October 15, 2003

The Hybrid Series #12: Downright Mind-boggling, Totally Extraordinary, Stupendously Diverse

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Here is an humongously large compilation for your consideration this week, covering quite a number of important issues including the growing threat of a fully nuclear-armed country in the Middle East, namely Israel, a victory for the protection of whales and dolphins against the US Navy's dangerously powerful LFA sonar, and some hard-to-face new facts about the chemtrails conspiracy and its numerous implications for everyone's health.

It is a good thing I don't have time to prepare more than one compilation per week, I'm sure you'll all agree ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Now as never before, the times are ripe for a massive change. Humanity, amidst colossal difficulties, has arisen from the soil of evolution on this majestic planet, one amongst so many others. And now the time has come for a New Beginning, a time of complete, total Renewal of what constitutes the Human Experience on planet Earth. We have to awaken... We are bound for the stars... And the Universe is holding its breath in keen anticipation of this magic moment when Humanity will soar through the Skies of Infinity. The Immortal Child is about to be born..."

- Jean Hudon - Taken from the Immortal Child screenplay (a movie project I'm still hoping will be produced, in a not too distant future...)

I’m just a little drop of water in a sea of wondrous souls
We’re here to celebrate the beauty of a simple peaceful goal
We are all pilgrims we, and with love will never go asunder
Power in unity, with gratitude our voices thunder
When mothers, brothers, sisters RISE
And fathers, daughters, sons ARISE
Then children of the world will RISE

Excerpted from the lyrics of We Rise at

"What is more disturbing is the ease with which a more deadly substance could be substituted for the current chemtrail mix. Should this happen, it seems likely that the chemtrail program could exterminate all above-ground human populations in North America in approximately one week."

- Taken from "Chemtrails of the World" below...

Worthy of your attention

Expanding the circle (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
The 2004 election could mark a turning point for the U.S. As alarm grows over the extreme policies coming out of Washington, DC, people are joining together to build people power and change the landscape of American politics. (HERE IS AN EXCERPT) The silver lining in the reckless policies coming from Washington, DC, could be the impetus to reassess our direction as a nation. The Iraqi quagmire may awaken us from the illusion that our military strength allows us to act globally with impunity, and we may rejoin the family of nations. The layoffs and downsizing may free us from the belief that the corporate world will look out for our interests, and we can turn our energies to building sustainable, local economies. The Patriot Act may free us from the illusion that democracy can be taken for granted. We may find that millions of people are open now to a fresh direction, based not on pessimism and exclusion, but on the positive, inclusive spirit central to the American tradition. There may be none articulating this vision better than Granny D (Doris Haddock) who, at age 89, walked across the United States to advocate campaign finance reform: “We are the people who believe in a world of environmental beauty, of happiness and not exploitation, of justice and not oppression and torture. A world safe for children. Government budgets that invest in our smart babies, not smart bombs. We believe in international law and cooperative action.”

America For Sale: A Government of The Rich, by The Rich and for The Rich
Every four years, big money chooses the presidential candidates. Their war chests filled to the brim, they are then packaged by the media as "the people's choice." It's U.S.-style "democracy" — of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. But how do these chosen politicians win the votes of the millions as well as the millionaires? In this fascinating tour through the history of U.S. presidential elections, Vince Copeland explains the devious art of capitalist politics. And he shows how mass movements can upset even the best-laid plans of the "king-makers."

Revealing Quotes 2: Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy

BushWack2 song (with G W Bush's voice) and a recent Meria Heller show

Music from the Heart of the Earth
The Concert The World Needs Now - In tumultuous times, a new music must emerge. A music that can draw humanity together. A music that can again uplift, inspire and even heal. On December 10th, the Global Day of Compassion, musicians and dignitaries will gather at The Kentucky Center in Louisville, the center of America. More details at

Kucinich's speech in Cleveland yesterday as he declared his candidacy
(...) And we must heal America from the pain and the suffering and the fear of 9/11 which, unfortunately, led this administration to attack a nation which did not attack us, and to pass a Patriot bill which undermines our civil liberties. America stands strongest in challenging terrorism when we do not give up an inch of our civil liberties, and when we cooperate with the world community in matters of international security. I ask you: how can we afford to be the policemen of the world, when we can't afford to hire police, firefighters, and EMS back here at home in our cities? That is why this week I will be present in Congress to vote against funding 87 billion dollars for the occupation of Iraq. I am running for President of the United States to end the United States occupation of Iraq, and put an end to the lies which brought us into Iraq, and to help make this country whole again in the world community and to challenge those lies which, if left unchallenged, will cause this administration to lead this country into another war.

Give me Liberty Conference - Washington D.C. January 22-24, 2004
The Conference to Restore the Constitution & Reclaim Our Republic


1. Call for Protection around Michael Irving, of World-Action
2. Mayan Elders message
3. Feedback
4. Inspecting the Obvious -- Israel's WMDs and the West's Double Standard
5. FSP Statement on Israel's Bombing of Syria
6. Israel subs go nuclear amid fears over Iran
7. Working toward the positive
8. Environmentalists and Navy strike deal on controversial sonar system
9. Three activists arrested after filming dolphin slaughter
10. HIGH Risks of FluMist Vaccine
11. Chemtrails of the World
12. U.S. defence contractor to count Canadian heads
13. Washington

See also:

One death a minute: toll of the booming arms trade (Oct 10)
In Somalia, babies are named "Uzi" and "AK" after their fathers' favourite assault rifles. In Georgia, arms are so common that English teachers have been paid in hand grenades. In Yemen, the birth of a boy is greeted by tribal leaders with shouts of: "We have increased by one gun." Armed with these and a battery of other alarming facts, a coalition of human rights campaigners and aid groups warned yesterday that the spread of lethal weaponry was "out of control" and the war on terrorism was fuelling a rapid acceleration in the global arms trade, which is worth £17bn a year.

New Plan: Kill Endangered Species to Save Them (October 11),1413,36~11676~1692568,00.html
The Bush administration is proposing far-reaching changes to conservation policies that would allow hunters, circuses and the pet industry to kill, capture and import animals on the brink of extinction in other countries. Giving Americans access to endangered animals, officials said, would both feed the gigantic U.S. demand for live animals, skins, parts and trophies, and generate profits that would allow poor nations to pay for conservation of the remaining animals and their habitats. This and other proposals that pursue conservation through trade would, for example, open the door for American trophy hunters to kill the endangered straight- horned markhor in Pakistan; license the pet industry to import the blue-fronted Amazon parrot from Argentina; permit the capture of endangered Asian elephants for U.S. circuses and zoos; and partially resume the international trade in African ivory. No U.S. endangered species would be affected. Conservation groups counter that killing or capturing even a few animals is hardly the best way to protect endangered species, and say the policies cater to individuals and businesses that profit from animal exploitation. "It's a very dangerous precedent to decide that wildlife exploitation is in the best interest of wildlife," said Adam Roberts, a senior research associate at the nonprofit Animal Welfare Institute, an advocacy group for endangered species. (...) John Monson, a New Hampshire trophy hunter and former chairman of that state's Fish and Game Commission, said the program would help preserve rare animals. In 1999, Monson applied for a permit to shoot and import a straight- horned markhor. He was turned down. Monson said the money he has spent hunting trophies - including a leopard from Namibia and a bontebok antelope from South Africa - has funded conservation programs. Monson is president-elect of Safari Club International, a national hunting advocacy group. He agreed to an interview only in his personal capacity. Safari Club International gave $274,000 to candidates during the 2000 election, 86 percent of it to Republicans. It also spent $5,445 printing bumper stickers for the Bush presidential campaign. Monson has made a variety of contributions himself, including $1,000 to the Bush for President campaign.

Primate Expert Calls Bush's Environmental Record "Terrifying"(Oct 12)
Primatologist Jane Goodall criticized President Bush's environmental policies Sunday, charging the White House with leading an "onslaught" against the Endangered Species Act that could lead to more African animals being killed or captured for profit. Goodall, famed worldwide for her life's work studying and protecting chimpanzees in Tanzania, said her beloved apes and other species face a threat from the Bush Administration that could undo decades of conservation efforts. "When I start talking about the long list of reversals of legislation that the Bush administration has introduced over the last three years, it's terrifying," Goodall said during an appearance at San Francisco's Episcopal Grace Cathedral. She cited an effort by the White House to amend the 1973 Endangered Species Act so U.S. companies can import a certain number of endangered animals if they compensate the animals' native countries with money for conservation programs. Currently, such animals can't be imported into the United States. CLIP

NIH told regular and moderate exposure to sunlight is the key to preventing chronic disease
BETHESDA, MD (Oct. 9, 2003) - The researcher who discovered the active form of Vitamin D, Dr. Michael F. Holick, a Professor of Medicine, Dermatology, Physiology and Biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine, told the National Institutes of Health's symposium on "Vitamin D and Health in the 21st Century" that the nation faces "severe Vitamin D deficiency" which, if not properly addressed, will have profound far reaching health consequences such as hundreds of thousands of new cases of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and multiple sclerosis.

