March 20, 2003

The U.S. Army of Mass Destruction Series #1: A Spring of Madness

Hello everyone

I've put together this compilation trying to reflect some of the numerous and diverse reactions to the launching of the long-planned invasion of Iraq - and it is by no means complete!

This new series will chronicle some of the insane acts of mass destruction being perpetrated by the U.S. military behemoth as well as their long-lasting effects.

I'll have a *very important* message from Matthew for you tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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1. Let's not forget who we are - Blessed are the peacemakers
2. Voices in the Wilderness
3. URANIUM WARFARE: A Crime Against Humanity
4. In Nablus, on the Eve of War
5. Kucinich On the American Led Attack On Iraq
6. A Citizens' Declaration
9. Conyers seeks impeachment tally
10. Some black humor

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Some Dare Call it Treason
War with Iraq opens door for accusations that continuing protests are anti-American and un-patriotic. ABCNEWS reported on March 18 that "the government will begin detaining dozens of suspected Saddam Hussein sympathizers in at least five U.S. cities this week.

Mr. Bush's War
The television in the other room is filled with purposeful, strident music. All sorts of well-coifed 'journalists' on CNN and MSNBC are parading across the screen in stylishly-cut desert gear from Banana Republic. Graphics sail by periodically, describing whatever sort of bomb is striking a faraway city of five million innocent civilians.

Sixth Blair Aide Resigns Over Iraq

Senate Rejects ANWR Oil Drilling (March 19) (Hurray!)


From: "Carol Wolman" <>
Subject: Let's not forget who we are - Blessed are the peacemakers - Matthew 5:9
Date: 20 Mar 2003

Now that Bush's illegal and immoral invasion of a sovereign nation has begun, passions are running high in the peace movement. I hear some say that it's time to respond with violence. Folks, we are the peacemakers. Our weapons are spirit and truth. Our motive is love. Our heroes are Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Jesus. Let's not forget who we are.

Let's keep to the principles of nonviolent direct action. Let's maintain affinity groups and reach decisions by consensus. Let's try to be considerate of the needs of mainstream America and target our protests and actions at the multinational corporations and government bodies that are behind this war and seek to profit from it. Let's keep peace in our hearts always.

Love, Carol


From: <>
Subject: Voices in the Wilderness
Date: 19 Mar 2003

Dear Friends,

Earlier today a sand storm hit the desert south of Baghdad stretching all the way to Kuwait. There, columns of advancing US and Allied infantry were slowed. It is poetry, I guess, that mother nature would make one last desperate attempt to delay terrible violence when all other desperate attempts have failed.

In Baghdad, the 26 remaining Iraq Peace Team members are making final preparations before an attack begins. I spoke with Kathy Kelly in her hotel room Monday morning, immediately after hearing that the UN resolution calling for war had been scrapped and a deadline for the dictator Saddam Hussein would be set.

Kathy was busy gathering her things for a move to the hotel's lower level. Closer to the street and the basement. "We don't know what will happen to us," Kathy said, "but we are ready for anything."


Soon Kathy was back on the other line, telling me of a group of pregnant women she had met at a nearby hospital. The women were waiting for caesarian surgery to force a birth that might otherwise be forced during bombardment. Food and water prices have doubled and in some cases tripled in Iraq's capital. She told of a friend who could hardly afford a sack of potatoes on a recent stockpiling trip to the market.

Here in Chicago we like to think we are ready for whatever may come. We are in touch with the friends and family members of IPT members remaining in Iraq. We have prepared statements for the media. The office will be covered around the clock.

Around the country we are emboldened by the creativity and persistence of antiwar actions. If the bombs fall, the millions who have stood against the failure of war have not lost. We have seen a glimpse of what it might take to reverse the course of an empire out of control. We must continue to work every day the bombs are falling and continue to insist on humane and just policy in Iraq once the last shot is fired.

Below you will find a list of local organizers preparing for or already engaged in civil disobedience to stop the war. If you see your city or state represented, give a call.

Below you will also find contacts for regional Voices spokespersons and our call for the formation of domestic Peace Teams.

