August 8, 2003

The Hybrid Series #8 (PART 1): The Information and News That Matter

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This 4-part compilation will be the only one for this week. There is much important material (as usual) to review, so hopefully you'll have time to browse through it and find what matters the most to you.

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"Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy."

- George F. Kennan, 1987. Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study and former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union

"The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology. "

- Michael Parenti
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"It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result."

- Mohandas Gandhi --
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A music and art network born on the wings of butterflies. It is said that a butterfly can, with a flap of its wings, change the world and that the ripple it sends out can spawn a hurricane. This initiative intends to do just that and become a catalyst for helping to cocreate a culture of world peace and global harmony.


1. Support NESARA (and Feedback on this from Trevor Osborne)
2. Global warming may be speeding up, fears scientist
5. A different vision for America
6. The Rising Tide of Support for Kucinich
7. Gulf War soldiers are dying of a 'mystery' illness, falsely labeled 'pneumonia'
8. 9-11- New Books, Videos, the Growing Movement for Truth and Accountability
9. Amazon destruction speeds up
10. One in Ten Tree Species at Risk of Extinction
11. Impeachable Offenses
12. Hilarious site

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A few years ago, at the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100-yard dash. At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win. All, that is, except one little boy who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry.

The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and looked back. Then they all turned around and went back.....every one of them. One girl with Down's Syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, "This will make it better." Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line.

Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes. People who were there are still telling the story.

Why? Because deep down we know this one thing: What matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course.

See also:

More than 100,000 join Bove at anti-WTO rally (August 10)
More than 100,000 people have flocked to a rally to welcome the release from prison of French eco-warrior Jose Bove and to protest against the agenda for World Trade Organisation (WTO) talks next month, organisers said yesterday. "We had already allocated lay-bys and campsites for 100,000 people, but we had to open up new ones during the night," said a spokesman for Bove's Small Farmers' Confederation. (...) The three-day Larzac 2003 festival, held one month before a scheduled WTO ministerial meeting in Cancun, Mexico includes speeches, debates, street theatre and film shows, as well as a rock concert featuring French singer Manu Chao and British group Asian Dub Foundation. Organisers from a coalition of anti-globalisation groups including Attac say the aim is to draw attention to the danger to democracy posed by the WTO, trade liberalisation and multinational corporations. For 30 years the stunning Larzac plateau has been an emblematic location for the French left, after veterans of the 1968 student movement successfully joined forces with local farmers to resist government attempts to turn it into an army shooting range. Bove himself works as a sheep farmer on the plateau. CLIP

Americans pay price for speaking out (August 9)
Dissenters face job loss, arrest, threats but activists not stopped by backlash.

US puts 1.14-billion-dollar price on restoring Iraqi oil (August 5)

Banks Moved Billions to Shelter Income From Taxes (August 7)
Some of the nation's biggest banks have sheltered hundreds of millions of dollars from state taxes by creating investment funds that didn't sell shares publicly but paid tax-exempt dividends to the banks, Thursday's Wall Street Journal reported. A review of Securities and Exchange Commission records shows that at least 10 major banks shifted more than $17 billion into such funds. Bank of America Corp. (BAC) alone transferred at least $8 billion into its fund, sheltering more than $750 million in income from 1999 through last May.

Family shot dead by panicking US troops (August 10)
Firing blindly during a power cut, soldiers kill a father and three children in their car.

'Bring us home': GIs flood US with war-weary emails (August 10),6903,1015684,00.html
An unprecedented internet campaign waged on the frontline and in the US is exposing the real risks for troops in Iraq. Paul Harris and Jonathan Franklin report on rising fears that the conflict is now a desert Vietnam. Susan Schuman is angry. Her GI son is serving in the Iraqi town of Samarra, at the heart of the 'Sunni triangle', where American troops are killed with grim regularity. Breaking the traditional silence of military families during time of war, Schuman knows what she wants - and who she blames for the danger to her son, Justin. 'I want them to bring our troops home. I am appalled at Bush's policies. He has got us into a terrible mess,' she said.

Bush's 9-11 Secrets (July 31)
The Government Received Warnings of Bin Laden's Plans to Attack New York and D.C.
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even though Bush has refused to make parts of the 9-11 report public, one thing is startlingly clear: The U.S. government had received repeated warnings of impending attacks—and attacks using planes directed at New York and Washington—for several years. The government never told us about what it knew was coming. See for yourself. The report lists 36 different summaries of warnings dating back to 1997. (...) As Dean notes, how could Rice, having known all this, say that the administration had no idea "these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon"?

Homeland Security for Whom? (August 11)
Are Bush, Ashcroft, and Wolfowitz Protecting America or Their Own Regime? (...) So Bush,with the help of Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Israel, created the Department Homeland Security to pacify (a euphemism for terrorize) the American people into submission through a number of ploys. This homeland security boondoggle is the biggest reorganization of the U.S. government in 50 years. It might even bankrupt the country and, perhaps intentionally, throw it into a Depression. That remains to be seen. What is certain is that at a cost of $50 billion in taxpayer's money, the homeland security infrastructure will provide Bush with 170,000 political cadres, and the internal security he needs to assure the continuity of his political power indefinitely. Except for providing Bush with political internal security, there is no need for the Department of Homeland Security; it is a Trojan Horse through which Bush will unleash his ideological storm troopers and exploit his ill-gotten power to achieve permanent political dominance.

Iraq: invasion that will live in infamy - The war on Iraq is not over. In the United States President George Bush has had to admit that his accusations about Baghdad's purchase of uranium in Niger were wrong. In the United Kingdom, the suicide of Dr David Kelly is making Prime Minister Tony Blair's future less certain. In Iraq attacks against US troops are increasing, and the new governing council seems incapable of guiding the country out of its present chaos.

On the record By IGNACIO RAMONET
From the 444-pound Bluefin Tuna that sold for $173,000 in Japan to deep water coral reefs off the coast of Iceland endangered by trawlers that cut 2-mile swaths in the ocean floor, The Empty Ocean is an awe-inspiring and depressing account of the oceans and the war that mankind has fought about them. Author Richard Ellis ranges from marine biology to high adventures with the likes of Captain Cook and Jack London and modern day battles between conservationists and fisherman in the courtroom and on the high seas. In the last few years I've seen no book that makes a better case that business as usual is nothing less than suicide. Although Man has been working at the extermination of ocean life for centuries, the 1990's were the cusp of a crisis that endangers thousands of species as it throws fishermen out of work worldwide and closes the door on what could have been a sustainable source of food and raw materials. Many of the most important fisheries, such as that for Cod, have collapsed and nearly 30% of tropical coral reefs have been destroyed by hunters, diseases, pollution and global warming. If we forbid the exploitation of parts of the ocean, some species will bounce back. Yet, much of the damage we've done is irreparable -- species pushed to the brink of extinction lose the genetic diversity that helps them cope with environmental change. The Empty Ocean explains how, with the complexity of ecological networks, a perturbation of one species can affect species across the food web. The story of the world's fisheries puts the lie to the ideology of neoliberalism -- the Lassez-Faire attitude that the optimal outcome for soceity comes from letting business do what it wants to do, when it wants to do. Fisherman have decimated the populations of the most desirable and valuable marine animals, before they even understood enough of their life cycles to have any idea how to harvest them sustainably. In 1999, President Bill Clinton loosened the labeling restrictions to allow US fisherman to catch tuna in nets in association with dolphins as "dolphin-safe" on the condition (not met) that fewer than 5,000 dolphins would be killed a year. Only an abrupt shift in the political climate can reverse this trend, and protect the ecological systems from which our true wealth comes.

Druid focuses Earth's energy on road toll (August 11)
Druids have been brought in to reduce the number of accidents on Austria's worst stretch of autobahn. The Druids have put up huge roadside monoliths to restore the natural flow of "earth energy". After the one tonne pillars of white quartz were erected beside a notorious stretch of road during a secret two-year trial, the number of fatal accidents fell from an average of six a year to zero. Gerald Knobloch, who describes himself as an archdruid, used a divining rod to inspect the 275-metre stretch of the A9 in Styria and restore "earth energy lines". "I located dangerous elements that had disrupted the energy flow," he said. "The worst was a river which human interference had forced to flow against its natural direction. By erecting two stones of quartz at the side of the road the energy lines were restored." The pillars had a similar function to acupuncture, he said. "Acupuncture needles also restore broken energy lines. What acupuncture does for the body, the stones do for the environment." Harald Dirnbacher, an engineer from the motorway authority, admitted that they turned to Mr Knobloch as a last resort. "We had put up signs to reduce speed, renewed the road surface and made bends more secure but we still kept getting accidents," he said. "At that point we couldn't think of anything else to do and decided we might as well try anything. "I admit when we first looked at it [energy lines] we were doubtful. We didn't want people to know in case they laughed at us, so we kept the trial secret and small-scale. But it was really an amazing turnaround."


