March 15, 2002

Turning Tide of History #4: Facing Adversity and Reaching for the Light Within

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
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"Unshared joy is an unlighted candle"

Spanish proverb


1. America's Real Voice & Declaration of Freedom and Unity
2. Comment about the "Banksters" and on a new book by Thomas H. Greco
3. Enron & IMF Plan for Total Slavery of the World | Marga's Crucial Question!
4. And the World Is Being Hijacked



From: "Bonnie Lock" <>
Subject: America's Real Voice
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002

Dear Jean,

I think this may be helpful to the US voters on your list (and our global friends who are watching and wondering when will the American people start speaking up!).

I just returned from Washington, D.C. today having participated in a 55 delegate coalition of grass roots folks from across the country who voluntarily went through crack "lobbyist" training (complete with vigorous and often humorous role playing) to effectively deliver messages and requests to Congress about the dangers of nuclear proliferation, and the benefits of supporting the campaign to keep space free of weapons/ for peaceful purposes.

Lobbyist after lobbyist and congressional aide after aide painted an atmosphere of restraint, caution, and frustration. Staffers strongly encouraged support from constituents to "make it ok" to work on the issues we share and care about. Several hinted at needing it personally just to feel energized and maintain their hope. Imagine --all this time, many of us have been feeling disempowered, without a voice, and the very people who can help find creative ways to push our issues through are feeling as disempowered as many of us!

The delegation from my state had 7 people who visited 4 congressional offices in a day (a good start). We plan to keep doing this and to do it locally as well as in Washington.

As instructed by the very respectable and professional sponsoring D.C. organizations and numerous friendly congressional aides they invited that deftly explained the climate in Washington, how to get a message across that would sell (or not sell at all), and how to tailor it to a particular congressperson' s political agenda, we were able to dutifully deliver a message and requests for support related to several nuclear non-proliferation issues, while driving home that there are a lot of people back home seriously concerned about:

1) a seeming breakdown of checks and balances and governmental accountability
2) an erosion in hard fought protection of civil liberties
3) dangerous foreign policies that are easily perceivable by other countries as unilateralist, militaristic, and threatening, and
4) an apparent disregard of international law and the protection of treaties.

To address these issues we offered that we were prepared to host numerous town meetings back home with bi-partisan representation of our elected House Representatives and Senators in order to give a voice to their constituents as well as to them, in a public forum that encourages healthy education and debate, an airing of concerns and issues, and an opportunity to let people know where their elected officials stand (the first is scheduled in Philadelpia, Pennsylvania on April 3rd).

We emphasized that we were grateful for their support and the actions they have taken to defend against terrorism, but that we also were prepared to hold them fully accountable for protecting democracy by exercising their vested power to ensure that there are effective checks and balances, protection of civil rights, and room for differing opinions and dissent, the very things that the United States was founded on and they have sworn to uphold.

After the meetings, we had the opportunity to collectively "debrief" as a larger group (a day in Washington and you start doing the lingo without realizing it).

Following are a few opinions (admittedly subjective, but a consensus based on collective experience) about the state of affairs in D.C. and some suggestions to everyone else out there who feels intimidated, misled, confused, without a voice, or who needs a shot of inspiration or hope:

1) There are many members of Congress (and staffers) who feel equally stymied by the current political (and media) climate and are frustrated in not being able to advance the issues they support.

2) There are many who are working hard to achieve greater accountability and the flow of honest information from the White House.

3) There are many who will welcome the opportunity to be provided with a forum supported by their constituents to speak up (in this regard, we not only gathered support for public town meetings, we also walked away with potential allies to help in having a briefing held for Congressional members and staffers on the psychology of conflict, violence, terrorism, and proliferation).

4) Enveloping your message or request within concerns about or as solutions to obtaining "true, sustainable security for everyone" helps.

5) Blame, anger, negativity, and especially conspiracy theories (unless there is incontrovertible proof that will stand up in a court of law) are counterproductive.

6) If you are willing to take the time to develop a personal relationship and to understand their concerns, and you can deliver ideas or actions for a win/win opportunity or solution, they'll listen and are very likely to invite follow up action (that's their job). It also helps, if you plan to do any lobbying, to be prepared, concise, and to stay on message.

