Several Astrological interpretations
of Harmonic Concordance

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The Chart Heard Round The World

BY John Mirehiel

The total lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003 reveals a moment in time with echoes that are at least as provocative as the August, ’99 Solar Eclipse and potentially more potent than the "cosmic stampede" in Taurus in May of 2000. Here at Astrosite, it is our wish to present the facts of the chart of that date, suggest some possible interpretations as to its meaning, and to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and opinions on its import.


According to NASA and the Goddard Space Flight Center, on the evening of August 27th, 1998, a "MAGNETAR," a super dense neutron star some 26,000 light years away from us, imploded. A burst of gamma rays from the magnetar SGR 1900+14 struck the Earth's ionosphere while the west coast was in night time and the east coast was in day light. The pulse lasted about 5 minutes, during which it released the energy that is the equivalent to that which would be emitted by the Sun in 300,000 years. That burst of energy had the effect of suppressing the level of the Earth's nighttime ionosphere down to a day-like level above the roughly 4,000 mile slice of the planet which was exposed to the magnetar’s emissions. Radio transmissions were seriously affected, and many orbital satellites even went into their fail-safe modes, shutting down in order to protect their sensitive instrumentation.

In radio astronomy, it was a very big deal. Umran Inan, an internationally respected Astronomer from Stanford University, was quoted as saying, “It is extremely rare for an event occurring outside the solar system to have any measurable effect on the Earth.”

Unaware of this event (indeed the general public wasn't informed of it until some 5 weeks after the fact), on the morning of August 28th, I sat at my computer and began "surfing the future." One of the several astrological programs that I have (Astrolog, V. 5.3) allowed me to see the planetary aspects as they form, from day to day, via its programmable animation function. I was looking for a specific planetary aspect pattern called the "Mystic Rectangle," but, the reason now escapes me. What caught my attention as I bounced back in forth in time that day was this startling chart, in living color.

I have been studying it ever since, and have taken the liberty of calling it the Harmonic Concordance. For those of you who have some astrological software, the pertinent data is as follows:

Date: 11/8/2003,
Time: 08:12:41 EST,
Place: Middle Island, NY (Although any place will do if the time is set correctly,
and Chiron is used as a planet.)

I had set the chart on Long Island, New York because that is where I lived. As such, it is an appropriate chart of its "birth. The fact, however, remains that, since the Grand Sextile pattern (the chart’s distinctive signature) appears among the planets only, the Tropical Zodiac used, and the time is set for the exact moment of the total Lunar Eclipse, the chart can be erected for virtually any location on the face of the Earth, in any house system, and the pattern will remain the same.

Basic Chart Highlights

This most hopeful planetary alignment is a moment of rare beauty, astrologically. I know the immediate impact that it had on me, and I have seen that impact repeated in the recognition on the faces of countless others. Knowing anything at all about astrology, one cannot but be impressed. Even non-astrologers notice the symmetry and patterns in the chart that are its unique hallmark.

You will no doubt note that I have used Chiron as a planet. I have done so because I have seen it work, consistently and with the legitimate energy of a planet, in many hundreds of charts. Were you to ignore it, the pattern would not emerge. Using Chiron completes the Grand Sextile, and its significance as the "rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets," thus comes into high focus.

The hexagonal outer frame of the of the chart is called a Grand Sextile. However, this pattern, in compatible Earth and Water elements, is very rare, and this one is especially unique, since its widest orb is just some five and a half degrees among all the planets, and it includes a total lunar eclipse.

Briefly, the Grand Sextile pattern in astrology signifies the mutual and unobstructed flow of energy between six planets through a sequence of sextile aspects. Add to that, the flow of energy that each of the six main planets in the configuration receives from two other trining planets, and one may see that the path of that flow between and among those six planets is wide open. This effect is only enhanced by the aforementioned tight aspect orbs among the planets. In essence, this energy flow creates a very powerful vortex, the likes of which has not occurred in the span of the 2223 years that I have researched, and perhaps a good deal longer.

The fact that a total lunar eclipse is part of the Grand Sextile pattern adds to its significance immensely. In at least one viewpoint, an eclipse carries the implication of the beginning of some important undertaking or the bringing to fruition of an issue that had its conception at an earlier time. This eclipse could just so mark one of those milestone events.
While the eclipse is one of the defining elements in the chart, it is only one of several factors that make it unique. Remember, the chart is not "place specific." That is to say, that since the Grand Sextile pattern arises from between planets only and does not rely on any "moving" point of the chart, such as the Ascendant or MC (as was the case with the Gaia Mind Day chart that was circulated for January 23, 1997), it is in effect, at the moment of the eclipse, at any location on Earth.

Within the Grand Sextile pattern there is also the pattern known as the "Star of David" - formed by the two inverted Grand Trines. This pattern is also universally recognized as the three dimensional representation of the Merkabah, the Light Body Vehicle of Consciousness (a very important symbol for those working with Light energies). Another name for this planetary pattern is the "Seal of Solomon," which contains the promise of the advent of Divine Wisdom attendant upon this moment. Other pattern by-products of this tight Grand Sextile include: the three Mystic Rectangles, four Kites, and six Minor Grand Trines.

Astrologers will note that there are also three oppositions within the pattern, and a T-Square involving the Sun, Moon and Neptune (effectively bringing Neptune's voice into the pattern). While the three oppositions themselves might seem to indicate difficulties in the chart, I contend that the interconnectedness of the planets, through their mutual trines and sextiles (natural by-products of the Grand Sextile), allows them to find a "way around" the normal obstacles of each opposition, while also easing the stress of the T-Square.

Further, I see the square between Venus and Mars, along with the three oppositions (four, if Mercury/Moon is included) emphasizing the male/female, Yin/Yang relationship quality which the oppositions strongly suggest. This balance may be thought of as providing an energetic equilibrium for the vortex.

Several other factors are also in play at this moment: the tension, sudden intuitive insights, inspiration and "out of the blue" quality of the square between the higher (Uranus) and lower (Mercury) mind planets, with Chiron conjunct to their mid-point, the significance of the Part of Fortune at the 7th house cusp, at any location, the Critical Degrees which are prominent in the chart, (chiefly the conjunctions with Saturn & the North Node), the several prominent Parallels of Declination, the role of the Uranians and Trans-Neptunians.

Saturn in close conjunction to SIRIUS, Lilith in partial conjunction to ALCYONE, in the Pleiades, Chiron in close conjunction to VEGA, and the important positions occupied by no less than 5 other specific fixed stars. And I am sure that other astrologers will find more there than I have.

Of course, each and every moment contains a unique blend of significant aspects,, and an argument can surely be made for the fact that no one day has any more "important" indications that any other. Nevertheless, some days catch an astrologer’s eye more than others, and this is one that has captured my attention as no other before it. In short, it is the most elegant chart that I have ever seen.

If I may, let me go back to the subject of the MAGNETAR for a moment. It is my guess that stellar phenomena of this magnitude are not at all insignificant. The magnetar, after all, is a star, and we are quite literally physically MADE of the "stuff of stars." Taken from that perspective, I believe that it had some kind of resonance for every one on the planet. I would also surmise that this would be especially true for those with a sensitive point in their astrological chart at about 20° Capricorn (18° 12"), which was the approximate zodiacal longitude of the magnetar. And, as Laura Mahoney has pointed out, the Magnetar came from out of the northwest corner of the constellation Aquila...the Bird of the Sun...a symbol of ascension or immortality. THE PHOENIX. Laura also notes that the keyword for that degree is "accelerated growth."

So there are the basic astrological nuts and bolts. But what does it all really portend? That is the subject of the essays and discussions found on these pages. Some outstanding members of the astrological community have also contributed their thoughts on what this day will bring. You'll find their articles listed in the left hand column.

Of course, we have our own spiritual/metaphysical ideas about what the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE moment will bring. You'll find them, along with several other contributor essays on that aspect of the chart, inside the SPIRITUALITY PORTAL.


by Barry Martin (<>

The eclipse that will occur on November 8th, 2003, will be accompanied by a powerful configuration of astrological energies. While the eclipse constitutes a major event in and of itself, it also amplifies and articulates the evolutionary themes associated with the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse Grand Cross. This major, millennium-ending astrological event introduced the archetypal forces at work as one epoch ends and another is on the cusp of being born. (In-depth discussion of the August 11 eclipse chart is beyond the scope of this article. If you would like more information on it, I will be happy to send you an article I wrote at the time.)

The Solar Eclipse Grand Cross chart presents a “consciousness mandala” of the crucifixion process humanity is now entering. The death and dissolution of the old order must occur, to pave the way for the birth of the New. Central to this process is the necessary completion of an age of solarization, or patriarchal dominance, during which the Feminine and the Earth have been subjugated to such an extent that all forms of life are now threatened. A second key theme in the 1999 eclipse chart concerns the polarization -- of the powerful and the powerless, the haves and the have nots. While some view living beings as commodities to be used and sold, others wish to see every form of life honored and nurtured.

Signs that the crucifixion is well underway surround us; we can no longer deny or ignore the fact that the threads of the planetary life-web are unraveling -- ecologically, politically, economically, and socially -- at an unprecedented rate. Crises continue to proliferate exponentially; at its current stage of evolution, humanity appears far more capable of creating problems than resolving them. It certainly appears that planet Earth is in the midst of a crisis of apocalyptic dimensions.

