September 14, 2002

Turning Tide of History #8: Enduring Optimism

Hello everyone

Here is one last compilation for this most busy and eventful week. The astounding work and most couragous words of all the eloquent people included below is the basis for my hope in the future of this world and, indeed, eminent cause for an enduring optimism...

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Radical optimism is our deepest response to the immense and threatening challenges of our contemporary world. (...) The deepest truth is our union with the Absolute, Infinite Being, with God. That's the root of our reality. And it is from that root that my optimism is derived."

- Beatrice Bruteau -- Taken from a review of her book RADICAL OPTIMISM at -- An excellent author recommended by "Betty Lou Kishler" <>

"We have a duty to look after each other. If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance."

- Doris Haddock - Taken from her website at

"The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains. To put an end to it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done."

- Theodore Roosevelt (FULL TEXT at - Here is another excerpt...

"Our country -- this great republic -- means nothing unless it means the triumph of a real democracy, the triumph of popular government, and, in the long run, of an economic system under which each man shall be guaranteed the opportunity to show the best that there is in him. That is why the history of America is now the central feature of the history of the world; for the world has set its face hopefully toward our democracy; and, O my fellow citizens, each one of you carries on your shoulders not only the burden of doing well for the sake of your own country, but the burden of doing well and of seeing that this nation does well for the sake of mankind."

- Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt - Ossowatomie, Kansas, August 31, 1910


1. Feedback on Revisiting 9-11 Series #3
2. Feedback on Defeating the U.S. War Plans Series
3. No Iraqi Invasion!
4. Reflections
5. Excerpts from the book Talking to Extraterrestrials
6. Geneva Spiritual Appeal: An instrument for peace, full of meaning for 11th of September
7. Anti-War Network Mobilizing to Stop the Insanity of a New War in Iraq
8. New Book by Starhawk: Webs of Power - Notes from the Global Uprising
9. To Believe

See also:

Listen For Peace is a grassroots organization inspired by the teachings of the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. We hope that after reading the "Proposal to Listen for Peace and Security," you would join us as a partner in the compassionate listening process that the proposal strives to create.
Read and sign this MOST excellent proposal at

KEO - send a message (before Dec 31st 2002) that will be included in a satellite to be placed in orbit next year for a 50,000 year duration to be discovered (hopefully!) by our distant descendants. It will be a reflection of our way of life and convey both the richness and the diversity of the human experience.
More details at
See also their FAQ page at

The Media Conglomeration Abomination (August 10, 2002)
"We cannot survive without high journalism. Not if we are to have any chance of being a self-governing people. Not if we are to be well balanced in our civic considerations and in our selection of leaders and in our support for domestic and foreign policies. So what to do? We are having some success with the work of taking corporations out of our elections. Though the recent campaign finance reform law was no cure-all in that regard, it was a historic change. It chases corporate money out of our federal elections. That law, if we can get proper enforcement, was worth the battle. We the people can still win battles, though it is exceedingly difficult."

"The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy"
Noreena Hertz, author of the new European best-seller, "The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy," believes that governments' surrender to big business is the deadliest threat facing democracy today. (...) People have lost faith in politics, because they no longer know what governments are good for. Thanks to the steady withdrawal of the state over the past 20 years from the public sphere, it is corporations, not governments, that increasingly define the public realm. CLIP

To order Dr Hertz's book The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy go at
"By Far The Best Examination Of The New Wold Order" July 28, 2002
Dr Hertz is a very articulate lady and her presentation of the issue is far from the biased-bipolar atmosphere that pollute the media in the United States, where the effect of Globalization could be as harsh as in the developing world, if nothing is done to tame the power the supranational entities continue to have over the elected governments. CLIP


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
Subject: RE: Revisiting 9-11 Series #3: The Never-Ending 9-11 Story, Lies And Deceit! --- Posted at

Hello Jean

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your good work and efforts that I find most rewarding. I thought I might let you know that I will soon be announcing my candidacy for US Senate of Utah in 2004 and the e-mails that you have sent me and the attachments have been most informative and revealing. I hope that this campaign will be not about my becoming a senator, but a catalyst for transparancy and truth not only in our governments, but also in our day to day lives.

