May 13, 2003

Matthew and Suzanne Ward at the Wesak Festival

Hello everyone

I've not been able to complete preparation for the Special Meditation Focus on Wesak I plan to send you, but this should be done shortly. In the meantime, here is something which, I'm sure, will be of great interest to many of you. Suzanne Ward had been invited to prepare a message from her son Matthew in heaven for the Wesak Festival that took place this past weekend at Mount Shasta, California and where she delivered it. I consider this to be a really comprehensive and enlightening review of so many of the topics covered in their books, and Matthew also dispels here a number of misconceived notions that many people still holds for true; this is most useful and will definitely greatly help souls navigate the coming years safely from a spiritual standpoint, especially with all the good and needed reassurances offered about the positive outcomes ahead.

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I'm sure most of you will be happy to know that Suzy and Matthew's latest book, ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA, is now available in print and can be ordered through

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May 10, 2003

Hello, everyone! This is Matthew embracing you with love and honor and thankfulness for the invitation to participate in this magnificent spiritual celebration.

Some of you may know me through the Matthew Books or my messages on Internet sites and thus think of me as a discarnate soul who talks with his mother. This is true, but it is not all of me. At soul level we all know each other's essence, so it is as friend to friend that I greet you.

As you see, my mother is not the loquacious speaker that I would like to be. One provision of our family's soul agreement was that she and I would collaborate on books, but we forgot to include that it also would be good if she became a "live" channel and dynamic public speaker.

I am overjoyed to be here in your midst! I hope that some of you are seeing my etheric body or sensing my physical presence. If this could be my very self speaking at this moment, I would absolutely know if this is so. However, since this message had to be given to my mother prior to her arrival here, it is only my expectation that I can express. What I do know is that I intend to be with you and therefore I am!

I cannot speak knowledgeably, either, about the extent of light emanating from this group in this instant. What I can tell you about is the grandness of light that has been generated for many months by the individuals who planned and prepared for this glorious gathering, and the light we have seen in your collective anticipation of being here also is wondrous. The growing brilliance as these days neared has been an uplifting of Earth's own spirit. From this higher vantage point we can see that the light you have been creating is caressing and healing the very life and soul of your beloved Mother Earth.

You are extraordinary people, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You are consciously connected with your godselves and knowledgeable about what is happening in this new era. So what can I say that may be more enlightening, more heartening and more sustaining than you already intuitively and consciously know? I am familiar with your hearts and minds, and I think you are hoping for but not really expecting me to tell you something "new and momentous."

You are a group to whom it's very tough to tell something new, and it is from Creator or God that momentous pronouncements come, not from me. But I do want something worthy for you to ponder in the truth I am sharing with you in these moments. If only as a reminder or reinforcement of what you know as truth, then please let it serve you well in that way.

It is not only from the vantage point of Nirvana that my information comes today. Like other souls who do not choose reincarnation on Earth to continue their spiritual growth, my evolvement has been in a different direction, too. Nirvana still is my home because of my beloved family, Ithaca and Esmeralda, but for the past four years I have been traveling extensively in this galaxy and others.

By invitation from other civilizations, I have been serving as consultant, or adviser, for the most effective care of their traumatized souls who transition and the overall upgrading of their sanctuary realms. Some of the souls I have met through this service are of a radiance and beauty beyond your imagining. If ever there could be an inspiration to all of Earth's people to stop violence, hatred, fear and greed and instead create peace and harmony through love, it would be to know these people. Their worlds of joy and light are beyond your words to describe.

We speak of "light beings" and "light workers" and "light service." But we could just as correctly say "love" instead of light. Love and light are not separate powers. The total essence of Creator is love, and it is expressed in the obvious, tangible, directional ways that light can be used and observed, just as love easily is seen in its manifestations.

The capacity to love is your birthright. It is the composition of your soul. Because Creator is the supreme being of the cosmos, and God - by that name and others - is the supreme being in our universe, each of us is a part of Creator via God. Thus all of us are inseparably connected through their love essence and each of you has the innate ability to shower love upon your planet and every other soul living there.

The all-powerful eternal unity of love and light is the healing force of your world. Indeed, it is the ONLY force that can heal the pain felt by Earth and her people and all of her other life forms. The universal law is as simple as each soul feeling, receiving and sending the energy that more commonly is called love or light.

