December 1, 2003

Heroes of Our Times Series #6: Leading the Way to a Brighter Future

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Much in this compilation is about the unsung heroes of our times whose inner drive to assist in the emergence of a New Earth of Peace, Love, Harmony, Justice and Compassion for all has brought them into situations where the are courageously and selflessly demonstrating the core values and principles embodied in their awakening consciousness of Oneness with All That Is, Universal Creator, Supreme Being of Love some call God.

They are the true leaders of this dawning New Reality, the harbingers of what it will mean to be Homo Galacticus in the New Dimension of Love gradually ascending from the deepest Source of Goodness blossoming through all of us at this very moment.

This is not a mere figment of a fertile imagination. It is real! But only those who have connected, through ongoing remembrance of their True Nature, with this inner Source of Golden Light can recognize the inevitable Dawn of a New Era as it unfolds here and now.

So let us rejoice and celebrate for despite the fast receding darkness that desperately tries to cling to its dying embers of imperial grandeur, Light, Life and Love are bound to prevail and the meek shall indeed inherit the Earth as it has been promised not so long ago.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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I just found this on the ERN guestbook, from a longtime ERN subscriber. Powerful writing. Powerfully evocative. A Call for Divine Assistance we can all easily endorse in the secret alcove of our heart, at One with All That Is...

Note Nr.: 156 from 2003-11-29
by Ron Van Dyke

Oh Great God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Great, Holy Spirit that impregnates all Life with a Divine Spark/Spirit, Supreme Master of the Universe, I humbly implore You to bring Your Kingdom to Earth, not just in the hearts of humble people as you have been doing from the beginning of time, but now over the kings of the earth who rule in arrogance and greed.

You have awakened me from my slumber and sleep. You have reminded me of why I am here. I stand—hopefully with thousands upon thousands, even millions, of other pure-hearted humans—in the gap between humanity and the beast that was long prophesied to rise up out of the sea at the end of this age. That creature, along with hordes of false prophets well trained in the skill of mass hypnotism, towers over the people of the earth, yet it remains scarcely visible to the masses of my brothers and sisters lulled to sleep. But I have been graced to see it, and to know its plans for world domination that will show no mercy, to whom kindness is an abhorrent weakness. Yes, and I tremble at its awesome power and unparalleled wealth which it has stolen from the peoples of the earth. It magnifies and rejoices in creating terror and causing most to blame the innocent, thus setting one against another till both reap destruction and death. And this beast comes dressed in sheep’s clothing, deceiving church, temple, synagogue, and mosque alike. And even good people are temporarily blinded. Many lose hope.

Lord God Almighty, I had thought those who were preparing NESARA were moving things towards fulfillment of Your promises; yet, it seems that many of them have become bogged down in egoistic fights over who is the greatest and whose “contacts” are most pure and without error. (Some things never seem to change!) Have they, too, been deceived? Dove tells us that the Illuminati have won another round. Of course! When the so-called White Knights depend on human strength and wisdom, rejecting angelic intervention, all plans to implement justice on earth will fall short…just as the skeptics have said all along.

What do the people of earth need? As I see it now, oh King of all kings, we need an outpouring of your Holy Spirit as never before. That outpouring must shake people to the very center of our beings, opening the eyes and ears of the heart, and stirring up the healing gifts within us. The Lights need to come on and shine into the darkness so that people will, by the thousands, come out of their hypnotic trances. Truth needs to be told so that every man and woman on his planet will know what has been going on behind the scenes, things that would truly terrorize us short of knowing that YOU, OH LORD, are still in control. Together, in the power of Your Might, we are stronger and much more powerful than those arrayed against You and Your Holy One long prophesied and awaited by peoples from every nation, tongue, kindred, and tribe.

But neither any other nor I can do anything without Divine empowerment working at the conscious level of our beings. For too long, we have lived in doubt and fear, forgetting who we are in You, and who You are in us. Those doubts and fears have wrapped themselves around us like invisible steel cables, imprisoning us in thoughts and belief systems designed to alienate us from ourselves, from each other, and from You. Even those of us who believe have been weakened and deceived. No one is immune! That which is destructive has been strengthened, while that which is life producing—loving kindness, mercy, forgiveness, truth, integrity, justice, peace, empathy, healing, and many more valuable qualities—has been sacrificed in the pursuit of endeavors and “things” that can never satisfy the soul nor bring healing to the inhabitants of Earth. Jesus wept! And so do I.

And so, My Lord God, I put on, again, the armor of Your Spirit. And I implore You from the deepest part of my being: fill me with a fire, a passion that will not be satisfied until I see this entire planet filled with Your Glory shining forth on every face. Let my soul see, in this body, brothers and sisters coming together for universal good. Let me see, as you have promised, the just reward of the wicked workers of iniquity, as those who have been first, become last. Raise up leaders who will take us into the Promised Land. Do not hesitate to send us legions of angels to intervene in world affairs, separating between the sheep and the goats. Don’t wait until the beast’s plan of destruction has reaped more horrific devastation; but stop them in their tracks. Cause their grand weapons against humanity to malfunction and fail. Let their mighty “swords” truly be beaten in to “plowshares” capable of preparing the soil for a grand harvest of souls.

