November 25, 2003

The Hybrid Series #14: Bush Policies Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

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P.S. Helen Engel> mentioned to me that as of Nov 24, she has more than 50 people listed as interested to be part of the First contact with our brother and sisters from outer space.

Note also that the Italian translation of "CHANGE THE WORLD! - DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!" is now available at - while the Czech version is at

"The worst government is the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression."

- H.L.Menchen

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today."

- Theodore Roosevelt

"I know where weapons of mass destruction are...
Joblessness is a weapon of mass destruction.
Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction.
Homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction.
Poor health care is a weapon of mass destruction.
And when the government lies to the American people,
Mr. Bush, that is a weapon of mass destruction!!"

-  Dennis Kucinich, May 2003 (Forwarded by "David Workman">)

"I talking to the cop in front of me, who is snarling back. The cop behind him is the one who has been out of control and beating people, and the crowd begins chanting his badge number. One of the cops has a small, mean looking gun with a long snout and he aims it at me and shoots me directly in the eye with a stream of pepper spray. The stuff covers my face and hair and streams down my arm. I still have my contact lenses in and my hands are now soaked in pepper spray so I can’t pull them out myself. We all fall back, move away from the cops who are shooting rubber bullets at us all. Lisa gets shot in the hip. The cops also stop, and I ask Andy to take my lens out but he doesn’t know how. The stuff burns but half of all pain is panic and I’m not panicked, just concerned because lenses can trap the oil and cause permanent damage. Lisa comes over and pulls the lens out for me and I am washing my eyes with water and then they get the medics to wash them out with the liquid antacid solution we’ve found most effective. Elizabeth has been badly sprayed as well and I tell her, ‘Fifteen minutes—just remember it’s going to hurt for fifteen minutes and then it will be all right."

- Starhawk>  in her Miami Update (Nov 20)

"In the middle of the debrief, a friend comes up and tells me that Abby and her friends have been badly beaten up, jumped by cops on their way home to their hotel, her sweet, lovely face pushed into the pavement.. "We could kill you here," the cops tell them. I am really shaken. During the break I go off into the field and lay my head in Ruby’s lap and just sob. She asks me what I am seeing and I really can’t even say—I feel like I’m staring hard into the dark heart of cruelty and seeing more bad things headed our way. Two other dear young women, friends of mine, have been arrested and they are immigrants and I’m afraid of what will happen to them."

- Starhawk - Taken from URGENT Miami support still needed! Update 11/21-22


Eye on Infinity (Absolutely amazing pictures)
The steadfast Hubble Telescope takes the long view of space and time as it orbits the Earth, transmitting images of astronomical beauty and import.

Peace Flash animation with music
Recommended by Aradhana>

See graphic pictures and read articles about the anti-FTAA protests in Miami last week

General Tommy Franks calls for Repeal of US Constitution (A MUST READ!!) (Nov 23)
by Michel Chossudovsky
"Franks’ scenario goes much further. He is the first high-ranking official to openly speculate that the Constitution could be scrapped in favor of a military form of government." (...) Franks' interview suggests that an Al Qaeda sponsored terrorist attack will be used as a "trigger mechanism" for a military coup d'état in America. Franks is alluding to a so-called "Pearl Harbor type event" which would be used as a justification for declaring a State of emergency, leading to the establishment of a military government. In many regards, the militarisation of civilian State institutions is already functional under the facade of a bogus democracy. General Franks has nonetheless identified with cynical accuracy the precise scenario whereby military rule will be established: "a terrorist, massive, casualty-producing event [will occur] somewhere in the Western world – it may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event."This statement from an individual who was actively involved in military and intelligence planning at the highest levels, suggests that the "militarisation of our country" is an ongoing operational assumption. It is part of the broader "Washington consensus". It identifies the Bush administration's "roadmap" of war and Homeland Defense. Needless to say, it is also an integral part of the neoliberal agenda. The "terrorist massive casualty-producing event" is presented by General Franks as a crucial political turning point. The resulting crisis and social turmoil are intended to facilitate a major shift in US political, social and institutional structures. In the words of David Rockefeller: "We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." (...) What is terrifying in General Franks' statement is that it accurately reflects official US foreign policy. It comes from a man who obeys orders emanating from the military command structure. (...) Franks offered his assessment on a number of topics to Cigar Aficionado, including: President Bush: “As I look at President Bush, I think he will ultimately be judged as a man of extremely high character. A very thoughtful man, not having been appraised properly by those who would say he’s not very smart. I find the contrary. I think he’s very, very bright. And I suspect that he’ll be judged as a man who led this country through a crease in history effectively. Probably we’ll think of him in years to come as an American hero.” CLIP - THIS COULD POSSIBLY BE ONE OF THE REASONS WHY FIRST CONTACT MUST NOW PROCEED WITH NO FURTHER DELAY...

Another flash animation comparing Bush to Hitler and their legacy
Doing business with the enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush - the president's grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

Take a sneak-peek at GFP's entries for the's 'Bush Lies in 30 seconds' contest.
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Good News!! Bush suffers energy defeat (Nov 22)
Senate blocks bill with subsidies for the oil and gas industry - WASHINGTON -- In a stinging and rare defeat for President Bush in the Republican-controlled Congress, the Senate voted Friday to block a massive energy bill that would have provided billions in subsidies to the oil and gas industry. Supporters failed by two votes to reach the 60-vote supermajority needed to stop a Democratic-led filibuster and bring the $31 billion legislation to a final vote.

Sweeping new emergency laws to counter UK terror (Nov 23)
Sweeping measures to deal with terrorist attacks and other emergencies are to be announced this week, giving the Government power to over-ride civil liberties in times of crisis, and evacuate threatened areas, restrict people's movements and confiscate property. The Civil Contingencies Bill, which covers every kind of disaster from terrorism to the weather, will be the biggest shake-up of emergency laws since the early part of the last century, replacing legislation which saw the UK through a world war and the IRA bombing campaign. Some of the proposals in the draft version of the Bill, drawn up in the summer, have alarmed civil rights activists, notably a clause that gives the Government the power to suspend parts or all of the Human Rights Act without a vote by MPs. Once an emergency has been proclaimed by the Queen, the Government can order the destruction of property, order people to evacuate an area or ban them from travelling, and "prohibit assemblies of specified kinds" and "other specified activities". If these rules had been in force during the Iraq war, critics say, they could have been used to to ban street demonstrations, making anyone who travelled to protest guilty of a criminal offence. (...) The US already has the Patriot Act, rushed through Congress after the 11 September attacks, which has been criticised for its effect on civil liberties. Such fears will have been heightened yesterday by General Tommy Franks, who commanded the coalition troops in Iraq and who has become the first high-ranking US official to talk openly about scrapping the Constitution in the wake of a major terrorist attack. "The worst thing that could happen is if terrorists acquire and then use a biological, chemical or nuclear weapon that inflicts heavy casualties," he warned. The effect of an attack on that scale could be to provoke Americans to "question our own Constitution and to begin to militarise our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event - which in fact, then begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution," he said.