From: "Debbie Dehm">
Subject: Support NESARA (and Feedback on this from Trevor Osborne)
Date: 7 Aug 2003

Hi Jean,

Thank you so much for including Matthew's message about NESARA and Dove. I have been receiving the Dove reports for about a year now and I had my doubts as others have had but now I fully believe and support Dove and the NESARA announcement. You have a great opportunity to help move NESARA to announcement with your huge mailing list. I challange your readers to go into their banks and ask about the new rainbow colored money and see what reaction they get. Also I want to say the reason I trust that NESARA is true is I have confirmation from Quan Yin, who I channel and I know St. Germain has long held the U.S. in high esteem and has been trying to help our economy since the 1930's.

There are two old books that I read from the 1930's about St. Germain appearing to a family and teaching them much esoteric information leading to their ascension and they also owned a gold mine. He told them where a significant gold vein was located on their land and told them that they would mine it and put it away for the future time when it would be needed. When I was reading these books I knew they were truth and I looked forward to hearing more and then I heard about NESARA and knew that this was the time he was speaking of. I will try to remember the name of the books but I know they are rare and out of print now. We need to put our energy behind bringing the announcement out. It will change so much in our world.

It isn't just an economic change but a change in they way we think about prosperity and abundance for all. Please refer to my first channeling of Pierre Theilard Chardin where he tells us that we must come to a time when everyone's material needs are cared for as a right. Thank you for all you do and please feel free to share this with the list. If people want to help NESARA be announced they can e-mail the world court at and ask for the announcement to happen now. Also tell everyone about it and get them to pray for it.


Debbie Dehm

NOTE FROM JEAN: If you missed Matthew's latest important message recommended in the last Meditation Focus (scheduled to last 2 weeks not 4, to clarify any confusion arising from an error in the last Meditation Focus email), please go at

The video I have was recorded in 1989 at a UFO conference. The speaker is Alfred Bielek, the lone survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment telling his story, he is still alive and has a website


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[Can you say Global Warming boys and girls]

You think that's hot? Try being in Baghdad... (August 11)

Heat threatens safety of nuclear reactors as France girds for electricity rationing


By Wanda Fish

Imagine two scenes in different parts of the world.

In our first scenario, three hooded gunmen raid an embassy. After a bloody gun battle, the terrorists take the Ambassador and other survivors as hostages. They demand the release of certain prisoners, or they will destroy the embassy and kill their hostages.

In our second scenario, three grey-suited executives raid a country. The collapsing economy has left the government powerless to administer essential services. Failed crops, internal corruption, and natural disasters have taken their toll. People are desperate and dying. The IMF and World Bank executives outline the terms and conditions of the $50 billion loan.

The terrorists in the first scene are eventually captured and executed for terrorist crimes. The bankers in the second scene are rewarded for their successful hijacking of the country's economy. Their corporations will be paid many times the loan over the next decade. The debt trap will cripple and imprison the country's future earning capacity. The executives receive bonuses and promotions that take their collective salary to a sum greater than the salaries of all the lowest paid workers in the country they had signed up to the debt trap.

Over the past fifty years, the IMF and the World Bank have forced economic 'development' that benefits the wealthy lenders and multinational corporations in the industrialized north and enslaves the world's poor majority in developing and third world countries. These international loan sharks have hijacked the economies of more than 60 countries. Loans, international assistance, and debt relief are given only when countries agree to conditions set by the Bank and Fund. Free trade, market liberalization, and privatisation of essential resources and services are demanded if 'financial stability' is to be achieved. While crippling interest payments force cuts in health care, education and other social services for millions of people around the globe; the banks and corporations that 'rescued' those countries report record profits. Humanitarian crises, like wars, have become lucrative business for those who have money to lend.

Ten years ago, economist J. W. Smith warned, "The size of the debt trap can be controlled to claim all surplus production of a society, but if allowed to continue to grow the magic of compound interest dictates it is unsustainable. The third world debt has been compounding at over 20 percent per year between 1973 and 1993, from $100 billion to $1.5 trillion [only $400 billion of the $1.5 trillion was actually borrowed money. The rest was runaway compound interest]. If Third World debt continues to compound at 20 percent per year, the $117 trillion debt will be reached in eighteen years and the $13.78 quadrillion debt in thirty-four years."

More shocking than the magnitude of the figures (how does one fathom a quadrillion dollars?) is the chilling fact that the debt trap robs all the surplus production of an entire society. Debt does much more than forcing a country to work for nothing. This form of terrorism punishes the children, abandons the sick, and enslaves the adults.

Every hour, one Filipino child dies because of debt-related poverty. Millions of children die every year in the Third World because they are too poor to buy food or medicines. Their families work extraordinary hours to earn less than $2 a day. Filthy slums with inhumane living conditions are prolific in most countries in the world, and are no longer exclusive to the third world.

An estimated 100 million children live and work on the streets in the developing world, including 40 million in Latin America. Although many of these street children have some family links, they spend most of their lives on the streets begging, selling trinkets, shining shoes or washing cars to supplement their families' income. These children rarely go beyond a fourth-grade education. The 25 million children without families live in the streets with other street children. They sleep in abandoned buildings, under bridges, in doorways, or in public parks.

These young victims of debt resort to petty theft and prostitution to survive. Many are addicted to inhalants which offer them an escape from reality and hunger pains -- in exchange for a host of physical and psychological problems, including hallucinations, pulmonary edema, kidney failure, and irreversible brain damage. These children are abused, even murdered, by the people who are supposed to protect them.

"His name was Nahamán, a 13 year old in Guatemala. One night, while walking on the streets, he was kicked to death by four policemen who found him and decided to punish him. His crime? He was a street kid ... a subhuman without pedigree, a vexing reminder of Guatemala's malignant inclinations, the mortifying embodiment of a fallen society, a scapegoat. And, in death, a martyr. When we buried Nahamán on March 14th, 1990, his gravestone read: 'I only wanted to be a child, but they wouldn't let me'."

While indebted countries struggle to pay mounting interest on debt loans, their hospitals, schools, water supply, electricity, and public transport deteriorate rapidly with reduced budgets. Disease, destitution and general lack of sanitation characterise many Third World cities. The children who do survive are unable to read and write as government budgets for health and education are cut to the bone as a result of debt service. In Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, the government spends three times more on debt repayment than on health and education.

Sub-Saharan Africa pays $10 billion every year in debt service. The countries of Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing a pandemic with terrible consequences. In South Africa one in five people has HIV-AIDS, and in Zimbabwe one in four. One in seven Kenyans has the virus. In Botswana, the country with the highest rate of infection in the world, more than one-third of all adults are HIV positive. Twenty million people, or the entire population of Australia, have died in Sub-Saharan Africa since the pandemic began. If current trends continue, there will be than 40 million AIDS orphans in Africa by the end of this decade.

Despite their extreme health crisis, 23 African countries spend more money on debt repayment than they spend on healthcare, which attracts only $2.5 billion, or a quarter of their debt service. This does not concern the banks that loaned the money. Their only objective is to make their rich clients even richer. The Kenyan widow dying of aids and leaving five orphans is not entered into the ledger books. However, the GM food that the starving widow and her children are forced to eat is entered into the ledger books. The humanitarian crisis has created a market for modified food that the rest of the world didn't want. After all, beggars can't be choosey.

By contrast, the wealthiest individuals in the world can choose or buy anything they want. At the top of the list is Bill Gates whose net worth in 2003 is forty billion dollars, or four times the annual debt service of sub-Saharan Africa and sixteen times the annual expenditure on health and education in those countries. The world's 497 billionaires in 2001 registered a combined wealth of $1.54 trillion, well over the combined gross national products of all the nations of sub-Saharan Africa ($929.3 billion) or those of the oil-rich regions of the Middle East and North Africa ($1.34 trillion). These five hundred people also possess greater wealth than the combined incomes of the poorest half of humanity.

