Children Gulag in America

Hello everyone

Quite exceptionally - and for good reasons - this is a single issue compilation, something I've seldom done in the 6+ years I've been doing this kind of information networking service. Why? Because what you are about to read is so outrageous and so well hidden - at first I refused to believe this was true since I had never heard of anything like this before nor could find any web reference on this through Google - that it must be vigorously exposed and action taken immediately through our lists of contacts to bring pressure to bear on those responsible for allowing this to continue for so long.

I believe that the fact such atrocities exist in the very midst of a country that, through its president, portrays itself as an example of freedom to the world, attests to the depth of hypocrisy and social dysfunction now afflicting one of the most affluent societies on Earth, a country that flouts all international efforts to bring peace on Earth by waging war almost non stop to further its expanding hegemony, a country that refuses to join the world community in its fledging attempt to combat climate change through the Kyoto Accord, in short, a country that is increasingly epitomizing all that's wrong with humanity's growing disconnection from the Web of Life and refusal to abide by Universal Laws of caring goodness and true compassion.

I know there are millions of Americans who are now actively campaigning through political processes and countless other ways to help change their society for the better, and thus bring a vital positive contribution to the betterment of the world. Such people exist in all countries on Earth. But we now live at an epochal juncture in our planet's history in which the global awakening to our soul's calling for spiritual alignment with our true divine and cosmic nature as partner-souls with the Universal One must fast expand and outpace the flight into oblivion through violence, wars and insane/inhuman behaviors that now threatens the very existence of all Life on Earth. We know that Gaia is accelerating her frequency shift into a higher sphere of existence, but we have an innate responsibility to not only join her in this ascension towards greater balance and harmony with All That Is but also to foster greater, deeper awakening all around us so as to make this journey a collective liberation, not just a personal escape in the Light. I know that you know what is meant here. So there is no need to add anything else.

Please do as you will be "inspired" to do to help with the critical issue featured below.

Love and Light will prevail

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P. S. I want to extend a special THANK YOU to my friend Mark Graffis for providing me with additional web references to document this issue - as indicated further below. And a most special THANK YOU as well to David for bringing this to me/our attention.

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From: "David">
Subject: Child Torture and horrific abuse in Special Boarding Schools for so-called problem children in America and around the world!
Date: 22 Oct 2004

Many of you receive Email from me in the name of DAVID EARTHSONG - or from EarthSong2012.

I wish to make it clear that I am sending you this email in MY OWN NAME. David John Parsons

I am a citizen of the United Kingdom and I am a Light Worker of the Universe.

I feel a personal responsibility to share the message contained within this Email to as many people that I possibly can - and that is why YOU are reading this now.

The person who alerted ME to the terrible plight going on as described within the whole Email is a dear and trusted friend - RANJINI. Now she has NEVER had a nasty word or thought to say or do to ANYONE and is an excellent healer and LIGHT WORKER too.

So I read her Email, which I am passing to YOU ALL asking that you DO READ IT.


It IS NOT one of those "please pass this Email along to 10 people or else the wish won't come true .." type of Emails.

What IS it ? - it IS a MESSAGE a PLEA for YOUR help.

It deserves to be read and it NEEDS to be publicised as far as possible.

If you didn't hit the DELETE KEY then I thank you from the deepest realms of my heart.

IF you decide to read the message and then decide to share this to everyone that you know then the thanks will come from the poor victims and their families of the atrocities that are explained within.

My contact details are with this email as I am NOT afraid to at least stand up and be counted.

Love to you EACH
Phone: +44 (0)1952 400530


From: Ranjini Woodhouse>
Sent: October 21, 2004
Subject: Fw: "Special Boarding Schools for problem children

Dear David,

The following is pretty disturbing. I heard about it from Nora and persuaded her to go public. As a result her article has been sent to Oprah - awesome lady!!!!!!!!!! People are now going to spring into action. I know you have a big mailing list - please pass on the article if you feel guided to do so.

This situation was brought to her attention when she was involved in rescuing one of the children from these so called "special boarding schools".

If you are guided, please pray for these children and their parents, and the staff of these instituitions.

love and blessings



Sunday - 10/18/04

Yesterday I attended a meeting that left me stunned.

It was a meeting of former prison camp inmates. There were people who had been in about 7 different camps throughout the United States and other countries who, while listening in rapt attention to the stories each told, often looked to each other to say, "Wow. That happened at my camp too!" Those present had not known each other, but had heard about the different camps. They shared information about what they had been told. Some said that they had "wished" they could have been in the other camp, as the rumors were that conditions were better over there. They were not. They learned, yesterday, that talk of better conditions were all lies.