Thank you again, be well and god bless


Joseph K. LaBonte


Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002
From: Meredith Tupper <>
Subject: Re: Defeating the U.S. War Plans Series #1: Earth To Rambush: NO IRAQ WAR! --- Posted at

An excellent compilation, as always. Thank you Jean. I have written at
least a dozen letters to Congress this week and will write as many more
as we need to prevent this insanity.

Thank you again for all you do.

Remain in light,



From: Maureen Ericson <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Subject: No Iraqi Invasion!

Lightworkers here is a powerful statement from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.of angeltherapy concerning the need to stop the war against Iraq.

I normally don't forward political messages either... but this war could push us further from the peace that we have all worked so hard for. We need to have our voices heard!!!




Dear Lightworkers,

Please pass this email along to other lightworkers . . .

The world needs your help right now, at this very minute, to avoid violence. Last night, the angels awakened me and said that we must each take human steps to avert an invasion into Iraq. I normally don't send out politically involved letters, but the angels are pushing me -- and all of us -- to take immediate action. They said there are many alternative ways to deal with Hussein's nuclear and chemical operations. The U.N. and most western countries are aware of those alternatives, and are resisting the invasion effort.

The angels said that, yes, something must be done in response to Hussein's arsenal-building. However, the angels say that if we invade Iraq, the consequences could be quite dark and violent, as Iraq will retaliate. President Bush will be urging Americans and world leaders toward invasion this week, capitalizing upon the Sept. 11 anniversary emotions.

You can take control of your world, and keep it peaceful and intact for future generations, through these actions: praying without ceasing for peace; through affirming and visualizing a peaceful resolution to the Iraq and middle-east situations; and by voicing your opinions to your political representative and world leaders. Send them your opinions this week, as the invasion is being planned right now.

It will only take five minutes to send an email to your representative, and yet, your letter could make all the difference. Politicians and leaders do listen to voters' opinions, as they're sensitive to re-election implications. Be sure to put, in the email headline, a clear representation of your opinion, such as, "No Iraqi Invasion," or "Opposed to Iraq Invasion," etc., just in case they don't take the time to open and read the email letters.

Let's all pray, visualize, and speak our opinions together, Lightworkers!

In Peace,

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Write Your Representative - Contact your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives.

President George W. Bush <>
Fax: (202) 456-2461

Secretary of State Colin Powell <>
Fax: +1-202-261-8577

Visit Project VoteSmart at to find out who your elected representatives are.


Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002
From: Birgitta Svahnström <>
Subject: Reflections

Dear Jean

Again I want to thank you for the fantastic work you are doing to keep us all informed of "the other side" of events. Since I live in Scandinavia where we perhaps get a little more nuanced information about US business and where the European Union expresses its concerns, I feel your articles imbue me with hope. They tell terrible stories but also that so many people are horrified by the decisons made, among many others, by the president of the United States and his administration. I have been giving the current world situation much thought and tried to come to some understanding not of what is happening but why it is happening. I would like to share some of these thoughts with you and the ERN readers.

First of all as we all know we have now astrologically entered the Aquarian Age which entails a completely new set of values and a new way of managing and doing things. From an individualistic approach and goal we are moving towards a group-oriented world where we are going to have to learn the equal rights of all and to realize that we are all part and parcel of the One Life. We are being goaded into and even pushed into realizing that we are and for along time have been on the wrong road.

Our planet is a tiny one in the great cosmos, but it is the one we live on and where we, as humanity, have been given our chance to evolve, to transmute and transform into more loving, wiser and just re-flections of Gods Will. As has been stated so many times this involves sharing the Earth’s resources justly and accepting responsibility for our less fortunate human sisters and brothers and many more actions. All this is not happening and we are given warnings that are becoming stronger all the time. These warnings come in different shapes and forms.