UK: The Police State Is Here (Nov 23)
(...) Under the guise of the war on terror‚ we are witnessing the destruction of democracy‚ in order to protect it. As predicted here, the government is introducing its own version of the Patriot Act. Innocuously entitled the "Civil Contingencies Bill" if passed it abolishes civil rights of all kinds under the cover of the war on terror ‚ and an "emergency". And was Cooper's innocent‚ remark made in the light of the fact that he knew this bill was coming down the turnpike? The linkage is clear between chaos and order, chaos is al-Queda and order by the removal of all our hard-won freedoms and the creation of a de facto police state.

US Must Become Worldwide Big Persistent ISR Would Allow U.S. Military to Function as Strike Force
The U.S. military must cast an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance net over the world to keep a watchful eye on the current threat - a smart and patient enemy with access to commercial technology, a senior Army official said Nov. 17.

Mission Creep Hits Home (Nov 23)
Los Angeles Times | Military Actively Involved in Domestic Spying - American armed forces are assuming major new domestic policing and surveillance roles. Preoccupied with the war in Iraq and still traumatized by Sept. 11, 2001, the American public has paid little attention to some of what is being done inside the United States in the name of anti-terrorism. Under the banner of "homeland security," the military and intelligence communities are implementing far-reaching changes that blur the lines between terrorism and other kinds of crises and will break down long-established barriers to military action and surveillance within the U.S.

Military gets break from environmental rules (Nov 24 - VERY BAD NEWS!)
President Bush is expected to sign a bill Monday easing restrictions on DOD that deal with whales and rare species. (...) The bill allows the Navy to redefine "harassment" under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, making it easier to use low- frequency sonar suspected of
harming whales and dolphins. The Pentagon's $401 billion authorization bill for the 2004 fiscal year also exempts military bases from stringent habitat-protection requirements under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Ozone Layer "Sacrificed" To Lift Re-election Prospects (Nov 23 - The Cherry on the Cake!)
President George Bush has brought the international treaty aimed at repairing the Earth's vital ozone layer close to breakdown, risking millions of cancers, to benefit strawberry and tomato growers in the electorally critical state of Florida, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. His administration is insisting on a sharp increase in spraying of the most dangerous ozone-destroying chemical still in use, the pesticide methyl bromide, even though it is due to be phased out under the Montreal Protocol in little more than a year. And it has threatened that the United States could withdraw from the treaty's provisions altogether if its demand is not met. Talks on the unprecedented demand broke down without agreement at the conference in Nairobi this month as US delegates refused to consider any compromise.

Public Growing Tired of Being Mislead on Facts in Iraq
At least one in three Americans believe that George W. Bush should face impeachment for misleading the public and Congress about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to create support for war on Iraq. This is a new finding from a national survey conducted by the Retro Poll organization between October 29 and November 12. The actual proportion supporting impeachment was 40% but with a margin of error of plus or minus 8%, 1 in 3 remains a conservative population estimate. "We are seeing a rising tide of public anger that no one is paying attention to", said Dr. Marc Sapir, Retro Poll's Director.

Correct Answers and Citations to November 2003 Poll

I Know When Bush Is Lying: His Lips Move (Nov 21 by John Pilger)
(...) Blair must know his game is over. Bush's reception in Britain demonstrated that; and the CIA has now announced that the Iraqi resistance is "broad, strong and getting stronger", with numbers estimated at 50,000. "We could lose this situation," says a report to the White House. The goal now is to "plan the endgame". Their lying has finally become satire. (...) An unprecedented gathering of senior American intelligence officers, diplomats and former Pentagon officials met in Washington the other day to say, in the words of Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and friend of Bush's father: "Now we know that no other president of the United States has ever lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably . . . The presumption now has to be that he's lying any time that he's saying anything."

"The President Ought to be Ashamed" (Nov 21)
Former Sen. Max Cleland blasts Bush's "Nixonian" stonewalling of the 9/11 commission, his "lies" about Iraq, and his flight-suit photo op on the USS Lincoln after "hiding out" during Vietnam.

George W. Bush Loves Michael Jackson (Nov 21)
A number of explosions tore through the British consulate in Turkey today, killing scores of people. George W. Bush is in England, surrounded on all sides by enraged British citizens whose massive protests have required nearly every police officer in London to be put on the line of defense. This is happening in a nation that has been, both in government and among the populace, one of the strongest allies America has ever known. There are a couple of wars happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which are going very well. A great many soldiers and civilians have died in the last year. Osama bin Laden is still on the loose, and after nearly 750 days, the American people have still been given no explanation for why September 11 happened. It is 3:16 p.m. on Thursday afternoon as I write this. CNN has been covering, with total exclusivity, a parking lot outside a police station for the last hour. They covered an airplane landing. They covered the same airplane sitting still on the tarmac. They covered the airplane slowly moving into a hangar. All the while, talking head after talking head explored every conceivable facet of the parking lot, the plane, the tarmac, and the hangar, as well as a variety of parallel issues. No stone of data was left unturned. Why? Michael Jackson is about to surrender to police. In the last two years, CNN has not devoted this much energy and coverage to any story in the manner that is unfolding right now. Enron, the stock market, the reasons for September 11, the nomination of Henry Kissinger to chair the investigation into that event, the disinformation that was pushed by the Bush administration before the attack on Iraq, the civilian casualties during the attack on Iraq, the American troop casualties during and after the attack on Iraq, the missing weapons of mass destruction, the missing Osama bin Laden, the war in Afghanistan that is far from over, the outing of a CIA agent by the Bush administration in an act of political revenge, and about two hundred other explosive stories did not get the attention that Michael Jackson is getting now. CLIP

Bush Signs $401 Billion Defense Bill, Says U.S. Military Faces 'Historic Task' in Terror Fight
WASHINGTON Nov. 24 ˜ President Bush signed a $401.3 billion defense authorization bill Monday, saying members of the U.S. armed forces are facing "a great and historic task" in confronting and defeating the forces of terrorism.

