October 31, 2003

The Hybrid Series #13: Keeping an Eye on Various Hot News

Hello everyone

I was not expecting to be able to send you another compilation this week - nor do I really have time right now for this - but these were too hot items to let them go unattended and unreported.

The next one from me will be the Special Harmonic Concordance Meditation Focus.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Worthy of your attention

The Pentagon’s, CIA’s, and Congress’s Upcoming Roles in Gulf War Syndrome II
Deadly Vaccines, Recurring Gulf War Illnesses, and Many Unlearned Lessons From History
Check also their Latest News at

World Court Authorizes NESARA Announcement Time Period (Oct 9)

All the other daily Dove reports

NESARA and The Dark Forces, by Matthew Ward
This is a message I've already networked to you

History behind the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA)

NESARA Law (with Deception dollar pictures)

Official NESARA website (This is the real one! - and are phony)

Virtual space voyage with music


1. Two Feedbacks on the Message from ETs
3. Eye on Iraq - Petition On The Reconstruction Bonanza
4. Bush's battle to dominate in space
5. 9-11- Turning the Tide
6. More than 1,100 homes destroyed as firestorm overruns California
7. Yellowstone Activity update
9. "Useful Wave of Indignation": Who was behind the Attack on the Red Cross in Baghdad?

See also:

Solar-flare storm lashes Earth (Oct 30)
DENVER (AP) — An unusually powerful geomagnetic storm hit Earth early yesterday, threatening power outages, disrupting airlines communications and damaging some satellites. Scientists at a federal laboratory in Boulder, Colo., said the first pulse of highly charged particles from the sun collided with Earth's magnetic field at 1 a.m. EST, about 12 hours earlier than predicted. The storm is rated a G5, the highest intensity on scientists' scale of space weather. It was unleashed by a solar flare. The last time a G5 storm hit Earth was in 1989, researchers said, which damaged the electric grid and caused blackouts in Canada's Quebec province. "It is extremely rare to get this level of geomagnetic storming," said Larry Combs, forecaster for the Space Weather Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder. "This is one of the strongest storms that we have received during this cycle." (...) The G5 storm was spawned early Tuesday by a spectacular eruption from a sunspot blemish on the surface of the sun that sent charged particles hurling toward Earth. The cloud is 13 times larger than Earth and travels at more than 1 million mph. The explosion of gas and charged particles into space from the corona, the outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere, was the largest observed in 30 years, scientists reported. It isn't harmful to people. A positive note: Strong geomagnetic storms can produce colorful auroras in the night sky visible as far south as Texas and Florida.

Solar flare fear over satellite (Oct 30),4057,7716127%255E1702,00.html
(...)Space agency officials have lost contact with a second satellite that might have been affected by an electromagnetic storm caused by the largest solar flare

Solar flare third largest recorded (Oct 30)

Giant sunspots continue to erupt (Oct 27)
(...) The sunspot was 10 times bigger than the Earth. That is roughly 10 times larger than normal, according to Larry Combs, a space weather forecaster at NOAA's Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado. CLIP

Biggest map of Universe clinches dark energy (Oct 28)
Astronomers have compiled the largest, most detailed map of the Universe so far and believe that it shows beyond doubt the presence of an all-pervading "dark energy" throughout the cosmos. The three-dimensional map contains 200,000 galaxies and covers six per cent of the sky. The furthest galaxies in the map are two billion light years away. Such maps are invaluable because the large-scale structure of the Universe reveals the interplay of cosmic forces during the last 13 billion years. CLIP

Grim picture painted for 2020
All our lives in the year 2020 could be startlingly different from today, the UK's Environment Agency believes. Using a fictional family called the Dumills, the agency describes a Britain where solar power dominates and every loo has a robot to analyse excrement. We can look forward to cleaner air, better public transport and an end to infuriating traffic jams, it suggests. The portrait of Britain's future is being debated at the Environment 2003 conference held in London this week. CLIP

The axis of oil: how a plan for the world's biggest pipeline threatens to wreak havoc (Oct 28)
It is a story of empire-building, intrigue, espionage, double-dealing and arm-twisting that Rudyard Kipling would have been proud to write. Kipling popularised the phrase "The Great Game" to describe the secret battle to dominate central Asia fought between the British Empire, Russia and France. But even he would have blanched at plans by the United States - with the help of the oil giant BP and British taxpayers - to establish a hegemony across an area stretching from the Russian borders to the Mediterranean Sea. Inevitably, the need for oil is at the heart of the story. Two former Soviet states, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, between them have oil reserves three times the size of America's. The "game" is to find the safest way to get that black gold into the petrol tanks of American cars. (...) They say the environmental threat is two-fold - what happens if the pipeline goes wrong and the destruction it would wreak even if it goes right. They warn the risk of a serious tanker spillage - on the scale of the Exxon Valdez that polluted miles of coastline when 258,000 tonnes of oil leaked - would be multiplied once the oil starts to flow. In addition, they say that Turkey lies in an earthquake zone with 17 major shocks in the last 80 years. Since the Baku line will be in place for some 40 years, it says there is a high chance of a major earthquake during its operation. Environmental groups say that the pipeline poses multiple threats. The potential for havoc begins at the Caspian Sea where the sturgeon fish, whose eggs provide caviar - are already under threat. The Caspian is one of the most polluted bodies of water in the world, and the World Bank estimates that each year a million cubic metres of untreated industrial wastewater is dumped in the sea. Much of this is from oil production, the critics say, and increased production would make it worse at a time when sturgeon numbers are reckoned to be collapsing due to pollution and overfishing. "The proposed route crosses more than 20 major rivers and several seismic areas. In Azerbaijan, it traverses a desert area that will require at least 10 years for complete habitat recovery," said Carol Welch of Friends of the Earth US. "In Georgia, the project will clear areas in two dense primary forests, crosses the buffer zone of a protected natural park, and could badly affect several rare and endangered species." In Turkey there were more than over 500 endemic plant species within the corridor, while a third of the country's globally-threatened vertebrates are to be found within 250 meters of the corridor. CLIP

World Bank 'to approve' $4bn central Asian pipeline (Oct 30)
The World Bank plans to recommend support for a $4bn (£2.4bn) pipeline through central Asia, according to a leaked internal report. Campaign groups reacted with fury to news that the bank's commercial arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), believes that its 173 country members should agree a $300m loan. BTC, a consortium led by the British oil giant BP, is building a 1,090-mile pipeline from the Caspian through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to the Mediterranean. But the project, which aims to allow the West to tap into vast oil reserves without going through the Middle East, has encountered objections from pressure groups. They claim that it will cause environmental havoc, polluting the Caspian and threatening the habitats of endangered species along the route. They also accuse Turkey of using emergency powers normally reserved for national disasters to expropriate people's land without agreeing compensation.

