September 23, 2003

Heroes of Our Times Series #4: The Power of One Infinitely Multiplied

Hello everyone

I was not expecting to send you another compilation this week, but something came up that changed this. I received an urgent suggestion from Fred Burks, a long-time ERN subscriber, to join him in "channeling love" to George W Bush, this Tuesday afternoon (between 3:30 and 4:00 pm Eastern Time) as he will sit between him and President Megawati of Indonesia in his role as an interpret for the president - see #1 below for more details. Then this Monday evening as I was exploring various websites which I found so interesting that I decided to share part of their content with all of you, I suddenly realized they had all been created by Fred Burks. What an interesting "coincidence"... So I could not resist completing this compilation with a couple more items and sending it to you right away, in case you might be "tempted" to join in as well...

Love and Light to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Do we have a free press today? Sure we do. It’s free to report all the sex scandals it wants, all the stock market news we can handle, every new health fad that comes down the pike, and every celebrity marriage or divorce that happens. But when it comes to the real down and dirty stuff—stories like Tailwind, the October Surprise, the El Mozote massacre, corporate corruption, or CIA involvement in drug trafficking—that’s where we begin to see the limits of our freedoms. In today’s media environment, sadly, such stories are not even open for discussion. Back in 1938, when fascism was sweeping Europe, legendary investigative reporter George Seldes observed that “it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” Unfortunately, we have reached that point. "

- Gary Webb - Investigative reporter for 19 years, he won a 1990 Pulitzer Prize, received the 1997 Media Hero award, and in 1996 was named Journalist of the Year. Taken from Mass Media Cover-up at which features excerpts from the book Into the Buzzsaw (Details at - check also


1. Requesting your loving energy for a very special opportunity
2. For Those Who Care About Our Future
3. Creating a New Paradigm
4. Web of Love: Strengthening the Love that Flows Between Us All
5. The New Energy Cover-up
6. Let's Make Nov. 2, 2004 a Peace Day
7. The bear and the atheist

See also:

Where Global Warming Shows Up First (Sept 19)
(..) Over the past century, the planet has warmed by about 1 degree Fahrenheit. At the Toolik site, and in other regions of the Arctic, warming has increased about 6 degrees over the last 30 years. One of the most obvious effects of global warming can be seen in icebergs—98% of the glaciers and sea ice on Alaska's coast are melting.

Bush covers up climate research (Sept 21),3858,4757981-102275,00.html
White House officials play down its own scientists' evidence of global warming.

Moon Brings Novel Green Power to Arctic Homes (Sept 22)
OSLO - Homes on the Arctic tip of Norway started getting power from the moon on the weekend via a unique subsea power station driven by the rise and fall of the tide. A tidal current in a sea channel near the town of Hammerfest, caused by the gravitational tug of the moon on the earth, started turning the 10-meter (33 ft) blades of a turbine bolted to the seabed to generate electricity for the local grid. The prototype looks like an underwater windmill and is expected to generate about 700,000 kilowatt hours of non-polluting energy a year, or enough to light and heat about 30 homes. "This is the first time in the world that electricity from a tidal current has been fed into a power grid," Harald Johansen, managing director of Hammerfest Stroem which has led the project, told Reuters.

Mass Media Cover-up
Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press. Mass Media Cover-up - This is a 10-page summary of the fascinating accounts of 18 award-winning journalists from the book Into the Buzzsaw. All of these writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major, incredibly revealing news. Some were even fired or laid off. These journalists have won numerous awards, including several Emmys and a Pulitzer Award. Help us to create a more responsible media and a better world. Spread this news across the land.

New Energy - The World of Free Energy – Dr. Peter Lindemann
The internal combustion engine should have been obsolete many years ago! A great variety of energy devices which generate power and electricity very cheaply have been invented over the years, only to then be ruthlessly suppressed. We personally know of several genius inventors who have suffered this fate. This brilliantly written nine-page paper describes several types of new energy devices and tells you the hows and whys of this huge cover-up. Incredibly well researched with resources listed, including patent numbers. This is another one to print and share with friends. See also Dr. Lindemann’s website at For an excellent two-page summary of this paper, or scroll down...

