May 17, 2003

The Hybrid Series #1: Mixed Signals

Hello everyone

This Friday I enjoyed a wonderful day of hard work, spreading a richly dark compost on my gardens that have given me and many others countless delicious and healthy vegetables and berries since I live here - to see what one my 2 gardens looks like in its lushest best go at (you'll see also the house I built in 1979 in this 360° panoramic picture by clicking in it and moving your mouse around). Now as I put the finishing touch to this 33 page long compilation after reviewing most of it, I realize how far this may all seem from the idyllic and frankly much simpler experience of gardening and enjoying springtime nature, birds singing and a warm, caressing sunshine. And yet this is all interconnected in the seamless, instantaneous world we now live in. There is no getaway from it all. We are here to "face the music" even if we don't like the fear-mongering tunes some are playing.

Yesterday, during the Wesak meditation - oh! I could write for hours on this amazing moment of Unification with the One Universal Being in us all - the "now" felt so powerfully perfect and the Light at the end of the tunnel looked so bright - BTW anyone of you feeling like sharing what this moment of Communion was is more than welcomed... - even the moon conspired to play a dramatic and most symbolic role through its perfectly timed eclipse (here in North America) and return of its lighted luminescence after this one-hour global meditation.

So, yes, this compilation and all it 70 recommended links will bring you quite a blitz of information and lots of food for thought - you even have a number of recommended actions you can take - till we next virtually connect through email sometime next week - and of course through meditation this Sunday if you choose to participate to the next Meditation Focus.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
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Check also my latest Media Compilation #136: The Long Shadow of a Dark Time archived at and introduced this way: "This compilation contains dire warnings and enough facts to make almost anyone realize the risks the world is now running of falling into a time warp right back to the time of Nazi Germany, only that this time the beast is more cunningly disguised than ever and has the full support of so many mainstream US media corporations that it may seem unstoppable. And yet, being an indomitable optimist, I'm confident that reason and heart-centered people will succeed once again to turn things around for the highest good of all."

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your common sense."

- Buddha

"I think one of the most important things today that's not being done is for the world to be reminded once again of the facts that Brezhnev and I had to face when I was in the White House and he was president of the Soviet Union. That is that [in] an instant, or within 30 minutes, with a misjudgment on either side, or a mistaken assessment of a situation, or an escalation of a conflict, say, in the Middle East, the world could be facing a nuclear holocaust. And I think since the Cold War has been ended - there's been a lessening of the urgent reminder of what the world still faces, because the nuclear arsenals are basically still there. And, unfortunately - and I think, tragically - they are still on fairly instant alert. So, I think that's the first thing - is for the world just to be reminded we still face the possibility of a nuclear holocaust if we don't do something to dismantle, or destroy, or to drastically reduce the arsenals that … already exist."

- Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President. Taken from


1. Feedback on The X-Files #13: Things They Don't Want You to Know!
2. Feedback on Rising Phoenix Series #24: Spiritual Awakenings
3. The Greys
4. Feedback on the Taken with Taken article
5. Human race has 50/50 chance of surviving another century
6. Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
7. Bush's Nuclear Arms Plan - Administration Wants Billions to Update U.S. Warheads


Pyongyang Has Dozens of Nukes, Top Defector Says

North Korea Has '300 Nukes' (May 4),6093,6380261,00.html
North Korea has up to 300 nuclear warheads, all locked onto American cities, the unofficial spokesman for North Korea has said. Kim Myong Chol, a Japanese-born Korean, said he was delivering a message on behalf of the North Korean government. "North Korea has a nuclear capability. It's quite obvious. North Korea may have minimum 100 nuclear warheads, maximum 300. They all lock onto American cities," he told the Nine Network's Sunday program.

North Korea's War Strategy of Massive Retaliations against US Attacks (April 24)
North Korea has not only the military power but also the political will to wage total war against the United States. North Korea is one of the few nations that can engage in a total war with the United States. The US war planners recognize this fact. For example, on March 7, 2000, Gen. Thomas A Schwartz, the US commander in Korea at the time, testified at a US congressional hearing that "North Korea is the country most likely to involve the United States in a large-scale war." CLIP - THIS LONG DOCUMENT IS A MUST SEE IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER THE AMAZINGLY EXTENSIVE SCOPE OF WAR PREPARATIONS DONE IN THE LAST 50 YEARS BY NORTH KOREA. HAIR-RAISING!

North Korea offers new peace deal - US to study nuclear weapons proposal (April 29),2763,945543,00.html
North Korea has offered to abandon its nuclear weapons programme, stop missile exports and readmit foreign inspectors in return for a US pledge not to attack, it was revealed last night. The offer, announced yesterday by the Chinese foreign ministry, represents the first clear sign since the Iraq war that Pyongyang could be interested in negotiating away its nuclear ambitions. The US secretary of state, Colin Powell, said America was examining the proposals, which were apparently made at a Chinese-brokered meeting in Beijing last week. But US officials cautioned against over-optimism, saying that North Korea had a history of sending out confusing signals, mixing conciliation with apocalyptic threats. CLIP

N. Korea Warns U.S. It Has Nuclear Arms

McCain: N. Korea Bigger Threat Than Iraq (April 26)

North Korean 'threat' over weaponry,2763,943235,00.html

U.S. Military Options for N. Korea Fraught with Peril (April 26)

Report: U.S. Has Plans to Bomb N.Korea Nuke Plant (April 22)

North Korea's nuclear boast defies belief (April 26),2763,943967,00.html

Special report: North and South Korea,2759,331519,00.html

North and South Korea archived articles,3332,331520,00.html

This timely series from Ted Turner Documentaries explores the explosive intersection between terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Viewers are taken to some of the most dangerous places in the world to see dramatic human stories that convey the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, as well as the hope that the world can still choose to avoid Armageddon.

In preparation for this film, more than 300 international scholars, scientists, doctors, authors, policy-makers, politicians and world leaders were interviewed over a two-year period. Their expertise ranges from first-hand knowledge of moments when the world poised on the brink of Armageddon, such as former President Bill Clinton's recollection of an averted nuclear confrontation between warring neighbors India and Pakistan, to cutting-edge insights from the fields of science, medicine, security and international relations. There are many voices and views heard in the film. Leaders from many nations are represented. Muslims as well as Israelis are interviewed. We talk to those who want all weapons abolished as well as those who want to maintain nuclear stockpiles, believing that deterrence is a credible defense posture. The film chronicles terrorists who justify their violent actions and military, political and community leaders seeking to stop them. Avoiding Armageddon gives voice to victims of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks and it also travels the globe to hear from those seeking to ensure that these weapons are never used again. Some of the world's leaders were interviewed, including former President Mikhail Gorbachev, former President Jimmy Carter, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Flirting With Disaster
During the next few weeks, Congress will consider two potentially dangerous provisions regarding nuclear weapons. One would fund a new "bunker buster"
nuclear weapon (officially called the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator or RNEP). War heads at the Pentagon would use this nuke to reach targets, such as bunkers that are buried deep in the earth, despite the huge amount of radioactive fallout this would create. CLIP