And this crisis is of our own unconscious creation. The very part of our nature that struggles to cope with or fix things is not only incapable of doing so, but is, in fact, the selfsame level of being that generated the problems to begin with. As humanity recognizes this, the hubris and denial that have armored us from the truth will finally shatter. We will finally see that to find the cause of our planetary malaise, all we need to do is look in the mirror.

The ultimate egoic checkmate has to be the prospect of imminent apocalypse. Perhaps it takes overwhelming, all-encompassing crisis for the human ego to surrender its coping mechanisms: its strategies, plans, goals, programs, and addictions. Maybe planet Earth’s red-alert status is exactly what is needed to trigger the pervasive ego-death that will allow the collective human soul, our true eternal Self, to replace the separate ego as our primary locus of identity. Even in the midst of rampant outer chaos and devastation, the infinite intelligence, love and power of God/Life operate unceasingly!

Since the 1999 eclipse, the world has watched as the issues associated with it astrologically have been magnified and amplified. The global power elite pursues its goal of planetary supremacy more aggressively than ever. A bloodless coup has usurped the executive branch of the US government, along with a portion of the legislative branch, using tactics such as tampering with voting machines and purging thousands of qualified, registered voters from precinct lists. Governmental control is bolstered and financed by powerful corporations, whose profits and influence increase continuously. To guarantee continued high profits, corporations must persuade governmental regulating bodies to relax environmental standards, monopoly regulations, and other safeguards designed to protect ordinary people from corporate power run amok. Thus, corporations will only back candidates for office who promise to make life easy for corporations.

The forces of “terrorism” represent a distorted but understandable attempt by the poor and powerless to exert some sort of control as a counterbalance to the centralization of power. In response, the US government has chosen to attack two Mideast nations, while Israel tightens its grip on Palestinian-occupied territories. In the name of “homeland security,” the unelected government abrogates Americans’ civil liberties; a climate of fear shrouds the planet.

Environmental crises continue to escalate; the US, the world’s greatest consumer of resources, refuses to sign treaties the rest of the world has intelligently endorsed. The potential horrors of genetically modified organisms, added to the millions of routinely-used chemicals whose effects are unknown, threaten to irreparably disrupt, if not destroy, the planet’s ecology. While a few purchase 20,000-square-foot dwellings and fly to Rome for lunch, billions subsist without even rudimentary shelter or a daily meal. Despite continual governmental assurances of never-ending prosperity, the global economy is on the verge of collapse. And on and on and on.... Each of these crises is a manifestation of the separate, masculine- polarized ego’s attempt to control and dominate the intelligence of Life to make it conform to distorted mental projections. But even these ultimately-doomed attempts to control Life must be part of the Plan; within the bigger picture, everything is happening right on schedule. Resurrection cannot occur without death, and since both are taking place simultaneously, things can look pretty confusing at times. Because we are still in the early stages of a vast, all-encompassing evolutionary process, we see far more evidence of death than rebirth at this point.

With this background, let’s move into considering the November 8th Grand Sextile Lunar eclipse. The Sun and Moon positions in this chart fall on two of the arms of the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse grand cross, powerfully reactivating the core themes of that evolutionary moment which were mentioned above. It’s possible the November eclipse will act as a grand accelerator and catalyst, hastening the resolution of the karmic residue at the end of the age, and expediting the birth of the soul-awakened human species.
The most significant dynamic in the November 8th eclipse chart is a grand sextile, an array of six planets in which each is sixty degrees away from the next. Together, they form a Star of David, symbolizing the marriage of spirit and matter, the function of the Soul. The grand sextile is composed of a grand water trine and a grand earth trine, each consisting of three planets, 120 degrees from one another, in a particular element. The ascending grand water trine contains a powerhouse of emotional/psychic energy. Its message: rather than indulging our volatile emotional natures, we can focus on raising our passion and emotion by offering our lives, our very selves, up to the Divine. The three corners of the grand trine and what they symbolize are:

The Sun in Scorpio -- the need to die and be reborn Saturn in Cancer -- the discipline to do what is most life-supporting Mars in Pisces -- the passion for surrender and divine union

This trine seems to be asking us to completely and totally surrender to the death and rebirth process, which appears to be necessary to ensure the continuation of life.

The presence of a grand earth trine indicates that our death and rebirth process needs a firm, grounded foundation beneath it; a purely transcendent approach will not meet the collective evolutionary need. The death/rebirth process will require us to dive deep into the subconscious to uncover our most painful wounds, which will function as doorways to healing -- individually, nationally, and globally. The three arms of the grand earth trine and what they symbolize are:

Moon in Taurus -- the fecundity of the earth as a source of nurturance, conjunct the Moon’s North Node -- our soul direction and purpose, and the kinds of challenges we will face in fulfilling our destiny
Jupiter in Virgo on the Ascendent -- our spiritual goals and philosophy, and the need to purify and create the optimal circumstances to birth the soul-awakened human
Chiron in Capricorn -- healing our deepest wounds around the father archetype

These placements reiterate the need to delve into the unconscious, this time to face the deep wounds the feminine aspect of our collective psyche has suffered during the age of patriarchal dominance that is now ending. Unless this collective wounding is acknowledged and helped to heal, our psyches will not have the firm foundation necessary to embody the inpouring spiritual energies. When it is not balanced by grounded earth-wisdom, the higher mind’s intelligence can be misused in such “cutting edge” applications as genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

When these two grand trines are activated and integrated in optimal soul-balance, we will find ourselves surrendering with total abandon and passion to God, while we recover from living in a patriarchal culture that has sent the goddess into exile and jeopardized all of life in the process. This is the gift of this configuration, an infusion of grace that can make surrender and awakening the path of least resistance.

Along with the grand sextile, the Nov. 8 eclipse chart contains a second potent astrological dynamic: the lunar eclipse, which is conjunct the Moon’s Nodes. Sun in Scorpio opposes Moon in Taurus, indicating the possibility of conflict and opposition around our needs and values, and how we arbitrate this through the medium of money. At a soul level, we are asked to transcend the material identification and attachment which have become the major karmic obstacle blocking our soul-advancement. Will we hold on, out of fear and attachment, or let go, based on acceptance and surrender?

In a materialistic world, controlling money is the way to control people, since most human beings believe the physical circumstances of their existence define who they are. The planetary power elite, functioning as a powerful evolutionary force, seeks ever-greater control through the power mechanisms of international corporate and financial institutions. Until we develop a spiritual perspective, the fear of losing our material possessions controls us, for we believe our identity is determined by those belongings: “I am my body and what I own.”

The biblical “Mark of the Beast” refers to an emblem on the body required in order to buy and sell. To save one’s soul, according to the Book of Revelations, one must reject the Mark of the Beast. Many have speculated that such a “mark” may one day be necessary to participate in the global corporate economy. Whether the “mark” turns out to be actual or metaphorical, we can begin now to examine the degree to which our possessions determine our sense of self.

Deep karmic significance is indicated both by the occurrence of an eclipse and the fact that it falls on the Moon’s Nodes. The North Node, indicating the path the soul must now travel in its evolution, conjoins the eclipsed Moon, which suggests the need to face the shadow of the dark feminine, the pain of her denial and subjugation. This amplifies the themes of the Grand Earth Trine discussed above.

In esoteric astrology, Sabian symbols represent the unique consciousness matrix embodied in each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. It can be quite illuminating to study the Sabian symbols that correspond with a chart’s highlights. In the eclipse chart, the Sun’s symbol describes the need for “total reliance on the God within.” The Moon’s symbol is about “fully engaging the Great War within” -- the “battle” between ego and soul for dominion over the human’s life. Both symbols reinforce the same message: turning wholeheartedly to God within is, ultimately, the only worthy objective in life. The ego is on a perpetual search for “more, better and different” material world distractions. As we awaken to the soul, this egoic dance of separation, this looking for meaning in the material world, is revealed as fundamentally empty. The experience of emptiness in form turns us toward our divine core. There and only there will we find what we have sought “out there” forever.

The symbol for the Moon’s North Node describes using the capacity of intuition and divination to interpret the signs of the times from a deeper, more transpersonal perspective. We can refrain from viewing and interpreting the events of the day through outer lenses -- corporate-controlled media, socially-conditioned belief systems -- and instead, rely on our intuition, the “still, small voice” of the soul. We eschew reliance on outer information and appearances as we come to know that God within is the only truly reliable source of guidance and direction.

The Moon’s South Node, which is conjunct the Sun, indicates that we will be challenged to obey our deeper soul-knowing, our innately moral and life-serving true nature, in the midst of outer conditions which may try to force us to do otherwise. It may well become a soul-necessity to refuse the dictates of authoritarian rule. As we commit more fully to the inner path of God-union and surrender, we will find ourselves unable to obey edicts and laws that this life- and spirit-denying culture attempts to enforce through domination. We may reach one fork in the road after another, as we say no! to the soul-debilitating world and yes! to the divine domain of the soul -- even if we face a crucifixion in the process.

The Sabian symbols for the other planets involved in the Star of David configuration reinforce the theme that the eclipse window offers a powerful opportunity for ego-death and rebirth into the soul-awakened state. in the ascending water trine, the symbol for Mars exalts ”the capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent reality.” Saturn’s symbol contains the image of a very old man facing a vast, dark space in the northeast. Here, cosmic and celestial energies flow into the Earth’s Crown Chakra, the source of illumination and the portal into the vast realms of unchanging, transcendent reality. The old man stands before the Great Void, the apparent darkness we encounter as we make our way toward the intense light of spiritual illumination. The psychic and emotional power of the grand water trine points to one overriding focus: completely committing ourselves to making our primary life objective turning to the divine source within and beyond this physical world. No longer will we look to anything in the material world for our salvation or fulfillment; our passion for God will eclipse all earthly fascinations.