Cheney's hawks 'hijacking policy' (October 30)
A former Pentagon officer turned whistleblower says a group of hawks in the Bush Administration, including the Vice-President, Dick Cheney, is running a shadow foreign policy, contravening Washington's official line. "What these people are doing now makes Iran-Contra [a Reagan administration national security scandal] look like amateur hour. . . it's worse than Iran-Contra, worse than what happened in Vietnam," said Karen Kwiatkowski, a former air force lieutenant-colonel. "[President] George Bush isn't in control . . . the country's been hijacked," she said, describing how "key [governmental] areas of neoconservative concern were politically staffed".

UN donates £19m to clean up Russia's polluted Arctic shores (October 23)
An international effort to clean up pollution in the Russian Arctic is to begin with a multimillion-pound project to identify its ten dirtiest hotspots. Decades of industrial and military activity had led to a catastrophic degradation of some of the most precious regions on Earth, which were now facing the additional threat of global warming, experts said. The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) promised $30m (£19m) of seed-money to detect the worst sites in an attempt to encourage Russia to tackle the massive problems resulting from activities ranging from mineral mining to the dumping of nuclear submarines. Although the money is the most substantial international investment yet in the clean-up of the Russian Arctic, it is still relatively small given that economists believe that as much as $40bn will be needed to make a discernible impact in the region.

European say US should pay to rebuild Iraq (Oct 27)§ion=news

Unknown Illness Sweeps Gulf War Troops (October 2, 2003)
IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent - THE outbreak of pneumonia-like symptoms in US troops serving in Iraq could be the harbinger of a new and potentially enormous wave of Gulf war syndrome cases, according to American veterans' organisations and defence analysts. The groups are also braced for a huge rise in post-traumatic stress disorder casualties as a result of the daily exposure of soldiers to guerrilla attacks and the stress of round-the-clock living in a threat-filled environment. More than 100 soldiers have succumbed to severe and as yet unexplained respiratory complaints. At least two fit, otherwise healthy men have died from complications. Veterans' groups claim the numbers affected by debilitating symptoms could easily outstrip the estimated 160,000 American and 5000 British troops who complained of illness after the 1991 Gulf conflict. The ground war then lasted just 100 hours. The campaign this time took more than three weeks after the initial invasion. Now 140,000 troops are living for six months or longer on a battlefield polluted with radioactive depleted uranium dust and other chemical residues of war. Many of those who reported diseases of the nervous system, the commonest effect attributed to Gulf war syndrome, blamed exposure to DU and pesticides, as well as the standard toxic compounds used in conventional military explosives. Although neither the Pentagon nor the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is prepared to give figures for the use of depleted uranium ammunition, used in tank guns and by ground attack aircraft, military sources say up to 1000 tonnes was used during the recent advance on Baghdad. This compares with 320 tonnes in 1991. British forces fired just 86 DU tank shells in the advance to liberate Kuwait 12 years ago. The MoD is now spending £170m to buy tungsten-cored shells to replace its stocks of controversial DU. CLIP

PATRIOT Acts I & II: The New Assault on Liberty?
The recent unveiling of White House plans for PATRIOT Act II has raised concerns nationwide about the state of American civil liberties in a time of crisis. Since the attacks on September 11 and the enactment of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Bush administration has clashed with civil libertarians over allegations of constitutional violations and the excessive use of government powers. With an expansion of the PATRIOT Act now before Congress, what do the American people stand to gain or lose from its passage? Is the increased power of law enforcement a necessary response to terrorism or a reckless assault on our constitutional protections? Please join the Independent Institute’s Center on Peace & Liberty ( and our panel of distinguished experts (next November 13, 2003 in Oakland) as we examine the key issues in this crucial national debate. CLIP

Too Much Secrecy (Oct 29)
It is a sad thing, but the Bush administration is the most deceptive (or, if you wish to be generous, the most misinformed and manipulated) crew that has occupied the White House in the past few decades. It is also the most secretive administration. (...) I read some years ago an estimate that two-thirds of American history is still classified, and I don't doubt that at all. Stuff going all the way back to World War II is still classified long after there is rational reason for it being so. I hope the American people will realize eventually that people who lie to them and keep secrets from them are people who consider them to be enemies. Any politician who fears or dislikes the American people should be routed out of office immediately. The Bush administration, for its own private reasons, wanted to go to war against a country that had not attacked us, had not threatened to attack us and did not have the capability of attacking us. Therefore it concocted a lie about non-existent weapons and nonexistent relationships with al-Qaida. Now, to protect its lies, the administration wants to classify practically everything that has to do with the Iraq War and occupation. I'm sure the president's friends in Texas miss him, and next year, hopefully, the American people will return him to their bosom. He is, for all his faults, a decent and affable man who probably knows less of what's going on in his own administration than we do. At least some of us are interested; he doesn't seem to be.

A Cautionary Tale
For those who decide to use wireless telephones at home rather than phones and computers connected to land lines, take note of the comment from the Sprint spokesman at the end of this article from The New York Times. Expect to find antennas near homes to meet the demand of those who use wireless phones and other wireless devices inside their homes. Many among them are teenagers and children... CLIP More details on the risks of mobile phone use from Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog at

The Official Legend of 9/11 is a fabricated Setup.
Exposed: The June 2002 Plan to Market a New 9/11 Mastermind, by Chaim Kupferberg

The New McCarthyism: Bulwark against US Regime Change (Oct 14)
As the US Empire juggernaut jackboots across the globe – from Afghanistan, through Iraq, shortly onto Iran, Syria, N.Korea and eventually China – the chilling realisation percolates into our consciousness that its military supremacy is of such a magnitude that it can do whatever it likes to any country in furtherance of its strategic interests, with absolute impunity. A cursory perusal of the disturbing National Security Strategy document will convince the most passionate sceptic of this dire global threat. A litany of apocalyptic warnings are enunciated throughout the document: “America will act against such emerging threats before they are fully formed"; will launch pre-emptive strikes against its enemies; in an aggressive eschewing of multilateralism, “will not hesitate to act alone," even in the face of international opposition; will abrogate nonproliferation treaties in favour of "counterproliferation"; will ensure that its military dominance will never again be challenged by a superpower rival that could pursue “a military build-up in hope of surpassing, or equalling, the power of the United States." The best that the international community can hope for is that there will be regime change in the US via the electoral system before this rapidly evolving totalitarian monster becomes irretrievably ensconced. And this is precisely why the ghost of McCarthy has been invoked at the neoconservative séance to stalk the Land of the Free yet again, but this time armed with 21st Century technology, draconian enabling legislation and a rallying cry of “anti-terrorism” to replace the “anti-communism” of yore. Too many vested interests and ideologies would be threatened at a sober and rational ballot box in 2004. Another term would do nicely for the consolidation and maturation of US totalitarianism and the Empire, thank you very much. All these democratic impediments are so inconvenient and tiresome! CLIP