7) An interesting opinon which was advanced was, like it or not, the "ruling" power at present is very conservative, which means it's "theology" is focused on basically three beliefs: opposition to abortion/the right to life, less/minimum government (ergo fiscally conservative spending except for the programs that support the conservative agenda), unilateral action and preservation of US national and economic interests as a primary basis for foreign policy (ergo breaking treaties and cooperating globally only if it supports conservative priorities or the US economy and corporate interests), and a strong military/defense (which is needed if you're going to be a unilateralist nation). Support for other priorities are offered generally with good intention but in the end when they are politically expedient. Remembering this helps when shaping your message. Also, knowing who you are talking to and getting to know where they stand on the continuum of conservatism or fear, and respecting that (or as ERN subscriber would say, shining light on the dark).

8) Forget efforts to save the ABM treaty (but pushing hard for a replacement negotiated at the Bush/Putin summit in May that has real teeth will find support among Democrats and Republicans).

9) National Missile Defense is actually a very low priority compared to other priorities, so advancing preserving space for peace/preventing its weaponization is acutally worth pursuing/could be passed with enough public pressure and support. The reasoning here is that it could be a political no-brainer for both parties to use to get some mileage from (a carrots for the masses, so to speak), since it's decades away, everyone knows it doesn't work, and is a small percentage - as compared to the total - of the defense budget). My added opinion: activists need an empowering win that gives them a strong and united voice, small victories are helpful in setting the stage for larger victories, getting it discussed publically and in the media will open the door wider for debate on related/larger issues, so everyone, please GO FOR THIS ONE NOW.
(see a href=""> and use this website's FAX system to support HR3616, a Senate version of the House bill, and the World Treaty)

10) Every staffer said over and over, they NEED/WANT TO HEAR FROM THEIR CONSTITUENTS. In general, most effective in order are: Personal visits, faxes, phone calls, postcards, letters, mail --- especially when there is a LARGE volume.

11) Because the House and House staff turnover are so big, it cannot be assumed that our Representatives all talk to each other -- tell yours if another has sponsored a bill you support; they may not know about it (as in the weaponization of space ban bill, HR3616 -- which btw, generated very interested responses when we mentioned the incredibly large and rapid fire internet response to Rep. Dennis Kucinick's Prayer for America and announcement of HR3616, which we were able to back up with a published article in The Nation).

12) Partnering, collaborating etc. among diverse groups of activists and interested parties/voters when delivering your unified message speaks volumes. Diversity and the perception of strength and power (broad-based potential votes/strong political blocs of allied activists in their districts) works!

I am not strong on expertise re. nuclear issues, but when I was presented with this opportunity, I accepted, hoping that I might learn something I could share with others, to help the America that has been mostly silent, licking their wounds, trying to figure out who to trust and how to move effectively forward. As a mother of twentysomethings, I have been especially concerned about the disillusionment of our young voters whose votes matter so much, who deserve to have hope for a better future, who are our future.

I would like everyone, and especially our youth, to know there is hope, and to encourage them to exercise their rights to speak and act, without fear. Some doubts and some fear understandably linger for many, but my faith in Spirit tells me the time is right, and we WILL be supported... especially if we come from a place of love and light.

To close, I offer as a prayer (and hopefully a gift of inspiration) a revised version of the Declaration of Independence written to honor the past and to inspire movement to a higher reality for the 21st century (and therefore a Declaration of Freedom and Unity):

NOTE FROM JEAN: In a subsequent email to me Bonnie also mentioned: "I just want to stress again how needed and important it is for your readers to speak up...everywhere....not just in the United States! It was an incredible personally empowering and educational experience, a lot of fun, and something I wish I had done much earlier in my life, especially when I felt that my voice didn't count, or is too small to make a difference, or making the effort seemed too difficult."

I had also requested more details as to who organize this lobbying effort in Washington DC and Bonnie wrote back "As far as who sponsored the lobbying and nuclear nonproliferation issue training, I would prefer to take a little time to gather together a comprehensive list of resources for you so you can share them in an effective fashion." ... which I'll do as soon as I get it from her. But anyone willing to correspond directly with "Bonnie Lock" <> is most welcomed as she indicated.

