January 6, 2003

The Light Series #43: Growing All Together Towards Anchoring the New Consciousness

Hello everyone

I feel many of you - most of you actually - will find this compilation of great interest and will probably want to print it and share it with others.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"You do not yet know all that your love can do for you, and you are satisfied to focus it only on a few earthly creatures. Obviously it is not wrong to direct your gaze, your thoughts, and your feelings toward human beings, but this is very limited, and you cannot even be sure they will benefit from it. So, as often as possible, think of sending a smile, a look, a feeling of love to all the luminous creatures in space, saying to them: 'Oh, you who live in immensity, I love you, I understand you, I am in harmony with you.' Perhaps no one on earth will notice that something was sent into the cosmos, but these entities will receive it, rejoice, and send this love back to you a hundred-fold. This is true exchange, true communion. It is fusion with the universal soul."

- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov -- Sent by "Violette Ruffley" <>

"Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances."

- Mohandas Gandhi

"Nor shall derision prove powerful against those who listen to humanity or those who follow in the footsteps of divinity, for they shall live forever. Forever."

- Kahlil Gibran


1. The Light on Christmas Morning
2. Matthew's message for 2003
3. As We Enter 2003...
4. Very upset about Spoonbenders
5. Spoonbender's Course Drama
6. Holiday Greetings In The Current Era!
7. God's Test

Wisdom is like a seed
It must be sowed in fertile soil
It is often acquired trough pain and suffering
It must be understood in order to bear fruit
It must be transmitted with understanding, love and respect
Never worship those who share wisdom
Worship the Wisdom and treat them with respect
Honor them by sharing the Wisdom with those in need
Because if you worship the messenger of wisdom
You may lose their Wisdom if the messenger falls

When sharing Wisdom make sure it is understood
Because when it is understood
It can be transmitted in any language
If it is transmitted with love it will last forever
Because like the seed it will grow and bear fruits

- Gaston Lavoie -- Taken from

See also:

Building a better world through wisdom and understanding
The time has come to get together to build a better society for the future of the Human race. This page offers the opportunity to take a look at long term solutions and at Healing procedures that will help deal with present problems. This document is the result of a 30 year healing journey that helped me to understand the mechanisms of violence. It was born out of a passionate desire
to stop violence in our society. By Gaston Lavoie <> a long-term ERN subscriber.



Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002
Subject: The Light on Christmas Morning
From: Nancy Thorwaldson <>

Dearest Jean and Anni,

I speak to you both from my heart and my owned divinity to your own on this Christmas day, 2002, on which it is evident to me that the Christ Consciousness is birthing from within each of us that allows it, opens to receive the energies of the shift as they move so intensely and in such acceleration in this Now upon this planetary system, this physical dimension and all those connected to it, part of it. This consciousness is who we are 'resurrected' from separation, meant to lift by its presence as our own beingness, all that we are - the One that we are - All That Is.

You are respected and powerful leaders and many are moved by you in the directions that you point and many more that are unaware of you are touched and connected with by the ripple created in the collective, a very impactful one. You are Wayshowers. I implore you to consider again the way in which you may inadvertently serve the 'Darkness' even as you serve the 'Light'.

Every expression of your own that is imbued with and a choice of fear impedes the shift in that it slows the action of it and lends more chaos and trauma to the way it unfolds. I know your intentions are of the highest order and love, yet each time you write in a tone that expresses being appalled, mind-boggled, that condemns or judges in terms of 'right' and 'wrong', 'good' and 'bad', even 'light' and 'dark' in the way those words are being given definition anything you apprehend of 'what is', the energy is lent to and aides and reinforces and creates what you condemn.

Hear what is being said to us by humans and through them, from many beings in spirit and in form - please consider this I ask you in all respect for your own great intelligence and heart - please listen, truly listen to the call going forth in this Now. It is coming from every reputable channel and exists within your own hearts if you dare listen. It is only your fear that if you do not condemn, you are in approval, which is a distortion of how we create here, a replay of the old way of calling out from the pulpit, any kind of pulpit, what is considered in one's beliefs, is 'evil' in order to 'fight' it. This is not truly love.

Agape is called for and something you are both capable of - unconditional love, not of just some humans, not just of some events and circumstances, but of all that exists in your personal and the collective reality. It is all divine and the one heart, the one mind, the One we are calls us to embrace All That Is so that all may hear and feel this love and come Home, not just the 'some' you may approve of in your own belief systems.