Okinawan sea life likely to suffer under Navy sonar deal (Oct 23)
Every year, scuba divers make tens of thousands of excursions into the waters off Okinawa, Japan, drawn by the spectacular array of sea life on display. Soon, though, that sea life may be blasted out of the water by an unwelcome sonic barrage. Almost everywhere in the world except in this patch of ocean, denizens of the deep won a reprieve this month, when a court agreement between environmental organizations and the U.S. Navy limited the military's use of low-frequency active sonar (LFAS). Experts contend that the sonar, which uses high-intensity bursts of sound to track submarines, is deadly for marine mammals and other sea life. Under the terms of the agreement, use of the technology is now restricted to East Asia, including portions of the Sea of Japan, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and East China Sea -- meaning the Navy may soon visit earsplitting noises on endangered animals in Okinawa's peaceful waters. Joel Reynolds, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's Marine Mammal Protection Project, calls the recent settlement "a major step forward" toward protecting marine life and a measure of protection "against the proliferation of sonar around the world." He's right -- but however important the settlement is, it is just a step. And this incomplete victory comes at great cost for threatened species in an ecologically significant part of the world.


From: "Debbie Dehm">
Subject: Feedback on the Message from ETs
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003

HI Jean,

Wow! What a great communication that was (Do you want us to show up). I can't wait myself. I have had so many dreams in the last two years about the arrival of many ships from other worlds or being taken to their ships. I don't think I have ever been abducted but I do feel I can connect telepathically at times with our galactic brothers and sisters. Sometimes I will be looking up at something wondering if it is a ship and it will suddenly dissapear or move. I am very ready to greet them and I hope I get to travel in their ships too.

I do have a new channeling from Pierre Theilard de Chardin to pass along.

Oct. 18th - "Hello Cheri, Much to say, much to say. The world is becoming a marvelous place. No more wars, no more poverty, no more politics as we know it now. Soon it will be filled with the light of a million suns. No one right now can imagine how wonderful that will be. No more fighting and everyone will have enough of what they truly need. Security, love, respect for one another and compassion for each other. Much change. The higher beings will help you. There is nothing left to fear. St. Germain and even Jesus himself will walk among you. You have done well. We are so happy for you. All my love, Pierre."

Pierre is usually so positive and optimistic when he comes through it gives me hope. I hope it does others too. Blessings, Debbie


From: "Julie Battmann">
Subject: Feedback on the The Light Series #53 : A New Era is About to Begin
Date: 31 Oct 2003

I am conscious of their presence, I have seen their light. For me it's a yes, I will translate this message in French and maybe in Dutch with some help. I will help spreading this message in many different ways.

With Love and Light


NOTE FROM JEAN: A French version of "CHANGE THE WORLD! "DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP! " already exists and I've networked it widely yesterday and today. It is archived at

IT WOULD BE MOST USEFUL INDEED IF IT WAS TRANSLATED IN MANY OTHER LANGUAGES. But before undertaking a translation, please let me know so I may keep track of who is doing what so as to avoid duplicate work. Check also with with a translation in your language of "CHANGE THE WORLD" to see if it has already been made and posted on the Web. One never knows!



There is serious danger that the American election process is about to lose it's last remnant of validity as described in the article below. I think the only way we can make our votes count is to take advantage of absentee ballots if you live in a district that uses computerized (Touch Screen) voting machines. This will accomplish four things: It will make it more difficult to tamper with your vote, it will provide election officials with a hard copy for recounting, it will demonstrate that we Americans cherish our voting rights and make the introduction of Touch Screen voting more labor intensive for all of the absentee ballots to count, forcing election officials to provide a means of balloting that voters trust. I think this is essential if we are to have free and fair elections in America. In California's recall election there has been an increase in the number of absentee balloting as these canny voters have taken it upon themselves to ensure their votes are counted. If you are not registered to vote I hope you now understand the value of voting, even if it's a choice between the lesser of two evils, and get out and register and vote. Find out what the procedures are for absentee balloting in you district and get a ballot early. Please follow this suggestion and pass this information to as many people as you can. If this simple information is circulated on the Internet we will be able to have enough people to make a difference for the future generations of our country.

(Source of this suggestion withheld as requested)

For more on the risks of electoral manipulations see this article which I've already circulated to you last summer.

Bigger than Watergate


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on Oct 23

Eye on Iraq - Petition On The Reconstruction Bonanza

Common Cause CauseNet for 10/22/2003

Sign The Petition!

Reconstruction of Iraq has been a bonanza for Halliburton, but it's not the only company capitalizing on its connections in Washington:

1. Bechtel senior vice president, Jack Sheehan, is a member of the Defense Policy Board, which advises Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Bechtel has received the largest contract to date in Iraq, worth about $680 million.

2. President Bush's 2000 campaign manager, Joe M. Allbaugh, recently started a new company, New Bridge Strategies, "specifically with the aim of assisting clients to evaluate and take advantage of business opportunities in the Middle East following the conclusion of the U.S.-led war in Iraq," according to the company's website.

3. Charles R. Black Jr., is chairman of BKSH & Associates and was a strategist for both George W. Bush and his father. Black told the Washington Post that his company would use its contacts to set up business operations inside Iraq. 

4. Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Field boasts retired Gen. Anthony Zinni, former head of U.S. Central Command. Akin Gump is currently providing legal advice for companies that are owed money by Iraq.

5. Zell Goldberg & Co. lawyer L. Marc Zell was the former law partner of Douglas Feith, the Pentagon undersecretary of defense for policy. According to the company's website: "Zell, Goldberg & Co. has recently established a task force dealing with issues and opportunities relating to the recently ended war in Iraq."

Most of the money spent so far in Iraq has gone to companies like Halliburton and Bechtel that have extraordinary connections inside the White House or the Pentagon. 

By clicking below, you will add your name to a petition Common Cause is sending to the Coalition Provisional Authority, the agency in charge of the reconstruction effort, asking for a truly transparent and competitive process for awarding contracts to rebuild Iraq. It is that country that should benefit, not just President Bush's personal friends.