Let Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So, I pray, this 29th day of November 2003.

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As reported by "Boudewijn Wegerif"> "There was a tremendous solar flare on Friday. It lasted over ten hours. For the Soho satellite view of it, go at

The Sun, JFK, Arthur & The Rising Galactic Cross
DECODING THE SOLAR CYCLE - Why, you may ask are we even considering that strong solar eruptions may continue take place -- despite the relative calm in the last week. Well, it's the sheer concentration of alignments and symbols around this time. All these must be seen in the context of the galactic alignment called the "Erection of the Galactic Cross". CLIP

SPACE GLOSSARY (Scroll down once there to see this)
People who are preparing for the First Contact - and others - may be interested to learn these 50 universally used words which may come handy if and when you actually come face to face with extraterrestrial beings. This is available on Wistancia's website and was received, I believe, through Channie Centara. Check also this interesting "new chakra system" chart at - more details on this at

Universe People website (Lots of UFO pics and ET info! Translated from original Czech site)
Recommended by Sovinec Dostal>

Poster and lots more on the INDIGO movie which just premiered at the Santa Fe Film Festival

By Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International - I find it very difficult to write this note, with eyes full of tears. I met Dave many years ago when he was on the Internet searching for the cause of his suffering. He found the FDA report of 92 symptoms on aspartame and realized this was what was killing him. (...) Dave Rietz "lived" to save lives from aspartame. He was always so happy when hits were going wild because he knew more and more people were finding out, and getting off the toxin. When I returned from lecturing in England he said "What happened on the 8th?" I answered, "Felicity and I blitzed England". Hits were wild. Likewise, when my mother-in-law died a couple of years ago he asked, "What happened on the 18th, hits are unbelievable?" I explained that Lil had died and she was such a fine woman, I wanted to do some good in her name. So I saturated the hospitals and medical buildings with flyers, knowing it would save a lot of lives. Maybe we can likewise do something in Dave's name. Dave was one of the kindest men I've ever known. He worked without stopping for years helping to saturate the globe with education to save the consumer public from suffering what he had suffered. CLIP

Make Love Not War- A Naked for Peace Project


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Last Miami Update from Starhawk (11/23-25)
I’m in the state of post-action rage that I recognize and still don’t know quite what to do with, in spite of being 52 years old, and my decades of experience transmuting rage and anger to creativity, in spite of my considerable ability to ground and stay calm and centered in crisis. I really want to just hit something. I’m at the School of the Americas protest, which has been linked this year to the Miami actions, with people encouraged to come to both. The School of the Americas is the enforcement arm of global corporate capitalism, the U.S. military school that trains Latin Americans and others in ‘counterinsurgency’ techniques—read torture and assassination. The death squads of Colombia, the torturers and kidnappers and political terror squads of Nicaragua and El Salvador, all originated here.

Three Drafts for an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement - A Comparison (Nov 25)
The three documents here compared are of very different length, the one of Gush Shalom covering three pages, that of Ayalon-Nusseibeh a single page (being more a statement of general principles then a draft peace agreement) and the Geneva document the far longest, covering 47 pages and going into the fine technical details of implementation.
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The unofficial Geneva Accord being formally launched at a ceremony Monday has evoked strong support among leaders gathered and equally vehement rejection from the Israeli government and some Israelis and Palestinians.

Israeli support growing for Geneva Accord - poll
JERUSALEM, Dec. 1 — More Israelis are warming to the symbolic Geneva Accord for Middle East peace but the initiative still lacks strong popular support in Israel, an opinion poll showed on Monday.
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Jane Fonda's Speech at the National Women's Leadership Summit
(...) We need to really understand the depth and breadth of what a shift to a new, feminine paradigm would mean, how fundamentally central it is to every single other thing in the world. We win, everything wins, including boys, men and the earth. We have to really understand this and be able to make it concrete for others so they will be able to see what Feminism really is and see themselves in it. So our challenge is to commit ourselves to creating the tipping point and the turning point. The time is ripe to launch a unified national movement, a campaign, a tidal wave, built around issues and values, not candidates. CLIP
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"...those living near [cell phone masts] have complained of illnesses
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36 Beached Whales Die in St. Martin (Nov 25),1280,-3430043,00.html
MARIGOT, St. Martin (AP) - Thirty-six whales beached themselves on the coast of this Caribbean island and died within hours despite the efforts of people who tried to push some back out to sea. The short-finned pilot whales were believed to have beached themselves Monday night, and by noon Tuesday all were dead. The animals were found before dawn by a man on his way to a dump in the French Caribbean territory, which shares an island with Dutch St. Maarten. Residents and tourists later gathered around the whales, which were up to 15 feet long. People were able to push two whales back into the water, but they returned
and beached themselves again, appearing exhausted, said Paul Ellinger, of the St. Maarten Nature Foundation. He said it seemed the whales had become disoriented.