Think about that fact for just a minute. Five hundred obnoxiously wealthy people have too much while nearly three billion people have nothing. Allow the full meaning to play out in your mind. While five hundred people have enough money to buy several countries, half of humanity struggles on less than $2 a day and can barely buy enough food to stay alive. It gets worse. Anything extra our third-world worker can earn will go into debt service payments. The banks profit, and the shareholders increase their wealth. The five hundred at the top of the tree have just made a profit out of poverty.

After the G8 summit in Okinawa in 2000, President Obasanjo of Nigeria made this comment on Nigeria's debt: "All that we had borrowed up to 1985 or 1986 was around $5 billion and we have paid about $16 billion yet we are still being told that we owe about $28 billion. That $28 billion came about because of the injustice in the foreign creditors' interest rates. If you ask me what is the worst thing in the world, I will say it is compound interest."

When President Obasanjo spoke out, the developing world was spending $13 on debt repayment for every one dollar it received in grants.

While most people would be aware of the debt burden of the third world, they would be surprised to learn that the United States is also a heavily indebted country. The accumulated debt of the world's 'richest' country, the USA, is more than two trillion dollars. The exact amount owed by the whole of the developing world, including India, China and Brazil, is $2.5 trillion. This means that three hundred million Americans owe as much to the rest of the world as do five billion people in all the developing countries.

The inequity doesn't stop there. While developing country economies struggle with debt service repayments totaling more than $300 billion per year, the US must only pay $20 billion to service an almost equivalent amount of debt. Jubilee, an international movement working to remove the third world debt, classifies the United States as a 'heavily indebted prosperous country'.

If the money is not coming from the United States, where is it coming from? Who actually owns the money that was loaned in the first place? Some of it comes from illegal activities and is recognised as 'dirty money'. US and European banks launder between $500 billion and $1 trillion of dirty money each year, half of which enters the coffers of American banks. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, a contributing editor to 'From the Wilderness', and formerly Assistant Secretary of Housing under George Bush, the four largest states for the importation of drugs are New York, Florida, Texas and California. She points out that the top four money-laundering states in the U.S. (good for between 100 and 260 billion per year in 1999) were New York, Florida, Texas and California. The connection goes on. Eighty per cent of all Presidential campaign funds also come from New York, Florida, Texas and California.

While the World Bank and IMF are the main targets of activists working to remove third world debt, these two international banking institutions are influenced by various national banks, financial consultancies, and former politicians who manage the wealth of the world for their wealthy clients. The 'Group of Thirty' established in 1978 is a private, nonprofit, international body composed of very senior representatives of the financial private, public and academic sectors. This select group of controllers aims "to deepen understanding of international economic and financial issues and to examine the choices available to market practitioners and policymakers". The most powerful decision-makers and influencers in the financial world are members of this magic circle, which includes major national banks, universities, former politicians, and global consultancies.

Despite the impressive collection of financial wizardry and power, The Group of Thirty and annual Economic Summits have failed to neutralise the terrorism of third world debt. Those who manage the global economic system are focused on the shareholder value of banks and corporations. The system is 'successful' as long as it returns more wealth to the wealthy. Yet these financial experts are myopic about the future. The current level of debt worldwide is unsustainable and must eventually lead to the total collapse of a global economy that expects increased productivity from the poorest and unhealthiest workers on the planet.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, is built on the principle that human rights come from the 'inherent dignity' of every person. The Declaration states, "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control."

When the United Nations wrote that declaration 55 years ago, mankind was recovering from the trauma of a world war and the horrifying genocide of millions of innocent civilians. At that time it was necessary for mankind to ratify basic human rights and the principle of human dignity.

The genocide happening in the third world today is even more horrifying than the death camps in Nazi Germany. This time the objective is not to 'cleanse the master race', but to make the masters wealthier.

The banks, in pursuit of more wealth and power, terrorise the third world. Those of us who live comfortable lives in developed countries are part of the crime. Our lifestyle, and our expectation that our savings will grow, feed the terrorism of debt. We might save a few dollars with the cheap imported clothes we wear, the coffee we drink, and the oil we put into the car; but those savings have made slaves of children and started wars. Our humanity has been hijacked by the dollar and the pursuit of wealth has become more important than human lives.

How then do we wage war on the 'terrorism of debt'? The Global Exchange website suggests ten actions that will democratize the global economy. These are not easy or quick fixes, and each action will require dedication and persistence. The following summary is a starting point.

1. The WTO (World Trade Organisation) must be replaced by a body that is fully democratic, transparent, and accountable to citizens of the entire world instead of to corporations. We must build support for trade policies that protect workers, human rights, and the environment.

2. Mandate corporate responsibility so that corporations have to prove their worth to society or be dismantled. Now many corporations advocate weakening of labor and environmental laws and their pursuit of free trade has delivered a global economy of sweatshops and environmental devastation. Corporations must be accountable to public needs, be open to public scrutiny, provide living wage jobs, abide by all environmental and labor regulations, and be subject to all laws governing them. Shareholder activism is an excellent tool for challenging corporate behavior.

3. Restructure the Global Financial Architecture. Currency speculation earns short term profits for wealthy investors but does nothing for long term development. A tax of .1% to .25% on currency transactions would be a disincentive for speculation, would not affect real capital investment, and could create a huge fund for building schools and medical clinics throughout the world.

4. Support the Jubilee action to cancel all third world debt, end structural adjustment, and defend a country's right to make economic decisions that will benefit the welfare of its people, not multinational corporations.

5. Prioritise human rights in trade agreements. Trade rules must comply with higher laws on human rights as well as economic and labor rights included in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. We should promote alternative trade agreements that include fair trade, debt cancellation, micro-credit, and local control over development policies.

6. Promote sustainable development, not consumption, as the key to the progress. International development should not be export-driven, but rather should prioritize food security, sustainability, and democratic participation.

7. Integrate women's needs in economic structuring. Family survival around the world depends on the economic independence of women. Economic policies need to take into account women's important role in nutrition, education, and development.

8. Build free and strong labor unions internationally and domestically. The union movement needs to be reborn. As corporations increase their multinational strength, unions are struggling to build bridges across borders and organize globally. Activists can support their efforts and ensure that free labor is an essential component of any 'free trade' agreements.

9. Develop community control over capital and promote socially responsible investment. Communities should be able to develop investment and development programs that suit local needs including passing anti-sweatshop purchasing restrictions, promoting local credit unions and local barter currency, and implementing investment policies for their city, church, and union that reflect social responsibility criteria.

10. Promote fair trade instead of free trade. We need to build networks of support and education for grassroots trade and trade in environmentally sustainable goods. We can promote labeling of goods such as Fair Trade Certified, organic, and sustainably harvested.

It is time to reclaim our humanity and to 'equalize' the economy so that we can fairly run, not unfairly ruin, our world. Economic theory will not feed, clothe or shelter us when we have used up the last poor worker. The current system is doomed to fail and will cost more millions of lives. If we start now, our grandchildren will be able to enjoy a world where human dignity is the most valued currency.

Let's start to fix it today.


Wanda Fish is a freelance journalist who now dedicates her writing to the pursuit of a fair world, without wars and with equality. This article is offered freely for distribution and publication. Wanda can be contacted on

See also:

Ownership Statistics: Why a Shared Capitalism is Needed
Data highlighting the extent of national (U.S.) and global inequality. For instance...
The financial wealth of the top one percent of households now exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 95 percent. The wealth of the Forbes 400 richest Americans grew by an average $940 million each from 1997-1999 while over a recent 12-year period the net worth of the bottom 40 percent of households declined 80 percent. For the well-to-do, that's an average increase in wealth of $1,287,671 per day. If that were wages earned over a 40-hour week, that would be $225,962 an hour or 43,876 times the $5.15 per hour minimum wage. (...) The richest 400 Americans hold wealth equivalent to one-eighth of the GDP. (...) The combined net worth of the Forbes 400 topped $1 trillion in September 1999, up from $738 billion 12 months earlier, for an average one-year increase of $655 million each ($12.6 million per week). Less than one-fifth of that increase ($48.4 billion) would have been enough to bring every American up to the official poverty line, leaving each of the Forbes 400 with an average one-year increase of $534 million ($10.2 million per week). CLIP