These prison camps were all under a single authority. Sanctioned by their government, these camps operate not only without any regard for human rights. Here is what I learned.

There were "rule books" given to the inmates upon their arrival at the camp. Rules that included severe punishment for minor infractions, such as moving your little finger, or scratching your hand. There were punishments meted out for engaging in normal conduct such as talking to others. You were not allowed to talk to other prisoners or "staff" at any time without permission. On the other hand, talking and certain statements were required in the mandatory meetings. At those meetings, on person sat in the middle of a circle and led by the staff "forced" to admit to having been a victim or perpetrator of various acts including abuse, drug use, and other criminal behaviors. Whether or not these were part of the prisoner's experience made no difference, you had to say they were—or else!

Capture was reported to have been carried out by 2 or 3 captors (large males and females) in the dead of night who at the hands of another were allowed into your bedroom, usually in a middle or upper class neighborhood. You were taken ˆ duct tape over the mouth, forced into a vehicle and transported, some handcuffed, to a remote location. Some locales were in remote areas within the USA while others were in other countries or territories. These include Samoa, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Cayman Islands.

Intake included a brief interview, removal of all clothing and jewelry, a humiliating de-lousing procedure. After this, you were given prison garb to wear. All personal belongings were taken away. No shoes were allowed. The request for shoes was said to signal a plan to attempt an escape.

All camps were surrounded by 12 or 15 foot fences, or by natural barriers such as crocodile filled lakes observed by 24 hour guards.

Besides these conditions, all inmates reported that there was filth and unhealthy and inhumane conditions, including cockroaches, other bugs and rodents as constant companions.

Sleeping quarters were barren. Steel 3 tiered bunks, with 4 to a bunk making 12 to a room plus a guard. Use of toilets was regimented, controlled, and observed by staff. Showering was infrequent, also observed by staff. Food was sparse as well. Small portions of cold rice and beans, with water to drink. Yet, daily activities were long and rigorous—and meaningless.

One panel (prior inmates of each camp were grouped according to the camp) spoke of being forced to move many huge rocks from the bottom of a hill or mountain to the top—then back down to the bottom then back to the top. The meaninglessness of the activity was almost as spirit breaking as the task was physically exhausting. A daily exercise in futility. The work continued for 14-16 hours per day, in blistering heat, no shoes, little food. There were many physical injuries, as no protective wear was provided—.no gloves, no sunglasses, no protection from the heat, no shoes to protect the feet. Many scars were shown to us on the hands, arms and feet. Injuries would turn to infections due to lack of hygiene, showers and medical attention.

Others at another camp had more meaningful work. They reported that upon arrival at the camp, there were no buildings or facilities. It would be their job to build their own prison. Again, no shoes, no protective equipment, no protection from the elements. Chiseling rocks and cement, moving heavy materials, using saws, hammer and nails. Again, injuries went unattended, no medical or hygienic treatment was made available. Injuries turned into painful infections, yet there was no reprieve from work detail. Work was 14-16 hours per day. Prisoners suffered severe weight loss, anemia, sickness, wounds not treated with became infected, yet they were forced to continue to work. These were in areas of hot temperatures (jungles and deserts), so each step was painful on dirt with no shoes that was hot and filled with construction materials.

Others reported on how the "program" worked. There were levels or classes. One "graduated" from one level to the next by compliance with the rules, which changed serendipitously and often had nothing to do with improved behavior or any lesson or goal.

These reminded me of tactics used against Prisoners of War that were reported after the World Wars, Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. Mind and body numbing cruelty carrying out the orders of Administrative authority by sadistic and cruel guards and "staff".

Rules that were essentially meaningless and strictly enforced by cruel punishments if broken, only to change to other meaningless rules a day or wee later.

Not only that, was the familiar ring of those revelations. That various "staff" or "guards" meted out the consequences ˆ or favors- based upon "favorites" they had among the inmates. Some would not be punished at all for a particular infraction while another was severely punished.

What were the punishments? These included, for both males and females, tortured physical positions that had to be maintained for hours or days. Being "hog tied" (the hands tied behind the back tied to the feet bent up to them), face down in the hot desert sand for many hours or days. Skin was burnt off. Eyes swollen. If there was resistance, guards weighting about 300 pounds would sit on the resistant inmate, for hours. Shoulders were twisted out of the socket by this method. Bones were broken ("I heard a couple of "pops" when this happened, and I knew my bones were broken", said one former inmate".)

No medical attention was provided for any of these injuries or conditions. One recalled that an injured and later infected prisoner became so ill that she was finally taken to a hospital, where the medical staff said that without treatment, she'd have been dead within 30 minutes.

