October 17, 2003

Rising Phoenix Series #25: Shifting Point Fast Approaching

Hello everyone

Well, well, well... I was not expecting to send you another compilation this week, but there is some uniquely and preciously important material - most notably a message from God received through Suzy Ward - that cannot wait till next week. Actually there is more, MUCH MORE! - including 2 IMPORTANT articles - "Earth Changes" and "Harmonic Concordance - the original one", and some very uplifting developments in support of Dennis Kucinich, as you'll see below.

Feel free to share widely! Actually it would seem like an excellent idea to do just that...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous; that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the correct corresponding Gregorian year. Yet another commentator, posting on the “Troubled Times” website, says that the “significant event” calendar date line, supposedly encoded into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates abruptly at the end of the year 2003. Even some Christian ministers claim that the prophecies of Daniel predict that the “End Times” will arrive in 2003. Peruvian shamans of the Q’ero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late fall of 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the current, and final, “Pachakuti” (a period of cleansing, when everything is turned upside down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear, and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it and into their luminous bodies."

- John Mirehiel -- Taken from Harmonic Concordance - the original one, in #5 below.

Worthy of your attention

Another Soybean Formation Near Seip Mound in Ohio (October 2, 2003)
(...) We got to the formation and there weren't any tracks going in, no human footprints, no markings that made there way through the field. As inaccessible as it is, you can't see it from any road way. You have to walk at least half a mile to get to the field and then you've got to walk into the field and somehow manage to not make any markings. When we walked through the field as careful as we were, we left tracks behind us. Second, we looked at the way the plants were laid down in the field. They were all swirled clockwise and we found in the formation that there were several areas that had multiple layers to them, up to four layers woven together. We think that would be extraordinarily difficult to weave together soybeans in the first place. You might be able to make a simple 2-layer pattern, but we don't think anybody could make a 4-layer pattern. We found, for instance, in the triangle of one of the arms ? to make the triangle itself, the plants were actually curved and bent at the proper angle to make the points of the triangle. It wasn't as if the plants were laid down flat and then another set of plants were laid down flat to make that angle of the triangle. The plants were bent in that angle. You can't really bend soybean plants without snapping the stalks. So we found that to be quite convincing.

The exquisite music and moving experience of Graceful Passages
"Malkin's music connects us to the deepest realms of the soul..."
- Thomas Moore, Bestselling author, Care of the Soul

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1. Question to Matthew about Dennis Kucinich
2. Kucinich Kick-Off Tour - Big Success
4. Earth Changes and Harmonic Concordance this coming November 8
5. Invitation to flood some of our world leaders with loving energy
6. GUATANAMO - The Worlds Worst Prison
7. The cheap way to the stars - by escalator
8. How Aspartame Causes Lou Gehrigs Disease


From: "Doreen Agostino">
Subject: News on Michael Moore, NESARA, 'damning evidence' to be revealed tomorrow...
Date: 16 Oct 2003

Michael Moore was on Democracy Now today, with Amy Goodman, and he talked about everything---including his new book: 'Dude--Where's My Country?' He laid the truth out in lavender today and did not mince any words. He all but said the word---NESARA, and he totally linked the 'Shrub-gang' to the 9/11 event. He also talked a lot about the ties that connect the Bin Laden family and the Bush family, and how they have been 'sleeping in the same bed' for YEARS---ever since 'Jr.' was a child! He spoke about how these 'war criminals' are about to be arrested, tried, and convicted according to Constitutional Law for their crimes against humanity!

We are so close now---I cannot even describe it!

Also today on the Tom Hartman Show they talked again about Karl Rove and how he really is 'a Nazi', and what that means, and why he must be arrested immediately for High Treason, and his many crimes against humanity as well. Tom told everyone that there are 'motions' already being put into process and, at the right time, and the right moment, we ARE all going to see this take place!

Also----this is important---so LISTEN UP everyone! Tomorrow on the TONY SHOW on the IE Radio Network at 1:00 PM mountain time, I am told that there will be 'some kind of earth shattering BREAKING NEWS', with some totally 'damning evidence', that will be totally insurmountable against the 'Shrub-gang', that is going to be revealed to the public for the first time! Oh my! So everyone----get yourselves glued to the IE Radio Network tomorrow [go to] on the Internet. I am told this news will be 'overwhelming' and will affect the entire planet! This is all I can say about this at the moment. Formal Disclaimer: This is a private conversation, and I love to lie!

I can truly tell all of you out there---that WE ARE CLOSER NOW---than we have EVER BEEN!


Humanity is going to go through a test now. The earth is about to be transformed into a whole new reality, and a great wave of 'photonic energy' [The LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS] from the Great Central Sun will be coming through very soon, and only those that can 'hold' the frequencies of LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, JOY in the CELLS will be able to withstand this energy and stay in their bodies---living upon this planet. I am telling you this not to 'scare you'---but to 'awaken you', because it is so important for us to hold as much LOVE as we can, in our hearts, minds, bodies and cells---especially as this 'last act' is played out!

We are being asked to remain NEUTRAL [Out of Judgement], and 'to allow' that which 'needs-to-be-cleansed, to 'be-cleansed', and to not participate in negative emotions, i.e. rage, revenge, anger, fear which will only cause us to become 'polarized' again. Many people are going to feel a whole lot of things once the 'wool is pulled away from their eyes', and they realize that they have been 'lied to' for a very long time. And this is 'only a test', but how we handle this will be very important to the outcome!


For your information...

Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore
When the powers-that-be succeeded in ignoring—and then silencing—the nation’s widespread dissent over war, one man stood on an Oscar stage and, in front of a billion people, outed the commander in chief for his fictitious presidency and his fictitious war. Now, just a few months later, those words have remarkably become the accepted truth of the land. Yes, MICHAEL MOORE is the scourge of Stupid White Men everywhere. He’s taken on fat cats, gun nuts, lying politicians. The Guardian describes him as "a wake-up call, a kick in the mental backside." And now he’s back—daring to ask the most urgent question of these perilous times: Dude, Where’s My Country? MICHAEL MOORE is on a mission in his new book: Regime Change. The man who slithered into the White House on tracks greased by his daddy’s oil buddies is one of many targets in Mike’s blistering follow-up to his smash #1 hit Stupid White Men, the biggest-selling nonfiction book of the year. Now no one is safe: corporate barons who have bilked millions out of their employees’ lifetime savings, legislators who have stripped away our civil liberties in the name of "homeland security," and even that right-wing brother-in-law of yours (yes, we all have one) who manages, year after year, through his babbling idiocy, to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

The people of the United States, according to author and filmmaker Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Stupid White Men), have been hoodwinked. Tricked, he says, by Republican lawmakers and their wealthy corporate pals who use a combination of concocted bogeymen and lies to stay rich and in control. But while plenty of liberal scholars, entertainers, and pundits have made similar arguments in book form, Moore's Dude, Where's My Country? stands out for its thoroughly positive perspective. Granted, Moore is angry and has harsh words for George W. Bush and his fellow conservatives concerning the reasoning behind going to war in Iraq, the collapse of Enron and other companies, and the relationship between the Bushes, the Saudi Arabian government, and Osama bin Laden. But his book is intended to serve as a handbook for how people with liberal opinions (which is most of America, Moore contends, whether they call themselves "liberals" or not) can take back their country from the conservative forces in power.

More details at

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Date: 15 Oct 2003
From: "Peter A.A.M. maas">
Subject: Question to Matthew...

Dear Jean,

Since you are forwarding messages from him, I would appreciate if you could forward the following question to Matthew:

Will Dennis Kucinich be supported by the higher (than-human) developed beings to become the Democratic Candidate for the US 2004 Presidential Elections?

Many Thanks,


PS: Many thanks for the continuous "stream" of eye-opening information. Bravo!


Date: 15 Oct 2003
To: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Question to Matthew about Dennis Kucinich

Hi again Suzy

Following Matthew's last comment about Michael Irving, I received the following question from Peter, a long-time ERN subscriber, which I'm relaying to you.

I'm sure many on the list would be most interested to read what Matthew has to say on Kucinich and his chances of becoming the Democratic candidate for the next presidential elections - and then the likeliness he could actually become the next US President.

This would see to me like an important matter, indeed, but I'd also like to see what we can ALL do to assist in helping him to get his message across despite the noticeable mass media's derision and/or silence on his candidacy...

I know many, many people have been actively campaigning for him lately, but should we, for instance, regularly include Dennis Kucinich in our global meditations so as to bolster his chances of becoming the Democratic candidate? Shouldn't all the spiritual community on Earth rally around him in support of the one candidacy that can best represent our values and all we stand for?...

Now would seem like the right time, almost a year before the election, to start a global spiritual, high energetic, action, through an ongoing global meditation focus, for instance, to directly assist in turning things around for the better on Earth - if indeed Kucinich is deemed from high above as the soul in a position to help precipitate/catalyze such a global change.

Thanks for your and Matthew's attention to this matter. And BTW any input from another being or council of beings from the heavenly realm would also be welcomed, I'm sure, in this matter.

Love and Light will prevail



From: "Suzy Ward">
Subject: RE: Question to Matthew...
Date: 15 Oct 2003

Jean, here is my reply to Peter. LOVE! S.


