joseph Rotblat, 96 years old, was an original member of the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb. Since resigning from the project, he has worked for more than 50 years on nuclear disarmament. He is the last surviving signatory of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto in 1955, which urged governments to find other solutions to conflict besides war, and is co-founder of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, with groups of scientists in more than 50 countries to eliminate nuclear threat.

“After the Cold War ended,” he said, “we thought we could proceed with the first U.N. resolution to get rid of these weapons. Scientists around the world had been working on it. But four years ago, when George W. Bush came to power, he introduced a radical new policy, a complete change. Instead of being a weapon of last resort, nuclear weapons became a weapon of first resort, to be used immediately. In other words, ‘we will use them if we think someone is going to attack us.’”

Combined with America’s refusal to directly negotiate with North Korea, which has alienated the North Korean leadership, the first-use policy has, according to Rotblat, put small unarmed countries in vulnerable positions and spurred them into manufacturing new nuclear weapons themselves. “If the United States, the mightiest country in the world, militarily and economically, feels that it needs nuclear weapons for its security, how do you deny this security to countries that really feel vulnerable?

“Countries such as Iran and North Korea feel that they are at risk. They feel they need nuclear weapons for their own security. Other countries will follow. In other words we are in danger of a new nuclear arms race.”

The possession of nuclear weapons, he says, does not help at all in the fight against terrorism. “Terrorists are a loosely organized group. They are not identified with a given country.

“You cannot attack or try to fight terrorists by using nuclear weapons. Most of the people you kill will be innocent. On the other hand, as long as nuclear weapons are in the arsenals, sooner or later a terrorist group of one kind or another will acquire one. Compared to the effects of a nuclear warhead in the hands of the terrorists willing to use them, September 11th would fade into insignificance.”

The answer, Rotblat says, lies not in nuclear arsenals but in the lessons many European countries learned after losing millions of lives in two World Wars – solve your conflicts with dialogue, negotiation and international cooperation.

Full interview is available on

For interviews with Dr. Rotblat contact:
Pugwash Conferences on Sciences and World Affairs
London, England


Forwarded by "Meria Heller"">

Sent: November 01, 2004
Subject: LA Citizens' Grand Jury Condemns US Government's Treasonous Role In 9/11

Dear friends -- please post and distribute this release as widely and as rapidly as possible -- these are the proceedings of the Los Angeles Citizens' Grand Jury on 9/11, which has taken a vanguard position on a whole series of issues.

Webster G. Tarpley
Maryland USA

From: Ilene Proctor">


Demands Immediate Release of CIA Inspector General’s Report, Cheney Counter-Terrorism Task Force & War Game Records, Pentagon Evidence Seized by FBI & Suppressed 9/11 Report of "broadly inaccurate accounts by several civil & military officials"

Los Angeles, Oct. 31 – In findings issued today, the Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury condemned the 9/11 Commission’s official version of the events of September 11, 2001 as "physically impossible, untenable, contradictory, implausible and fraudulent" and called for the release of several documents specifically naming officials responsible for 9/11, being withheld until after the election.

Citing evidence that at least 8 of the 19 alleged suicide hijackers reported themselves alive after 9/11, that the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 came down not from fires from the planes but controlled demolition explosives which require weeks to prepare, and Administration managed "war games" (including a field training exercise scenario covering multiple hijackings and a plane going into a building) that were actually happening on 9/11 as causing air traffic controller confusion & lack of fighter response, the nation’s first Citizens’ Grand Jury on 9/11 unabashedly concluded 9/11 was "an inside job" that demands "legal prosecution, civil liability and political condemnation" around the world.

According to the nation’s first Citizens’ Grand Jury on 9/11, the US government must immediately release the CIA Inspector General’s report on 9/11, which assigns blame to certain high level officials but whose release is being suppressed by new CIA Director Porter Goss until after the election, according to published reports. Goss is reported to have been having breakfast on the morning of 9/11 with the Pakistani ISI "money man" himself, General Mahmud Ahmed, who had wired $100,000 to the alleged head-hijacker Mohammed Atta.