Transgenerational Financial Terrorism (August 10)
The nation's fast-weakening financial condition isn't Bush's or Clinton's fault -- it's embedded in a flawed economic model embraced by neoliberals in both parties.
(...) Yet even the profound insecurity their model creates domestically pales in comparison to the wall-to-wall wreckage it works abroad. Neoliberalism went full-throttle global when the World Trade Organization joined the World Bank and the IMF as the Big Three regulating global finance, ensuring that our stunning concentration of wealth and income would fast become a worldwide phenomenon. In the four years to 1999, the world's 200 richest people doubled their wealth to a combined $1 trillion. By comparison, the combined income of the world's 2.5 billion poorest is $1 trillion. In countries where their brand of economic science is deemed successful – by Chicago's bizarre standards – the results are reflected in recent World Bank research showing that 62 percent of Indonesia's stock market wealth is owned by that nation's 15 richest families. The comparable figure for the Philippines is 55 percent and 53 percent for Thailand. Income patterns are similarly destabilizing and dysfunctional. The richest fifth worldwide now account for 86 percent of global consumption while the poorest fifth get by on 1.4 percent, down from 1.7 percent two decades ago.
CLIP - A MUST READ recommended by Bill Derau>

Astronomical Incomes (July 31)
Want to see the real story about the skewed distribution of household income in the U.S? Take a look at this. (...) This huge gulf between the rich and the rest of us is a recent phenomenon. From World War II up to 1979, incomes increased at about the same rate in all brackets. But from 1979 to 1997, the average annual income of the top 1% (after taxes) increased by 157%, or $414,000 in 1997 dollars. Over the same period, the income of the poorest 20% fell by $100. Upcoming tax cuts will only aggravate the discrepancy. Without a drastic change in course, we as a nation will be putting our fate, more and more, in the hands of people who know as much about the reality of American life below the median income line as would a visitor from the planet Remulak.


31 Jul-06 Aug 2003
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

The Green Party Plans to Field a Presidential Candidate in 2004

National Green Party leaders came away from a late July meeting with plans to run presidential and vice presidential candidates in next year's elections -- consequences be damned. Though some Greens are ambivalent about the prospect, the majority of the leadership seems to believe that the party needs a presidential nominee in order to command a national stage from which to address important issues related to the environment, social justice, corporate power, and more. (No word yet on whether Ralph Nader might again be the bearer of the Green mantle.) But by failing to make strategic decisions about which electoral battles to fight -- and which not to -- the Greens are set to damage the party's long-term prospects, argues Norman Solomon in Grist's Soapbox.

Read it in Grist: Greens plan to field a presidential candidate in 2004 -- consequences be damned -- by Norman Solomon in Soapbox

Marine Hotspots Could Be Key to Saving Endangered Ocean Species

Rainforests and savannah watering holes have long been recognized as biodiversity "hotspots," where a wide array of species live and interact. Now, scientists have pulled together compelling data pointing to the existence of marine hotspots as well -- ocean locations where a large number of endangered marine animals thrive, including tuna, swordfish, sharks, and turtles. In research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, German and Canadian scientists report that these hotspots tend to be found in areas where tropical and temperate oceans converge and where there are reefs. "This is like the watering holes in the Serengeti, where you have lions and leopards and gazelles and wildebeest and all species congregating at a relatively small spot," said lead researcher Boris Worm. Designating the hotspots as marine reserves would be a highly efficient way to protect marine species, including threatened large predators, the scientists say.

BBC News, Richard Black, 04 Aug 2003


From: "Focus">
Subject: A different vision for America
Date: 6 Aug 2003


"As a candidate for President, I offer a different vision for America, one which separates me from the other candidates. I am the only candidate for President who will take this country away from fear and war and tax giveaways, and use America's peace dividend for guaranteed health care for all, ending health care for profit. I am the only candidate who will stop the privatization of social security and bring the retirement age back to 65.

As President, I will cancel NAFTA and the WTO, restore our manufacturing jobs, save our family farms, create full employment programs, create new jobs by rebuilding our cities and schools. As President, I will repeal the Patriot Act to regain for all Americans the sacred right of privacy in our homes, our libraries, our schools.

This is a grassroots campaign to take back America. Join me from your cities, your towns, your farms and your campuses."  (Presidential Debate, ABC News, 5/3/03)

Across Southern California, activists wore newly-minted t-shirts: "Kucinich, a Democrat with Backbone." Below are two ways you can help us build our campaign to transform the Democratic Party into a party that stands for peace and justice...

STUDENT INTERNS WANTED Want to join our National Campaign Team? (Have a friend or family member in college or recently graduated?) The Kucinich Campaign is offering full-time internships for the fall, winter, and spring. You'll get hands-on experience in political science; some of you can receive academic credit. Most importantly, you'll be working to elect a candidate who battles for expanded educational opportunities for all, environmental renewal, and international peace.

Internships are available in areas such as field organizing; outreach to students, labor and other groups; Internet technologies; scheduling and events; office management; issues; media; fundraising/financial. Positions are mostly located at the National Campaign Headquarters in Cleveland, where out-of-town interns will be provided housing in a dorm-like atmosphere and a monthly stipend. Positions may also be available in your locale with regional Field Coordinators.

For more info and to download an application: To remind yourself how unique our campaign is:

Please forward this email to at least one new person. That's how we grow.

Let’s expand our awareness horizon to where the invisible becomes visible in a world without fear where we can feel at one with all of Creation.


See also:

Kucinich stands out at AFL-CIO event
The leaders of organized labor played host Tuesday night to a nine-candidate free-for-all among the Democratic presidential contenders. Long-shot contender Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio stood out from the crowd, delivering a rousing performance, challenging former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean on why he wasn't willing to cut the defense budget and demanding that Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri tell the audience whether he'd revoke the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and pull the United States out of the World Trade Organization. After the debate Kucinich insisted that it wasn't impractical to cancel NAFTA and pull out of the WTO. 'No one here answered that question.... None of them would say it -- not even Dick Gephardt who is trying to rely on support from labor to become the next president.'


Date: 10 Aug 2003
Subject: The Rising Tide of Support for Kucinich

Hi Jean,

Would you consider sending out the following email to your list? A group of us are doing all we can to continue to highlight Dennis Kucinich's successes because the corporate media are marginalizing him. This media has already picked Howard Dean as the Democratic front-runner before a single vote has been cast in the traditional Democratic primaries. Meanwhile, Dennis' success at fundraising and promotion of his candidacy (finishing 2nd in the MoveOn Internet primary!) using the Net is going under-reported - except by people like us, you, and other dedicated grassroots supporters.

Blessings for your continued outreach to awaken the masses to so many issues! The crud is rising to the surface so that the Light of day can see it and dispose of it. We must continue to take heart...and as Dennis said in a recent speak: "Courage, America! Courage, America! Courage, America!"

Your friend and coworker in the acts of revelation,



Dear Friend of World Peace,

The tide is positively turning for Representative Dennis Kucinich in his bid to secure the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 2004!

To the surprise of everyone except Dennis' supporters, Dennis placed a strong second in a field of nine Democratic candidates during the first-ever, online Democratic primary sponsored by '' in June, 2003. boasts 1.5 million activist American members. 76,000 of them voted for Dennis in that primary, or 24% of total votes cast. Many sent money and many pledged to work in his campaign.

As the true, progressive peace candidate, Dennis continues to speak out for world peace, justice, environmental sanity, for education and health coverage for all in a way that distinguishes him from the other eight Democratic candidates.

His humanitarian messages touch people in their hearts while his organized leadership against the Iraq war has garnered much respect and support for him. His passionate and compassionate speeches inspire people to work for a better world for all.

Dennis truly possesses a holistic vision which sees the interconnectedness of all things. It is from this primary vision that he speaks of the truth of our Oneness.

He deserves our support so that the true America can be rediscovered and nurtured to take its place in an interdependent world of cooperation and peace, not one of domination and militarism.

So, now with an infusion of a few millions of dollars for Dennis' campaign and lots of new volunteers across the nation, many of us are continuing to build campaign momentum into a groundswell of grassroots support. We are the campaign since Dennis does not take money from corporations.

You may ask how you can help this compassionate and skilled politician with only a few months remaining before the January Iowa caucuses begin.

There's a lot you can do to help Dennis! For instance, you can:

Circulate this email far and wide
Donate to Dennis'campaign -
Create Friends of Kucinich Clubs-
Volunteer for the campaign -
Read Dennis' inspiring speeches -
Inform yourself on the issues -
Inform yourself in general -
Read press about Dennis -
Buy a music CD about Dennis -
Join the Kucinich Net - KNET -

Please note that only United States citizens can make financial donations to Dennis' campaign. All donations of $250 or less are matched dollar for dollar by the Federal Government, so your contribution to Dennis doubles!

