March 25, 2003

The U.S. Army of Mass Destruction Series #3: Operation Deadly Carnage

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Pitiful humanity, abyss of violence, wrath of Death.

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As horrified parents both in the U.S. and Iraq watch helplessly their kids losing their lives through the firepower of their respective enemies, the entire world is gasping at the breathless savagery of modern warriors testing in live combat their latest gizmos aimed at dethroning a despot under the guise of liberating a repressed people and freeing the world of WMDs.

Terribly sad, but the truth is so much worse than that!

"Despite images censored by military minders and nervous networks, a rattled Rumsfeld has acknowledged, "We're having a conflict at a time in our history when we have 24-hours-a-day television, radio, media and Internet, and more people in the world have access to what is taking place." But this unrestricted access to myriad straight-from-the-source footage and commentary is skewering White House "spin" controllers, who are whirling like dizzied dervishes in a desperate bid to make sure Americans do not see the images jolting the central nervous system of an increasingly appalled and angry world. (...) Even as allied forces close in on an ancient city that could become an Arab Stalingrad, satellite television and a worldwide web threaten to enmesh Earth's most powerful army in the immobilizing embrace of an even bigger Superpower: public opinion. While Americans remain squeamish over viewing the results of their unprovoked attack on Iraq, in this information hyper-war Al Jazeera's candid cameras are already inflicting heavy casualties on U.S. credibility. Just yesterday, Arab television footage of purported dead American GIs was followed by interviews with five U.S. prisoners after Pentagon officials confirmed at least 10 soldiers had been killed and up to 12 were missing following ambushes near the key southern city of Nasiriyah. Despite repeatedly displaying dispirited Iraqi prisoners of war on American channels, Arab broadcasts showing American POWs are being denounced by Bush and coalition commanders as "violations of the Geneva Convention". But while Arab, British and European news stations continue to highlight debate over the war's illegality, U.S. "anchors" more mindful of their paychecks and perks than journalistic integrity are careful not to point out that American cluster bomb attacks on heavily populated cities absolutely violate internationally agreed rules for the conduct of war. (...) While Americans wonder what is really happening in a distant desert, the Qatar-based satellite news network continues to beam images of mutilated Iraqi corpses and injured children into homes and government offices throughout the Middle East. Unlike the "other CNN", Al Jazeera yesterday aired footage of a decapitated child and a dead Iraqi soldier lying in a to a white flag. In contrast to the Arab coverage, a photo of the same incident appeared on the BBC website - with the "explanation" that the slain child and soldier had "apparently" tried too late to surrender. Images like this, and Arab commentary cheering the spirited defense of a sanctions-shattered country that was not supposed to greet its "liberators" with gunfire and human wave attacks, is inspiring calls for Holy War throughout the Middle East.."

- Will Thomas <> taken from INFO WAR published March 24


1. War in Iraq - situation at An-Nasiriya
2. US Afghan Losses Said Far Higher Than Admitted

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Outrage in Baghdad (March 24) MUST READ and SEE!
(...) Nada Adnan, 13 years old and a student at high school for girls, states "I wish that God would take Bush. Why did he do this to us? to me?". She has an open gash on her right cranium with underlying fracture and a large, deep shrapnel gauged cut into her upper left thigh. She has no narcotic relief and cries out as aides press guaze into her leg wound. 9 year old, Rana Adnan needs oxygen for a chest laceration and lung contusion with a concussion, head laceration, and shrapnel in her left arm. CLIP

The Living and the Dead (and other updates by the Iraq Peace Team)
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Human Life Must Not Be Ignored

Annan Seeks Urgent Steps to Get Water to Basra
(...) Adequate drinking water is vital for the local population because day time temperatures in Basra, Iraq's second largest city, can soar toward 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit), she said. Basra has a population of around 2 million.