The rich world's disappearing jobs
In the developed world and particularly in the United States, the scope of jobs disappearing overseas is widening beyond all imagining, to professions that almost nobody expected to be hit, and with far higher incomes than anybody thought possible as globalization bonds with the law of unintended consequences. CLIP

With 3 Million U.S. Jobs Lost, President's Gig at Stake (Oct 10)
Another one-term presidency? As President Bush opens his 2004 re-election bid, he is looking increasingly vulnerable. The voter discontent that toppled California Gov. Gray Davis in Tuesday's recall election isn't good news for the White House. Three sitting presidents have been voted out of office since 1976. Bush is at risk. His approval rating has plunged to 49 percent, according to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. That's a 39 point drop from his highest approval rating after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. (...) Only 43 percent of the voters said that Bush deserved re-election, while 49 percent said they think it is time for someone new, according to the Zogby America poll. This same poll has shown him trailing a generic Democratic rival in its most recent two surveys. Of the Democrats, Sen. John Kerry and retired Gen. Wesley Clark are Bush's most serious competition. Both nudged ahead of Bush in the CNN/USA Today poll. A Kerry-Clark ticket would be formidable.

US: the world's deepest debtor
ONE of the curious features of US hegemony is that it depends on the apparently limitless willingness of US allies - and even of some future competitors, such as China - to finance the apparently limit less budget and trade deficits of the US. Over the past 20 years the US has become the world's leading debtor, its net foreign debt rising from $250bn in 1982 to $2.2 trillion in 2001, 23% of GDP - almost equal to the $2.5 trillion owed by five billion people in the whole of the developing world. Thanks to President George Bush's $600bn budget deficit (although he actually inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton), a persistent trade deficit with Asia and near zero savings rates, US net debt is growing, requiring daily inflows of billions of foreign-sourced dollars to cover the difference. These public and private flows are invested in sovereign debt instruments or the equity markets. As the US Federal Reserve noted in its latest quarterly report, foreigners now own 38% of US Treasury securities, more than twice the amount a decade ago. This means that the US has mobilised an ever-greater share of world savings to finance US consumption, economic growth, living standards and military expansion. Most of those savings are from East Asia. CLIP

UN estimate for rebuilding Iraq half that of Bush’s—where’s the money going? (Oct 11)
Basic reconstruction in Iraq next year would cost less than half the amount requested by the Bush administration from the US Congress, according to a joint report prepared by the United Nations and World Bank. The report estimates that $9 billion are needed for reconstruction in Iraq in 2004. The report was released the same day that an $18.6 billion reconstruction budget was approved by the House Appropriations Committee. (...) What is listed as military spending would be better described as a huge slush fund for the American corporations that supply food and fuel and munitions, build barracks and other facilities, and conduct many other logistical operations in Iraq. Over the past decade, most such functions have been privatized, with only the actual shooting and killing reserved to military personnel. Combined with the initial $79 billion cost of the invasion and conquest of Iraq, the latest administration request brings the total current spending on the Iraq war to $166 billion, the vast majority of it ending in the coffers of giant US companies. These corporations reap guaranteed profits in contracts which typically provide full reimbursement of costs plus a 7 percent profit: the more the companies charge the Pentagon, the more profit they make. War profiteering is not the only reason for the US conquest of Iraq, but it is an enormously powerful factor in the decisions of the Bush administration, which includes an inordinate number of former CEOs among its key personnel.

US plans to sell off Iraqi businesses are simply the modern equivalent of pillage (October 13)
(NOW THEY ARE DOING LIKE THE ISRAELIS IN PALESTINE!) October 12 - Americans accused of brutal 'punishment' tactics against villagers, while British are condemned as too soft - US soldiers driving bulldozers, with jazz blaring from loudspeakers, have uprooted ancient groves of date palms as well as orange and lemon trees in central Iraq as part of a new policy of collective punishment of farmers who do not give information about guerrillas attacking US troops.

US Soldiers to America: ''Bring us home now; we're dying for oil and corporate greed!''
Coalition For Free Thought In Media - 12th October 2003 - I had the unique opportunity to interview five US military servicemen who just got back from Iraq, or in the case of two men, corresponded with their wives so that I could ask questions of these soldiers by mail. When the two I corresponded with came back just last week, I was able to complete the interviews I started several months ago with some new details on how the war is actually going. I was shocked and angered when I found out how many of the service men hate being in Iraq and want nothing to do with rebuilding and policing the devastated nation. From the conversations I had, many soldiers never wanted to go over to Iraq and fight, and the ones who had were now convinced of the awful crime that had been committed against Iraq and our own troops. I was told very few soldiers now believe in staying in Iraq, or want to stay in the country and serve any more days. CLIP

Turks trade troops for hard U.S. cash
CALGARY -- The Turks, it seems, will send troops into Iraq. When and how many is uncertain, but in a momentous decision, Turkey's parliament voted decisively to aid the U.S. military occupation. Washington is delighted. Having run out of troops itself, the U.S. is arm-twisting and bribing all and sundry to send soldiers to Iraq. Not surprisingly, few nations are eager to risk their men in strife-torn Iraq, but Uncle Sam has a very powerful inducement: money and trade. Turkey shows just how loudly cash talks with near-bankrupt nations.

Pope John Paul has inoperable stomach cancer which recently spread to his colon. A team of palliative medical specialists is now permanently based in the Papal Apartment in the Apostolic Palace. They administer drugs to try and ensure the Pope will live to carry out the three climatic events of his 25 years on the Throne of St Peter. They revolve around the anniversary of his election on Wednesday (October 16). The celebrations are planned to include the beatification of Mother Theresa and presiding over the consistory, or assembly, of cardinals, including the 31 he has just created. But increasingly the Vatican is preparing the world's 800 million Catholics for his impending death. CLIP

Failing America: Duplicity at Home and Abroad (October 11)
Have the American people capitulated to the manufactured fear fabricated by Bush, Ashcroft and Ridge? Are we the sheep Churchill mocked when he said, "Sheep don't need whipping"? Do we sit passively in front of our television sets listening to lie after lie and do nothing, knowing now that these lies sent American boys abroad as administration aggressors, yea, as unprovoked invaders of a foreign land, as occupiers entrusted with securing the natural resources of that land to be used to pay for the reconstruction caused by the invasion? Had we known the truth would we have agreed to be the mercenaries of the Cabal, to secure for them the millions they will accrue from contracts paid for by our tax dollars while we suffer the indignity of being labeled across the globe, "foot soldiers of the corporate elite"? Has the "dumbing down" of America, that has turned our Democracy into a "Corpocrisy," turned us as well into corporate robots to be used at will by those who buy our politicians? (...) Condoleezza Rice called the creation of a democratic government in Iraq "the moral mission of our time." Yet she speaks as an advisor to a government that manufactures policy out of politics, fabricates evidence from lies, conjures reason from duplicitous acts, extols freedom of speech as it maligns dissenters, lauds democracy as it illegally occupies a sovereign state, decries terrorism as it supports the most savage terrorist regime in the world, and she has the gall to overlook the need to create a democratic government in America! This regime, this Bush regime, has failed the American people. It is time we give our consent to those who govern us. Sitting passively is no longer an option.

One Million German POWs Killed After WWII By US & France
June, 1945 US POW camp in Germany "Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps . . . Eisenhower's hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequalled by anything in American history . . . an enormous war crime."  Comment from: --Col. Ernest F. Fisher, PhD Lt. 101 st Airborne Division, Senior Historian, United States Army

Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros? (Oct. 10)
President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Russia could switch its trade in oil from dollars to euros, a move that could have far-reaching repercussions for the global balance of power -- potentially hurting the U.S. dollar and economy and providing a massive boost to the euro zone. "We do not rule out that it is possible. That would be interesting for our European partners," Putin said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in the Urals town of Yekaterinburg, where the two leaders conducted two-day talks. "But this does not depend solely on us. We do not want to hurt prices on the market," he said. "Putin's putting a big card on the table," said Youssef Ibrahim, managing director of the Strategic Energy Investment Group in Dubai and a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, an influential body of leading world thinkers thought to help set the United States' foreign policy agenda. "In the context of what is happening worldwide, this statement is very important," he said. Putin's words come in the wake of a protracted drive by the EU to attract more countries' trade and currency reserves into euros, in a bid to chip away at U.S. hegemony over the global economy and money supply. A move by Russia, as the world's second largest oil exporter, to trade oil in euros, could provoke a chain reaction among other oil producers currently mulling a switch and would further boost the euro's gradually growing share of global currency reserves. That would be a huge boon to the euro zone economy and potentially catastrophic for the United States. Dollar-based global oil trade now gives the United States carte blanche to print dollars without sparking inflation -- to fund huge expenses on wars, military build-ups, and consumer spending, as well as cut taxes and run up huge trade deficits. Almost two-thirds of the world's currency reserves are kept in dollars, since oil importers pay in dollars and oil exporters keep their reserves in the currency they are paid in. This effectively provides the U.S. economy with an interest-free loan, as these dollars can be invested back into the U.S. economy with zero currency risk.

Citizens strike back in intelligence war (Oct 13)
With the recent demise of the Bush administration's controversial Terrorist Information Awareness (TIA) programme to monitor everyone in the US, citizens now have a chance to get their own back. A website to be launched later in 2003 will allow people to post information about the activities of government organisations, officials and the judiciary.