See also:

US Army doubles size of Iraq oil rebuilding contracts
WASHINGTON, Oct 29 (AFP) - The US Army Wednesday doubled the maximum size of massive contracts to rebuild Iraq's war-shattered oil industry to two billion dollars. The contracts, expected to have been awarded about now, would be decided in 30 to 60 days to give bidders a chance to revise their proposals, the US Army Corps of Engineers said. The work is open to US and eligible foreign companies, replacing a hotly-disputed contract doled out to a subsidiary of Halliburton -- a company run by US Vice President Dick Cheney from 1995 to 2000. The Corps of Engineers had come under fire over its granting of the Iraqi oil contract on March 8 to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root without putting it out to bid.

Study: Bush donors rake in contracts (Oct 30)
USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Big givers to President Bush and companies with political and military connections are getting most of the reconstruction work in Iraq and Afghanistan, a watchdog group said Thursday. The Center for Public Integrity has done the first detailed analysis of $8 billion in contracts awarded to 71 U.S. companies by the Pentagon, State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development. "There is a stench of political favoritism and cronyism," says Charles Lewis, executive director of the center, a non-partisan group based in Washington. Winning contractors have given $49 million to national political campaigns and parties since 1990. Two-thirds of the money given to campaign committees went to the GOP, the center says. Bush got $500,000 — more than any other candidate.

Aid group: U.S.-run Iraqi authority fails to account for billions
LONDON, Oct. 23 - The U.S.-run body governing Iraq has failed to account for billions of dollars allocated for rebuilding the country, a prominent British aid group charged Thursday. Christian Aid said in its report that the Coalition Provisional Authority had only explained publicly how it had spent $1 billion of the $5 billion it has been given for Iraqi development. The funds include $1 billion from the former United Nations Oil for Food program, $2.5 billion in assets seized from Saddam Hussein's former regime and $1.5 billion in oil revenues, the group said. ''This is Iraqi money,'' said Roger Riddell, Christian Aid's international director. ''The people of Iraq must know where it is going and it should be used for the benefit of all the country's people, particularly the poorest.'' In Baghdad, the provisional authority said it was ''unequivocally committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency and accountability in stewarding Iraqi funds.'' It said it was ''adhering fully'' to the United Nations resolution which established it and was working with international agencies to set up a monitoring board. Once it is established, the board will audit all the Development Fund of Iraq's transactions, the authority said. Riddell said the provisional authority's alleged failure to account for the funds was ''little short of scandalous'' and urged Britain's government to demand full disclosure of the authority's spending. Some American lawmakers have charged that money meant for Iraqi rebuilding has been squandered by paying inflated prices to Halliburton, the Texas-based company that buys oil for Iraq from neighboring countries. Christian Aid noted that the monitoring board which the United Nations said it would set up to oversee the occupation authority's accounts had yet to begin operating. On the Net: Christian Aid,



Forwarded by "Oliver Markley">


Bush's battle to dominate in space

By James Carroll


THE IRAQ war may not be the worst of what President Bush is doing. Last month the United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Geneva adjourned, completely deadlocked. This is the body that since 1959 has hammered out the great arms control and reduction treaties -- the regime of cooperation and "verified trust" that enabled the Cold War to end without nuclear holocaust. The last agreement to come out of Geneva was the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1996, and the incoming Bush administration's attitude toward the whole enterprise was signaled by its explicit approval of the Senate's rejection of that treaty. Now the issue is the grave question of weapons in space, and for several years, while China and other nations have pushed for an agreement aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space, the United States has insisted that no such treaty is necessary. Last August China offered a compromise in its demands, hoping for a US moderation of its refusal, but no progress was made.

As of now, the 1967 Outer Space Treaty governs the military uses of space, but China argues that strategic plans openly discussed in the Pentagon, including the Missile Defense Program, involve deployments that will violate that treaty. In the words of John Steinbruner and Jeffrey Lewis, writing in Daedalus, "The Chinese were particularly alarmed by a 1998 long-range planning document released by the then United States Space Command. That document outlined a concept called global engagement -- a combination of global surveillance, missile defense, and space-based strike capabilities that would enable the United States to undertake effective preemption anywhere in the world and would deny similar capability to any other country."

If the Chinese were alarmed in 1998 by such "full-spectrum dominance," as US planners call it, imagine how much more threatened they feel now that Pentagon fantasies of preemption and permanent global supremacy have become official Bush policies. For decades, "deterrence" and "balance" were the main notes of Pentagon planning, but now "prevention" and "dominance" define the US posture. Such assertions can be made in Washington with only good intentions, but they fall on foreign ears as expressions of aggression.

When it comes to space, the Chinese have good reason for thinking of themselves as the main object of such planning, which is why they are desperate for a set of rules governing military uses of space. (At the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a study of such rules is underway codirected by Steinbruner and the academy's Martin Malin).

Two weeks ago China put a man in space, a signal of China's arrival -- and of the arrival of this grave question. Beijing has invested heavily in commercial development of space and will become a significant economic competitor in that sphere. But such peaceful competition presumes a framework of stability, and it is inconceivable that China can pursue a mainly nonmilitary space program while feeling vulnerable to American military dominance. China has constructed a minimal deterrent force with a few dozen nuclear-armed ICBMs, but US "global engagement" based on a missile defense, will quickly undercut the deterrence value of such a force. The Chinese nuclear arsenal will have to be hugely expanded.

Meanwhile, America's "high frontier" weapons capacity will put Chinese commercial space investments at risk. No nation with the ability to alter it would tolerate such imbalance, and over the coming decades there is no doubt that China will have that capacity. Washington's refusal to negotiate rules while seeking permanent dominance and asserting the right of preemption is forcing China into an arms race it does not want. Here, potentially, is the beginning of a next cold war, with a nightmare repeat of open-ended nuclear escalation.

Today, on the surface, US-Chinese relations seem good. Partly in response to Beijing, President Bush, while in Asia, moderated his refusal to offer North Korea assurances that the United States will not be an aggressor. Bush met with China's President Hu Jintao and reiterated US congratulations on China's man in space. This week China's Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan is meeting in Washington with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. But a dark undercurrent runs between the two nations, and it is fraught with danger. The problem is America's refusal to discuss the problem.

What makes this situation so ominous is that the Pentagon's aggressive strategic planning for space and the Bush administration's rejection of treaty restraints are not only unchallenged in the US political discourse but are largely unnoted. Was the issue even hinted at in the Democrats' debate in Detroit? What Democrat has raised the question of the sabotaged Conference on Disarmament? Who is warning of the Bush-sponsored resumption of the arms race? And where is the defense of the idea, once sacred to Americans, that outer space marks a threshold across which human beings must not drag the ancient perversion of war?