Contact us at 'Friends of Kucinich' so we can help you find volunteers in your area and help you build 'Friends of Kucinich Clubs' by the thousands across the United States.

Here's information from the Friends of Kucinich Web site at -

"Are you looking to get involved in the grassroots Kucinich campaign? Call the Kucinich For President Campaign toll free at 866-413-3664 to find out if there is already a local group in your area or other supporters who want to connect. If you want to do grassroots organizing they'll help you get started. You can also help engage potential volunteers in your community by starting a Friends Of Kucinich Club (

However you choose to organize, please post your contact information on the Friends of Kucinich site so that Kucinich supporters in your area can get connected. (Send to

Together we can help get Dennis Kucinich elected as the next President of the United States with an organized grassroots campaign!"

May Peace Prevail On Earth,

Kosta Makreas
Friends Of Kucinich International cooperation with:

Bob Silverstein, KNET Coordinator,
Gina Paisley, Kucinich4President Yahoo Group moderator
Neddy Harris, Friends of Kucinich International
Nickolai Parker, Friends of Kucinich
Malachi Roth,


"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding, and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion, which desires the greatest good of the greatest number are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never been employed. It can today save the world."

Djwhal Khul

"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win the world is for enough good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif">
Subject: Gulf War soldiers are dying of a 'mystery' illness, falsely labeled 'pneumonia'
Date: 8 Aug 2003

Dear What Matters list members,

"The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA), an independent Gulf War Veterans' support organization, has long searched for answers to explain why nearly half of the 697,000 Gulf War I Veterans are now ill and why over 200,000 of those servicemen/women have requested disability, but have received no adequate diagnosis or treatment, from either the Department of Defense (DOD), or Veteran's Affairs. Though there have been over 125 studies done by the government at the cost of over $300,000,000 to the taxpayer, we still have no answers as to what caused so many of our soldiers to become ill. Meanwhile, the suffering veterans are receiving little, if any, medical treatment for this illness. It seems that whenever veterans become ill, the term 'mystery illness' seems to be the first and often the only diagnosis that is ever made. Veterans are then left to fend for themselves, sick and unable to work, with little hope of a normal life again. "The AGWVA is now again asking questions, this time, about the newest 'mystery illness' to hit the military. After being pressured by a few independent news reporters who have not permitted this 'mystery' to continue unabated, The DOD recently has been forced to announce the 'mystery' deaths of Gulf War II soldiers and that at least 100 other men and women have become ill. Again, however, there were no adequate answers, but, only that the 'mystery illness' diagnosis had reared its ugly head again.

"According to a family member of one of the military victims, the DOD recently, has changed its label of the illness and is now calling it 'pneumonia' in sharp contrast to what a physician on the scene reported. Due to continuing pressure for sound answers, the DOD was again forced to send an investigative team to Iraq, however the convenient, repeated lack of diagnosis, unfortunately translates into lack of treatment, and lack of compensation for the veteran. The jury is still out, however, if the DOD will be forthcoming with the truth this time. "Contrary to the 'pneumonia' and 'mystery illness' labels, enlightening information surfaced today on 'The Power Hour' radio show ( in an interview with Mark Neusche, father of Josh Neusche, one of the GW II troops to lose his life from the 'mystery illness' while serving in Iraq. . . .

"One of the most surprising statements to come from The Power Hour interview conducted on 'The Genesis Network' was that while the son, Josh Neusche, was a healthy young soldier on June 26, 2003, when he reported that he was going to serve on the secret hauling mission, by July 1, 2003, he was in a coma, and that day was suddenly classified by the military, as medically retired from the Army without Josh or his family's consent. "Josh did not die until July 12, 2003. Among other problems that this new classification created was that the DOD was no longer obligated to assist the family in getting to Germany to be with their son as he lay in a coma. Because the DOD would not provide even so much as plane or taxi fare for the Neusche family, all 650 members of the 203rd Engineer Battalion each contributed $10.00 to make the family's final visit possible. " The above is drawn from a Press Release of today's date - August 8 - issued by the American Gulf War Veterans Association. The release came to me as a subscriber to Angie Carlson's E-letter list. In her introductory remarks, Angie writes: "This is the government that paid literally tens of millions of ill gotten dollars, the compulsions from the U.S. taxpayer, they cutely call 'taxes', to bribe dozens of nations for their 'cooperation' to the brutal attack and occupation against Iraq, YET, this is the same government that can't spare the puny air fare for the parents of the abused and criminally used US dying veteran.

"What kind of a monster are we dealing with, folks? It is a monster gone amuck, with the darkest spirit working against not only the 'cannon fodder' it employs in its global adventures, but against the world, and as the primary player against world peace and security. The sooner the American people grasp this one fact and what it entails, the sooner the chains of the Constitution can shackle it back deep into the dungeon of ill fame, where it belongs. Otherwise, the world is without the restrains of civilization and barbarism is the rule of the day - as plainly evident around the globe as a direct result."

The complete press release from the American Gulf War Veterans Association can be read at

-- I need to devote more time for sending out information on the underlying money madness to world events, and on my own writing. I will cut down, therefore, on alternative news E-letters. So to stay informed please do join Angie Carlson's list, by writing to her at

Another must for alternative news is Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow postings, to which you can subscribe via

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif

See also:

Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons Raises Health Concerns in Iraq (August 4)
High levels of radiation are showing up at a number of sites throughout Iraq, thanks to the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons by U.S.-led forces during the war in March and April. DU is considered a potential cause of cancers and birth defects. Some Iraqi doctors and others say that use of DU ammunition during the 1991 Gulf War led to a significant surge in cancers and birth defects in Iraq a few years later. DU is also suspected of contributing to the Gulf War Syndrome that has afflicted thousands of U.S. veterans. Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) has introduced a bill that would require the U.S. government to study the health and environmental effects of DU, but the legislation is going nowhere fast. The military says there's no evidence that DU causes health problems, and it insists DU ammunition is needed because it's dense enough to penetrate heavy tank armor.

Bush Administration is Hiding the Truth about the 'Mystery Pneumonia' Striking Troops in Iraq
Mark Neusche, father of US soldier Josh Neusche who died recently in Iraq from "mystery pneumonia" says that while visiting his comatose son at Landstuhl Hospital, he overheard the nurses say they were expecting many sick troops to be brought in "all at one time. In fact, the father actually witnessed approximately 55 other troops being received by the hospital after they were transported by a military ambulance (bus)," according to a report at the American Gulf War Veterans site... "The transported troops were exhibiting varying degrees of the illness. Some walked, some were in wheelchairs and others were on respirators. In the commotion, a doctor reported to the father that his son was suffering from a 'toxin.' No mention of pneumonia was ever made to him, nor was it ever reported in the medical record."

Mystery pneumonia is being caused by America's weapons of mass destruction (August 8)
Could America's mainstream media be any more perfidious and derelict in its so-called reporting of the current so-called pneumonia epidemic among U.S. service personnel in Iraq and a few nearby countries? A quick, informal survey of this week's coverage of the pneumonia story by our bastions of truth and enlightenment ˜ CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post ˜ shows that while all covered the story, none mentioned Gulf War Syndrome which befell maybe as much as 20% of the 700,000 Americans who served in the 1991 Persian Gulf War (PGW) or depleted uranium (DU) a radioactive weapon of mass destruction (WMD), outlawed by international treaty and world courts, that was used exclusively and extensively by the United States during the PGW and that was used by the U.S. during the recent invasion of Iraq at 10 times its PGW rate.

Soldier dies suddenly of illness after April deployment to Iraq (August 7)
Army Spc. Zeferino Eusebio Colunga was a healthy 220-pound former Texas high school tackle when he was deployed to Kuwait in late April. He died on Wednesday at a hospital in Germany after a battle with acute leukemia his family didn't know he had as well as pneumonia, his sister said Thursday. "When he left here, my brother was a totally healthy boy," Teresa Colunga told The Associated Press from the family home in Bellville, about 50 miles west of Houston.




This is an overview of 9-11 books, videos, the 9-11 movement, as of early August 2003. Please feel free to post or reprint in whole or in part.

9-11- New Books, Videos, the Growing Movement for Truth and Accountability

by Carol Brouillet, August 5, 2003

With over 100 books written on the assassination of J.F.K., it is hardly surprising that numerous books are being written about 9-11, many videos are being produced, and the research and the mobilization of people, determined to discover the truth about what really happened, why, and to hold those responsible accountable, continues to grow.