Mother Earth (probably together with human controled weather technology) protests by exhibiting extreme weather conditions which increases the suffering and plight of those directly affected. Warnings come in the shape of scandals in the multinational corporations (Enron etc) that affect the entire national and maybe international economies. Warnings come in increasing hardships for ordinary people to find jobs, earn enough money, increased crime rates and so on.

Humanity is not heeding these signs and I suppose will not do so until also the rich part of the world is plunged into the same horror and poverty as the poor and exploited countries are experiencing. There is a saying that goes: until you reach the bottom of the well you just continue to go down but once there, there is only one way to go and that is up. Maybe we have not reached the bottom yet. A Power stronger than selfish human aspiration will see to it that we get there with the help of yet more agonizing catastrophies, more suffering and with the help of world leaders that accelerate the falling speed through their selfish actions.

Judas had an important role to fulfill. Without him Jesus Christ could not have fulfilled his mission. I like to believe he made a great sacrifice. Maybe the current president Bush also has a misson as well as Sharon of Israel and other leaders - to push the Western (rich) world off the cliff´s ridge and plunge it into havoc and make it a target for revenge from those we failed so grievously until we finally learn (the hard way) the necessary lessons. I for one believe that the snowball is rolling downhill soon turning into an avalanche that we already are past stopping its path. Nothing to be afraid of actually if we can take the stand that this is for our own good and the world will be a better place after it has fulfilled its mission even though we may have perished in the meantime.

Thank you for reading this.



Excerpts from the book Talking to Extraterrestrials, by Lisette Larkins" (Published in 2002 by Hampton Roads) Find out more at as recommended by "Georgia Pearson" <>

(...) Expand your idea of what is possible and notice where the intellect feels threatened at the very suggestion that Divinity has joined in this undertaking. It is not "perfect" any more than a conversation is "perfect" between any of you, but the intention and integrity of the participants in this project are motivated by a deep love and compassion for your people and planet Earth. Accept this communication as the gift that it is, and remember that Divinity is not relegated to be expressed in only one way or another. Allow life to unfold and express herself in new and creative ways. Allow the Beethovens and Edisons to step forth confidently and find in your society a "safe" place in which to provide inspiration. There are other Einsteins and Edisons among you, waiting for an opening to be heard. This message hopes to act as an encouragement for them to step forth now. As you are willing to be open to their new ideas that confront deep societal assumptions, in so doing, you allow the Einstein within self to emerge. This is how you evolve individually and how you can elevate your entire planet, when you become willing for the soft whisper of Divinity to replace the resistant, self-righteous denial of your mind. We are a team. We all are a team. Those of you who would like to join with us, let's find a way to bridge whatever dilemmas face your species and together co-create a wondrous tomorrow.


(...) When one day we visit your home for all to see at the dawn of your awakening, you will look back and notice that these and other communications of this type were the predecessor to global contact. When you ask us for that date, we withhold that information by necessity, since it is not set in stone. You, for example, are scheduled to be at work this morning. It is a probable outcome. But should you change your mind at the last minute, you will not arrive there, although you will eventually arrive, but perhaps by the most circuitous route. And again we remind you that in many cases we are landing there, through our demonstration with your crop circles and with contact with other experiencers. We just have not done so publicly, with cameras on us, at least not on a general scale. There have been plenty of sightings of our crafts. What more proof do you need? There are thousands of photographs circulating in books, through clubs, on the Internet. (...) Beneath the veil of denial of many of you is a deep soul-longing to embrace us and to remember our connection. Just as the little child begins to crawl and yearns to walk, this yearning is not necessarily conscious. The child is just compelled by the soul's desire, and so it is with you collectively. You may not think that you demonstrate collectively a willingness to adopt a relationship with us, but we know differently. It might be helpful to consider who we are and why we commune as we do, than to dismiss it outright as impossible. Then, the knowing of us would be aligning you closer with the soul's desire.


Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002
From: Astrid Stückelberger <>
Subject: Geneva Spiritual Appeal. an instrument for peace, full of meaning for 11th of September

Dear Jean,

This information and the Geneva Spiritual Appeal that will be renewed tomorrow by an interreligious and very international ceremony at the St Pierre Cathedral of Geneva see attached press release, programme and the Appeal as well as a panel report giving more explanations on the appeal and on the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations in Geneva.



Here are some excerpts from this press release. To get it all and/or to sign this appeal and support this most excellent initiative, please contact Astrid Stückelberger at <>

The Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations Geneva

What is the Spiritual Caucus?

The Spiritual Caucus was created a few months after the 11th of September 2001, as an initiative of a few people feeling the need to address world issues in a new and different way, shifting from the material to the spiritual paradigm. The Spiritual Caucus is a forum of organizations and their representatives interested in bringing the many different aspects of the Spiritual dimension in all areas of the UN agenda and global public policy. It is grounded in the recognition of the importance of spirituality to a future of inner and outer peace, respect and dignity for all. Through the organisation of events, the publication of document series, the creation of a clearing house, it is committed to keep the knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual perspective alive and transmitted throughout time.

The Spiritual Caucus membership consists of NGOs in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations and members of the Conference of NGOs (CONGO). at the United Nations in Geneva which are willing to include the spiritual dimension in their work and policy. Participation is open to other international governmental or non-governmental organizations as well as civil society individually or collectively wishing to participate and aspiring to the same goals. Links and collaboration with other NGOs and UN organizations in New York and Vienna has also been established.

Mission Statement

The Spiritual Caucus aims at bringing the spiritual dimension in all areas of the UN agenda and of public policy by encouraging a spiritual perspective within the international community and making written contributions for inclusion in United Nations declarations and programmes of action relating to spirituality and peace at all levels.

The Spiritual Caucus envisions a global society where there is compassion, love, friendliness, enthusiasm, a feeling of belonging and oneness with all life, as well as commitment, service and responsibility. These spiritual values are common to all faiths, cultures and traditions, are universal in nature and transcend the boundaries of religion and of nationality.

These imperatively need to be either reawakened, nurtured or sustained for the advancement of the world.

The Spiritual Caucus recognizes that an emphasis on spirituality is a key factor in providing common solutions to the societal ills of the modern world, such as human rights violations, lack of distributive justice, inner and outer poverty, destruction of the planet, injustice through racism, religious intolerance and all forms of discrimination, conflict, violence, terrorism, and war.

Religions, cultures and traditions around the world use silence, contemplation, prayer, reflection and meditation to ensure inner peace, well-being and to uplift individuals, families, communities, nations and life on earth, so that the finest and highest human qualities are self-realised and the full potential of human life can be expressed and preserved.

The Spiritual Caucus facilitates dialogue bringing people together to reach a higher level of consciousness and responsibility for our common global values and commitment to improve the state of the world.


* To share information and understanding about the various religions and spiritual traditions in order to create understanding and respect, and to share experiences of spiritual practices and inner peace.

* To participate in the work of the United Nations and in international conferences by:

- encouraging a spiritual perspective within the international community and making written contributions for inclusion in United Nations declarations and programmes of action;
- promoting the right to lead a spiritual and religious way of life in full respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Life on Earth;
- developing and implementing programmes relating to spirituality and peace at all levels;
- creating a global network of participants;

* To organize events in order to initiate dialogue between religious and spiritual dignitaries, speakers from UN agencies, UN missions, NGOs, civil society, private sector, media, etc.