Second mass whale beaching in Australia in a week (Nov 29, 2003)
Australian wildlife officers said Saturday that a sperm whale which was the sole survivor of the second mass whale beaching in Australia in a week appeared unharmed by the ordeal. Officers from the Tasmania state Nature Conservation Branch arrived on Flinders Island late Friday and found nine sperm whales dead and one alive but stranded on a sandbank. Spokesman Warwick Brennan said rescuers used a fishing net as a sling around the eight metre (26.4 feet) whale, with two boats towing it off the sandbar at high tide. "Now it's in deeper water and it's resting," Brennan said. "It's upright and it's breathing freely, so we're hoping it'll eventually swim away." More than 100 pilot whales and 10 dolphins were found dead in a mysterious mass beaching on the coast of the southern island state of Tasmania Tuesday. The mass beaching of whales has long mystified scientists, who have offered theories to explain the phenomenon that range from diseases that upset the mammals' internal navigation system to herd behavior in which large numbers of whales blindly follow a leader into trouble. Others believe they may follow stocks of food such as crayfish too close to the shore.


NOTE FROM JEAN: There has been a couple pretty interesting reactions to Jette Møller Ibsen's recent letter in which she expressed her concern about implants and, as indicated, I'm sharing them with you all here as I believe there is much to gain from this, if that's felt relevant at this point for you .

Date: 26 Nov 2003
From: Name Withheld Upon Request
Subject: Implants

dear jette and jean

i am one of the recipients of a communication implant. personally, i don't have the feeling that this happens without our being in agreement. we may not be 100% conscious of it occurring, but on some level we agree to assist in the inter-communication. i have felt more joy in the last few days since my implant was re-activated. while i was lying down and connecting on a conscious level with the space relatives, i asked if i were one of the people to work with an implant. there was much gentleness and love during the enhancement. what is important is that we always have the intention in our energy body to not take on ANYTHING that is not for our highest good. this is part of my daily routine.

implants have gotten such a negative charge since such were implanted manipulatively by other species. kryon, the magnetic master, also talks of the " neutral implant" - a very good thing - that clears us of old karma. here again, the most important thing is to ask the question that we have, stay in the heart space and feel. not everyone needs an implant for this mission. i am certain that it is to help coordinate the immense project.

much love and light to you both



From: Jette Møller Ibsen>
Subject: Re: implants
Date: 26 Nov 2003 1


I can tell you, that I have made up my mind and opened my hard to welcome the visitors. I know that I long ago have agreed to do this. However don't think I have agreed upon implants, and I haven' got any. I will use my mail at 3 a.m. as suggested from Helen. And I know in my heart that this is the right thing I am doing. We will be 5 or 6 persons to welcome, and we have found the spot to land. Where we live is in the country, and behind our home is a large field ca. 1 km long. When we leave our houses and turn north, we have a perfect view at the field. I am so happy to made up my mind, and I feel my energy has returned.

With much love and light and thanks


Jette Møller Ibsen


From: "Sijtje Maris">
Subject: Re: implants-free will
Date: 27 Nov 2003

Dear ONES,

Implants are NOT necessary at all!

When people choose from THEIR OWN HEART-felt desire to have an implant, it is okay to have one. They are the ones that need such a thing. But because of all Internet info many more people are thinking that they need one than actually do need.

Read what A. Walker wrote in the same newsletter, part 2, issue 2:

But the most interesting part is that neither of us have been actively involved in your meditations, neither of us even knew about the Concordance, and neither of us knew of the events that were happening around the eclipses....and it is happening to us regardless of those facts.

I have been using a mantra.... "In absolute truth I produce absolute truth, love and light" .... for some 18 months now, and I have felt a growing rolling and unfolding convergence with All That Is since I have been using that mantra. It is the most powerful mantra that I have ever used. It was given to me in a meditation.

I have been noticing for some time that I am feeling - Calm. Assured. Assertive. When I speak, there is a certain ring and clarity to my voice that is strange but at the same time....draws you in to listen. And the things that I am saying...I didn't know I knew...or the words I use are not the words I would have chosen. I was only saying to my husband the other day that I can't remember a time when I have felt so in control of myself and so clear in my intent. Almost like I have reached a pinnacle.

I feel other peoples pain...I know what they are thinking...I know what they are about to say or do...and it is OK.. Things that used to get me down or bother me no longer have that effect on me, and my energy is constant and in matter what is erupting around me.

A truly sublime space to be in.

Everyone who I have shared it with have come back to me with incredible tales of truth unfolding itself right in front of them. And if they continue to use it, their lives change.

With Love, Light Peace and Joy,



NOTE FROM JEAN: Having received several emails from Helen Engel> in which were reported recent attempts made to contact ET civilizations and reading the story from "A Couple in U.S." in which it was mentioned that "C.....'s way of channeling is for the walk-in to occupy her body" and reading also about several other people who claimed to have received an implant for the purpose of communicating with the spaceships, I became concerned that some of these efforts could lead into situations that are not exactly conducive to the best interests of those involved. So in addition to expressing here my view that such implants are not absolutely necessary, if one is trained enough in telepathic communications, and could also be an infringement on an individual's freewill unless it is part of a pre-arranged agreement made before incarnation, I wanted to get Suzy Ward and Matthew's input on those 2 specific issues and so received the following comments from both of them:

From: "Suzanne Ward">

(...) Absolutely I would never recommend to anyone to consciously have another soul occupy his/her body -- I don't even know if this would be possible. As far as cases of soul transference, more commonly known as 'walk-in,' the original soul chooses to leave and the entering soul chooses to enter. As Matthew described this rare arrangement years ago, it happens when a body recovers after being 'clinically dead' or in a coma, and it is by soul level
agreement to the benefit of both souls. I'll ask Matthew:

"Mother, I disavow completely any efforts toward this kind of experimentation. Light souls do not need to and would NOT take over a body in this manner. Dark souls could take advantage of this kind of experimentation even without the person's awareness that this had happened, and the dark soul henceforth would influence all free will choices in what
could be called 'possession.' It is true that in this unprecedented time on Earth experiences that are regarded as 'new' but actually are being remembered, are occurring. But this experimentation is not part of the light effort and remembering process and is to be soundly discouraged." Later on Matthew also added, "Implants of any kind, whether of man-made substance or of thought forms with negative, or dark, nature, are mechanisms of mind control so that the recipient will perform in accordance with the desires of the "installer" who so programmed the implants.”  

(End of quote)

I preferred to share those warnings with everyone. This being said, from my experience, when one is having spiritual or telepathic contacts with another being, whether from another dimension or from this plane of existence, the vibratory signature of such mind/heart/soul-meld experiences is always the best indication of the true intent and evolutionary station of the being/entity/collective force contacted. If you feel powerful waves of tingling vibes enveloping you, and unconditional Love and universal Peace as the main overtones, then you have confirmation that this is all in the Light. But most importantly, unless you allow fear - consciously or below the threshold of consciousness - or any other non-Light related thoughts and feelings to come into play during communication, which would thus "open" you to contacts with similarly inclined energies, there is ABSOLUTELY no risk of attracting attention or allowing contact with less than enLightened beings. This is why is is so important to strive to purify one's conscious and subconscious mind of any negative attachments to fear-grounded or un-enLightened thoughts, emotions and feelings before, during and after attempting contacts with any other being. Nurturing Love and the growing realization of our eternal Oneness with All That Is is the Golden Path towards Being All That You Are.



We Are Ready to Change the World

View Current Signatures - Sign the Petition

To: Authors of "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"


This petition is in response to the communication, purportedly from a benevolent extra-terrestrial group, titled "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!". CLIP

Dr. Michael Salla at has provided an analysis of the authenticity of the message here:

(NOTE FROM JEAN: Interesting read above! And I also warmly recommend to all those keenly interesting in this topic to read Michael Salla's November 27 complementary article entitled "Inviting Extraterrestrial Intervention: Collapse of the ‘Berlin Wall’ or ‘Conquest of the Americas’?" and posted at in which he compares Jean Ederman's telepathically received message "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!" to what retired Los Angeles Times journalist Marshall Vian Summers claims in his book "Allies of humanity" published in 97 - that he was abducted by ETs calling themselves Verdants and that only them were truly good ETs, all other ET civilizations being more interested to control our planet for their own benefit. Incidentally this author came to my attention recently and I checked with Suzy to find out if Matthew could confirm whether this story was true or not and she replied "A few years ago Russ Michael asked Matthew about the Verdants and M. told him the story is total fiction, that the author may have been so excited about his story that he began to believe his own creative writing.")

He runs a discussion forum for those interested in the general topic of preparing for contact here:

(NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is an excerpt from this site's intro - there are 219 subscribers in this group. "Prepare4contact is a discussion forum dedicated to the study of how individuals, communities and humanity in general can best prepare for open interaction with extraterrestrial races visiting Earth. The forum seeks to disseminate accurate information about extraterrestrial races, their agendas, activities and history that assists members in making informed choices about how to best prepare for that defining moment when the extraterrestrial presence moves from the fringes of society, into the mainstream of public life. The underlying idea behind the forum is that it is only through a self-empowered and aware humanity, that open interaction between humanity and ET races can do justice to humanity’s need for equality, freedom and sovereignty when interacting with more technologically developed races. A primary goal of the forum is to be a vehicle for promoting the aspirations and views of that segment of humanity that has long been denied political representation in secret government interactions with extraterrestrial races. Recommended readings are in the files section.")

We Are Ready to Change the World

While we, "individuals without distinction", as you put it, cannot be certain that your message is a sincere attempt to initiate first contact, nonetheless we feel it is prudent to respond with our aspirations for such an encounter.


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The We Are Ready to Change the World Petition to Authors of "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!" was created by and written by Hugh Matlock>.


From: "Bauwyn Stellingwerf">
Subject: Feedback to "CHANGE THE WORLD!"
Date: 30 Nov 2003

Hi Jean,

"CHANGE THE WORLD! "DECIDE WHETHER WE SHOULD SHOW UP!" I like it very much, it has a true feeling.

But, please - please - please, Jean, don't expect too much. Maybe they are not allowed to come.

Believe it, the spiritual world, and the world of the extraterrestrials and their spaceships, they are just as real as our world on Earth. This time is very important for this whole universe and what we, Humans, are now doing - thinking - feeling is the trigger for what the future shall be. I know, it does not look that way, but it truly is.

The beings of the spiritual world are here to help us and ... to protect us...! Protection, because many extraterrestrials want to be here on Earth, in this time. Not just these ones.