No To More Nukes
Pres. Bush and Congress are working to create a whole new generation of "usable" nukes. They are trying to repeal the Spratt-Furse provision which bans the construction of mini-nukes. They also want to spend millions to create a new high yield nuclear weapon to put on top of our conventional bunker busters, a weapon that already works fine. Do the world a favor, send Congress faxes telling them you think there is no such thing as a "usable" nuke and they shouldn’t try to build any. To send the Fax:

Greenpeace Launches Anti-Nuclear Parody
(AP) - In a play on the deck of cards distributed to U.S. troops in Iraq, anti-nuclear campaigners on Wednesday issued their own most-wanted list — with President Bush replacing Saddam Hussein as the ace of spades. "It's an exact copy (of the U.S. deck) in terms of the design and layout," said William Peden, spokesman for the disarmament campaign at Greenpeace. But while the U.S. cards were meant to help soldiers capture America's most-wanted Iraqi leaders, the Greenpeace deck is meant to focus attention on the dangers posed by nuclear arsenals, Peden told The Associated Press

Most Wanted' Cards: Greenpeace [PDF]


See Bush Picture at
In this Wednesday April 30, 2003 handout photo from Greenpeace, U.S. President George W. Bush appears as the ace of spades in a the deck of cards issued by anti-nuclear campaigners who have created their own most wanted list. The Greenpeace deck is meant to focus attention on the dangers posed by nuclear arsenals and 600 decks are being handed out to delegates at a two-week meeting on the 1968 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, in Geneva, Switzerland. (AP Photo/Greenpeace, HO)

Nuclear Weapons Database

U.S. has no need for new nuke (May 1)

More Nuclear Weapons
Just as it officially wraps up a war that was rationalized by the threat of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, the administration is seeking to make new nuclear weapons here in the US.

Door Opened for New Era of Nuclear Arms (May 10),1,7920980.story?coll=la%2Dhome%2Dheadlines
A key Senate panel backs a bill that would end a 10-year ban on research, upgrade the Nevada test site and let the president pursue smaller weapons. WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration took a big step toward developing a new generation of nuclear weapons Friday when a Senate panel approved a bill that would lift a 10-year ban on researching small atomic bombs for battlefield use and fund more study on a nuclear "bunker-buster" bomb. (...) The administration's new tack has alarmed arms control advocates, who fear that the availability of smaller bombs that promise less secondary damage would encourage nations to use weapons that have been nearly unthinkable for half a century. They worry that expansion of the U.S. nuclear arsenal would encourage more countries to build weapons and weaken already fragile international nonproliferation efforts. "We're moving away from more than five decades of efforts to delegitimize the use of nuclear weapons," said Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. CLIP - This is also archived at

Senate Panel Votes To Lift Ban On Small Nuclear Arms (May 10)
WASHINGTON, A sharply divided Senate Armed Services Committee voted today to repeal a 10-year-old ban on the development of small nuclear weapons, asserting that the United States must begin looking at new ways of deterring terrorist groups and so-called rogue nuclear powers like North Korea.

GOP-Controlled House Committee Rejects Bush's Mini-Nukes, Panel Rejects Nuclear Arms of Small Yield (May 15)
WASHINGTON, May 14 - A proposal by the Bush administration to allow development of new kinds of small nuclear weapons has been rejected by the Republican- controlled House Armed Services Committee. In a voice vote held Tuesday night, the committee approved a Democratic measure retaining a 10-year-old ban on the development of nuclear weapons with explosive force of less than five kilotons of TNT. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 was about 15 kilotons.

Oppose The Development Of New U.S. Nuclear Weapons
Say No To New U.S. Nuclear Weapons: For months, the Bush Administration
has said the reason for the war against Iraq was to make the world safer
by stopping Iraq from building weapons of mass destruction. The U.S.
confrontation with North Korea is escalating for the same reason: halting North Korea's nuclear weapons program. If the Administration is
so concerned about halting nuclear proliferation, why is it proposing to
develop new nuclear weapons for its own arsenal?
Time to Act on Nukes (May 1)

Awaiting The Real Toll (May 5)
The Pentagon refuses to believe that depleted uranium ammunition is hazardous to soldiers and civilians. But the data suggest otherwise, as of May 2002, the Veterans Administration (VA) reported that an additional 8,306 soldiers had died and 159,705 were injured or ill as a result of service-connected "exposures" suffered during the war. Even more alarmingly, the VA revealed that 206,861 veterans, almost a third of General Schwarzkopf's entire army, had filed claims for medical care, compensation, and pension benefits based on injuries and illnesses caused by combat in 1991. After reviewing the cases, the agency has classified 168,011 applicants as "disabled veterans." In light of these deaths and disabilities, the casualty rate for the first Gulf War is actually a staggering 29.3%.

Veterans' Nuclear Exposure Underestimated, Panel Says (May 9)
Washington, Some soldiers, sailors and aviators who developed cancer from exposure to radiation from 1945 to 1962 were denied compensation because the Pentagon grossly underestimated their doses, a panel of independent scientists said today.

US Used Deadly DU In Iraq
Several years after the 1991 Gulf War, Dr Salma Haddad started noticing more and more children at Baghdad's Al Mansur hospital with an aggressive form of cancer. Haddad, a leading Iraqi specialist, was especially alarmed since the disease, acute myeloblastic leukemia, is closely associated with exposure to radiation - and suspicion fell on the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions.

Second International Day Of Action Against Depleted Uranium: May 29, 2003

NOTE: Read also "Weapons of Mass Destruction Found" and "Bush's Nuclear Arms Plan - Administration Wants Billions to Update U.S. Warheads" at very end of this compilation.

See also:

(Washington, DC) -- Thousands are expected to come to the nation's capital on May 24th to protest the Bush-Ashcroft policy of discrimination and persecution of Muslims and immigrants, and its blatant attack on the civil rights and civil liberties and domestic and international tranquility. The march and rally, called Muslim Solidarity Day for Justice and peace, sponsored by Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, America's largest Muslim grassroots organization, will commence at 12 noon at The Ellipse across from the White House. The group will be joined by many peace, justice, religious and civil rights organizations and will include speakers such as Brian Becker (International Action Center), Congressman John Conyers, Rev. Al Sharpton, Imam Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Zaid Shaker, Mara Verheyden-Hillard (A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition), and Mahdi Bray, President of MAS Freedom. According to Bray, "The recent barbaric and illegal invasion of Iraq has emboldened the Bush administration in its actions to target the Muslim and immigrant community and to violate the rights of Muslims, immigrants, and all Americans with impunity. We must continue to forge a coalition of conscience to resist the Bush administration's belligerent and destructive policy which is the greatest impediment to global peace today."