You have been asked not to judge others for their actions because you don't know their souls' chosen missions in this time of accelerated energy flow. Karmic experiencing to achieve the balance that every soul needs still requires both the activities seen as unconscionable and the willingness to respect differences and resolve them peacefully. The struggle between the darkness and the light will continue only until these opposite perspectives are reconciled and Earth's balance is regained. This is happening!

Your invaluable help in bringing this about is by sending love to all of Earth's people, especially to those who are causing the suffering. This is the ONLY way all suffering can end there! My mother said that she can't sincerely send love to people who are doing things she abhors, and I'll tell you exactly what I told her, because it may serve you well, too:

"Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety onto a path where they are confident and secure, wouldn't you? Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering. Do not think of them as their deeds, but rather what you want for the world. Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world's people living in harmony, peacefulness and love, and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness."

Now then, as powerful as the love-light energy is, it can be blocked by negativity. Negativity and positivity are the scientific polar opposites of neutral energy, but in lifetimes they appear as the countless personal situations resulting from free will choices. In reference by souls such as you, negativity usually is considered the actions and results of deception, corruption, tyranny, war-mongering and other situations many on Earth call "evil."

In other civilizations in this universe, depending upon the extent of their higher spiritual evolvement than the still prevalent third density of Earth, there is little or no negativity at all to deal with. However, the vast majority of people on Earth have no idea what is happening in this new era and unwittingly they are creating an abundance of negativity for Earth to deal with. A few people do know exactly what is transpiring and they are deliberately causing massive fear, grief, anger and despair. Those are powerful producers of negativity, whose energy creates a block between light and souls. In short, those few people and others before them with like minds have been keeping most of your world in the dark for eons. But not for much longer! The ever-increasing light-love energy on Earth is evermore diminishing the hold of the darkness.

Releasing the cumulative negativity is being partially achieved by what are called "natural disasters," but not all are naturally caused. For the past decade or so, much of the drastic weather and many of the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have been instigated by manmade technologies. The intent is to cause death, injury and economic hardship throughout your world, all of which cause a huge amount of negativity. With the intent itself rooted in negativity, this gives a double dose of it for Earth to dispel.

Nevertheless, the overall results still are aiding the planet as she would be originating the episodes herself to release the pressure that has been choking her very breath. The familiar term, planetary cleansing, is descriptive if you think of Earth as cleaning away immeasurable debris to restore her health in mind, body and spirit - and yours as well.

Even as the violence and blatant lies and corruption continue, we see the increasing light that is exposing them. This is occurring gradually in some areas, but spectacularly in others. The more certainty that each of you can know - feel! - that this is indeed happening, the more swiftly those gradual improvements will soar into spectacular triumphs for the light.

Every moment souls are responding to the higher frequency coming in and thereby releasing themselves from the influence of the darkness. Their light is adding to yours, which has been shining brightly much longer, and the abundance from all of you is being met with even more intense beaming by extraterrestrial sources. It is in this joint spirit of brotherhood that Earth's very life is being saved and with her, all of her light-receptive beings. This is salvation! This is ascension!

Your planet has been ascending into fourth density for some time, but in some minds there is a misunderstanding about this process. There will not be two planets Earth, as some have theorized, one that stays in third density to support those who are resistant to the light and one that ascends with all her light-receptive souls. Earth is one soul, not two, and she has chosen to journey into a higher, then higher frequency.

All who receive the light constantly being showered upon you will accompany her, but no specific percentage or number of souls is required for Earth herself to complete her journey. Like every other soul, the soul of Earth is an independent and inviolate being, and with or without any or all of her residents, she has chosen to rise out of the travails and limitations of third density. The amount of sustained light now on the planet guarantees that not only is her ascension assured, but she will recover from the ravages to her body and soul. Earth will be restored to the Eden she once was as God's own favored paradise in this part of the universe.

You know that your efforts are essential in this resurrection of your planet, and you also know that civilizations with advanced spirituality, intelligence, and technology are working with you. The majority of your world's people have no idea of the immense assistance being given by millions of extraterrestrial beings, and even you may be surprised at the myriad ways in which they are helping.