Hello, Peter. The best way to answer your question is to copy a recent message I received for the 4th Matthew Book, which I hope to have out in December.

Blessings to you,




October 4, 2003

S: Hello, God! You know how things have been going and that I haven’t intentionally been putting you off. What is it you’ve wanted to tell me "at the computer"—that means it’s for the book, doesn’t it?

GOD: Indeed I know, my dear little soul! I’ve been right there with you all along and I’m just as fatigued by this past month as you are. I’ve only been nudging, not nagging you to receive this message. Yes, it’s for the book.

This is a time for rejoicing! The polar extremes in what you call "human nature" have been reached. By universal law, nothing is static for a nanosecond, and the momentum has started to return Earth to the state of balance wherein the extremes will be reconciled. This does not mean perfection, that sublime state that exists only within Creator, as your planet will continue to be a learning placement for souls. But the violence, starvation, disease, cruelty—all the devastation caused to Earth and all her life forms by the will of the darkness—will continue to lessen until all are planetary history, and this is to happen quickly.

Earth will be restored to her former paradise self as she is rising into higher vibrations—this is assured! The critical question still is:Will you accompany her? And the answer still is, you will if you have enough light to physically survive in those higher vibrations. The choice is yours—that’s good news, and there doesn’t have to be any bad news unless you consider that absorbing enough light for your personal ascension isn’t automatic. You have some work to do.

Too many of you still don’t see what is so essential—it’s going to take some doing on your part to straighten out the mess your world is in. Yes, other civilizations all over "space" are in this with you—you wouldn’t be alive there if they weren’t—but it is not their world, it is YOURS. They can’t just pull the strings they know would swiftly return my beloved Gaia to health and rouse all the sleepyheads into remembering who they really are. That isn’t their responsibility. It isn’t even their prerogative. However benevolent and powerful those light civilizations are, they can only help you—they cannot do it all. This is the law of the universe, not an arbitrary cut-off line.

Moreover, what you do affects the entire universe. You are putting out energy with every idea or action, and the motives behind those carry an intensity that most of you don’t understand. Energy is neutral in this—it acts only in accordance with what you attach to it, and that is determined by your motives and intentions. So not only do you have the choice to uplift your home planet or not, you have the choice to do the same for the universe.

Regardless of your individual choices, Earth is going back into the higher vibrations where she was created and she would love to have all of you go along, but that decision isn’t hers—it’s YOURS! She has her free will and you have yours—it’s that simple.

Free will is Creator’s gift to all souls. Some have misused this gift, foremost to the detriment of their own soul evolution, but with fallout to billions of other souls to whom the few are denying the exercise of that same gift. I’m not overlooking the fact that karmic experiencing is part of what is happening. It is in the many, many cases where this is not what is happening that the situation is being corrected in this unprecedented era throughout the universe.

Even though this universe is my domain, I’m bound to honor Creator’s laws, and usurping or denying the free will of others is against one of those laws. So it’s my responsibility to get this situation back on track and I can’t do it without help. Maybe I’d better elucidate a bit here or I’ll make myself look like a wimp, which I’m not.

I have explained that I am each of my parts regardless of their station spiritually, and as parts of me, each is loved equally regardless of free will choices, even when those choices are against their own spiritual evolvement because they’re interfering with the free will of others. Your religions have defined what "sins" are. Not correctly, though. The ONLY "sin" is interfering with the growth of a soul, whether it is one’s own soul or others’ souls. Furthermore, "sin" is simply an error. It’s not what some religious dogmas have judged as evil or as a wrongdoing that can be atoned by performing a prescribed ritual—and certainly not by a sentence of death!

If you didn’t make errors, you wouldn’t be on Earth—you’d be somewhere among the angels or highly spiritually evolved civilizations.

Earth is your school ground—it’s one of many, even some you know but don’t remember—and it’s a good one. The idea is to learn from what you perceive as errors so you can avoid more of the kinds of decisions and actions that are harmful to your soul’s growth and often to others’ as well. You were given a conscience so you can know when you are aligned with your soul-level contract and when you are straying from it. But a conscience, like anything else that is ignored time and time and time again, goes away or atrophies from lack of use.

Along with learning from the karmic circumstances you chose for bringing balance to your souls’ experiencing, you are just as free to make choices that aren’t in your soul-level agreements and thus not in your best interests. I cannot impinge upon your individual choices—nor would I want to! I just wish you would use your free will wisely. I can’t take sides in a great conflict, either, because even though I am all of you, I am foremost EACH of you. I am as strong as the strongest and as weak as the weakest. As the amalgamation of all my independent yet inseparable parts, I cannot act to change or exclude even one. Balance is what all souls are aiming for because within balance is the spiritual strength of reconciled polarity—that’s another of Creator’s laws—and I am only as strong as my parts that have achieved this status. So you see, all of my children collectively determine my strength.

There, Suzy, that should take care of explaining why I need help, and now I shall get on with what I have been leading up to. I requested you to state right up front in the last book that these books are not political forums. That still is so, but I cannot ignore this topic of politics because that is what has been running your world—mostly running it into the ground!—almost from the beginning. Not necessarily by that name, but by that ideology, where the strongest rule over the masses. That can be done wisely, benevolently, with the strong uplifting the weaker to the benefit of all. But instead, what I see is greater and greater political oppression to the detriment of all. The politics that controls all countries, all peoples, all economies and resources of your planet homeland has been instrumental in bringing your world to the devastated state it’s in.

In no country on Earth are people free. For millennia the dark souls of civilizations beyond your planet have been influencing their willing Earth brothers and sisters in leadership positions to deceive and intimidate the rest of the people. Regardless of who holds national leadership roles, they rule by the dictates of those forces that are unknown to the people and perhaps even to the rulers. The influence of those dark alien puppeteers has resulted in all declarations of war and all decisions regarding economies and resources of the world. Their secondary aim is increasing the control and wealth of Earth’s leaders, whose greed for power makes them eager puppets, thus today you have a world with unprecedented concentration of vast riches, impoverished nations, willful environmental destruction and corruption oozing out of corporate connections with governments.

The ultimate aim of the puppeteers is annihilation of your planet, and even though that will not happen, for beneficial changes to come, first there must be a change in the character of your world’s leaders. Voices must be raised with demands for leaders of spiritual integrity—that kind of character is exemplified, not merely proclaimed. I don’t mean that no leaders ever have been strong in virtues or that no voices ever have been raised in protest of injustice and inequities—indeed there have been those individuals. Many of those brave souls suffered or died for that, and much of their good works has been undone by succeeding generations who blindly followed self-serving leaders.

Now, the collective will of the people is rising in opposition to this continuing. Lies are being exposed, more lies are coming and those will be exposed, too. Oppressive governments in all nations will change. Although plans are afoot for this peaceful revolution through a joint effort between your civilization and many of your space family, that does not absolve any of you whose desire is a finer, brighter world from the responsibility of helping to create it. You all chose to be where you are at this time precisely so you could do exactly that! Actually, some of you embodied in other lifetimes as the greatest leaders of Earth and beyond, and you are back to take on similar inspirational and constructive roles now.

I’m not being contradictory here. Yes, wonderful changes are coming as Earth is rising. But that is with or without you! If you want to go along, you need your own light!

It is on three levels that you must act so that honorable governing bodies will be achieved. The first level is spiritual, and I’ll tell you what spiritual is NOT: It is not membership in any of the multitude of your religions. It is not the self-righteousness that is evident in great abundance. It is not escaping into a head-in-the-sand prayer life. It is not believing that neither good nor evil exists because those are only judgments. It is not accepting that everything is in divine order and will run its course without your participation. It is not refraining from seeing what is going on in your world because you’ve been told it all is an illusion. I am not saying that there is no truth in any of those; I am saying that spirituality is not inherent in any.

The spiritual level on which you will change your leaders from being ruled themselves to people worthy of being leaders—true leaders with spiritual integrity—is within your hearts. That’s your usual depiction of where love resides, is it not? Actually, the sensation of love is a province of the soul, but it has strong physical effects at the heart that instantly spread throughout your entirety to uplift your spirit, mind and body.

Love starts with self, with living so that loving self is as natural as breathing. Only then can you give and receive love. Love is contagious, unlimited, omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, lack into prosperity. It is the absence of love that breeds all the woes of your world, and it is filling the void that will cure the woes.

This is not asking you to love what brings misery and deprivation and harm! It is asking you to simply feel love so you can send forth that energy—it will seek its way to the void.

The second level is mental—deeply thinking to discern what is truth and what isn’t instead of buying into what candidates say. The catch is, what information is truthful and what is not? What sources can be trusted? You have been deceived for eons by a few souls in one generation after another after another who intend to retain the control over you, so access to the truth is not easily come by. How can I put this so it is not a series of Don’ts? Always I prefer to be positive in statements, and I’ve already compromised that by my explaining what being spiritual isn’t.

Very well, Suzy, I know how to proceed. Think of what you want in your world. If that is peace and harmony and cooperation. that’s where to focus your thoughts. What will bring that to the world? Think of what will: Respect and dignity for all races and faiths and genders; help wherever help is needed; equitable sharing of Earth’s vast riches; cures of all diseases; education, fulfilling work and comfortable homes; honesty, kindness, compassion, fairness, sharing, justness, forgiveness.