Politics, pipelines converge in Georgia (Nov 24)

Joe Vialls: An amazing geopolitical assessment! (Nov 19)'759'&batch='16'&lists='cj'
See also the ensuing debate about this controversial Vialls article'760'&batch='16'&lists='cj'
This was also discussed in this other article recently recommended...
Countdown to Armageddon?
One last Note: It is important to keep in mind that such writings by Vialls may very well be part of a deception strategy by dark forces to keep us entrapped into the fear mode. So please focus your attention on all this above ONLY if you feel certain that Light is prevailing.

Vialls Story Could Have Merit After All (I also found this on Jeff Rinse site)
According to this article from The Jerusalem Post, even the US is concerned that Israel will unilaterally strike Iran's nuclear facilities soon. This after striking inside Syria. How long will the Islam/Arab world wait to end it all in the long awaited Armageddon? It appears Israel can do anything they damn well please with all the nukes they have. It would take something just like Mr. Vialls reported to stop them in their tracks, I think. US Concerned Israel Will Attack Iran's Nuclear Reactor CLIP

Russia Ready To Vaporize Israel? Pt 1

Russia Ready To Vaporize Israel? Pt 2 (With pictures of the new Onyx cruise missile)
Vladimir Putin hammers the final nail into Israel’s coffin (...) Though Sunburn can fly 150 kilometers at Mach 2.1 [1,520 mph] at an average altitude of 60 feet, Onyx leaves this performance for dead. Using the same launch tubes as Sunburn, Onyx streaks along its extended 200+ kilometer flight path at a blistering Mach 2.9 [2,100 mph], while hugging the ground even closer at an average altitude of only 45 feet. Onyx is 100% “Fire and Forget”, meaning that once out of the launch tube, flight management is entirely automatic, and you can forget the doomed 93,000-ton aircraft carrier sitting meekly down range, only minutes away from being converted into environmentally-friendly heat and light. Though SS-N-25 deployment might seem like giant overkill, this is far from being the case, because Onyx differs from Sunburn in one utterly crucial way. So great is the kinetic energy at the point of impact on the target, that Onyx can sink an American aircraft carrier using only a conventional penetrating warhead. Those boffins who might doubt this should calculate the impact energy of 5,500 pounds of missile striking a carrier at a terminal velocity of 2,460 feet per second. Onyx means that Russia or China can sink American aircraft carriers at will without ever having to escalate to nuclear warfare, which gives both countries a massive strategic advantage. CLIP

Who Is Joe Vialls?

Kucinich Posts Secret Diebold Memos On His Web Site
(...) Diebold has been using coercive legal claims to intimidate internet service providers and even universities to shut down websites with mlinks to its memos and remove the memo content. Under copyright laws, however, universities are exempt, and posting links to the memos is not considered a violation of the law. By abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Diebold has intimidated numerous internet service providers to comply with its requests. The damage is two-fold: 1) limiting the public’s information about the security of its voting machines, and 2) expanding corporate control over our most free medium of expression, the Internet. Congressman Kucinich is working to address these problems by providing some of Diebold’s internal memos on this site to increase public access, drafting legislation to address software security problems, and working to investigate Diebold’s legal abuses. Congressman Kucinich is working with his Congressional colleagues to draft legislation that would create an open-source design process for voting machine software. This process would ensure public oversight and transparency, as well as establish the most secure voting software for citizens to cast their votes.

Protestors Rally Against Bush's Visit to London
LONDON, Nov. 20 - Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square cheered and whistled today as a papier-mâché effigy of President Bush, painted gold to resemble the toppled statue of Saddam Hussein, was yanked to the ground at a peaceful rally. Marching their way through the heart of the city as dusk settled over Big Ben, the protesters took to the streets to express their anger over Mr. Bush's state visit, his policy on Iraq and his close alliance with Prime Minister Tony Blair. The protest, which the police say was 70,000 strong and the organizers put at 150,000, was one of the biggest-ever midweek demonstrations in London. The police lined the streets along the demonstration route to ensure order, and succeeded in large measure.

Organizers Say 300,000 Protested Bush in London
Reuters: Around 100,000 protesters marched through London and tore down a mock statue of visiting Resident Bush Thursday, many of them convinced his policies were to blame for anti-British bombs in Turkey. Demonstrators of all ages beat drums and blew whistles along a 3-mile route that took them past parliament and the end of Downing Street, where crowds paused to jeer toward Prime Minister Tony Blair's office. When they reached Trafalgar Square, protesters felled a 20-foot papier mache statue of Bush in a parody of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein when U.S. troops swept into Baghdad. In its top pocket was a puppet with a grinning Blair face... Organizers estimated as many as 300,000 people had taken part in the demonstration. A police crowd control officer on the ground put the turn-out at above 120,000, while Scotland Yard's press office said there were 70,000 protesters.

Going Backwards (November 21)
Patriot Act Expansion Moves Through Congress - WASHINGTON -- Congress is poised to approve new legislation that amounts to the first substantive expansion of the controversial USA Patriot Act since it was approved just after the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and the Pentagon. Acting at the Bush administration's behest, a joint House-Senate conference committee has approved a provision in the 2004 Intelligence Authorization bill that will permit the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to demand records from a number of businesses--without the approval of a judge or grand jury --if it deems them relevant to a counter-terrorism investigation.

JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together
An organic reconsideration of US history and major "conspiracy theories" of the past 40 years, including those pertaining to the 9-11 attack, and how they shed light on America's present drift into fascism. (...) Until the full case against Al Qa'eda is made available for public review, we have absolutely no assurance that this "proof" isn't exactly like the "proof" of Iraq's weapons programs -- i.e., a big fat lie from top to bottom. On these terms, wholesale acceptance of the hijacker scenario will continue to be what it has always been: a pathetic display of blind faith in this administration's utterances, and in those of its media accomplices. At present, it is astonishing that anyone places faith of any kind in either party: by means of the "WMD" debacle, both have proven themselves amoral, duplicitous, and utterly devoid of humanity. Indeed, why do we give them so much as a moment of our attention? No one with a lick of sense would do this. A rigorous civilian investigation of 9-11 would help resolve such doubts. If Bush and the rest were standing on firm ground, they would fully support such a thing. Instead, they have worked to thwart both its formation and its progress, using every resource within their reach. Some time last year, they seem to have realized they were only fueling suspicions this way, so Bush grudgingly approved an "independent" investigation. The arrogance of this bunch is so disabling, however, that they actually damaged their credibility even further by naming Henry Kissinger to lead it. This is a man whose dedication to "US interests" verges on homicidal psychosis (see his treatment of Cambodians 1970, Chileans 1973, East Timorese and Kurds 1975, MUCH more). He could only be expected to skew this investigation accordingly, i. e., to omit and cover up any issue not conducive to empire building. Ironically, even Henry had the sense to admit he was an inappropriate choice, thus resigning from this duty, whereupon Bush immediately returned to his original tactic of stonewalling (1). Could the man possibly have something to hide? To appreciate the ugliest possibilities of the 9-11 attack, one must first become aware of the continuous practice of such manipulations by the entire progression of American politicians. The need to cultivate this awareness is itself an enigma: if you have the honesty to see this pattern at all, its full enormity, emerging over time, will at some point cause your previous ignorance to amaze you. Imagine living your entire life with an 800-pound gorilla, then realizing one day it's not a sofa, after all.

Assassins R Us (Nov 16)
As the Iraqi resistance expands and perfects its attacks, the American military, like so many occupying armies before it, is turning to methods of warfare long outlawed by civilized nations -- assassinations and reprisals against civilians.

Republican Budget is 'Out of Control' (Nov 23)
As Congress rushes to conclude its 2003 session, Republican leaders are trying to garner votes for controversial legislation by loading the bills with billions of dollars in added costs that analysts said would expand the budget deficit for years to come. The year-end binge has alarmed analysts in Washington and on Wall Street, coming as it does after three years of presidential and congressional initiatives that have both substantially boosted government spending and shrunk its tax base. 'The U.S. budget is out of control,' the Goldman Sachs & Co. warned Friday... [The] federal budget deficit [is] already projected to rise from a record $374 billion in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 to close to or above $500 billion in the current fiscal year... 'Evidently the word 'tomorrow' no longer exists in the vocabulary of otherwise responsible members of Congress,' said Warren Rudman, a former NH Republican senator. 'They are acting as if there is no tomorrow.'

The Other Shoe - America built a prison and put the world on Death Row (Nov 24)

9-11 Families Denounce White House 'Editing' of Key Documents

The 9/11 Cover-up (Nov 21, by David Corn)

Soldiers Quit Bush's Occupation Army in Droves - How Soon Will Draft Begin?

President George W. Bush's November 6 speech before the National Endowment for Democracy emphasizing the need for greater democracy and freedom in the Arab world, while containing a number of positive aspects, was nevertheless very misleading and all-too characteristic of the longstanding contradictory messages that have plagued U.S. policy in the Middle East. (...) Despite growing opposition to the U.S. occupation within Iraq and around the world and demands that the United States quickly turn administration of the country over to the United Nations or to the Iraqis themselves, President Bush claimed that any failure of the U.S. mission "would embolden terrorists around the world and increase dangers to the American people and extinguish the hopes of millions in the region." In reality, Amnesty International recently reported, "Since the rhetoric about war in Iraq began, and through the war itself, human rights have suffered significantly worldwide" and that "the politics around the war have ensnared millions of people, rendering them pawns as relationships between nations were forged into new strategic alliances." In announcing its 2003 human rights report, Amnesty reported, "While the overthrow of Saddam Hussein has brought greater freedom for the Iraqi people, the politics and distraction of the war in Iraq have had unintended, negative consequences for millions of people worldwide." CLIP

"Something Wonderful" is about to happen!
Naturally, everybody is focussed on the astonishing solar activity we have witnessed recently. But events elsewhere in the solar system may soon be coming to our attention. Newly discovered in the last two weeks by astronomical observer Olivier Meeckers, is a mysterious black spot on the surface of the planet Jupiter. A minor development, noticed by only a handful, but one with very interesting potential --for reasons both scientific and symbolic. (...) In the movie's sequel, 2010, a second mission returns to Jupiter nine years later, and finds a black monolith orbiting the planet and the empty, Discovery craft. They restart HAL and also encounter Dave -who turned into a starchild in 2001. He tells them to take off for Earth immediately because "something wonderful" is going to happen. Before they can leave, the monolith disappears, and they notice a mysterious black spot on the surface of Jupiter. On their next orbit around the planet they see millions of monoliths swirling out of the spot. The monoliths swarm across Jupiter, consuming it and turning it into a second sun - a new star. There are obvious echoes in all this of the astrological star on November 8th 2003.
Check also what Boudewijn Wegerif> wrote about this at

It's a hard time to be giving thanks? (Nov 22 - By Jackie Alan Giuliano)
It is difficult in these troubled times to give thanks, but millions of people in the U.S. will do so on Thanksgiving. However, the story that most families will tell and reflect upon is far from the truth about how this nation was settled. In fact, with nearly all of America's reasons for invading Iraq proving to be fabrications, the true tale of the invasion of North America is particularly disturbing. (...) This story is taught today in thousands of classrooms across the nation, and around the world, and is ingrained in most people's consciousness. Unfortunately, the entire story, from start to finish, is a complete lie. (...) This environmental and social devastation wrought by the European invaders of North America continues today. Oil company explorers, miners and loggers continue to introduce disease to the isolated cultures of Brazil and Venezuela, where one fourth of their population was killed in 1991. The myth of Thanksgiving has created a false sense of self in Americans that has done great damage throughout the world. It has resulted in children being planted with the seeds of racial hatred and white superiority. It is an insult to us all, especially since most Americans are ignorant of the truth, even though the facts about the grave robbing, Indian enslavement and murder, and the plagues, were common knowledge among the settlers of New England. (...) We must remember these tragedies as we shape the new millennium. With genetically engineered bacteria, crops and animals being created every day, are we risking a biological devastation like the Indians experienced? As the U.S. carries out plans to dominate the Middle East, are we repeating the sins that began this nation? We must examine how we are using this stolen gift of a nation. As life support systems crumble and species become extinct every day, can we really say we have learned anything in the last 500 years? CLIP

"The Europeans were able to conquer America not because of their military genius, or their religious motivation, or their ambition, or their greed. They conquered it by waging unpremeditated biological warfare."