Petroleum Plateau
This very long article was strongly recommended by Mark Graffis. I asked him "In a nutshell, why is it so important please?" and he replied "In a nutshell, we're in the middle of a relatively short plateau that had it not been for Arab embargoes in the 70s and 80s would have become more of a production spike occurring in the 90s meaning we'd now be in utter turmoil over depletion had there never been interruptions. There is little or no time left for us to begin a 'power-down' and huge move towards living with less and alternatives or allow the Bush types to lead us into war-for-oil chaos. Same story others tell but much more convincing [to me]."

One US, one market, one media mogul (May 16),7493,957136,00.html
The war in Iraq has sharpened fears among US media pundits that objectivity has gone out of the window in the service of a handful of media tycoons. In a recent article, the Los Angeles Times railed against the shameless editorialising on the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News during the conflict, denouncing the "swirling sands of spin" and criticising the "hyperventilating" anchors. (...) Against this backdrop, the US is intending to relax media ownership laws further, allowing the largest media companies to deepen their presence in established markets and expand into new ones. The federal communications commission, the regulator for the US media and telecommunications industries, will vote on the measures on June 2.

Bush and Blair now nominated for the Nobel Prize!
Reject this nomination by signing this petition.

Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq Task Force Unable To Find Any Weapons
BAGHDAD -- The group directing all known U.S. search efforts for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is winding down operations without finding proof that President Saddam Hussein kept clandestine stocks of outlawed arms, according to participants. The 75th Exploitation Task Force, as the group is formally known, has been described from the start as the principal component of the U.S. plan to discover and display forbidden Iraqi weapons. The group's departure, expected next month, marks a milestone in frustration for a major declared objective of the war.

US Rivals Turn On Each Other As Weapons Search Draws A Blank (May 11),6903,953497,00.html

Iraq in danger of starvation, says UN (May 11),6903,953524,00.html
Iraqi agriculture is on the brink of collapse, with fears that many of its 24.5 million people will go hungry this summer, according to a confidential report being studied by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation. A special assessment prepared by the UN agency's staff in Rome, which has been seen by The Observer, reveals a catastrophe in the making, with crops and poultry being especially hard hit.

Baghdad did not fall -- it was handed over

Class Action Law Suit Against The Media;article=40455

Case Proven: War Does Not Eradicate Terrorism

Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq

Nine Iraqi Children Killed In Explosion

SARS Virus Mutating Quickly Into 2 Forms
(AP) - Like a "murderer who is trying to change his fingerprints," the SARS virus is mutating rapidly into at least two forms, complicating efforts to develop a solid diagnosis and a vaccine, researchers say. Scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong say they analyzed the genetic sequences of virus samples taken from 11 SARS patients and found by late March that two forms of the virus were present in Hong Kong.


US asks UN for control of Iraqi oil

Baghdad blogger re-appears (at
An Iraqi web logger knocked offline by the war in Iraq has resurfaced.

Now in Open, 'Empire' Talk Unsettling (May 8)
The concept of America as world empire, so controversial as to be almost unsayable just a few months ago, is now close to conventional wisdom. The topic is featured regularly on the covers of national newsmagazines, is discussed in popular books and is celebrated on newspaper op-ed pages.

Transition to an empire (By IGNACIO RAMONET)
WHEN General Jay Garner landed in Iraq and arrived in bombed and looted Baghdad he declared:"This is a great day." As if his presence miraculously ended the thousand and one problems afflicting ancient Mesopotamia. What is astonishing is not the obscenity of the statement but the resignation and apathy with which the media covered the installation of the man who should really be called the proconsul of the United States. As if there were no longer international law. As if we had gone back to the days of the mandates (1). As if it were now normal for Washington to designate a retired officer of the US armed forces to govern a sovereign state.

Bush Ally Set to Profit From the War on Terror (May 11),6903,953563,00.html
James Woolsey, former CIA boss and influential adviser to President George Bush, is a director of a US firm aiming to make millions of dollars from the 'war on terror', The Observer can reveal. (...) Woolsey is not alone among the members of the Pentagon's highly influential Defence Policy Board to profit from America's war on terror. The American watchdog, the Centre for Public Integrity, showed that nine of the board's members have ties to defence contractors that won more than $76bn in defence contracts in 2001 and 2002. Woolsey's fellow neo-conservative, Richard Perle, had to resign his chairmanship of the board because of conflicts of interest, although he remains a board member. The hawks and their money - DICK CHENEY (...) DONALD RUMSFELD (...) RICHARD PERLE (...) GEORGE SHULTZ

Voting Machine Leaves Paper Trail (May 9),1367,58738,00.html
Voting machines that print individual ballots -- an election accessory many computer scientists have clamored for -- are moving a step closer to widespread availability. In response to concerns raised by election officials and security-minded techies, one of the largest makers of touch-screen voting machines has introduced a prototype capable of producing paper ballots.


From: " John Owen">
Subject: The X-Files #13: Things They Don't Want You to Know! - archived at
Date: 2 May 2003

Dear Jean,

Interesting post. Miscellaneous comments

1. I think SARS is a mutated virus, possibly recombinant chicken pox and the common cold. According to yesterday's LA Times, it first became noticeable among open air meat vendors in China, who were selling recently dead or still living rats and chickens. Don't underestimate the power of nature to take advantage of its opportunities. Bioweaponry is a possible but unlikely source, in my off the cuff opinion. We humans are the biggest source of fresh meat on the planet and viruses change all the time to accommodate new species for hosts. It is going to be a pandemic, regardless of the source. We might be able to stop terrorists, but we haven't stopped a virus yet. Particularly in a world where the majority of the people have no access to any kind of medical care. Another argument for vegetarianism, and not living in close proximity to lots of animals..

2. I've been worried about HAARP for years. Thanks for bringing this information to your group.

3. I don't know what they've got at area 51 but they go to great lengths to keep it secret. When we were doing forays into the back country at the Nevada Test Site in the late 80s and early 90s, it seems that our scouts could go almost anywhere on the test site (bigger than the State of Rhode Island) undetected. Area 51 was totally different. Guards and detection equipment everywhere. Shoot to kill warning signs posted. We never got in.

4. DU is a crime against humanity, and all future generations. Thanks again. Can't anybody take this to the World Health Organization and the International Criminal Court? I'll be working on it, as time permits.

Peace and joy

John Owen


From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Re: Rising Phoenix Series #24: Spiritual Awakenings - archived at
Date: 6 May 2003

Wow, Jean!!!

Thanks so much for sharing Samone's story! I, for one, would be very interested in more. I have several friends who've had direct contact with ETs, and at least one who is aware of many of the things Samone mentioned. One point to mention is that the grid the SG (secret government) is creating is designed to ruin or destroy the Christ Consciousness grid, also known as the Web of love. It is crucial that the Christ Consciousness grid NOT work to destroy the SG grid. In working to destroy anything, we are only creating destruction in our own lives. If instead, we seek to flood the SG grid with love and embrace it as a part of ourselves, then the magic REALLY happens. We are all one. Each one of us is creating everything that happens on a deep mystic level. The SG is part of us and we are part of them. Let us focus on infusing everyone and everything in the universe with love/Christ Consciousness. Thanks again for the fascinating story!!!