A chart’s Ascendent represents the focus of both personality and soul expression, as well as the way a person or situation at least initially appears to others. In the Nov. 8 eclipse chart, the Ascendent symbol describes the arising of a charismatic leader who will focalize the collective need for order and direction in the face of the chaos caused by the dissolution of a dysfunctional sociocultural matrix. Throughout history, such individuals have often been referred to as the divine parents of the civilizations they guided into their next levels of evolution.

On the path of awakening, we inevitably encounter both assistance and resistance. Within a world of duality, every time a white magician is born, a black master also takes incarnation. What will flourish within a civilization is determined by what its leadership and dominant institutions nurture and energize. As an old age dies and a new era is born within the realm of polarity, forces that both support and resist evolution come forth in their most potent manifestations, Christ and Antichrist being one of the most powerful pairs of archetypes. But even these two are simply manifestations of the One playing their roles in catalyzing planetary soul-growth. One propels us into the light, while the other forces us to face our deepest fears and attachments. Our inner soul-connection will guide us through our encounters with both of these evolutionary forces; through Grace, humanity will experience ultimate God-realization. Out of the unfolding fusion of all apparent opposites, a never-before-known level of deeply embodied spirit will emerge. Ever-vaster realms of experience will be revealed in God’s eternal dance of knowing and experiencing itself in an infinity of possibility.

As the human species sets foot on the path, never to return to ego-identified sleep, we enter a time of profound planetary initiation. No longer will it be possible to sit on the fence. Evolutionary forces will continue to escalate, propelling each of us into either greater awakening or an exodus and reassignment to another evolutionary life station elsewhere in the cosmos, where exploring the realms of separation is in alignment with the divine plan. Planet Earth is moving on now. There is no turning back.




BY Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

The Harmonic Concordance – I still remember the excitement in John Mirehiel’s voice when he called to tell me about it -- "You have to look at the chart of the lunar eclipse in November 2003 -- it has a grand sextile! "

Well, I must admit, this was an irresistible combination – an eclipse and a Star of David." Of course, to see the Star of David, you must include Chiron, and not all astrologers are willing to do that. But, if you are willing to see it, you are opening yourself up to what might just be the window to another phase of evolution – one where the soul is actually valued above the material. This paradigm shift is not just in the mind of astrologers – there are many people who are in tune with this energy.

The resurgence of spirit has become mainstream. Oprah Winfrey has made it the theme of her shows this season through her choice of guests and her segments entitled "Remembering The Spirit" where she highlights for her audience various forms of spiritual practice and meditation. One frequent guest is Gary Zukav whose 1989 book, "The Seat of the Soul," has become a recent best-seller thanks to Oprah. Zukav, a philosopher and scientist, notes that we are nearing the end of three grand astrological cycles (yes, a scientist who knows about astrology!) which span two thousand years, twenty-five thousand years and one hundred twenty-five thousand years. He attributes a change in consciousness to these cycles within cycles. These are his words:

"The negativity of the last two thousand year cycle is being collected now so that it can be discharged and transformed, so that the next cycle of two thousand years which starts with the next beginning cycle of twenty-five thousand years and the next beginning cycle of one hundred twenty-five thousand years, all three simultaneously, can begin fresh."

This is what this present situation and moment upon our Earth is about: the birth of very different opportunities. Opportunities to release patterns that are no longer necessary. The more Light, literally, the more En-Lightened that you are, the more you will choose different ways." So, we stand on the threshold of this new age where we will have the choice to release patterns of fear and negativity that are no longer appropriate and have nothing to do with who we are and what we are becoming. When we look at this amazing chart of "The Harmonic Concordance," we can see that this may be one of the ‘bellwether" charts of the new age of "en-Lightenment."

What is so special about this Harmonic Concordance chart? Let’s start with what’s so special about the predominant pattern, The Star of David. According to Don "Moby Dick" Jacobs in his book, Astrology’s Pew In Church, the double grand trine configuration in King David’s chart is the origin of the sacred Hebrew Star of David. David painted this symbol on his shield to warn his enemies of the powerful combination in his horoscope that afforded him power, luck and, most of all, God’s blessings. The two grand trines are also in sextile to each other so that we have six planets in sextile. The sextile is the aspect of opportunity, combining compatible elements so that each planet can support the next.

One location that the Star of David in the Harmonic Concordance chart may be best seen is when it is set for, of all places, Jerusalem! It involves the Sun, Mars, and Saturn in one grand trine with Moon, Jupiter and Chiron in the other. When we first examine the energies of these two configurations, we may come to the conclusion that they are quite opposite in influence. Certainly, there is no planetary combination in astrology that has a worse "rap" than Mars and Saturn. Irrespective of the favorable trine aspect, we are looking at a midpoint structure or planetary picture that basically has Saturn at the midpoint of Mars and the Sun.

We can say that the Sun and Mars are primarily strong, vibrant and physical – they want to act, to move forward while Saturn tends to question, deny or impede. However, we can choose to look at this combination differently by saying that Saturn provides discipline, structure and meaningful limits. Mars and Saturn are in aspect in the charts of both Mother Teresa and St. Teresa of Avila. Both of these women "walked their talk" – they led contemplative, prayerful lives that were an example to others. They both eschewed materialism and lived and taught in spirit. The other side of the coin is the grand trine of Moon, Jupiter and Chiron. These planetary energies clearly speak of healing on a mass level through prayer, faith and illumination. And, combine the two trines and we have a very special blend of energy that can open us up to a new spirituality that is more real and more tangible than the world of materiality. As astrologers, we can easily pick at this chart, examine every nuance, look at every midpoint, add the trans-neptunian planets, throw in 2,000 asteroids and let’s not forget fixed stars, the Black Moon and Transpluto. But, to do that, belies the essence of the chart which is its simple message: move into the realm of spirit, beyond the earthly constraints. Leave behind fear, doubt, negativity for those are useless to the soul.

In "A Course In Miracles," we learn that the opposite of fear is love and that there are really only two emotions – love and fear. They do not co-exist; one will always crush the other. And, we have the choice to live in fear or to live in love.
Speaking of living in fear, let’s take a look at another startling chart – the Solar Eclipse of August 1999. (right - set for GMT) As I write this in January 1999, this chart is the current hot topic. Everyone looks at it with trepidation – will it signal war, pestilence, a stock market crash, terrorism, the death of a great leader, earthquakes, floods? Perhaps. The eclipse path goes right through Western Europe and if that isn’t enough, the chart has a grand cross configuration – no pretty grand trine like our Concordance chart. And, the planets that make up this grand cross are the Sun/Moon, Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

That’s enough to make the mere mortal astrologer quake over their keyboard.

Is there a bright side to this chart? Well, for one thing, it connects so beautifully to our Harmonic Concordance chart. The degree of the Mars/Saturn opposition in the August 1999 Solar Eclipse configuration is the exact degree of the Lunar Eclipse in the Harmonic Concordance chart, 16° Scorpio/ Taurus. (left, GMT) What’s more, the Pluto of the August Eclipse chart is conjunct to the Venus of the Concordance alignment. We might, therefore, conclude that the Harmonic Concordance is almost a fulfillment of what is begun in August 1999. One might say, that it may be seen as the birth of what is conceived in that moment of the eclipse.

As astrologers, it is our purpose to help people to see the larger scheme of things – that no matter how difficult life may be, it is all part of a divine plan. Let’s look at this "difficult" eclipse chart and try to see the "divine" in it. Those of us who are Christians believe that Christ died on the cross for our salvation. Is that the purpose of pain and suffering – those grand crosses of life? Is it for our ultimate salvation, so that we can break free of our own mortality and live in spirit? While the energies are difficult in the August Solar Eclipse chart, this chart speaks to choice just as the Concordance chart rings of opportunity. In August, we may be presented with a choice that allows us to break free of the bondage of negativity and fear. We may very well be placed in difficult or even tragic circumstances – the choice will be in how we react. Do we let go of our patterns and see the opportunity to move forward to a new form of being or do we remain stuck in our old familiar but worn-out habit patterns? If we choose to act differently, to live in love and not in fear, then we really will be able to glimpse into that "new age." If not, we may never know real freedom. During these two eclipses, four and 1û4 years apart, we have the opportunity to work towards a new spiritual reality. In this new reality, men and women will help each other grow spiritually rather than constraining each other to stereotypical roles. If we want to change our lives, we need to change our intentions. How do we forge this new path? Perhaps, these words from Mother Teresa will help.

"The fruit of silence is prayer.
The fruit of prayer is faith.
The fruit of faith is love.
The fruit of love is service.
The fruit of service is peace."

We are blessed to live at this momentous time in the history of the world and to be a part of this great spiritual revolution. Let us rejoice in it.


Taken from:

The Harmonic Concordance

by Sean David Morton

It is 17 months away but it has been spoken of in hushed whispers by ancient peoples, Mayan calenders, Native American Elders and wise and learned men versed in the ways of spirit and the stars.

“It is when the strands of the hoop come together,” said Roweena Red Tail Hawk Mother, the new Speaker and prophet of the Hopi.

“The door to the world of spirit will open, and it will be up to us whether we call upon the Great Shining Ones to help us or the Dark Ones from the pit who will bring our destruction.”