Because our personal convictions or the religions to which we owe allegiance have in common a
respect for the integrity of humankind;

Because our personal convictions or the religions to which we owe allegiance have in common a
rejection of hatred and violence;

Because our personal convictions or the religions to which we owe allegiance have in common the
hope for a better and more just world;

Representing religious communities and civil society we appeal to the leaders of this world, whatever their field of influence, to strictly adhere to the following three principles:

A refusal to invoke a religious or spiritual power to justify violence of any kind;

A refusal to invoke a religious or spiritual source to justify discrimination and exclusion;

A refusal to exploit or dominate others by means of strength, intellectual capacity or spiritual
persuasion, wealth or social status;

Grounded in the Genevan tradition of welcome, refuge and compassion, our appeal is open to all
whose convictions are in accordance with these three demands.


Introduction to the panel

Never before has there been such a collective awareness of the State of War and Conflict in the world today. Never before has there been such a global consciousness of the need for Peace -inner and outer Peace - in the world we are living in. Through the media and the galloping global technology, all generations today are witnessing instantly the same horrors and dramas with diverse messages and interpretations. One of these interpretations which is given growing attention is justifying acts of violence, war and crime perpetrated in the name of religion. In 1999, a group of international religious and spiritual leaders of different faiths in Geneva gave birth to the Geneva Spiritual Appeal, a living instrument that refuses to accept the justification of using violence of any kind in the name of religion. It is a great opportunity and privilege to bring to you some of the ‘co-creators’ of this Appeal and to share with you the process, the work done, what has been achieved, and see if and how we can take the Appeal as an instrument for our work for Peace and Human Rights in and with the United Nations.

After 11 th September 2001, a small group gathered in the UN to see what changes can be made in our way of working and living - not only concerning 11 th September event but beyond it for all events disrupting human kind, one of these ideas that was offered was to ‘institutionalize’ one minute of Silence before all meetings in order to join without words in one common moment and one common Spirit for Humanity.

Minute of Silence


NOTE FROM JEAN: This idea of weaving spirituality in all aspects of the UN - and hopefully in the working of all governments, institutions and ultimately in the life of every human being is perhaps the only hope for an ecologically sustainable future and global spiritual awakening! "Our future will be spiritual or won't be!" as wrote French philosopher André Malraux


Received through Alan Moore <>

Subj: Anti-War Network Mobilizing to Stop the Insanity of a New War in Iraq - A Call to Action!!!
Date: 09/10/2002
From: (Adam Short)

If you are receiving this email, it is because you or your organization was integral in helping to organize the huge demonstration in Washington, D.C. last April 20th.

In many ways, the march was a success. We raised awareness of a diverse set of issues. Unfortunately, our central objective - to Stop the War - was not accomplished. To do that, we will need to do it again, bigger, louder, and better. Now we have a more focused and urgent objective - to Stop the War in Iraq. I know that with your help, it can be done.

The partnership between diverse activist groups to mobilize for April 20th was a historic and amazing accomplishment for which each and every one of you deserves to be congratulated. The pieces are still there, waiting to be picked up. But time is short. There will be a Hill vote on Iraq sometime in the next six weeks.

There MUST be a huge protest at the Capitol before the vote happens, preferably during debate on the resolution. If we can give voice to the millions of Americans who oppose war on Iraq, we can influence the vote on the Hill and stop this insanity. The time for action is now. Let's reconvene the April 20th mobilization and show the world that America - the REAL America - will not stand for this any longer.

Contact me at this address if you are ready to support this effort. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!!!

Peace, Light, Hope

Adam P. Short
D.C. Anti-War Network


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
From: Starhawk <>
Subject: My new book is out!

Hi all, my new book "Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising" is just out from New Society Publishers. It contains a lot of my writings about the global justice movement from the Seattle blockade through 9-11, plus a collection of longer essays. Below is the schedule of Bay Area booksignings. I'd love to see you there.

Check my web site,, for more dates as they are scheduled.