Think of all those qualities and circumstances and let your heart and conscience guide you to the candidates you most closely identify with them. The words of campaign promises are worthless without a candidate’s heart and soul in them. Let your heart and soul, not just your eyes and ears, lead you to the one person who embodies the love and light to uplift your world.

The third level is action. If you want to have a leader whom you trust, work toward that end. Publicly and financially support the person you want, but if that isn’t possible, then put forth your intention through the power of your energy focused on that person actually being in office. I cannot emphasize too strongly the power of energy sent out with attachments of intent! You can be sure that the current people in power will be amassing the strength of their supporters’ energy, because those supporters get the trickle-down largesse in exchange. You who want love, peace and harmony will receive those incomparably greater victories in exchange for the energy you issue forth to create them.

Because that grand and beautiful country called America is pivotal in determining what happens all over the planet, its 2004 presidential election is of international concern. The three levels of involvement I have just delineated apply to all people in the world as pertaining to this election. Discernment of information and energy are without national boundaries or distance limitations, so a South African or Brazilian or Chinese or Egyptian has the same power of focusing intent as any USA citizen.

That country may appear to be the haven for democracy, but that is a farce of the highest order. You may believe that legal and honest processes are observed in "democratic" elections, but it has been many, many decades since the last of those. There haven’t been any honest elections anywhere else on Earth, either, but it’s just not as obvious that there haven’t been any in the United States, where the citizens have been duped for such a long time into believing their voices and votes count.

The men and women in the federal government are not ruling that country "with freedom and justice for all." Those are hollow words, just as the two-party system is meaningless insofar as giving voters a choice—the dark forces have influence that knows no party boundaries. Government officials who have acted in accordance with their sense of honesty and right-ness have been disposed of by one means or another. Those who are not killed are threatened with it or they are ridiculed into non-credibility or are forced into oblivion insofar as any influence. That is what has been passing as the "democratic system of government" in America.

Only with an honest voting process can the people’s choices be given their true value, and you citizens of USA don’t have that. Your votes are denied, ignored or manipulated to serve the interests of the "power elite," one term used to denote the few most powerful people on Earth who are controlling everything to serve themselves. If you want to have an honest election for a change, work toward that end. Investigate the voter eligibility rolls and balloting mechanisms, the people who handle the ballots, the corporation that counts them and releases the totals to the networks for announcing. I tell you, there is deception and corruption up and down the line, and curing that ill has to precede the next presidential election.

Do I endorse a candidate? No, not by name, and telling you my choice isn’t what this is about. I’m ALL of the candidates, remember, and I’m not about to tell you which is YOUR choice. It’s your free will decision that counts, but first you need to get an honest balloting system in place, which is NOT the case now, or your vote won’t be worth a fig.

That’s it, Suzy. What do you think of that for a nonpolitical message?

S: I like it because I see my choice for president fitting in there exactly. I hoped you’d name him even though I didn’t really expect that. But would you comment on him, please?

GOD: He’s the one with the most light.

S: Isn’t that the same as he would be the best president?

GOD: It’s more. He would be in the position to lead the reforms your whole world needs and he is the one who can do that. Let’s talk about something else.

S: How do you feel about the President Bush part of you?

GOD: Oh, my. I saw that coming, of course, and I’m not side-stepping your question, little Suzy, but my reply isn’t going to satisfy you: As a part of me and I of him, he is loved by me without reservation, just as are all of my other myriad soul parts.

S: I think that is side-stepping my question.

GOD: That is the only answer I can give. Is there another issue you’d like to talk about? I’m asking even though I know your mind is blank—well, other than a bit of annoyance.

S: I’m sorry. Would you like to talk about something else?

GOD: Sure—anything else! It’s nice to see you smiling again!

S: OK, how about NESARA? [National Economic Security and Reformation Act.]

GOD: My dear, I can’t do any better than what Matthew has told you. Please insert that here, and then let’s call it a day.


NOTE: This conversation above is taken from the fourth Matthew Book, Voices of the Universe, that will be published in December. To find out more about Suzy Ward's 3 existing books, written in telepathic communication with her deceased son Matthew as well as several other spiritual entities, go at - Details will also be posted there as to how and when you may order the forthcoming book Voices of the Universe.



Here is what Carolyn> wrote about this speech and Dennis

Subject: Fwd: Dennis' Announcement Speech - THIS is WHY we support him!


I do not usually get involved with politics, but this time, we have an excellent candidate running for office that really needs our support. Please take a moment and vote for him on the polls, and register to vote. We really need him. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Phoenix, even grabbed a hug and a hand shake!! He is phenomenal, brought tears of joy to my eyes. He is truly working for the people. Please check out his announcement speech on this email!!!


These are one-vote polls... Miami-Dade Democrats show Dennis in FIRST PLACE.
Vote and Forward!

This link is not for voting, but to see the results...

Date: 15 Oct 2003
Subject: Kucinich Kick-Off Tour - Big Success
From: "Kucinich Campaign">

Too bad for the national media pundits who've wished the Kucinich campaign would just go away...because Kucinich for President has surged in recent weeks. Other campaigns have seen their fundraising decline; ours is growing!

The tour that began in Cleveland with the formal announcement of candidacy and headed to 10 cities in 3 days has been a smash success. Large enthusiastic crowds have greeted the candidate -- Minnesota Public Radio estimated last night's Minneapolis crowd at 2,000! Local news coverage has been decent, with perhaps millions of new people learning about our campaign. Along the way, Dennis was joined and supported by such well-known figures as Ani DiFranco, Studs Terkel, Mimi Kennedy and Dr. Patch Adams.

Unlike other campaigns that are in decline, the Kucinich campaign today announced an increase in fundraising -- $1.65 million this quarter (up from last quarter's $1.54 million). We raised nearly $1 million in September alone! With an average donation of $72, the vast majority of our funds will be federally matched. A chunk of September's funds came from the Peace Day parties, showing that house party fundraising plus Internet fundraising is the wave of the future. As a grassroots campaign with a huge volunteer base, Kucinich for President doesn't need to equal other campaigns dollar for dollar.

Endorsements keep rolling in -- from Democratic leaders such as New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner E. Shirley Baca (who praised Kucinich for "standing up to large utility companies") to Green Party leaders like Winona LaDuke ("Dennis is not a Green, but he is Green in his heart.")

A top Minnesota Democrat is State Senate Majority Leader John Hottinger; asked by reporters why he was endorsing a candidate said to have little chance of winning, Hottinger replied: "It was oft said about Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, too. Ideas launch candidates, not public relations." Another endorsing Minnesota State Senator, John Marty, praised Kucinich as coming "from the same mold" as the late Sen. Paul Wellstone.

DONATE to keep our campaign surging: toll-free (866) 413-3664 or online



READ MINN. PUBLIC RADIO on Minneapolis rally:

For more info:


I’ve spent the past three days touring a dozen cities in a dozen states with Dennis Kucinich, hopping on and off a chartered jet and being greeted by cheering crowds at every stop. Read a short account:

READ MEDIA COVERAGE OF TOUR (NOTE from Jean: this page is a MUST SEE!)

Dennis wants to tour individual states, hitting all the major cities. When people hear him speak in person, they tend to become enthusiastic supporters. Also, local mainstream media coverage of his visits is often quite good. To make this happen, you have to contribute and persuade five of your friends to contribute: or by toll-free phone: (866) 413-3664.

NOTE from Jean: If you want to help Kucinich win, this is YOUR call... and NOW is the right time to do it!

Check also:

Dennis the Menace (Oct 15) EXCELLENT!
A Grist interview with Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich
(...) Sustainability is a principle that must infuse our whole approach to life. And the environmental movement is the path toward that. It's the key to understanding that the Earth and the air and the water provide the precondition for life. Life cannot exist without that. So we need to organize our structures of governance in a way that helps support basic principles for the furtherance of life on this planet. And when there is a collision between those values that support life and economic practices, the economic practices must always yield to protect the environment. CLIP

Can anyone beat out Kucinich?
Globe Staff, 9/21/2003 WASHINGTON -- Hurricane Isabel washed out his joint appearance with Ralph Nader here Thursday, but Representative Dennis Kucinich roared with gale force winds into Cambridge Friday to keynote a Peace Action dinner. From there, he was off to Los Angeles, where antiwar activists are hosting two of 1,000 nationwide fund-raisers today for the Ohio Democrat and presidential candidate who proudly wears the liberal label. "Everybody loves Dennis because he is the peace candidate," said Pat O'Brien, a Cambridge Quaker and a local coordinator of the Kucinich for President campaign. "Howard Dean opposed the Iraq war, but Dennis organized 133 votes against the war resolution in the House. He's the real deal." Kucinich occupies a space on the Democratic left where no other candidate in the 10-person field resides with such passion and specificity: He would cut the Pentagon budget and create a Department of Peace; tear up NAFTA and end US participation in the World Trade Organization; abolish the federal death penalty; permit gay unions; and give government-paid health insurance to all. He's a vegan endorsed by Vermonter Ben Cohen, a founder of Ben & Jerry's. CLIP






By David Podvin

According to a source whose previous information has proven to be accurate, the Consortium of news organizations that recounted the presidential votes in the 2000 Florida election was shocked to find that former Vice President Al Gore decisively won the state, and it is now concealing the news of Gore’s victory from the American people.