From: "Carolyn">
Date: 10 Oct 2003
Subject: Fw: Call for Protection around Michael Irving, of World-Action

NOTE FROM JEAN: A call for assistance to send positive energetic support to Michael Irving (UK) came to my attention a couple days ago through Carolyn and I asked Suzy Ward to please verify with Matthew (her son now residing in Nirvanic heaven - details at if the situation described was indeed true and thus if we should help him. Here is (in part) Matthew's reply to my query:

I recommend that you request prayers of love-light protection for this soul along with all others who, in their courage and convictions, have exposed the truth of what has been perpetrated upon Earth, with all hearts expressing love and gratitude for their missions in bringing the darkness to light.

These souls have performed the indispensable service of bringing forth awareness to the dark deeds that left undiscovered and unpublicized, would have continued. Exposure of these deeds to the light was a prerequisite to opening and educating minds to demand the new direction that has led to this moment. Now, rather than looking back and giving any more power to what has happened, you need to direct collective vision and action toward the world desired, where love, truth and harmony reign. That would be a far more appropriate and loving tribute to Michael Irving and other courageous souls’ vanguard service that so greatly has assisted in bringing Earth into her era of rejuvenation and awakened souls. Let their service uplift people and propel them into the "future" rather than reminding them to think backwards.

With the nearing implementation of the NESARA reforms, it is far more advantageous to your world to refocus from the dark hold onto the in-pouring of the love-light that enables the great spiritual reformation. The more light focused on engendering this, the more swiftly and surely the reforms will occur and the less potent the resistance of the remaining dark pockets to create obstacles. 

I believe that the far-reaching respect for your credibility is sufficient for you to make a global request for love and light on behalf of this soul and all others—those who have passed on to life in other realms and those who remain in place—whose service to Earth has brought you to this moment of near-release from the age-old dark control.

With the love of the universe to bless all Earth souls, this is Matthew.



These kinds of happenings will cease or have ceased, and while it is necessary for people to be informed, it is just as necessary for them to release focus on the darkness and put the power of their energy into manifesting greater love-light on the planet.


"We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don’t do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not a part of the cure."

- E. F. Schumacher - Author of 'Small Is Beautiful' - Taken from


Date: 12 Oct 2003
From: Goldi>
Subject: Mayan Elders message

(...) I can't recall if I sent you the article on the Mayan Elders message. It was a rather urgent request for participation in a specific meditation focus covering from mid-August through mid-December, which they describe as "period is of instability, destruction and confrontation and natural catastrophes can emerge: droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes ? like we have never before seen ? bringing the consequences of death's appetite. The most difficult confrontations are with intolerance as well as the economic interests. The most delicate confrontation is of the religious fundamentalists, guided by the negative forces that can provoke great conflicts. This is a tendency, an energy that is gestating, which does not mean that we can not change or minimize it on the level on which we are affected." From my own monitoring of world events, particularly in the Middle East, I have no doubt they are right. There is much much more in the message about the road ahead as well, an excellent explanation on the Mayan position on what we can expect both before AND after the Calendar end date of Dec 21, 2012.

The article can be found here:
The entire website is also highly recommended as a good place to learn more about indigenous issues.

Note from Jean: Here is an excerpt:

"Enough is enough! Don't you realize the damage that you are doing to your home? When did you loose your sense of reason? When did you loose the respect for our mother earth?" He would ask, "Why haven't we taken action towards the implacable destruction we make every day, all the contamination? How is it that you can sleep at night, having this knowledge? Is it that perhaps we don't feel a responsibility for what is happening? The reality is we do have a responsibility, a very big one. By our permitting a few others who have suspect economic interest to do what they want without our putting a stop to this action, we become equally responsible. Is it not enough to see how the climate has changed? How the earth is contaminated, as well as the air? How the rivers are poisoned, and without mentioning, the oceans as well? Where are our green Mountains? Where did the spiritual guardians run off to? Where will the jaguars, the birds and the flowers inhabit? And the rest of the brothers and sisters that gives joy and balance to life? Why have we let mother earth dry up? And then we become frightened of the floods, the plagues and the earthquakes? All of this, WHY? You know the answer. It seems we only live for the moment. We only live to obtain the material illusions, the uncontrollable consumerism of things that don't serve us. Things that pacify us, distract us and make us feel as though we are somebody. What to say of the spiritual guides? This call is primarily for them, and for all the beings that are working for the light. Let's take awareness - it is time to assume the role that they are responsible for. It can all be put into one simple word: UNITY! Let it bring us harmony and a return of consciousness. Harmony with mother earth, respect for each other, respect to our brothers and sisters the animals, towards the plants and most of all, toward ourselves. Ask your grandmother, your grandfather, the elders - they have the peace and the wisdom, the awareness. Listen to the wind. Hug the ancient trees and ask them. Listen to the river or simply quiet your mind. You will see that the answer, the truth is within yourself, in the depth of your soul - then you will know that you are a warrior of the light, of the peace, of love and of harmony. And then raise your voice - without violence, but with strength. All of us united will reconstruct the wonder of life. Please, let's return to be human beings!" CLIP


Subject: Feedback: Please Be Careful About What You Post
Date: October 09, 2003

In a compilation posted 10/9/2003 ...

From: "John Kaminski">
Sent: October 08, 2003
Subject: Jewish phone calls

Just thought you'd all like to know that I've been getting anonymous threatening phone calls from several people who accuse me of hating Jews. Since I have a cellphone, no one should have access to my number, but Israel controls most of the phones in the U.S. These people never tell me their names. These phone calls are characterized by the foulest language and an unwillingness to dialogue. I've been expecting them, and they're here. This is the way Jews wish to debate, by smearing and silencing all opposition to their criminal endeavors. Just the way they treat the rest of the world, as dumb cattle who it's OK to rob and murder. Just a reminder of what happened to me when they find me with six .22 slugs in the back of my head. Jewish justice, a threat to everyone in the whole world.


Dear Jean:

I don't know who John Kaminsky is and his links don't work. However these comments are quite paranoid and such a generalization as to be easily experienced as anti-Semitic. Jews and Israelis are not one and the same thing and many Israelis, just like many Americans do not condone or approve the behavior of their government. You posted something in the past that I forwarded to another list which turned out to be comments from a known Holocaust Denier's website. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to tell you about it then. I do think it's important to be careful to be even handed when dealing with the Palestinian/Israeli crisis and not make the mistake of blaming all Jews or all Israelis for the behavior of the Sharon government.


Suzanne Schecker



Hi Suzanne

I understand your concern but nevertheless feel it was entirely appropriate to include this letter from John. I'm surprised you don't seem to know who he is as I've repeatedly included his eloquent, satirical and sometimes vitriolic articles in my compilations. He is one of the few outspoken journalists in America who has the courage to express - often in a very brilliant manner IMHO - what I consider (mostly) the truth about the US government's involvement (directly and indirectly) in masterminding, remote-controlling and allowing the pseudo "terrorist" attacks of September 11, 2001 to happen and then milking this manufactured event to further a pro-israeli, pro-oil industry and anti-democratic (with the PATRIOT Act) agenda that is being increasingly recognized as such around thew world.

I agree with you though that the way he smears all Jews in his letter above is not conducive to attracting sympathy and support for what he is experiencing, especially from people who identify themselves as being part of this community of otherwise generally intelligent and kind people just as capable of love and compassion as any other incarnated soul, and certainly worthy of as much respect as any other group of people on Earth. In this regard, I should have indicated the reservations I just expressed in a personal introductory comment, but in the rush of the moment (too late in the night as I often do when I can find time to work on preparing a compilation an networking it) and in my desire to help bring awareness to others about this threat directed towards John Kawinski, I overlooked this aspect, which was my mistake. I thank you for bringing this to my attention, entirely concur with what you wrote regarding not "blaming all Jews or all Israelis for the behavior of the Sharon government" (which I did not do, of course) and will try to be more sensitive to such issues in the future -- although I'm sure I'll again miss things and not make such thoughtful connections, because there is simply no way with the volume of material I circulate to always "catch" all such situations deserving a similar warning from me.

Finally regarding website, I just checked it and it works just fine. To review lots of articles from him just check

All my best to you



The following has been taken from

The false fabric of History is unraveling beneath an avalanche of pathological lies to justify endless war and Orwellian new laws that revoke the rights of all Americans. While TV and newspapers glorify the dangerous ideas of perverted billionaires, the Internet has pulsated with outrage and provided a new and real forum for freedom among concerned people all over the world who are opposed to the mass murder and criminal exploitation of the defenseless victims of multinational corporate totalitarianism.

Bold new writers have stepped forward to challenge those lies. Prominent among them is John Kaminski, whose passionate essays have sprung up like mushrooms all across the World Wide Web. Kaminski gives voice to those same hopes and fears of humane people that are ignored by the big business shysters who rule the major media.

"If we let them get away with their lies, we’re goners," Kaminski rages. Thousands of people are listening, and cheering. Over the last decade, a growing legion of fans has recognized the outraged rhetoric of John Kaminski to be a reliable chronicle of government hypocrisy containing realistic suggestions about how to derail the war machine. A newspaper editor for 30 years, Kaminski’s current essays appear on hundreds of websites throughout the world, and are passed around informally among thousands of readers. All these people share his goal: genuine freedom for all people, and jail for the greedy goons who attempt to enslave us.