Expect more frequent Voices updates in coming weeks. And if you write or call the Chicago office, please be patient. We are receiving hundreds of emails each day and our phone lines are constantly engaged.

With the future so uncertain, thank you for all you are doing to create a more just and peaceful world.


Jeff Guntzel and Danny Muller, for Voices in the Wilderness

Please continue to visit:

1. Join the US Peace Team: Stop war abroad NOW!
2. Local Voices in the Wilderness spokespersons
3. Civil Disobedience regional contacts


1. Join the US Peace Team: Stop war abroad NOW!

A call from Iraq Peace Team members in Baghdad:

"To those of you who marched in New York and San Francisco and Houston and Detroit and Peoria and a thousand other communities on February 15, we say this: our historic day of protest was not the end of our efforts, but only the beginning. With the hour terribly late and our leaders still ignoring us, the only thing that can avert war and a humanitarian disaster in Iraq is for people of conscience all over the United States to conduct a massive, pre-emptive sit-down for peace. It is time once again to use this nonviolent, powerful recipe for justice that won unions for workers in the 1930's, civil rights for African-Americans in the 50's and 60's, and human rights for millions more.

"This is our call, our appeal, our prayer from here in Baghdad to our friends and compatriots in the United States. Peace can still be preserved. Devastation can still be avoided. But you must go beyond what you think you can do. You must up the ante. With cataclysm hanging over our heads you must refuse to conduct business as usual. You must individually and collectively throw a giant wrench into the machinery of war. As Daniel Berrigan advised us, 'the peace movement will only achieve success when it shows the same courage for peace as soldiers do for war.'"

These words came from friends a few weeks ago as they began a four-day water-only fast encampment along the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border, hoping to dialogue with US soldiers stationed nearby.

Voices in the Wilderness is calling for US Peace Teams. We are compelled by the actions of over 150 Americans and internationals who have traveled with the Iraq Peace Team (IPT) since September 2002. The IPT delegates have returned home with information and direct experience about the human consequences that stem from the violence of economic sanctions and military action. Additionally, we have heard from hundreds of people throughout the US and the world, all willing to take great personal risks in the effort to avert more bloodshed in Iraq.

We ask all of you, returned IPT members and applicants alike in your local communities to support conscientious objection and refusal to finance war as well as to take preemptive nonviolent action at:

* defense contractors facilities
* government offices
* weapons production plants and offices

As one of the strongest signs yet of public opposition to war in Iraq, organizers are currently planning nonviolent civil disobedience actions in dozens of U.S. cities. Locate your nearest civil disobedience organizer or organize your own demonstration, and please keep us abreast of your efforts!



Forwarded by "Hans Karow" <> on March 19


URANIUM WARFARE: A Crime Against Humanity

17th March, 2003

What if they announced the inevitable deaths from depleted uranium weapons at the actual time of war?

Nightly News might go like this:

"Coalition forces today captured a key enemy stronghold. Thirty enemy combatants were killed and 150 babies horribly malformed. President Bush says it proves that US strategy is working. In a statement, Mr. Bush said that only 75,000 more deformed babies could secure the capital for the US. Ed Carnage reports from Washington..."

Depleted uranium is the US empire's weapon of choice. But the word 'depleted' is a public relations spin. It makes it sound like the nuclear material is worn out.
It's not. It's Uranium.

So, let's just call it Uranium. It's a nuclear warhead of solid uranium 238 in a bullet or a shell. It minimizes wartime casualties among US forces. Casualties that would be hard to sell to domestic opinion. Instead, the military casualties are transferred to the future --as deaths of US military forces from uranium exposure.

Civilians will die too from these toxic effects. For years to come the Uranium Babies of toxic Kosovo, or Iraq will die from it - whatever its name.

In Yugoslavia after the NATO war, as in Iraq after the last Gulf war, uranium dioxide dust now contaminates the environment. The future casualties of modern US warfare are unborn babies, civilians and the US military forces who wield the weapons.

The Uranium Babies will be with us for a very long time. For countless millions of years to come, Iraq, Kosovo and indeed the uranium test firing ranges in the USA, will be lands of poison harvest. So will all war theaters of this slow, hidden nuclear holocaust.

Uranium nuclear war is a crime against humanity.