See also:

Mayors' Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons
(...) In any war, it is cities and the people living in them that suffer. As Hiroshima and Nagasaki attest, this suffering becomes total destruction when nuclear weapons are involved. To protect their citizenslives, it is incumbent on all mayors to make every effort to prevent war and eliminate nuclear weapons. As of October 2003, Mayors for Peace membership stands at 554 cities in 107 countries and regions and is increasing rapidly. This is evidence of a growing international consensus that it is nuclear weapons, not cities, that should be destroyed. More than ever, the vast majority of people, cities, and nations wish to live in a world that resolves its conflicts without violence. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in May 2000 unanimously adopted a final document that included the promise of "an unequivocal undertaking by the nuclear weapon States to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals." With most of the international community pressing for fulfillment of that promise, the United States has publicly stated that it intends to develop so-called useable nuclear weapons and reserves the right to use them preemptively even against non-nuclear-weapon states. In the face of these new threat from the US, North Korea has withdrawn from the NPT and announced that it possesses nuclear weapons. India, Israel, and Pakistan have yet to sign the NPT and are certainly not encouraged to do so by the present climate. Thus, the NPT regime, the worlds most important agreement regarding the control of nuclear weapons, is teetering on the verge of collapse. The Mayors for Peace hereby demand that national governments increase dialogue, work conscientiously to build trust, maintain and strengthen the NPT regime, and take the following steps. CLIP Circulated by Nuclear Free Local Authorities - Manchester City Council:


Date: 27 Oct 2003
From: Carol Brouillet>
Subject: 9-11- Turning the Tide

Dear friends and 9-11 activists,

For 2 months I have been writing press releases, organizing marches/rallies, printing and distributing Deception Dollars, tabling at events... and there have been so many events that I haven't been able to keep up my website, let alone spread the word about ALL of the events coming up.

Significantly, marches, rallies, screenings, forums, from Germany to the West Coast have raised the 9-11 issues and questions to penetrate even the ever resistant, reluctant, mainstream press. The tide has begun to turn. Mike Ruppert and I spoke on a panel last Friday in Berkeley- at the Redwood Sequoia Congress; the theme was "Confronting Empire," he covered 9-11 and I spoke on "Facing the Fourth Reich"-(link to my talk- ). Cynthia McKinney was the keynote speaker and will also be speaking Tuesday in Marin on CLIP

My mailing list is a mess and I can hardly keep up my list of events/updates for activists at my website , but I try.

Blaine has done a great job with the Deception Dollar website which has the 9-11 movement news and links to Congressman McDermott's speech opposing the 87 billion for occupying Iraq and Afghanistan - when he presented 87 Billion Deception Dollar Notes to Congress, and a link to Take Back the Media's great flash movie featuring- Bush, Cheney passing out Deception Dollars from their Rolls Royce...

Over 2,500,000 Deception Dollars are in circulation now with over 3,000,000 printed. (I sent over 50,000 to the U.K. in the last week, as they plan for Bush's November visit...) I also made 2500 "Impeach the Terrorists!" bumper stickers which have been very popular at our events...

Television documentaries on 9-11 have been shown in Germany, Greece, soon to be shown in Canada, and Bill Moyers raised some of the issues with the 4 widows on his PBS program.

I'm trying to organize a major 9-11 conference to bring together the best films/researchers, and try to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

Our local 9-11 Truth Alliance is holding regular meetings and figuring out how to work together better. It's hard for people to get to meetings which are an hour or more away and I hope that the 9-11 Meet-Up ( idea will take off- so that there will be more of us- all over the country and world, able to exert a more visible presence at the local level.

Carol Brouillet




More than 1,100 homes destroyed as firestorm overruns California

28 October 2003

LOS ANGELES : Fast-moving wildfires exploded through tinder-dry southern California, jumping freeways and threatening tens of thousands of homes after killing at least 15 people.

US President George W. Bush declared a major disaster as 11 voracious fires roared across the one of the most populous regions of the United States, devouring more than 169,000 hectares (423,000 acres) of land.

"We want to help put them out. This is a devastating fire and it's a dangerous fire and we're prepared to help in any way we can," Bush said before the declaration that unblocked federal aid for fire victims.

The violent infernos, fanned by strong and erratic desert winds, have consumed more than 1,100 houses and forced countless thousands of people from their homes.

They also forced the closure of a key regional air traffic control center, causing severe flight delays and stranding thousands of passengers across the United States.

Freeways across southern California were closed, sparking major traffic snarl-ups, while hundreds of schools and courts were closed as key sporting events were cancelled as the state reeled from its worst fires in 10 years.

"They're mostly burning pretty much out of control," said Sheryl Tankersley of the California's governor's Office of Emergency Services.

The largest fire was besieging the 1.2 million-strong southern city of San Diego, where nearly 150,000 acres were ablaze and more than 585 structures have been destroyed, sheriff's department officials said.

"This is beyond belief," said outgoing California Governor Gray Davis as he visited the disaster zone. "It is like a war zone. And my heart goes out to every family that lost a home.

"Our highest priority is one, to put the fires out throughout California, and two, to help put people's lives back in order," he pledged.

The governor called on the neighbouring states of Arizona and Nevada to send reinforcements to fight the blazes as California's exhausted firefighters were all but overwhelmed by the desperate battle.

The state's governor-elect, movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, meanwhile visited another disaster area near Los Angeles to be briefed by fire chiefs ahead of his first official visit to Washington on Tuesday.

"What our firefighters have done ... extraordinary," he said. "They do unbelievable work 24 hours a day. That's why I'm out here today to visit some of the firefighters and let them know what great heroes they are."

Eleven people were confirmed dead in the San Diego fires, with a further 24 deaths being investigated to see if they were fire-related. Two people died in San Bernardino County, 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Los Angeles.

South of San Diego, the fire jumped the border into Mexico, killing at least two, officials said.

A thick pall of smoke hung over San Diego, where residents were warned to stay inside to avoid the noxious fumes. Workers who did make it into work wore face masks to protect them from the fumes.

Another giant blaze, believed to have been started by arsonists, has chewed up around 33,000 hectares (82,000 acres) and destroyed at least 14 homes in the posh Simi Valley area, northeast of Los Angeles.

Thousands of residents were evacuated Monday as walls of flames and tornadoes of sparks and embers leapt over freeways and down mountainsides, consuming everything in their path.