LA’s Citizens’ Grand Jury also issued a demand that the records of the Vice-President’s Counter-Terrorism Task Force and preparation and co-ordination of the emergency exercises/war games the Vice President was overseeing on 9/11 be released as they may well have contributed to the lack of fighter response to the hijackings. 

In addition, the Citizens' Grand Jury demanded that the FBI release all surveillance videotape and related evidence being withheld bearing on the flying object which hit the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11. Evidence presented to the Jury suggested that due to the absence of debris from a 60-ton 757, limited damage to the Pentagon, an "implausible" flight pattern and lack of skill of the alleged Arab hijacker pilot, possibly a missile or a remote controlled drone actually hit the Pentagon instead of American flight # 77 which was last tracked over Ohio by air traffic controllers. The Jury chose to delay a finding on the Pentagon, pending further deliberation of eye witness reports and surveillance documentation.

Acknowledging vast resources and unacknowledged evidence ignored by the 9/11 Kean-Hamilton Commission Report, the Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury rejected the official version of 9/11 labeling it "a propaganda fabrication designed to favor the unleashing of aggressive war, while hiding the activity of a treasonous cabal of high-level elected and appointed civilian U.S. government and military officials, and private and/or contracted third parties and rogue agents under their known or unknown direction yet to be determined who both actively prepared, promoted, organized, assisted, fomented, and/or passively favored the September 11 attacks and supported the cover-up that followed".

The Citizens’ Grand Jury, which had begun its deliberations on Saturday, October 23 with a large public meeting in the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall near the Los Angeles Civic Center, refuted the claims of the 9/11 Commission Report on several detailed points. They decided to evaluate the attacks as a crime by considering "motive, means and opportunity" which on several counts were beyond what Osama bin Laden and 19 suicide hijackers could have accomplished unaided. Noting in particular the lack of fighter response for 1 hour and 40 minutes when "67 times in the year prior to 9/11 by following established procedures when planes went out of communication or off course, the system worked perfectly" and fighter planes were usually scrambled within 15 minutes.

In addition, they noted the fate of WTC building 7, a 47-story building housing the DOD, IRS and Security and Exchange Commission, among others, which has generally been ignored in press reports. At 5:20 pm on 9/11, it collapsed into its own footprint – characteristic of a controlled demolition - without being hit by a plane or debris from the falling Towers and with minimal fires that allegedly could have been easily extinguished. Jurors viewed a video of the WTC Leaser, Larry Silverstein, who said he and the fire department in the afternoon of 9/11 agreed to "pull it" which is a controlled demolitions industry phrase that means to demolish through the use of pre-placed explosives. They concluded the liklihood of a controlled demolition of WTC7 was beyond what Osama bin Laden and 19 hijackers could have done unaided, which further suggested 9/11 was an inside job.

The Citizens’ Grand Jury is composed of 25 average Americans of diverse ethnic, national, religious and professional backgrounds – including a 9/11 family member, a private investigator, a medical doctor, a college student, a therapist, an educator, the director of personnel and training for a major union, an author on the holocaust, and a retired forensic investigator. They issued today’s findings after several days of consideration on the language of the findings, adding extensive demands for withheld evidence.

The Citizens’ Grand Jury heard evidentiary presentations from 9/11 researchers Jim Hoffman and Don Paul, authors of Waking Up From Our Nightmare: The 9/11 Crimes in New York City, Webster Tarpley, author of George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography and the upcoming 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA and DOD’s Barbara Honegger, former White House policy analyst and author of the October Surprise who broke the story of the "numerous emergency response exercises/’war games’ that have been officially acknowledged to have been carried out on the morning of September 11, 2001 under the various directions of Vice-President Cheney, the Pentagon/Joint Chiefs of Staff, NORAD (Air Force), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO, staffed mainly by Air Force/military and CIA personnel), and FEMA" featured in depth in Michael Ruppert’s best selling Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

The Grand Jury also viewed photographs and film clips including Senator Mark Dayton testifying before a Senate committee reviewing with Commissioners Kean and Hamilton NORAD’s "lies" regarding the 9/11 timeline calling for accountability for the "unbelievable negligence". They also viewed taped and/or written testimony from David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor on the 9/11 Commission’s Omissions, Mike Ruppert summarizing the war games excerpted from the Canadian best-selling documentary with Barry Zwicker, The Great Conspiracy, and researchers Nafeez Ahmed, author of The War on Freedom: How and Why America Was Attacked Sept. 11, 2001 and Paul Thompson, author of The 911 Terror Timeline.