Americans Draw a Veil of Secrecy as Casualties Grow (Sept 20)
No comment from the authorities while more and more U.S. servicemen and their families are demanding answers from George Bush

Bush is Losing Support on Right (Sept 20)
The criticisms of President Bush aren't surprising: He's bungling the war in Iraq; his budget deficits are disastrous; he's trampling civil liberties; his spending plans are misguided.

Protests Grow Over Year-Long Army Tours (Sept 20)
Angry protests mounted this week among families of Army National Guard and Reserve troops as the full impact of a new policy requiring those forces to serve year-long tours in Iraq began to hit home across the country.

Kennedy Says Iraq War Case a 'Fraud' (Sept 18)
BOSTON - The case for going to war against Iraq was a fraud "made up in Texas" to give Republicans a political boost, Sen. Edward Kennedy said Thursday. In an interview with The Associated Press, Kennedy also said the Bush administration has failed to account for nearly half of the $4 billion the war is costing each month. He said he believes much of the unaccounted-for money is being used to bribe foreign leaders to send in troops. He called the Bush administration's current Iraq policy "adrift".

The Real Cost Of US Support For Israel - $3 Trillion (Sept 19)
While it is commonly reported that Israel officially receives some $3 billion every year in the form of economic aid from the U.S. government, this figure is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many billions of dollars more in hidden costs and economic losses lurking beneath the surface. A recently published economic analysis has concluded that U.S. support for the state of Israel has cost American taxpayers nearly $3 trillion ($3 million millions) in 2002 dollars.

Tell Congress to Reject Bush Request for Iraq Funds


Date: 22 Sep 2003
From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Requesting your loving energy for a very special opportunity

Dear Jean and friends,

My life has been incredibly blessed in many ways. One of the many miracles that has happened is that about once a year I am asked to interpret for the president. This Tuesday (Sep 23) at 3:30 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time in the US (12:30 - 1:00PM Pacific time), I'll be sitting in a room with President Bush and President Megawati of Indonesia helping them to communicate with each other by interpreting.Several other top government leaders from the US and Indonesia will be present.

What I like to do in these meetings whenever I'm not interpreting is to channel divine love to everyone present. I know that this is the reason this work has been given to me. It's wonderful to on my own, yet it's much more powerful when I have friends supporting me. I'd like to invite you at the time mentioned above to join me in sending out divine love to all present at this meeting. I will be energetically inviting Bush, Megawati, and everyone present to open to the love and divinity that they/we already are, but have forgotten in some ways. Everyone of you who chooses to join in sending this intention Tuesday strengthens this energetic invitation exponentially. I'd love to have you join me in this special opportunity to transform the world through bombarding our leaders with love ;o)

Just so you know, in these meetings I rarely have any personal communication with those involved other than the pleasantries of hello, thank you, etc. Even so, I know that the energetic presence I/we bring has a significant impact. For anyone who is interested in all of the little miracles that brought me to interpret for presidents, I've written a one-page essay on that inspiring story which you can find at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the very first issue for the story "Little Miracles Lead Me to Interpret for the President." It's the second story in that issue.

If for whatever reason you can't send energy at the appointed time, I invite you to take a moment right now and send energy to Bush and all world leaders that they and we might focus on what's best for all on this planet, and that they/we invite in more love and harmony around the globe. Thanks for joining me in this. And thanks for all that you are doing to create a better world and for being the amazing divine being that you are!

With lots of love and very best wishes,


PS Even if you get this message after the meeting, you can send the invitation for love back in time to join us in that special moment. Thanks for caring!

Explore the empowering websites Fred coordinates: - strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all - sharing information and working together for a better world - building a Global Community for All Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth


Dear Fred

Thanks for this most interesting invitation. Knowing the busy schedule I have ahead of me, I very much doubt I'll have time to prepare and send another compilation before this next Tuesday. Yet, I'll include it anyway in the next one so people could be aware of what happened and perhaps retro-emit love energies back in time as you suggest. What I can do right now though is to Bcc this reply to several people I know who will most likely want to join you in your Light service at the appointed time - and perhaps also network this in time for others to also join in. And I will definitely take a few minutes to also be there in heart this Tuesday between 3:30 and 4:00 PM. I'm sure you'll feel all of us, here and from beyond the veil.