Over a year ago, a group of us began working on a film about 9-11. Then Guerrilla News Network ( interviewed me protesting General Myers in San Francisco, and gave me a sample DVD ( of their work, and revealed that they were working on a documentary on 9-11. I ,then, shifted my film-making efforts to supporting their work- Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 9-11 (, which we began showing in its many evolutions from September 2002, the edited rough cut, to the final version. In January 2003, we showed it outdoors in the San Francisco Civic Center after a big anti-war rally, where it was very well received; a second outdoor attempt to screen it after the day of largest international anti-war rallies in history in February was shut down by the police who informed us it was illegal to screen without a permit… On April 21st, we rented the prestigious Herbst Theatre (which holds nearly 1000 people) adjacent to the Civic Center, we filled the theatre (had to turn away 300 people)… and received a standing ovation.

The event, preceded and followed by receptions with Guerrilla News Network, Michael Ruppert,Peter Dale Scott, Riva Enteen included a panel discussion moderated by Barrie Zwicker (, producer of The Great Deception ( I’ve heard him give his presentation, in person, a couple of times, and I’ve distributed over 100 of the videos- some to people who couldn’t get into the sold-out theatrical screenings of the video at the Red Vic in San Francisco. I have heard that the video could be seen 3 times, and that notes should be taken, as it contains a wealth of information, and has had a tremendous impact upon the ever increasing number of supporter’s of Mike’s vital research. It’s basically one of his earlier lectures on 9-11, 138 minutes, with clips which include Representatives Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney).

I have come to the conclusion that “the definitive video” on 9-11 has yet, to be made- we still DON’T KNOW what really happened. We do know that the government/corporate press lied about what happened and are engaged in a massive cover-up. Some brilliant, outstanding, research has been done by a number of people exploring different aspects of a large, complex, “special operation” which has government finger-prints all over it, but we have yet to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. The researchers have yet to meet in one place and put their heads together and compare notes/evidence/theories. Ken Jenkins and I have been speaking publicly on 9-11 and are using film clips from a number of documentaries to give an overview of our own understanding of what happened, and what we can/should, do with our understanding/ information, to expose the “Big Lie” and rein in those behind “Terrorism, War and the bid for Global Dominance, Control of Resources, and the Institutionalization of a Police State.”

Barrie Zwicker’s pathbreaking documentary “The Great Deception” (40 minutes - at which was the first televised challenge to the official narrative and aired in Canada in early 2002, is an extremely thoughtful, well produced, provocative, informative overview of the primary questions. We’ve shown this documentary at Teach-Ins and to people who have never even thought of questioning the official narrative. Barrie has added a new segment entitled “Fake Events” about the ruses government’s use to get support for their wars. ( Ken Jenkins feels that the wealth of historical information is what convinced him to speak out publicly and to “break the War Game once and for all.” With 9-11, they simply went too far, were too sloppy, and it is an opportunity for us to expose the inhuman, criminal lengths to which the Power Elite will go to orchestrate wars which further their interests.)

Daniel Hopsicker’s “Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus” ( is an investigative journalist’s on site investigation of the background of the alleged hijackers and the Flight School in Florida where they received their training. This documentary shatters the “cover-story” of the Islamic extremists on a suicide mission under Bin Laden’s orders myth. This 60 minute video focuses rather exclusively on one aspect of the story, and it raises more questions than it answers about who was financing this, from where…?

Painful Deceptions is a 2 hour video/DVD ( supplement to the book “Painful Questions.” ( Both book and video review the photographic evidence surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon. Eric Hufschmid, who writes software, runs his software for machine shops business out of his home, and is not a professional filmmaker, has nevertheless done a great job of meticulously analyzing the available photographic evidence that suggest that it was a missile, rather than a plane, which hit the Pentagon, and that it was explosives, rather than airplanes which brought down the towers and building number 7 of the World Trade Center. He cracks a lot of jokes in the video, and speculates a bit about what happened, and I certainly don’t agree with him on every aspect of his analysis, but he has done everyone a service in compiling the book and video which examine evidence completely overlooked and ignored by others.

September 11, 2001: Cover-Up or Complicity? ( by Jeremy Wright features Barrie Zwicker and Michel Chossudovsky. This is basically a recording of a presentation at the 2002 People’s Summit ( which countered the G8 Summit held outside of Calgary last year. Michel Chossudovsky’s exposure of Bin Laden (, Al Qaeda ( as C.I.A. assets and the key links behind the “Money man behind 9-11” and top U.S. officials ( are the “smoking guns” (along with the military standdown) which prompted me to march on my senators (9-11.html
DCI) demanding an investigation of 9-11 in January 2002. The tape has the feel of a classroom lecture, though, with a couple of highly produced segments from Barrie’s television programs.

911- The Road to Tyranny (146 minutes - at and Masters of Terror (2 hours at by Alex Jones is more melodramatic, lively, and controversial. Alex is a Christian radio/television talk show host in Austin, Texas who puts in incredibly long hours exposing government wrongdoing. He has done a number of videos which he encourages everyone to copy and disseminate. Masters of Terror includes a segment aired in July 2001, where Alex tells folks to call the White House and Congress to tell them “We know you’re up to something, and if any terrorist attacks occur in the U.S., if any planes crash into any buildings, like the World Trade Center; we’ll know you were behind it!”

While the progressive Left, has ignored events like Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the first World Trade Center bombing, the right has found much evidence of U.S. complicity to further the construction of a police state. While Alex sometimes gets his facts wrong (like mistaking Senator Boxer for Senator Feinstein), he unearths a lot of information which deserves scrutiny and gives me hope that the truth about 9-11 will bring right, left, and center together to halt those at the top, who are abusing power at the expense of the vast majority of people, in violation of the most basic, commonly shared, human values.

Aftermath-Unanswered Questions from 9-11 (35 minutes at is (now) a highly produced video featuring a range of voices- from Mike Ruppert, Alex Jones, Peter Dale Scott, Riva Enteen, Nafeez Ahmed to John Judge and Mary Schiavo addressing eleven major questions. With Paris narrating, original music, and a pulsing background beat, it grabs the attention of the MTV generation, but for those who are completely unfamiliar with this material, sometimes the music and graphics are a bit distracting from the stunning information, revelations, that are condensed into powerful narration and sound bites. The final “What can we do?” questions responses are less intense, almost rambling, and at times bypass the question and allow the speakers to articulate their key points. The film has been criticized for not going far enough, and allowing Soros to appear “benevolently concerned about the chill on democracy underway.” Despite it’s imperfections, it has been the best tool we have had to raise the very important questions publicly, and foster dialogue on a taboo subject. When we organized the big premiere screenings in the Bay Area, we made 5000 giant movie posters to plaster all over the city (as well as in the Symphony Hall, the City Box Office- where the full spectrum of society could view them). We wanted them big so that we could post the questions to public view-

To what extent should airlines have been prepared for 9/11?

What did the Bush administration know and when?

Why wasn’t the US military able to intercept the hijacked planes?

How did the administration respond to the failures of the military and Intelligence agencies on 9/11?

What ties, if any, did the US government and Intelligence agencies have with the terrorists or their supporters?

Were there plans for a war in central Asia prior to September 11?

Is there an underlying motive, besides the War on Terror, for the US military presence in Central Asia?

Is there any historical evidence to suggest that the government may have used the 9/11 attacks to justify its war in Central Asia?

How has the government's reaction to the terrorist attacks affected the rule of law in the United States?

How has recent legislation like the PATRIOT ACT and the Homeland Security bill affected the lives of American people?

What can we do?

Everyone is encouraged to show this film in September to counter the pro-Bush propaganda film that will be coming out at that time. (If you need posters, I still have 2500 that need homes…) The DVD also contains more extended interviews with the researchers, plus forty minutes of the panel and Q & A from the San Francisco showing.

Anthony J. Hilder’s Illuminazi 9-11 ( is done in a somewhat melodramatic style with puns galore, and images from the Third and rising Fourth Reich. Hilder has been researching the Power Elite for 25 years and has the scars to prove it, if you ever meet him, and wonder why he’s still alive. In this Orwellian world, I find myself unable to watch the news without cringing; Hilder’s work which seems so melodramatic and a far cry from the “ordinary world” that most people think they live in, still contains nuggets of information, and challenges the crafted façade that most people accept at face value, but I’m afraid the style is one which reeks of “satire” and is hard to take seriously- even if it is true!