Firefighting helicopters and air tankers doused the countryside with water and fire retardant as residents anxiously watched the advancing walls of flames and desperately tried to defend their homes.

Firefighters were spraying hillsides with water and frantically digging firebreaks and starting controlled burns in a bid to expend the fire's fuel before it reaches housing developments.

A third major blaze was still burning in San Bernardino, one of four counties where a state of emergency is in effect, some 33,000 hectares (82,000 acres) had been burned by two giant fires that merged Sunday.

More than 460 homes were destroyed in the mountainous area and another 27,000 were threatened by the fire that officials believe was deliberately set. Two men are being sought in connection with the fire and could face murder charges if caught, reports said.

At least six firefighters were seriously injured as the fires raged out of control Monday.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said the key regional ground approach radar facility near San Diego that was evacuated on Sunday would remain closed until it was safe for workers to return.

"There's still a lot of smoke in the area, so the center cannot be manned until it is safe to do so," said FAA spokesman Don Walker, adding that passengers were experiencing flight delays of between one and six hours.

The region's biggest air hub, Los Angeles International Airport, reported 112 flight cancellations as of 9:00 am Monday (1700 GMT).


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Satellite images show massive Californian fires (Oct 28) MUST SEE!
NASA satellites have captured dramatic images of the wildfires ravaging southern California. The images, taken by the Terra and Aqua Earth-observing satellites, show major fires billowing giant plumes of smoke over the Pacific Ocean. By Tuesday morning, the fires had claimed at least 15 lives, destroyed 1100 homes and scorched thousands or square kilometres of land. Several counties had declared states of emergencies and firefighters were battling to protect Los Angeles and other heavily populated areas.

LA Fires More Than Economic Boom (FRIGHTENING HYPOTHESIS!)
(...) My friend from LA spoke with me weeks ago about the Bush political-financial empire needing a lift from the failing war in Iraq and current grand jury investigation into the administration’s foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks—a distraction, a public diversion; always a disaster. The President’s polls, confidence ratings, if you’ve noticed, have been seriously slipping. “They need another disaster to boost Mr. Bush’s election year popularity. You know, ‘Wag the dog,’” my enlightened friend prophesied in September. Since then, our “War on Terrorism” has returned troops critically ill by the thousands (i.e., 6,000 by last week’s count) with new respiratory infections and immune-system failures that are capable of spreading to the public at large (See: Would you say this helps or harms the national population control objective heralded in Harper’s (July 2003, p. 21) wherein allies of the Anglo-American oligarchy urged the reduction of half America’s current population (i.e., from approximately 270 million, to less than 130 million!) (...) The “next terrorist attack,” I believe, is currently underway, under the cover of the LA flames. Above the clouds of smog, soot and smoke are CIA-owned helicopters likely spraying, besides water, chemicals if not biological weapons. “Outrageous!” you might protest, but not unprecedented—U.S. military war planes sprayed biological and chemical weapons over a number of American cities for “tests” conducted from 1949 to at least 1969 according to the Congressional Record CLIP

Chomsky: Bush may invent another 'threat' (Oct 30)
Leading linguist and commentator Noam Chomsky has said President George Bush will have to "manufacture" another threat to American security to win re-election in 2004 after US failure in occupying Iraq.



Forwarded by "John T. Linnell">

Subject: Yellowstone Activity update...
From: PLANETNEWS broadcast...
Date: October 22, 2003

In July the Park rangers closed the entire Norris Geyser Basin because of the deformation of the land and the excess temperature. There is an area there that is 28 miles long by 7 miles wide that has bulged upward over five inches since 1996, and this year the ground temperature on that bulge has reached over 200 degrees. There was no choice but to close off the whole area.

Everything in that area is dying. The trees, flowers, grass, etc. A dead zone is developing and spreading outward. The animals are literally migrating out of the park. This isn't hearsay. It is coming from people who have actually visited the park in just the last few weeks. Then the last part of July one of the Park geologists discovered a huge bulge at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. The bulge has already risen over 100 feet from the bottom of the lake, and the water temperature at the surface of the bulge has reached 88 degrees and is still rising. Keep in mind that Yellowstone Lake is a high mountain lake with very cold water temperature. The Lake is now closed to the public.

It is filled with dead fish floating everywhere. The same is true of the Yellowstone river and most of the other streams in the Park. Dead and dying fish are filling the water everywhere. Many of the picnic areas in the Park have been closed and people that are visiting the Park don't stay but a few hours or a day or two and leave. The stench of sulphur is so strong that they literally can't stand the smell.

The irony of all this is that not one word of this is being brought to public attention by the news media or by our government which is supposed to be “protecting” us. But, believe it or not, just last week a British newspaper broke the story about Yellowstone National Park being ”a threat to the entire world.” Sis, Yellowstone is what geologists call a “super volcano.” There is a massive caldera of molten fire beneath Yellowstone National Park. When this thing blows, geologists are saying that every living thing within six hundred miles is likely to die. Yet our wonderful news media is not telling the public a thing about this. They are keeping it suppressed so that it won't effect the “economy.” To hell with the lives of people, just protect the pocket books of the rich. When this things explodes it will produce an ash cloud that will cover the entire western U.S. clear to the Pacific on the west, British Columbia on the north, the Mexican border on the south, and then out into the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas on the east. And then the clould will blow east because of the prevailing winds, literally covering the entire nation with volcanic ash. And the American people are not even being told that the explosion of this “super volcano” is imminent.

There is no question that this thing is going to explode momentarily. The movement of magma has been detected just three-tenths of a mile below the bulging surface of the ground in Yellowstone.