Love, Light and Godspeed in your unique mission of healing and love



Thank you, Jean. I am very inspired by all the great work you are doing. You are an incredibly bright light on this planet. I'd be thrilled if you BCC the email to friends who might want to join in. The more people we get focused, the more powerful it can be. Thanks for your support and may all the angels and the love of all beings be felt clearly in your/our heart now and always. Take care, Fred



For Those Who Care About Our Future

Sharing Information and Working Together for a Better World

This website provides a concise, reliable introduction to incredibly important information being hidden from public view. We specialize in providing concise, information-packed summaries of major cover-ups, and of what we can do about it. All information is taken from the most reliable sources available and can be verified with a little research. Links to original sources are always included. The team presents this information both as an opportunity for you to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us all to work together for a better world.

The three fascinating resources described below give an excellent introduction to all that is being hidden, and to how such critical issues are kept out of the mass media and the public’s eye. They each provide numerous references for you to confirm what’s presented, and to research further if you’re interested. If you have limited time, go straight to any of the revealing two-page summaries of major cover-ups directly below. They will open your eyes!

9/11 Two-Page Summary

9/11 Ten-Page Summary

9/11 Suggested Email

Two-Page Summary Media

Ten-Page Summary Media

Media Suggested Email

Mind Control (MK) MK Two-Page Summary

MK Ten-Page Summary

MK Suggested Email

If the facts presented here were reported in headline news where they belong, concerned citizens would be astounded and demand to know more. This has not happened, which is why we felt compelled to create this website. By sharing this information with your friends and colleagues, you can play a vital role in making this world a better place.

1. The Complete 9-11 Timeline – Website – by Paul Thompson

This well researched website has over 200 pages of explosive information on 9-11, all of it taken from major media sources! With each statement, direct links are provided to the source article on the major media website. This allows for quick and easy verification, even on the summaries. The evidence strongly suggests that 9-11 was allowed to happen by certain top government, military, and intelligence officials for reasons of “national security” and to control the international trade of oil. After reading and verifying this information, you will never be able to look at 9-11 in the same way again. Available free at For excellent summaries, see above.

2. Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press – Book – edited by Christina Borjesson

18 award-winning journalists vividly describe their experiences of trying to report huge stories, only to have them systematically shut down by corporate media ownership. The stories include the accidental shooting down of TWA flight 800 by the military, thousands of POWs abandoned by the US government in Vietnam, the CIA’s involvement in introducing crack cocaine into LA, and lots more. This fascinating book will help you to understand how the cover-ups mentioned in all of these resources are kept secret. You will learn how American mass media is controlled by an amazingly small cast of power brokers. If you want to understand how the media powerfully influences our understanding of the world, read this book. Available at For excellent summaries of this book, see above.

3. The Secrets of Mind Control – Summaries Based on Three Landmark Books

Three courageous authors have written top-notch, incredibly revealing books on the massive cover-up of government-funded mind control programs. Bluebird, researched and written by top Canadian psychiatrist Colin A. Ross focuses on the role of physicians in the secret mind control programs. Mind Controllers, by Dr. Armen Victorian, focuses on the wide variety of sophisticated technologies used to control the way people think and act. Recovered mind control victim Carol Rutz’ book, A Nation Betrayed, gives a disturbing inside look at how the mind controllers severely manipulate the lives of their unsuspecting guinea pigs. All three base much of their research on 18,000 pages of declassified CIA mind control documents. At the end of the 10-page summary you will find directions for how to order all of those documents on four CDs for only $30 using the Freedom of Information Act. The summaries of these three books will open your eyes to incredible abuses carried out by the shadow government in the name of national security. See the summaries above.