You have heard this from Matthew, Archangel Michael, Metatron, Kyron, Elias, Tobias, Walsch and many others. I will quote just one, a 'channel' you have recommended yourself, Jean - "Say 'Yes' To Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality" through Yael and Doug Powell:


The Light that the shift energies we have invoked and are, the birthing Christ Consciousness is, exposes the darkness without any further action than simply receiving into yourself and being those energies, that Light. That you are called from within to acknowledge this action, this shift, this event, this exposure going on is natural and aligned with the Truth Light is, but putting attention on, focus on the negative pole, energies, darkness is not so aligned in my own knowing.

I could not keep silent, no matter the love and respect I have for you both. It is my responsibility to act from my own awareness, truth, in whatever manner I am impulsed to from within, from my heart, assisted by my mind to try to put into words. I felt this call to you this very early hour of Christmas morning here in British Columbia wanting to express from my heart to yours, dearest Jean and Anni.

I simply ask that you consider what I and others have attempted to express on the earthrainbow village site and now directly to you both. As the book quoted states: we cannot be "lax a little longer, or play around with just a little bit of darkish energy" as is being done in the polarizing and dichotomizing in your leadership. Our creative power has become too quickly manifest and too great to keep looking at the 'darkness' and in so doing empowering it.

This moment is a most profound one, this very moment in human history and in the human heart and mind and in all multi-dimensional aspects of it. As the Christmas song says, "Do you hear what I hear?" Better - do you feel what I feel? The glory and beauty and wonder spreading across this earth and infusing more and more hearts with the flame of love and the light it is?

If we but be that, focus our attention on that which we love and desire, we shift far sooner than the ancient or modern predictions as the probables have shifted very positively. Love is present and with it, Home, here and now, as we take the blinders off. We need your great hearts and intelligences, your great skill in expressing in the written word so beautifully and movingly, to lead that awakening, help us unveil the truth, move past all fear. You have served uniting and bridging and supporting the shift magnificently. It is only to put your hearts wide open to all and everyone and everything to embrace all darkness into light and be Home that remains to be done.

in love,


nancy thorwaldson


Dearest Nancy

First I'd like to thank you most sincerely for allowing yourself to manifest in writing this important warning first and foremost directed to me, but as I feel, also most relevant to all the dear soul companions in this co-creative, multifacetted Earth Rainbow Network. By taking responsibility for addressing this critically important aspect of the global awakening now underway, you are thus contributing just as importantly as I try to do in my own response-from-the-heart fashion to the global push towards the Light of the Coming Era of Love and synchronous attunement to the One in all of us.

It is true that I, as part of the collective soul-mind of humanity, still often respond to the cruel deeds of some and to the despairing circumstances of so many of our suffering brothers and sisters from a consciousness that is still embroiled into the illusionary, dichotomizing perspective of duality perception and that I must indeed continuously strive - effortlessly should I say as when you refocus your eyes to encompass the entire scenery before you instead of pinpointing your attention onto a single element - to always rise at the highest possible standpoint of observation before commenting on any situation or recommending a path of action. I know it is not difficult at all to do so and I believe most if not all of us can easily do likewise if we can but let go of the distorting influence of our preconceived views and prejudices and basically all of the polarizing black or white, wrong or right, bad of good categorizing mindset that has been so deeply engraved into our very psyche from the very moment we were born into this world.

And you are absolutely right to point out that this inner movement away from the entrapping interplay of the all-immersing drama of our daily life is involving more and more people on Earth as the Grand Awakening proceeds ahead and inspire us all to increasingly more frequent insights of compassionate understanding and greater realizations of our true divine, all-united-as-One nature. Recently my dear beloved partner A'keara was mentioning to me she no longer wants to go into blame. As each one of us is called upon by the mounting tide of divine awareness drenching every cell of our being, this typically ego-driven knee-jerk reaction to lash back at the others and attribute to them the blame for whatever is seen as "wrong" in our mutually enlightening dance with each other, must be gently discarded as the now unnecessary relica of a dying era dominated by the "survival of the fittest" mentality.

I know this may sound like only a bunch of nice words to some, but the crux of the matter as you rightly pointed out Nancy, is that unless we extirpate ourselves - with each other's help - from the morass of three-D thinking and sensing, and make room for expanding our nascent sense of Oneness and unconditional Love, *no matter what*, the ride ahead is likely to be much more bumpy and the risks for some of sliding back into the dark territory of hate, revenge and absolute self-consuming rage - as still graphically exemplified in some areas of this world in great need of healing - is looming tall as a dreadfully efficient warning away from the insanity of an era we no longer need to experience. Been there, done that!