-- Howard Simpson

"Considering that virtually none of the standard fare surrounding Thanksgiving contains an ounce of authenticity, historical accuracy, or cross-cultural perception, why is it so apparently ingrained? Is it necessary to the American psyche to perpetually exploit and debase its victims in order to justify its history?"
-- Michael Dorris

"European explorers and invaders discovered an inhabited land. Had it been pristine wilderness then, it would possibly be so still, for neither the technology nor the social organization of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries had the capacity to maintain, of its own resources, outpost colonies thousands of miles from home."
-- Francis Jennings


Strange things are happening in both outer and inner space. Scientists in Russia, most
prominently a man named Dmitriev, are discovering that the Solar System, the sun, and life
itself are mutating in totally unprecedented ways. Recommended by Kiara Windrider> who wrote "This is very important information, especially in light of the recent unprecedented solar activity, which far surpasses the normal 11-year sunspot cycles. We had the biggest coronal ejection last week in recorded history. What is happening? Is our solar system going through the equivalent of an "ascension" process?"

"Marcus L. Endicott"> is calling for a possible Global Boycott on Travel and Tourism to Communities Hosting Significant Commercial Arms Production and has invited all interested parties to participate in 31 days of discussion, from 01 December to 31 December 2003, in the green-travel group at

Please help Canada become the first nation to adopt a Genuine Progress Index for true sustainability. See the presentation by Joe Jordan (Lib. MP) of his motion M-385 adopted by the Canadian Parliament last June 3, 2003 at
Letters of support are required to ask for the implementation of this new index through the enactment of the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act and should be emailed to the Hon. David Anderson at> and the Hon. Paul Martin at>. More details on all this at or from Mike Nickerson>


NOTE FROM JEAN: I asked the following to Suzanne Ward: “I wonder if Matthew has some input or comment about the information I networked in Arisen Phoenix #1 on the imminent first contact...” and Matthew’s reply was:

Subject: Landings

22 Nov 2003

"Jean dear! At last we are able to report that indeed small craft landings may take place imminently. I'm sure you noticed my qualifying "may," as this is not yet an absolute plan for any of the civilizations I am in contact with; however, all is in readiness when it is determined that safety is assured for crews. Of those whose plans I know, it is individual choices of fleet commanders as to numbers of crafts and locations of landings, but the timing is decided by the Intergalactic Council so all is smoothly coordinated.

"An enormous amount of light has been welcomed by souls on Earth just in the past few days, and even though the dark agenda has not changed, those who would carry it out have been drastically weakened in ability to do so. NESARA draws closer and the landings are in tandem with that timing. This is not to say that they will happen simultaneously, but rather that when the major government changes have taken place, greater safety is offered to the landing parties. The expectation is that in conjunction with the removal from office of current people, orders will be given to "stand down" insofar as sending fighter planes. Nevertheless, there is awareness that renegade troops may be mobilized, so landing locations will be far from areas of prompt military striking power.

"Also, as I hear, ETs who have been living among you will not reveal themselves at that time. While both the implementation of NESARA and the landings are momentous events for Earth, Illuminati members will not just say "I'm sorry and I'll be good from now on," so ET identities will remain secret until such time as these many individuals are safe from harm. Even with light protection and their advanced abilities of detecting danger and self-defense, there is technology there to which they would be vulnerable.

"So, while a grand celebration would be premature in this exact moment, let your hearts soar in the knowledge that the long-awaited meeting of the space brotherhood is drawing nigh.

"With the love of the universe, this is Matthew."


NOTE FROM JEAN: The following excerpt from Suzanne Ward’s fourth book “Voices of the Universe” (available mid-December which, along with her 3 previous books, may be ordered immediately at 20% discount up to Dec 31 through is very relevant with regard to the current networking of material about imminent ET landings. This message is from Lazarus who, according to Matthew, is a powerful collective soul grouping whose energy is most respected universally.


October 23, 2003


S: That is certainly encouraging! What else have you been up to?

LAZARUS: We are always vigilant for meteors and other small celestial bodies and debris heading toward the planet, and you might be amazed at the number we have directed away from you. We aren’t alone in this effort—almost all of your nearby brotherhood are in on this protection and have been for ages. If this were not so, poor weakened Terra would have left her planetary body long ago.

Let me tell you of one such incidence. It wasn’t my “troops,” as you say, who were in on this particular save. An especially large speedy meteor was being directed at you by some heavy dark deep space pockets—the peak of those forces. They had wearied of their slow-moving conquest of Earth and decided to just annihilate the planet. When the space brothers saw that this meteor had been pulled out of its normal orbiting and re-directed at Earth, they put out an immediate call to Menta’s forces. They pulverized the meteor into tiny fragments that burned up before entering your atmosphere. That was, in your timing, about four years ago.

S: And we never suspected a thing—it’s just as well! Well, maybe a few astronomers picked that up. If so, they must have been mystified when the meteor vanished.

LAZARUS: If you could check with those who saw it, you’d find out that they discovered it just before it got nearly vaporized and concluded that it was an anomaly. You know that very few of your scientists give any credence at all to intelligent beings in space.

S: Isn’t that changing?

LAZARUS: Not significantly since we last talked, but I can guarantee you that it’s going to change in one wild moment, and that time of landings is getting closer.

S: Is there a master plan for this?

LAZARUS: ABSOLUTELY! The Intergalactic Federation Council is coordinating this with the various ETs who have been roaming your skies for 50 years. Longer, some of them, and MUCH longer in some cases—your Bible has a lot of evidence of ETs! You know Hatonn. His Pleiadian-based fleet has been around a lot longer than the ones who answered Earth’s cry for help about half a century back. One of Hatonn’s fleet’s jobs was maintaining the protective shield around Nirvana that extends to Earth during all visitations, residents there visiting you and vice versa—although you’re almost never aware of either.

S: I did know about that from Matthew. What other ETs will be landing?

LAZARUS: Besides representatives of Pleiades, there will be those from Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius and Vega. They will be the first because they are the ones in ships nearby and also, they’re your primary ancestors. I do know of Horiss’ message, so you already know that some of you have that ancestry, and some of their lighted souls will be coming. I say “coming,” but you know that many ETs are there already. They will be ecstatic to reveal their true identities at long last, and some of them are going to truly shock you!


This other brief excerpt from Suzy's 4th book is also relevant:

S: Hatonn, how are you coming along with your multiple responsibilities as communication master and intergalactic fleet commander?