These three present only a small piece of all that’s been hidden from us, but they will give you an outstanding introduction. If you are interested in more, we’ve compiled a resource list which includes only the very best, most reliable books, videos, websites, and articles on these and other cover-ups at A one-paragraph summary is given for each resource listed, as well as ratings for interest and reliability. Simply reading through this list will give you a good idea of all that is being hidden from us. You’ll also find summaries of other deep cover-ups on this resource list. Equally important, as alternatives to all the secrecy and negativity that’s being uncovered, we include some very inspiring, uplifting resources.

For those who are asking what we can do about all this, you will find an excellent two-page summary of inspiring ideas on how to create a brighter future at See also our list of concrete suggestions on how you can help at There are many ways we can work together for a better world.

If you find yourself slipping into fear or anger with this material, remember that we now have an opportunity to do something about it. Please email your friends and colleagues encouraging them to explore this website and the many links provided. Invite them, in turn, to email their friends. By using email to freely spread this knowledge around the globe, you can play a vital role in building the critical mass necessary to bring about positive, empowering changes in our lives and in our world. Please note also that all documents on this website are designed to be printed directly from the Internet, so that you can copy and share them with others in person. The more we share this information with others, the more chance there is of truly transforming our planet into a safer, healthier place to live.

The team is a group of dedicated researchers from around the world. We compile and summarize important, verifiable facts and information being hidden from the public. We are deeply committed to creating a brighter future for us, for our children, and for our planet.



Creating a New Paradigm 

How We Can Create a Brighter Future

The Old Paradigm

In order to give suggestions for creating a brighter future, we first need to speak candidly about what’s going on behind all the cover-ups. It appears that there is a relatively small, powerful group of elites who desire to control as much of our lives as possible. They exert control through manipulation of public perception, and by attempting to create a one-world government controlled by huge multinational corporations. Once these mega-corporations have stretched their fingers into almost every aspect of our lives, this control group plans to create a chokehold on us. This will allow them to use us for their own personal gain as our freedoms are increasing taken away, often without our even realizing it.

The means for establishing this control are through destroying purpose and creating fear and victimization in our lives. Television, radio, and movies are filled with greed, violence, and empty sex. Our educational system increasingly prioritizes passing tests over developing intelligence and creativity. Corporate control of the media limits what news we receive, and often shapes our decisions and the way we think. All this and more adds up to the “dumbing down” of America. Our attention is being diverted from our deeper purpose in life to the superficial attractions of sex, consumerism, and money. The control group is consciously manipulating people all over the world into losing touch with their spiritual core as they subtly convince us that what they want is what we want.

The control group also manipulates us through keeping us in fear and in the role of victim. “America is under attack! Your job, savings, and retirement are no longer secure. The terrorists want to kill us all. You are either for us or against us. This war will never end.” All of these messages are designed to push us into fear. And by encouraging us to focus blame on terrorists and “evil” leaders, those in control push us towards the role of helpless victims, and away from feeling in control of our lives. The more we slip into fear and feeling like victims, the easier it is for us to be manipulated. Through continually weakening our sense of purpose in life, and through increasing our level of fear and victimization, the control group is increasingly able to manipulate us into doing just what they want us to do.

A New Paradigm

What can we do about all this? Several actions can help us to step away from being controlled and to step fully into our own creative energy and power. First, we can choose to live with full awareness of our purpose and intentions in life. To live full, rich lives in today’s world, it’s vitally important that we each find and develop our own, unique life purpose. We must then choose to live that purpose and to live our intentions as fully as we can. If we set aside time to deeply explore what is most meaningful in our lives, we can reclaim our power. Consider writing down your life purpose and intentions and reviewing them often. As we develop and live our life intentions, we are choosing to give less focus to the seduction of consumerism and media hype, which deaden our ability to create. Instead, we are choosing to create a brighter future filled with meaning and purpose for us.

Second, we can become conscious of when we slip into fear, and choose to transform our fear into love. When we notice ourselves being overtaken by fear, we can trace the roots of that fear, so that we are able to identify our core issues and deal more consciously with them. We can open to guidance from friends, teachers, and spiritual sources in moving from fear to love. We can also choose to open to the ever-present love of God, and to the love that lies always deep in our own hearts, and in the hearts of those close to us. In doing this, we begin to recognize fear as an invitation to growth.