Was there sexual abuse? The women reported that they personally were raped or knew of others who were. Gang raped by staff, single repeated rapes, forced sexual behavior. All accompanied by threats of severe consequences if they told anyone about the rapes. Public humiliations and seductions were commonplace.

While I listened to each person speak of the horrors they had endured, the words that have been recently splattered repeatedly on our news programs and print media rang in my head: terrorism, terrorists, War on Terrorism, Homeland Security, Abu Ghraib.

The US President's words, "We're gonna find the terrorists and bring them to justice"; "We're gonna rid the world of terrorism", "We have declared war on terrorism"; "We want people around the world to be safe, to enjoy the freedoms we enjoy here in America". "We want to spread the freedoms we have to other countries". "We're gonna hunt down the evil-doers and do away with them."

Well guess what, Mr. President. These prison camps are operating right here in Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Montana, Florida, and other states. Some, after kidnapping the prisoners, send them to camps they operate in Mexico, Costa Rica, Samoa, Jamaica and other countries. These camps are under your authority. They operate with impunity under your jurisdiction. You have the power to close them down. You want to "hunt down the terrorists"? You have their addresses! You have the complete power of whether the abuses described stop or continue. What do you choose?

As FDR said, as President, "the buck stops here". At the President's desk. You are the President. There are records that show that you have been given and chosen to accept money from the owner/operators of these terrorist camps.

I am asking you, as President, all members of Congress, all those in the Department of Justice to immediately Stop Trafficking in Abducted Teens. All of the prisoners described above, are American children, ranging from 9-19 years of age. Stop Terrorism in our Homeland. When you say, "the freedoms we enjoy right here in America", I want all Americans to enjoy the freedoms, but as you can see, the children in these terrorist camps do not enjoy the freedoms you assert.

The terrorism, permitted and supported by loopholes in legislation that could be closed off if you cared. If we really cared about human rights, these camps would be closed immediately. You could do it in one day, if you wanted. If you cared. There is no difficulty in locating these terrorist camps—their addresses, staff members are easily located—just go there! I'm sure that as President, they would let you in.

Who are the prisoners? They are our nations children. CHILDREN!!! Children as young as 9 and kept prisoners after their 18th birthday. So long as their parents continue paying (about $4,00 per month) for the capture and imprisonment of their children, the children are forced to stay. How do the kids escape?

1. Parents run out of money—then the child is released.

2. They turn 18. If parents can still pay, then,

a. They stay until the "complete the program", meaning until parents can no longer pay or
b. They allowed to leave and given an "exit plan". An example of the exit plan is
i. that the child is given a bus ticket to a location far from the parental home;
ii. A nominal amount of money ($5 to $40)
iii. Told not to contact their parents
c. At the same time, the parents are contacted and told that under no circumstances should the allow the child back into the home or be given money, or else all of the progress the child has made will be undone. They are told to use a perverted "Tough Love" approach, which has nothing to do with love, or even the "touch love" approach.

Thus, the child is left on the streets of an unknown city, with no money and no resource. A terrifying experience for a person of any age.

And what are the physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual outcomes? All reported being damaged, severely, in each of these spheres.

1. an impaired physical growth and development, due to severe malnutrition during the developmental years;

2. the natural physical scars and malfunctions due to the effects of malnutrition, torture, injury and untreated infections

3. mental confusion due to constant exposure to systematic mental torture

4. poor academics and educational achievement due to a complete lack of, or inadequate exposure to education. One girl reported that as a gifted student prior to her incarceration, the use or remedial texts by uneducated, unqualified "teachers" was intellectually demeaning, draining and damaging. She was left completely unprepared for adult life as well as intellectually debilitated during the process. She was required to "dumb down" and was punished, humiliated and ridiculed for using words natural to her. Being academically prepared was "a big no-no" (using the approved dumbing down vernacular that would have been approved in the prison camp). WHAT HAPPENED TO "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND"???

5. Because no radio, TV or print media was allowed, the inmates were left completely unaware of world events. Or any events for that matter. For those who were incarcerated prior to 9/11 and who exited some time after, none of that world-changing information was known—they all have to learn now, the important changes that have occurred... for example, that there was a war in Afghanistan, a war in Iraq was begun and continues.