They are doing far more to preserve you and your planet than beaming light to you. Their various forms of technology have kept Earth in regular orbiting and have prevented the tides from moving as rapidly as the other effects of the accelerated energy, which you sense as time passing faster and faster. These light beings also have dispersed the kinetic energy build-up far more uniformly than would result from release through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that otherwise could sever entire states and submerge coastlines, and they have reduced the power and size of tornadoes and other fierce storms.

Their knowledge is being filtered to your scientists, who subconsciously will be inspired toward discovering and developing energy sources to replace the current siphoning of Earth's gas and oil, which are her very blood. The advanced capabilities of these higher light beings will aid in restoring those natural resources as well as cleaning up the polluted air, water and soil, which are other parts of Earth's body.

They are reducing the most drastic effects of what are known as chemtrails, and of radioactivity from weaponry or leaking storage containers and in particular, the effects of depleting uranium. "Depleted" is a government-devised term meant to convey a completed process, as if less harm can result. Despite science's longevity estimate of the effects of this ongoing decay of lethal toxins, eventually they will pose no harm at all to physical bodies.

Your space brothers are helping your own efforts to preserve the lives of the cetaceans. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved beings on Earth, and their bulky forms are anchoring the light energy being beamed to the planet. The dark forces are aware of this crucial service, and it is their influence that has been behind the killing of whales and dolphins. By God's own mandate and the work of the high light beings combined with yours, that deliberate destruction will not continue!

Another example of help you are receiving is the heightening of conscience. That layer of the soul that guides the consciousness in line with the soul's chosen missions is being reinforced by the intensifying light the high beings are adding to your own and beaming to all.

Some of these space brothers are in your midst. Along with shining Earth souls, they are gaining influence in governments, international corporations, law and justice systems and the banking and medical fields - the major establishments that for so long have prevented the populace from getting past their controls. You will see the top ranks of these institutions either turning into honorable leaders or being forced out by others who will take the reins and provide fair, caring and meaningful services to all the people. These leaders will see that Earth's abundant resources no longer are exploited, but are shared equitably.

Along with this great spectrum of virtually unrecognized extraterrestrial assistance, there are some misunderstandings and some grave concerns about what might happen. First, there will be NO nuclear detonations! By Creator's decree and a unique withdrawal of free will, those who would use their free will to cause nuclear explosions will be thwarted in their attempts. Acting upon this decree is God's responsibility and by His instructions, your space brothers have prevented and will continue to prevent detonation of nuclear warheads in space weaponry.

The approach of "Planet X," as it sometimes is called, has been causing concern in some scientific quarters. In other circles it is believed that this is Nibiru coming toward your vicinity on a potential collision course. This celestial body is not the planet Nibiru, and it no longer is heading toward Earth. What had been traveling your way is an asteroid the size of Venus, and some of the civilizations that have been preserving your planet in the other ways I've mentioned have steered it into a direction away from Earth.

There are several theories about the photon belt. Some mistakenly connect it to the planetary cleansing. The cleansing process to release negativity, which has been underway for more than half a century, is an entirely separate issue from anything the photon belt might be doing.

Others believe that Earth is within the belt, and that is not so, either. A planet could not enter that vast powerful roving force, or even be near it, without unmistakable dramatic effects. Another consideration is, the predominant form of energy in any atmosphere dictates the type of power usage. Earth's primary power source is electrical because of the predominance of electrons, not the protons that are the composition of the belt and give it that appropriate name.

Some are thinking that the planetary cleansing eventually may require underground living. It won't. As Earth continues to release her burden of negativity, more destruction will occur, but not nearly to the extent that was required before so many space beings answered her cry for help. I don't mean that underground living would not be possible, only that it will not be necessary. When your homeland once again is flourishing as her former self, it's hard to imagine that you would not choose to live in the midst of that beauty.

It is true that highly spiritual beings have been thriving happily and graciously in Earth's interior for ages. However, they are not physical survivors of the ages of Atlantis and Lemuria. They arrived when the planet was still in a recovery mode from the cataclysmic explosions of those continents, when all life was lost. At the point when Earth was considered habitable, repopulating was once again undertaken by the same ancestors of the original Earth human population. The first contingent that arrived found living much more hospitable underground as the planet's surface had not reached a point of recovery for comfortable living. Due to their spirituality level, those souls retained knowledge of their beginnings. However, the limitations of Earth's third density could affect accurate memory of all subsequent experiencing.