Mainstream media are hopelessly poisoned by big business billionaires who cover up the truth for profit. So-called alternative media are often subtly manipulated by the CIA and foreign powers, yet hoodwink many into thinking they're fighting for freedom when they really aren't. But millions of Internet readers around the world have come to learn that John Kaminski's incisive essays provide information and conclusions that can't be found in high-priced publications or on hip websites.

Now comes a collection of columns that have circled the globe in cyberspace and elicited thankful praise from Pakistan to New Zealand and most places in between, columns that clearly demonstrate the criminals are in charge and must be stopped by the people.


"Like Noam Chomsky, (Kaminski) should be considered a national treasure among those who still hold out hope of resurrecting the heart & soul of America from the greasy clutches of the cryptocracy."

— B.Z. Botani, MetaMagic Media, Hawai'i

"John Kaminski tells it like it is. His writings are brave, bold and to those who can really see, as truthful as it gets. John is fearless in exposing the coup in America and the dastardly consequences for all life on Earth under the illegal regime we find ourselves in America. I highly recommend taking the time to read and absorb this book cover to cover."

— Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show (, talk show on the net; author of The Awakening of An American, How My Country Broke My Heart



Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003
From: John Kaminski>
Subject: [Fwd: Please Be Careful About What You Post]

Thanks Jean,

Tell Suzanne that I am going to be as even handed with Israel as Ariel Sharon is with the Palestinians, and I have no sympathy for Jews who claim to distance themselves from the indefensible performance of the Jewish state and then take no action to inform the world of horrors that are committed in the name of all Jews. Thanks for your open-mindedness.




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October 9, 2003

Inspecting the Obvious -- Israel's WMDs and the West's Double Standard


A highly distinguished and carefully selected team of American scientists just concluded a thorough and consequential mission in Iraq. The declared objective was finding Iraq's arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. But hidden within such a declaration, was the hope of unearthing a pretext for a calamitous war on Iraq that cost billions of dollars and the irreplaceable lives of thousands.

Shortly after David Kay, who headed the scientific crusade to Baghdad, briefed the US Senate and House of Representatives of his findings, or lack thereof, a declassified version of his report was released. Not only were no weapons found in Iraq, but the disposed Iraqi government, according to Kay, had no capacity to produce chemical warfare agents before the war. So much for the British government scare campaign alleging Iraq's readiness to launch a global attack using its supposed weapons within 45 minutes upon order.

But as if the war party's lack of sense was not enough, the response to Kay's report has displayed a greater lack of shame. Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, responded by saying he had no regrets. "You make judgments on the basis of the information available at the time you are required to make those judgments, and the judgment was valid," he said, arrogantly and in startling defiance of the facts, and with no remorse for thousands of Iraqis who perished by the war allies' weapons, which, ironically were the closest in nature to the alleged weapons of mass destruction that Iraq did not even possess.

British Foreign Minister, Jack Straw's statement appeared as if the man was referring to a completely different report than that of Kay, saying that the American group's report "confirms how dangerous and deceitful the (Iraqi) regime was, and how the military action was indeed both justified and essential to remove the danger."

US President George Bush, who was struck by the nightmarish, although imperative findings that most Americans - 53 percent according to a new CBS News-New York Times poll - are now doubtful of his Iraq war, too, continued to defy common sense. "This administration will deal with gathering dangers where we find them." Although the ambiguity, albeit arrogance of Bush's words compels no comment, they certainly raise an important subject. If what genuinely concerns Bush is "gathering dangers" then why not go after the big guns, who, in fact do possess such weapons, for example, Israel. Of course, most readers, whether opponents or proponents of US foreign policy in the Middle East understand the irony, needless to say, the impossibility of such a demand. And that is because deep within, most of us are convinced that the US foreign policy doesn't follow a moral code, rather an immoral, imperial and self-sustaining ideology only aimed at rewarding its followers and crudely punishing its antagonists.

Those living outside this immoral dogma understand that well. One is Nelson Mandela. In an interview with the American Newsweek magazine back in September, Mandela raised a seemingly simple concern. He introduced that concern by stating that Bush's objectives behind the war were motivated by the President's desire to "please the arms and oil industries in the United States of America." Then, he added, "but what we know is that Israel has weapons of mass destruction. Nobody mentions that."

At the time of Mandela's statement, some were still functioning based on the premise that Iraq did indeed have such weapons. Kay just told us in his report that no weapons were found. But Kay's report, or any other for that matter, leaves intact the solid and palpable fact that Israel has weapons of mass destruction.

Israel's possession of such weapons is so well known a fact, it's dubbed: "the world's most well-known secret." In a BBC report that was aired twice, first in March and then again on June, 2003, the show host begins his communiqué by asking fear-provoking questions: "Which country in the Middle East has undeclared Nuclear weaponry? .. Which country in the Middle East has no outside inspections? .. Which country jailed its nuclear whistleblower for 18 years? .." The dramatic introduction was followed by an enlarged title page: "ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON."

Israel's refusal to approve the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, in addition to strong speculations that Israel owns up to 300 nuclear warheads and the Arab League's most recent assertion to the International Atomic Energy Agency that Israel now has the capability of producing a hydrogen bomb, are all not enough to convince the United States and its war 'coalition' that Iran and Iraq aren't the real 'imminent' danger.

The present hierarchy of power in the West, the neo-imperialism, of which Israel is an essential part, seems little concerned with logic and rationale when one of its members is the wrongdoer. Aside from that, it makes perfect since for Bush, Blair and Howard to chase after the phantoms of Iraq's alleged weapons, not leaving an orchard near Baghdad thoroughly excavated, while Israel amasses a wealth of banned weapons, unscathed.

While the rational response to Israel's heedlessness is as stern a demand to allow unhindered access to weapons inspectors and unconditional signing of the NPT, the exact opposite is taking place. The IAEA is ambushing Iran, who is a potential war target for the US, demanding "full disclosure" of its nuclear program. The agency has set October 31 as the "decisive" and "non-negotiable" deadline.

In the United States, in a mid-September press conference, White House spokesman Scott McClellan sounded the drums of war once more when he threatened to hold Syria "accountable" if it doesn't cease harboring terrorists (or simply giving a safe haven for anti-Israeli Palestinian factions, who merely operate politically in Damascus). McClellan's threat 'coincided' with a more blatant threat by John Bolton, the US under-secretary of State for Arms and Control and International Security, when he briefed a Congress Committee regarding Syria, saying, "In short, if the language of persuasion fails, these states (starting with Syria) must see and feel the logic of adverse consequences." Of course, Israel is not one of "these states."

Israel, whose level of comfort in the United States and its war allies' unconditional patronage is at an all time high, too, had its own, time-honored method of responding to nit-picking media reports, like that of the occasionally, yet not always honest, BBC. Israel officially declared boycotting the British Broadcasting Company.

The production or use of weapons of mass destruction should be vehemently rejected, regardless of any rationalization, no matter how merited they might appear. When a nuclear bomb is dropped, or when nerve gas is discharge, neither the identity of the attacker nor the victim should be of essence. Equally, we should lend no sympathy to whether the pilot dropping the bomb is a citizen of a democratically elected government or assigned by a religious cleric. Not one should be allowed to produce or attain such massive killing agents, not Iran, not India and certainly not Israel.

One can strongly make the case that if one or more Middle Eastern countries are indeed pondering the probabilities of attaining weapons of mass destruction, it is, in part, because of the fear that its lack of such weapons can place it on the list of most vulnerable countries. It is not easy to scold or kick around a country with a fully functioning nuclear weapons system. The Pakistani response to India's weaponry, and the North Korean admission to the possession of such weapons are all cases in point. By granting Israel the right to produce weapons that can be used for one purpose only, mass killing, then demanding Iran to cease the mere desire to produce them is the ultimate hypocrisy.

In the past, much of Israel's actions were justified on the basis of the racist premise of Israel's progressiveness and the Arab's backwardness. The right to mass killing should not be equally justified according to the same premise, not by any stretch of the imagination, no matter how racist such an imagination may be.

Ramzy Baroud is a Palestinian-American journalist and editor-in-chief of The Palestine Chronicle online newspaper. He is the editor of the anthology: "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion."


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Officials confirm that the nation can now launch atomic weapons from land, sea and air.,1,2143506.story
The issue complicates efforts to rein in Iran. - October 12 2003 - TEL AVIV -- Israel has modified American-supplied cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads on submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to launch atomic weapons from land, air and beneath the sea, according to senior Bush administration and Israeli officials.

Nuclear Weapons
The Israeli nuclear weapons program grew out of the conviction that the Holocaust justified any measures Israel took to ensure its survival. Consequently, Israel has been actively investigating the nuclear option from its earliest days.