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Supervolcanoes could trigger global freeze (3 February, 2000)
The threat of climate change caused by human activity could turn out to be a minor problem by comparison with a scarcely acknowledged natural hazard. Geologists say there is a real risk that sooner or later a supervolcano will erupt with devastating force, sending temperatures plunging on a hemispheric or even global scale. A report by the BBC Two programme Horizon on one supervolcano, at Yellowstone national park in the US, says it is overdue for an eruption. Yellowstone has gone off roughly once every 600,000 years. Its last eruption was 640,000 years ago. (...) "When a supervolcano goes off, it is an order of magnitude greater than a normal eruption. It produces energy equivalent to an impact with a comet or an asteroid. "You can try diverting an asteroid. But there is nothing at all you can do about a supervolcano. "The eruption throws cubic kilometres of rock, ash, dust, sulphur dioxide and so on into the upper atmosphere, where they reflect incoming solar radiation, forcing down temperatures on the Earth's surface. It's just like a nuclear winter. "The effects could last four or five years, with crops failing and the whole ecosystem breaking down. And it is going to happen again some day." CLIP

Yellowstone will blow again - no telling when (Oct. 7, 2003 - Kansas City Star)
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - When European settlers wandered upon this otherworld of gurgling mud pits and angry geysers, they described it as a place where hell bubbled up." They didn't guess, as geologists believe now, that three times in the last 2 million or so years, hell blasted the earth's crust here with a fury that can barely be imagined. Most recently, some 640,000 years ago, Yellowstone's rage toppled mountainsides, changed the course of rivers and sprayed ash ankle deep over all of what is now the Western United States. So there's understandable interest in whether it might blow again. And when. Fresh high-technology studies of the underground cauldron -- and discovery of a bulge on the floor of Yellowstone Lake -- show anew the region as geology-in-the-making. There's evidence that the bulge - described by one scientist as an "inflated plain" - might be throbbing from the pressure that pushed it up in the first place. That detection has scientists captivated, not frightened, even as it fills amateur geologists with dread. Those laymen worry that the pressure cooker of Yellowstone is set to burst. Even smaller blasts - say the size of Mount St. Helens - that come about every 20,000 years or so can rearrange Yellowstone's scenery. The most recent of those was 70,000 years ago. Some urge government engineers to gradually vent steam and magma by drilling, rather than wait for a seemingly imminent, giant and calamitous blast. "If nothing is done there will be an unimaginable disaster," went discussion at one Internet discussion site. But nobody even seems to be thinking about it." But the geologists who explore the caldera -- the collapsed supervolcano that is Yellowstone -- share neither such alarmist doom nor faith in methods for taming the forces boiling underground. For starters, drilling here would spoil the natural setting of the world's first national park in 1872, said park geologist Hank Heasler. What's more, he said, it would do no good. The magma chamber miles below the park is mostly like a hardened sponge and is essentially self-sealing. "Besides, it's too big," he said, noting the caldera measures 35 miles by 45 miles. "We're on the skin of the apple. We can leave little bruises, but we can't affect the flavor of the fruit." Discovery of the bulge Government and university scientists dismiss new-born worries about Yellowstone, about the bulge beneath the lake, and about recent changes at the park's Norris geyser basin. Mostly, they marvel at their out-sized laboratory. They point out that, literally, the landscape of Yellowstone is always shifting. Last year, typical for the era when such measurements have been made, there were about 2,300 earthquakes in the park. "Geologists usually look at something that formed millions of years ago and is now dead," said Lisa Morgan, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist. "But in Yellowstone, it's something that's happening right now." The bulge, discovered with newly employed high-tech gadgetry and techniques led by Morgan last year, might be relatively new. Or, she said, it could have formed millennia ago. "I don't know whether this thing is active now in terms of inflation or not," Morgan said. (...) Bob Smith, a geophysics professor at the University of Utah, has been studying what he calls the living caldera" of Yellowstone for decades. He noted that there have been no unusual seismic activities at the park this year that might precede bigger trouble . "These things don't go like clockwork," said Smith, author of Windows into the Earth: The Geologic Story of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. "The hazard ... is almost too small to calculate."

NOTE FROM JEAN: The only way I could access this article above was through Google's cache

Yellowstone Volcano: A monster awakens? (Sept 27 - as already reported to you)

Review also what Matthew said about Yellowstone Park activity in my Oct 23 compilation


Date: 29 Oct 2003


by Gordon Thomas

One thousand and fifty secret electronic transcripts made by America's "spy in the sky", the National Security Agency, NSA, are believed to contain even more shattering evidence to support Princess Diana's handwritten letter uncannily forecasting she would die in a car crash.

The NSA tapes show she and her lover, Dodi al-Fayed, were under surveillance by NSA and other intelligence agents before their deaths in Paris. As pressure mounts for an inquest, these tapes could be a crucial exhibit. The NSA tapes are stored in a climate-controlled vault at NSA's headquarters at Fort Meade outside Washington. They have been heard by only the agency's most senior staff.

NSA controls a worldwide electronic eavesdropping system normally only used against America's enemies. Dodi's father, Mohammed al-Fayed, the millionaire owner of Harrods, has waged an unsuccessful battle in the US courts to obtain copies of the tapes. He believes they also contain evidence that his son and Diana planned to marry - and that she may even have been pregnant before her death.

But equally explosive could be the revelations about the intelligence web that electronically enshrouded the Princess in the last weeks of her life. Israel's Mossad has never denied it had recruited Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and Paul died. He was deputy head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. It is owned by Mohammed al-Fayed.

Former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has claimed the British Secret Intelligence Service was "actively involved in tracking Diana". He has said that MI6 were helped by NSA satellite surveillance to maintain watch on Diana and Dodi al-Fayed as they sailed around the Mediterranean on his father's yacht, the Jonikal, in the weeks before Diana died.

Senior Buckingham Palace aides have been told Diana reveals on the NSA intercepts, explicit sexual details about Prince Charles. She claims his behaviour forced her to have an affair with James Hewitt. Hewitt, who has so far unsuccessfully failed to sell what he calls "steamy love letters" from Diana, claims the NSA transcripts boost his claims about life in Royal circles.

The Royal Coroner will also have to decide what steps to take to trace secret video tapes Diana is now known to have made months before her death. Hints of their contents appeared last year at the trial of Diana's former butler, Paul Burrel, who was acquitted of stealing her possessions. Mention of the tapes was made. But the judge stopped the trial before their contents could surface. Since then, the tapes are believed to be in the custody of Scotland Yard. Last week, they refused to discuss the matter.

There are seven tapes. Each is the length of a Hollywood blockbuster. But if made public - say London intelligence sources - no movie could have their impact. "Just call them explosive. That's all I need say", said a London intelligence source. While it is not clear what Diana intended to do with the tapes, any plans were ended with her death a few months later. A Buckingham Palace courtier suggested Diana may have planned to use them as a bargaining tool to try and get a better financial settlement in her divorce. Or maybe to secure her place in history.

More certain, the tapes‚ revelations, delivered in the same little-girl voice which was Diana's carefully cultivated stock-in-trade to convey something sensational, go to the heart of what she saw as wrong in the House of Windsor. The story behind those tapes is complex and revealing - and casts new light on Diana's mindset in the months before she died in 1997.

The very existence of the tapes had been a closely-guarded secret until the collapse of the Paul Burrel trial. Then rumours began to emerge that the Queen's intervention to stop the trial was because she had become aware of the contents of the tapes.