With lots of love and gratitude,



From: "Kiara Windrider">
Subject: The Greys
Date: 6 May 2003

Dear Jean

I read Samone's article on the greys. Wow! Perhaps it's time now to bring all this into mass awareness. There's similar stories I have heard from clients I've done regression work with. I'm sending along for you and your readers a chapter from an earlier version of my book (which I subsequently deleted from the current version) detailing an inner conversation with the greys, which you are welcome to edit or include as you like. With love,



Ameela of the Greys

In my practice as a hypnotherapist and healer I occasionally run into clients who have had experiences with an extraterrestrial race known as the "greys". The greys seem to have been involved with humanity in ways that have not always been very benign, including the abduction of certain people for the purposes of genetic sampling and psychic manipulation. There are differing accounts of their origins, ranging all the way from Zeta Reticuli, Orion, Rigel, Ursa Major, and Draco. Perhaps they are all the same race, perhaps not.

In pondering the reasons for their presence on Earth at this time, I keep asking myself, "What is the mirror for us?" It is easy to fall into fear, judgment, and mistrust. Could it be, however, that there is something about their actions towards us that is perhaps too close for comfort, perhaps too painful a reminder of how we have treated each other and other species on Earth in our own fear and mistrust? And is there a way to use this mirror to bring about a greater healing on a cosmic level, not just for ourselves as humans, but for the greys as well?

Although this experience took place before the tragic World Trade Center attack in New York, I have asked myself the same questions concerning all the players in that event. Rather than retaliation and counter-terrorism, can we heal the roots of separation within our own psyches?

The search for truth is the central journey of our awakening souls. Is there ever only one fixed and unalterable truth? Or does our experience of truth change as we grow towards greater maturity and consciousness? Could it be that as our perspectives and beliefs shift, our very experience of reality may also mirror this shift?

One day, as I asked for a deeper understanding of the role that the greys have played in our lives, a story started shaping itself. I see this as a parable, a teaching story, and not necessarily factual truth. My desire has been to find the truth of my deepest heart, and to live that as completely as I can in my daily life and perceptions. We may find that as we reinvent our own truths based on a unified vision of reality, our outer stories and perceptions will change as well.

As we make the long journey back to God, we need to extend understanding and compassion to all beings in creation. Can we attempt to listen to their stories, walk in their shoes, see through their eyes? Perhaps we will find that we are not much different, and we can then extend the same understanding and compassion to ourselves as well.

With that preamble, here’s Ameela, spokesperson for the greys:

There are many layers of history. You are familiar with the genetic manipulation that has taken place on your planet. Some of this interference came from other planets, some came with changing Earth conditions.

As we look at our past, we see you. There are intersecting timelines. In our past, you are who we were, for yes, we are from your future. And so as we follow our own timeline back, there was a time of disconnection from soul—we were no longer sovereign beings, and we were sinking into the lower astral realms.

These realms are a reflection of what you now experience in your world as pollution on your planet. The more the pollution, the more the distortion. Rain forests disappeared, the atmosphere became extremely toxic, Earth was raped of her natural resources. Radiation filled the air from a nuclear Armageddon.

This is our timeline, remember, not yours, for you still have a choice. In our timeline, many perished in the early 21st century. Those that survived were driven underground. There was much fear and deprivation. In response to this, our genes mutated, even more so than what you in your timeline have experienced from past genetic experimentation.

What you know as our current physique, this came about from being driven underground. Our eyes enlarged because we had to learn to see in relative darkness. Our skin is more translucent, and there is a general sickness in our genes. We don’t have much vitality; our blood is very anemic. Our heart centers began to close down from the toxicity in the atmosphere, and the fear. As this happened, our Earth became denser, and in the density, our hearts closed even more.

So we had the choice to continue on our path downward, or to call for assistance. We called on the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and they gave us permission to go back and make a link with our genetic lineage and reverse the effects of this timeline. We were allowed to make contact with you.

There have been two points of focus. One is to share technology, for we are technologically advanced. The other is to bring new genetic information into present time from our past, which is your present time. Your nation, the United States of America, has a karmic responsibility to future generations for having devised the atomic bomb. So we came to make agreements with your nation that would allow us to come into healing. In return, we offered technology.

We are not the evil ones, here to abduct you against your will or to mutilate your cattle. Many of your people have no qualms about experimentation on living beings—monkeys, mice, and other such animals. When you take responsibility for your actions, when you see that your wanting to paint us evil comes from your own fears, much will begin to shift on your planet. What we are asking for is the recognition of soul agreements. Only those souls who have chosen to assist us have been asked to interact with us on our ships. And do you know why? Because you are us in a parallel timeline, and it is a mutual agreement. Have you forgotten this?

When you perceive us, we seem to you frightening because of our features, and our disconnection from soul, and because you fear anything not like you. We know, because we have endured this fear for much too long ourselves. Note the racial conflicts on your planet. You are taught to fear those that are unlike yourselves in any way. Our agreements with you are on soul levels. They are based on our need to survive, and your karmic obligation to us. If you were facing extinction, would you not do this too?

Our mass consciousness is one; we are you, you are us. In our timeline, our world is cut off from spiritual energies, so much so that we cannot do the ascension process. We desire this process in our souls. Genetically, the only way this can happen is through interaction with your world.

The Philadelphia Experiment is where we were able to intersect with your timeline. Yes, there are some darker elements here. But this was not our agenda. This was your government's agenda. Our agenda was simply to have a means of interaction with our past, so that our timelines could merge and we would have a chance to ascend as well. The control dynamics involved in this were already on your planet. The Philadelphia Experiment is the time of our merging into your timeline, and we have had a pathway back to your world since then.

We ask, in acknowledgement of this, that you not fear us, but instead love us. What this means for you is that you are able to embrace someone who reminds you much of your own shadow. What this means for us is a pathway to light. The hybrids being born of our mixed genetics are beings that carry the best of both worlds. A few of the Indigo children being born on your world are these hybrids, the best of both of our genetic lines, and our gift to you. Because of the long absence of a communication system on our planet, we became telepathic and are of a global mind. This enhanced psychic ability and global awareness is coming through the Indigo children. As you know, there is always greater potential when crossing genetic material.

There is a time when our timelines will merge. It will not be long. There is a possibility that our worlds can unite and move into the fifth dimension together. This is a part of the karmic payoff for you. As you have owed us, we now owe you. With the growth of compassion, we move into greater galactic evolution. As the veils between our worlds begin to dissolve, more children will come in without veils. When you can embrace the dark fully, there will be no more need for the astral dark realms, and our timelines will then fully merge into the fourth dimension. There has been a divergence of our worlds, and now we move to convergence.