The entire planet Earth is complete encapsulated by a grid work of systems of a very beneficent nature, which act as a shield that can only be penetrated by the authority of the great guardian beings Michael and Metatron.

NASA knows about it, the purpose of every space shuttle is verified. And the main purpose from the NASA flights is not in the News. Why are there not any longer space voyages to the moon? Earth astronauts have doing experiments there that damaged the moon, and now it is forbidden to go there any longer. But that you don't read in the news.

We are all eternal living angels, who are for some time on Earth, for Earth is a planet of learning. And that time on Earth is not about one life, but hundreds of them. And between these lives on Earth we are in a Heaven with the same level of that Earth life. That is where Matthew is now, he has a spiritual overview on that level from: all what is going on on Earth, the connection between everything, why it must go the way it does, the Universal Laws.

The beings in the letter are telling they are almost at the same level as we do, except that they are technical better. They think that is the truth, but it is not. We are not on the same level, we have had the experience of duality, and they don't.

We, the Humans on Earth, have solved a problem, and that will change the future of the whole universe. And now everybody will come to help us to restore our memory - who we are.

See it like somebody, who has been very ill, is recovering and in getting the rest to do so ... is not allowed to have many visitors just now, only family and very good friends. Other friends and relatives can send letters. That is what is happening on Earth right now. We are making our recovery and don't need to many visitors here in this time. They can send us letters ( = channeling), medicines and techniques (= already happening, quite soon you will see it).

But changing our selves and our way of life is something We Only Self Can Do!

That is an Universal Law!

You can say, but Matthew, he would know about it. Maybe, but you do not know how much Matthew knows, see only The Light Series #54: "Focus for, not against". There he said, he did not tell his mother more because she was happy with how she saw it. He is not telling everything about an item.

Very long ago we ourselves have travelled between the stars. That was a very pleasant time with, spiritual, lovely memories. And we all are longing to go back there again, to travel again, feeling free. And if that is not possible, we would like to meet beings that still does. But ...

"... we would tell you one more time there is going to be no mass landing in the way of your expectations. However, we would tell you this, there are many space commanders living among you - thousands of them - we are already here. And you have amongst you what you call the star children of star travellers. This is the true meaning of mass landing. And humans being taken on board these great ships in large groups is happening right now. This happens during meditations and during sleep time, but you also being returned home after these events. There will be no mass landing or mass evacuation in the way being presented by some groups. And you are to be complemented, for this is the first time ever that a shift is occurring without the need of a mass evauation. In 1987 it was thought that there might be a mass evacuation. Such is not the case now." (November 18, 2003)

-Kadjina Speaking

But who knows ... if many Humans want it ... just small groups extraterrestrials ... to stir people ... to let them know that life is not how they always have seen it ... to help manifesting NESARA ... who knows ?!?

Jean, I send you much Love and Wisdom


NOTE FROM JEAN: I had sent a copy of this above to Suzy Ward to let her know about it and she replied with this most interesting letter:

From: "suzy">
Subject: Re: "CHANGE THE WORLD! --- !! URGENT !! ---
Date: 30 Nov 2003

Dear Jean...

I don't know Bauwyn or anything about him (her?), but what is written here is very much aligned with what I have heard from all of my sources and is in the books and Matthew's posted messages: This is a very important time for the entire universe; our world is and will be what we make it; ETs must be invited to help us, as the law of the universe forbids their deciding for themselves to intervene or take over the free will decisions of souls here regardless of how harmful those may be; many ETs are living among us; many ET civilizations are interested in what happens on Earth; mass evacuations are not necessary; there is a protective grid around Earth; Earth is a learning planet and 100s or more lifetimes may be spent learning what souls chose for spiritual evolvement; Nirvana (spirit realm) is where souls from Earth live between lifetimes here (and other learning placements). There are other similarities as well and also some differences.

Perhaps the differences in Bauwyn's thoughtful writing (and maybe the article "Change the World" too) are a matter only of perceptions and the semantics of any statement, because we all perceive things in our own terminology and experiential frame of reference. For example, my sources who have spoken about "mass landings" are referring to more than one small craft landing somewhere and not to a bevy of motherships bringing ETs to stay; the landings are to introduce themselves to us, not a move to Earth from their homelands. Those who have been living among us to help during this era as well as those who are roaming the skies and helping Earth in various ways may stay on or may return to their own civilizations after Earth is secure in higher frequencies. These thousands (or maybe millions) of ETs who are helping Earth by her invitation (her plea for help!) and God's sanction have their own homelands and those I've talked with, no more than we, have the desire to move en masse to a different place.

Bauwyn is in error on one point but it is understandable. He/she said that Matthew is in heaven, which is on the same level of Earth life. About six years ago Matthew embarked upon a new light service. Although he considers Nirvana his homeland because of his love for Ithaca and Esmeralda, he has evolved to a much higher soul station (as did Ithaca very long ago, but she stays on for her healing and teaching that are needed in Nirvana). By invitation of other civilizations in this and other galaxies, Matthew has been traveling to their homelands to evaluate and recommend improvements in their sanctuary realms that are in consonance with the life in those physical places, which would be their equivalent of Nirvana in relation to Earth. Some of these civilizations are far advanced of Earth/Nirvana in spirituality, intelligence and technology, so his viewpoint is from a far vaster spectrum of awareness than Bauwyn realizes. Both Illuminations For A New Era and Voices Of The Universe contain messages from God and representatives of these higher civilizations that attest to this.