The findings of the Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury represent the most detailed and thorough refutation of the US government’s official account of what allegedly happened on 9/11 ever formally issued by a people’s fact-finding body. Formal presentation of Findings and References will follow their next deliberation scheduled for mid-November where they will address other questions, including specific responsibilities of US government officials and persons in the private sector pivotal to the events of 9/11.

"It is the hardest thing in the world to confront," explained Citizens’ Grand Jury convener, Lynn Pentz, "that members of our own government are responsible for perjury, treason and mass murder of their own citizens as well as citizens from 82 other nations around the world.
"Given our political and judicial systems have refused to deal with the reality of 9/11," she explained, "We the People must now be responsible for our representatives’ lies, their war on our freedoms, their terrorizing tactics, the death and destruction they are waging in our names, their bankrupting of our nation with their endless war for profit and global hegemony, and for our allowing the increasing rise of a police state here in America - all rationalized by the official story of 9/11 and the politicians and media who have exploited it. The Citizens’ Grand Jury has shown we are way past begging for the unanswered questions to be answered. We know a lot of the answers and they are not pretty."

Ms. Pentz is a well-known southern California activist of the international 9/11 truth movement, and co-founder of, the host organization of the LA Citizens’ Grand Jury. Ms. Pentz participated in both the International Citizen’s Inquiries in San Francisco and Toronto and attended the 9/11 Kean-Hamilton Commission Hearings in New York which she declared were "appalling to any citizen committed to finding the truth and assuring accountability for what actually happened". 

After presenting well-verified evidence to the 9/11 Commissioners of the Administration’s bogus Orange alerts, Silverstein’s ordering the destruction of WTC7 which "housed the People’s business" (ie: 200 open investigations of securities fraud), and evidence that many of the alleged hijackers were still alive after 9/11, Pentz says, "she then knew that they knew and chose to cover up the truth instead of reveal it."

She even showed two Commissioners, FBI Director Robert Mueller’s statement to CNN that there is "no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers" and his April 19, 2002 admission, "In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned in Afghanistan and elsewhere – that mention any suspect of the September 11th plot." 

"None of this (and so much other) evidence, and none of the connecting of the obvious dots that point to government complicity, were even referred to in the Commission’s Report. So, its now incumbent on the People to take back their government by not settling until the real perpetrators are held accountable and the systems that allow such abuses have real citizen oversight so these egregious abuses of public trust cannot happen again."

Several such efforts are happening nationally. Activists in New York have just filed a petition with state Attorney General, Elliott Spitzer, with an unprecedented Citizens' Complaint Demanding a Criminal Inquiry into the 9/11 Crimes as part of their "Summer of Truth" campaign. San Francisco’s Stanley Hilton represents 400 9/11 family members in a suit charging government complicity in the events of 9/11. Grass roots demonstrations are continuing and legal actions are beginning to move forward.

According to Webster Tarpley, a key witness in the proceedings, "With today’s release of findings, the Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury has taken a giant step beyond the unanswered questions of 9/11, towards positive determinations of what really happened and who was responsible. On the eve of the US Presidential elections, these findings represent a qualitatively new phase in the people’s campaign against the US government’s Big Lies about 9/11."

"We call on citizens here and around the world to have your own Citizens’ Grand Juries, review the evidence and decide for yourselves", said Ms. Pentz. "Then, we must all, demand our governments hold the real perpetrators of 9/11 criminally, civilly and politically responsible. In the meantime, we must do the hard work of confronting ‘the enemy is us’ and not settle until we have truly cleaned house".

The expanded version of evidence and LA Citizens’ Grand Jury Findings can be viewed at

(LOTS of interesting material at this website above!)