Now as far as continuing to compile information specifically focussing on the unholy things of our awakening world, there is no question for me to discontinue this aspect of my networking work, albeit a renewed sense of the importance of putting a positive, constructive spin on it all is now definitely going to guide the little introductory commenting I usually make, trusting that this co-creative discussion we are having will help inform the reader's mind of the necessity to each take responsibility for viewing all this information through the unfiltered, unadulterated and perfectly detached stillpoint view of Infinity Within, knowing and trusting that fear and darkness have simply no possibility to exist where Love and Light prevail.

With my most heartfelt appreciation for and from the Spark of Oneness in All



NOTE FROM JEAN: Russ Michael <> asked the following to Suzy Ward: "It would be nice if MATTHEW would give Jean and myself, and other lists, a "2003 message of true "HOPE and love ***and more JOY" -- that we can gladly share with JOY with our lists. We become WHAT WE FOCUS ON!!"

From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Matthew's message for 2003
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003

MATTHEW: Michael, thank you for requesting that I give a message for this brand new year in your calendar time - I lovingly do so. My mother is facing three intense weeks in addition to spending many hours daily on the third book, so I shall make this short. Your readers probably will welcome brevity rather than my usual verbosity!

Because of my light service that extends into other galaxies, I speak from a very high vantage point, and the first issue I feel is important to address is the recent spate of concern about a cataclysmic visit from Nibiru, or Planet X.

In November 2001 when I was asked about this, I stated that this body is a large asteroid being directed to Earth by the forces of darkness, and the forces of light would alter the asteroid's course during the following six months. When my mother asked me about this in May 2002, I assured her that this had been successfully completed. Just as there is NOTHING to fear regarding any nuclear detonations, there is nothing to fear in this respect, either! Banish ALL fear from your thoughts and feelings!

Yes, other issues are of concern there, too. This is understandable in this time of accelerated changes that many do not recognize as the promise of God and Creator to restore Earth to her former Eden paradise. The playing out of the karmic energy must have its fill before that Eden will reign, and this means that much will be occurring as the sustained light continues to expose the darkness so the wounds of each light-receptive soul and of Earth herself can be healed.

Stay focused on the love and light that are inpouring from myriad sources as Earth steadily nears fourth density. Refrain from judging happenings as fearful, but rather as proof that the process is evolving as more and more of you are awakening to your godselves. Honor this connection! Use this connection! Keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, you could say, and rejoice in knowing that your focusing on love, peace and harmony is bringing this era to Earth.

With my continuous love and light to ALL, this is Matthew.


From: Michael Lightweaver <>
Date: 1 Jan 2003
Subject: As We Enter 2003...

Was 2002 Intense or what??? Though the world situation looks a bit gloomy as we head into the new year, I have a sense that we stand on the threshold of tremendous positive possibilities. I also know we are walking a knifes edge - especially over the next 90 days. I feel it is especially important for us to be in a Place Of Peace within ourselves at this time and to project that energy out into the world. There is a great deal of energetic stabilization that is needed right now and that can best happen if we are able to maintain emotional and spiritual equilibrium within ourselves. Meditation dates and times are important. But I think it is more important for us to be living in a state of peaceful meditation. The less anger and judgement, and the more love, joy and light we contribute to the 'cosmic energy soup' the better the world will be for it.



From: "Eve Howard" <>
Subject: Very upset about Spoonbenders
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003

Dearest Jean,

I have held close the dream of the good that the Spoonbenders could do. It has been in my thoughts since I read it on your posts and I responded. I heard about James Twyman through your list some time ago, explored who he was and read one of his books. I honored what he has done and what he attempts to do although recognizing through the hints about his personal life that he was, as we all are, human and subject to human vulnerabilities. Although, through it all I felt that he was honorable. I am so very disappointed in the way he presented the Spoonbenders course! If I thought I had a chance to really get a message to him I would write him instead of bothering you. Even though I do not connect with you often it is only because I respect your time and do not burden you with anything remotely trivial, I still consider a great bond with you and feel you in the fabric during meditation. The last few years have been at best difficult, I think lightworkers the world over are being taxed to their limit, we do not need to be sabotaged from within. I am ever so cautious about what and who I join with since the time we both took a journey of faith that proved to be a wrong turn. I trust only the signals from within and have not found them wrong yet. You, Jean have never!!! sacrificed your principals - possibly it was a mistake in presentation, or possibly he just did not think as to how it would appear but he presented the course as no charge with only volunteer donations because it was so very important to him. I would have gladly sent something to him had it been presented in a different manner. After receiving the message today that the course was available, going to the website to register, you could not get past the sentry without committing per pay pal or credit card to a charge - or being humiliated by having to apply for a scholarship. Even though I felt there was a grave misrepresentation I almost gave in to the minimal charge they were asking $25.00 to not give up the dream, until I plugged into the calculator what that meant in revenue should that be times the 100,000 possible participants. I think of you getting along on a shoe string budget with only what people can send when they can, or people like dear Art Rosenblum who sacrificed all, always to facilitate good - once again on a shoe string budget or Suzy Ward who struggles not wishing to pass by any soul who comes her way for help. Through the years with you, I have come to be a firm believer in tithing - not having known of the concept before meeting you - but there is a line, mostly in presentation and demand that separates the true lightworkers from those who are out to make a $$ . You have never linked what you do to the almighty dollar, we have to recognize the necessity for lightworkers to continue that it is a necessary evil but there is a difference and at the moment I am feeling very disheartened by Mr. Twyman.