Aid May Take Weeks to Get Into Iraq, Officials Say

Battle for Baghdad begins (March 25),2763,921387,00.html
Republican Guard bunkers bombed - Fears over too few coalition troops

War in Iraq - situation in southern Iraq (EXCELLENT, COMPREHENSIVE WAR REPORTS!)
March 23, 2003, 1200hrs MSK (GMT +3), Moscow - The situation in southern Iraq can be characterized as unstable and controversial. Heavy fighting is taking place in the Umm-Qasr-An-Nasiriya-Basra triangle. Satellite and signals intelligence show that both sides actively employ armored vehicles in highly mobile attacks and counterattacks. Additionally, fighting is continuing near the town of An-Najaf. As of this morning the Iraqi defenses along the Basra - An-Nasiriya - An-Najaf line are holding. Following the yesterday's Iraqi counter strike near An-Nasiriya the US command was forced to halt the advance of its troops toward An-Najaf and to redirect a portion of available tank forces to cover the flanks of the 3rd Motorized Infantry Division attacked by the Iraqis. By late evening yesterday constant air strikes and increasing strength of American tank attacks forced the Iraqis to withdraw their troops back to eastern parts of Nasiriya, across the Euphrates river, were they assumed defensive positions along the river bank. During the last day of fighting the Iraqis lost up to 20 tanks, up to 2 artillery batteries, and around 100 troops. Yesterday's US losses are estimated at 10 destroyed or disabled tanks, several armored personnel carriers and up to 15 troops killed in action. By 0700hrs MSK today the fighting at Nasiriya stopped. Currently both sides are rushing to regroup their forces and to get them ready for more fighting in this area. CLIP
Check also the March 24 report below

Syrian bus hit by U.S. missile, Syrian government official says
DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) -- A Syrian bus inside Iraq carrying 37 Syrian civilian passengers was hit by a U.S. missile Monday, killing five and injuring at least 15, according to Syrian government officials. The bus, filled with passengers trying to flee Iraq and the war, was about 140 kilometers from the Iraq-Syrian border when it was hit. "This is a pure act of savagery, an outrageous and unjustifiable attack on innocent civilians," said a Syrian government official. The Syrian government also told CNN that there were no "justifiable targets" in the area where the bus was hit. The dead and the injured have been taken to Syria. A statement from U.S. Central Command spokesman Lt. Mark Kitches, regarding the bus attack, said: "We have heard the report. Coalition forces have tried in their best effort to avoid noncombatant casualties."

"Sparing the public the horrors of war"
Firas discusses how the public will be spared the horrors of war. If the public were to see the damage caused to Iraq, they would rethink their gung-ho support for the Bush administration.

Collateral Damage: The Health and Environmental Costs of War on Iraq
Report of MedAct-the UK affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

A think tank war: Why old Europe says no (March 7 - From the German Press Der Spiegel)

Don't forget budget woes on home front (March 21)
Many economists doubt President Bush's $726 billion tax-cut proposal will solve our nation's economic doldrums. In fact, many are concerned that it will increase the federal deficit.

Which country poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003?
North Korea: 5.8 %
Iraq: 6.4 %
The United States: 87.8 %
Total Votes Cast: 699955



War in Iraq - situation at An-Nasiriya (update)

March 24, 2003

The IRAQWAR.RU analytical center was created recently by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the war against Iraq. The following is the English translation of the IRAQWAR.RU report based on the Russian military intelligence reports.

[ Previous report at ]

March 24, 2003, 0800hrs MSK (GMT +3), Moscow - As of morning (MSK, GMT +3) March 24 the situation in Iraq can be characterized as quiet on all fronts. Attacking coalition forces have settled into positional warfare, they are exhausted, lost the attacking momentum and are in urgent need for fuel, ammunition, repairs and reinforcements. The Iraqis are also busy regrouping their forces, reinforcing the combat units and setting up new defense lines.

Exceptionally heavy fighting continued for two days and nights near An-Nasiriya. Both warring sides employed large numbers of tanks and artillery. More than 20,000 troops of the US 3rd Motorized Infantry Division, supported by 200 tanks, 600 other armored vehicles and 150 artillery pieces, were opposed by the Iraqi 3rd Army Corps consisting of up to 40,000 troops, up to 250 tanks, more than 100 artillery, up to 100 mortars and 1000 rocket propelled grenade launchers (RPG) and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). The two-day battle ended without any significant results.

The Americans have failed in trying to use their momentum in capturing An-Nasiriya and attempted to encircle the town from the west, where they encountered strong layered Iraqi defenses and forced to withdraw. The Iraqi forces used this opportunity to attack the US flanks with two brigades, breaking the US combat orders and causing panic among the US troops. The US command was forced to halt the advance of its forced toward An Najaf and once again redirect several tank battalions to support the attacked units. Nearly 6 hours was needed for the US aviation to stop the Iraqi attack and restore combat order of the US forces.