Praise for "Webs of Power":

The grave danger we are in -- of enslavement, worldwide, by the insatiably greedy -- is so complex only a witch could fully comprehend, analyze, and write a spell to get us out of it. I am serious. Enter Starhawk (thank Goddess!) and Webs of Power. This book tells us all we need to know about the chasm gaping at our feet. Visionary ropes are thrown in the hope that we will have sense and soul enough to swing ourselves across. A must and soonest read.

-- Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

Webs of Power is a must reading for all who would take part in the essential revolution of our time: the transition from a suicide economy to a life-sustaining civilization. Here Starhawk provides on-the-scene reports from the opening years of the Global Justice Movement; then in a set of outstanding essays, reflects on key strategic and philosophic issues. The voice of this visionary teacher, writer, activist is unfailingly fresh in its wisdom and relevance. While refusing all dogmas, she inspires and guides with wholesome, wry authority.

-- Joanna Macy, author of Widening Circles

Starhawk has done it again: merging the personal, the political, and the planetary in a seamless web of words that resemble the web of life. Do yourself a favor and read every sentence of this book; then let it guide you into being an active participant in the global values revolution that is replacing money values and violence with life values and nonviolence.

-- Kevin Danaher, Co-Founder, Global Exchange

Since the anti-WTO protests in Seattle, a dispersed and diverse global movement has better understood itself in the mirror of Starhawk's writings. Her essays consistently, and miraculously, combine how-to practicality with poetry and inspiration. She presents the best face of social justice and dares us to live up to it.

-- Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

Starhawk is a profound example of spiritual activation -- the place where mind, heart, and spirit join in sacred, conscious action. Her message on the importance of diversity in the global justice movement is timely and vitally important. This vision for a healthy world manifests into reality when we recognize that peace ON the Earth must happen as one with peace WITH the Earth.

-- Julia Butterfly Hill, author of One Makes the Difference and The Legacy of Luna



Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising

By Starhawk

Webs of Power is a call to reconceive our political and economic systems at the very deepest levels. Writing from the front lines, Starhawk chronicles the global justice movement sparked by Seattle’s 1999 anti-World Trade Organization protest. An activist in many of the major peace and justice movements of our times, Starhawk is deeply involved as a direct action participant and trainer in the anti-globalization movement.

The book is divided into "Actions" and "Visions." In Part I, Starhawk begins with a direct-action perspective of what really happened in Seattle and provides an overview of the complex political and economic powers that the anti-globalization movement opposes. Recounting the blow-by-blow events of the critical confrontations faced by the anti-globalization protestors after Seattle—Prague, Brazil, Quebec, Genoa—Starhawk discusses police brutality, the Black Bloc versus the pacifists, and the magic of solidarity.

In Part II, Starhawk spins a vision of the future of the anti-globalization movement. Drawing on her twenty years of experience as an activist, ecofeminist, and witch, she explores the debate between violent and nonviolent tactics; the definition of an economy of true abundance; and how we can transform our rage and despair, face our fears, and renew our spirits while acting to change the world.


NOTE FROM JEAN: See also the info on 2 other interesting books at

A Time for Choices: Deep Dialogues for Deep Democracy By Michael Toms

Off The map: An Expedition Deep into Empire and the Global Economy by Chellis Glendinning


Sent by Liz Daly <>

To Believe

To believe is to know that every
day is a new beginning.
It is to trust that miracles happen,
and dreams really do come true.

To believe is to see angels
dancing among the clouds
To know the wonder of a stardust sky
and the wisdom of the man in the moon.

To believe is to know the value
of a nurturing heart,
The innocence of a child's eyes and the
beauty of an aging hand,
for it is through their teachings we learn to love.

To believe is to find the strength and
courage that lies within us.
When it is time to pick up
the pieces and begin again.

To believe is to know we are not alone,
That life is a gift and this is our
time to cherish it.

To believe is to know that wonderful
surprises are just waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams
are within reach.

If only we believe.