Israel Special Weapons Guide

Israel kills six in tank attack on Gaza camp (Oct 11)
At least six Palestinians, including two children aged eight and 12, were killed by Israeli forces yesterday in the biggest military operation in the Gaza Strip for three months, witnesses said. Residents of Rafah refugee camp contacted by phone told of families fleeing in panic from their homes as Israeli bulldozers advanced on them, and civilians, including children, so badly wounded their limbs had to be amputated. (...) Reports from Rafah said most of the casualties were caused when an Israeli helicopter fired a missile into a building. The Israeli army claimed it fired at gunmen. Mr Barhoum said a missile hit a house as those inside tried to flee. "There were about 150 people in the house of my relative, Mousa Barhoum," he said "As the people started leaving, a missile hit. Mousa was hit in his face and foot. Doctors amputated his foot. Reem Mousa Abu Jazar was hit in the face and legs. CLIP

Gaza raid leaves 1,500 homeless: UN (Oct 13)
A United Nations official in the Gaza Strip says as many as 1,500 Palestinians have been left homeless by a major Israeli military operation over the weekend. UN Relief and Works Agency Commissioner General Peter Hansen says the damage to homes in the Rafah refugee camp is more than twice as extensive as in previous incursions. The Israeli Army entered the camp to find and destroy Palestinian tunnels it says were being used for smuggling weapons from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. Over 100 houses were reportedly completely demolished. The Palestinians have declared the camp a disaster zone.

Israel Demands Withdrawal of Food Report (Oct 9)
GENEVA - Israel on Thursday demanded the withdrawal of a United Nations report on the food situation in the Palestinian territories, claiming theauthor is politically biased. Yaakov Levy, Israel's ambassador in Geneva, wrote to the chairwoman of the U.N. Human Rights Commission demanding that Jean Ziegler's report be "deemed unfit for presentation" to the commission when it meets in the spring.

Israel's age of austerity
The Israeli government adopted an austerity budget in September, cutting social welfare to pay for defence and settlements. Israelis were already suffering from the worst recession since 1953. Now one family in five does not have enough to eat. (...) "The contrast between our miserable campsite and the neighbourhood's luxury shops and apartment blocks symbolises the ever-widening abyss between rich and poor." These protesters are the tip of the iceberg, for Israel is in acute economic crisis. From 1992 to 1995 growth was above 7% a year, thanks to the Oslo Accords and the arrival of Jews who had emigrated from the former Soviet Union. It has fallen continuously ever since, and the second intifada has plunged the country into deep recession (1). CLIP


Date: 10 Oct 2003
From: Freedom Socialist Party>
Subject: FSP Statement on Israel's Bombing of Syria

Israel's bombing of Syria: U.S.-approved state terrorism

Israel's startling air strike into Syria on October 5, 2003, was a dangerous act of terrorism, threatening to inflame and expand the unequal war between Israel and Palestine. It was also in perfect harmony with U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

The bombing raid, Israel's first air assault inside Syria in 30 years, was timed to gain popular support in Israel, or at least coerce frightened civilians into silence. It was carried out on the anniversary of the start of the Arab-Israeli war in 1973, and on the day after a suicide bombing in a Haifa restaurant killed 19 people, both Jews and Arabs. The target was Ain Saheb, an alleged "terrorist training camp" just a ten-minute bus ride outside Damascus. Actually, say people on the spot, the site was an abandoned Palestinian camp consisting of six houses and an orchard. It had no connection to the Haifa suicide bombing.

In other words, the Israeli pretext for attacking Syria was as fraudulent as U.S. excuses for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

Creators of terror, directly and indirectly

The U.S. didn't even pretend to be critical of Israel's arrogant brinkmanship. In fact, it publicly set the stage for it through the Syria Accountability Act, pending legislation that would impose sanctions on Syria for supposedly supporting terrorism. Throughout the week preceding Israel's attack, Syria was accused in Congress of having weapons of mass destruction and biological warheads. Lebanon, which is under strong Syrian influence, was falsely said to be harboring "thousands" of Iranian militants. And for months, Washington has been charging Syria with allowing Arab volunteers through its borders to help Iraqis resist the U.S. occupation.

How very tidy. Syria, Lebanon and Iran all neatly lined up to get hit, whenever the U.S. decides to strike. According to White House propaganda, these nations are on the "wrong side of the war on terrorism" -- just like every other country that disagrees with the U.S.

But who are the chief terrorists?

Israel's 34-year occupation of Palestine, bought and paid for by the U.S., is grounded in a strategy that has inflicted unrelenting misery in Palestine. Its tactics include helicopter missile assassinations of political leaders; collective punishment; a towering apartheid wall and barbed-wire fences; endless curfews and dehumanizing checkpoints; home destructions, land theft, and deprivation of food, water, education and jobs. This state terror will not stop individual terror through suicide bombings. On the contrary, it ignites them, just as U.S. savagery internationally incites attacks on U.S. civilians at home and abroad.

All over the world, the U.S. is inflicting pain and suffering unmatched in human history. Most recently, its occupation of Iraq has left countless Iraqis dead or injured, along with an unrevealed number of U.S. soldiers. As the world superpower swaggering across the globe at the service of corporate America, its "war on terror" is either directly or indirectly responsible for most of the political violence on planet Earth.

The U.S. is no stranger to real terrorist training camps. Since the 1940s, its infamous School of the Americas (now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) has educated counter-insurgents in the most advanced methods of torture and killing. Today, it is host to training operations run by Venezuelan military officers preparing to overthrow the left-leaning government of Hugo Chávez.

Their aims and ours

Israel's ruling rightwing Zionists want to be rid of the Palestinians, one way or another, no matter the cost in human lives.

This dovetails, for now, with the interests of the U.S., which has in Israel a convenient base for launching imperialist assaults in the Middle East. What the U.S. wants is nothing less than political control over the whole region, which contains more than 64 percent of the world's known crude oil reserves. It does not matter how many Americans, Palestinians, and Israelis die in the process, although the U.S. is happy to have Israeli soldiers serve as proxy cannon fodder whenever possible.

In both Israel and the U.S., workers are growing more and more angry about lost jobs, disappearing social services, and a diminishing quality of life. For Tel Aviv and Washington, war serves as both a distraction and a prop for faltering economies.

But unjustifiable war, too, provokes anger and resistance. Israeli refusenik soldiers and many civilians are declining to participate in their country's atrocities. Recently, 27 air force pilots announced they would not fly missions in the Occupied Territories that endanger civilians. U.S. soldiers, meanwhile, are increasingly questioning and speaking out against the war on Iraq, and their loved ones are increasingly organizing to bring them home.

Those of us who want peace and justice in the Middle East have our work cut out for us. Israel's bombing in Syria, a deadly stride toward war throughout the Middle East, would not have been possible without the full political and financial support of the U.S. Only a massive, radical antiwar movement, representative of all of those who are hardest hit by the culture and carnage of war, can put a stop to barbaric U.S. foreign policy. When united in mutual sympathy and solidarity, we will find that we possess unimagined strength.

Cut off U.S. aid to Israel! Hands off Syria! End the occupation of Palestine! U.S. out of the Middle East!

Issued by: Freedom Socialist Party National Office
4710 University Way NE #100, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone 206-985-4621 - Fax 206-985-8965 - E-mail



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Israel subs go nuclear amid fears over Iran

October 13, 2003

Israel has modified United States-supplied cruise missiles to carry nuclear warheads on submarines, giving the Middle East's only nuclear power the ability to launch atomic weapons from land, air and under the sea.

Bush Administration and Israeli officials say the move bolsters Israel's deterrence capacity in the event that Iran develops nuclear weapons.

It also comes as Syria insisted it had a right to defend itself, warning Israel against further raids into its territory such as last week's air strike on an alleged Palestinian training camp.

Two Bush officials described the missile modification and an Israeli official confirmed it. All wished to remain anonymous.

Iran denies developing nuclear weapons and says its nuclear program is for generating electricity. The International Atomic Energy Agency has given Tehran until October 31 to accept full inspections and prove that it has no nuclear arms program.

Israel's boosting of its secret nuclear arsenal, and US silence about it, has increased the desire of Arab states for similar weapons, Arab diplomats and United Nations officials said.

"The presence of a nuclear program in the region that is not under international safeguards gives other countries the spur to develop weapons of mass destruction," said Nabil Fahmy, Egypt's ambassador to the US.

Last month Egypt joined Saudi Arabia and Syria at the UN General Assembly in criticising the US and UN for ignoring Israel's weapons of mass destruction while pressuring Iran.

The German magazine /Der Spiegel /says in its latest edition that Israel's spy agency, Mossad, has drawn up pre-emptive attack plans on six sites in Iran it suspects are being used to prepare nuclear weapons.

Israel does not comment on whether it has nuclear arms but intelligence analysts and independent experts say it has 100 to 200 such weapons. Washington accepts Israel's status as a nuclear power and has not pressured it to sign the non-proliferation treaty.

The Israeli Government rejected requests for interviews with officials from its atomic energy agency and refused to answer nuclear questions.

On Saturday, Syria fired the latest verbal shot in a week of increasingly belligerent rhetoric following the attack by Israeli warplanes.

"We hope that the Israelis will not repeat their aggression," said a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Bushra Kanafani. "In case of repetition, Syria has the right to exercise self-defence in all available ways."

Syrian-backed terrorists have vowed to increase attacks on Israel from Lebanon.

*Los Angeles Times; AFP; The Telegraph, London


Date: 13 Oct 2003
From: lrothrock>
Subject: Working toward the positive


As coordinator of a small group of energy-workers, I understand completely your frustration with getting little feedback, so here I am to THANK YOU for all your hard work. 

I wanted also to ask if you and your "board" thought it might be worthwhile to send energy to raise the frequencies of the HAARP and ELF systems that are being used to manipulate the weather and the attitudes (read: apathy) of the people. If we could work together to raise the frequencies to optimum human-functioning levels, then we would reap a two-fold benefit: disruption of the weather manipulation and the cessation of the depressive effects of Extra Low Frequencies.