Already the Hopi have been stocking up supplies, building Hogans and Kivas underground, storing food, and oils. Our friend Linda Smith from Salt Lake City sells stone wheat grinding bowls, and she is sold out and back ordered for months. “The Hopi and other Native Tribes have been ordering them like crazy,” she told me. “They say the Great Purifaction is coming very soon.”

I knew that 2002 would be the bridge to tomorrow. That this would be the year of learning, preperation and incubation. It is why I have hit the road and tried to teach as many SRV seminars in as many places as possible, to give our people the tools of knowledge and spirit to prepare for what is coming.

2003 will be the year of the The Great Division. When we will smash through the barrier of 4 dimensions of height/width/bredth and time, and into the 5th dimensional world of pure spirit. The Aboriginal Dream Time, the world of mind and spirit, where that which we THINK will be come reality in a virtual instant. The doors are indeed opening, but will we call all the angels of heaven or the demons from the pit.

I have only rarely dedicated an entire newsletter to a single topic. This one is worth it for a number of reasons. Firstly, I have recently been covering a number of topics that are fearful and negative, because the times we are living in are exactly that. Every Mosque has become a fortress. Terrorized on all sides by a faceless enemy, the Dark Lords are amplifiying the frequency of FEAR for their own agenda of slavery and control to keep us from evolving and ascending, because FEAR, not HATE, is the opposite of LOVE.
Secondly, you all needed a good dose of HARD-CORE meta-PHYSICS. Not about money or the stock market or the next attack or set of predictions, but some teaching from learned people that shows that not only is there an Infinite Radiant Creator but that the all powerful “IS” has a fantastic cosmic plan for all of humanity and that plan is slowly weaving itself above our very worried, bowed and unconscious heads. Their conclusions are at once blissfully hopeful and starkly terrifiying.

I had known about the November 8, 2003 date for some time from my own meditations, research and conversations with Elders and holy men, so when I saw the website that was put together my John Mirehiel, the discoverer of the 11/8/03 “Chart Heard Around the World” I was overjoyed.. I contacted him as soon as I had read it all and it is with his kind and generous permission that I print his gathered material here. He is looking to publish a BOOK about this coming event to raise global awareness of the date and its consequences for humanity. Just remember you heard it all here first.

With the help of Barbabra Hand Clow and her Bear Publishing Company, Jose Arguilles published a book in 1985 all about “THE HARMONIC CONVERGENCE.” Arguilles found a prophecy in the Mayan codexes that if 144,000 people could come together on August 17, 18 and 19 of 1987, and greet the dawn in peace, harmony, prayer, meditation and love, that ALL of the dire predictions of mass death and destruction in the coming age could be pulled DOWN by a FACTOR OF TEN.

MILLIONS world-wide heard the call and, practicing the ART OF PEACE, gloriously responded! Angelic beings beamed from TVs, glowing feathered serpents of wisdom, the manifestation of Quetzalquoatal, were seen circuling the globe and even the jaded unconscious media was stunned by the outpouring of pure spirit.

Another of those unique moments in history is upon us. Believe me we will NEED the coming 17 months to prepare for what is coming, so you need to get the word out NOW! The Harmonic Concordance will be all about the CHOICES that we make, and the paths we will choose. We must turn it into a GLOBAL EVENT, with music, publicity and celebrations of the God within us all. If we do NOTHING, then the dark forces around us will have won. The path we are on will be set in stone and the Earth will move into the pattern of a NECRO-SPHERE, sealing the death vibration that will lead to the extinction of most of the life on this planet in less than 50 years. Those are the stakes. Our survival the prize.

Our goal is, once again, to get 144,000 to greet the dawn in peace, brotherhood and harmony on Nov. 8th, 9th and10th with the grand finalé being the 11/11/2003 Stargate activation. The sign of Gemini has been transformed from the computer-like, hermaprhoditic, skeptic, static, base lower minded twins to the double pillars of the STARGATE of communication for all the angels, gods, devas, buddhas and dakinis. The destruction of the WTC twin towers, the very glyph of Geminii, was symbolic of sweeping away the past to make way for this new force.

With Nov. 8, 2003, Scorpio will be similarly transformed. The secretive sign of regeneration, sex and death, its three symbols the posionous, self-destuctive scorpion, the grey lizard and the eagle. Now it will become THE PHOENIX! Gone will be their suicidal tendencies, but they will show us all how to rise from the ashes, how to start over, how to not resist but TRANSMUTE, TRANSFORM and TRANSMORGRIFY all the energy around us. They will become the Phoenix rising from the VIOLET FIRE of the ashes of the old age.

Some say that the internet would be the vehicle for global awareness and consciousness. Well, I wouldn’t bet on the internet....but I would sure bet on the CONSCIOUSNESS. The coming battle will be all about MIGHT versus THE LIGHT...and the bad guys don’t stand a CHANCE!

What is to come is your destiny. It is worth the battle...

and WE are who we have been waiting for.



BY Laura Mahoney

Imagine, if you will, the Earth as a living entity, and all of humanity as a single, multi-celled organism residing in the body of the planet. The two exist in a symbiotic relationship that, until now, has been rather parasitic in its expression. Now, the appearance of this ancient sacred pattern, the interlacing triangles of the six-pointed Star Hexagram, has arrived on the scene, impressing its message upon ALL of us via its effect on Earth. An essence or creative thinking of this particular pattern is being communicated on many levels. On at least one of those levels, it may indeed have the capacity to transmute that heretofore parasitic relationship. Those attuned to being able to hear it correctly, will have the opportunity to transform humanity’s relationship with it’s host, our Mother Earth, to one of an expression of mutualism that will be extraordinarily beneficial to both.

This celestial event, marked by the Total Lunar Eclipse of November 2003, has drawn the attention of many astrologers. Here, I will briefly examine the moment through the lens of one method that the ancient astrologers employed, the Fixed Star Parans, which had been in use as far back as 2000+ years ago, and perhaps as far back as the Greeks. It is said that the nature of the fixed star lends a qualifying and distinguishing characteristic to any planet to which it is attached through a parans relationship.

A short note of introduction to Parans might be appropriate here. Imagine, if you will, that you’re on the beach of a small island. Looking out onto the expanse of the surrounding sea, you have a 360° view along our horizon, and you also know the direction of true North. Now, imagine that you see a boat in the Southwest, and that this boat is on the horizon line. Simultaneously, a second boat appears, but at a point that is at the opposite direction, Northeast along the horizon, and a third ship looms up, at the same moment, on the Southeast line. This relationship of connections along the horizon line is what has been called a Parans, and the entire full circle of the horizon line is utilized.

This Paran visibility affects the earth at some point on its body, which in turn effects us all at the moment of the Harmonic Concordance. This is because the energy matrix that the Star Hexagram creates applies to the entire planet as well as to each of its inhabitants.

I feel that a Paran may be applied on many levels to our understanding of the messages of the fixed stars. If one were to want to learn of their personal cosmic messages, encoded in a star’s light beams, and being communicated to a specific place (natal chart), then the calculations are latitude based. For example, if I were working on a natal chart, an event chart for a specific location, or even on a horary question (in other words, the majority of the charts I work with) those would be "latitude dependent" when applying the Parans. In that case, one would have to be able to "see" the earth as a specific place/entity, and also be able to "see" the fixed star in question in order to be able to apply the Parans. I have departed from that approach here. Here, I am applying this concept to the Earth as a living body. So, the Paran relationship with the focal points of the Star Hexagram pattern that can be globally applied are not latitude dependent for this chart. Therefore, this Paran visibility affects the earth at some point on Its body, which in turn effects us all at the moment of the Harmonic Concordance, because the energy matrix created by the Star Hexagram pattern applies to the entire planet and to each of Her passengers.

In the Harmonic Concordance chart, set for November 8, 2003, I found a global paran relationship between the fixed star Arcturus and the planet Saturn and, most interestingly, one also between Arcturus and Chiron. Arcturus is located in the constellation Bootes. Bootes has been associated with the Herdsman, Shepherd or a Bear-Guard, and the Driver to his Oxen.. Icarus was another title for Arcturus, and this related to his involvement with Baccus.

Aratus, a Greek astronomical poet, circa 270 BC, wrote:

“Behind and seeming to urge on the Bear, Arctophylax, on earth Bootes named, Sheds o'er the Arctic cast his silver light.”
Bootes is found in close proximity to the constellation Virgo. Alice Bailey has described it as "The One Who Is Coming." The Chaldaean's identified Arcturus with Papsukal, the Guardian Messenger. In this chart, Arcturus is impressing its cosmic form/thinking onto Saturn and Chiron. Saturn and Chiron, having been impressed by "shepherding" nature of Arcturus, are communicating this message to Earth.

Jupiter, another of the six planets in the Merkaba pattern, is in a Paran relationship with the fixed star Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is located in the constellation Orion which Egyptian mythology associated with the abode or soul of the God, Osiris, a Sun-God, as an emanation of the Father-Sun, and representing the living breath of the Father. Betelgeuse is associated with attributes of the Father-Sun and rejuvenation/ transformation /ascension and with success which is not blocked.

Again, Betelgeuse is impressing its form onto Jupiter and communicating to Earth a message of this kingly/blissful essence. Mars is the last planet, in this sacred pattern which has a global parans relationship in the Harmonic Concordance chart. It is in Parans with Agena, in the constellation Centaurus. This constellation represents the half-man and half-beast.