The tapes were shot in March, 1997, five months before her death. Diana sat before a VHS video camera in the main drawing room of her home, Kensington Palace, and spoke in all for 12 hours over a period of ten days. Only one other person knew she had made the tapes, Dodi al-Fayed. His father, Mohammed al-Fayed, confirmed he wants the Royal Coroner, Dr Michael Burgess, to listen to the tapes - and compare them with the 1,050 intercepts NSA made later that year.

In the past, the US Justice Department has said the intercepts contain matters of "national security". Mohammed al-Fayed has fought a lengthy, but unsuccessful, court battle in Washington to obtain copies. A former Buckingham Palace aide has hinted that the video tapes are Diana's video diaries.

"In a sense, they are an oral history of the Royal Family. She deals with each member in detail", he said. He claimed last week that the videos reserve her most stringent criticism for Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. "She describes how she caught Charles and Camilla de flagrente. She reveals how she listened in on their phone sex talk. She says that Camilla was the raunchier of the two. She gives examples", said the source.

He said that on one tape, Diana talks of the "sexual treachery" of her husband. Of how he would make late night calls to Camilla of "a sexual nature". "Diana paints a portrait of how she pleaded with him for the sake of the children to give up Camilla. She says that she turned to Anne (Princess Anne) and Andrew (Prince Andrew) for help. Both, she says, refused to lift a finger", said the source. "She describes how Charles and other members of the Royal Family - the Queen excepted - used to store expensive gifts in bin-liners.

"On one video Diana describes how there was a right old panic when a member of the Saudi Royal Family came visiting and his wedding gift had been binned. Staff spent hours going through the bags looking for a set of gold goblets." "She talks about how his welcome into the Family had turned to cold hostility once the marriage had broken up. "Undoubtedly, the most revealing part of her video diaries is how Diana saw her future", the source said. "She makes it clear that she would do everything possible to make sure Charles never became King. She wanted William to succeed to the Throne when the Queen died. Diana clearly saw her role to be the power behind the Throne."

Royal Coroner, Dr Burgess, will have to decide how much, if any, of these allegations will be allowed to surface in any inquest on Diana. His only public comment so far was to confirm: "this is a high-profile case and everything has to be weighed very carefully. The questions go behind the survivability‚ argument over whether she (Diana) should have gone to hospital sooner. The speed of the car, seatbelts, where people were sitting: these are all relevant questions for an inquest to consider".

He could hear evidence from NSA officers as well as testimony from MI6, CIA and possibly from Mossad. All the agencies were closely involved in monitoring Diana and her lover, Dodi al-Fayed, in the weeks they spent together before their fatal car crash six years ago this past week. The potential revelations at the inquest could be even more sensational than the Hutton Inquiry.

Gordon Thomas's own relationship with Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed began six months before their deaths. Dodi was to produce Gordon Thomas's screenplay, Mambo. Diana was slated to be the executive producer. The film focused on her interest in banishing land-mines. It was to be shot in South Africa. Brad Pitt, Gene Hackman and Embeth Davitz were slated to star. The first pre-production meeting was scheduled on the very day Dodi and Diana died.

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The spectre of Diana returns to haunt Britain's royals (29 October 2003)
Six years after her death in a car accident in August 1997, the cult of Princess Diana, once so assiduously built up by the royal family in its efforts to re-legitimise hereditary privilege, continues to plague the British monarchy and the political establishment alike. A bitter row has broken out between the royal family and former butler Paul Burrell over the latter‚s publication of his book, A Royal Duty, which includes excerpts from the princess‚s personal correspondence. Serialised by the Daily Mirror, the book contains insights into Diana and Prince Charles‚s marital breakdown, including claims that Prince Phillip told the princess he could not understand why his son would choose his mistress Camila Parker Bowles over her, and that Diana coded her numerous lovers as though they were race dogs. Most sensationally, in one letter, published by the newspaper on Monday, October 20, Diana warned of a plot to kill her in a car crash just 10 months before her death.



"Useful Wave of Indignation": Who was behind the Attack on the Red Cross in Baghdad?

by Michel Chossudovsky

28 October 2003

The attacks on the Red Cross in Baghdad on the 27th of October do not bear the mark of the Iraqi resistance movement. 

Actions against the US led coalition have focused on military and political targets.


The April 8 and October 27 Attacks. Any Connection?

There is reason to believe, based on documentary evidence concerning the ICRC's relationship to the Iraqi authorities prior and during the war, that the Iraqi resistance movement would not target the Red Cross.

Who ordered the attacks on the Red Cross?

The October 27 attack serves the interests of the Coalition. It creates a "useful wave of indignation". (See Operation Northwoods, the declassified Top Secret 1962 document titled "Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba" at ) . 

The media has immediately jumped on the story pointing to a terrorist act, without mentioning that the ICRC had already been attacked, in all likelihood by US forces, on April 8th.

According to the US media, which feeds the Pentagons propaganda machine, Saddam Hussein and foreign fighters linked to bin Laden were responsible for the attack on October 27.

According to the BBC, with reference to the attack on the Red Cross:

The big car bombs on non-military targets have borne the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

They have been professionally planned and executed, sometimes synchronized, usually carried out by suicide bombers and aimed at maximum publicity effect. They have inflicted heavy and indiscriminate civilian casualties and no one has claimed responsibility. (BBC, 28 April, 2003, )

Yet if indeed a terrorist cell linked to Al Qaeda were responsible for this attack, we would expect the US intelligence apparatus and/or its Pakistani proxy to at least be informed. Amply documented Al Qaeda is "an intelligence asset" of the CIA.

Moreover, these terrorist attacks on civilian targets have the same logic as September 11. They tend, in the eyes of World public opinion, to discredit the actions of the Iraqi resistance against the US-led occupation forces. They uphold the lies concerning the "war on terrorism". They are now being used in official statements and in the media to present a "human face" to the US-led occupation.

The 27 October attack on the Red Cross serves another objective. The ICRC is at present: "the one body with international authority to visit detention centres in a place like Iraq and to check on the treatment of prisoners including those under interrogation." (Peter Gowan, Ottawa, 29 October 2003).

What this means is that the ICRC, while maintaining a low profile in relation to the Coalition Authority, has been routinely involved, in accordance with its mandate under the Geneva convention, in documenting and compiling evidence of war crimes committed by the Coalition Authority. This data goes into their records in Geneva. It becomes part of the history of the Iraq war and occupation. 

If the ICRC were to withdraw or to drastically curtail its activities, there would be no such mechanism for monitoring war crimes by an international body or for "checking the treatment of prisoners by the Occupation authorities." (Ibid)


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