It seems like it might be a relatively simple matter to effect a great deal of positive change. Please let me know what you think.

Lea Rothrock


Hi Lea

This sounds like an interesting idea, but I do not understand from your letter how this would actually be achieved. Also it is not for me to decide whether this should be attempted but it is for each interested individual to contact you so as to get in the loop as part of this project. So I'm including your email and this reply in my next compilation and we will see what kind of feedback this will elicit...

Love and Light will prevail


P.S. And thanks for you kind feedback ;-)



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Environmentalists and Navy strike deal on controversial sonar system

October 14, 2003

By Angela Watercutter, Associated Press

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The Navy has agreed to limit its peacetime use of a new sonar system designed to detect enemy submarines but which may also harm marine mammals and fish, an environmentalist group said.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, which sued the military on the issue, and the Navy reached a settlement last week in which the Navy agreed to use the new system only in specific areas along the eastern seaboard of Asia, according to documents provided by the environmental group.

The agreement must be approved by a federal magistrate to become permanent, but if implemented the deal would greatly restrict the Navy's original plan for the sonar system, which once was slated to be tested in most of the world's oceans.

The Navy has not received final word of the agreement but would comply, said Lt. Cmdr. Cappy Surette. "Whatever the final decision is, the Navy will uphold the law," Surette said from the Pentagon.

Environmentalists say sonar systems endanger marine mammals and fish, especially whales. They point to a different system the Navy used in 2000, when at least 16 whales and two dolphins beached themselves on islands in the Bahamas. Eight whales died and scientists found hemorrhaging around their brains and ear bones, which could have been caused by exposure to loud noise.

"Oceans are an acoustic environment, and the species that live there have an acute acoustic sense," said Frederick O'Regan, president of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. "If we interfere with these critical behaviors, we may be affecting not just individual animals but entire populations."

Last year the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups sued the Navy over the new system, seeking to restrict its use.

U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth Laporte later issued a preliminary injunction restricting use of the system and in a separate ruling ordered the environmentalists and the Navy to negotiate a final settlement. The new deal, which is the result of those negotiations, largely mirrors the restrictions imposed by Laporte's injunction.

Since the injunction, the Navy has used the sonar system in restricted areas without harm to marine life, Surette said. It is designed to detect enemy diesel submarines at great distances.

Joel Reynolds, director of the Marine Mammal Protection Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council, welcomed the settlement.

"This agreement safeguards both marine life and national security," Reynolds said in a statement. "It will prevent the needless injury, harassment, and death of countless whales, porpoises, and fish and yet allow the Navy to do what is necessary to defend our country."

In addition to restricting the system to the eastern seaboard of Asia, the Navy also agreed to seasonal restrictions designed to protect whale migrations and to avoid using the system near the coast. None of the restrictions applies during time of war.

Meanwhile, the Natural Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and other environmental groups announced a new global campaign Monday to stop the spread of high-intensity sonar systems in oceans. Such systems are used by the defense forces of Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and other nations.

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Navy Sonar Affecting Whales (Oct 8)
High-powered sonar from Navy ships appears to be giving whales and other marine mammals a version of the bends, causing them to develop dangerous gas bubbles in some tissues and blood vessels and to beach themselves and die, according to a study published yesterday in the journal Nature. Reporting on beaked whales that were stranded in the Canary Islands soon after an international naval exercise last year, researchers for the first time found a condition similar to decompression sickness in 10 of 14 dead animals. The new data begin to explain how and why high-decibel mid-frequency sonar used by the U.S. Navy and other military fleets appears to cause some deep-diving marine mammals to die. Although the bends was previously unheard of in whales, dolphins and porpoises, the British and Spanish researchers concluded that a marine mammal version of decompression sickness was "the most likely cause" of the Canary Island strandings.

Sonar may cause bends disease in dolphins, says study (October 09)

LFA Sonar: Euro MPs fight for whales
A British MEP is leading calls for an end to the use of sonar devices believed to cause the strandings and deaths of dolphins and whales. Green MEP Caroline Lucas and other Euro MPs will deliver a 100,000 signature petition to Nato headquarters in Brussels on Monday calling for an EU-wide ban on the devices used to detect submarines. Their move comes amid growing concern about the effects of soundwaves from underwater military sonar equipment. Nato officials have agreed to meet the delegation to accept the petition signed by nearly 100,000 EU citizens. MEPs argue the use of low frequency active sonar by Nato without proper studies into its environmental impact is in breach of the UN convention on the law of the sea. CLIP


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on Oct 10


Three activists arrested after filming dolphin slaughter

October 7, 2003

TAIJI--Three members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society were arrested and being held Monday by police in Taiji, near Osaka, after documenting a dolphin round-up and slaughter in the area with video and still cameras.

Canadian Brooke MacDonald, Briton Morgan Whorwood and American Nicholas Hensey recently traveled to Japan to document the dolphin round-up by local fisherman near Taiji. Wild dolphin slaughter occurs in several areas of Japan. It is estimated that between 1,000-2,000 dolphins are killed each year via round-ups, and additional thousands killed by other means, according to Sea Shepherd.

The reason for the arrest is unclear, Paul Watson, founder and president of Sea Shepherd, said in a press release. The three Sea Shepherd members reportedly called the local Japanese police themselves. While it is not illegal to document a dolphin round-up, the video documentation of the slaughter is very graphic and is effective in raising awareness of the issue worldwide, the statement said.

Japanese fishermen, faced with depleted fisheries due to over-exploitation, often blame wild dolphins for low fish catches and herd them with prods and nets into shallow bays for painful and slow execution. The slaughter is also seen as a way to eliminate non-human competition for the plummeting fish stocks.

Similar slaughters are frequent and increasing in other coastal fishing villages such as Futo. Although dolphin meat is highly toxic with industrial pollution, it can be passed as prized whale meat and sold on the open market. Other products include pet food and fertilizer.

Sea Shepherd was instrumental in stopping dolphin slaughter on Iki Island, Japan, in the early 1980s when the local fishermen signed an agreement with Watson to permanently end the practice.

Sea Shepherd is a non-profit, non-governmental marine wildlife conservation organization which has protected the lives of hundreds of thousands of marine animals around the world since it was founded in 1977 by Watson.

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Sea Shepherd Crew Return to Taiji despite Death Threats and Violence (10/07/03)
On Monday, October 6, fishermen in Taiji, Japan herded forty dolphins into the bay and began to spear, slash and stab them with knives. Three Sea Shepherd crewmembers emerged from hiding. Two had been camped out on the cliffs overlooking the bay for five days and one was posing as a tourist in the town. They pulled out their weapons and began shooting. The weapons they used are greatly feared in Taiji. They were cameras. The fishermen had already been warned that they must not be filmed killing dolphins. In a previous incident the fishermen had assaulted documentary film-maker Hardy Jones. (...) I have seen the sadistic pleasure some of these fishermen display when they spear, stab, and slash the dolphins. Men who can inflict such wanton cruelty, who can laugh as a dolphins blood spurts and gushes into the bay are capable of murdering humans, especially humans who stand between them and their helpless prey. My crew are armed with cameras. The fishermen are armed with spears and razor sharp knives. We have three against hundreds. The odds are uneven but my crew will not and cannot surrender the killing grounds to such callous killers. Better to stay and risk injury or death than to turn their back on such evil. Im proud of my crew and they will stay the course for as long as they are physically able to do so. Sea Shepherd reinforcements are presently enroute to Taiji, Japan


From: "Joy Rae Freeman">
Subject: HIGH Risks of FluMist Vaccine - remedy does serious damage
Date: 10 Oct 2003

Below is an article on a new product called Flu-Mist which will soon be sold in stores such as Wal-Mart and which has the potential to "spread" viruses rather than to reduce the number of people who are ill. Also, it has the possibility of severely harming millions of people with weak immune systems including children and the elderly. The Illuminati own most of the world‚s pharmaceutical companies and one of the Illuminati plans is to REDUCE world population by any means they can. My sources state this new product, Flu-Mist, is DANGEROUS and should not be used. Please pass this article below on to those you care about. In the article below, a medical doctor explains why Flu-Mist is so dangerous.

Joy Rae Freeman
Spiritual Warrior, Healer, Writer, Teacher
Producer - Internationally Award Winning
"Joy to the World" KSER 90.7 FM Sat 7 AM Pacific



Risks of FluMist Vaccine

By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

There are many reasons for caution. FluMist contains live (attenuated) influenza viruses that replicate in the nasopharynx of the vaccine recipient. The most common side effects include "cough, runny nose/nasal congestion, irritability, headaches, chills, muscle aches and fever 100° F."[6] These symptoms are nearly identical to those the flu vaccine is designed to prevent. [7] A cause for significant concern is the vaccine‚s most prevalent side effects: "runny nose" and "nasal congestion." It has been documented that the live viruses from the vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community) from recipient children for up to 21 days, [8] and even longer from adults. [9] Viral shedding also puts breastfeeding infants at risk if the mother has been given FluMist. [10]

In addition to shedding via nasal secretions, the virus can be dispersed through sneezing. What is the normal physiological response when an irritant enters the nasal passages? A sneeze - sometimes a big sneeze - sometimes several big sneezes. Therefore, the risk for shedding--and spreading--live viruses throughout a school, church, workplace or store--especially one which is administering the vaccine.