The hindquarters varied from a bull, to a horse, to a bear, with the upper part that of a man. Agena, is located on the beast part of the constellation. It is said to have a quality of a forceful flame in promoting growth or ascension. Agena is only visible between the latitudes of 29S to 29N. So, unless I live in, say…Angola, I would not utilize it in my normal work. But in this case, the Sacred Hexagram, which is present in the Concordance Moment, applies to any location upon our planet. That being the case, I set aside the latitude requirement, because it is not a Parans to a particular person place or "cell," but to the organism/entity as a whole, and it's intent is towards the ascension of Mother Earth and the Birthing of a new Planet.
In further defining the qualities of these fixed stars and their usage, remember that, in my view, constellations are a form of the Divine Consciousness, and that by examining the Parans, one may determine their announcement, or how they are speaking to us. And the significant announcement which is impressed upon the sacred geometric pattern of the Harmonic Concordance is the heralding of the Time of the Shepherd returning to his flock; the Guardian Messenger who will lead the way in the Earth’s transfiguration. It is proclaiming the image of Kingly manifestations as in Peace, Beauty, and Unified Harmony.. A Pineal awakening happens to all who hear its message. It heralds the birth of a New World...and is a chart of Creation!



by John Mirehiel

Although almost all astrologers are aware of the Sabian Symbols, their use in general practice seems to have waned in recent years. With the advent of the ubiquitous computer, an armada of newer techniques has arrived, and the Sabians now rest in so many dust covered corners while 90° dials, the asteroid Goddesses, Astro-Cartography, Trans-Neptunians, Campanus Mundoscopes, etc. have come to the fore (and perhaps rightly so; there is Truth to be found in each and every one of those applications). The astrological news groups rarely mention the Sabians, professional journals to which I subscribe seem to have given them short shrift, and if you are new to astrology, there is little that would recommend you to them among the generally available titles offered in bookstores. Nevertheless, there remains for me something of a magical quality to the Sabians Symbols, in both their ideas and imagery, which I think transcends the numbers crunching and whiz-bang technology now so commonly available. Perhaps it is because of this quality that it occurred to me to apply the Sabians to the "magical" moment of the Harmonic Concordance.

I myself was first introduced to the Sabian Symbols in 1969, nearly a full year before I had had my first astrological encounter. It came by the way of a science fiction novel entitled Macroscope, by Piers Anthony. In it, the main antagonist has hidden himself "inside" the hero. But by clever means, of course, the Sabian Symbols are applied to the hero’s astrological chart to reveal the bad guy’s ruse. The book was fascinating, and indeed led me to read several of Anthony’s other works. But the enduring effect on me was that of the Sabians.

The Sabian Symbols were largely the work of the late Marc Edmund Jones. Jones took his cue from the work on the symbolic meaning of the degrees of the Welsh seer, John Thomas (AKA Charubel). While Jones appreciated Thomas’ work and felt that it was remarkably suggestive, he also thought it to be too moralistic in tone. Seeking to "soften" Thomas’ symbolism, he proceeded to create his own set of symbols which might be more relevant to contemporary students of astrology. To this end he enlisted Elise Wheeler, one of his students, who, because of her innate talent, he had encouraged to become a professional medium. Jones had Elsie describe the "picture" that came to her as he held a randomly selected index card, upon which he had penciled one of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. In this way, the original impressionistic images, each symbolically suggesting a characteristic of one specific degree, were compiled in a day’s effort. Jones' Symbolic Astrology was first published in 1931 and it is upon that seminal work that all subsequent commentary on the Sabians has been based.

During the course of the years, others have added to the depth of meaning found in the original images. Chief among these annotators was Dane Rudhyar who had found that the Sabians were "…in the main, amazingly significant and accurate." In agreement with Jones, Rudhyar carefully analyzed each of the original images, adding a "keynote" phrase and an explanatory comment, which fleshed out Jones’ original terse, symbolic aphorisms. Rudhyar’s explication of the Sabians first appeared in his monumental classic, The Astrology of Personality. Some 17 years later his updated work on the symbols was published in An Astrological Mandala. By then, he had come to consider them to be a contemporary American embodiment of the I Ching, and suggested that they had oracular properties. It is from that latter work that the paragraphs below are drawn.
Perhaps the best known contemporary interpreters of the Sabians is the Australian husband and wife team of Lynda and Richard Hill. Their work draws on Jones’ text as well as his original mimeographed lessons and Rudhyar’s volumes. Their own text, The Sabian Symbols As An Oracle, is widely known and respected. Their web site, provides a quick scan of background information and degree interpretations. Another web site dedicated to the Sabians, and which might also be of interest, can be found at It also has a wealth of information on the history of the Sabians, an excellent short bio of Jones, and an oracular link to the symbols, among other features.

Why the symbols seem to work and fit appropriately into the scheme of an astrological chart is, perhaps, a mystery. The fact is, though, that they do work in practice, and I regularly apply them in the interpretations that I do as a professional astrologer. The insights that they provide often have given me a quick read on the general proclivity of a client’s life, and in so doing have allowed me to arrive at an overall "feeling tone" for a client. More importantly, they can be very helpful in guiding clients to the expression of the best qualities of their planets through their Sabian degree associations.
In the chart for the Harmonic Concordance, just as with the chart for any given day, there are literally dozens of points and planets to which the Sabians could be applied. In this case, however, I will simplify matters considerably by working only with the six planets that comprise the Grand Sextile. Moving clockwise from the Sun, those planets are Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, Mars, and Chiron. The "feeling tone" that emerges from these six points is but further confirmation of the message, importance, and "instructions" that the Harmonic Concordance provides.

Without any additional comments from me, I present the interpretations of the significant degrees as seen by both Rudhyar and the Hills. In the passages taken from Rudhyar, I have eliminated only those phrases relating to his "sequence stages" which he had suggested for the degrees, and one reference to the Great Polar Cycle. Other than that, his impressions are presented basically unchanged. In regards to the work I have taken from the Hills, the passages come from the web page postings and appear here in italics. I leave it to the reader to compose his or her own "feeling tone" for the Harmonic Concordance moment.

The Sun: 16° 13" Scorpio
The Image: A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is "Great with Child." (Rudhyar). A woman, filled with her own spirit, is also the father of her own child. (Hill)
Keynote: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within.
Commentary: “ we see the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the ego to a transcendent force, which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God.

“...the realization of the normally hidden potentialities in the average human being of our day. Faith in the Divine is shown here being concretely justified. The human person becomes a "mother of the Living God." This is the transpersonal way of existence. It is the way that leads to creative mutations. (Rudhyar)

You may feel that you need to be totally self-sufficient at the moment. You don't require assistance for even the most complicated tasks. Bear in mind that we are all blessed with our individual qualities and it is the combination with other individuals that creates greater balance and depth.

The Immaculate Conception. (Hill)
Jupiter: 14° 21" Virgo
The Image: A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors.
Keynote:The quintessence of deeds well done.
Commentary: Root strength produces beautiful flowers. The neophyte who acts with determination, courage and discrimination while following "in the footsteps" of his predecessors receives a symbolic prize from the Brotherhood ready to welcome him when he has fully proven himself on the battlefield where he meets his past, which tries to block his way. The mystic beloved hands him what she has woven for him out of spiritual thread.

…This scene begins with the revelation in a portrait of salient features in a man’s face. It ends with symbols which bring out the ultimate validity of the many efforts of generations of men towards the building of a beautiful and significant culture. The Man of Culture is, in the deepest and best sense of the term, the aristocrat. He is the flowering of a line of ancestors who have accepted responsibility for a group or community. Likewise, the true "disciple" is the blossom that crowns a long series of incarnations.

Sometimes the smallest tokens of our past can bring us a sense of security and joy. The scent of the "fabric," the care and loving that have gone into the crafting give us a sense of security and being loved.

Delicacy of feeling and attention to detail.
Saturn: 13° 03" Cancer
The Image: A very old man facing a vast dark space to the Northeast.
Keynote: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.
Commentary: This symbol describes the Wise Old Man, an archetypal figure found in all systems of symbolism. In occult terminology, the northeast is the direction from which spiritual-cosmic forces enter the Earth-sphere. This is probably because the polar axis of the Earth is inclined by some 23° away from the exact perpendicular to the plane of its orbit…This is the (traditionally) spiritual state. The Wise Old Man faces the Changeless Reality, the true North – which for us is located in a northeast direction. He faces the great Void, that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses.

…Implied is that by consistently and for a long time meditating on the changeless and spiritual reality at the very core of all experiences one can attain the supreme age-old wisdom. We see in the symbol a way beyond appearances and toward permanence in truth.

You may be looking for some help or spiritual guidance, but it may be difficult to find through the usual channels. As we become more enlightened there is a greater ability to see spiritual truth. There needs to be a trust and courage that your inner wisdom is in touch with the higher truth. This is the degree of Sirius.

The Moon: 16° 13" Taurus
The Image: A symbolical battle between "swords" and "torches."
Keynote: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal "Great War."
Commentary: When Gautama, having sought in vain for the answers to his questions among teachers of tradition, sat under the Bodhi Tree, he had to fight his own battle in his own way, even though it is an eternal fight. The spiritual light within the greater Soul must struggle against the ego-will that only knows how to use the powers of this material and intellectual world.