Wat Tyler’s Revenge (, by Shadow Government TV (27 minutes), includes two of Guerrilla News Network’s great pieces- The War Conspiracy, S-11 Redux, a splicing of the footage from the Booker Elementary School where Bush was with the kids while the events in New York were unfurling, with clips of powerful testimony from the victim’s families, and footage from the Fireman’s documentary which chronicled the initial attack and response. Some of the footage is from the Unanswered Questions Press Conference in DC June, 2002. This could be a major eye-opener for those who haven’t already seen all that footage elsewhere- it’s brevity is a blessing, as the lengthy videos- few have time and patience to sit through…

As for the books, The War on Freedom- How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 (, by Nafeez Ahmed is a great analysis, well documented which I highly recommend.

There is a new book out with a similar title- The War on Freedom- The 9-11 Conspiracies ( by Jim Marrs. It is well written and has some excellent information which I hadn’t read elsewhere, but Jim has written extensively on “conspiracies” and throws in some weird stuff which invites the reader to dismiss the entire book. At times he distances himself and says some people allege that “blah, blah, blah…” diminishing in importance some of the most compelling well documented evidence I’ve come across. I prefer Ahmed’s book.

War and Globalization- The Truth Behind September 11th (, by Michel Chossudovsky, is excellent, very well documented and an easy read. I have the highest respect for Chossudovsky and his work. His website ( and magazine, Global Outlook ( are also outstanding. (I just wish I could persuade him to come and speak in the U.S., but he won’t leave Canada).

All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion ( by William Thomas is a useful overview and analysis, but the book isn’t easy to get- you have to order it from his website or send the author a check or money order (unless an enthusiastic fan happens to buy a bunch of them and offers one to you). I’ve been trying to email and phone the author, without success for months.

" '9/11' " facing our fascist state & what a plot!, ( by Don Paul is a very easy read (he doesn’t bother with footnotes) which includes everything Don believes to be true (even if their isn’t any evidence beyond an online article…) Don is a friend of mine and has spoken on 9-11 at various events, but I must admit I cringe at moments when he starts talking about bloodlines, because I’m afraid most people will write him off as a “conspiracy nut.”

Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster- Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie ( by David Icke is another book which some people will dismiss completely because of David’s “wild stuff.” I hadn’t read any of his previous works and lots of people told me that I should read his work which they agreed with (except the weird shapeshifting reptilian stuff), and I must admit I was very curious about this guy and delighted to receive a review copy of his work to see for myself. He has a huge website and has written many books and lectured all over about “the ruling class,” who has sought to control humanity for thousands of years. It is within this context that he analyzes the events of September 11th, and the key players.

I must say I do have a great amount of respect for David, for having the courage to voice a belief system which is definitely not a popular one, and also for having the courage and energy to physically follow up and investigate the story of what really happened on September 11th and going to the airports, the FBI, and asking questions. He has certainly done more to discover the truth about 9-11 than the so-called “Independent Commission” and “Joint House/Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee” whose mandate is to cover 9-11 up and use it to “strengthen the C.I.A.,” justify “Homeland Security,” and direct blame away from the White House and guilty operatives. Unfortunately, I’m afraid many will simply dismiss Icke’s work because of the larger conspiracy that he keeps referring to (“for details buy my other books…”) which is beyond the realm of “possibility” for most people.

Pentagate ( by Thierry Meyssan, is the second book by a French author whose photographs, posted on the internet, questioning whether a Boeing hit the Pentagon stunned the world. I read a battered copy, lent to me by an activist who had come all the way from Florida to meet up with 9-11 activists in California; he used the book as his primary tool to convince skeptics through the photos that the 9-11 narrative was an enormous lie. I must say it’s almost breathtakingly stunning in its contents and photos, and includes information about a fire that occurred in the Old Executive Building of the White House, on the morning of September 11th that received almost no publicity. When we were demonstrating against Bush in Burlingame last June, I was also stunned to hear Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange finally start talking about 9-11 and citing Meyssan’s evidence that “no plane hit the Pentagon.” This book definitely should be checked out- I just wish I knew how to get them by the case.

The Party’s Over- Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies ( by Richard Heinberg, in startling contrast to Icke’s work, this is a very well documented book, which effectively challenges modern myths about the inexhaustible supply of energy. Richard spoke at the Aftermath screening on Earth Day and eloquently described the deeper politics behind the wars over the remaining fossil fuels in the age of diminishing supplies. The harsh truths and choices are not being articulated by our politicians, but Richard clearly delineates them in this extremely timely, important, book.

Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina ( by Peter Dale Scott is another extremely well documented book which includes an updated version of the banned “War Conspiracy” that Scott wrote during the Vietnam Era which explores the links between the C.I.A. and drug trafficking and geo-politics. This is another huge piece of the 9-11 puzzle and very important to understanding the C.I.A. and U.S. foreign policy.

Consciousness is rising. The peace groups who didn’t want to “think about U.S. complicity” are beginning to come around. The Deception Dollars ( we created last October have been enthusiastically spread by activists throughout the United States and the world; we’re on our Fifth printing now and over 2,000,000 of them are in circulation; they have been added to the collections of museums, featured on television, in print, included in radio interviews, and passed out to a Rockefeller family gathering. People have also lost their jobs, and been followed for distributing them and other 9-11 materials, but the tide is turning, Bush is losing popularity and his credibility continues to diminish. Thank-God for art, humor, creativity and courage! The movement is growing. Public Forums, Teach-Ins, Film Screenings, Marches and Demonstrations are actively being planned for September. The movement still lies beneath the radar screen of the mainstream press, while headlines reveal the desperate “damage control” efforts of the Bush Administration and the hawkish Democrats. Plans are in the works for a 3 days of special programming on Pacifica Radio to coincide with forums in New York City and throughout the country. There is more and more room for the grassroots, and politicians to speak out, and put a halt to the rampages of the current Administration.

New avenues of research on 9-11 are opening up and new synergies/collaborations developing as relationships/networking occur, and I remain optimistic that the truth will emerge. Ultimately, the vast majority of us, working together, should be able to halt the war profiteers and redirect resources from terrorizing, killing and controlling the planet towards healing, and nurturing healthy relationships between all people and all life.



Amazon destruction speeds up

New satellite information from Brazil has revealed a sharp increase in the rate of destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.

The information shows the speed of deforestation increased by 40% between 2001 and 2002 to reach its highest rate since 1995.

Figures from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) show more than 25,000 square kilometres of forest were cleared in a year - mainly for farming.

Environmentalists have expressed alarm at the development which represents a sharp reversal of a trend in which destruction had been slowing.

"The rate of deforestation should be falling, instead the opposite is happening," said Mario Monzoni, a project co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth in Brazil.

Environmental organisations say one major cause is the spread of large-scale soya farming in the southern Amazon.

Soya production is growing rapidly in the area as a crop that offers large profits for farmers and gives a sizable boost to Brazil's trade accounts.

But campaigners also blame the authorities for failing to enforce environmental protection laws.

The country's centre-left government, under the leadership of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is due to announce new proposals next week to tackle deforestation.

Task ahead

The new Environment Minister, Marina da Silva, who has long campaigned to protect the Amazon, has promised to action but she inherits a difficult situation, says the BBC's Sao Paulo correspondent Tom Gibb.

On the one hand, the country has a new multi-million dollar satellite and radar monitoring system providing plenty of accurate data as to where deforestation is occurring.

But budget cuts on the ground mean that environmental protection agents often do not even have enough money to buy petrol for their boats and cars, let alone mount operations to arrest illegal loggers and farmers, our correspondent says.

Likewise, loopholes and corruption in Brazil's chaotic judicial system mean those caught destroying the forest almost always go unpunished.

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to 30% of all animal and plant life on the planet.

In the last 15 years, 243,000 square kilometres have been deforested, the equivalent of 5% of the Brazilian Amazon.

AMAZON DEFORESTATION 2002: 9,840 square miles (25,476 sq km) lost

2001: 7,010 square miles (18,166 sq km) lost ---



One in Ten Tree Species at Risk of Extinction

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, August 4, 2003 -- More than 8,000 tree species, 10 percent of the world's total, are threatened with extinction, and the situation has grown worse over the past five years, according to a new report sponsored by the UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

"Towards a Global Tree Conservation Atlas," published this week, shows that 976 tree species are in a critical situation, and very few of these endangered trees are being conserved in the wild. The report highlights the plight of five "flagship" species that the Global Trees Campaign is working to save.