I will say it again:

Uranium nuclear war is a crime against humanity.

Dr. Doug Rokke Major
Medical Service Corps
US Army
WMFO FM Nov 13, 2002

CLIP - go read the transcript of this exceptionally revealing interview with Doug Rokke at


From: "Starhawk" <>

In Nablus, on the Eve of War

by Starhawk

March 19, 2003

I am writing from Nablus on the eve of war. Everyone expects the war to start tonight, but no one is sealing their windows here, or buying duct tape. The Israeli government has not issued gas masks to the Palestinians, nor to us, the internationals who are here as witnesses and nonviolent interveners between the Israeli forces and the Palestinian civilians. Today was a day of rainstorms, cloudbursts, sudden claps of thunder. My friend Jean, who has joined me here, says they sound like explosions. She wonders if they scare people.

I assure her that the people here know the sound of explosions well, recognize the subtle differences between live ammunition and rubber bullets being fired, the thunder of shells and the shock of houses being blown up. In fact, the people here seem calm, though sad. They are, perhaps, less anxious about the war because they are already at war. They know well that the U.S. attack on Iraq could trigger massive repression here, or even transfer, but they don't seem to waste energy in anxiety about it. Some stock up on food. Tanks have already rolled into town tonight--people avoid them and hurry home, but here in the Balata refugee camp the shops stay open, the TV's on. "Bush"-thumbs down, a shopkeeper smiles at me. "War tonight--Bush bad!" we hear from people on the street. Some, who speak English, offer condolences on Rachel Corrie's death. They know who we are: there are no tourists here.

Rachel was killed three nights ago, on the 16th of March, standing in front of a bulldozer down in Rafah, in Gaza. She was trying to prevent the Israeli forces from destroying a home. The bulldozer operator saw her: she had been talking to him earlier, negotiating, trying to use the power of nonviolent persuasion to get him to back off. Finally she simply stood in front of him, on a mound of dirt, in a red vest, talking through a bullhorn. She made the same gamble we all make here or anywhere when we choose nonviolent resistance: we bet our lives on the possibility of some humanity in our opponents, some spark of conscience that would prevent, say, a soldier from running over a twenty-three-year-old woman with a bulldozer.

Every bone in Rachel's body was broken. Her skull was cracked open. Nevertheless she was conscious, as her friends ran to hold her head, as the bulldozer and tanks drove away, leaving the activists to call an ambulance. A grim version of hit and run.

Rachel died, you could say, because six weeks in the occupied territories had not erased some deep belief she still held in the ultimate decency of human beings. Perhaps she died because her parents loved her enough that she never learned to imagine such callousness could dwell in a human heart. Her death was not an accident. She was deliberately murdered, by a soldier who made a choice. That choice seemed reasonable to him because a regime of repression requires the oppressors to become callous, to dehumanize the people they control, to refuse to see them, acknowledge their suffering, respect their humanity. Having practiced that callousness for so long on the Palestinians, he apparently simply transferred it to Rachel despite the fact that she was an American.

I find myself in the exquisitely painful position of being a Jew and an American in the occupied territories, here to offer support and solidarity to the nonviolent resistance and the civilians of Palestine. Painful because too many of the people who are my own, my family, my culture, my heritage, have turned into someone who could crush a young woman's body with a bulldozer. Painful too because that machine was paid for by my tax dollars to enforce policies promoted by my government. Exquisite because I have found much warmth and friendship and love coming from those I was taught to see as my enemy. But painful because I can't simply say, "Oh, now I'll just shift allegiances--Palestinians all good, Israelis all bad." I can't abandon my heritage as Jew or as American. And I cannot dehumanize the Palestinians by turning them into one monolithic image of noble suffering any more than I want to see them as one monolith of hate and terrorism. I have to open my eyes and see them as full human beings, capable of love and hate, creation and destruction, choice. Above all, if I stand for justice for Palestine or anywhere, I have to open my eyes and let The Other become visible to me in all the fullness of their complexity.