6. All described symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, severe depression, severe anxiety. Symptoms such as frequent night terrors, nightmares, severe anxiety every day, an anxiety whenever around other adults, being in a room (always surveying for an exit option), feelings of continued brainwashing, not being able to think straight, self doubt self-loathing, lack of purpose, needing permission for everything, thought control, lack of social skills, personal skills, skills needed for independent living, difficulty in intimate relationships. And without funds, unable to acquire proper therapy—along with fear of therapists, as "staff" purporting to be therapists had worked with them extensively. None of these survivors have a sense of trust, either of others, themselves, or their environments. None of what they experienced and survived has been charged against their perpetrators as crimes, so they cannot qualify for assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Act.

7. Family relations are bankrupt. Many of the survivors reported that their parents do not believe the conditions they describe. The parents continue to believe the perpetrators.

The industry of trafficking in children is a 100 million dollar a year industry. The parents are told that their children are being sent to a luxury "boarding school" with wonderful amenities, therapists, a fine educational program, recreation including beach trips, horseback riding. The truth is the exact opposite. For the parents not to believe their own children, is a huge betrayal for the children. What is more important in life than our family, our children? Do we really revere children? Do we honor our children? No, we place our trust in strangers who take our money, and deny our love and trust in our children. Why? Well, to be the parent of a tortured child would be heartbreaking, of course, and one would of course feel great guilt and remorse for putting one's child in a terrorist camp. But to admit to having done so is at this time beyond the emotional capability of many parents. So, the survivors of these camps have also lost what is most important to them. Their parents and immediate family.

So, they are left on their own, abandoned and rejected by their family, to survive economically, socially, psychologically and spiritually. There is no "Veteran's Hospital" to which they can go for recovery. There is no program to assist them as they make their way into adulthood.

Who will stop this practice? Who will stand up for the rights of children to be loved and treated with respect? Who will stop the possibility of continuing or new terrorist camps for kids? Who?

I was involved in the rescue of one child who was kidnapped and hidden away in one of these camps in Montana. The local sheriff and other local authorities are in bed with the camp. I have personal knowledge that their "medical staff" is not qualified to practice in the state. They have no qualified teachers, although they advertise themselves to be a "boarding school". Their mental health director and staff have no degrees or qualifications as mental health anything. They probably walk in off the street, having been cashiers somewhere and get a job as a therapist, teacher, guard or staff.

Who will step up to close these terrorist camps for kids? Who will pull back the curtain of the lies they tell parents and the public to get their money, then torture their children? Who will close the loophole of education for these children, so they can get a proper education to prepare them for adulthood? Who will allow them conversations with each other, so needed for building proper social skills? Who will say that torturing children is bad for America? Will you?


From: Ranjini Woodhouse>
Sent: October 22, 2004
Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: "Special Boarding Schools for problem children

Hi David,

More information is on - Earth Angels Book Message Board - under the post "Indigo kids in Terrorist Camps - Ned your prayers and angels - Angel Doctor” at

Given below is a post from Star Warrior. Perhaps Jean could check out the site and the schools mentioned.

Love and blessings


Thank you for the info, AngelDoctor.

Over the past few years I've been involved in an energetic group effort to protect children at various times at the direction of ArchAngel Michael. Not knowing the individual situations and the details of what was happening, I assumed that the abuse and suffering that we were feeling and sensing was going on in individual homes. This information throws a whole new light on what may be going on.

It's outrageous that government officials are turning a deaf ear to these abuse claims. I'm sure once this reaches Congress and the alternative media, investigations will follow. On an issue like this, mainstream media should run with this story as well. Something like this cannot be silenced despite how far up the political ladder this may reach.

I urge everyone to go to the ISAC site to take action

Contact your Congressmen
Go here

Sign the petition!

NOTE: There are barely 1500 signatures so far!!


ISAC Watch List

ISAC has received credible complaints about the following facilities alleging child abuse, criminal activity and/or ties to known cults.

Victory Christian Academy, also called Genesis Ministries - Jay, Florida
New Beginnings Rebekah Academy - Pace, Florida
The Elan School - Maine
CEDU High School - California
CEDU Middle School - California
Bethel Boys/Girls Academy - Mississippi
Thayer Learning Center - Missouri
Kids Helping Kids - Ohio
Growing Together - Florida
Second Chance - Tennessee
Phoenix Institute - Georgia
Devereux Foundation - multiple centers nationwide
Operation Par - Florida
Tranquility Bay - Jamaica
Carolina Springs Academy - South Carolina
Academy at Ivy Ridge - New York
Casa By The Sea - Mexico CLOSED By Mexican Authorities
Majestic Ranch Academy - Utah
Cross Creek Schools - Utah
Spring Creek Lodge - Montana
Browning Academy - Does not physically exist!!!
Midwest Academy - Iowa
Provo Canyon School - Utah
Ascent Therapeutic Adventure Program - Idaho
Boulder Creek Academy - Idaho
King George School - Vermont
Northwest Academy - Idaho
Rocky Mountain Academy - Idaho
Milestones Transitional Living Program - Idaho
Pathway Family Center - Indiana and Michigan
SAFE (Substance Abuse and Family Education) - Florida
AARC (Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center) - Canada

The following facilities were on our watch list and have since closed following investigations into possible child abuse. They are listed here because ISAC believes they may re-open in another location.