HATONN: Communication is the more challenging by far because of all the wrong ideas folks have about telepathic communication, the DISinformation coming through, and that mountain of layers I was talking about. The commander function is easy by comparison! We’re all in a holding pattern, performing our various technologies that are helping your planet recover from the eons of neglect and abuse and ignorance.

As far as settling in and identifying ourselves as your "space brothers"—including those of us who are living right there with you—your world is not ready for this at this exact moment. You’re uncovering the darkness with each breath, and when all the uncovering is done that could pose a life threat to us "aliens" showing up in our crafts, then the landings will come. The same goes for those "aliens" who are walking your streets to properly introduce themselves. We all are eager for that day!


From: "Cr Walker, Allison">
Subject: RE: The Arisen Phoenix Series #1: D-Days for Initial First Contact
Date: 23 Nov 2003

Dear Jean,

I have been reading through all the wonderful stories that friends have shared on these pages.

I have been noticing for some time that I am feeling - Calm. Assured. Assertive. When I speak, there is a certain ring and clarity to my voice that is strange but at the same time....draws you in to listen. And the things that I am saying...I didn't know I knew...or the words I use are not the words I would have chosen. I was only saying to my husband the other day that I can't remember a time when I have felt so in control of myself and so clear in my intent. Almost like I have reached a pinnacle.

I feel other peoples pain...I know what they are thinking...I know what they are about to say or do...and it is OK.. Things that used to get me down or bother me no longer have that effect on me, and my energy is constant and in matter what is erupting around me.

A truly sublime space to be in.

At first I was full of "how long will this last?" and "This is too good to be true"... but as this feeling has stayed with me constantly for some 15 weeks now and before that it was with me on and off for about 30 weeks, and as it has shown no signs of even slowing up, I believe it is here to stay.

When I look back, I too have had the times when I have just wanted to be entwined with my husband, and he with me. Other times I just want to be with myself.
I have had days where I have felt like I was trying to push myself against the tide ... or through jello as Raya said .... Particularly in those first 30 weeks.
And there have been times when we have both had to go to sleep - for about 3 hours in the middle of the day - and we both wake up at the same time.

For me now I just live in the "now". This can be frustrating for those around me who like order ...because spontaneity is not the order of their day...but that is their problem and nothing to do with me. I get up when my body is rested, I eat when my body needs to eat, and I do things when I do them. Everything gets done in the right timing.

My husband is still working through some very old, very ingrained shame, blame and regret issues which are creating some interesting asides, but he is working though them now and at a rate that is phenomenal and with a progress that is amazing.

But the most interesting part is that neither of us have been actively involved in your meditations, neither of us even knew about the Concordance, and neither of us knew of the events that were happening around the eclipses....and it is happening to us regardless of those facts.

I have been using a mantra.... "In absolute truth I produce absolute truth, love and light" .... for some 18 months now, and I have felt a growing rolling and unfolding convergence with All That Is since I have been using that mantra. It is the most powerful mantra that I have ever used. It was given to me in a meditation.

Everyone who I have shared it with have come back to me with incredible tales of truth unfolding itself right in front of them. And if they continue to use it, their lives change.

People who are not living or talking in absolute truth have no choice than to tell the absolute truth in the presence of the mantra. A real boon for the justice system!!! They find themselves tripping over their own tongues trying to stop the truth from coming out...but it is no use. Out it tumbles anyway.

It is a bit of a giggle when car sales man tells you that you do not want to buy any car in his yard because they have all got things wrong with them... and as you thank him for his honesty and walk away, he is left there shaking his head wondering why he said that.

As I continue to use In absolute truth, it is becoming more and more ingrained in my aura. I am living absolute truth, and as I touch people, I find that they too are touched with Absolute truth... and their lives seem to change also.

The truth is all that is... and the truth will set you free.

As I write this to you, the winds of change are picking up outside, and the cleansing of the earth has begun in earnest as we usher in Our New World.

In absolute truth I produce absolute truth, love and light with every one I meet, and with everyone I am yet to meet, and every one I have met.

So Be It.

Allison Ann
Perth, Western Australia


From: Jette Møller Ibsen>
Subject: Concern about implants
Date: 24 Nov 2003

Dear Jean

I am writing to you because I have been thinking at lot of the implants Helen is talking about. I cannot se, how implants fit in with free will. In the REFERENDUM ABOUT WHETHER WE AGREE OR NOT TO WORLDWIDE CONTACTS WITH OUR MORE ADVANCED SPIRITUAL KINS FROM OTHER WORLDS, we were told, that we would have to agree with their coming, because of the free will. I do not doubt on minute, that the fellows who sent this message, should be welcome at any time. I'm still sure of that. But there were no mention of implantation, or agreeing to such things. Mankind have been deceived so many times to allow implants through time, space, dimensions and universes. Where I am now, is not the place to allow this again. What if it's not the same guys? But I could be wrong, and miss an opportunity of a lifetime. I am going to ask for advice, and I ask for your help, to ask others what they think about free will contra implants.

Love and light

Jette Møller Ibsen


Your concern is certainly a valid one and it also raised a yellow flag for me when I saw this. However I do not have a good response to give this either way. Indeed it contravenes our freewill and as such is not OK, yet in the current circumstances perhaps this is the only way for them to establish 2-way communications short of giving us a radio receiver linked to them. I'm sure there are valid arguments that can and will be offered to criticize or approve of this method. I'm including this in my next compilation and invite other subscribers willing to share their views with you to do so with a copy to me. I may later share the most salient points offered for and against with the ERN list.


From: Alex Kochkin - FFGA>
Subject: More from the Mayan Elders...
Date: 22 Nov 2003

Jean – this is the portion that preceded the material you clipped for everyone – I have underlined a section we are including in our book….

Alexander S. Kochkin, Director
The Global Interchange (GIC)
Fund For Global Awakening (FFGA)

Message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala C.A.

Friday, September 19 2003

“It is not our possessions, nor our actions that determine who we are. It is our decisions that make us. And if in this reality, with the divine power of life we have been given which is not defined, the destiny of our life is marked by its transience.”