The report provides new information about flagship species such as Araucaria araucana, Chile's national tree, called the monkey puzzle tree; Swietenia macrophylla, Brazilian Mahogany; Cinnamomum cebuense, Cebu Cinnamon; Baillonella toxisperma, known as Moabi and used for decorative timber, animal feed and cosmetics; and Caesalpinia echinata, called Pau Brazil, the national tree of Brazil.

One of the flagship species, the monkey puzzle tree, Araucaria araucana, was damaged by a forest fire in Chile 18 months ago, which destroyed 71 percent of the araucaria forest in Malleco National Reserve. Some of the trees were 2,000 years old.

The Global Trees Campaign, developed by Fauna & Flora International in partnership with the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), is an effort to save the world's most threatened tree species and their habitats through information, conservation and wise use.

An important element of the information campaign is the development of a mapping program leading to a proposed World Atlas of Threatened Trees.

The Global Trees Campaign focuses on trees as flagship species for conservation of ecosystems and landscapes, and enables local people to carry out rescue and sustainable use operations. The campaign works in partnership with organizations around the world to save endangered trees.

The extent of the damage to the Chilean monkey puzzle trees was revealed in research by Cristian Echeverra, who is based at the UNEP-WCMC center in Cambridge. He is pioneering a technique for mapping the fragmentation of the forest, using remote sensing from satellite images of the last 25 years to assess the rate at which native forests are disappearing.

In one of the Chilean study areas, 64 percent of the wild forest has been lost in 25 years and the continuous forest cover broken. Reconstructed maps show that in 1550, when the Europeans arrived, the entire country would have been forest.

Echeverra said, "After years of destruction the monkey puzzle tree is now found in two small areas in the Andes and on the coastal mountain range. Fires in the summer season of 2001-2002 have destroyed 30,000 hectares of native forest, including 71 percent of the area of monkey puzzle and 61 percent of Nothofagus, a native beech, in one of the three reserves affected."

Mark Collins, director of UNEP-WCMC, said, "New research, such as that on the monkey puzzle, is revealing that fragmentation of wild forest and the re-plantation with potentially invasive foreign species are major threats, demonstrating the urgency of managing forests sustainably."


Mark Rose, FFI executive director, believes that further regulation of the timber trade is also required. "We estimate that almost 50 percent of the tropical timber in international trade has been illegally logged."

One thousand globally threatened trees are threatened in part by unsustainable levels of logging, Rose warns. "Accurate, objective information is required to strengthen international trade control mechanisms such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species."

Copies of the preliminary report "Towards a Global Tree Conservation Atlas" are available on:

See also:

Full coverage: Environment and Nature



Impeachable Offenses

by Belva Ann Prycel

The Lincoln County Weekly

08 August 2003

This week as President Bush and his closest advisors altered stories in an ongoing effort to deflect blame about "intelligence failures," I am reminded of a quote by Oliver North from his Iran-Contra testimony, "I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version."

One cannot help but ask if these false and terrifying depictions of Iraq's destructive capabilities were really the products of intelligence failures, or if they were part of an ongoing and systematic policy on the part of those at the very head of government.

Thirty years ago during the Watergate hearings, investigators asked the simple question: "What did the president know and when did he know it?" A more appropriate question to ask today might be "Why didn't the president know before going to war what common people marching in streets all over the world knew?"

For those with Internet, BBC, and world news access, the information about forged Niger uranium documents, UN inspector's assessments on Iraq's unlikely chemical and biological capabilities, the CIA pronouncements that Iraq did not constitute a significant threat, the International Atomic Energy Agency position that no evidence existed of an Iraqi nuclear program, the absence of our CIA finding any credible links between Saddam and Al Qaeda, were all known among many citizens before Bush single-mindedly took the country to war.

Despite this, the president and his advisors repeatedly proffered in speeches and public appearances discredited information and hyped rhetoric linking Iraq to terrorism and 9/11. "Weapons of mass destruction" figured most prominently in arguing to the American people that there was an absolute necessity for ending UN inspections and waging a preemptive attack upon Iraq. This unsubstantiated argument was so persuasive that by the time the invasion began, fully 72 percent of the American public believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11, without a shred of credible evidence to support such a claim.

Now we are engaged in counting the dead, assessing blame, looking at huge financial burdens, and considering the ongoing loss of young American lives in an unwelcome occupation of Iraq. What is becoming increasingly clear is that if the president and his closest advisors knowingly lied in making the case for a preemptive war based on Iraq constituting an imminent threat to the security of the United States, this is assuredly an impeachable offense of the highest order of magnitude, manifestly greater than the constitutional abuses of Dick Nixon or the sexual lying of Bill Clinton.

We can unfortunately be assured that the Republican-controlled House and Senate will never allow an investigation of this president or his advisors, despite a truckload of incriminating evidence leading straight to the front door of the Oval Office. This leaves us, as citizens, to make assessments on our own without benefit of Congressional hearings or testimony on those who mislead us. In this effort, we can note however, that among those with something to hide, the administration's actions speak louder than words.

Most revealing and scarcely reported, is the crucial change that the Bush Administration initiated in the intelligence community, one which has had severe implications for our constitutional processes and national credibility. Always seeking to demonize Saddam, it appears that sometime in 2002 the tight cabal surrounding the president became increasingly dissatisfied with the CIA and other intelligence data which did not support their hawkish view on Iraq.

To address this, Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld created the Office of Special Plans (OSP) within the Pentagon. As Seymour Hersch and other investigative journalists have reported, this small group of OSP analysts was charged with finding evidence of what Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld postulated, and what our intelligence agencies did not endorse; namely that Saddam Hussein had close ties to Al Qaeda and that Iraq had enormous arsenals of chemical, biological, and possibly nuclear weapons that threatened the United States.

The OSP group relied heavily on data gathered by the exiled Iraqi National Congress, headed by Ahmad Chalabi, a character whose veracity and integrity were strongly doubted by the CIA and who had little respect from the Iraqi people, but who was nevertheless hand-picked by the Bush Administration to head any new Iraqi regime. (Chalabi had been, among other shady business deals and improprieties, convicted of a $7 million bank fraud in Jordan.)

Unfortunately it appears that Chalabi and the OSP office of the Pentagon became the primary source of the questionable "intelligence" accepted by the Bush White House. The CIA and the State Department were virtually eliminated from the loop.

According to W. Patrick Lang, former chief of Middle East Intelligence at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the OSP and the president's advisors manipulated and "cherry-picked the intelligence information to build a case for war."

The OSP provided largely unverified information, but it was the only information the administration wanted to hear. Further, it requires a rather enormous suspension of judgment to believe that George Bush knew nothing of these activities by the Vice President and his closest advisors.

Now Americans and the rest of the world know the truth: that the president took this country to war based on "faulty intelligence." But what does this really mean? It means the country was likely intentionally misled, and this is a prosecutable offense. It is a prosecutable offense because when a president takes the oath of office, he swears to "uphold the Constitution of the United States."

Manipulation or deliberate abuse of national security intelligence data is "a high crime" under the Constitution's impeachment clause. It is also a violation of federal criminal law and the anti-conspiracy statute which considers it a felony "to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose. "

Richard Nixon faced impeachment for misusing the CIA and the FBI, a serious abuse of presidential power. George Bush and his administration apparently manipulated and misrepresented intelligence to get Congress to authorize, and the public to support, a preemptive war to take control of Iraq.

For those who would give George Bush some largely undeserved latitude, let's be clear that this was not a benign act with no victims and no ongoing consequences. This was not a personal impropriety, a sexual tryst or a stain on a blue dress. This was a stain upon American democracy.

Thousands of innocent Iraqis died and many continue to suffer in a lawless war-ravaged country. Millions of civilians, including American servicemen and women are exposed to the health hazards of depleted uranium from U.S. missiles. Every day, more young soldiers die as Iraqis make sitting ducks out of American troops. The cost of war and a long occupation rises into the hundreds of billions of dollars, while our country faces a depleted treasury and deficits as far as the eye can see.

This is demonstrably a misdeed of monstrous proportions. A huge, costly, and deadly lie was foisted on the American public and the Congress. The credibility of the United States was severely damaged and the constitutional powers of the presidency abused.

George Walker Bush deserves impeachment. He deserves impeachment and removal from the office he was never elected to hold. Those who have paid the ultimate price with their lives demand no less. Our democracy demands no less. As citizens, we must clamor for the justice and accountability which our leaders would like to avoid. We must not forget.


Belva Ann Prycel is a resident of Alna, Maine.



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