April 15, 2002

A Call to Prayer for the Middle East and Reactions on this Conflict

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Forgiveness, love and our connection with the Divine is the medicine that is healing the sickness of our time."

-- J. Artos Roske -- Sent by Larry Morningstar <mana7@wave.net>


1. Indigo Children in the Middle East / A Call to Prayer
2. Feedback on Eyewitness report from Ramallah
3. Feedback on The Infamy Continues
4. Feedback on sad news
5. We have created an 800-pound gorilla
6. More from Lesley in Ramallah
7. Poll: Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel
8. Contact the media and object to US news non-objective Middle East coverage
9. Some thoughts on the conflict

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From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@aol.com>
Subject: Indigo Children in the Middle East / A Call to Prayer
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002

Join us in "Praying Peace" with the Indigo Children in the Middle East April 20th, 6pm New York Time, 11pm UK, 8am April 21 in Sydney

A Letter from Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden and James Twyman:

We have all been distressed by the escalating violence in the Middle East. Every day we hear stories of suicide bombings, tanks destroying entire villages, and the rising death toll. Most of us feel helpless, wanting to do something to help, but having no idea how.

We believe that prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe, and that we can use this power to shape a world based on compassion and love rather than conflict and war. It has been proven over and over. Many of you have participated in other World-Wide prayer vigils we have sponsored in the past, and you have seen the dramatic results. Here's one example: On November 13, 1998, war ships were preparing to launch an assault against the Iraqi people. Later that night millions of people in at least 80 countries stopped what they were doing for ten minutes to "Pray Peace" for that terrible situation. Little did we know that at the same moment people gathered to pray, President Clinton ordered the bombing to begin. The jets were in the air and the missiles were made ready. But then something happened that no one expected. Twice that night President Clinton gave stand down orders and called the jets back to the ships. To this day no one knows exactly what happened, but it was as if the bombs could not fall with the force of so many people praying and sending their feelings of peace. At least for one night no bombs fell and no one died.

It's time to activate the same initiative for the Middle East.

Many of you are aware of the role the children are playing in making a global transition into the New World. We believe that the adults have had their chance, and yet the struggle for power goes on. There are thousands of Indigo and Psychic Children in the Middle East, but they need our help to activate their influence. It may not be the traditional influence most of us are accustomed to, but one that is far more subtle. If we can send a wave a healing Light to the Children of the Middle East with the expressed purpose of activating their Spirits, we believe it will have a powerful effect on the whole region. They are the ones that may be able to end the violence, but only if given the chance.

Here's what we are asking, and please pass this email to everyone you can. On April 20th, 6pm New York time, we ask that you join with as many people as you can and do three things.

1. "Feel" the emotion of peace prevailing in the Middle East. This is where the real magic is. 2. Imagine Israeli and Palestinian children responding to this call, using the power of their spirits to activate the healing energy grid that will bring peace to everyone in that region. 3. Sing a song that we all know: "Let There be Peace on Earth." Music has a power that cannot be denied, and this song says it all. (words at bottom of page)

That's it. Imagine if millions respond to this request. We believe that it may activate their souls to create the peace that evades the politicians. It's the children we need to encourage now, and the rest of us will surely follow.

From James Twyman:

There has been so much talk lately about the Indigo and Psychic Children, and the role they have to play in creating a New World based on the ideals of compassion and love. But sometimes we forgot our responsibility in helping them. We need to powerfully choose this world and work together in making it a reality. Mass prayer is one of the best ways to do this. It simply works. Please help activate the Children of the Middle East by joining millions of people in holding this vision. The Children will save the world, but we must take the first step. (jamestwyman.com)

From Gregg Braden:

Perhaps now, more than at any time in our history, the choices that we make in our lives, have lasting effects, and global consequences, that will extend for hundreds of generations into our future. In light of the escalating global tensions, focused locally in the Middle East, recent studies offer new hope, and renewed credibility to our most cherished traditions suggesting that we may "do something" about the seemingly unending cycles of violence, and future of our world.

Statistics have shown that a specific number of people, joined in a focused, unified consciousness of non-denominational mass prayer*, produce effects that extend well beyond the room or building where the prayer has occurred. These studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that focusing our feelings as if our prayers have already been answered, has a predictable and measurable effect on the quality of life during the time of the prayer.

In this instance, these findings invite us to feel appreciation and gratitude for peace, as if the peace in our world already exists, and give thanks for that peace. In this way, we open the door for even greater amounts of peace to be present.