- Don Isidro, Wise elder of the Kekchi Maya

….”Those working with the negativity are clear in their purpose. They are the owners and lovers of the material world. They govern with their power and with the illusions that they create. They have most of humanity half asleep. A human being has become an object for the purpose of production, to generate certain output during their lives. Today, s/he is a number, and object which creates necessities and useless gratifications that fills the void of their unconsciousness. Those working with the negativity are clear in their roles ? they don't discuss hierarchy, they know who the boss is in the different levels of power and they do their job with precision. The contrary exists in the side of the light. Here there is no idea of hierarchies - every person goes off on their own, each one with their own ego. They believe they are the owners of the truth, the wisdom and in their egoism scream to the four winds that they are the path of salvation. Many don't have a sense of what is happening. They have sold the knowledge that has been given to them. One of the gravest situations is that many cults and "new age" movements have emerged. Let it be clear that we are not against their work, but we are suggesting they return to the origin where their techniques came from. Many of them were taken from ancestral traditions - but only in bits and pieces, not in their entirety. Although it may work for specific aspects, the most essential elements have been left aside - the integral and harmonious development. We know that they are necessary steps for development and are a bridge or a path towards the essence of the great traditions, but it is important to recognize the origin of their techniques and to guide the persons towards the depth of the highest spirituality. The call is for unity, to leave aside all differences, to find respect and tolerance, to create the balance. It is true that when a white magician is born, a dark magician is born as well. The ones that are being born now are not wasting any time and they are clear on their mission.”…

Read the entire message at


Subject: Russian Compound Detention Center in Israel
Date: 20 Nov 2003
From: "Shabtai Gold">

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel


19 November 2003

The Russian Compound: Between the "Banana" and a Night on the Floor

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel releases a report following a visit to the Russian Compound Detention Center.

On 21 October 2003, PHR-Israel visited the "Russian Compound" Detention Center, in Jerusalem. This is the main detention center for Jerusalem and the vicinity, and contains 332 beds for detainees. The center is divided into two sections: "criminal" (where Jewish and Arab detainees are held) and "security" (where Arab detainees are held). The PHR-Israel team was not allowed to view the security section, which is under the authority of the GSS ("Shabak" or "Shin Bet").

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, as part of its "Prisoners and Detainees Project", has been conducting tours of police detention centers for the last 5 years. The goals of the visits are to examine the conditions the detainees are held in, to discover problems and to work to effect change in the system. Those held behind bars are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses since they are essentially locked away and hidden from the eyes of the public. The visits are conducted in coordination with the police- the only body in Israel which allows PHR-Israel to visit their lock-up centers. The Israeli army and the Israeli Prison Service do not allow such visits.

A full report on the visit to the Russian Compound Detention Center was compiled and is available in Hebrew. What follows here is a brief summery of the information disclosed in the report.

1) On the day of the visit, 30 detainees slept on the floor. This is a violation of the Israeli law pertaining to detention, which entitles each detainee to a bed. Below, one may find a link to the PHR-Israel press release following the relevant verdict handed down by the Israeli High Court.

2) In the basement of the detention center there are, it seems, three isolation cells. The detention center's staff attempted to hide their existence from the PHR-Israel team, and they were informed of the cells existence by a detainee. PHR-Israel was not allowed to visit them.

3) The detention center's staff punishes detainees for disciplinary violations. One of the punishments is the "banana shackle" (please see illustration above). This type of shackling causes suffering and pain to the detainee, and is not allowed according to the regulations of the Convention against Torture (entry into force 26 June 1987). 

4) Jewish and Arab detainees are held in separate cells. There is reason for concern that the detention center discriminates against the Arab prisoners. For example, the majority of the complaints received by PHR-Israel regarding dental care were of Arab detainees.

5) The prison doctor examines all the security prisoners before they enter. According to the GSS's demands, the doctor decides whether the detainee is "fit" or "unfit". A copy of the form the doctor must fill out is included as an appendix in the full report. There is serious concern that the doctor is essentially clearing detainees for interrogations during which torture might be used.

6) There is no mental health care given at the detention center. Instead, the detainees that are "suspected" by the medical staff of being mentally ill are held in observation cells. In the event that the prisoners act out by rioting or by other means, they are severely punished, without any verification of whether or not their actions were a result of mental distress; they do not receive treatment.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel turned to the Attorney General and to the Police Inspector General, demanding that the use of the "banana shackle" and all other forms of physical punishment be stopped. Likewise, PHR-Israel turned to the Ministry of Health and to the Israeli Medical Association (IMA), demanding that they express their opinion on the alleged involvement of doctors in the torture of those being interrogated.


See also:

Man's inhumanity to man in the occupied territories (November 24),2763,1091833,00.html
I thought it was bad three years ago. Now the landscape itself is changed. New settlements spring up everywhere; more than 60 since I was here last. You can watch their metamorphosis from a handful of caravans, to some Portakabins, then basic bungalows and, finally, the bristling, concrete hilltop fortress that is an Israeli settlement. Hardly a Palestinian village exists without an Israeli settlement lowering down on it from above. Everywhere there is construction going on - illegally: wide, Israeli-only highways to connect the settlements to each other, great mounds of rubble and yellow steel gates to block the old roads between Palestinian villages. And there are people waiting; waiting with bundles, with briefcases, with babies, at gates, at roadblocks, at checkpoints, waiting to perform the most ordinary tasks of their everyday lives.


Forwarded by "Jean-Pierre Caron">

The Bush Administration has unleashed the FBI against its political opponents

For Immediate Release: November 23, 2003

Faced with growing opposition to the war and occupation of Iraq, the Bush Administration has unleashed the FBI against its political opponents. Ten days before the October 25 demonstration that drew 100,000 people in Washington DC marching under the slogan, "Bring the Troops Home Now!" the FBI circulated an internal bureau memorandum documenting a far reaching campaign against anti-war organizations and leaders who have been involved in mobilizing large and legal mass actions.

"Under Bush and Ashcroft the exercise of First Amendment rights has become synonymous with terrorism. Today's front page report in the New York Times revealing that the FBI was targeting the recent national anti-war demonstrations in Washington and San Francisco must be understood as the tip of the iceberg," said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard attorney with the Partnership for Civil Justice and the National Lawyers Guild. The Partnership for Civil Justice and the NLG are litigating First Amendment cases against the FBI, Secret Service and Washington DC police as well as other law enforcement authorities for their unconstitutional disruption actions against political demonstrators.