We can become aware of when we are playing the role of the helpless victim and choose to take responsibility for creating a better future. When we blame “them” for our problems, we often avoid taking responsibility for how much we create our reactions to what happens in our lives. Whenever we catch ourselves blaming others for everything that’s wrong in our lives, we can choose instead to look inside ourselves and find our role in what’s wrong. We can then do our best to improve our lives by working on ourselves. By taking more responsibility for the way we interpret everything that happens to us—by starting from the inside in making change—we can open to our own creative potential and choose to play a more active role in creating a healthy, happy future both for us and for those around us.

In choosing love and personal responsibility over fear and victimization, we step out of the control group’s old paradigm of “good vs. evil,” of “us vs. them.” We open to the realization that every one of us, each in our own way, is doing what we believe to be right based upon our beliefs, circumstances, and upbringing. We focus less on judging ourselves and others, and more on loving and healing all of us. We begin to embrace a new paradigm where we recognize that deep down, all of us are divine beings worthy of love. By challenging ourselves to move beyond fear, blame, and judgment, and by challenging ourselves to live with a desire to love, heal, and empower the divine spark in all people, we are creating a new paradigm and a brighter future for us all.

And finally, we can come together in groups to support each other. In these groups, we can share our life intentions and encourage each other to live these intentions. We can support each other in transforming fear into love. We can inspire each other to take responsibility for our lives and to develop our creative potential. We can make a commitment, both in these groups and with those close to us, to love and support each other to the best of our ability. Consider inviting groups you’re already involved in to use some of these ideas, and explore global groups which share this focus at
community. When we gather in groups to remind each other of our purpose and intentions in life, we join in creating an inspiring network of love and support around the planet.

These suggestions are biased towards changing the world by starting inside of ourselves. By starting with change on the inside, we develop a solid foundation. This gives us more balance and strength to then work towards change outside of us. It is important to do what we can out in the world to stop the manipulating, destructive behaviors of the control group and others. You can find excellent suggestions for this at Yet when we focus on trying to change the outside world without first having a solid internal foundation, it’s easy to fall into blaming others, and into the “us vs. them” ways of thinking of the old paradigm.

As we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world. By coming together to support each other in creating a new paradigm, those ripples become waves of love and empowerment which help to harmonize the entire fabric of the universe. If each of us is willing to make a commitment to focus on our life purpose and on choosing love and personal responsibility—and to support all around us in doing the same—we will create a brighter future for us all.



Web of Love: Strengthening the Love that Flows Between Us All

We warmly welcome your ideas and contributions!

Established 03/03/03

Welcome to the Web of Love Website!

The Web of Love is an energetic web which connects the divine essence of all beings on this planet. In that deepest part of our beings, each of us is a beautiful, divine essence filled with love. The Web of Love, though invisible to our eyes, interconnects all of us through that deepest essence. It literally surrounds and envelops our planet and all who live here. We are all interconnected by divine love. It is up to each of us how much we choose to be aware of this connection.

We are all capable of giving and receiving limitless amounts of love. Many of us have forgotten this and ended up feeling alone or uncared for in our lives. This website is a call to remember our true nature. It is a call to join together in sharing the abundance of love that flows within and between us all through consciously connecting with the Web of Love!

Connecting with the Web

Breathing the Web. Here is a simple, yet powerful way of connecting with the Web of Love through breath. Close your eyes for a minute and visualize or feel the web connecting the deepest essence of all beings on the planet. We recommend placing your hands over the center of your chest as you do this. Take a few deep breaths as you connect with this image or feeling.

Now, while taking a slow, deep inhale, say to yourself: Your sacred love flows in to me. Then slowly exhale while thinking and feeling: My sacred love flows out to you.

Repeat this a few times while opening your heart fully to all the love present. Try it now, and yes, let the love flow!!! Notice how you feel afterwards. Doing this for just a minute or less can powerfully shift us into a more loving space!

There may be times when you want to breathe with the web, but can’t remember the words used above. “Love to me, love to you,” is all you need to feel the web. You can create your own sayings, too, with words that are more meaningful to you. The most important element is your intention to connect with all people on this good planet through the Web of Love.