The source is a former media executive who previously revealed information that the Bush administration was lying about Clinton staffers having vandalized the White House. That information led me to accuse Karl Rove of manufacturing the “crime”. My accusation appeared in an article that was posted by on January 28, 2001, and it was confirmed by a General Accounting Office investigative report several months later.

Having previously established credibility as a well-informed and accurate conduit of information, the executive now claims the Consortium is deliberately hiding the results of its recount because Gore was the indisputable winner.

Originally, the Consortium believed that there were three potential outcomes of the recount, any of which would have been acceptable to the participating news conglomerates. The first was a Bush win, which would have resolved the issue. The second was a dead heat/inconclusive result, which would have maintained the status quo. The third was a narrow Gore victory, which would have given die hard Democrats a debate point, but would have simply been another photo finish recount that most Americans would have disregarded as being currently irrelevant.

The Consortium was stunned to discover that the recount revealed Gore won a clear victory. Even after casting aside the controversial butterfly ballots and discarding ballots that were “iffy”, Gore decisively won the recount. While the precise numbers are still unavailable, a New York Times journalist who was involved in the project told one of his former companions that Gore won by a sufficient margin to create “major trouble for the Bush presidency if this ever gets out”.

Gore’s victory was large enough that it became apparent he would win prior to the Consortium recount being fully completed. And contrary to a recent claim by the New York Times, the terrorism of September 11 was not the crucial factor that determined whether to release the results to the American people. Prior to that time, the de facto majority shareholders in the publicly traded New York Times Company reportedly intervened on the side of quashing the recount results and convinced the other participants to shelve the story. The executive claims that the most important decisions at the Times are made by the influential money center banks that exercise actual voting control of a majority of stock. These banks are extremely pro-Bush. In addition to their control of the Times, they have substantial financial clout with the Washington Post Company, Dow Jones and Company, and the Tribune Company. As a result, the banks exert tremendous influence on a majority of the Consortium.

The story of Gore’s victory has been spiked at the highest levels of the media conglomerates that are involved, rather than at the cosmetic steering committee level of the recount project. The Consortium reportedly has received intense pressure from members of the Bush inner circle both in and out of government, but has not been lobbied by representatives of Gore.

The huge disparity between the original recount and the Consortium recount stems from the G.O.P. tactics in Florida. Their strategy was to aggressively contest every pro-Gore ballot, even the obviously valid ones. The Republicans then accused the vote counters of being biased because most of the challenges were resolved in favor of Gore. By using this approach, the Bush partisans successfully intimidated the counters into bending over backwards to show “fairness”, resulting in thousands of legitimate Gore votes being disqualified or relegated to a pile of disputed ballots.

“It was the old baseball manager’s trick of crying about every call in order to pressure the umpire to give you more than your fair share,” said the executive. “And it worked in Florida. However, in the relative calm of the Consortium recount - absent the pressure tactics - the Bush total remained basically consistent with the original count, while the Gore total shot way up.”

As for what will happen next, the executive said, “Once the dominant pro-Gore trend became apparent, the Consortium was never going to release the results; the pressure from the big money boys was too great. Terrorism just provided a better excuse for withholding the information than the ‘technical difficulties’ stalling tactic that was otherwise going to be used. The Consortium is determined to make sure that the original results of their recount will never see the light of day.”

Last changed: August 10, 2003

Read the rest of this story, PART 2 to Part 5 and MORE, at

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Fears of More U.S. Electoral Chaos After Flaws are Discovered in Ballot Computers (Oct 14)
Next year's US presidential election may be compromised by new voting machines that computer scientists believe are unreliable, poorly programmed and prone to tampering. An investigation published in today's Independent reveals tens of thousands of touch screen voting machines may be less reliable than the old punch cards, which famously stalled the presidential election in Florida in 2000, leaving the whole election open to international ridicule. The machines are said to offer no independent verification of individual voting choices, making recounts impossible, and the software is shielded from public scrutiny by trade secrecy agreements. The shortcomings have appeared in two academic studies and have prompted calls for urgent oversight legislation. They have also cast doubt on the accuracy of last November's mid-term election results, especially in Georgia, the first state to switch to touch screen voting. David Dill, a computer science professor at Stanford University, said: "These machines do not allow the voters to check that their votes are accurately and permanently recorded. No one can prove that the machines are trustworthy." The three leading voting machine manufacturers are substantial Republican campaign donors, and one of their chief executives, Walden O'Dell of Diebold, in Ohio, wrote a letter to Republican supporters saying he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President next year". That raised serious concerns of bias. "The rush towards computerisation is very dubious," Rebecca Mercuri, a research fellow at Harvard University, said. "It takes away the checks and balances of a democratic society." In Georgia, citizens were alarmed at apparent anomalies in the election results for governor and one of the state's two Senate seats. Both offices were won by Republicans in last-minute voting swings away from Democrats. Causes for alarm included a serious malfunction in the voting software, discovered after the machines were packaged for shipment, which had to be repaired with a programming "patch", and the fact that the patch showed up on an open-access Internet page. Hundreds of security flaws were identified in subsequent follow-up studies. There were also several election day glitches, including the loss of 67 voting memory cards in the Democrat stronghold of central Atlanta.

NOTE FROM JEAN: There will be a Special Harmonic Concordance Meditation Focus for this next November 8, a VERY important upcoming event of cosmic significance, possibly more far-reaching and more intensely Consciousness-Shifting than Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This material is an advance warning about this Special Meditation Focus which will be formally issued before the end of this month. Make sure to read "Harmonic Concordance - the original one" after this first and excellent article below "Earth Changes In The Next 4 Months!"


From: "Kiara Windrider">
Subject: Earth Changes and Harmonic Concordance this coming November 8
Date: 16 Oct 2003

Hi Jean and ERN list, 

Many people are starting to talk about earth changes again, and this article by James Gilliland seems to put it into bigger perspective. I will share a quick story. After the 1989 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of us who lived there started to feel that it was a precursor to a BIG one coming in November of that year, and a couple reputable shamans and seers were even seeing the date and time of this future event. Many held the light through prayer, ceremony, and love for the Earth. The night before IT was due, I felt something shift, like something heavy had lifted. The next morning we heard that the Berlin Wall had come down! Let’s hold the same vision of possibility for these times as we look to the Harmonic Concordance. Let’s bring some walls down for Mother Earth!




Earth Changes In The Next 4 Months!
By James Gilliland


JAMES GILLILAND WRITES: I am receiving a mountain of emails from people feeling something is up, something building on the horizon. They have asked me to address this feeling. I have addressed this feeling many times in the past. It is in the books Reunion with Source and Becoming Gods 2.

The timing is a little off in the books yet everything is unfolding as we speak. There was a grace period granted due to some very advanced ET intervention. This has to do with the Sun, bringing in motherships with expanded fields blocking the coronal mass ejections and flares, some of which would have been devastating to the areas of earth facing the sun.

These ships were on record at the SOHO site and many people grabbed the streaming video and pictures of these ships before they had a chance to delete them.

This blocking of the sun's energies also decreased the magnitude of some of the mega quakes. There have been many reports of large triangular ships flying up the San Andreas and other faults recorded on some of the UFO reporting centers which were observed sending beams of light into the earth. This activity is changing the nature of the faults removing some of the pressure.

The earth is overheating rapidly. The expanding sun and the greenhouse effect are the two main factors. Scientists are observing the build up of pressure and have started to issue warnings of the mega quakes which could soon follow. Many top people, visionaries which have refused to be a part of the gloom and doom prophesies are now issuing their own warnings. They are having the visions and after looking at the scientific evidence they are now feeling it is time. Time and a half is over.

I know this will disturb many people and some will have a very negative reaction to this message. I do not want to promote doom and gloom -- or fear. This is just a heads up for everyone who reads this to do their own investigation into the activity of the sun, how it affects humanity and the Earth and the overall condition of the consciousness and environment.

I have given this formula for years, many have run with it and called it their own which does not matter. What matters is the message not the messenger. Coronal Mass Ejections and Sun Flares=Social and Economic changes, extreme weather changes, and increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.

Throughout history there has been major changes during sunspot and increased solar activity. The bio-electric fields around the human body are greatly effected by these changes in the sun. There are emotional outbursts, mood swings, economic swings and changes in the collective consciousness. Outbreaks of virus and bacteria, the plagues, have also been tied into sunspot activity. The erratic weather is exhibited by increases in tornadoes, hurricanes, storm activity and wind velocities. One only has to look at build up of pressure at Yellowstone, Mt Rainier, Three Sisters and the increase in earthquake and volcanic activity around the world to recognize the effect of this major sun cycle.

So what does this have to do with UFOs and ETs?

During the next four months the UFO activity is going to increase exponentially. Their presence will be undeniable. Due to the upcoming changes it will be necessary as they carry out their duties here on Earth. Those who have tried to debunk and censor their presence, including the mainstream media, will lose all credibility.