"Under the banner of the war on terrorism, Bush and Ashcroft are resorting to J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO tactics of the 1950's and 1960's against the rising anti-war movement of today," stated Brian Becker of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, the initiator and co-sponsor of the October 25 demonstration. "This is the domestic parallel of Bush's doctrine of endless war. Internationally, the administration has carried out war, invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. On the homefront the government has cynically manipulated its so-called war on terrorism to illegally use the FBI as a tool aimed at stifling dissent. The movement will defend its rights, and will never be intimidated by the FBI's illegal targeting campaigns. Confronted with a rising tide of opposition, the Bush Administration is using its secret police against the people of the United States," Becker continued

"The FBI's so-called anti-terrorism efforts have intensely focused on political dissent since the resurgence of the U.S. social justice and peace movement. The big lie being foisted on the public is that these are post-September 11 counter-measures, when in fact we have uncovered in litigation that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force as well as the District of Columbia police department have been conducting illegal domestic spying operations against political groups and activists since well before September 11, 2001," stated Verheyden-Hilliard. "This has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with using the repressive apparatus of the state as a political tool," she said.

Email circulated by:
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Act Now to Stop War & End Racism


New York 212-633-6646
Washington 202-544-3389
Los Angeles 213-487-2368
San Francisco 415-821-6545


See also:

FBI Collecting Data on Anti-War Groups (New York Times - Nov 22)

Miami Vice - Undercover Cops Acted As FTAA Protestors (Nov 24)
Thursday. An ugly and bloodier ending to the Miami FTAA meeting was averted by a sudden decision tonight to end the closed official events one day early. FTAA co-chairs from the US and Brazil both described the summit as a step forward though it was widely understood that the agreement was far less than the American business community and the White House originally hoped for. (...) MIAMI - Protestors seemed to skirmish with heavily armored Miami police outside the Riande Hotel Thursday morning, but nothing is at it seems this week. These "anarchists" were undercover police officers whose mission was to provoke a confrontation. The crowd predictably panicked, television cameras moved in, the police lines parted, and I watched through a nearby hotel window as two undercover officers disguised as "anarchists," thinking they were invisible, hugged each other. They excitedly pulled tasers and other weapons out of their camouflage cargo pants, and slipped away in an unmarked police van. On the other side of the impenetrable police barricade, a young woman with a video camera was bent over, vomiting from pepper spray. The nonviolent revolutionary Starhawk stood blinded for 10 minutes as friends washed her eyes. Others knelt paralyzed on the street. A few hours later, hundreds of peaceful protestors - and a few shocked reporters - sitting quietly in Bayfront Park on Biscayne Boulevard were sprayed like unwanted pests by officers who described themselves as Robo-Cops. So began a day that could be explained as a planned overreaction by the City of Miami, the Governor of Florida and his supportive brother in the White House. Within a few hours, the massive police force was firing pepper gas and rubber bullets at 120 miles an hour against a small crowd of surrounded resisters who could have been easily contained. (...) With $8.5 million provided from the taxpayer funds meant for Iraq, the Miami police have splurged on "non-lethal" weapons, including CS-gas sprays. Gleaming new desert-colored armored personnel carriers and bright green water-cannon trucks backed the police presence on the streets. Newscasters embedded Iraq-style among the police provided a complementary narrative rationalizing the show of force. For example, when a young white woman holding her fingers in a V-sign was shot point blank with a rubber bullet, the local ABC commentator said without the slightest evidence, "She took a rubber bullet in the stomach, she must have done something. You wanna play, you gotta pay." (...) the telling comparison that should be made is not with Seattle 1999, but with the anti-WTO protests in Cancun, Mexico, just two months ago. There a Mexican police force with a long record of human rights abuses protected the WTO Ministerial with no offensive force, no gassing, no beatings and virtually no arrests. Protestors outside the fences in Cancun were far more aggressive than in Miami today. It was the first significant de-escalation of state violence in the history of anti-globalization protests. Miami and U.S. police officials were there as observers, but chose not to repeat the non-violent peacekeeping example of Cancun. CLIP

Dennis Kucinich has spoken out against the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas and committed to closing the School of the Americas. Over the past few days, many Kucinich supporters have joined in protests and suffered physical abuse from police while demonstrating against the FTAA in Miami, and suffered another sort of infringement of their first amendment rights in Georgia, where the military blasted music painfully loud in an attempt to prevent the demonstration against the SOA.
(...) Last night was a jolt into a reality that I never thought could exist in this country. What I describe below is the experience of a middle-class woman, a wife and mother who is simply a citizen of the U.S. concerned about the state of her nation. I do not have a shaved-head, tattoos or multiple piercings, and have not been running around with a sling-shot (as has been rumored about the FTAA protesters). I have never destroyed someone else's personal or private property (nor do I ever intend to) but I do take my first amendment rights very seriously and that is why I am writing this. CLIP


Date: 23 Nov 2003
From: "John T. Linnell">

FDA Issues Public Health Advisory On Phenylpropanolamine In Drug Products

All drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are being recalled.
(AGAIN the FDA has screwed up. How many died this time?)

You may want to try calling the 800 number listed on most drug boxes and inquire about a REFUND. PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE is causing hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain), strokes and seizures in children.

Here are some of the over the counter medications that contain PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE

Acutrim Diet Gum Appetite Suppressant
Acutrim Plus Dietary Supplements
Acutrim Maximum Strength Appetite Control
Alka-Seltzer Plus Children's Cold Medicine Effervescent
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold medicine (cherry or orange)
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine
Original Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough Medicine Effervescent
Aka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu Medicine
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus Effervescent
Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-Time Cold Medicine
BC Allergy Sinus Cold Powder
BC Sinus Cold Powder
Comtrex Flu Therapy & Fever Relief Day & Night
Contac 12-Hour Cold Capsules
Contac 12 Hour Caplets
Coricidin D Cold, Flu & Sinus
Dexatrim Caffeine Free
Dexatrim Extended Duration
Dexatrim Gelcaps
Dexatrim Vitamin C/Caffeine Free
Dimetapp Cold & Allergy Chewable Tablets
Dimetapp Cold & Cough
Dimetapp DM Cold & Cough Elixir
Dimetapp Elixir Dimetapp 4 Hour Liquid Gels
Dimetapp 4 Hour Tablets
Dimetapp 12 Hour Extentabs Tablets
Naldecon DX Pediatric Drops
Permathene Mega-16
Robitussin CF
Tavist-D 12 Hour Relief of Sinus & Nasal Congestion
Triaminic DM Cough Relief
Triaminic Expectorant Chest & Head
Triaminic Syrup Cold & Allergy
Triaminic Triaminicol Cold & Cough


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