I want to tell you about other marvelous changes forthcoming. When Earth is completely within fourth density, diseases such as AIDS, cancers and degenerative physical and mental conditions will disappear. The increasing light has been changing the cellular structure of bodies of light-receptive people, and the new DNA has no programming for those or other diseases.

Your brains will be greatly heightened in capacity to absorb information and in manifestation ability. In previous eras telepathic communication was commonplace between Earth's humans and her entire animal and Devic kingdoms, and the animals lived peaceably among each other and the people. There was open communication and travel between Earth and Nirvana and with other civilizations. These connections will be reestablished. Brutality to animals and wanton destruction of your environment will be displaced by respectful, benevolent treatment in the knowing that every life form is connected energetically with every other life form in the universe.

Astral travel will become commonplace again, but I want to give you a word of caution about that for now. Even for experienced travelers, this is not the time to be doing it casually and it surely is not the time for anyone to aspire to start mastering it. The turbulence on Earth is a microcosm of the universe, and there are no "Danger" signs along the universal highways.

The dark forces cannot create souls, but they can trick or capture them when fear or despair weaken their light essence. Novice astral travelers cannot safely navigate all the risky areas that will exist until the entire light grid-work has been constructed. The weak link in this part of the galaxy is Earth's atmosphere due to the heavy negativity still prevailing. When that has been dispersed or transmuted, this part of the protective grid can be completed and the dark forces no longer can lurk in search of unwary souls.

All of the joyous developments I have mentioned that will become more and more evident as Earth rises higher and then completely into fourth density are clear and unequivocal. Knowing of these sustains your faith that love is creating these glories for Earth! It's also important for you to know that the various misconceptions I've mentioned - and any other differing views about your planetary history and current events - are all right! As long as the Christed light is guiding your pathway, it isn't necessary that everyone believe exactly the same!

I need to make a strong point here. It is vital that you be discerning about information sent to your planet from sources beyond because not everything coming in is from the light. Dark sources are sending forth misinformation that later can be proven false, and the intent is to discredit all channeled messages. Those whose telepathic connections are just opening need to know that they must ask for light protection so lower sources cannot reach them.

That said, my mother had read a lengthy report of channeled information in which everything except two points was the same as I had been telling her for years, and she was distressed because she thought I had given her faulty information on those two issues. Not even from me does she accept without questioning! One point was that underground living would become a necessity, and the other was that Earth is within the photon belt. After our little argument and my explanations, this is how our conversation ended:

"Mother, what I especially wish to emphasize here is that the little variations in TRUTHFUL information make no difference! I know you regard that article's two points of deviation from my own as very significant, but actually, they are inconsequential. It is possible that some words came out of order or were heard indistinctly so similar words were recorded - this is not unusual at all in telepathic communication. Telepathy has its own filtering system and each receiver has his or hers, so the originating thought may not be received exactly as the source transmitted it. That is why some messages received through our various channels are in agreement, sometimes even with similar terminology or phrasing, and other messages are at variation in some respects.

"These slightly differing views of overall TRUTH are not going to put one segment of a soul-searching population in one growth place based on their perspective and another segment in a different level because they believe something a wee bit different. Both views - and their myriad kindred spirit variations - are milestones on the lighted pathway, where identical footsteps are not necessary. Souls who are seeking the Christed light don't have to step in time like synchronized marchers. Their route is the same, their destination is the same, their desire to be traveling there is the same. But the souls are unique!

"One may pass a rose bush and smile in memory of the gift of roses for special occasions. Another may see a lilac bush and linger to absorb its fragrance, thinking of that enjoyment in childhood. Another may miss both of those but spot a bluebird and recall the thrill of seeing a nest of bluebird fledglings long ago. What attracts these souls differs, their moments and memories differ, but their journey is not altered and their destination is unchanged."

And now my kindred spirits, I leave you with this thought: A smile is the easiest way to spread love and light and healing. The ripple effects of just one heartfelt smile are incalculable.

With the same loving embrace and honor in which I greeted you, this is Matthew bidding you hasta luego.


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