I am sitting in the home of the family of a suicide bomber, which over here they call a martyr. We are here because the Israeli policy of collective punishment means that they arrest the families of suicide bombers and blow up their homes. This policy has not prevented suicide bombers: in fact, one could argue that is has increased them, increased the pool of rage and despair that leads to choices that have also taken the lives of innocent young women and men and children, spilled their blood and bodies on the streets. From where I sit, I can't forget or overlook that. And yet I also can't let it become an easy equation: Israelis bad but Palestinians bad too equals all accounts balanced. The accounts are not balanced. In this Intifada, three Palestinians have died for each Israeli. But it's not a matter of numbers, it's a matter of policies that assault the possibility of ordinary life and hope for an entire people. It's children never knowing when they'll be able to go to school, it's workers never knowing whether their trip home through a checkpoint will be an annoying ordeal or a few months of arrest and torture. It's ambulances not allowed to get to patients or families not allowed to cross a border to visit each other. It's homes searched by soldiers breaking through walls and smashing all your worldly goods one night. It's daily, ongoing, relentless tension and humiliation and despair.

The Titi brothers both fought for justice for Palestine. One blew himself and innocent people up. The other worked with the ISM, the International Solidarity Movement, the group that Rachel and I are both part of, that supports nonviolent resistance. He is now in prison. Almost every Palestinian who has chosen the path of nonviolent resistance is in prison or dead or exiled. When good liberals ask, "Why don't the Palestinians adopt the tactics of Martin Luther King or Gandhi?" that's part of the reason why. Another part is that some of them do, in spite of facing an opponent daily growing more ruthless.

The day after Rachel's death, the Israelis killed nine Palestinians in Gaza, including a four-year-old girl. Those deaths may have made the news briefly, but they elicited no great public outcry. We expect Palestinians to be killed, regularly. Rachel made an heraic choice to risk her life. The four-year-old girl, whose name is not splashed over the Internet, had no choice.

Palestine is that girl, and this family whose house I'm protecting, and both Titi brothers. To refuse to see that complexity is to participate in the murders that become thinkable when a whole people is made invisible. I am thinking about Rachel on the eve of war, as my country prepares to make a murderous choice on a vast scale. I and others have done everything we possibly could to stop it. I have marched and organized and written and called and emailed and risked arrest for months. We have built the largest, most unified, global peace movement that has ever existed. Millions and tens of millions have stood up for peace. Diplomats have resigned and country music singers have risked their careers. Republicans have broken ranks and even Democrats have registered mild objections. It hasn't been enough. Against my will, and in spite of all my efforts, I am about to be made complicit in a mass murder of human beings who have been rendered invisible to us by our government and our media and our own discomfort with difference.

But I'm not angry tonight. I'm not sad or grieving. I've gone into that territory which underlies the stony ground and cracked cement streets here, that place where you go when you've been angry so long and seen so much and grieved until you're empty, that place I think of as the zone of deadly calm.

That zone is a kind of a numb place, where nothing scares you any more, and you can do just about anything. It's very close to the place where you give up, as Rachel never did, your faith in something basic and good in human beings.

It's not a policy of security to push an entire people into that place. It's a place that breeds acts of desperation and revenge. And I have much company here. It's quiet here, on the eve of war. A few tanks: a few bursts of gunfire. Nothing to get upset about yet.


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Starhawk is a lifelong activist in peace and global justice movements, a leader in the feminist and earth-based spirituality movements, author or coauthor of nine books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and her latest, Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising.

Starhawk's website is, and more of her writings and information on her activities can be found there.


Date: 19 Mar 2003
Subject: Kucinich On the American Led Attack On Iraq
From: "Kucinich Campaign" <>

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), who leads opposition in the House to the war in Iraq, issued the following statement upon the American attack against Iraq:

"This is a sad day for America, the world community, and the people of Iraq. Tonight, I hope and pray for the safe return of our troops and the end to this unjustified war."

"President Bush has launched an unprovoked attack against another country. Iraq does not pose an imminent threat to the United States or any of its neighboring nations. Iraq was not responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11. Tonight, President Bush has commanded U.S. forces to go to war in violation of American traditions of defensive war that have lasted since George Washington. This war is wrong; it violates the Constitution and international law."