There was another reason for the splitting of our worlds. If our timelines had not split, nuclear Armageddon would have happened on your Earth too. Now we come together to ascend. It was part of divine plan, at a time when there was not much hope for the Earth.

It takes a great soul to love when there is so much appearance of evil, manipulation, and control. Love is an intention, that no matter what the appearances may be, you will hold the point of union. This is a lesson that comes before each one of us. There was a certain point when a choice was needed, either to completely destroy ourselves or to go into the heart of our own darkness and embrace it, and call for assistance. And so we made an agreement with the Spiritual Hierarchy, to move into this path of union and wholeness we describe to you. It is important that you understand this, and not see us as enemies.

In the future we see converging timelines. Our presence will be acknowledged by your governments, and in this we will converge together to enter the fifth dimension. We see a healthy planet, an ascended planet, in preparation for a mighty galactic seeding. We are a global mind, telepathic, with far vision. Many from other timelines of Earth are here, and from other planets.

We thank you for calling us forward this day, and allowing us to speak.


Brother Wolf

Desolate winds howl in icy winter night.

Wolf stops in his endless wanderings,

Lends his own voice to the wind.

How can it be when like calls to like,

When creatures of the night come out to congregate,

That life is strangely fed in darkness?

The silent vastness swirls,

These riches can only be seen

By one whose eyes are empty of seeing,

When the fires of desolation

Have flared up, then died away,

When the last ember has faded.

How can it be, my soul,

That I hear you so clearly now

When all my certainties

Have shriveled away with this dying ember?

The storms of separation have passed,

Only the wet snow bears witness.

I have found my voice

In the softly running, silent howling,

Wild pulsing heart

Of brother wolf!



From: "Ivan Fraser">
Subject: Feedback on the Taken with Taken article in Rising Phoenix Series #24: Spiritual Awakenings
Date: 6 May 2003

Dear Jean

Thank you for your many articles and the good vibes you are helping to transmit.

You asked for feedback on the Taken with Taken article, and I find myself drawn to respond to the subject on a wider viewpoint. And so I don't bore everyone with preamble I'll try and make this brief.

I feel we are being manipulated. We are being manipulated by people who perhaps don't know they are manipulating.

The proof and evidence that UFOs exist is massive. But we on Earth have had such advanced craft since the days of Tesla. Using ether physics, designs were created that raised the frequency of craft and those within to shift at high speed, isolated from gravity and inertia, leading to dazzling displays (which I have seen personally) of what appear to be breakneck shifts in speed and direction. Most people assume these events are proof that we did not build them, so it must be aliens.

Even if it were aliens, they must have developed them using ether physics, so why not us?

People believe we were seeded or aided in evolution by aliens. Usually because they don't understand the evolutionary forces of nature that are tweaked by the spiritual forces of our divine mind. So they put it down to an external force - aliens.

Even if it were aliens, how did they evolve. They had to start somewhere. So why not us?

People say the secret governments are hiding the truth about ETs. Having been a researcher, healer and psychic for over a decade - and having once believed the ET scenario - I must say that what I see is a massive attempt by the secret government to create a belief in aliens, either as enemies or as saviours. You always need two opposing mythologies to play off against each other to capture as many believers in the spectrum between the two poles.

Mind control and psyops is a reality. So is the attempt to create illusion and divorce us from finding the truth and divinity within. The thing that stops us finding that clear light within is the build up of astral illusion which obscures true sight through our dense aura.

Therefore, religions are the best mind and social control devices. They hide the innate clairvoyance and fill our minds with illusions and misinterpretations and shadows and reflections of reality.

There is no space to provide all the proof and evidence of what I am saying. People who believe, will still believe because they believe there is enough proof. So I will just tell you what I think is going on and briefly why.

A century ago, ether physics became a practical reality. Free energy devices were a reality. Advanced anti-gravity craft was a reality. They were being tested. They were therefore being seen. The realization that the petrochemical business which runs the planet could be annihilated scared the hell out of the Illuminati petrochemical/banking giants. A cover story needed to be found.

The answer - ETs were flying them. For most of the last century, people scoffed at those who spoke of aliens flying UFOs. They even scoffed at the idea of UFOs, but they were certainly there.

HG Wells and others were creating a sci-fi genre. Wells was a member of the Illuminati and had written much on the New World Order ideal.

Eventually, CIA MKUltra experiments created a superb weapon. The ability to abduct innocent people, implant masses of data and experiences, and put them back into society: for espionage, and for spreading anarchy/political ideologies etc. and for creating cults etc.

To help indoctrinate us all, masses of sci-fi was produced to specific themes, incorporating deep archetypes, which appealed to us all at a deep level. It worked; they sparked all of our imaginations.

Then the religious implications were realized. A new world religion based on ET gods would be the perfect One World replacement for the world's religions, which were loosing grip. So they hired many scholars through CIA/Freemasonic organizations to retranslate key works such as Sitchin's Sumerology and the Vedic hoaxes such as the Vimana Shastra, expressly to make it seem as though aliens have always been here, and the descriptions of the likes of the sun-god's chariot is easily turned into an ET gods' spaceship.

A careful programme of whittling away at people's faith in 'reality' (a very good thing if done properly) to create doubts, and holes to be filled with the New Age religious myths, started in earnest.

People were abducted and programmed with memories of greys and reptilians etc., and them placed back into the community.

They also misled numbers of key people in authority, and 'insiders' and allowed them to come out and spread the word that the ETs are here, and (perhaps most tellingly) didn't stick them in prison for revealing Top Secret information. This happened to Bill Cooper, who was shot dead a couple of years after retracting his entire aliens are here idea in Behold a Pale Horse. He realized he had been duped and allowed to see fake documents to create a credible witness.

The above is so brief. It hardly holds any evidence, merely an outline or a reasonable explanation for what is going on. But I have been in this arena for a long enough time to have written and accumulated plenty to back up what I say, as well as direct experience - including projecting into the future and meeting what people would normally translate as an 'alien' or a grey etc.

My story is not commonly told - though for aeons, shamans have been seeing these things and travelling within to view the reality and the illusions, in order to gain greater insight. I realize it's not as sensational as the thousands of exciting alien abduction stories, but sometimes we have to admit we've been duped.

Part of the dupe is separating us from our inner/higher reality and focusing our attention externally into the illusion. It's all 'out there' they say. But no, it's all in here.

In here you will find a higher perspective. You will meet your true self. At first, you will look at it from habitual external observation and you WILL see that archetypal humanoid figure (often called a grey). But it isn't grey, it is a being of multicolored light. You will also detect reptilian aspects, as the light can appear to form grids like scales.

You'll come back and think you've seen an alien. That is after all what all the external information has been training you to interpret your experience as. You are not to blame for that, you have been programmed.

However, if you touch base with the alien, you make the connection, and it is such a profound and wonderful thing. It - out there in the external place you are observing - isn't. 'It' the 'alien' is YOU. It is your light body.