However, Dearest Jean...please let me take this opportunity because I cannot say it often enough - thank-you so much for being the unwavering tower of honor and goodness that you are. I have been on your list for years now and you remain at the center of a circle of light that holds so many of us steadfast in what we do. Bless you.



Dearest Eve

Once again I'm very honored to know you and to count you as a friend and ally on the spiritual path. I thank you for expressing in such a balanced manner your thoughts and feelings on James Twyman's latest endeavour. Like you I noticed the subtle change of tone from free or voluntary donation to exclusively on a donation basis ("we are offering this course strictly by donation") in his latest annoucement and felt rather uncomfortable at this "evolution", mainly because like you I profoundly admire and respect this man for his mission of peace and for his courage to boldly go wherever he is being called to go to assist in the global peace-making process, and I do not feel at easy with his new insistence upon monetary compensation for his spoonbender course. The fact is that it is perfectly legitimate for him to ask for such a compensation and to want to create a "retreat and research center" as he indicated on his website from where I quote the material below. He also certainly has considerable expenses to cover for his many trips and towards fulfilling his family responsibilities. Yet it would have come across less akwardly if he had simply been upfront in explaining his obvious change of focus from free of charge (Here is the exact quote: "That technique will be presented in a free or by donation Internet class called the "Spoonbenders Course.") to mandatory donation (which it itself is a bit contradictory since a donation is not usually something you require in such a forceful manner), instead of creating a false hope that everyone would have access no matter their financial means to this course. And the option of applying for a scholarship (asking basically that someone else pay for you and explaining why you cannot pay it yourself) is understandably a rather hard-to-swallow concept for many of us.

Anyway, anyone giving a second look at this whole endeavour and at the way it is all presented can easily come to the conclusion that it is not all perfectly clear and forthright. Which can only make us wonder what energies drive this project right now... Yet it is hardly my business to make any judgement on this matter and I would not want to prevent anyone interested in attempting to "bend" spoons within 3 weeks so as to "bend the whole world toward peace" from giving it a try. But I will say that, personally, I do not believe in bending other people's mind against their own free will, just as you don't want to try to tame a wild mustang through forcing him into submission, but must try instead to gain his confidence through unconditional love and respect... and lots of patience.

I do not think there is any quick fix to the problems that beset our small planet although all positive, non coercitive efforts towards co-creating peace and harmony absolutely have a vital role to play and will in due time succeed once all parties concerned have experienced the karmic experiences they came here to receive. And of course I also understand that such efforts are best conducive to success when we begin with ourselves and our own behaviours, something in which I admitedly still have a lot to improve upon and to which I apply myself as best as I can.

These are some of the thoughts your letter and James' website elicited in me. I'm glad you gave me an opportunity to share them with you and with the larger ERN family... for their own pondering.

Love and Light will prevail



Quoted from

Thank you for signing up to enjoy the Spoonbenders Internet course. I hope you are as excited as we are about the potential. Imagine having tens of thousands of people applying this technology to heal the world. We are on the brink of something truly remarkable, and I’m glad you’ll be part of it.

As you know, this is a by donation course. I wanted to say something about the nature of this offer.

You are strongly encouraged to support the Beloved Community peace projects by donating at least $25 for this course. That allows us to continue offering opportunities for people to be Instruments of Peace around the world. (The normal charge for this course would be $75.)

Here is one of the Universal laws you will learn through this course:

Giving and receiving are the same!

If you give nothing, you receive nothing. The only way for you to truly enjoy the benefits of this course is to give energy back to the universe. We ask that you consider what you would like to receive, then help us by supporting the Beloved Community’s mission. All money received from this course go to build and support a retreat and research center to study the relationship between prayer and world peace.

Here are three choices to help you decide what you will offer:

$75 This is what this course would cost if we were charging for it in the traditional sense.