Mountain Park Academy - Missouri
Palm Lane Academy - Florida
DeSisto School - Massachusetts - Students moved to Mexico facility. News reports indicate that the facility may attempt to reopen in Vermont.


"A Must Read For Parents and Those Involved With Youth Policies"

An American GULAG: How the Wrong Specialty School Can Destroy Your Child!

An American Gulag (ISBN: 1-930418-01-9  $19.95) by Alexia Parks. To purchase by credit card, call The Education Exchange (SAN#253-0872) at 303-443-3697. By FAX to (303) 443-0892. To pay by check, send $19.95 to: The Education Exchange, Box K, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

INTRODUCTION: There are adults who perform ritual abuse on children. They believe they have a calling to change the behavior of "troubled teens." They operate lock-up Change of Heart, and Snake Pit schools and call themselves custodial parents. They can take your high risk teen and give you back a no risk teen, satisfaction guaranteed.

Behind closed doors, they can become the parent you and I never had They can impose their authority with an iron will and back it up with support staff. Their behavior changing methods include the use of: padded, locked "get right" rooms; straight jackets, wooden cagewrap mats; body bags; electric shock; behavior modification drugs; brainwashing; hypnosis; sensory depravation; enforced silence; teen bodyguards, 24-hour observation; panic locks and silent motion detectors; flashing lights and alarms.

The odd thing is, they can administer pain in a "loving" way. "You will thank me some day," they say. "This is GOOD for you," they say. The smile never fades.

These aren't the thought control camps of China. They're in America, with a uniquely American twist: they're money-makers. These high-security, private lock-up schools market their services with sophisticated brochures to doctors, counselors, educational consultants, churches, and the parents of "rebellious" teens. Their names are pass word-of-mouth through referral networks and parent-support groups..

Parent-funded lock-up schools have been called the second fastest growth industry next to the building of prisons. What makes them different from prisons is that parents call them "boarding schools" and they are filled with rich white kids. The rule of thumb in these schools is: the more money you have, the worse the abuse. Lock-up boarding schools are becoming trendy for desperate parents who can afford to pay for the private incarceration of their child.

For the most part, parents place their child in a blind way. They don't know what these schools are. They depend on the referral from so-called "friends" or "experts." The schools are part of a secret world, a Medieval underworld, that I stumbled into quite by accident when I went searching for a "disappeared child" whom I love, named "Katie."

This book describes my entry into this secret underworld of child abuse. In my search for "Katie", I learned that she had been sent by her single-parent mother to a locked, rigorous, one year, behavior-modification program. It was run by a quasi-religious group. She would have virtually no communication with family members during that year. I also learned that the combination of physical constraints and limited access would set up a cult-like atmosphere in which "Katie" might be coerced into accepting extreme religious views which were not part of the family's value system.

My attempt to gain legal protection for "Katie" enabled me to do extensive research. My research documents this fast-growing rise of an industry of child abuse. This book, then, may help build public awareness strong enough to affect political change. It shows why this emerging industry of child abuse, where children are held captive in a coercive, mind-controlling environment needs to be reformed and regulated, or shut down.

An American GULAG*

*The Soviet prison system described in Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archilpelago

(Where names have been changed to preserve anonymity, they are placed in quotation marks in first reference)

by Alexia Parks

Introduction: Behind Closed Doors

It was once believed that if a sane person were dropped in a pit of snakes they would probably be driven crazy, and therefore, the same procedure might shock a crazy person into sanity. This primitive therapy is the source of the term "Snakepit." Now troubled teens are being locked up in modern Snakepit schools that use brutal brainwashing techniques, and worse, to change their behavior…

Chapter I: Escape from a "Chamber of Horrors"

Everyday in America, children are sexually abused. Everyday, the media and the public react in outrage to these acts of violence against children’s bodies. But what if, instead of sexually abusing their children, parents send them to lock-up boarding schools that commit a program of violence against children's minds?

Chapter II: A Child is "Disappeared"

Children arrive in handcuffs, in shackles, drugged, or unconscious. Behind closed doors, with no witness to their suffering, the behavior of teens is then changed in violent ways. Convicts in prison have more rights than teens imprisoned by their parents in these schools.