The Earth is on the move, it is expanding, evolving, moving to a higher frequency. Many of the planets including the Sun have already undergone pole shifts. These are magnetic pole shifts and the Sun has changed from a yellow to a white more intense light. This is due to a change in the hydrogen/helium ratio. The entire solar system is moving to a new place in the universe. The Earth and those who inhabit it will have to adapt and flow with these changes. There will be changes in every arena.

The social, political, and economic arena will undergo intense change in the next four months. The weather will undergo drastic changes as well. There will be an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, which is already building as we speak. It is time to wake up, flow with these changes, and be part of the solution not the problem.

This civilization is unsustainable. It is too corrupt. it is destroying the very platform for life that sustains it. Self service and greed is at epidemic proportions. The solutions to the restoration of Earth are already here, the only thing missing is the support and implementation. The only way this can happen is if the people demand it.

The help is here, the technology is here, the consciousness... well, that is lagging far behind. There is hope. There will be a shift. Another renaissance period in the next four months. This is to assist the consciousness to catch up. What is called the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th is the peak of this event. We are preparing to join the rest of the universe. The end of war, disease, and restoration of the environment are what is waiting for those who have the courage to stand up for it. The help is here, we have to initiate it, welcome it, pray for it and do our part to bring this to fruition.

- James Gilliland
ECETI Director


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Current Solar Data and Worldwide Observing Plans

Latest (within 24 hours) Solar SOHO Michelson Doppler Imager


From: "Kiara Windrider">
Subject: Harmonic Concordance - the original one
Date: 16 Oct 2003

Hi Jean, this is the original article on the Harmonic Concordance, in case you don't have it yet. It looks like an important window of opportunity for planet Earth! Love, Kiara


(good idea to read this one to the end)

On August 28, 1998, John Mirehiel (pronounced Ma-RAY-he-el), astrologer, first identified a still-to-come moment of great astrological potential. While he was surfing the future, using a sophisticated software program that displayed planetary positions around a horoscope wheel, his attention was drawn to the patterns forming in early November of 2003.

As he watched the shifting planets, they began to align themselves in a planetary pattern known to astrologers as The Grand Sextile, (star tetrahedron ) thought to be highly beneficial when it appears in the chart of an individual . In this instance, however, the horoscope Mirehiel was seeing was not one for an individual, but rather it was a global one, for Mother Earth herself. It was a unique astrological chart, representing a moment in time during which we can change the world we see, and ourselves, if we so choose. It has been called the Harmonic Concordance of 2003.

The context in which the Harmonic Concordance information is presented happens to arrive in the language of western, geocentric, tropical astrology. The chart for that moment is rife with astrological details encoded in this specific date. The metaphors to which those details refer describe a moment in which a great shift in conscious awareness may well take place. It is very interesting to note, however, that this year (2003) and this day (November 8th or 9th depending on where you are located in relation to the International Date Line), if not this exact clock moment, have clearly been anticipated within the framework of other traditions as well.

The Shifting World of 2003

In the years since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, José Argüelles and his wife, Lloydine, have been campaigning for a calendar reform that would place us on a Thirteen-Moon Calendar, to complete the necessary realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by the Earth. They believe that this is necessary if we are to avoid crashing into “the wall” of the 2012 necrosphere. Interestingly, they tell me that on November 8, 2003, we will have exactly one galactic spin cycle left (as reckoned in the Mayan Calendar) to complete the realignment of humanity to the cycles naturally experienced by Mother Earth. But noted Psychic Silvia Browne has said the 2012 date itself is erroneous; that confusion arising over western calendar systems has led to our belief that 2012 represents the last noted year of the Mayan Great Calendar when, according to her guides, 2003 is the correct corresponding Gregorian year.

Yet another commentator, posting on the “Troubled Times” website, says that the “significant event” calendar date line, supposedly encoded into the architecture of the Great Pyramid, terminates abruptly at the end of the year 2003. Even some Christian ministers claim that the prophecies of Daniel predict that the “End Times” will arrive in 2003.

Peruvian shamans of the Q’ero line (a lineage shared by both the Inca and the Apaches), descendants of those who fled into the high Andes to escape the Spanish conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo about the occurrence of an important event in the late fall of 2003. At that time, which they say will mark the end of the current, and final, “Pachakuti” (a period of cleansing, when everything is turned upside down), it is said that a tear, or hole in the fabric of time will appear, and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it and into their luminous bodies.

Another author, “time researcher” Preston Nichols, who has studied time and consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and magnetic fields, has pinpointed 2003 as the significant year at the other end of the “time wormhole” that was first opened by the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.

And Starr Fuentes, master healer and teacher in the “curandera” tradition, who works with similar metaphors of frequencies as the causal factors behind physical manifestation, says that she was alerted to the importance of November 8, 2003, by her own teacher in 1964.

The affirmations and confirmations of the importance of this time by these and other well-known seers, mystics, psychics, and researchers, as well as those of many private individuals, clearly indicate the power of the Harmonic Concordance Moment to stand at the hub of a wide variety of converging timelines.

Some Astrological Factors

In linear time, the Harmonic Concordance Moment of November 8–9, 2003, is presently a future astronomical event that will occur at the precise moment when a Total Lunar Eclipse completes an astrologically beneficial configuration known as the Grand Sextile. Like other previously announced, spiritually significant times (most notably the Harmonic Convergence mentioned above), the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 will pull a great many people into a prayerful alignment, at one moment, with a focused intent of a higher spiritual purpose. In this case, the larger purpose is the Ascension of Mother Earth and her awakened inhabitants.

I have been a practicing astrologer and spiritual seeker for more than 30 years. As the discoverer of the chart, I have identified many individual astrological details that are in play at the moment of the Concordance Eclipse. My experience tells me that those factors, when taken all together, confirm a promise of hope, joy, unity, and transformation.

Nor am I alone in this astrological assessment of the Harmonic Concordance chart. Astrologers of all ranks, from the world famous to novice, have seen, been inspired by, written of, and spoken about its enormous potential. The spiritually inclined, in particular, are invariably impressed by the power and purpose expressed in the chart.

The Spiritual Meaning

Although this astrological chart is set for our future, the ultimate perfection of that ascended world exists right now. Many metaphysical and spiritual traditions have long told us that Time is the great illusion; that, in fact, all time “happens” in the simultaneous NOW. If that is so, then this “future” moment of ultimate balance, power, and peace is available to us in the present. As such, it behooves us to claim that moment now. If we can accept the idea that that perfect world is co-existent with the somewhat different exterior “reality” that most of us see, then we must also accept the possibility that we can change that exterior projection. To acknowledge that we are the ones responsible for the appearance of that projection means that we must begin to understand what immense and limitless creative beings we are. Unfortunately, we often have trouble accepting that thought, even though the avatars and exemplars throughout the ages have told us this is so.

One major block to this realization lies in our persistent belief in solid space and linear time. However, if you can conceive of how it might feel to live as an Ascended Master in an Ascended World, you can step through a hole in time, anytime, and bring that existence back into your daily experience, right then and there, here and now.

The Harmonic Concordance chart portrays a multi-dimensional mandala in sacred geometry, offering a variety of these reminders through symbols that are significant in many different belief systems. It contains, for example, a two-dimensional representation of the 8-pointed star that is called the Merkaba, the symbol that represents the Light Body form as seen by those who can perceive on this level. Practitioners of the Merkaba meditation essentially visualize rolling their light bodies through time, from one present moment into the next. This exercise allows them to stay in an eternally perfect present, while learning how to work with new energetic concepts of time.

Conscious Intent and Change

In The Seth Material, Seth, speaking through the late Jane Roberts, proposes that what he calls “temporal consciousness,” or time, is essentially a dimension of action. This certainly seems to have been demonstrated by recent mass consciousness experiments on Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast” radio show. The background to these experiments was research conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute, which has placed thirty-two data-recording instruments around the world to pick up changes in the Earth’s field. On 9/11, a couple of hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center, the Princeton group reported, there was a significant perturbation, or change, in this field.

Inspired by this indication that a field of mass consciousness exists which carries some sentience about the outcome of human events, Bell and his guest host, George Noory, issued specific requests to their vast numbers of radio listeners challenging them to act collectively in order to deliberately influence that field of consciousness to achieve a positive outcome.

At the time of this writing, the last such challenge issued was for the audience to visualize a resolution to the Washington “Sniper Crisis,” such that the situation would be resolved quickly and no one else would be hurt. The two suspects who are now in custody were arrested in the early morning hours immediately following this show. No one was injured in the capture.

This event is only the last in a long line of “coincidences” of many types that show us that the Concordance message is indeed an open invitation to play in the field of temporal dimension. Why not do so in the most inspired possible manner?

Which is precisely the point. The great promise of this Harmonic Concordance Moment is that its potential may be assessed at any moment.

Quantum physicists speak of “nonlocal” reality as comprising the basic structural “field” that supports and sustains all life. In this reality, time and space do not exist. This is the place from which we are able to see the Universal Perfection in All That Is; and it is from this vantage point that we can step through the Concordance paradox and into a divine state of existence, right now.