In the section of the FluMist package insert labeled "PRECAUTIONS," the manufacturer states the following warning: "FluMist® recipients should avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 21 days." The warning is specifically directed toward those living in the same household with an immunocompromised person, but the on-going release of live viruses throughout the community may be a significant risk to everyone who has a weak, or weakened, immune system.

The number of immunocompromised people in the United States is enormous: It is estimated that at least 10 percent, or more than 28 million people


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Google search with Flu Mist



Forwarded by Ken>


Chemtrails of the World

The following excerpts are from the new wall calendar/picture book, Chemtrails of the World, by Mark Metcalf.

Initially, the chemtrail program manifested in a variety of ways. In some isolated cases, observers reported seeing clearly marked US military jet fighters flying at tree-top height dropping a spray that killed animals and sickened people. Some cases occurred in parts of Washington state near the Canadian border. But the overwhelming majority of sightings consisted of rows of clouds being emitted from white jets flying at high altitude. Where do these white jets come from and who is directing the chemtrail spraying program? It turns out that the United States Air Force has a fleet of approximately 550 KC-135 tanker jets many of which have been painted white to resemble civilian airliners.2 Air Force documents refer to the long white plumes of these aircraft as "aerial obscuration," ostensibly because the long trails can spread out over a period of hours to form an overcast sky.3 These artificial overcasts often have subtle parallel lines or striations running through them. When looking at the sun through these thin wispy clouds one can often observe a subtle, chemical, multi-colored halo, with colors similar to gasoline on water. The effect is more pronounced when viewed through polarized sunglasses. The jets can also be seen marking a large chemtrail "X" in the sky, indicating that satellites are directing jet flight paths and tracking the movement of the artificial clouds.

Enter the Black Lines

Chemtrails contain many exotic mysteries. For example, I have noticed on numerous occasions that the KC-135's appear to be following a faint black line in the sky. At first I thought it was an optical illusion, but I later realized it must be real. In scanning the Internet I found that many others were also seeing the lines coincide with chemtrail spraying.4 One man from Sweden wrote, "On the day that this picture was taken (of the chemtrails), I found a strange dark shadow in front of the plane. First I thought that this was some kind of optical illusion. The aircraft followed the dark shadow-line in a perfect way, when it all of a sudden made a turn and moved away from it. I realized that this was some kind of line that the plane followed and not at all an illusion created by the plane." In another case, a woman driving from Des Moines to Shenandoah, Iowa, said, "I saw a black line extend out from a plane I was watching. The subsequent chemtrail followed the black line exactly."

The most interesting report came from someone in the air. "I was flying to San Francisco from London Heathrow and we were over Greenland at the time when I looked out of the window and noticed a thick translucent black band in the sky. I stared at it for a while unable to work out what I was looking at. It was probably about a mile away from the plane and stretched as far as you could see in a perfectly straight line in both directions. Suddenly a black object appeared in the middle of the (black line) corridor and stopped, turned slightly towards the plane and then did the strangest thing: it elongated to about 10 times the original size until it was what I can only describe as a stretched-out triangle… then instantly accelerated away at a phenomenal speed down the (black line) corridor.

"My two colleagues also witnessed this and were just as puzzled and amazed. Shortly after, just into Canada we noticed a very, very long perfectly straight road through literally nowhere just going on for miles. Suddenly we passed a huge pentagon-shaped complex that this road led to with nothing else around. Just this place with buildings and hangars and a runway absolutely in the middle of nowhere."

One Country Tries to Stop the Spraying

Before the publication of this book, chemtrail spraying had been reported in a number of other countries including England and Spain, both of which are closely allied with the US military. On April 28, 1997, Cuba filed a complaint before the United Nations General Assembly charging the U.S. was spraying biological warfare agents over Cuban soil.5 While Cuba has been unable to have the matter investigated by the UN, the US has also been unable to have the matter dropped.

The official US responses are interesting. In one incident, the State Department admitted an S2R crop-dusting plane operated by the state department overflew Cuba, but said it "emitted only smoke." Washington Times 8/26/97

In another incident, "a Cuban pilot reported seeing the release of unknown substances, in the form of a white or greyish mist on 10/21/96." (On 12/18/96, the first signs of thrips plague appeared in Matanzas province.) The official US response was that the US pilot had, during his flight, seen a Cuban commercial airplane flying below, and as he was not certain of having been seen, "following caution and safety procedures," and with the purpose of securing a positive visual contact, the pilot used the "smoke generator" of his aircraft, in order to "indicate its location," adding that "the smoke vanished and no fluid was poured from the airplane." However, the US SAR aircraft, register N3093M is officially used by the State Department against drug trafficking, to destroy crops. The aircraft utilizes two sprinkling systems: one for the use of aerosols and liquid particles and another for dropping solid particles. The SAR aircraft is not known to carry a smoke generator.

The Cuban government has also filed a protest with the UN regarding the United States' refusal to adopt a draft protocol prohibiting plans and production of biological weapons for 30 years. In addition, on May 31, 1999, a lawsuit for $181 billion in wrongful death and personal injury was filed in Havana Provincial Civil Court in which the US was accused of genocide.

But the bio-attack on Cuba has been unrelenting. In 2002, a Canadian tourist reported seeing what he assumed were regular rocket flights - possibly to avoid anti-aircraft fire - that penetrate Cuban airspace and leave long plumes of smoky white material. Cuban health officials were quoted as saying that the government is quietly working to control the spread of the biological agents from the US aerosol campaign.

One Town Stands Up

In 1999, 550 citizens of Espanola, Ontario, brought a petition before the Canadian Parliament asking the Canadian government to stop the U.S. military from spraying. Town residents said the spray appeared to be making people sick. At a public meeting on chemtrails, the Ontario Minister of Environment refused to release air quality findings for Espanola. Unlike our island neighbors to the south, no government has interceded to protect North Americans from the US military aerosol campaign.

Some political leaders are no doubt being told that the artificial cloud spraying program is necessary to reverse global warming but must be kept secret so as not to panic the public. But if reflecting the sun's light and heat back into space is the purpose, why do the jets also spray at night? Why have they been seen spraying on naturally occurring overcast days? And why are they inundating the earth with a fungus genetically tailored to thrive on human blood?

Fungi from the Crypt

Award-winning journalist Will Thomas has reported that lab analysis showed spray samples contained over 360 different varieties of mold and fungi in addition to gene-splicing markers and extremely thin, red human blood cells.6 The chemtrail samples also contained a new breed of designer chemicals about which little is known in the public domain but which appear to be very dangerous, plus aluminum particulates approximately 1 micron in diameter. Chemtrail particles are carried by air currents, spreading a fine dust of pathogenic materials throughout the environment. The dust is nearly impossible to avoid since people can ingest it simply by breathing, eating and drinking. It is logical to assume that those who have initiated this spraying program are well aware of its inescapable properties. What is more disturbing is the ease with which a more deadly substance could be substituted for the current chemtrail mix. Should this happen, it seems likely that the chemtrail program could exterminate all above-ground human populations in North America in approximately one week.

Medical doctors often misdiagnose fungal conditions because they are taught that fungi cannot live in the blood stream (become systemic), nor can the resolution of the microscopes (1,000 x magnification) commonly used by doctors reveal the presence of fungi in blood samples. However, there is a microscope (8,000 to 15,000 x magnification) that can, and does, reveal fungus in the blood. This microscope has a camera that can record the enlarged images on video, providing irrefutable documentation.

The inventor of this microscope, Dr. Robert Bradford of American Biologics, was actually run out of the United States for his efforts to help mankind and now has an office in Tijuana, Mexico. Doctors possessing these super-microscopes are intensely "regulated" by the federal government, which closely monitors their research. Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, patients cannot be shown images or test results from the microscope. Research is also subject to inspection at any time of the day or night, and the FDA charges the targeted researchers $250 each time they show up.

Designer Fungus and Cancer

Dr. Marijah McCain, founder of the Herbal Healer Academy in Mountain View, Arkansas, has conducted extensive studies with her $40,000 super-microscope. In one study she discovered and documented a contagious leukemia virus. In another study, testing thirty patients, Dr. McCain found that eighty-three percent had systemic fungus in the blood. Her research also shows a direct link between the presence of fungus in the blood and the spread of cancer.7 Dr. McCain said, "Every single patient that I have seen that is terminal with cancer has the most incredible fungus overgrowth in the blood stream. Cancer is a slow-moving growth of mutating cells. The (allopathic) doctors will tell you it's fast moving and it's going to kill you very quickly. What can kill you is the fungus because the fungus moves very quickly and it's caused directly by the use of the chemotherapy. I have documented this in every instance."

What Dr. McCain is saying is that fungus/yeast is a plant and the growth of plants is accelerated by some chemicals and by radiation. She has also discovered that many cases of arthritis are not arthritis, but systemic fungus/yeast in the blood that clogs the arteries, causing them to swell.