Chapter III: Inside a "Snakepit" School

In private, Candy and her mother arranged a code word for help. If Candy wanted to leave Bethesda Home for Girls, but was unable to let her mother know, she was to write her mother a letter in which the greeting "dear" was misspelled "deer…." "Deer Mother," she wrote….

Chapter IV: Sucked Deeper into the Underworld

"I spent six months solving a mystery that began with the simple police report that "two teenage girls were found running naked down the highway at night crying that some man was after them and that he told them he would kill them if he caught them. What bothered me was that after the girls and made it as far as the police station, the police simply filed a report then turned them back over to the man who had chased and threatened them, the headmaster of the school the girls had been sent to."

Chapter V: Becoming a Researcher

There are hundreds and hundreds of these schools springing up around the country.... Parents are placing their children in a blind way.

Chapter VI: I’m In So Much Pain!

I was sent to a GULAG school in the late 1950’s. Now, 40 years later, I am still trying to come to terms with deep feelings of betrayal and mistrust that came from my experience there. I am still trying to overcome the long term depression created by that single year.

Chapter VII: The Failure of the Legal System

My sister had won the case. She had asked for and was given a Permanent Restraining Order against me until the Year 2000. She had asked for, and was given the right to have me pay all her legal expenses. She asked the court to hold me in Contempt of Court -- a criminal charge -- for having attempted to contact her daughter by certified mail.

Chapter VIII: Is Teen Rebellion a Crime?

Parents who are fearful of teen drug abuse, pregnancy, AIDS, violence, dropping-out, suicide, and hostility, may make the desperate decision to place their children in a lock-up "school" to keep them "safe."

Chapter IX: The Liberation of Amiee

"At night we slept in a dorm room that was unbearably hot. Each bed has an intercom beside it, so we can't talk to each other. And we couldn't get out of bed at night, because that would set off the alarm system. It's a terrible feeling to be trapped in your bed in a room that smells like everyone’s sweat."

Chapter X: Society’s Best Hope

"Today’s teens are a melting pot of dress, slang, and music borrowed from the world at large. Because kids don’t act like their parents, think like their parents, or look like their parents, many parents panic. When they do, there’s someone ready to hand them a brochure, a video, ...a sales pitch."

Chapter XI: Katie Visits California

"You wouldn’t believe the terrible things that were done to me."

Chapter XII: The Loss of Tom

"What started out as a father-figure has turned into a love relationship. I’ve fallen in love with Tom and we want to live together."

Chapter XIII: The Book and the Basement Garage

"I can’t live here, I told my kids. There are too many ghosts. Every where I look brings back memories of Tom. I need to move on with my life. I need to pay my bills. I need to write the book. It’s that simple."

EPILOGUE: In Search of Reconciliation

To rebuild on a landscape that has been swept by a firestorm, one must let go of everything and start with a new imagination of what it would be like to build on that land... as it is now. One must move beyond profound sadness and be inspired by past visions or future hope.


At the moment of Nicholaus’ death, staff threw a bucket of water on him... They told him "It’s all in your head." When he didn’t respond, they took a closer look. He was dead.

APPENDIX II: PRAISE for An American GULAG...   Continued from the front of the book.

APPENDIX III: DECLARATION in Support From the Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing

APPENDIX IV: UN Convention on the RIGHTS of the CHILD

When the U.S. finally signs this document, and it is enforced to protect our own children, America’s GULAG will cease to exist.


We had a chance to grow up. We had a safe time to be teenagers, to rebel, to try our wings and trip and fall. Our parents were there to put a bandage on our skinned knee, pat us on the head, and send us back out to play, to experiment, to try it anew.

The GULAG schools that Alexia Parks discovered, and her story about her attempt to save a young prisoner-of-war relative, is shocking. It should shock the conscious of every parent, when children, teenagers, are interned in private concentration camps, tortured, and worse. And not by a foreign enemy, but by their own parents. Shocking is not enough. Insane, perverted, and crazy are more appropriate words, that come to mind. Teens, children just learning how to spread their wings and fly, are entitled to the protection of their parents, their schools, their communities, and their country, our country, the United States of America.

We are the country that liberated the victims of the holocaust. And we did it with the blood of our sons and husbands, and the sweat and tears of our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. "Liberated,"  is the key word. We certainly didn’t do that so that anyone could enslave and torture our children, not even in the name of "behavior modification," or "attitude adjustment," or any other trendy terms. Slavery is slavery. Imprisonment is imprisonment. Torture is torture. Brainwashing is brainwashing. And that is exactly what Alexia uncovered and experienced in the search for her relative. I say, enough!