Now on to her *MOST* magnificent declaration which she wrote in 1997 with the editing assistance of her friend Jonathan and which was "publically declared across from the Liberty Bell on July 4th 1998 as part of a "Unity Spirit" celebration/event, in which the keynote address was (now very aptly) entitled "Who Will Stand for America?"." More comments from me below after this...


Declaration of Freedom and Unity

In Philadelphia, on July 4th 1776, the Declaration of Independence rang the clarion call for liberty to all humanity; the sounds of that call resonate throughout the world to this day. We declare boldly that a reawakening of such universal values as compassion, love, tolerance, generosity, justice, peace and beauty are essential to attain independence from ignorance and suffering, and to affirm joy and the interdependence of all life. In a renewed spirit of unity, we seek to put to rest all past injuries, intended and unintended; we seek to forgive and to be forgiven, laying to rest the pains of the past, so that we might move forward, with God's blessings, into the 21st century, with peace and clarity in our minds and hearts.

With unshakeable strength of purpose and profound gratitude for those who have sacrificed to help protect human rights, freedom, and peace, we call upon all to step forward in a renewed commitment of public and private service, to our families, our communities, our nation, and the living biosphere we call Earth.

We further declare that to live the following truths within this commitment is our choice:

That we are all profoundly related, inseparable, and endowed by our Creator with a divine, powerful and loving Spirit that provides us with all that we need to love, honor, and serve all children, women, and men in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

That not only are all children, women, and men created equal, but we are all equally responsible and accountable for ensuring the expression of equality, freedom and love, for ourselves, and for everyone;

That in surrendering freely to the Creator and celebrating the gifts of universal values in all that we do and say, authentic and lasting freedom from all forms of tyranny, self-imposed and otherwise, is certain;

That self-responsibility, honest communication, selfless generosity and service, the expression of gratitude, living by one's word with integrity and passion, and celebrating the sacred within us and all around, enhance life, freedom, and joy for all;

That we are all, each and every one of us, at all times, capable and worthy of sharing and receiving the universal gifts of kindness, respect, tolerance, forgiveness compassion, and abundance;

That we all have the natural capacity for inspiration, faith, trust, and patience; we can, all of us, individually and together, heal our communities by courageously exercising these capacities; by so doing, we will receive blessings beyond our imagination;

That in all acts, the moment we commit ourselves to a higher purpose, with intention and love, Providence always moves in countless ways to serve the greatest good for all; we are thus provided with what we need to carry out such purpose;

That we live in an intricate web of life and this living Earth is a miracle; we are not separate from this miracle; we are granted an innate God-given power to serve to create a world of infinite and everlasting beauty for all to cherish; we are all of us responsible and accountable for constantly endeavoring to the best of our ability, to nurture this living Earth, which is our home; to be grateful for its many gifts, and to freely and responsibly share its blessings; in so doing, we will likewise always be cherished and protected now and forevermore.

To serve these higher ends and in celebration of the miracle of life, we hereby freely declare that this is our choice.

Peace and Love!

ADDITIONAL NOTE FROM JEAN: In my reply to Bonnie, I had suggested to her that this Declaration "would be a MOST appropriate accompanying Statement of purpose and affirmation that could be integrated with the International campaign I intend to launch to promote the concept of the "Council
of Love". What I would do is create a website solely dedicated to this project and in this site people would find a ready-to-sign online version of this "Declaration of Freedom and Unity". There would be several versions of it in as many languages as I could get from people on the ERN list (I'll do the French translation - if you can contribute one in any other language, let me know!) along with similar multilanguage versions of the Council of Love introductory material. If you would agree to allow me to use your declaration, that's what I'd do."

And Bonnie replied (in part): "I have desired with all my heart nothing less than legions of people all over the world declaring boldly and choosing with the utmost power and love they can hold and manifest, to unite in love, and in celebration of the truths contained in the Declaration of Freedom and Unity, which though they came from the instrument of my pen, were clearly inspired from the only Source that matters. In fact, your Council of Love idea beautifully fits in with a vision that was a part of my personal awakening."

She also offered to contribute to the creation of this Council of Love website.