Scientists suspect that the relationship between mass prayer and the effect of those prayers is due to a phenomenon known as the field effect of consciousness. It is this field effect that becomes available for the children of the world to "tap into". Additionally, those making the policies that affect the future and direction of our world are linked to precisely the same prayer fields that we will access during our vigil, and may benefit to the degree that they choose, even without direct participation

I invite you to join us for an empowering moment of unity, peace, prayer and possibility. Through our time together, we offer the power of life and peace to our children, and our world, both present and future.

Many thanks in advance for your willingness to make our world a better place!! (greggbraden.net)

From Doreen Virtue:

Since the time of Pythagorus, we've known that music can provide a healing component for bodies. Scientific studies ever since have shown the healing effect that music has on mental and physical health. And a channeled chapter on "Music" in my new book, "Messages from Your Angels" discusses how the molecules of music wrap us in a protective blanket that deflect away negative energies. Now, we're going to use this knowledge to reveal a powerful healing in the Middle East. Imagine the power of millions of children singing in innocent, angelic voices simultaneously. Now, imagine those voices joined by millions of adults with pure intentions of peace. Please ask your children to sing "Let There be Peace on Earth" with us on April 20 (April 21 in Australia). We need each and every voice! (AngelTherapy.com)

"Let There Be Peace on Earth"

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as Creator, family all are we. Let us walk with each other in perfect Harmony. Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now. With every breath I take, let this be my joyous vow: To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally. Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!



From: "Sibyl Walski" <antakarana@snowcrest.net>
Subject: Feedback on URGENT! Eyewitness report from Ramallah
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002

The irony, Jean, is that this is the Warsaw ghetto all over--only the Israelis will not admit it. Only the one's throwing the stones and Molotov cocktails in the streets there were "freedom fighters" in their resistance to oppression. The same resistance translated to the ghettoes of the sealed off camps of the West Bank is the act of "terrorists".

A documentary made by an Israeli woman of several Palestinian children she has followed since 1986 who share their thoughts and feelings will not be aired on Israeli TV because the powers that be there have declared in a formal statement that "the thoughts and feelings of Palestinians are irrelevant".

The Israelis have not been on the high road for 50 years and there is a world wide movement of Jews calling for the dismantling of the Israeli state because it has committed too many crimes in the name of Judaism. And in the process have created the most anti-Semitic state on the planet.

The Israelis have stolen the land of the indigenous people, herded them into concentration camps, depersonalized them, kept them oppressed and left them nothing--certainly not their self respect. Protests are shouted down, no matter how reasonably they have been attempted. I witnessed it myself. They simply cannot permit themselves to believe that the Palestinian people's interests count for anything, or that they are even human, because then they will have to acknowledge their crimes against them.

When they said "never again" they meant only for themselves. This Holocaust they have been foisting on the world for 50 years is right out of the SS handbook. The US has supported them at least in part because of a sense of guilt for not responding during WW II--but what will we do when the true enormity of what the Israelis have perpetrated on a powerless people can no longer be hidden? And they are showing their true evil colors before the world as I write. Sharon is a war criminal of the ilk of Milosevich and Eichmann and should be held accountable by more than Israeli public opinion. He should be the next one in the docket at the Hague. This is the second massacre he has inflicted on these people--Sabra and Shatila were his act too.

I have watched and studied this for 40 years, and was initially pro-Israeli. But too much film footage has been made available showing the Israelis at their unconscionable imperialist worst. They need to see with the eyes of compassion the suffering of other members of the human race, and NOW. And take their fingers out of their ears and really LISTEN without defenses. The thoughts and feelings of the Palestinian people DO matter, and failure to honor that will be the death of Israel--if Israel is not the death of the planet first.

Sorry for the length of this--I can no longer hold my tongue on the subject. I am neither a Jew nor a Palestinian, just someone whose sense of fair play has been violated past tolerance for too long. And thank you for this piece. It will be forwarded to anyone I think will listen.

Sibyl Walski


From: JacobJG@aol.com
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002
Subject: Feedback on The Infamy Continues: News of the Atrocities Committed by Israel

Dear Jean,

I wouldn't have thought you a jew-hater. By your actions, you are ensuring the misery of millions, mostly Arabs. You are buying into the propaganda. I won't ask to be eliminated from your list; I occasionally find something interesting in it beyond the conspiracy hysteria sort of stuff. If you don't get it, Israel CAN'T be intimidated by ANY pressure from the U.S. If we threatened to withdraw our financial and military support, Sharon would laugh in Bush's face. You want to see anti-Semitism in this country, just watch what the Jews here would do in that circumstance. We'd close this country down. The only chance for peace is what Powell and Bush (the idiot) did yesterday, telling Arafat what to do, in other words, taking Israel's side. Isreal will NOT under ANY circumstances cease the offensive until the suicide bombings stop. So, if you want to work for peace, work from THAT perspective. In Love and Light,

Jacob J. Goren


Thanks for sharing your perspective on this conflict with me, which I think speaks perfectly of where you stand on this. I've included your letter in a series of reactions I'm compiling on this issue so that there will be comments coming from a variety of perspectives. Regarding your assertion that I am a "jew-hater", I obviously totally disagree with you but you are entitled to think whatever you want of me.