When Alexia asked me to write the forward to her book, I did some investigation. What I found out was even worse than I had suspected. Worse than my worst nightmares. Gulag-snake-pit schools do exist in the United States and abroad, and they use techniques of mental and physical torture on our children, that are outlawed by the Geneva Convention, conventions which were set up to ensure the humane treatment of prisoners-of-war. Gulag schools are also, evidently a growing "business." Incredible!

This is a very courageous woman’s story about her quest to save a child, to save her young relative "Katie." To save Katie from two Gulag schools. To save Katie from being forced to submit, to be subservient, to surrender her youth. To save Katie from being forced to be compliant, from being forced to be "good." To save a child, a 13-year-old teen, from giving up her spirit and her dreams.

Please read this story and take it to heart. Freedom to be different, to try our wings, to rebel, to learn and grow in our own way, that is liberty. That is the symbol of our Statue of Liberty. That is our birthright and each of our own Declaration’s of Independence. In this country, the United States of America, it is our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our men, our sons and husbands died for it. Our mothers, aunts and grandmothers toiled in the wartime factories for it. Please do not let it slip away. Please do not let anyone take it away. We must not allow any American GULAG to continue



November 4th, 2002

So there are people that actually pay to have there kids taken to places like these? are the parents given psychology tests? do the parents realize they don't get along with their kid because they are not being a good parent?

Hey can you elaborate a little more on this subject, types of schools, how many, government response etc...

This is a new one to me, look what society has come to.......


November 4th, 2002

Well as much as the I would like to just blame the parents on this issue, which in many cases is the correct response. I have to admit that after learning more about these places and their practices I was informed that these so called treatment programs are basically cults. The parents, most of whom do love their kids and are desperately looking to help their family situation, are taken into the cult. The kids are warehoused while the parents are indoctrinated against their own kids. So when little johnny finally gets his 5 minute monitored phone call after 6 months even if he is willing to risk further torture and tell his parents what is going on, they have already been conditioned not to believe them. In program language this is called "manipulation" on the part of the kid. Still there is definitely a correlation between abusive parents, step-parents and the kid being sent off to an abusive program. Certainly abused kids with wealthy parents are often sent away to these types of places when they try to report the abuse.

These programs descend mainly from the Synanon, which was a cult disguised as a drug treatment program that I think began in the sixties or fifties. From the Synanon a cult called the seed with similar aims sprouted which was mostly kids being shuffled around through "foster families" that were already indoctrinated while their parents were told how much their own kids were in to drugs. From there an actual facility called STRAIGHT sprouted which ended up with several locations and a splinter group called KIDS as well. When STRAIGHT was shut down the cult/treatment program renamed itself SAFE and opened in the very same building in Florida while the business and political elements that had kept it running (many originating from the SEED) became the Drug Free America Foundation run by Betty Sembler husband of Mel Sembler a real estate developer, major GOP fundraiser, and close friend of the Bush family, which has secured him 2 ambassadorships (Australia during Bush I and now Italy under W. Bush)

The wildnerness program fad began in UTAH after a supposedly successful wildnerness program for struggling freshmen students was instituted at Bringham Young University. One of those students was a man named Cartisano who has been involved in a number of deaths and abuse charges, and lawsuits and is banned from operating youth programs in several states, and is most recently in the news for running an abusive and fraudulent program in Costa Rica ( I think).

Several boarding schools such as HYDE and Elan (where Skakel, {the Martha Moxley Murder and Kennedy family member} attended) have been around for decades with their varying philosphies of "tough love".

A technique called Behavior Modification combined with brainwashing techniques first used on American POW's in Korea and "group awareness" were implemented by several programs (calling themselves boarding schools) that sprang up starting in the late 70's. These formed into a series of Independent Baptist programs (note: Anyone can become their own Independent Baptist minister so this is not an anti-baptist tirade), a number of Mormon run programs, and the TeenHelp/World Wide Association of Specialty Programs cult of boarding schools all over the world. Also in this group is the CEDU ("see do") group of schools and wildnerness programs some of which have had several children of celebrities. I am informed that Rosanne Bar and Barbara Walters both sent their kids to a CEDU (now called the Brown Schools) program, Rocky Mountain Academy. Note: Barbara Walter's daughter just opened her own program, and it is quite common for program kids to become staff members at similar places and even start their own programs (abuse breeds abuse).

That pretty much covers the history of the problem and despite countless lawsuits, deaths, and a extremely high suicide rate among former inmates at these programs, the government has yet to get involved in any meaningful way. The industry makes so much money since the staff are mostly graduates, they get donations from parents, and most of the tuition is pocketed by the operators while the kids have used uniforms and starvation diets.