So there you have it all - or most of it anyway ;-)


Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: Suzanne Phillips <>
Subject: Re The Big Brother Files #34: The "Banksters" --- Webposted at a href="Archives2002/BigBrother34.htm">

Dear Jean,

A million thanks for your dedicated efforts to keep us abreast of the truth! As you said recently, absolute truth is the only thing at this point in history that can save the human species and help restore our beautiful planet home.

The revelations in Big Brother Files #34 about the operations of the World Bank/IMF are mind-boggling. These institutions, however, are "only the tip of the iceberg" - an increasingly popular phrase these days. The whole banking system, as operated for centuries, is set up to favor its wealthy owners and impoverish the rest of us.

I want to call your readers' attention to a newly-published book on the subject by Thomas H. Greco, Jr - Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender. Using the U.S. as an example, this remarkable book does two things. It tells us how the banking system works, and offers practical solutions enabling communities to take back control of their lives.

Greco, an MBA, former business professor and entrepreneur, has spent 30 years on both sides of these prime issues. He says official money malfunctions in three ways: It is kept artificially scarce; it is misallocated at its source; and it systemically pumps wealth from other classes to the rich through "the debt trap."

We need to fully grasp the fact that the primary way money (both currency and credit) comes into existence is through debt. Banks are not simply "depositories of wealth". Their main role is as banks of issue. "[In] order for money to come into circulation, someone must go into debt to a bank."

About 95% of existing money has been created by banks with the stroke of a pen as debt with interest due! This explains why the world's economic house of cards teeters on the verge of collapse; why 35,000 children die daily in the Third World from hunger or preventable disease; why governments fall; and why many people work two jobs and still can't make ends meet.

Money is kept artificially scarce. "Banks create money by making loans," Greco says, but the money to pay interest is not created at the same time. This guarantees that some will always lose. Like musical chairs where there's one less chair each time around.

Further, in an official publication, "The Federal Reserve unabashedly admits that it purposely tries to maintain the scarcity of money. It claims 'moneyderives its value from its scarcity in relation to its usefulness.'"

It is assumed that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is a public official. He is not. "The Federal Reserve is a private corporation to which Congress has delegated power (some say unconstitutionally) over money in the United States. The 'Fed' acts as a central bank that presides over a private banking cartel" *

Money is misallocated at its source, i.e. banks. because "allocation decisions are not made democratically but rather by elite groups of corporate bankers who are not held properly accountable. They act in their own interests, pursuing goals that are typical of any corporate business -- profit and growth."

The debt trap. Banks are legally allowed to charge interest (which in this case is usury because the money doesn't yet exist), and also to confiscate your collateral if you are can't repay the loan. The standard practice of foreclosing mortgages on farms or houses sends people to work as 'wage slaves.'

But this is the least of the damage. Intertwining of private banks and central governments and their mutual dependence gives banks far-reaching power over our quality of life. "In return for its privileged position, the banking cartel must assure that the central government is able to borrow and spend virtually any amount of money it wishes. The banking system, despite its public rhetoric about the importance of fiscal responsibility, will always 'float' the necessary budget deficits of the central government, by 'monetizing' the debt.

"What this means is that the banking system will create enough new money to allow the market to absorb the new government bonds that must be issued to finance the deficit. Thus, it allows the government to spend as much as it wishes without raising taxes directly. Says Greco, "The primary cause of inflation is the issuance of money on the basis of ever increasing debts of central governments, which they are unable to repay."

"The most destructive aspect of this almost limitless power to spend is that, as E.C. Riegel has written 'it permits ambitious or designing or fanatical men who are in control of government to light the fires of war'. If government were required first to come to the people to obtain the money to fight, there would be few if any wars."