Love and blessings,




From: "Kiara Windrider">
Subject: Revised edition of Doorway to Eternity by Kiara Windrider
Date: 27 Nov 2003

Dear Jean, here's a book review sent out by my publisher, and I wondered if you may want to share parts of it with your list. I had been wanting to send something out, and am hopeless at trying to "sell" my own book, so had been procrastinating for months until this came along! For international readers, the book is also available in German, Turkish and Dutch editions.




Are you ready for a quantum spiritual leap forward?

Announcing Kiara Windrider's new revised edition of Doorway to Eternity, A Guide to Planetary Ascension, along with its companion set of COVR VISIONARY SILVER AWARD Meditation CDs

“This book is important, and its message is one that may change your life. Read it.”

- James F. Twyman

“This book is a song, and everyone should hear it and sing it!”

- Rev. Janna S. Parker

“I believe this is THE quintessential book on the market today!”

- Jan Reynolds

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Every day we have the opportunity to choose to live life to the fullest, and Kiara began doing so in earnest after surviving a fall of several hundred feet down a waterfall in India. After exploring Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Sufi, Taoist traditions, he came to America for college and graduate school, eventually getting his degree in transpersonal psychology. Professionally rooted as a licensed psychotherapist, he also began exploring multidimensional realities, particularly after moving to Mt. Shasta in California, where the veil between worlds is thin. Spending time in Hawaii amongst wild dolphins and whales was a pivotal experience as well, opening a channel of awareness that still continues.

The practical information from these diverse sources revolves around a central theme: Earth and humanity are moving into a higher dimension, and we are being offered much assistance. The book deals with the nature of time, space, and consciousness, the Mayan, Hopi, Egyptian, Vedic and other calendar systems, and the possibilities for a massive quantum leap in consciousness from mystic as well as scientific perspectives. It touches on the events of 9-11 and their significance in the bigger planetary initiation underway.

The final part of the book includes easy-to-use meditation practices and techniques for personal as well as planetary healing. Written in a narrative style, they are appropriate for either individual or group use.

Kiara's journey of awakening will inspire all those who are seeking the light and who desire personal transformation as our planet transitions into a higher dimension.

The practical information and captivating stories in this award-winning book include:

- Messages from ascended masters, whales, time-travelers

- Discussion on ancient cycles of time and various calendar systems in context of planetary awakening

- Discussion on various scientific theories that support planetary awakening

- Current events, including 9-11, in context of a planetary initiation

- Indigo and Crystal Children

- Sri Aurobindo and the Supramental Descent

- Planetary grids, dimensional portals, and multiple timelines

- Visionary art and mystical poetry

- Meditations and practices for personal and planetary healing

The first edition of Doorway to Eternity received three COVR awards at the 2002 International New Age Trade Show in Denver. The revised edition has been enhanced with two new chapters on Sri Aurobindo and the Children of the New Dawn.

Included in the book are 12 powerful meditations and practices for healing and attaining self-realization, which are also available on CD. They were recorded live during group meditations at a sacred space on Mount Shasta in northern California, gently spoken by Kiara Windrider, with spontaneous celestial music by Paul Armitage. The set of five full CDs of meditations also received a COVR award this summer.

The book is $15 and the set of five meditation CDs is $44. As a Holiday Special, we are giving away a free copy of the book with each CD set purchased (until Dec. 15, or while supplies last). Call 530-918-9264 or 877-597-9264, ask for the Quantum Spiritual Leap Special. Or visit our order page:

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To hear one of the meditations (The Dolphin Healing Vortex), click on

About the Author:
Kiara Windrider, M.A., M.F.T. is a spiritual teacher, healer, body worker, psychotherapist, astrologer, poet, and wanderer of mystic and shamanic paths. He is currently based in Auroville, India. His passion is to live fully in the wonder of each moment and to awaken us and this beautiful planet to the destiny we were created for.

Invitation (excerpted from book):
"There is a “Doorway to Eternity” in each of our experiences, a shimmering portal of light in which we dissolve all illusions of separation. As we step through this Doorway we connect with our light body and enter the Mystery of God, the I AM Presence, the aspect of Being that dwells in Unified Light. We merge the two. We then walk back through the Doorway as Embodied Presence, fully awakened within the world of form, no longer held hostage by its seeming limitations.

This process is known as “ascension,” or “full body enlightenment.” Our contribution to humanity by simply walking through this portal and back is beyond comprehension. Jesus accomplished this through the Resurrection. We do not have to die to our bodies to accomplish this now. We do, however, have to die to perceptions and identities that no longer serve. We do have to trust what we know to be possible. And it does require a deep soul commitment.

If these words evoke a hidden memory, perhaps you are on this path. This book will give form to this longing of the soul. I share some journeys and explore some teachings and practices... Beyond techniques, however, the intention is to open our hearts to the winds of Spirit, to ultimate possibility, and to let that be our guide.