Bringing the Web into the World. If you are ready to deeply transform your whole life, consider taking the Web of Love out into your every day world. You might start your day upon awakening and end your day just before sleeping with the above exercise. Throughout the day you can breathe the Web of Love while doing your daily activities. As you start your day at work, or whenever you feel stressed, take a minute to stop and breathe in the love of the web and of everyone around you. Then on the exhale, breathe your love out to all. You can do it with your eyes open or closed.

You can breathe the web while waiting at a stoplight, with the checker at the checkout stand, or as you pass someone on the street. Simply open to feeling the web and the love deep within anyone you meet and breathe that in. Then, on the out breath, send your love out to the web and to anyone around you. Each time we open to this connection and practice it, we strengthen the love both in ourselves and in the web! All of this can be done in less than a minute, yet as you practice it more and more, don’t be surprised if you find your life transforming in big ways!

Breathing the Web With a Friend. Once you are comfortable with this exercise on your own, consider going to greater depth with a friend. You can do it with your eyes closed, but it’s even deeper when you both keep your eyes open. Gazing into each other’s eyes, feel the love while breathing together: Your sacred love flows in to me. My sacred love flows out to you. It doesn’t matter that you might both be breathing love in or out at the same time. Just let it flow however feels best to you both. Once you feel complete with your friend, don’t forget to take a minute to close your eyes and share the love you’ve just generated with all beings on the planet! Great stuff!!!

For a variety of other empowering exercises and interesting ways to strengthen your connection with the web, go to Ideas and Exercises. Together, we are transforming ourselves and our planet with love!

Joint Effort

The Web of Love website is designed to be a joint effort by all who feel a resonance with this loving connection. Though the Web of Love is eternal, this website is still very young. We warmly welcome any ideas and suggestions you have on developing this empowering website. We know that there are infinite ways that we can strengthen this web around the planet and strengthen our personal connections with the web. Please help us to develop it.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

Ideas and Exercises



The New Energy Cover-up


By Peter Lindemann, D. Sc. 

(Summarized by Fred Burks)

In the late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming commonplace. Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras. For the first time in history, common people were encouraged to envision a utopian future filled with abundant modern transportation and communication, as well as jobs, housing and food for everyone. Life was getting better, and everyone was going to get "a piece of the pie." So what happened? Where did the energy breakthroughs go? Was this excitement about "free electricity” all just wishful thinking that "real science" eventually disproved?

Current State of Technology. The answer to that question is NO. Spectacular energy technologies were developed right along with the other breakthroughs. Since that time, multiple methods for producing vast amounts of energy at extremely low cost have been developed. None of these technologies have made it to the "open" consumer market, however. Why this is true will be discussed shortly. But first, here is a short list of "free energy" technologies that I am aware of. The common feature connecting all of these discoveries is that they use a small amount of one form of energy to control or release a large amount of a different kind of energy.

Radiant Energy. Radiant Energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity at less than 1% of the cost. It does not behave exactly like electricity, however, which has contributed to the scientific community's misunderstanding of it. The Methernitha Community in Switzerland currently has 5 or 6 working models of fuelless, self-running devices that tap this energy.

·Permanent Magnets. Dr. Tom Bearden (USA) has two working models of a permanent magnet powered electrical transformer. It uses a 6-watt electrical input to control the path of a magnetic field coming out of a permanent magnet. By channeling the magnetic field, first to one output coil and then a second, and by doing this repeatedly and rapidly, the device can produce a 96-watt electrical output with no moving parts. Multiple inventors have working mechanisms that produce motor torque from permanent magnets alone.

·Super-Efficient Electrolysis. Water can be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen using electricity. When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, it collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas with little electrical input. Hydrogen fuel can be made to drive engines (like in your car) for the cost of water.