It is increasingly evident that the U.S. government is beholden to corporations. This has special dangers in regard to banks. In New Money for Healthy Communities, Greco states "Economics drives politics, and money is the central mechanism through which economic power is exerted in the modern world. The history of the United States shows how power has progressively migrated from the people, local communities, counties, and states toward the Federal government in general, and the executive branch in particular"

Greco believes the main way communities can improve their lot is to take back power at the grassroots. It is exciting to know that many have taken matters into their own hands. Recognizing that government is either powerless or unwilling, people have created alternative currencies to supplement scarce "official money." In so doing, they have supplied their own needs and found their communities thriving. Best yet, they have empowered themselves to make their own decisions about their quality of life. Space doesn't permit details of these plans but you can read about them in Greco's books or on a href="http//">http//

Henry Ford, Sr., staunch member of the United States' business community, once said "If the people of the nation understood our banking and monetary system, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Our beleaguered Earth and suffering people call us to understand and act now. Economic scarcity at all levels will not be solved until the monetary system is changed. First item is returning to each central and responsible government the power to issue its nation's currency without interest. Second, returning economic and decision-making power to each community.

Says Greco: "Imagine a world in which war and abuse are only dimly remembered, in which everyone has enough to live a dignified life, in which harmony among the species prevails and the rape of the earth has ceased."

Where there's a will there's a way. If this is our true vision, we can make it happen. Tom Greco can help you get started. Read his books or contact him at P.O. Box 42663, Tucson AZ 85733. e-mail: - Phone: 520-795-8930.

Once again, Jean, heartfelt thanks for your compassion and courage.


* See a href=""> - political section, a href=""> for remarks by Congressman Louis T. McFadden in 1933 on the Federal Reserve Corporation.


Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002
From: Antares <>
Subject: Re: Enron & IMF Plan for Total Slavery of the World | Marga's Crucial Question! wrote:

Well Antares, thank you for sending me this little bit of news. It's very disheartening but not at all surprising. So what do we do? What are people of good heart to do about all of this? We can't just run to our caves and hide in meditation and prayer, we can't protest in the streets because that would be the perfect way for the bankers and power brokers to get rid of us. I can hear it now "In a late breaking news story, demonstrations broke out among protesters of the World Bank today. Because of the violence of the demonstration the National Guard was call in. 800 protesters presumed dead." So what do we do?

Wondering as I am wandering.



Marga le Fey, you delightful being, I'm glad you asked, because many are asking the same question right now. WHAT DO WE... WHAT CAN WE DO... apart from commit suicide or regicide (which may be the same thing, for aren't we all kings and queens of our own sovereign being)?

First, let me ask you: would you rather NOT know about any of this? Would you prefer the childlike bliss of ignorance? I look at Ahau (who turns 6 on the vernal equinox) and it's clear that he's not in any way bothered about geopolitics or the reprehensible behaviour of the World Bank (even though their ecocidal activities could destroy his future in the 3rd Dimension, making him inherit a toxic wasteland instead of paradise on earth). He doesn't judge the moral status of the grownups he meets - although he's attracted by some and repulsed by others. I wish I could be as spontaneous and living-in-the-now as Ahau, but alas, I know too much!

Once I was very much part of the Illuminati, that whole false god game, and even in this incarnation, I might have ended up being a top-earning spin doctor with some PR firm like Hill &amp; Knowlton or Saatchi &amp; Saatchi whose clients may include Monsanto, Mobil-Exxon, General Electric, North American Rockwell, or the Pentagon. That sort of career choice might have lubricated my petty ego - made me a little god in my own private domain with all the perks and privileges that come with being a high-level minion of Sauron... oops, I mean Enron!

But in 1977 - shortly after reading 'That Hideous Strength' by C.S. Lewis - I quit a full-time job in advertising and sought to create a path for myself using whatever skills I could muster. After a while I discovered there was no escape from the 3D Matrix generated by Big Economics and Big Politics and propped up by Big Military and the Big Brother secret police... except by reclaiming my authority and power from within and no longer allowing myself to be beholden to ANY external authority, especially if it proclaimed itself to be God!

I unsubscribed from belief systems that dictated the lives of billions. I disconnected from the illusion of Progress (measured quantitatively by scientific materialist criteria), renounced the education system and insurance and real estate and the concept of personal income tax and the spurious notion that we need governments and police and military to protect us from outright CHAOS and ANARCHY. I weaned myself off the need for externally imposed LAW and ORDER and accepted that indestructible and immutable principles of fractal harmonics and sacred geometry were in operation that eternally transform and regenerate visible structures - and all that was required of a sentient, evolving soul-entity was to be conscious of this process - and remain conscious through all its fascinating phases, occasionally focusing the heart-guided will in this or the other direction, purely as a navigational device, to minimize damage to our physical vehicles.