Spirit will respond to any individual up-reach, at any time. This is the symbolism inherent in the interlocking triangles of the Star of David pattern. It is therefore the great paradox of the Concordance Moment that if you wait until November 8, 2003, to experience it, you might well miss it completely!

John Mirehiel

(P.S. From the view of PATRICIA DIANE COTA-ROBLES This is what will be happening:

The Spiritual Hierarchy has revealed that 2003 is the year that is destined for the global shift of consciousness we have been anticipating for the past 50 years. There is going to be a Galactic alignment that will open a multidimensional portal of Divine Consciousness into the Heart and Mind of the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AM—All That Is.

During that rare moment, the Cosmic I AM will flood the Earth with unprecedented frequencies of Divine Consciousness and lift every man, woman and child a quantum leap into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL life.

That rare Galactic alignment will occur on November 8, 2003. There will be a Star of David and other complex formations in the Heavens during a Lunar Eclipse that will be 18 degrees Scorpio.)

On July 18, 2002 a crop circle unofficially dubbed the “Harmonic Concordance Crop Circle" appeared, which many felt was a response to work being done around the ideas of the Harmonic Concordance.

Astrological Configuration of the Harmonic Concordance Moment, November 8–9, 2003
When affording Chiron planetary status, the Moment contains a near perfect Grand Sextile/Star of David pattern in Earth and Water signs, featuring the six planets that offer the precisely appropriate energies for a planetary shift in consciousness: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Chiron. I am frequently asked what relationship November 8–9, 2003, has to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. José Argüelles, the well-known interpreter of ancient Mayan texts, called the world’s attention to the 1987 event as being exceptionally propitious for the spiritual growth of humankind. The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 also offers us an exceptionally propitious Moment (and one shared throughout every time zone) for the further graduation of humanity as a whole, and for Mother Earth as well. In this sense they share the same lineage.

J. M.


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The Harmonic Concordance and The Matrix. (Check also the Harmonic Concordance crop circle at the bottom of this webpage)

Compilation of various writings on the Harmonic Concordance


From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Invitation to flood some of our world leaders with loving energy
Date: 15 Oct 2003

Dear Jean and beloved friends,

My life continues to be filled with amazing blessings. I'm going to be interpreting again for President Bush and President Megawati! This time the meeting will take place in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday, October 22nd. I invite you to join me in sending energy and prayers for love and opening to these two world leaders as I'm right there beside them.

Just last month, many of you participated in creating a small miracle when I was interpreting from English into Indonesian for these two leaders in New York, where they were both speaking at the UN. Literally hundreds of friends joined me in focusing our loving energies at that special meeting. Our invitation for Bush and Megawati to open to more love was so strong that I could feel the room vibrating. I know that on some level everyone present felt and was moved by this loving presence.

After this powerful experience, several of you emailed to ask that I give more advance notice if this happens again, so that you might forward the information and invite even more people to join in focusing their love on these leaders as I'm there with them. Well, though I've never before interpreted for the president more than once in a year, I've been asked to do it again only one month later! I invite you to spread the word now so that all who are interested can join us in focusing our energies on reaching the love and the divine spark that lies within the hearts of these world leaders.

Let me give you the exact times I will be with Bush and Megawati. Our meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd at 3:30 - 6:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (England), which is 11:30 to 2:00 AM Eastern Time in the US and 8:30 - 11:00PM on Tuesday night (the 21st) Pacific Time in the US. We will first have a formal discussion, followed by a working lunch (this will be lunchtime in Bali). Not long afterward, I'll interpret for Bush as he meets with several Indonesian Muslim leaders, though I don't know the exact time for this. In these meetings, it is very likely that Colin Powell and several other top officials will also be present.

I first interpreted for a president with Clinton in 1995 through a series of small miracles. I never even tried to become a top interpreter, yet it is very clear that God wanted me to do this work. From that very first time in 1995, what I have done in these meetings whenever I'm not focused on interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present. I know that this is the reason this work has been given to me.

It was wonderful to channel love on my own at those first meetings, yet eventually I realized how much more powerful it would be to have friends supporting me. So I invited friends to join me in this for the first time when I interpreted for Bush and Megawati in the Oval Office on Sept. 19, 2001, just eight days after 9/11! The second time I invited friends was just last month, when for the first time, I used my email address list to reach many more friends. For this upcoming meeting, I invite you to forward this to any of your friends who might be interested to so that we can have an even larger number of people all focused at the same time on inviting these leaders to open their hearts. Every one of you who chooses to join us strengthens this powerful invitation exponentially. Together, I know we have a huge impact!

Just so you know, in these meetings I rarely have any personal communication with those involved other than the pleasantries of hello, thank you, etc. And for anyone who is interested in all of the little miracles that brought me to interpret for presidents, I've written a one-page essay on that inspiring story which you can find at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the very first issue of Inspirations for the story "Little Miracles Lead Me to Interpret for the President." It's the second story in that issue.

If for whatever reason you can't send energy at the appointed time, I invite you to join us whenever and in whatever way you can. You can take a moment right now to send energy to Bush and to all world leaders that they and we might focus more on what's best for all on this planet, and that they/we invite in more love and harmony around the globe. Whether you join me at the appointed time or at any other time, thanks for joining us in this wonderful opportunity. And thanks for all that you are doing to create a better world for all of us!

With lots of love and very best wishes,


PS Even if you get this message after the meeting, you can send the invitation back in time to join us in that special moment. And let me know if you aren't on my mailing list and want to be added. Thanks for caring!

Explore the empowering websites Fred coordinates: - strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all - revealing cover-ups and working together for a better world - building a Global Community for All

Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth



Date: 15 Oct 2003
Subject: GUATANAMO - The Worlds Worst Prison


by Gordon Thomas

There is a new sound inside the world's most sinister prison. It is the construction of an execution chamber where the first of its 680 prisoners can be put to death by lethal injection in the same secrecy which surrounds their incarceration. Led, ankle-shackled and handcuffed, to their deaths by US soldiers probably in the middle of the night, none of the condemned will have had the right to choose their own lawyers, would not have had a jury trial, or have been allowed any access to any proper appeal system.

Their attorneys will have to be US citizens vetted by the US Defence Department. The only appeal allowed to a prisoner would be to the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld. Already anointed as the hardest of the hardliners in the Bush Administration, he is not expected to do anything but ratify the sentences handed down by the tribunal's presiding judge.

The nearest the world has previously seen to such trials was during the People's Courts in the Nazi regime and the Star Chamber Courts of the Stalinist era in Russia.

The prisoners of Guantanamo are alleged to be members of al-Qaeda or Taliban fighters picked up in Afghanistan and elsewhere in President Bush's war on global terrorism. Most are in their early twenties. One was only 13 when he was grabbed by US Special Forces. Another is barely fifteen.

The prisoners come from 43 countries. Most are Arabs, with Saudi Arabia accounting for over 100 of the detainees. Eighty-five are from the Yemen. Many have been there for 18 months. Not one has been categorised as a prisoner of war, entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention. The United States is a signatory. But President Bush, in the full flush of his success in Afghanistan, pronounced that the prisoners were not entitled to the Convention's protection.

Instead, he allowed the due process of justice to be reinvented for the men caged in Guantanamo. Officially the prison is known as Camp Delta, the name that the US Defence Department publicists prefer to use.

To facilitate journalists, there is a "media observation post". It is about 250 metres from the nearest cell block. Close enough to need sunglasses to combat the glare off the metal roofs of the guard posts and the chain-link fences which surround the camp. The razor wire at the top and the green plastic drapes behind the fences are a further reminder there is no other prison like it on earth.

By night, the compound is lit by powerful white lights mounted on poles. The perimeter, all the way back to the media lookout, is sown with ground sensors. The nearby beach - the prison sits on a bluff above the Caribbean ocean - is patrolled day and night by US soldiers. At sea, US coastguard boats cruise back and forth, ready to thwart any attempt to rescue the prisoners. All the guards have orders to shoot to kill.

Yet despite draconian threats against anyone working at Camp Delta speaking to the media, details have leaked out. We now know that the cell blocks are constructed from the 40ft steel containers used in shipping. The US government bought them from a San Francisco freight company.

Each container forms five cells. There are eight containers to a cell block. There are four blocks lined up on each side of a corridor. Three sides of each container have been replaced by strengthened steel-mesh - strong enough to withstand bolt cutters. In the remaining side a window has been cut.

The Pentagon proudly point to the fact that the containers have floor level toilets - to conform with Muslim requirements to be able to squat - as "evidence of our understanding of their cultural needs". Detainees sleep on metal shelves. Each is covered with a thin mattress. Again, the Pentagon makes much of the fact that these are the same as used in US prisons. But each cell is smaller than those on death row in the jails of Texas, President Bush's home state.

Prisoners receive one hour's exercise and a shower a day. By the time they return from their ablutions, they may well find that they have been moved again to another cell. This is to avoid the risk of what the American guards call "clique making".

Detainees are taken, shuffling in their restrictive ankle chains, to interrogation at any time of the day - or night. Anyone who protests at being woken is shoved into an isolation cell. It has solid walls to stop any contact with other prisoners. The isolation cells and interrogation rooms are air-conditioned.