During the past day the coalition aviation flew more than 2,000 close support missions in this area [An-Nasiriya]. "We can only thank God for having air dominance!” said the commander of the US 15th Marines Exp. Corps Col. Thomas Waldhauser in a private conversation with one of the CNN reporters. Later the CNN journalist cited the Colonel in a phone conversation with his editor. The conversation was intercepted.

According to the intercepted radio traffic, the US forces have sustained up to 40 killed, up to 10 captured and up to 200 wounded during the fighting near An-Nasiriya. There is confirmed information about one lost attack helicopter and an unconfirmed report about a lost ground attack plane. The US forces have also lost up to 40 armored vehicles, including no less than 10 tanks. Several intercepted reports by the US field commanders stated that their troops are unable to advance due to their soldiers being demoralized by the enemy's fierce resistance and high losses.

Four days of continuous advance exhausted the coalition forces, which now have settled into defensive positions nearly on every front to rest and regroup. As of this morning (MSK, GMT +3) the coalition forces are in control of the western part of An-Nasiriya but have no foothold on the left bank of Euphrates. The left bank of the river is controlled by the Iraqi forces, which are conducting engineering works to reinforce their defenses. A part of the Iraqi forces have been deployed to strengthen the defense of An-Najaf, where they expect the next coalition attack.

Around 2300hrs (MSK, GMT +3) March 23 a British platoon was ambushed by Iraqi Special Forces unit near Basra. Following a powerful initial artillery barrage the Iraqis engaged the British in close combat and destroyed several armored vehicles. After the Iraqis withdrew the British commander reported up to 8 killed, two missing and more than 30 wounded British soldiers. Thus over the 30% of the unit's troops have been disabled in the attack. Reinforcements and medevac helicopters have been dispatched by the coalition to the scene of the attack.

During the past day there has been a sharp increase in combat activity in the coalition's rearguard.

Reports have been intercepted showing at least 5 attacks on the coalition military convoys, 8 vehicles destroyed by landmines and 2 ambushes. Iraqi special operation units are mining the roads, setting up ambushes and conduct search and reconnaissance operations. The coalition forces have been ordered to halt the movement of convoys during dark hours and to provide each convoy with combat escort units and air cover.

The situation around the borderline town of Umm Qasr (population 1,500) still remains unclear. Radio intercepts and satellite images show that the town was under constant bombardment throughout out the night. The morning photos indicate its complete destruction. This shows that the coalition command, fed up with the Iraqi's stubborn resistance, ordered the complete destruction of the town using aviation and artillery. However, according to reports by the British troops ordered to "clean up" Umm Qasr the town still contains many pockets of resistance. The overall coalition losses at Umm Qasr during the past four days amounted to up to 40 killed and up to 200 wounded. Currently it is impossible to estimate the Iraqi losses at Umm Qasr. As of yesterday's morning the Umm Qasr garrison consisted of 1600 troops.

The units of the British marine infantry have failed to establish control over the strategically important Fao peninsula. After yesterday's counterattack by the Iraqis the British forces have been thrown back some 3 to 5 kilometers and were forced into defensive positions. Intercepted radio communications indicate that today the British command will attempt to regain the lost ground after spending the night reinforcing their units on Fao with two additional marine infantry battalions. The overall British losses on the Fao peninsula during the past four days of fighting include up to 15 killed and up to 100 wounded. The Iraqis lost here up to 100 killed and around 100 captured.

A heated exchange of fire continues near Basra. The coalition units hesitate to enter the city and limit their actions to constant artillery and aviation bombardment of Basra. So far the coalition forces have failed to completely surround the city and to cut off the defending Iraqi garrison from the main Iraqi forces.

The US troops continue landing in northern Iraqi territories controlled by the Kurds. It is expected that as early as tomorrow morning these forces supported by the Kurdish units will make an attempt to capture the town of Kirkuk.

Aerial strikes against Iraq continued throughout the night. A total of up to 1,500 combat flights were carried out by the coalition aviation. Additionally, B-52 bombers launched more than 100 cruise missiles from the so-called "Turkish corridor". Some 150 more cruise missiles have been launched by the US and British naval forces.