In other words, I began to deprogram myself from being ruled by FEAR. I'm not saying I deleted all CAUTION programs from my biocomputer, but the deeply ingrained seeds of FEAR planted by the cunning Creator gods who colonized the Earth aeons ago and manufactured from their own genetic material a docile semi-intelligent slave race to dig for precious metals and build their empires. These Creator Gods are commonly referred to as the Anunnaki or reptoid ETs and some of their aristocratic bloodlines continue to rule the earth (under the astral influence of their ancestors) through monolithic religious, financial, and military institutions established over millennia. Others have woken up and understood the stupidity of their earthbound ambitions, and rededicated their energies to helping others wake up, so that yet another massive catastrophe (such as has happened many times in previous creation cycles) can be averted in the nick of time.

Marga, now is the time to reintegrate our multidimensional aspects and become whole unto ourselves once more. As we perform this essential alchemy on our beings, we shall retrieve long-forgotten knowledge and abilities, forgive long-buried trangressions, transmute all past pain into present and future pleasures, and release ourselves from the Dead Zone of automatism. No secret cabal can control a Buddha (Fully Awakened One) or Christ (Totally Compassionate One). That's what we MUST become, not in a hundred lifetimes, but right now, in the next couple of days, weeks or months!

Institutionalized (in effect, rigidified) forms of religious teachings have deliberately implanted the notion in earthbound humanity that such states of consciousness are well nigh inaccessible and remote; that it takes many lifetimes of hardship and suffering to attain Buddhahood or Christhood (or Prophethood if you happen to be Muslim). That's absolute nonsense. We could easily have 10,000 times more Buddhas than Bachelor degree holders and 1,000 times more Christs than PhDs! The moment you disconnect yourself from the belief of unworthiness or sinfulness, you become once again a living miracle - a tabula rasa (clean slate), the embodiment of innocence and complete receptivity to angelic, archangelic, deific inspiration (which appears to enter from "above" through the soul-star and crown chakras, but actually arises spontaneously from your innermost core - the original seed of Total Awareness). Of course, the vast majority of earthbound humanity is emotionally clogged from generations and lifetimes of debilitating and paralyzing trauma. This needs to be cleared first (throwing out the stale wine so that fresh wine can be poured into the holy grail!) - and there are so many healing options available to us these days from deep massage to rebirthing, Reiki, releasing, crystal cleansing, aurasoma, and so on; one or more of these therapies is bound to work for you!)

I have done it, I am doing it, it's easy and painless and fun and rejuvenating. And I have absolutely no doubt that YOU are or will be doing it too.

Remember, a billion bombs have no power against a single Buddha. An entire Age of Darkness holds no terror for a single Christ. We, the Public, must become We, the Christ. Then all "sins" will be forgiven, all ignorance dispelled, all lack fulfilled, and all hatred transmuted INSTANTLY to healing love.

Infinite Rainbow Blessings on Your Voyage of Eternal Bliss,



From: "Leo Genereux" <>
Subject: And the World Is Being Hijacked
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002

Dear Jean,

I have not been reading my e-mails for some time. This morning the flood of thirty days of messages had a tremendous impact on me. I felt prompted to deal with my emotions with the words below.

Peace to All Sentient Beings,



And The World Is Being Hijacked

...And the World is being hijacked by terrorists who,
Disguised as the righteous,
Rule over us with lies and treason.

And the World is being hijacked by terrorists who,
Camouflaged in Red White and Blue,
Look like the businessmen and politicians,
We were trained to respect and admire.

And they call for us to be patriotic,
And give up our liberties and rights,
For the sake of crushing our enemies,
For the sake of they say.

And the TV news broadcasters wave the flag,
As a few elite unreproachables
Buy the rights to enslave the world
With money siphoned from the human masses.

The billions of people who live on this globe
Are beginning to feel the crunch of treacherous scammers,
As the world is being hijacked by terrorists who,
Disguised as the righteous
Rule over us with lies and treason.....

Where has our government For the People, By the People gone? Is it gone forever?

We must choose today for the children of tomorrow.

Leo Genereux