Dr. McCain has been relentlessly hounded by the FDA. There is evidence that FDA activities are covertly directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) using executives from top-secret contractors like Monsanto Corporation who are appointed to high FDA policy-making positions despite obvious conflict of interest.8 Dr. McCain has also had numerous attempts on her life. In one case, a high-powered rifle fired through the walls of her home. In another case, an unmarked helicopter sprayed her with poison. (In 1997, an unmarked, white helicopter sprayed me with an unknown substance while hovering about sixty feet above my home in Los Angeles for approximately five minutes.) The Herbal Healer Academy offers a substantial catalog of moderately priced, high-quality herbal remedies, including a four-herb tea that has been proven to cure cancer in extensive medical trials in Canada. Contact the Herbal Healer at 870 269-4177 or go to

Microbiologist Mortality Goes Up

Interestingly, there now appears to be a global assassination program of the world's top microbiologists. Since 9-11-01, fifteen leading microbiologists have met untimely ends due to everything from gunshots to baseball bats to falling off bridges. Many of these men were considered the world's leading experts in infectious disease. See Barium suppresses human T-cell production, making the human body very susceptible to infectious agents. Barium also has electromagnetic properties and may be both amplifying and more evenly dispersing pulsed-energy waves first uncovered by a deceased University of Chapel Hill professor, Dr. David Fraser, in 1975. These waves are now most likely blanketing all cities and towns in North America for the purpose of mood and mind control. Carnicom has also confirmed the existence of the pulsed energy in every location he has tested and has created a method by which it can be measured and recorded that is posted on his website,

Pulsed-energy mind-control technology for mass populations was first tested on Medford, Oregon, making it the suicide capital of the nation overnight in the mid-seventies. See my article, "The Secret War Against Medford, Oregon."

The Spider's Web

Carnicom also received two similar spray samples picked up by separate eyewitnesses wanting to know what the strange weblike material was. One of the samples was fifty feet long by a half-inch wide. A small portion was sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis, whereupon two PhD's steadfastly maintained that the material was either silk or wool fibers. However, these men abruptly broke off all communication once their conclusion was challenged by simple, ordinary facts.

Human hair ranges from 60 to 100 microns thick. Wool fibers are 15 to 25 microns thick. Asbestos fibers are 2 to 3 microns thick. But the extremely adhesive, weblike fibers were essentially invisible to the human eye, measuring 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter. Under microscopic analysis they appeared wavy and of a synthetic nature. "Sufficiently unique to warrant further investigation," said Carnicom.

EPA Says "Drop Dead."

A sample was then sent to Carol M. Browner at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by certified mail.3 The EPA has since refused to acknowledge possession of the sample and has issued a statement saying they are "unaware" of any program to distribute materials over the population of the United States through the use of aircraft.

Doctors Become Alarmed

Eight doctors have come together to start the Morgellons Research Foundation, a grassroots organization, dedicated to finding the cause of an increasingly prevalent skin disease of unknown origin. Their website,, is a treasure-trove of medical documentation that includes photographs of the microfibers. The disease consists of skin lesions that contain "fiber-like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown origin." "We are attempting to isolate this organism and determine how it is able to cause the intense itching, stinging and disfiguring skin lesions which are the main symptoms of this disease."

At the moment, the doctors say most reports are coming from California, Texas and Florida. "The working hypothesis of this foundation is that an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease), may alter the individual's immune system and allow this unknown organism to become an opportunistic co-infection."11 So far, ninety-five percent of those afflicted with this skin disease who were tested for Bb have tested positive. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and are composed of cellulose. A mystery fungus is also thought to play a role in the disease.

Because the symptoms and physical findings are so unusual, most physicians just assume the patient is misinterpreting their condition. Many adults complaining of a hardening or thickening of the skin, hair loss, lymphedema, skin lesions, profound fatigue and joint pain, are receiving a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis. The Morgellons doctors added that, "Objects described as granules are often found associated with (the) skin lesions as well. Several people have had lymph nodes surgically removed due to obstruction." You can contact the doctors at or fax them at (760) 457-3441.

The Coming Global Desert?

If in an environment of 30% humidity you have what appears to be a cloud forming, it is logical to allow for the possibility of a foreign material or aerosol that is gathering what little moisture is available into that cloud formation. In this regard, Carnicom has developed a hypothesis that correlates well with the known facts. Since it is impossible for clouds to form under relative humidity conditions below 70% without the introduction of an aerosol of fine particles, then such particles must be present. Logically, these particles should contain nuclei with a water-loving nature, such as salt. Carnicom concludes that barium salts are the answer. When barium carbonate is burned it forms barium oxide. Among other properties it possesses, barium oxide absorbs moisture, absorbs CO2 and induces respiratory distress.

It appears that the chemtrail aerosol is designed to function like a net, capturing moisture in the atmosphere on a planetary level, and then redirecting that moisture into space. Says Carnicom, "There is a case developing that moisture is actually being drawn out of the sky by this material and that the rainfall patterns are being altered."

It seems to work like this: Chemtrail clouds draw moisture and carbon dioxide out of the surrounding air and the atmosphere gets dryer and thinner. As long as the chemtrail clouds are still present, they reflect the sun's heat back into space, making the reduction of sun-shielding atmosphere less noticeable. But as soon as the spraying stops over a given region for a number of days, the land and air become extremely dry and overheated. This occurred over Montana, Washington and British Columbia during the summer of 2003, causing massive forest fires. In British Columbia, the Nelson Daily News reported the driest conditions in fifty years. Anyone paying attention to the sky saw heavy spraying throughout the year over these forested regions, but by the end of July all spraying stopped.

The same series of events may also have been used to trigger record temperatures and forest fires in Europe. "We've not seen such an extended period of dry weather and sunny days since records began (in about 1870)," said Michael Knobelsdorf, a meteorologist with the German weather service, referring to Europe as a whole.13

This book documents heavy spraying over Europe with numerous color photographs taken during the preceding winter and spring that led up to the scorching summer of 2003.14 In addition, a severe drought was also experienced in South Central India where I had earlier photographed chemtrail spraying.

If the chemtrails are being sprayed to protect mankind from a thinning atmosphere and the resulting rise in solar heat, why did they stop spraying in some areas during the hottest months of the summer in 2003? And more importantly, why didn't they resume the spraying to help control the widespread forest fires that began the following week?

Excerpts from the new wall calendar/picture book, Chemtrails of the World, by Mark Metcalf.


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11. "Lyme disease cases jumped 34% in Wisconsin last year, a near-record level that outpaced the nationwide incidence, which increased 24%. Wisconsin has the seventh highest incidence of the disease. In 1998, the incidence was nearly

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14. France's blistering heat wave has killed some 3,000 people in three weeks, health officials said on Thursday, describing the death rate as an epidemic. -


From: "Robert Rodvik">
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2003 5:56 PM
Subject: U.S. defence contractor to count Canadian heads

NOTE: This writer asks that this article be published as far and wide as possible and also that all recipients refuse to participate in the census as long as it is being undertaken by a foreign (and military) source. This is nothing short of a total betrayal of the Canadian pubilic and the government should be held to account for this treasonous behaviour.




I hope you saw this outrageous article in today's Globe & Mail. In case you missed it, Linda Grisley is appending it to this message.

Is there anything more symbolic of the Americanization of our country? Is there anything quite so incredibly stupid?

I hope you will send a tough letter to Allan Rock. A very tough letter. Let's tell him we're going to get together to defeat him in the next election. That's the only kind of language guys like Rock pay attention to. (By the way, he's the minister who claims that Canadians are in favour of selling off the ownership and control of our telecommunications industry).

Rock's e-mail address is

I hope you will give him hell! What a jerk!

Mel Hurtig



U.S. defence contractor to count Canadian heads

Oct. 9, 2003

Ottawa — An American military contractor will carry out most or part of the next Canadian census, the NDP said Thursday — a charge the federal government didn't deny.

Lockheed-Martin produces ballistic missile-defence systems, advanced gun systems, land attack missiles — and now they'll help Ottawa compile information about Canadians, New Democrat MP Bill Blaikie told the House of Commons.

The U.S.-based multinational company will work on the 2006 census, Mr. Blaikie said.

He called it his worst nightmare — a U.S. defence contractor getting detailed information on Canada — and asked the government to confirm that a contract had been signed.

Industry Minister Allan Rock refused to answer the question directly, saying only that Statistics Canada will ensure a thorough census.

Mr. Blaikie said such a contract would raise serious privacy issues such as confidential data being stored outside the country.


"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience…Therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring"

-- Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, 1950


From: "suzy">
Subject: Washington :)
Date: 14 Oct 2003

Once upon a time, God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael the archangel found him, resting on the seventh day. He inquired of God, "Where have you been?"

God sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction, and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, "Look, Michael. Look what I've made."

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"

"It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put Life on it. I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a great place of balance."

"Balance?" inquired Michael, still confused.

God explained, pointing to different parts of earth . . . "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over there I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people," God continued pointing to different places. "It will be extremely hot here, and down here it will be very cold and covered in ice."

The Archangel, impressed by God's work, pointed to a spot and said, "And what's this?"

"Ah," said God.. "That's Washington State, the most glorious place on earth, with beautiful streams, hills, forests and animals. The people from Washington State are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent and humorous. They will be sociable, hardworking, and high-achieving, and they will be known throughout the world as diplomats and carriers of peace ."

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then proclaimed, "What about balance, God? You said there would be balance!"

God smiled. "Wait until you see the idiots I put in the other Washington."


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