·Cold Fusion. Cold fusion is very real. Excess heat production been repeatedly documented. Low energy atomic element transmutation has also been catalogued, involving dozens of different reactions. There are dozens of other systems that I have not mentioned. Many are viable and well tested. But this short list is sufficient to make my point: free energy technology is here, now. It offers the world pollution-free energy abundance for everyone, everywhere. It is now possible to stop the production of "greenhouse gases" and shut down the nuclear power plants. Transportation costs and the production costs for just about everything can drop dramatically. Yet all these wonderful benefits that can make life on this planet so much easier and better for everyone have been postponed for decades. Why? Whose purposes are served by this postponement?

The Invisible Enemy. There are four forces that have worked together to create this situation. The wealthiest families and their central banking institutions are the First Force. Their motivations are greed and the need to control everything except themselves. An independent source of wealth (free energy device) in the hands of every person in the world ruins their plans for world domination. They don’t want any competition. The weapons they have used to enforce this include intimidation, "expert" debunkers, buying and shelving of technology, murder of inventors, and financial incentives to manipulate supporters. They have also promoted the acceptance of a scientific theory that states that free energy is impossible (Laws of Thermodynamics).

The Second Force is national governments. The problem here is related to the maintenance of national security. There is a constant "jockeying" for position and influence in world affairs, and the STRONGEST party wins! In economics, it's the Golden Rule, which states: "The one with the Gold makes the Rules." Free energy technology is a national government's worst nightmare! Unlimited energy available on this planet leads to an inevitable reshuffling of the "balance of power." This could become an all-out war to prevent "the other" from having the advantage. Everybody will want it, and at the same time, want to prevent everyone else from getting it. So, national governments’ motivations are "self-preservation." Their weapons include the preventing of the issuance of patents based on national security grounds, the legal and illegal harassment of inventors with criminal charges, tax audits, threats, phone taps, arrest, arson, theft of property during shipment, and a host of other intimidations which make the business of building and marketing a free energy machine impossible.

The Third Force consists of deluded inventors and out right con men. On the periphery of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs that constitute real free energy technologies, lies a shadow world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. The first two forces have constantly used the media to promote the worst examples of this group, to distract the public's attention, and to discredit real breakthroughs by associating them with the frauds. So, the Third Force is delusion and dishonesty within the movement. The motivations are self-aggrandizement, greed, want of power over others, and a false sense of self-importance. The weapons used are lying, cheating, self-delusion and arrogance combined with bad science.

The Fourth Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is all of the rest of us. It may be easy to see how narrow and despicable the motivations of the other forces are, but actually, these motivations are still very much alive in each of us as well. Like the wealthiest families, don't we each secretly harbor illusions of false superiority and want to control others instead of ourselves? Also, wouldn't you "sell out" if the price were high enough? Or like the governments, don't we each want to ensure our own survival? Or like the deluded inventor, don't we trade a comfortable illusion once in a while for an uncomfortable fact? Or don't we still fear the unknown, even if it promises a great reward?

All Four Forces are just different aspects of the same process. There is really only ONE FORCE preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behavior of humans. Free energy technology is an outward manifestation of divine abundance. It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner toward each other. Unspiritualized humans cannot be trusted with free energy. They will only do what they have always done, which is to take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process.

The Opportunity. What is new is that you and I can communicate with each other now better than at anytime in the past. The Internet offers us, the Fourth Force, an opportunity to overcome the combined efforts of the other forces preventing free energy technology from spreading. What is starting to happen is that inventors are publishing their work, instead of patenting it and keeping it secret. More and more, people are "giving away" information on these technologies in books, videos and websites. While there is still a great deal of useless information about free energy on the Internet, the availability of good information is rising rapidly.

All of us constitute the Fourth Force. If we stand up and refuse to remain ignorant and action-less, we can change the course of history. Only mass action that represents our consensus can create the world we want. The other three forces WILL NOT help us put a fuelless power plant in our basements. Free energy technology will change everything about the way we live, work and relate to each other. It obsoletes greed and the fear for survival. But like all exercises of spiritual faith, we must first manifest generosity and trust in our own lives.