There is no possibility of escape: it is the energy that arises out of the present moment – the inescapable NOW – that the daring individual has to use in the struggle.
This…symbol suggests that salvation is attained through the emergent individual’s readiness to face all issues as if there were only two opposed sides. So teaches the Bhagavada-Gita. This is the dharma of this stage of evolution: a stage of Polarization of values.

At the moment there is a struggle between practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs. You may find that you have become caught up in what you are trying to achieve and have lost sight of why. The endeavour to bring "enlightenment" to people often meets with severe resistance. Witness the stranglehold the media has on information. Arguments over ideals.
“Might versus "Light."

Mars: 10° 35" Pisces
The Image: Men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination.
Keynote: The capacity inherent in every individual to seek, at whatever cost, entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.
Commentary: This refers to the ancient and eternal symbol of the Path of Discipleship. The greatness of man is that he can always be greater; and the belief – deeply rooted in man’s inner nature – that if he fulfills the necessary conditions he can find "Elder Brothers" who have already attained a higher level of consciousness and will transfer their attainment and light to him. The path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized.

This symbol opens…a new level of consciousness. Man is always in the making and remaking. He can always go further, reach beyond. But he has to take the first step. Someone can show him the Path, but he alone can do the walking. Thus the Zen injunction: WALK ON.

Sometimes the search for high ideals and understandings place us at odds with conservative social expectations. It is the ability to persevere with the search, regardless of the cost, that marks the sincerity of a journey. Most times this quest is very illuminating, although sometimes confusing. You will need to reject that which is unworthy.
People "on the path."

Chiron: 14° 06" Capricorn
The Image: In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.
Keynote: The responsibility of society to ensure the welfare and total health of the new generation.
Commentary: The sociocultural process must look to the future as well as to the past. It has created conditions which may harm the children who will carry forward its work, and must try to repair these negative conditions through love as well as through physical care. In personal life, the individual should take great care of his fresh institutions and his dreams of future growth. They are often fragile developments which the pressures of everyday life can easily distort or destroy.

…There is therefore constant need for TENDER CARE as well as skill to neutralize the destructive tensions of social living.
In times of healing there is a need for simple pleasures to raise the spirit.You may find that there is a need for these caring shows of affectionate concern. Bringing simple gifts to the sick or disadvantaged. Looking after one's responsibilities. Nurturing those of younger years or the lesser evolved.

And finally...
The Part of Fortune: 13° 13" Capricorn
(Although not a planet, Fortuna certainly has a significant message in this chart, since it will be fixed in position at the exact cusp of the 7th house, no matter where on Earth you will be at the Concordance moment.)
The Image: An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture.
Keynote:The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials.
Commentary: At a time when in nearly every land men are questioning the validity of traditional beliefs...We must strive to free these ideals from the wild growth of personal and class selfishness... and learn to appreciate the excellence of... the immortal seed-foundation, as well as the spiritual harvest, of any culture...

The issue you may find in your situation is not so much in superficial display, but in the longevity and stability of the foundation or backdrop of your society. Some things never fade, they stand as reminders of ancient eras, bringing messages from the past. Anonymous immortality. Things carved in stone, or concrete. Permanent records. If negative - limitations by not allowing for changes. Is this situation old and outworn? It is interesting to note the qualities of the specific planetary energies that are associated with each of the degrees. Notice, for example: the forward thrust implied for the degree of Mars; the reaching-across-from-future-to-past quality that is assigned to Chiron’s degree; the reference to the Spirit-life-within given for the Moon; the Wise Old Man who stands at Saturn’s degree; the aristocratic man of culture who greets Jupiter; and finally the creative God-within that is the Sun. Each degree fits as snugly on the chart as does a babe into the arms of Mother which, come to think of it, is who and where we are.

Taken all around, the Sabian Symbols provide what I see as a "feign tone" that strikes just the right note for The Harmonic Concordance.



by Thérèse Marie Quinn

The flawless flow of synchronicities that led me to the moment that the Harmonic Concordance chart was delivered into my hands will forever underline for me the importance of that moment's experience. There is no return to denial for me now. Truth blazes, affirmed eternally.

Astrology was really the last thing on my mind as I sat unmoving in Columbus Day weekend traffic on the Massachusetts Pike. The Jimmy Twyman concert I was heading for in Boston was already well underway and I was at a standstill more than an hour's drive away. It seemed hopeless. I wondered why I had even thought to attempt the drive in the Friday night holiday rush. It would have made much more sense to have skipped the concert and simply shot for the workshop the next morning. But I was impelled by that deep inner voice I had learned to heed through years of bemoaning my resistance in hindsight. That old resistance rose its nasty head and began to vocalize an uncensored stream of berations at my obvious inability to choose intelligently. I took some long deep breaths before consenting to join the dissonant choir of horn honkers and simply yelled, "Help!" The voice of gentleness answered, re-assuring me with such authority, that I immediately surrendered to its certainty that all was exactly perfect, and I would arrive exactly as needed.

I made it to the concert in the middle of the last song of the evening, just in time to greet my friends and join them for coffee. As we all walked to Starbuck's and talked animatedly, I noticed there was an unfamiliar face among my family of familiar faces. When we stood at the counter giving our orders, the unfamiliar man began to speak to my friend Jimmy about some astrological find he wished to share. That piqued my interest. Although I had not practiced for almost 15 years, I had for the 15 years previous to that taught and counseled with natal astrology. When I offered this information aloud, it seemed a relief to Jimmy who had not the first clue about such things. The man, whose crow-feathered hat was beginning to ease into my mind a willingness to move into the unfamiliar, suddenly turned and handed me an astrological chart. "What do you think of this?" he asked me. I looked down at the wheel and the world, as I knew it, fell away.

I can only describe what happened to me in the next few moments by saying I was lifted into the perfect choreography of the chart's whole moment's dance, and felt myself aflood in the bursting of The Divine Mother's amniotic fluid. I experienced the birthing of a new consciousness in humanity. But this was not just a birthing of a collective awareness of unified mind, but a simultaneous birthing of this awareness in perfect form. Chronologically, this was happening in the month of October, but it most definitely felt like Christmas for me. I turned to the man with the crow-feathered hat and said, "This is a birthing chart." The man was John Mirehiel and the gratitude that poured from his eyes at my words remains etched in my heart.

We introduced ourselves and talked for about 20 minutes about this Harmonic Concordance chart and then he departed to return to NY, taking my card and a promise that I would write an article about what I had seen in the chart. Had I not listened to my inner voice and waited to drive up the next morning as reason seemed to demand, I would have missed meeting John and experiencing directly the message of his Harmonic Concordance. Of course, you are getting a very short version of my journey to the Concordance moment. The road has been long, but clearly directed and effortlessly arranged, despite my resistance and against all odds.

Analysis of a chart has never been my strong point. My gifts as an astrologer seem elsewhere in synthesis. But I have sat breathing in the chart's essence for many hours since that first encounter and will share some of my thoughts. The thing I first saw that drew me into my "birthing" experience was the Taurean full moon's eclipse. The Mother here, eclipsed in the sign of the form-builder, has surrendered completely to absolute regeneration in the Scorpionic Sun (Son) she brings forth. Mother and Son are seamlessly joined, one in the dance of this birth, inseparably unified in a renewed form no longer subject to death but animated eternally by conscious union's present creation. The opposition of the eclipsed, and therefore wholly impersonal, Moon to the Scorpio South Node and Mercury in Scorpio floodlights this creative union's fullest meaning. The South Node is disposed by Mars in Pisces, giving us a clue to the past now relinquished. The potential projectile of this pointer could be a critical mass, collective insight that suddenly peels away the Piscean compulsion for sacrifice and unveils the spontaneous current of true Aquarian Brotherhood. This potential is reinforced by the position of Neptune in Aquarius as dispositor of Mars in Pisces. This clearly surrendered Moon in Taurus conjoins the North Node in the same sign, indicating that the reach for this new Unity, this Christhood, is to be made manifest in a tangible form. In the age of Pisces, Jesus was The Christ immanent in one man. In the age of Aquarius, each individual is the Christ immanent in humanity. Mercury's role here is to let us know that each one of us is indeed The Word made manifest. It is our individual function (Mercury conjunct Sun in Scorpio) in this birthing to emerge as a living symbol of communication with our Source.

The grand sextile configuration highlights a chart of absolute alchemical resolution. No conflict or resistance remains unreleased. This resolute energy the Concordance reflects is so inclusive that any notion of exclusion, separation or otherness, melts away and dissolves. There are squares and oppositions present here, but their activity in truth only unleashes the dynamic drive of eternal creation without discordant effects: a full concordance in infinitely extending harmonies. Nothing in this chart is known in one aspect of its mandalic wholeness that is not simultaneously known in all aspects. Every individual psychic-spiritual impulse is immediately accessible and capable of full generalization for immediate USE by all.

Although I am traditionally trained, I am not a traditional astrologer in my interpretation. My direct experience of one too many stuck-in- polarization natal charts left me fleeing the trade altogether. Such charts were too dissociating for me, as an astrological empath, to continue to feel so acutely and specifically as I did in my then limited state of awareness. I believe as Thomas Aquinas did that a thing is known according to the state of consciousness of the knower. Having experienced this Harmonic Concordance Chart from an expanded state of awareness, I cannot label it as a specific event in form, nor can I predict, describe or define what this Concordance reflects within the confines of any given, limited structure. I can only intuit it as a total reinterpretation of all form's meaning and use. The emergence of the Concordance configuration within human consciousness now makes what it attempts to communicate accessible for inclusion in what humanity claims as embrace-able. If we can imagine it, we can realize its effects, according to our level of willingness to shift beliefs. The more willing, the more open-minded we are as we approach and digest this birthing, the less crystallized and restrictive its form of manifestation will be.