Intercepted radio traffic indicates another lost coalition plane this morning. There was a confirmed loss of a "Predator" unmanned aerial reconnaissance aircraft.

Any further advances by the coalition within the next 8-12 hours are unlikely. The coalition command in Qatar has been in meeting since the early morning and is expected to come up with significant changes to the overall operational plan. According to most experts the coalition command made a most serious strategic error by starting the ground phase of the operation nearly at the very start of the war. The Americans have violated their own doctrine where the ground phases of a military operation coincide in time with the destruction of the enemy from the air.

The US made serious errors in their estimates of the Iraq's army strength and combat readiness. The US military intelligence and the CIA failed to uncover the true potential of the Iraqi forces and, in essence, misinformed the top military and civilian leadership of the coalition member countries.

(source:, 03-24-03, translated by Venik)



US Afghan Losses Said Far Higher Than Admitted

Over 1200 Dead US Soldiers Transported From Afghanistan

By Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD 3-23-3

Since I first reported the loss of over 900 US soldiers in my report on 01/02/03, the US casualties have risen significantly. However, to the rest of the world this has not been any mystery, it is only so to the US public.

As many around the world suspected, US did not expose their losses in Afghanistan because they wanted to appear invincible as a military force. The US wanted to envisage their military might as a force that even the great guerrilla fighters from Afghanistan could not muster the skills needed to hinder their impeccable military machine. On the contrary, the truth is that the US military has lost many soldiers. On average, 5 American soldiers a day have been killed. This is not an impressive number because the Russians have lost more than dozen soldiers a day in Afghanistan, a number the Chechens also neared in their struggle against the Russian army. For those that do not know, American commandos are not superior to that of the Russian Spietnatz Forces, against whom I had the pleasure of fighting when I was 15.

The point that I am trying to make is to illustrate to the American public as well as others in doubt of my claims and to illustrate to them that this number is not a big number. In the mid-1982, a KGB General, disclosed to an Afghan General that the Soviet Armed Forces had sustained over 20,000 casualties, wounded and dead. Incidentally, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. Thus, in a comparable time frame, the American losses are not as big due to many reasons, one being that they have the Northern Alliance as their proxy army. Nonetheless, this is not the only explanation for the small losses of the US since the Soviets had also the communist regime army, though small, as their proxy force in fighting Afghan Mujahideen. The other reasons for the small size of the US casualty are the following:

1. Heavy reliance on air power
2. Using more Special Forces
3. Americans are situated in Kabul, Kandahar and Khost

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Upcoming Book: Perpetual Death From America This book will have details of the US operations and losses among a wealth of other revelations.





by William Thomas


March 19, 2003

As the glaciers balancing this planet on its axis melt like sherbet on an endless summer day, and Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix compliments Iraq's "proactive" compliance in a quickening process of disarmament that "will not take years, nor weeks, but months" -- a sociopath who used to stuff firecrackers into the mouths of frogs before tossing them into the air to watch them explode is about to send thousands of radioactive high explosives into a city the size of Toronto, where this story was reported. When things are this perverted, warned the Hopi, you are entering the End Time.

CLIP - Read the whole article at


Two nights ago, after robotically reciting a dizzyingly dissonant pastiche of gross distortions and outright lies coupled to a crude cowboy deadline, Bush II raised his middle finger to international law and the world community with a trademark little-boy smirk -- partly fearful, partly defiant -- that asked, "Will you let me get away with this?" Around the word, the resounding response is, "HECK NO!"

We have had enough of Americans' willful denial and spoiled brat behavior that renames "French fries" so they can be gobbled without dwelling on the prickly questions of law and morality raised by that longtime American ally while watching Baghdad get blown up like a televised sports event sandwiched between commercials urging more mindless consumption that drives these massacres for oil. As oil author Thom Hartmann observes, a transportation infrastructure based on 6,000-pound SUVs carrying single individuals, cheap forced-labor Chinese goods sold at Wal-Mart's unpaid overtime gulags, and cut-rate Mexican produce plastered with pesticides -- are propelling a conquest "that is really about the survival of the American lifestyle, which, in their world-view, is both non-negotiable and based almost entirely on access to cheap oil."