You realize you have been duped, by them and by yourself. You realize you have, from birth become accustomed to looking outside yourself for the answers and taking what you saw as truth. You realize that out there is a lantern show projected into the external ether from within, a reflection of your potential and your reality. A mirror to teach you how to reconnect with the reality within yourself, where your light and divinity dwells.

The Illuminati want to divorce us from that. They want us to take hold of the new religion without even realizing it's just another religion. They want us to believe we have woken up and discarded religion and finally found the truth.

It happened before when the Roman created their 'one world' - catholic - religion by merging the pagan religions of their empire into one manageable - one religion fits all - scenario.

It's happening again. Only this time, they don't need to kill the heretics and impose the religion by force, they have subtle ways and technologies to make you see what they want, and psychology experts designing programming tools that hit the deepest levels of our minds.

I am grateful for the updates Jean, but I despair every time I see talk of the Anunnaki, Vimanas, greys etc. Unvetted stories that appeal to the emotional body and reinforce inaccurate interpretations of reality. Unless people study the Anunnaki, the Vimanas, the gods, and the comparative myths of the world and see them for what they are - they will be vulnerable to fraudsters like Sitchin and the thousands of misinterpreted channellings which always seem to get spread like wildfire and lapped up by a pre-prepared audience, who are only reading what they already want to believe.

The world and the universe IS populated and intelligent. There are many wonderful things and experiences waiting for us when we train our minds. But these realities don't just happen and impose themselves upon us. They have to be striven for through honesty, self-enquiry and effort.

What the Illuminati has done is serve up a reality on a plate, ready cooked for easy consumption, that will appeal to the majority. Bland enough to be palatable to most and familiar enough to tickle the taste buds.

Just like the Christianity of the Roman Church, which has held sway for 2000 years.

Please don't let it happen again, my friends.

If nothing else, just consider what I say, seriously for a moment. Accept, reject, put it on the back-burner, whatever. But weigh it against your most honest gut instinct, ask your heart how this feels, then use your head to validate.

We've all come such a long way together, I would hate us all to fall at this challenging hurdle and allow ourselves to diverted from our mission. We are such powerful beings, not slaves to external illusions or in need of ETs or fake planetXs or Nibirus, or Anunnakis etc. (all of which are vastly mistranslated and erroneous, despite being hugely popular myths in the New Age).

The truth is out there, yes.

But The Truth is right inside each and every one of us.

It always was, will be and will never disappear.



Together in Truth we can change the world!


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is what I wrote to Ivan when I replied to him on this above:

"I very much appreciate you wrote this because I share much of your take on this whole issue. But to me the key point you make relates to the idea that we must seek answers within not outside. The hold of illusion (whomever designed and "fed" it to us) and duality is so strong on us that we seldom pay attention to its subtle but pervading influence on us and how we view ourselves and the world around us. It seems to me there is no way the intellectual, rational, analytical mind can by its very nature grasp the true nature of who we are. Oneness with All That Is - realizing that there is no "I" but only a universal "we" also called God - can only be experienced in the deepest mystical state of being and even then the sense we get is a mere, stepped down, faint perception of what one gets when one is absolutely/completely/unreservedly identifying with the One on the Throne of God."


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif">
Subject: Human race has 50/50 chance of surviving another century
Date: 9 May 2003

Dear What Matters list members,

"The human race has only a 50/50 chance of surviving another century, says Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, in his latest book - a work as thoughtful as the man who wrote it." -- Andrew Walker, BBC News Profiles Unit, reviewing Our Final Hour by Sir Martin Rees. He describes the book as "eloquent and tightly argued".

"Bioterrorists are the most widely publicized threat at the moment, but well-intentioned scientists, Rees says, are capable of accidentally wiping out mankind via genetically engineered superpathogens that create unprecedented pandemics, or even through something as weird as high-energy particle experiments that backfire and cause the universe to implode."

The full text of the review is at

I have the information from Alan Lewis - - who clipped it from:

The full title of the book is Our Final Hour: A Scientist's Warning: How Terror, Error, and Environmental Disaster Threaten Humankind's Future In This Century--On Earth and Beyond - by Martin J. Rees - (ISBN: 0465068626)

And here is what is written about Our Final Hour and the author in Publishers Weekly:

Nano-machines stand poised to revolutionize technology and medicine, but what happens if these minuscule beasties break their leash and run amok? Rees, the U.K.'s Astronomer Royal and prolific author (Just Six Numbers; Our Cosmic Habitat), warns that the 21st century may well witness the extinction of mankind, a doomsday more likely to be caused by human error than by a natural catastrophe. Bioterrorists are the most widely publicized threat at the moment, but well-intentioned scientists, Rees says, are capable of accidentally wiping out mankind via genetically engineered superpathogens that create unprecedented pandemics, or even through something as weird as high-energy particle experiments that backfire and cause the universe to implode. Rees poses some hard questions about scientists' responsibility to forsake research that might lead to a malevolent genie being let out of its bottle and even to restrict the sharing of scientific information to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Ultimately, though, Rees sounds more alarmist than precautionary. Some may find him overly optimistic on what science will be capable of doing in the next quarter century. Rees makes some provocative points, but the book falls short of what readers expect from a scientist of his stature. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description

A world-renowned astrophysicist advances an astonishing and alarming thesis: the odds are no better than 50/50 that our species will survive to the end of the twenty-first century.

A scientist known for unraveling the complexities of the universe over millions of years, Sir Martin Rees now warns that humankind is potentially the maker of its own demise--and that of the cosmos. Though the twenty-first century could be the critical era in which life on Earth spreads beyond our solar system, it is just as likely that we have endangered the future of the entire universe. With clarity and precision, Rees maps out the ways technology could destroy our species and thereby foreclose the potential of a living universe whose evolution has just begun.

Rees boldly forecasts the startling risks that stem from our accelerating rate of technological advances. We could be wiped out by lethal "engineered" airborne viruses, or by rogue nano-machines that replicate catastrophically. Experiments that crash together atomic nuclei could start a chain reaction that erodes all atoms of Earth, or could even tear the fabric of space itself. Through malign intent or by mistake, a single event could trigger global disaster. Though we can never completely safeguard our future, increased regulation and inspection can help us to prevent catastrophe.

Rees's vision of the infinite future that we have put at risk--a cosmos more vast and diverse than any of us has ever imagined--is both a work of stunning scientific originality and a humanistic clarion call on behalf of the future of life.

About the Author

Sir Martin Rees is Royal Society Professor at Cambridge University, a Fellow of Kings College, and the U.K.'s Astronomer Royal. The winner of the 2001 Cosmology Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation, he has published numerous academic papers and books and is the author of four titles for a general readership: Our Cosmic Habitat, Gravity's Fatal Attraction, Before the Beginning, and Just Six Numbers. He lives in Cambridge, England.