Saturn in this chart is configured in the grand sextile and its position in Cancer (as dispositor of the eclipsed Moon) offers an entrance portal to the birth canal of our release from the bondage to which we have so willingly held ourselves hostage. Saturn’s teachings are, as always, crystal clear: all we need to step through that portal is a little shift of willingness, a surrender without judgment to our feelings, a tiny openness of allowing the rising tide of feelings to sweep us away from the fear that is born of our past focus on action (Mars in Pisces dispositing the South Node) and its consequences, and we are free. The Cancerian Saturn can bring us an understanding of the power of responsiveness and unlock the imprisoning restrictions of our own reactiveness. Saturn offers us here an opportunity to simply BE in our truth and wholeness and, extending from there, to part the heavy drape of fear that our doing-ness has erected between our truth and its clear, consciously created expression. We have believed that we have meaning because we accomplish things in the outer world of form. Saturn here asks us to see that we have meaning because of Whom we represent in the inner world of Spirit.
Jupiter's role in Virgo reinforces Saturn's message by reminding us that digestion (Virgo) of truth is an inner process and results in the assimilation of our reach for Godhood (Jupiter) into a new system of intelligence. This mutual exchange of the Jupiter-Virgo energy is most dramatically communicated in the chart's dense cluster of planets and asteroid goddesses in Sagittarius disposited by the Jupiter in Virgo. You do not need to reach for your god out there somewhere, this stellium reminds us. Our God can be wholly functional in our human systems, if we allow the clean reach of that Divinity from within to do the building.

We have opened our willingness enough to see in the heavens an opportunity to birth ourselves anew into an unfamiliar world of infinite peace and uninterrupted harmony. I have experienced directly the concordance of that birthing's outcome. It is already done. It is a certainty of which I can assure you with integrity. The only choice we really have in the face of the Truth of Who We Are is WHEN we decide to remember. Perhaps we have some collective consensus that we might try giving birth to that remembrance on November 8, 2003. But, having bathed in the floodgates of our true glory, I must say, Let the birthing begin NOW! Blessed Be.

By: Mike Wirth

My contribution here is to offer some personal insight regarding the meaning of the Mercury-Uranus square aspect relationship as it relates to the overall pattern of the Harmonic Concordance chart. More specifically, it is the meaning of the midpoint created by these two planets, a point that is in alignment with Chiron and the midpoints of other planets in the Star of David vortex pattern.

I use the above phrase "personal insight" because when I saw the chart for the first time, I was instantly drawn to see how these two planets could fit in with the dynamic harmony of the Star of David vortex pattern. My natural interest can relate to my own Mercury-Uranus square in my natal chart and my personal search for its meaning in my life. Hopefully, personal experience and contemplation can lead to some insights or, at the very least, some interesting ideas to ponder.
First, here's my version of what the Mercury-Uranus relationship means. As we all know, Mercury and Uranus are related to each other as "octave planets." Mercury is the "lower octave" while Uranus is the "higher octave." Mercury operates on a personal, physical, 3rd dimensional level while Uranus operates on a more universal, metaphysical, higher dimensional level. They operate in these ways as pertains to various functions of the body and mind, to social and intellectual communication, and to various forms of information and experience.

I believe that since these two planets have this relationship, they naturally desire to be in attunement and resonance with each other.. They need to feel a completeness, an intimate, harmonious marriage of function and purpose. This underlying, resonance-octave pattern acts as a catalyst for them to willfully and actively seek this desired condition, a condition that is now essential for Ascension on a personal and collective level.

The square aspect relationship between Mercury and Uranus is a dynamic, "willful" relationship, especially since it's in the powerful "applying phase," where the aspect is moving towards its completion, towards a decisive event or decision. It is related to the idea of creatively seeking a higher, harmonious expression of planet functions and their creative integration and evolution of oneself and one's relationships through willingness, awareness and go from a restless condition of "dis-tunement" to a desired condition of "attunement".

So, the higher plan of the Mercury-Uranus square is to be a strong "seeker pattern" and provide the catalyst to raise awareness and desire for attunement towards personal and planetary Ascension. The seeking will be done towards the following goals:

for the personal liberation of limiting karmic patterns leading to full awareness and activation of higher capacities, for the "meeting of minds"...connecting with others on an ideal level of thought and feeling...towards "tel-empathy," for ideal friendship and group consciousness....shared understanding and cooperation, and for oneness and togetherness with all life...on Earth and in our greater cosmic community.

Now, the question is, "how can this pattern be fully expressed and integrated with the greater dynamic of the Star of David vortex?" In other words, how can we best go about our seeking to accomplish such ideal goals? How can we most directly and efficiently access our multidimensional, Higher Self potentials...our predestined Ascension potentials?
Here is where the Mercury-Uranus midpoint conjunction aspect with Chiron has its role. The midpoint is actually in an applying aspect to Chiron where it again represents the idea of "moving towards completion" or "preparing for the culmination of an event." In this case, the event is the full acceptance of the Ascension and Chiron is the doorway to open and achieve this full acceptance or "full attunement."

It plays its designed Ascension role as the bridge or gateway between old and new, physical and metaphysical, the conscious and superconscious. It is a bridge between octaves and so is the ideal "centering planet" for Mercury and Uranus. It is here to help bring them into attunement and fulfill their purpose of integration and evolution, to be fully "grounded and ascended" and achieve the intended Ascension goals.

So, the answer to the above questions of "how?" is perhaps found through the full meaning of Chiron and its placement in the sign of Capricorn. This topic can be an article all its own with many versions and interpretations of Chiron in Capricorn, and I can briefly describe what I think it means.

It's about the companionship of Chiron, the Centaur, and Capricorn, the Seagoat, and how they relate and co-create as "grounded and ascended Masters", an inherent potential within us all. The Seagoat represents the whole span of our Earth's evolution, all the experiences of Earth from its inception...4.5 billion years of gradual ascension.

The Seagoat continues to ascend along steep, jagged mountain slopes with hopes of reaching the highest summit but he longs for companionship with a kindred soul for this last crucial stage of his journey. The sincerity of his intent holds true and he encounters the Centaur, Chiron, who has, by choice, been sent by Divine Forces to dwell among the upper realms, to where Earth meets Sky. He came to this place to carry out the mission of Ascension.

From his high and expansive vantage point, Chiron has viewed and explored both terrains of Earth and Sky and wishes for full integration of these realms, for an ascended Earth. To accomplish this he needs to be with his Earth brother, Capricorn, and together share thoughts, feelings and experiences and support each other as they climb up the steepest and yet, grandest terrain, to reach the point of Ascension.

They willingly join together, and take on the journey and form a great bond and kinship, often stopping to take in the view above and below them--seeing farther and clearer as they rise. Much of the weight of the past is released by Capricorn, as he shares his soul with brother Chiron. His sadness is replaced by ecstasy...his fear by inspiration as new insight and perspective is reached. The flow and meld of their energy becomes so great and so harmonious that they both reach a level of "Lightness." The rest of their climb becomes one of ease and enchantment, almost of floating as they ascend to the beckoning Realm of Light and Attunement...of Ascension.

So, what am I trying to convey here? Maybe the idea that we're not alone in our journey, that the willingness and sincerity of our search will bear fruitful results, that joy, inspiration and love is waiting to be fully embodied in each of us. Let us be willing to open ourselves, to each other, and to our Brothers and Sisters of Light, here on Earth and on our ascended realms. Much support is provided as our "will to attune" is deepened and expressed.

I hope that all of you who read this article get a "good feel" for how you can reach your deepest longings and highest ideals. If you'd like to discuss and share your ideas of ways to do this please feel free to contact me.

By John Mirehiel

Certain annual ceremonies and rituals have been practiced across the diverse landscapes inhabited by man for countless ages. The Winter Solstice is one of those multi-cultural celebrations. During this seasonal time of hibernation, it is appropriate to slow down, minimize activity, and let old creations lie dormant. Feeling attuned to these Earth energies, Jan and I planned a celebration to honor this ceremonial time that reminds us all to be still and go within. We had invited several kindred spirits to join us for the gathering in our back yard Medicine Wheel, in recognition of this "stand still" (solstice), of the Sun's ritual death-and-rebirth.

Two days before that gathering, while researching Native American Solstice celebrations on the net, and in preparation for it, we came across some unexpected information. It seems that some of the indigenous Pueblo tribes of the Southwest, notably the Anasazi and Hohokam, suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth, some time in the middle of the 15th century, just before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. They appear to have left their homes abruptly, in the midst of carrying out their ever day activities, we have no record of what might have become of them. The archeological trail ends only in speculation.

On a whim(?), I decided to look at the location of the planets during that time frame. Setting my astrological software (Solar Fire) at December 21st, (the 2000 Solstice dated) and, using my local clock time at that moment (1:09 PM PST), I entered the mid-15th century year of 1449, and ran the program's calculation of a chart for that date.
Imagine our surprise when we saw the 6-pointed Star of David pattern in the chart for December 21, 1449! I compared this chart to that of the Harmonic Concordance, some 600 years later.