Free energy technology is here. It has been here for decades. Communications technology and the Internet have torn the veil of secrecy off of this remarkable fact. People all over the world are starting to build free energy devices. The bankers and governments don’t want this to happen, but can’t stop it. Tremendous economic instabilities and wars will be used to distract people from joining the free energy movement. There will be essentially no major media coverage of this aspect of what is going on. It will simply be reported as wars and civil wars erupting everywhere, leading to UN "Peace Keeper" occupation in more and more countries.

Western Society is spiraling down toward self-destruction due to the accumulated effects of long-term greed and corruption. The availability of free energy technology cannot stop this trend. If, however, you have a free energy device, you may be better positioned to survive the transition that is underway. The question is, who will ultimately control the emerging world government, the First Force, or the Fourth Force? Some who refuse to fight will survive to see the dawn of the World of Free Energy. I challenge you to be among the ones who try.

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Date: 22 Sep 2003
Subject: Let's Make Nov. 2, 2004 a Peace Day
From: "Jeff Cohen -- Communications Director">


Yesterday's International Day of Peace united thousands of Kucinich supporters and potential supporters in house parties from the tip of Florida to "the end of the road system in Homer, Alaska" -- and will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to our campaign coffers. Many also participated in a conference call, in which Dennis spoke eloquently of how our campaign "can help America achieve a transformation" away from the Bush Administration's thinking -- unilateralism, 'pre-emptive war,' nuclear fist strike and the building of new nuclear weapons.

Thank you to all who participated in one of the biggest days of organizing by any campaign in this election season. Let's make Nov. 2, 2004 a Peace Day at the polls.


Dennis campaigned this weekend from New England to an event at the Mexico border near San Diego where he spoke out for immigrants' rights and against trade deals that favor corporate rights over human rights. Then to Peace Day parties in L.A. Tomorrow, Kucinich is back on the East Coast, joining the Dalai Lama at a New York City event on the "Ethical Revolution."

Don't miss the next presidential debate, this Thursday from New York City, televised live on CNBC 4-6pm Eastern (re-aired on MSNBC at 9pm Eastern).


That's the headline of the AP report on Kucinich's visit to Manchester, which quoted him as saying that he is "the only one who can beat Bush!" AP continued: "The Ohio congressman elaborated, saying he offers the most stark contrast to President Bush's policies and has a long record of beating Republican incumbents. Kucinich also said his campaign is the most inclusive, attracting young people as well as members of the Green Party, Natural Law Party and Libertarians. 'I can bring out the vote,' he said."


One vote Kucinich has just brought out is Dr. Patch Adams, the social-change agent made famous in the movie starring Robin Williams. Patch says: "I have been a political activist for 40 years, always voting, yet I never got active in a campaign because I never felt the candidate was progressive enough and often voted for the least dangerous. Dennis has the intelligence and courage to make love a value. Please vote for him. Together we can do it."


Presidential campaigns are costly. Many of you have already donated. Thank you. If you haven't, now is the time -- in advance of the Sept. 30 filing deadline. Your donation means double to our campaign thanks to federal matching funds. Any amount helps:

For more info: Please forward this email to friends.


Forwarded by Gaston Lavoie> on Sept 22

The bear and the atheist

An atheist was taking a walk through the woods.

"What majestic trees!

What powerful rivers!

What beautiful animals!" he said to himself.

As he continued walking alongside the river he heard a rustling in the bushes.

Turning to look, he saw a 7 foot grizzly charging towards him.

He ran as fast as he could up the path.

Looking over his shoulder he saw that the bear was closing in on him.

His heart was pumping frantically and he tried to run even faster.

He tripped and fell on the ground.

He rolled over to pick himself up but saw the bear raising his paw to take a swipe at him.

At that instant the atheist cried out: "Oh my God!..."

Time stopped.

The bear froze.

The forest was silent.

It was then that bright light shone upon the man and a voice came out of the sky saying: "You deny my existence for all of these years, teach others I don't exist and even credit creation to a cosmic accident.

Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer?"

The atheist looked directly into the light, "It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps, could you make the BEAR a Christian?" "

Very well," said the voice.

The light went out.

And the sounds of the forest resumed.

And then the bear lowered his paw, bowed his head and spoke,

"Lord, bless this food which I am about to receive and for which I am truly thankful."


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