But again the interrogations break the rules. Prisoners are not allowed to have a lawyer present. Legal representation is normal when a suspect has yet to be charged. Prisoners are questioned for hours at a time by a succession of CIA, and sometimes MI6, officers. Some of the interrogators are women. Their presence is seen by most prisoners as a calculated insult to their Muslim upbringing - where women do not question men.

Such methods contravene basic human rights, say Amnesty. A spokesman added that "plans to deny those convicted by the military tribunals of a proper appeal is deeply disturbing". Pressure from Amnesty may well have led to the sudden release of some prisoners in the past weeks. They have now been flown back to Afghanistan. But the nine British Muslims held in Guantanamo know they now have little hope of being sent back for trial in the UK.

The Blair government has received legal advice that the prisoners could not be prosecuted under the rules of British courts. "There are problems with trying anyone who has been kept in confinement in the conditions operating at Guantanamo for such a lengthy period", says Amnesty. Meantime life - of a sort - goes on at Guantanamo. A recorded call to prayer comes over the compound loud speakers five times a day. Arrows point in the direction of Mecca - a place the prisoners may never see. All meals are prepared according to the halal diet. There is a copy of the Koran in each cell.

These are the only signs that America recognises the needs - and rights - of their prisoners. But the prospect increases that one day - perhaps by the end of the year - trials will take place which will end with a prisoner being shuffled for the last time across the compound to the execution chamber. There he will be strapped to a stretcher and a needle inserted into his arm to deliver the lethal injection. Just as it's done in Texas.

But the so-far 25 attempted suicides in Guantanamo exceed those in the Lone Star state for the same 18 month period as prisoners have been held in Camp Delta. The clear purpose to hold people without trial belies the carefully crafted public relations spin the Pentagon likes to put on the world's worst prison.

When a protest did come from within the prison from the prisoners‚ American Muslim imman, a US naval officer, Lt Mohammed Saiful-Islam, that conditions were increasingly affecting the emotional and psychological stability of many of the prisoners, he was promptly shipped out to California. He is no longer allowed to speak publicly about what he saw.

We may never know when the military tribunals start, or when a prisoner will be taken to the chamber now under construction for execution. But that is how they do things at Guantanamo, as it continues to live up to its secret and sinister reputation. ---

GLOBE-INTEL is a free subscription service provided by



The cheap way to the stars - by escalator

David Adam, science correspondent
September 13, 2003
The Guardian

If climbing a stairway to heaven sounds like too much hard work, then a conference of 70 scientists and engineers opening in Santa Fe today may offer hope of a more leisurely way into space.

In two days of discussions, the scientists aim to turn into a reality an ambition that has been around for at least a century: the creation of a space elevator that would deliver satellites, spacecraft and even people thousands of kilometres into space along a vertical track.

Engineers say that recent advances in materials science - particularly in the development of carbon nanotubes - mean that such a system, which first gained widespread attention when the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke described it in his 1979 novel Fountains of Paradise, is no longer pure science fiction.

Mr Clarke - who once said a space elevator would only be built "about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" - was due to address the scientists at the Santa Fe conference today by satellite link from his home in Sri Lanka.

The American space agency Nasa is no longer laughing. It is putting several million dollars into the project under its advanced concepts programme.

At the heart of a space elevator would be a cable reaching up as far as 100,000km from the surface of the Earth. The earthbound end would be tethered to a base station, probably somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The other end would be attached to an orbiting object in space acting as a counterweight, the momentum of which would keep the cable taut and allow vehicles to climb up and down it.

A space elevator would make rockets redundant by granting cheaper access to space. At about a third of the way along the cable - 36,000km from Earth - objects take a day to complete a full orbit. If the cable's centre of gravity remained at this height, the cable would remain vertical, as satellites placed at this height are geostationary, effectively hovering over the same spot on the ground.

To build a space elevator such a geostationary satellite would be placed into orbit carrying the coiled-up cable. One weighted end of the cable would then be dropped back towards Earth, while the other would be unreeled off into space. Mechanical lifters could then climb up the cable from the ground, ferrying up satellites, space probes and eventually tourists.

The biggest technical obstacle is finding a material strong but light enough to make the cable; this is where the carbon nanotubes come in. These are microscopically thin tubes of carbon that are as strong as diamonds but flexible enough to turn into fibre. In theory, a nanotube ribbon about one metre wide and as thin as paper could support a space elevator.

No scientist has yet succeeded in making such a fibre, but Rodney Andrews, a carbon nanotube expert from the University of Kentucky will tell the conference: "Until some of the basic science concerning how to connect nanotubes together and transfer load between them in a composite is understood it will remain elusive, but a lot of progress is being made."

Brad Edwards, a space scientist who has been developing the space elevator concept for several years, said there was still a lot of scepticism to overcome. "Initially, people look at me like they're trying to work out whether or not I'm pulling their leg," he said.

Dr Edwards says the original satellite used to send up the cable should provide enough tension in the cable for the first vehicles to climb into space, each of which would then be added in turn to the counterweight. These lifters would clamp caterpillar tracks to either side of the cable and would be powered by converting laser light beamed up from the ground into electricity.

"None of it is really extravagant," said Dr Edwards, who estimates it would take about $7bn (£4.4bn) to turn the concept into reality. He hopes to have a final elevator design hammered out by next year.

He said the floating base platform would be placed hundreds of miles from aircraft routes and shipping lanes and would be in a region of the sea where storms, lightning and high waves are rare.

The biggest hazard could be space junk, but Dr Edwards said the floating platform would be moved around to steer the cable out of the way. He says it would slash the price of access to space 400-fold, and could allow cheaper, faster travel to other planets.

One unlikely problem could be capturing the public's imagination. "When we actually start launching this it's going to be kind of boring," Dr Edwards said. "There's no smoke, there's no pillars of fire and there's no loud rumbling noises. There's just this thing that slowly ascends the ribbon into space."

Special report: Space exploration,2759,179472,00.html


International space station,5543,401958,00.html


See also:

The Space Elevator Comes Closer to Reality (March 27, 2002
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Make way for the ultimate high-rise project: the space elevator. Long viewed as science fiction "imagineering", researchers are gathering momentum in their pursuit to propel this uplifting concept into actuality. Still, the mental picture needed to grasp the elevator to space idea…well, you can't be weak of mind. Forget the roar of rocketry and those bone jarring liftoffs, the elevator would be a smooth 62,000-mile (100,000-kilometer) ride up a long cable. Payloads can shimmy up the Earth-to-space cable, experiencing no large launch forces, slowly climbing from one atmosphere to a vacuum. Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, Venus, the asteroids and beyond - they are routinely accessible via the space elevator. And for all its promise and grandeur, this mega-project is made practical by the tiniest of technologies - carbon nanotubes.

Space Elevator Nanotubes

Nervous Beijing orders TV blackout as Chinese astronauts reach for the stars (Oct 15),2763,1063016,00.html
Communist leaders ban live broadcast of desert lift-off for first manned spaceflight. China's first manned spacecraft was launched early today. But most of the country's one billion population did not get even a dim view of the blast-off from the Gobi desert, because a nervous government had pulled the plug on a live television broadcast. CLIP

Universe is shaped like a football, says scientist (Oct 9),2763,1058903,00.html
It is a question which has been kicking about for thousands of years: is our universe infinite? Today, scientists have announced the most compelling evidence yet which suggests that, not only is it finite, but it may be the shape of a football. (...) But a finite universe does not mean there are edges. Mr Weeks says the WMAP data shows that the shape of space may be based on a dodecahedron: a solid composed of 12 pentagons. If a someone were to travel out to the "edge" of this shape, they would end up coming back in through the opposite face.

Protesters fear nuclear arms in space (Oct 5),2763,1056418,00.html
Scientists are preparing plans to build nuclear rockets to explore the solar system. Space engineers say the plan is essential if mankind is to send large, complex spaceships to neighbouring planets and to search for life. But campaigners say the project is a backdoor bid to put nuclear weapons in orbit and yesterday began a week-long protest - including demonstrations at Cape Canaveral. 'This technology is completely unnecessary and could have a devastating global impact if there was a launch accident,' said campaigner Bruce Gagnon, of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. But scientists insist the technology is safe. Nuclear engines would merely provide electricity for a new rocket propulsion system called the ion drive, which shoots out streams of gas particles and can run continuously for years, letting probes build up colossal velocities of more than 10 miles a second - about 36,000mph. America has tested one and Europe launched one on its Smart-1 probe to the Moon last week.

Reality in the melting pot (Sept 23),2763,1047785,00.html
According to 'multiverse' theorists, life as we know it could be nothing but a Matrix-style simulation.


Date: 16 Oct 2003
From: Betty Martini>
Subject: How Aspartame Causes Lou Gehrigs Disease

Aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. The article below (Team Targets Sudden Cardiac Death) might as well have been written about this toxin because it describes the problem this killer causes.

Tragic reports from Iraq reveal high incidence of sudden death from heart attacks, cerebral and cardiac thromboses, fatal blood clots. In the USA sudden cardiac death, SCD, has become the number one killer, claiming 460,000 a year, according to the CDC. Often it is athletes in prime condition who fall while playing; three Japanese athletes died on one day. Their conditioning is similar to the robust state of troops trained for combat, but both are falling like snowflakes.