In friendship Boudewijn Wegerif What Matters Programme


See also:

Are we all doomed? (30 April 2003)
Nuclear terrorism, engineered viruses, rogue machines ? technology is throwing up all kinds of new apocalyptic threats. So, asks the Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees, can our planet survive?



Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

Zoom on Doom: Easy-to-find nuclear weapons map

30 April 2003


Since the US and the UK are having such a hard time finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we thought we'd lend a hand by providing this easy guide to the nukes we know about.

UN Weapons Inspectors and citizen weapons inspectors are welcome to use our map to check up on just where those elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction have been hiding.

All information about these locations has been drawn from public sources, so we didn't have to worry about invading any countries, incurring civilian casualties, paying costly bounties for inside information or mess around with torture or illegal detention.

And here's the best part: if the US and the UK want to dismantle some WMDs, they don't need to go on costly excursions to foreign countries. We found plenty in their own backyards.

You can view the map by clicking here: Requires Macromedia Flash

For the next two weeks, the parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) will be meeting in Geneva. Under the terms of that 1970 accord, the world's non-nuclear weapons states agreed to stay that way. In exchange, the countries that fessed up to owning nuclear weapons at the time agreed to get rid of them.

We hope the delegates to the NPT will have a quick look at the map to easily identify the "bad guys" who haven't been disarming as they promised. (Clue: there are a lot of little radiation symbols in France, the US, China, Russia, and the UK.)

After a careful review of available data, you too can confirm the blindingly obvious: none of the NPT's Nuclear Five have done very well in scaling back their nuclear arsenals. They've failed utterly to eliminate them. If the nuclear powers are seriously concerned about the WMDs of India, Pakistan, Israel, and Korea, they ought to look to the example they set.

Now call us old fashioned, but we believe that a key lesson of the Iraq crisis is that international laws and treaties to prevent proliferation must be strengthened, not weakened. All of us who marched against the Iraq war want to see the North Korean crisis and future proliferation problems solved by negotiation, not pre-emptive military strikes. "In the long run, the most effective means to halt proliferation is the rule of law applied universally and even-handedly to all states, not unilateral gunboat diplomacy," says William Peden, of Greenpeace International's disarmament campaign.

The NPT declares disarmament the international norm - 182 of its 187 members have pledged never to acquire nuclear weapons. But some of those states, such as Brazil, are becoming increasingly aggravated with the failure of the Nuclear Five to live up to their part of the bargain. North Korea recently left the treaty regime and has declared itself to be a nuclear power.

Greenpeace activists dressed as missiles appeared at the missions of the nuclear weapons states in Geneva as the meeting began to demand "inspectors" symbolically dismantle the cardboard arsenals. Greenpeace also issued a deck of cards with the pictures of the known nuclear "bad guys" to provide guidance to the NPT delegates about who needed to disarm.

Here's what we want to see out of this round of the NPT:

North Korea should abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons and rejoin the NPT. States should reject the use of military force to resolve proliferation concerns, and uphold the value of multilateral legal mechanisms. States should reject the "first strike" use of nuclear weapons, and agree legally binding security assurances. All nuclear weapon states should commit to the goal of eliminating their illegal nuclear arsenals and halting the development of new nuclear weapons or the "refurbishment" of existing ones. States should agree an emergency mechanism to deal more swiftly and effectively with future crises such as North Korea's withdrawal from the NPT. The promotion of "dual use" nuclear technology, particularly reprocessing and enrichment technologies, which is permitted under the NPT, should be stopped and a comprehensive ban on the production and use of all fissile material agreed.

If there are nuclear weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we hope the right people find them. But we're not exactly sure who the right people would be, given their mission ought to be something the US and UK are not very good at: dismantling them.

For more information about the NPT prepatory meeting, you can read a detailed briefing here.


Map Sources include: Deadly Arsenals: tracking weapons of mass destruction, Joseph Cirincione with Jon B Wolfsthal and Miriam Rajkumar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.



Also from:

Bush's Nuclear Arms Plan - Administration Wants Billions to Update U.S. Warheads

James Sterngold SF Chronicle

11 May 2003

The Bush administration is proposing to spend billions of dollars rebuilding the country's nuclear weapons manufacturing industry, resuming the production of nuclear components and materials halted after the end of the Cold War.

Proposals in President Bush's 2004 budget would refurbish virtually every facet of the nuclear weapons complex, ranging from the nuclear test site in Nevada to the Savannah River plant in South Carolina.

There has been intense opposition in Washington to some aspects of President Bush's nuclear weapons policies. The Democrats have fought, for instance, a proposal to build a new generation of smaller warheads, which cleared a Senate committee last week. But there has been virtually no congressional dissent or debate over the president's proposed multibillion- dollar resuscitation of America's nuclear infrastructure.

The president's budget includes $320 million to build new plutonium cores -- known as "pits" -- for nuclear warheads, $40 million of which would be used to design a plant capable of producing 500 such pits a year.

An additional $135 million would go to restart production of tritium, which has not been produced by the government for more than a decade, and more funds would be spent in coming years.

The tritium, a gas that dramatically increases the force of thermonuclear explosions, will be produced at a commercial reactor in Watts Bar, Tenn. -- an unprecedented breaching of a long-standing policy that kept weapons work at military facilities.

While rebuilding plans were begun under President Bill Clinton, the current budget proposals advance the effort more broadly. Some arms experts say the proposals indicate the White House is planning on a far larger nuclear arsenal than that envisaged in the recently signed Moscow Treaty with Russia. The treaty, ratified by the Senate in March, mandates more than a 60 percent reduction in deployed warheads over the next decade.

"The clearest answer to what is happening comes from the fact that they want to build a pit production facility that can make 500 pits a year," said Robert Civiak, a scientist who formerly analyzed nuclear weapons spending at the Office of Management and Budget.

"Add to that the tritium production, and it's clear they want to support much more of a stockpile than what is in the Moscow Treaty. They're preparing the capacity to completely replace the existing stockpile in five to 10 years."

Further, according to Civiak, the fastest growing program in the budget of the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the weapons complex, is the refurbishment of the rest of the industrial machinery of nuclear warhead production.

From 2001, when it was launched, through 2008, the rebuilding program is expected to cost nearly $2.5 billion, Civiak estimated in a recent analysis of the White House numbers.


The budget also includes $25 million to increase the readiness at the Nevada Test Site, so that a nuclear test could be arranged in as little as 18 months, down from the current limit of three years.

Nuclear testing has been banned since 1992, and the Bush administration has said it has no plans to resume underground blasts. But some arms experts and congressional Democrats charge that the proposed spending seems aimed at a resumption of testing.

"People don't realize that we're getting back into the nuclear bomb business in a big way, and it's a very expensive business," said Joseph Cirincione, director of the nonproliferation project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Significant portions of the nuclear weapons infrastructure were shut down near the end of the Cold War, either because of severe environmental contamination, as at the Rocky Flats pit plant near Denver, or because of reduced needs, as the standoff with the former Soviet Union eased.