Los Angeles Citizens’ Grand Jury
Preliminary Findings, October 31, 2004

CLIP - To review these preliminary findings, please go at

For further information contact: Lynn Pentz - - 818-784-3623

See also:

Toward a New Criminal Investigation into the Events of September 11, 2001 -- SIGN THIS PETITION AT

PHILADELPHIA, PA, OCTOBER 22, 2004. On September 11, 2001, William Rodriguez, a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center in Manhattan, single-handedly rescued fifteen people. The only employee with the master key to the North Tower staircases, he led firefighters up the stairs, unlocking doors as he went, aiding in the evacuation of hundreds of additional people who, but for his efforts, might have perished. Although his job description did not include saving lives, Rodriguez re-entered the building three times after the first plane struck, and was the last person to exit the North Tower alive.  He survived the collapse of the North Tower by diving beneath a fire truck to avoid the avalanche of concrete and steel. After onsite treatment for his injuries, Rodriguez plunged right back into rescue efforts at the site. At dawn the next morning, Rodriguez returned to Ground Zero from his home in Jersey City, to continue to aid in rescue efforts.Later, Rodriguez became an unofficial spokesman for survivors, among other things helping to secure an amnesty for undocumented aliens, many of them Latinos, and in the creation of the World Trade Center Memorial Fund. Although he lost his job of 19 years and his means of livelihood - even falling into homelessness for a time - Rodriguez has continued in the three years since 9-11 to continue his work in honor of the heroes and the victims of that awful day, as president of the Hispanic Victims Group, Director of the 9/11 United Services Group, and member of the Family Advisory Council of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Now, this native of Puerto Rico and remarkable American hero is taking his 9-11 activism to an even higher level. He has commenced, as Plaintiff, a federal court lawsuit against George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld and others alleging that they and others were complicit in the 9-11 attacks, and either planned the attacks, or had foreknowledge of the attacks and permitted them to succeed, in order to exploit a "New Pearl Harbor" to launch wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. CLIP More details on this at

9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero? (October 28, 2004)
Two men who worked extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center claim they helped federal agents find three of the four “black boxes” from the jetliners that struck the towers on 9/11 -- contradicting the official account.Both the independent 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue to insist that none of the four devices -- a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) from the two planes -- were ever found in the wreckage.But New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi has written in a recent book -- self-published by several Ground Zero workers -- that he escorted federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle in October 2001 and helped them locate three of the four.His account is supported by a volunteer, Mike Bellone, whose efforts at Ground Zero have been chronicled in the New York Times and elsewhere. Bellone said assisted DeMasi and the agents and that saw a device that resembling a “black box” in the back of the firefighter’s ATV.Their story raises the question of whether there was a some type of cover-up at Ground Zero. Federal aviation officials -- blaming the massive devastation -- have said the World Trade Center attacks seem to be the only major jetliner crashes in which the critical devices were never located.A footnote to the 9/11 Commission Report issued this summer flatly states: “The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175” - the two planes that hit the Trade Center -- “were not found.”And officials for the FBI -- which oversaw the cleanup at Ground Zero -- and the New York City Fire Department repeated this week that the devices were never recovered.The “black boxes” -- actually orange -- could have provided valuable new information about the worst terror attack to ever take place on American soil.



November 1, 2004

DU Weapons Dust Worries Iraqis

Provisional Government Seeks Cleanup; U.S. Downplays Risks

by Thomas D. Williams

Despite assurances from the U.S. military that depleted uranium from exploded munitions does not pose a significant health threat, Iraq's provisional government is asking the United Nations for help cleaning up the low-level radioactive, metal dust spread across local battlefields by U.S. and British forces during the Persian Gulf wars.

The request comes as the United States continues to defend depleted uranium weaponry - prized for its tank-piercing and bunker- or cave-smashing ability - against strong opposition by other countries, scientists and veterans organizations.

Great Britain, a major partner in the coalition now fighting in Iraq, has provided the U.N. with the coordinates where its forces used depleted uranium, also known as DU, in southern Iraq, but the United States has not. Britain and Germany are supplying money to train Iraqis in environmental science. The United Nations plans to survey for DU hot spots from both wars in Iraq and says it needs the coordinates for an effective survey.

Neither British nor U.S. authorities have offered to augment the $4.7 million donated mainly by Japan to the United Nations to evaluate sites of wartime contamination that health experts say threaten the well-being of Iraqi civilians.