The journey of awakening is a paradoxical one. When we merge with Self, we find we were never separate to begin with. We are already what we seek to become. The Awakened Master has always slumbered within. May we support one another now through the doorway, and awake to our awakened self!"


Date: 01 Dec 2003
Subject: World Wide Linkup -12/12/2003
From: Qala Serenia>

This article was written by and is copyrighted to Qala Serenia Phoenix, November 2003. Please network it to all you feel will benefit but as you do this we ask that you leave this credit line and contact and ask you not to alter the content. Qala’s website is If you wish to receive messages of this kind....subscribe to ASCEND email list through sending message “subscribe” to The ASCEND Foundations website is

12th December, 2003

at 12:12 p.m. local time



Blessings all love and lightworkers,

From the ascension councils of the Pleiades, Shambhala and Andromeda, we offer you this information to support your planetary light work and the opening of your hearts at this time. Presently, Mother Earth is opening to receive divine blessings from Source and these blessings create new pathways to open within Gaia’s body and within your own bodies. We ask you to understand that on the 12th December, a wave of ascension is to bless the Earth through all the divine feminine portals on the planet. Know that all who are aligned to this process will also receive this through their own bodies, offering the gift of clearing the portals of receptivity within one’s energy body. We ask each one of you to ask within, receiving your own guidance on how this can assist you at this time to develop greater receptivity and connection to Source. Know this gift is a blessing from the Divine Mother who blesses the Earth with the ascension wave of Divine Mother’s love at this time. At this time, each one you have the sacred opportunity of invoking the presence of your divine feminine nature, and asking for the most powerful healing that is appropriate for you in relationship to a powerful opening of your receptivity and divine feminine energy on the Earth.

To assist you with this, we offer you a short meditational process that you may attune to and network with others for the assistance of Gaia and all beings at this time, and in honour of your own opening in femininity and receptivity. We ask you to realise that this is not only held by females but by all males, as no matter what gender you are, each soul holds a divine feminine and a divine masculine half. Ascension is the process of the mergence of these two, and this process, in conjunction with the gateway opening on the 21st December (solstice), offers a divine union journey in this way. The ASCEND Foundation offers both these worldwide link-ups to support each one of you to create a greater inner and outer connection to your divinity and flow of your consciousness as an Emissary of Love.

Blessings upon each one of you, Lord Maitreya

Divine Mother Gateway Activation 12:12

Create a beautiful circle with your friends, family or with your light family in a sacred space that you love. Light a candle and as you do this, visualise the light within every being’s heart on the Earth igniting and expanding. Say a small prayer to connect with every other being in link-up and honour the divine in all beings as you sit to receive in meditation link-up. Call to the Divine Mother and your own divine feminine presence, and as you do this, many other feminine presences of light and love also join you. These ones are known as the Sisterhood of the Rays and Rose. Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin and their celestial sisters are a part of this company of emissaries of love who are focussing their energies upon you at this time to assist you to open with Mother Earth and release any old energies that have been blocking your receptivity in your life.

These ones surround you in a circle and ask you to gently breathe as they place many golden roses in your chakras and in your auric field and ask you to receive their blessings. As they do this, they support you to call forth to any of your soul aspects that may feel unloved or unsupported in their femininity and receptivity. Say this prayer and ask these parts of your soul to join you, and as you do this, hold your heart open as if a small child is walking towards you. A child of pure innocence and love, and embrace these parts that are like a child who has lost their innocence and their connection to love. With your consciousness, recognise the divine in all parts of your feminine nature, including your sensuality and body and mind and feelings and sexuality, creativity, communication and creation. As you gently love and support all parts of your soul that may have lost their innocence and connection to love, ask them to forgive all that may have occurred through all space, time and dimension that may have created them to shut down their receptivity and the full expression of their divine feminine nature.

The Divine Mother blesses you and all parts of your soul at this time with a wave of ascension that purifies all old memories of this form of separation. Breathe and receive and allow and let go by opening your body and your heart and your energy to release these energies gently. Sound “ah” slowly and gently as you let go and ask that all that is released return to the source of all love.

At this time, your divine feminine nature is asked by the Divine Mother to open the heart to the divine masculine again … and to all parts of your soul that are masculine in nature. Divine Mother offers elixirs of love and compassion and forgiveness to you at this time and begins to flood you with these through your chakras and meridians and bodies. Breathe and receive as these begin to fill you and a new purification flows through you. It is at this time that you are asked to release any old relationships that you have with males on the planet that do not serve you and to replace these relationships with unconditional love. You are supported now to ask and receive karmic absolution in relationship to your connection to any male on the planet that may create a block to occur in your femininity and receptivity in life. If there is any other being that creates you to lose connection to your softness and receptivity, bless this one now and ask for karmic absolution for all that has occurred between you and them in any lifetime, space or dimension.

Send love to this one and release this one from any negative bindings that may have been between you. As you do this, Archangel Michael steps forth to you and offers to clear any negativity between you. He just asks that you take responsibility for this as a level of co-creation, and he suggests for you to make new choices that will allow you to co-create love as a new form of relationship. He blesses each one of you with his sword of Excalibur and fills you with the blue ray of light and love which further purifies you. He asks you to consider your ascension and to raise your consciousness with him now by accepting your divinity and the divinity in others from your heart now.