$50 If you are not able to donate the full amount, this tells the Universe that you are seriously applying yourself to the process of giving and receiving.

$25 Thank you for donating even this small amount.

If you would like to make a donation by check, please send it to:

Spoonbenders Course/Beloved Community 48 Morse Ave. Ashland, Or. 97520

If you are not able to make any donation at all and would like to apply for a scholarship, send an email to and describe your reason for making this request.



Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003
Subject: Spoonbender's Course Drama

Dear Jean,

I keep feeling the need to write to you and make you aware of what is going on within the Lightworker community right now.

Emissary of Light released the registration for the Spoonbender's Course and since then many spirits have been let down. Mine included.

They made it seem like the course would be free and that they would accept donations, but the only way to get through to the course is if you make a donation of at least $25.00. If you don't you have to apply for a scholarship/beg and it well take several days to process.

I have made a couple of friends in South Africa since you published *My Thoughts*. They said that US$50 is a month's worth of groceries. They cannot afford it.

A couple of my friends and I haven't worked all year because we needed to adjust to our spiritual awakening, so we're flat broke. My friends and I have very strong chakras and we want so badly to learn how to use them properly. We don't have the money to go take classes right now and we were so excited about being able to learn this.

My friends in Africa only try and send light once in awhile. I believe they don't feel effective in what they're doing and they give up. They need trained so that they will believe in themselves and their abilities.

James and his group have lost many sources of Light because of money. Is that human behavior or what???? Where's God???

I feel that this group of Lightworkers have treated us just like society does. I feel that their foundation is also built on greed. No money, not welcome here.

Koya did not charge James to share his information, just as the Universe didn't charge Koya. This information is intended for all of us. It is a gift. It is time for us to rise to the next level and there should be no blocks for anyone. Many powerful spiritual people are poor right now so that they are forced to go inside of themselves, instead of focusing on physical desires. These people are rich in spirit and deserve to have this information along with the physically rich.

So I wrote them a letter and told them how I feel. Many of us are very disappointed right now.

I wanted you to know what is going on within our community.

Loving Light,


P.S. I am very sorry if my feelings upset you. I am sure you and James are good friends. I just truly don't believe this is the way the Light works.

AND MY REPLY WAS (in part)

BTW reading about your South Africa's friend uncertainty about being effective during their meditation gave me the idea to prepare a compilation solely decicated to serve as a how-to series of guidelines explaining how to best attune to and channel spiritual energies during such meditations, so as to be of assistance to those needed such explanations. **I'm also hereby suggesting that others on the list assist me in this regard** through recommending relevant material for possible inclusion in this compilation (with relevant URLs for website references) or through writing up (in an abridged form!) how they best succeed in attuning to their higher Self and in directing peace-making and healing energies around the world. This way, interested people unwilling to pay for James'course, will have a totally free-of-charge option to learn about these amazing energies and meditational techniques that may contribute towards becoming a pure, uncluttered channel for God's miracle-making energies. The rest will then depend upon their willingness to practice and delve into their own inner self as often as possible to foster their own spiritual awakening and hence become powerhouses of Light, Life and Love on Earth.



Forwarded by Palden Jenkins <>

Holiday Greetings In The Current Era!

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practised within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

In addition, please also accept our best wishes for a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2003, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make this country great (not to imply that this country is necessarily greater than any other country or area of choice), and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual orientation of the wishers.

This wish is limited to the customary and usual good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first. "Holiday" is not intended to, nor shall it be considered, limited to the usual Judeo-Christian celebrations or observances, or to such activities of any organised or ad hoc religious community, group, individual or belief (or lack thereof).

Note: By accepting this greeting, you are accepting these terms. This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal, and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all. This greeting is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. This greeting implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for the wisher her/himself or others, or responsibility for the consequences which may arise from the implementation or non-implementation of same.

This greeting is void where prohibited by law.


God's Test

God put the angels and the devils to a test. He set up a huge banquet hall with a wonderful feast. First He invited the devils to the feast. They were delighted until they found out that they couldn't bend their arms at the elbows! How were they to eat all the delicious food when their hands wouldn't go to their mouths? They tried eating off the plate, which was messy and undignified. They tried throwing the food in the air and catching it in their mouths. Nothing worked very well. After 15 minutes of this mayhem, God told them that time was up. They trooped out cursing Him.

Next, He invited the angels into the hall. A fresh feast was laid out, and the same thing happened - they couldn't bend their arms at the elbows. The angels all looked at each other and burst out laughing. "What a great game!" they said as they fed each other.

Sent by "Carol Wolman" <>


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