But even if Bush's forces seize Iraq's 20 oilfields intact, an oilgarchy's last grab for Iraq's cheap crude will not stop a steepening planetary slide into prohibitively expensive go-juice. Observing that world petroleum production peaked three years ago, the author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight declares that the American lifestyle -- "our ability to maintain our auto-based transportation systems, our demand for big, warm houses, and our appetite for a wide variety of cheap foods and consumer goods" -- while risking catastrophic climate change and the ire of a ripped off "Two-Thirds" world beyond U.S. borders -- is about to receive a non-negotiable reality check. Some Americans just don't know it yet.

But the remaining 95% of the world's populace recognizes that America's orgy of violence and resource consumption is dangerously out of place in this "Last Chance Century" to grow up and get it right. Lucky for us -- if not for the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and 55 other targeted nations -- G. W. Bush has seized this moment to unite the world against him and an obsolete power paradigm as no leader has since his granddad financed Hitler. This time around, in a spontaneous uprising unprecedented in its size and principles, a countervailing "Super Power" of world opinion refuses to meet force with force, violence with yet more self-perpetuating violence. Instead, this growing global response to unrestrained military aggression is an outcry for peace that cannot be denied.

Even as Europe moves toward energy conservation and "renewables", an even bigger shift is swiftly gathering momentum as an outmoded petroleum-powered patriarchal Power-Over Paradigm collides with an unstoppable Peace Paradigm that urges dialogue and dignity, respect, restraint and cooperation with all life -- including the forests, finned, feathered and four-leggeds so intricately bound with our own. At this late hour, our continuing survival offers no other choice.


Enthralled by the prospect of using unmatched military force to dominate the world, the Rumsfeld-Cheney-Perle-Wolfowitz-Bush cabal is about to get a lesson in real power. As Japan's first great Shogun, Tokugawa, remarked, "If you have to resort to force, you have already lost." Far from a sign of invincible strength, America's overwhelming attack on Iraq is an admission of fatal weakness.

In declaring war against the world, an illegitimate president and a handful of Apocalyptic ideologues have sealed the fate of their own morally and financially bankrupt nation as surely as they've sealed the fate on another American creation called Saddam. Increasingly irrelevant in the global village it scorns, in declaring itself an outlaw nation answerable to no laws, agencies or appeal, the mightiest military power on this planet is itself within hours of becoming a shunned pariah state.

As tens of millions of people register their revulsion in the only way they can, worldwide boycotts of "Made In The USA" products, and a cascade of dollars cashed in for increasingly valuable "Euros" could humble the United States to third-rate status within a few short years.


Right now, even as we deal with our grief and outrage over so many more needless deaths, we would do well to take a deep steadying breath. It is time to take heed and take heart. The world is coming of age. United in the liberating realization that we are no longer dependent on Washington's largesse or permission to determine destinies in harmony with the myriad lives around us, we are awakening to the power within us to just say No! to war -- and Right on! to manifesting a vision a time where violence is never used to settle disputes between nations.

In two short years since Sept. 11, a global network of dedicated Lilliputians is learning how to throw an Internet over a gluttonous Gulliver brandishing fearsome weapons of mass destruction.

Since last September, electronically-linked grass roots movements have succeeded in passing anti-war resolutions in over 120 state legislatures and city councils around the United States -- including Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Fe, Portland and Milwaukee. On March 12, the New York City Council overwhelmingly approved a similar resolution opposing war with Iraq. "We of all cities must uphold the preciousness and sanctity of human life," said Councilman Alan Gerson, whose district includes the World Trade Center site. Meanwhile, dozens of U.S. cities and towns have instructed public employees to defy federal authorities in implementing a Patriot Act that has no authority over Constitutionally-protected state jurisdictions. Similar resolutions are pending in at least 40 municipalities in 24 states.

This peaceful revolt is not confined to the United States. In Scotland, two engineers have refused to pull a train from Glasgow to a NATO military. Veteran journalist John Pilger also reports that in Italy, "people have been blocking dozens of trains carrying American weapons and personnel, and dockers have refused to load arms shipments. U.S. military bases have been blockaded in Germany, and thousands have demonstrated at Shannon which, despite Ireland's neutrality, is being used by the U.S. military to refuel its planes en route to Iraq."