But upgrading the aging infrastructure is now regarded as a cornerstone of the Bush administration's more assertive defense strategy.

"That infrastructure is part of the nuclear deterrent," Linton Brooks, the administrator of the nuclear safety agency, said in an interview with The Chronicle.

Brooks added that the aim was to develop a more flexible U.S. nuclear complex that would not only maintain the existing stockpile of warheads "forever," but would also be able to respond to any new threats that might emerge.

"We can't predict the future," Brooks said. "We need to be able to respond to the unforeseen," by having the capability to produce new kinds of nuclear weapons quickly.

He strongly denied, however, that the aim was to maintain a nuclear stockpile larger than that permitted by the Moscow Treaty, a reduction from the 10,650 warheads now held by the military to somewhere between 2,200 and 1, 700 deployed in 2012. The facilities and components being developed would be used to maintain the effectiveness of the existing stockpile, Brooks insisted.


Overall spending on nuclear weapons activities has doubled since its low point of $3 billion in 1995, to a proposed $6.4 billion in the next fiscal year, even though the stated mission, begun in the Clinton administration, is "stockpile stewardship" -- maintaining the weapons and certifying they will work as designed without testing.

"We already spend more today just to maintain the existing stockpile than we did on design and production during the Cold War," said Stephen Schwartz, publisher of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. "That will only go higher if we restart things, as they are planning."

Some of the proposals may set dangerous precedents, say arms experts.

Kenneth Bergeron, a former nuclear scientist at the Sandia National Laboratory, warned in a recent book, "Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power," that the decision to develop tritium at the Watts Bar reactor blurs the line between commercial and military reactors, something the United States has insisted other countries should not do.

He also disagrees with administration defenders who insist that new production of tritium is needed to maintain the existing arsenal. Bergeron said he believes enough of the material can be recycled from retired warheads for the military's purposes.

"The tritium developments are the first tangible action which show a commitment to expanding the arsenal," said Bergeron. "We're spending money, retraining workers. This is very real. It also represents an erosion of the restraints put in place at the end of the Cold War."


The first signs of the administration's new nuclear policy came last January in its Nuclear Posture Review. The policy paper, produced by the Pentagon, said the United States should not just maintain the capability to launch large nuclear counterstrikes as a deterrent to nuclear powers, but should consider possibly striking pre-emptively at those countries developing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

The new doctrine has spurred a contentious debate in Congress, as has administration proposals to begin design work on a new generation of nuclear "bunker-busters" intended to destroy caches of prohibited weapons buried deep underground.

The president also has proposed repealing a decade-old law prohibiting the development of smaller, low-yield weapons. The law was intended to discourage other countries from developing what are regarded as more "usable" nuclear warheads.

Congressional committees are scheduled to continue debating the proposals next week.

The Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday approved $15.5 million for research into the bunker-busters, officially called the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator. It set aside an additional $6 million for research into advanced nuclear concepts, and approved a repeal of the 10-year-old ban on the development of low-yield warheads. Democrats say there is little hope of halting the initiatives.

But there has been virtually no discussion of the far more costly proposals to rebuild the weapons production capability.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Walnut Creek, while expressing intense opposition to the administration's new nuclear posture, said she considered the rebuilding of the existing nuclear infrastructure prudent.

"We need to balance restraint with credibility," she said. "We have said, 'Let's not go out of the nuclear business.' We need to maintain our capability and not have cold production lines."

Still, the country retains an enormous stockpile of nuclear materials. The figures are now classified, but in 1999 the Energy Department said there were more than 12,000 plutonium pits in storage at the Pantex plant, near Amarillo, Texas, said Schwartz of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. In addition, there are nearly 200 tons of highly enriched uranium at the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee.

The irony, say some analysts, is that for all the money to be spent on reviving the nuclear weapons complex, the prospect of the weapons actually being employed is slim.

"The reality is there aren't going to be many, if any, opportunities to use them," said Michael O'Hanlon, a military expert at the Brookings Institution who favors maintaining a powerful arsenal. "It's still a relatively unusable deterrent of last resort."

NUCLEAR WEAPONS ACROSS THE GLOBE There are approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, more than 95 percent of them in the United States and Russia. Aside from the admitted nuclear powers, a number of countries are suspected by international arms monitors of having clandestine weapons or pursuing weapons programs. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) went into effect in 1970. To date, 187 countries have ratified the NPT, which is monitored by the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

COUNTRIES WITH CONFIRMED NUCLEAR WEAPONS The five major nuclear-armed states - the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain - are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, and are bound under the NPT not to transfer nuclear weapons or to help nonnuclear states to obtain them. The other nuclear states, India and Pakistan, have not signed the NPT. United States: 10,500 nuclear warheads Russia: 20,000 warheads, half of which are deployed China: 400 warheads France: 450 warheads Britain: 185 warheads India: 65 warheads Pakistan: 30-50 warheads

COUNTRIES WITH UNCONFIRMED NUCLEAR WEAPONS Israel: 100 (projected number) warheads; has not signed NPT. North Korea: 1-2 (projected number) warheads; announced its withdrawal from NPT in January.

COUNTRIES REPORTED TO BE PURSUING DEVELOPMENT OF NUCLEAR PROGRAMS Algeria, Syria: Suspected intentions to produce nuclear weapons, but no nuclear weapons programs have been identified. Iran, Libya: Suspected of undertaking nuclear weapons programs since the early 1970s, but status of programs difficult to determine. Iraq: Nuclear weapons program started in the early 1970s, but was effectively halted in 1991 by Security Council-mandated inspections. After inspections ended in late 1998, it was suspected of resuming its quest for nuclear weapons, but U.S. troops have found no evidence to date in their post- war searches.

COUNTRIES THAT HAVE DISBANDED NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAMS Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan: Inherited nuclear weapons at the breakup of the Soviet Union, but returned the weapons to Russia and signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a nonnuclear weapons state. Argentina: Admitted only that it conducted unsafeguarded uranium enrichment and reprocessing. Australia, Egypt: Ended their programs before they signed the NPT. Brazil, South Korea, Switzerland: Ended their programs before 1970. Romania: Former Warsaw Pact country once had a plutonium-separation program. South Africa: Abandoned its program before it signed the NPT in 1991, but maintains stockpiles of plutonium and highly enriched uranium under IAEA safeguards. Spain: May have had an unacknowledged nuclear weapons program under the previous military dictatorship. Sweden: Had a program that was essentially ended by the time it signed the NPT. Taiwan: Ended its program after 1970. Yugoslavia: The former communist government had a program that was ended after 1970.

Sources: Nuclear Threat Initiative; Center for Defense Information; Monterey Institute for International Studies; Robert Norris and William Arkin, "Global Nuclear Stockpiles, 1945-2000"; Institute for Science and International Security; Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, March/April 2000; BBC News; additional research by Chronicle librarian Lois Jermyn


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