While it's true that the two charts do not match up perfectly (for example, there is no eclipse in the 1449 chart, the planets in the grand sextile patterns of each are not the same, nor are they in compatible signs), nevertheless the coincidence of this rare pattern is striking. Despite those differences, there is a host of very dynamic planetary contacts between the charts.
In an astrological analysis of a relationship between any two birth moments, the "synastry," or angular relationships between the planets in both charts, is generally an astrologer's first consideration. Secondarily, a planetary "mid-point" or composite chart is often consulted. In applying these techniques to the two charts discussed here, several significant relationship elements emerge, suggesting an important connection between them.

by Bil Tierney
(Reprinted by permission of CRCS Publications)

This configuration is not a common one to come across in natal charts. It must involve at least six planets found at six different points in the chart. All of them must first and foremost sextile each other, which tends to create a chain-effect reaction. The Grand Sextile then creates a large hexagram pattern across the chart. Within this configuration are actually two Grand Trines and three oppositions. Considering the presence of multiple Grand Trines, the saving grace of the Grand Sextile is its three oppositions. They stimulate an awareness that we need to give back out to the environment what we readily develop here within us if we are to use such a plenitude of opportunities in a balanced, constructive manner. Because of the grandness of this configuration, we best use it when supporting the growth of a social cause that drives us to make use of the full range of our talents and skills. It can denote an above-average degree of versatility. Aid and assistance come from many varied areas in our environment as long as we remain open, cooperative, and able to meet the needs of others. These oppositions also remind us to consciously coordinate our activities and direct them towards external objectives, rather than contain them for our self-centered advantage. We are stimulated to creatively mobilize our forces here and reach out towards the world.

With two Grand Trines involved here, the creative resources are abundant and need to be actively tapped. Here exists an enormous overload of capacity which demands to be actively exploited. If diffusion or stagnation is allowed to develop (prompted by passivity or multiple Grand Trines), this condition is very much like the spoilage of ripened fruit. Talents that are in their peak of expression then begin to diminish due to their lack of activation. The temptation to procrastinate, become lazy or indifferent to the powers of this configuration should be avoided at all cost. This individual normally exudes a special magnetism that could have a beneficial, charismatic influence over others. He seems to do more favorably when allowing himself to spread out in a variety of experiences in life (due to the branching effect of the six sextiles).

However, with at least six of the ten normally used planets tied into this configuration, the chart as a whole is likely to have few squares. Therefore, the Grand Sextile may require that we make a special, conscious effort to work harder in developing inner discipline, greater endurance, patience, and the inner drive it takes to insure a fuller utilization of our gifts here. Otherwise, lacking the drive and impetus of squares, we might merely become privileged, gifted dilettantes who are nevertheless too restless and over-stimulated to ever master any of our skills.


With all the receptive, in-drawing signs represented here, the normal tendency is to approach all of the areas of creative potential with more conservatism, greater industriousness, and a sense of careful organization. Staying power is stronger, giving this type of Grand Sextile a highly productive power that can realistically benefit many areas of the individual’s life. Talents and opportunities indicated are pursued with a desire for practical application, as well as emotional gratification and material security. With this configuration, the individual is motivated to retain the fruits of his efforts, unlike the Fire-air Grand Sextile, which rarely seems to possess what it creates or initiates. The stability and purposefulness of the sensible air signs minimizes the danger of this grand sextile swinging off into too many scattered directions at once. Social activities emphasized here usually coordinate better with each other.

The three oppositions will require that the individual interact with the social environment with more flexibility. In general, earth and water signs adapt more poorly to changes and alterations in the outer world than do fire and air signs. They are geared toward preserving and securing rather than expanding and releasing. Thus, one with this configuration is often less willing to innovate, experiment, or follow through with sudden impulses. He is also likely to actively pursue less interests and therefore does not tend to spread himself too thin. The expression of nervous energy here is less sporadic, temperamental, and unevenly modulated. Because of the presence of both a Grand Earth Trine and a Grand Water Trine, the sensual nature is apt to be very well developed and able to be channeled in highly imaginative ways. Whatever routines are necessary for the thorough development of creative enterprise are more easily accepted and undertaken by this individual. But due to the somewhat unenergetic nature of these elements, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus involved in this type of grand trine benefits it’s expression and keeps it vital.

Why Are We Here?

The Astrosite web pages are dedicated to a moment in time(lessness) that has yet
to find its expression in the present - as most of us know it. It is, however, a moment
whose time WILL COME, just as surely, and of no less importance, than tomorrow’s sunrise, or your next heartbeat, for that matter.

The Universal Language of Astrology is an archetypal Rosetta Stone which transcends all of mankind’s many languages, both spoken and unspoken. Within that language, the geometry of the Harmonic Concordance moment constructs a pattern that speaks to the core Truths of a great many metaphysical belief systems. The fact that these Truths have been given such a universal voice, in a time that is unprecedented in the global community’s psychological, spiritual and technological readiness to hear them, is compelling, to say the least. But, "TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON..."

We who are responsible for the content of this site are predominately astrologers and metaphysicians by profession. As such, we have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of integrating Spirit in practical and meaningful ways, into our daily existence.
We represent many disciplines, have studied with many Masters, continue to play the roles of both teachers and students in the "Divine Sciences." As we have followed well-worn paths (or in some cases, blazed our own) in the pursuit of understanding, we have come to recognize that we (ALL of us) are expressions of the Source of all that was, is, and ever can be.

Sometimes it is easy to forget this, in the density of the world as we experience it. If, however, (as we believe) The Harmonic Concordance chart provides the astrological signature of the Ascension of Mother Earth, and for all of her inhabitants who are able to comprehend and accept such a possibility, then we must also acknowledge that its truth ultimately seeks expression IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. The Concordance Chart stands as an elegant and inviting image of what we already are: Ascended Co-Creators; Children of the Mother/Father called to experience in this physical reality, one of the greatest fields of Creation imaginable

This three-dimensional platform has served Mother Earth and her children extremely well. We bless and love it free as we prepare to transcend it. We suspect that, beyond the Stargate of the Concordance, an even grander journey of Creation awaits us.

We must say, from the beginning, that the points of view presented at this site will most likely not appeal to a wide audience at this time. To the spiritually curious, however, these concepts will be familiar. Each of the essays inside this PORTAL touches upon one or another field of spiritual belief. Despite their different perspectives, however, each author expresses some basic tenet that resonates for him or her from within the rich symbolism of the Concordance mandala. Each sees in it some moment of immense proportions. It is our hope that, over the course of time, others will add their views on what this moment will bring.

Through this site we invite you to join us, in this ever present moment of NOW, in the expression of Love, Peace, Unity and Joy that the Harmonic Concordance suggests can exist for all of us. Teachers of the Universal Mind (through Jo Amidon)


[The following is a transcription of a channeling that addresses the nature of the Spiritual Energy represented in the Harmonic Concordance chart. Directed to the chart’s discoverer, it presents an independent confirmation of what we, and others, have found in the chart. The Teachers of the Universal Mind have been working with Jo for several years, and represent themselves as teachers to the Family of Light. First published in the Light Connection Journal, Issue 4, this article is reprinted with the consent of both Jo and the Teachers.]

The harmonic concordance chart is an energy focal point, a point of energy, which carries within it the energy of planetary Ascension. The energy point has been in place since the beginning of the Family of Light mission on Earth. The goal of this mission is to create planetary Ascension. As with all Family of Light codings, it is to be opened and activated at the proper time of readiness. As with all energy, it is not limited, nor bound to a place, time, or point of reference; it simply is. The physical manifestation of the chart coding is to be uncovered when a large enough number of beings upon the Earth are awakened, and at a point with their individual development which allows ascension to be created. That time has been reached.

The chart does not contain all information to create Ascension for the planet, but instead carries the energy, which allows individuals working with it to 'tap into' the information needed for the fulfillment of individual roles. During the Earth time period of 1998, there will be a number of such tools uncovered, to be used by various Light Anchors on Earth, in the creation of planetary ascension. All of these tools are coded in such a way as to prevent their misuse by those who are not of a proper frequency within their being. These energies can only be called upon, and will only answer to, those who are of a frequency within which it resonates. Much like a lock, which will only open to the key which fits. This is necessary to assure the successful completion of this mission.

By focusing on the energy contained within these tools, much will be opened and flow between those who are physically on the planet and the higher energies aiding in this mission. This, and other tools of this nature, can be used in a number of ways. Many are on the planet, who have in many lifetimes worked with 'time'. For those, focusing on the energy of the chart will aid in pulling that energy into the NOW. A total understanding is not necessary for it to be used, simply an openness and intent to create an energy connection between this energy configuration and your own, and the intent to serve as an energy channel, bringing this energy onto the planet at your current physical location.

As a united force is created upon the planet, with many focusing on bringing in and holding the energy of Ascension, it will be created. This focus can be created through use of this chart for understanding the energy combinations, or as a visual focus without full understanding of it. It can also be focused up by 'locating' the energy signature of Ascension energy within an individual.

The sharing of this chart should proceed with understanding of its use, as without understanding comes confusion, doubt, and possibly an unclear focus on the date used for the chart. It should be understood that the date was only a combination to its unveiling, or opening.

We honor you for claiming your role in the unlocking of this combination, and remind you of the responsibility, which it also carries. Sharing with integrity, unconditional love, and the intention of joining energies with light anchors around the planet is called for. Assistance will be given to aid you in working with the chart, and the responsibility which it carries. Those who are to assist will be brought to you. It is only asked that you be open and willing to work with the opportunities which are presented to you.

We Are The Teachers of The Universal Mind (10/23/98)..


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