On the labor front, last month more than 200 unions on all five continents, representing over 130 million members, agreed on an unprecedented joint statement rejecting war on Iraq. The British Trade Union Congress has called for a general strike in the event of war. In Italy, where unions organized a peace rally of over three million people in Rome, the General Confederation of Italian Workers has also called for a general strike in the event of hostilities. As spokesman Enzo Bernardo explained, "We know terrorism in our country, and this war has nothing to do with resolving it." Just as in Spain, Britain and Australia, Bernardo insisted, "Our government does not speak for the Italian people."

Already familiar with the suffering and destruction inflicted by the U.S. military on a quickly abandoned Afghanistan, the Pakistani trade union federation representing over five million workers has joined the call for a general strike to protest what its leader calls a war "only for oil".


Other acts of resistance are coming from intelligence communities fed up with the lies and dirty dealings perpetrated in their name. While the FBI investigates the origin of the false documents used by the White House to "prove" Iraq's nonexistent nuclear capability, CIA officers are publicly exposing falsified and nonexistent reports cited by Bush as "evidence" of phantom chemical-biological weapons facilities dismantled a decade ago. The spirit of the leaked "Pentagon Papers", which exposed another destructive deception in a place called Vietnam, is alive and flourishing.

In Britain's top-secret Government Communications Headquarters, a courageous young female employee ended the Bushwhackers' bid for a coerced UN resolution by distributing a U.S. government memo to American operatives calling for stepped up spying on key voting members of the Security Council. Other stress cracks heralding a tectonic realignment away from American dominance are spreading at the speed of a crumbling dam. NATO will never again be a rubber-stamp for Washington's aggression.

Blair, Bush and Australia's Prime Minister Howard are also toast as mounting resignations among top diplomats and government officials over an illegal war continue to crumble their credibility. As Canada and Europe move out from the shadow of U.S. domination, the whole world is realizing that we no longer have to accede to American demands, or ask Washington's permission to join a consensus Canadians are calling a "Coalition of the Living".


From pin-wheeling galaxies to a child's laughter and the songs of whales, the only power that matters is aligned with and informed by the Spirit animating all things. According to a "Peaceful People" called the Hopi, "the truest and greatest power is the strength of Peace." This power, their prophecies promise, "is a force which will bring about world change."

It already is. As tens of millions of people join in the personal and planet-shifting vibrations of massed peaceful intent, networked participants in an instantaneous, interactive global information exchange are stepping up consciousness-expanding credibility campaigns. No lie remains unexposed for more than minutes on the web. In the Hopi Way, we are discovering how to counter aggression without killing or hurting by "using truth and positive force". Many of us are learning how to take to the streets and the Internet "to educate by clear thoughts, good pictures, and by carefully chosen words."

As American and British terror bombings commence in Iraq, the Hopi advise us to embrace end times as necessary as a peaking fever, with compassion and an open heart. Counsels a Hopi elder: "There is a lot in store for all of us, and the intensity of this will be a lot less if we can all settle down and behave and not be in the way. We have to keep ourselves from being corrupted by anything from the outside."

Translation: It might be an opportune time -- right now! -- to turn off all brainwashing boxes before sophisticated media mesmerizers drag us by the scruff of our emotions into a bottomless pit of confusion, helplessness and fear. Instead, we would do well to remind ourselves and each other that this onrushing onslaught is a sign not of America's strength, but of its own undoing. Even as the Bushwhackers trumpet their triumph over yet another monster of their own creation, the moral and financial bankruptcy they exemplify and exacerbate is speeding the downfall of this seemingly invincible police state in a collapse that will come as suddenly and completely as the former Soviet Union.

And for many of the same reasons. Across America and around the globe, we had best get busy creating something new! The good news is that in this time of bleakness, bombs and bluster, many millions of brave hearts are coming to beat as one. Undaunted yet aware, focused yet out of state control, the time for peaceful people everywhere to come together and pour it on with joined prayer and protests, general strikes, tax reform, selective boycotts, civil disobedience, shouts of truth and defiance from the streets and rooftops, and massive noncompliance with a doomed death culture is now. It's time to bring in the angels and focus on peace.

This time, we will get the lesson of carnage.

This time, we will walk away from war.

This time, the sacrifice of the Iraqi people will not be in vain.


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