As you complete this, Lady Mother Mary blesses you with her sword of divine compassion and grace. She supports you now to merge with your divine feminine presence with a new choice to stay open-hearted to all energies with a masculine presence so as to create a new path of meeting the divine energies of the masculine. She asks you to meditate on these energies as strength, giving and clarity, truth and wisdom. She asks you to focus your consciousness on these qualities for a few moments and to invoke the presence of these throughout you. As you do this, many elixirs of these qualities blend as a wave to move through your chakras in an activation of your being. At this time, the divine twelfth wave of ascension (12:12) activates through you and the energies of the Andromedan gateway begin to travel through your chakra column into the Earth core as a divine blessing for all beings on the Earth. This wave flows through the Earth into each of the portals of the Earth, opening them to receive more clearly than before the love and light of Source. Sit for some minutes to receive this blessing and to be a channel for this healing and for all beings and Mother Earth.

To complete this, sound the mantra of this activation that creates the sealing of all portals of receptivity and feminine presence to open to Source.






Sound 13 times in sacred celebration of the divine feminine embrace of all that is masculine within and without, and the opening of these portals in your body and on the Earth, to Source. Ask that this be sealed with the love of your God Presence when you feel complete.



Doctors baffled as Indian man claims not to have eaten for 68 years

AFP – Monday 24 November 2003

AHMEDABAD, India (AFP) - An Indian man who claims divine inspiration says he has survived 68 years without eating, drinking or relieving himself, baffling doctors who are unable to prove him an imposter.

Prahlad Jani, a 76-year-old whose extraordinary tale has won him a small band of devotees, took a dare and underwent round-the-clock surveillance at a hospital in Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of the western state of Gujarat.

Clad in his trademark red sari, bangles and earrings meant to fashion Hindu goddesses, Jani managed to puzzle the Sterling Hospital's 400 doctors.

Neurologist Sudhir Shah said Jani was under watch for 10 days, with a closed-circuit camera running, and that doctors were convinced he did not break any of his vows, although there was no way of verifying whether Jani has pulled it off for 68 years.

"He has evidence of the formation of urine, which was reabsorbed on his bladder wall. The medical committee does not have any scientific explanation," Shah said.

Jani offered an explanation. He said he has been blessed and heard his calling when he was eight years old.

"I get the elixir of life from the hole in my palate, which enables me to go without food and water," Jani explained to AFP.

A vindicated Jani left the hospital Saturday and said he was retreating to a cave at Mount Abu in the neighboring desert state of Rajasthan.

Another doctor, Dinesh Desai, said the hospital hoped to test Jani again to verify his claim of a hole in the palate between his mouth and nose.

"We may get some answers then," Desai said.

Shah said it took the hospital more than a year to persuade Jani to undergo surveillance.

He said he wanted the ascetic to undergo experiments at NASA, as Jani's supposed feat could come in handy for astronauts.



Date: 27 Nov 2003
From: Daniel Page>
Subject: The Truth About Hyperbaric Therapy

Hello everyone,

The Quebec Public Health Insurance System should already cover the fees for Hyperbaric Treatments since summer 2000, but the medical authorities have manipulated the results and conclusions of the study, lied to parents, bypassed the honest researchers and competent doctors , lied in the Quebec medias, even going as far as changing the title and conclusions of the original article as published in the prestigious medical journal ''The Lancet'' in February 2001 !

Another Symposium will be scheduled to present the Truth about Hyperbaric Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy, but also all the other indications for which Hyperbaric is very effective. The North American medical system is corrupted by the Pharmaceutical Industry which eliminates ALL alternative therapies that threatens their profits ! It is time we stand high and tall in front of this Tyranny which sacrifices the health and lives of too many humans beings everywhere on earth. The Solutions already exist and we have to present them at a time where the lamentable failure of conventional medicine cannot be hidden anymore ...

Come and assist to this meeting in Montréal on December 7th 2003
at the ''Palais des Congrès de Montréal'',
201, Viger ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
from 9h30 am to 5h30 pm
See all the details on the attached brochure or visit our website

Thanks for your support and see you soon,

Daniel Page
Humans United
(418) 933-2255



by Jaiia Earthschild>

Om namah shivaya om shanti om shanti om \ oh way oh wayah way oh ka moana na uhane

In the beginning was the word
And from that word Life was heard
All that is
Born of sound
From the heavens to the oceans
To the gentle ground

Echoing everywhere
Singers of Earth, sun and Air
And the voice in the waters the cetaceans
We are the choirs of creation


Dear Mr Military give us time
We'll help you find
Peace of mind
But the voice in the waters is a joy so strong
We must protect the Ocean Song

We all know the difference when we hear
A song of love Or a cry of fear
Four footed animals know to run
From the sounds of danger - a bomb or a gun
But how can the creatures of the oceans hide
If you broadcast your terror so far and so wide


Dear Mr Military give us time
We'll help you find
Peace of mind
But the voice in the waters is a joy so strong
We must protect the Ocean Song

With just our voices we've prayed and sung
The whales and the dolphins they hear and they come
It's not okay - you cannot claim
It's safe to play your dangerous game
We who sing we are the walking relations of the great cetacean nation

You may hear this beautiful song at


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