In late October, Army Lt. Col. Mark Melanson said a five-year, $6 million Defense Department study of a simulated DU tank explosion shows "the chemical risks of breathing in uranium dust are so low that it won't cause any long-term health risks," even for the tank crew.

Health Concerns Remain

Concern about the health effects of depleted uranium is not limited to overseas countries. The Defense Department's contention that depleted uranium has not been shown to affect health adversely and therefore doesn't need to be cleaned up is contrary to its own rules for handling it. Those rules mirror the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's treatment of depleted uranium as an environmental hazard and danger to public health. Federal regulators have shut down some U.S. nuclear weapons and uranium processing and munitions plants, found to be contaminated by depleted uranium. Billions of dollars are being spent on its cleanup in the United States.

Depleted uranium, or U-238, is a toxic, heavy metal byproduct of uranium enrichment that gives the world uranium suitable for use in nuclear weapons and reactor fuel. It is also used in munitions, ballast for airplanes, tank armor and other products. It has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

In 2002 at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md., researchers found that even though the alpha radiation from depleted uranium is relatively low, internalized DU as a metal can induce DNA damage and carcinogenic lesions in the cells that make up bones in the human body.

Depleted uranium was first used widely in combat in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The material in armor-piercing munitions ignites and burns on impact at temperatures of several thousand degrees Celsius. While burning, tiny particles, or dust, of uranium oxide aerosol are created. Wind can carry these considerable distances.

Since 1991, the cancer rates in Iraq have risen sharply in areas where depleted uranium was used, according to Iraqi medical studies reviewed by scientists from other countries. In addition, more than 230,000 of the 697,000 U.S. soldiers who served in that war have filed disability claims for various maladies, the majority of which fall under the broad category of gulf war syndrome.

With many of the causes of these illnesses still eluding researchers, several lawmakers, at the urging of veterans groups, pushed for legislation to study depleted uranium further, to see if there is a connection with gulf war and other wartime illnesses. It called also for cleaning up depleted uranium munitions firings.

In the Republican-controlled Congress, the measures quietly died this fall inside the House Health Subcommittee. Congress and three presidential administrations have either remained silent on the dispute or have dismissed the environmental and health concerns raised.

Council Urges Ban

U.N.-related organizations, citing studies showing more cancers and birth defects among civilians and soldiers in countries where depleted uranium munitions have been used, have pressed for more studies and a ban on their use until the effects are better understood. The Council of Europe, Europe's oldest inter-governmental organization of 46 nations, has called for a ban on the production, use, testing and sale of munitions containing depleted uranium or plutonium.

But U.S. political leaders in Congress and at the White House have refused to acknowledge that depleted uranium might seriously harm soldiers and civilians.

At home, the United States has spent billions of dollars cleaning up depleted uranium - at former munitions factories, military firing ranges and nuclear fuel production sites. A General Accounting Office report in 2000 put the cost of cleanup at the uranium enrichment plant in Paducah, Ky., where DU is processed for use in weapons and nuclear reactors, at $1.3 billion. By December 2003, the cost of cleaning up and closing the plant, estimated to take until 2070, was up to $13 billion

Cleaning up DU contamination in Iraq, experts say, would come with a multibillion-dollar price tag.

Any money spent on cleaning up depleted uranium in Iraq would be in addition to the estimated $225 billion that the United States will be spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if Congress approves the Bush administration's estimated $70 billion in emergency funding request early next year.

Frederick Jones, a spokesman for the National Security Agency, said the United Nations has not asked the Department of Defense or State Department for assistance in cleaning up depleted uranium in Iraq.

The U.N. Environmental Programme's chairman, Pekka Haavisto, however, said his organization has kept the State Department informed of those needs.

Since 1991, the United States and Britain have fired hundreds of tons of DU munitions during four wars - in the Balkans, Afghanistan and twice in Iraq.

U.N. environmental spokesman Michael Williams said the United States has not supplied coordinates on the sites where DU munitions were fired in Iraq or offered to clean it up. Haavisto added: "U.S. government has the information that if field assessments will be done, exact DU coordinates are needed."

CLIP - Read the rest at


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