NOTE FROM JEAN: Somehow I would have hoped for a more outspoken statement from Dennis than something this generic. Let's hope his next statements will propose some kind of initiatives people can take to do something about this violation of everything the idealistic humanitarian, caring and democratic America is supposed to stand for. I guess he is in shock like so many of us...


Date: 20 Mar 2003
From: "Eli Pariser," <>
Subject: A Citizens' Declaration

Dear MoveOn supporter,

War in Iraq is imminent. But the outbreak of war is not the end of the fight for peace -- only the beginning.

Around the globe, people are joining together in a declaration of our continued commitment to international cooperation. We will be announcing this declaration in a press conference on Friday, and we need your help.

Signing up will only take a minute of your time, but it'll send a message that the demand for diplomacy and peace, built through our opposition to war in Iraq, will keep growing.

You can sign up at:

Here's the text of the Declaration:



As a US-led invasion of Iraq begins, we, the undersigned citizens of many countries, reaffirm our commitment to addressing international conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations.

By joining together across countries and continents, we have emerged as a new force for peace. As we grieve for the victims of this war, we pledge to redouble our efforts to put an end to the Bush Administration's doctrine of pre-emptive attack and the reckless use of military power.


Please sign now, and then use our web page to pass a message on to your friends.

Thank you,

--Carrie, Eli, Joan, Peter, Wes, and Zack The MoveOn Team March 19th, 2003

P.S. If a war with Iraq starts soon, folks across the country are planning vigils and other events. You can find events in your area at the United for Peace website:

If you know of an event that isn't listed, you can also add it to the list there.


13 Mar-19 Mar 2003

As the Bush administration continues its inexorable march toward war on Iraq, poll after poll establishes the opposition of a stunning majority of Europeans. Writing for Grist, author Bill McKibben asks a simple question: Why? Given that no average citizen has the inside scoop on the threat posed by Saddam, why is the international community so loathe to trust President Bush? The answer, says McKibben, lies in Bush's behavior in international negotiations over climate change. Read McKibben's analysis, then share your thoughts on it in The Gristmill (our online discussion forum), only on the Grist Magazine website.

A change in climate -- the Bush administration lost credibility over Kyoto, and can't get it back over Iraq -- by Bill McKibben in Soapbox

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The White House effect -- a cartoon by Suzy Becker>

Take action and tell your senator to tackle global warming



Scientists call the accumulation of chemicals within a person's body his or her "body burden." For the average U.S. citizen, that burden consists of almost 90 chemicals, including pesticides, phthalates, herbicides, pest repellents, and disinfectants, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But no one really understands what that means for our health, because toxicologists don't currently know how to evaluate the dangers of interactions among different chemicals, or of low levels of toxic exposure over long periods of time. Writer Elizabeth Sawin takes a look at the state of our body burden, only on the Grist Magazine website.

What we don't know about the toxic chemicals in our bodies -- by Elizabeth Sawin in Soapbox



THE PERFECT STORM, Part I of a Special two-part series (03/19/03)

A Number of Factors Indicate that the U.S. Empire is in Trouble. With the UN Neutralized There is No Rulebook - Putin's Secret Weapon - The US Economy on the Brink - The Start of a Dangerous War Amid Signs That The Powers That Be Are Turning on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell - Bush's Impeachment May be "Plan B" for the CFR and the Bilderberg Group - Part II Will Appear on Monday, March 24th.

Part I of a Special Two-Part FTW Series

The Real Stakes Behind the War

by Michael C. Ruppert

- With the UN Neutralized There Are No More Rules
- The U.S. Economy on the Brink
- Global Oil Shortages and Massive Price Hikes Imminent
- Paralysis Looming in U.S. Government
- The WTO and Rockefellers Turning on Bush
- A World War that Will Pit the U.S. Against Europe and Russia in a Struggle for Survival with the Winners Facing China

- And most of the American people, with their bankrupt and corrupt economy, will welcome cheap oil, while it lasts, and they will engage in a multitude of psychological and sickening rationales that will, in the end, amount to nothing more than saying, "I don't care how many women and children you kill. Just let me keep my standard of living." -- From The Wilderness, August 27, 2002.