Is there a connection? The government sent boatloads of diet drinks to the Gulf where they sat in the Arabian sun for weeks decomposing into formaldehyde cocktails, which the troops drank constantly to avoid dehydration. In September the peer-reviewed journal Neurology published ground-breaking studies by scientists at the Department of Veterans Affairs - concluding that Gulf War veterans, most in their 20's and 30's during the war, are contracting ALS at nearly three times the expected rate for their age group. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a horrible neurological affliction occurring to people in their 60s which gradually destroys all mobility, even the ability to swallow. Nevertheless the victim remains mentally alert, a prisoner in a private hell, his body a degenerating cage, awaiting the inevitable. The sequence is gradual, total: incapacity, humiliation, loss of physical control, paralysis, death. A ghastly reward for patriotism!

James Bowen, M.D. experienced terrible Lou Gehrigs symptoms and was being progressively destroyed, but as an MD and biochemist his research revealed that these symptoms are frequently associated with aspartame poisoning. He discontinued aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal and recovered most of his abilities and he believes many Desert Storm victims are similar aspartame victims, and if they discontinue this recognized neurotoxin in time they may well recover. Dr Bowen describes aspartame poisoning as minute doses of nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve function. Dr. Russell Blaylock says in Health & Nutrition Secrets To Save Your Life: "In the case of diet drinks in aluminum cans, the very toxic brain aluminum fluoride compound co-exists with multiple toxins found in aspartame, thus creating the most powerful government approved toxic soup imaginable."

CLIP - To read the rest of this long letter, please ask it from Betty Martini>. Visit also

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Mystery Blood Clots Killing US Troops (Oct 7)
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Several U.S. soldiers in the Iraqi war died from sudden illnesses and a United Press International probe shows those were triggered by unexplained blood clots. The Pentagon says blood clots caused two soldiers to collapse and die. At least eight other soldiers have also collapsed and died from what the military has described as non-combat-related causes. NBC reporter David Bloom also died of a blood clot in his lung after collapsing near Baghdad. The UPI investigation by reporter Mark Benjamin also points to another disturbing factor of soldiers becoming ill or dying from similar ailments in the United States. In some cases, the soldiers, their families and civilian doctors blame vaccines given to them by the military, particularly the anthrax or smallpox shots. CLIP

Team targets sudden cardiac death
Sudden cardiac death is a catastrophic disruption of the heart rhythm that can cause a seemingly healthy human to drop dead without warning. More people die from sudden cardiac death (SCD) each year than from AIDS, breast cancer and lung cancer combined. The condition accounts for nearly 60 percent of all cardiovascular-related deaths, claiming the lives of approximately 300,000 people per year in the U.S. Yet, because there are few warning signs or symptoms to identify people at risk, and since SCD is by definition fatal, leaving no survivors to study, scientists know little about the underlying mechanisms that cause the condition. CLIP

See also:

US blocks action on Israeli 'wall' (Oct 15)
The United States has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel's controversial West Bank barrier. The draft, introduced by Arab states, declared that the structure was illegal under international law and that construction must be halted.

A rare media exposure of Bush administration lies about Iraq (Oct 16)
Television review: PBS's Frontline, "Truth, War and Consequences" - President George W. Bush and his key lieutenants have launched a new propaganda blitz in an attempt to counter mounting popular opposition to the continuing US occupation of Iraq. Bush kicked off the campaign with a radio interview in New Hampshire on October 9. Vice President Richard Cheney followed a day later with a speech before an invited audience of 200 at the conservative Heritage Foundation. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice also made speeches on Iraq last week. The essence of the public relations campaign is that the aggression against Iraq was part of a "war on terror" and that conditions there are steadily improving, despite "negative" reporting in the media. Just as this "good news" offensive began, on October 9 PBS stations across the country aired a documentary that brought out two basic truths: the justifications for the invasion were based on the manipulation of intelligence to fit preconceived plans for war; and the US troops represent an occupation army engaged in widespread repression of the Iraqi people.

Letters from US troops exposed as Pentagon fraud (Oct 16)
Gannett News Service (GNS) reported Saturday that identical form letters signed by different US soldiers in Iraq have appeared in hometown newspapers across the country. The letters paint a rosy picture of troop morale and improving conditions for the population in warn-torn Iraq. However, the soldiers whose names appear at the bottom of the letters didn't compose them, and many say they signed their names under false pretenses, or not at all. The "letter-writing" blitz appears to be part of the Bush administration's efforts to boost US support for the Iraq occupation in line with its campaign against what it calls "negative" media coverage - that is, any news that doesn't toe the White House line.

Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds (Oct 16)
A broad survey of U.S. troops in Iraq by a Pentagon-funded newspaper found that half of those questioned described their unit's morale as low and their training as insufficient, and said they do not plan to reenlist. The survey, conducted by the Stars and Stripes newspaper, also recorded about a third of the respondents complaining that their mission lacks clear definition and characterizing the war in Iraq as of little or no value. Fully 40 percent said the jobs they were doing had little or nothing to do with their training. The findings, drawn from 1,935 questionnaires presented to U.S. service members throughout Iraq, conflict with statements by military commanders and Bush administration officials that portray the deployed troops as high-spirited and generally well-prepared.

Military Vaccine Woes Mount (Oct 10)
(CBS) Dennis Drew was prepared to fight the enemy in Iraq, but never got the chance. After his military vaccinations, his immune system completely unraveled. "Severe pneumonia and myocarditis, I think almost killed me," said Drew, a U.S. Army chemical weapons specialist. Now living in constant pain, daily life is almost unbearable. His illnesses are nearly identical to those suffered by Rachel Lacy before she died last spring. The coroner said her military shots were likely to blame. It's estimated thousands of soldiers claim serious illnesses from military vaccines. But to them, the most maddening thing is they don't exist -- at least in the eyes of top military brass -- who insist there is, quote, "no evidence, none whatsoever" that inoculations cause any long-term problems, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

Bush's War Plan Is Scarier Than He's Saying - The Widening Crusade (Oct 15)
If some wishful Americans are still hoping President Bush will acknowledge that his imperial foreign policy has stumbled in Iraq and needs fixing or reining in, they should put aside those reveries. He's going all the way- and taking us with him. The Israeli bombing raid on Syria October 5 was an expansion of the Bush policy, carried out by the Sharon government but with the implicit approval of Washington. The government in Iran, said to be seeking to develop a nuclear weapon, reportedly expects to be the next target. No one who believes in democracy need feel any empathy toward the governments of Syria and Iran, for they assist the terrorist movement, yet if the Bush White House is going to use its preeminent military force to subdue and neutralize all "evildoers" and adversaries everywhere in the world, the American public should be told now. Such an undertaking would be virtually endless and would require the sacrifice of enormous blood and treasure.

US Bullies Europeans on Chemical Testing (Oct 15)
Literally tens of thousands of chemicals on the market have never been tested for their impact on human health. The chemical industry thinks this is a good thing. Safety testing is too expensive, the chemical companies say. Chemical manufacturers and users handle chemicals responsibly to make sure people are not inadvertently exposed to them. And these tens of thousands of chemicals have proven their value and safety in real life tests -- they have been on the market, contributing to higher standards of living, with no discernible harmful impact on health. Some people take a different point of view. One way or another, they note, people are exposed to thousands of chemicals -- in the food they eat, the water they drink, the air they breathe, through contact with consumer products that contain chemicals, or by other means. There is now clear evidence that people are accumulating a growing "body burden" of industrial chemicals trapped in their tissues. According to this view, permitting potentially dangerous chemicals on the market without pre-screening and an assessment of the risk they pose is a kind of societal Russian Roulette. The only sensible thing to do is test chemicals to ensure they are safe. This second view happens to be shared by the European Commission, the governing body of the European Union. CLIP

Crops giant retreats from Europe ahead of GM report (Oct 16)
Monsanto, the huge American biotechnology company which has pioneered GM crops, is withdrawing from many of its European operations and laying off up to two thirds of its British workers. The announcement came on the eve of the publication of the Government's GM crop trials today

Schwarzenegger Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting (Oct 14)
WASHINGTON - California governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger must explain the substance of his private May 2001 meeting with Enron chief Ken Lay, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights wrote in a letter to Schwarzenegger Tuesday. FTCR, which was the state's most vocal critic of Governor Gray Davis' handling of the energy crisis, said that if the governor-elect did not recount the meeting by the time of his inauguration, the group would ask state lawmakers to open an investigation to uncover the substance of the meeting, including any information that might further the state's efforts to return billions of dollars that taxpayers and consumers overpaid for electricity during the energy crisis. "A meeting with the biggest corporate crook in recent memory, while he and his firm were in the midst of ripping off the state, should not be taken lightly," FTCR wrote. "As Governor, you must explain to Californians what you were doing at that meeting, what information Ken Lay shared with you and how the meeting has influenced your thinking on energy issues." In addition to calling on Schwarzenegger to come clean about the meeting with Lay, the group highlighted key aspects of the governor-elect's energy program that reflect an Enron perspective on energy policy. In the letter, FTCR asked Schwarzenegger to rewrite his energy policy and remove his push for further energy deregulation.


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