I will try to find some good links that go into the processes of brainwashing but for now: AND should give you a pretty good introduction to the problems.

Keep in mind these abuses are already illegal, the problem is enforcement and the vulnerable legal position of children and teens in regards to being committed to "treatment".

All of this above and below was recommended by "Mark Graffis"> who searched web resources for me on this.

See also:

LOTS of links to websites dealing with this issue

Check also the following:

Police Remove 26 Youths From Boarding School (March 31, 2004 - Los Angeles Times)
An apartment complex in Montclair housed students at the military- style academy, which is accused of abuse. Police in Montclair removed more than two dozen youths from a private military-style boarding school Tuesday, after a former employee and several former residents accused operators of administering abusive punishment. In an early morning raid, 26 youths were taken from an apartment complex used as a residence by the Ministerial Christian Academy. Investigators with search warrants confiscated handcuffs, shackles, computers, financial records and other documents, police said. Ricky Leslie, 39, of Montclair, described by police as a caretaker at the residence, was arrested on suspicion of rape with a foreign object and sexual battery of a female student. Police said Leslie is a registered sex offender. Police were led to the two-story apartment complex on a quiet street by accusations that youngsters had been restrained in handcuffs, left for hours in cramped, darkened storage rooms and forced into a cold swimming pool as punishments. CLIP

Teen Boot Camps
This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about Teen Boot Camps.

"Survivor": The Personal Story of One Boot Camp Graduate February 1, 2002
(...) The part that I hated the most and now feel has most affected my life were the school's 'raps.' Raps were a like some group therapy session, except this was often where people went to talk if they were upset or mad. And if they were mad at you, you might be the focus of such a session. Can you imagine ten different people yelling at you at the same time. My head would spin and I could not really digest what was being said. Waiting for raps caused me severe anxiety. Many times I would sweat, shake or get stomach cramps. Of course they would explain this as me not 'dealing with my feelings.' Even after many years I still suffer from something like Post Traumatic Syndrome. I often walk on egg shells around others and go out of my way to avoid making anyone mad. I am still afraid someone will yell at me. This has meant frequently not standing up for myself and what I believe is right. I am openly talking about all this, because others shouldn't have to suffer the way I once did and deal with the effects later like I still do.

States Pressed as 3 Boys Die at Boot Camps (New York Times/July 15, 2001)
Salt Lake City -- The death of Tony Haynes, a 14-year-old, in the Arizona desert this month is increasing calls for stronger regulation of outdoor camps for troubled youths, an industry that has grown substantially over the last 20 years. At least 31 teenagers in 11 states have died at these camps since 1980, including 3 this year, in widely diverse circumstances. In Arizona, investigators said they were told that before Tony Haynes died counselors physically abused him and forced him to eat dirt. In February, Ryan Lewis, a 14- year-old, hanged himself at a wilderness therapy camp in West Virginia. His parents have asserted that the camp operators did not recognize the severity of his depression. That same month in Florida, Michael Wiltsie, 12, died at a camp for troubled boys after a 320-pound counselor restrained him on the ground for nearly 30 minutes. CLIP

Religious reform school accused of abuse in lawsuit (ASSOCIATED PRESS 07/10/02)
(...) Mountain Park is an independent Baptist school enrolling 120 girls and 35 boys near Patterson, Mo., about 110 miles south of St. Louis. Palm Lane, in Arcadia, enrolls about 50 students. Both schools rely on Christian fundamentalist teachings, strict discipline and corporal punishment to work with teen-agers with behavioral problems. Parents pay $14,000 in annual tuition and must commit their children for at least a year. Visits with family  members are limited. Mountain Park's Web site describes the Missouri academy as a "very strict, no nonsense, 'Yes, Sir, Yes, Ma'am,' type of boarding school." Though the suit filed last month does not specify damages sought, it asks a judge to mandate reforms at the  schools immediately. (...) The lawsuit accuses Mountain Park and Palm Lane employees of: Limiting boys to two 45-second bathroom breaks a day, during which they are observed by other students and ridiculed if unable to urinate within the time requirement. The schools also allegedly punish students who can't get by on two daily bathroom trips by stripping them naked and scrubbing them with a wire brush if they soil their clothes.Threatening to send "bounty hunters" to track down students who escape and telling students that armed men guard the school. Depriving students of sleep, often keeping them up until midnight and waking them by 5:30 a.m. Encouraging students to beat and ridicule misbehaving students.  Limiting outside communication and refusing to let Blair contact an attorney. CLIP


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