- What does big oil want in Iraq? To regain influence over the great Middle East oilfields... and the race seems likely to be won by American and British firms: ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Shell and BP - Newsweek, March 24, 2003 issue

- The most common cause of recessions, a surge in oil prices, is again afflicting the global economy - The New York Times, March 2, 2003

- French and Russian oil and gas contracts signed with the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq "will not be honored," Kurdish Prime Minister Barhim Salih said in Washington Friday. - Newsmax Wires March 14, 2003

March 19, 2003 1700 PST, (FTW) - Diplomacy ended on Monday and the reality and risks of a global war are now placed in the immediate and unavoidable focus of a world which has for the most part chosen not to understand what is at stake. This war will not be fought solely with bullets and bombs. The chain of events which is about to be set in motion dictates that the United States, assuming its Iraqi conquest is successful, continue upon a series of global military occupations to control the last remaining significant oil reserves on the planet. With the shedding of the first blood, the dropping of the first bomb, the killing of the first Iraqi child, and the death of the first American serviceman, a one-way border will have been crossed. And with that crossing economic and political forces that might combine to form the Perfect Storm aimed at America have made themselves visible.

George W. Bush's United States will punish its recent adversaries at the UN. They will be cut out of the Iraqi spoils. But Germany, France, Russia and China have a much more realistic view of Iraqi oil than the U.S. does. Bush and his corporate allies have marketed to the markets that sometime in the next month or two we're going to see a real bonanza as oil prices fall back to $15-20 dollar per barrel and stay there. It is not going to happen.

On March 7, FTW Contributing Editor for Energy, Dale Allen Pfeiffer broke down the reality of Iraqi oil. It's not what's in the ground that counts now, it's what can be gotten to market. The Bush gamble is a big long shot and getting longer by the minute. Iraqi oil infrastructure is crumbling after twelve years of sanctions and there won't be any increase in Iraqi production without major investment and rebuilding. That takes time. The Guardian disclosed on January 26 that the U.S. is currently buying more than a million barrels per day (Mbpd) from Iraq out of the ten million that it imports from around the world. What might happen if just that million barrels went away?

For a detailed look at the current state of Iraq's oil industry please visit:

What we know from previous stories in FTW is that the world has no spare production capacity to make up for any significant loss of supply in Iraq. Sure OPEC has stated that they will increase production by three to five Mbpd. Venezuela has staged a remarkable recovery after the recently failed "strike" to reach 3 Mbpd of its pre-strike level of 4 Mbpd. But Venezuelan fields are old, tired, depleting fast and the oil is heavy and expensive to refine. Venezuela offers no cushion. The promises of Saudi Arabia and the other mid east OPEC nations, on their face, sound comforting but they mean nothing because the planet is consuming a billion barrels (Gb) of oil every 12 days and that rate of consumption is increasing. Recent stories by the Agence France Presse (March 12) and the BBC (March 10) tell us that auto sales jumped 48% last year in Thailand and 50% in China respectively. This is the double edged sword behind Peak Oil. Without increased sales of consumer goods and autos, the Western economies collapse anyway and the emerging economies of the Far East are steadily increasing both consumption and demand.

CLIP - read the rest at

COMING IN PART II - The signs of a pending coup as Bush, Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld are betrayed by a litany of former allies.


From: "Mark Graffis" <>
Subject: Conyers seeks impeachment tally
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003

House Representative Congressman John Conyers on the Judicial Committee is asking you to, through his legislative assistant Alexia, fax or email if you want Bush impeached.

Fax to ATTN. : ALEXIA, assistant to Hon. Congressman John Conyers


Message from Alexia:

The phones are currently ringing off the hook, so please send a brief message stating whether you are for or against impeachment via email or fax: e mail: OR Fax: (313) 226-2085

They are NOT introducing articles of impeachment now. They are only TALLYING


From: "Ieneke van Houten" <>
Subject: Some black humor

George Bush and Powell are explaining the plans for the Iraq invasion to a member of the press.

George: "We plan to bring every single American boy home! The only casualties will be half a million Iraqis and one internet book seller."

The journalist: "An internet book seller? Why??"

George, aside to Powell: "See, I told you nobody would give a damn about half a million Iraqis!"


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