P.S. You may be interested in this...

April 17th is Israel Independence Day. The Foreign Ministry has decided it wants to know how many people support Israel. Go at http://www.our-support.com/


Dear Jean,

Obviously, I don't think you a jew-hater; however, you accomplish their work by swallowing, hook-line-and-sinker, the Palestinian lies.

My main point in my note was to let you know that those who want peace in the Middle East can ONLY get it by supporting the Palestinian leadership to cease their terrorism FIRST whatever justification they and others think they have for it. The Israeli leadership will NEVER succomb to terrorism, no matter the transgressions they, themselves, have perpetrated in the past. Therefore, publishing newsletters that might cause Palestinians to think they can "win" by their current course of action only leads to more suffering for them.

Thank you for your hard work publishing your newsletter.

In Love and Light,

Jacob J. Goren


Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002
From: Alexander <yersinpestis@seznam.cz>
Subject: Feedback on sad news

Dear Jean

You sent such heavy and sad news, I thought this was something to offset the picture. Like you I am horrified and then with astonishment realise that many take the Israeli side without even being aware of the meaning of the horror. The situation is similar to apartheid South Africa. Many many thanks for your great material.



Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002
From: postmaster@reflect1.demon.co.uk (by way of David Weston)
Subject: We have created an 800-pound gorilla

There is one way that Bush could bring Sharon to heel and that is by turning off the money and arms supply. No amount of blustering rhetoric is going to work with Sharon. But then a few days before Bush was "ordering" Israel to withdraw, Alexander Haig was handing over to Israel the log books of the ultra new Black Hawk troop carrying helicopters. What price bullshit.


By David Wood - April 9, 2002

From: http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/base/news-1/101834340582787.xml

EXCERPT: There was a time, in the tortured history of Israel and the Arab world, when the United States was the unquestioned military superpower in the Middle East and drew obedient, if grudging, respect from all sides.

No more.

Now Israel is the region's superpower, and where it once looked to the United States not just for diplomatic support but for military rescue, now Israel can thumb its nose at Washington and go its own way.


"We have created an 800-pound gorilla"


Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002
From: LESLEY WHITING <lesleywhiting@yahoo.com>
Subject: More from Lesley in Ramallah

Thanks Jean,

This whole mess is certainly a tough challenge for all humanity. Just a short note to say that last night we heard loud crashing and banging through the night. Couldn't figure out what it was, and can't go out to see as the current policy is both shoot on sight and shoot to kill. In the morning about 6.00 am it was still going on, this time right outside our building. It was soldiers on a rampage of smashing up and tearing open every car in the street, presumably both in revenge for yesterdays suicide bombing in Jerusalem and "to search for terrorists & weapons". I'll keep you posted.




April 12, 2002
by Reuters

Poll: Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel

WASHINGTON - Most Americans believe the United States should halt or reduce economic and military aid to Israel if Prime Minister Ariel Sharon does not immediately withdraw troops from Palestinian areas, according to a Time Magazine/CNN poll released on Friday.

The poll of 1,003 adults also found most Americans back Secretary of State Colin Powell's Mideast peace mission, although they expect few results and consider Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat a "terrorist" and an enemy of the U.S.

The public opinion sampling was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, before Powell arrived in Israel on Friday, when a suicide bomber killed six people outside a Jerusalem market.

Sharon has rejected repeated direct calls by President Bush to withdraw troops from Palestinian areas, prompting some critics to raise the possibility of sanctions.

But the administration has made clear it has no plans to threaten key ally Israel with a cut in its $3 billion in annual aid. Even if it did, a strongly pro-Israel U.S. Congress likely would oppose the move.

The Time/CNN poll found that 60 percent of Americans favored the aid cut off if an Israeli troop withdrawal does not take place immediately.

An even larger number -- 75 percent -- think Powell's Mideast trip is a good idea but only 21 percent of the respondents believe major progress toward peace will result.

As for Arafat, 59 percent of Americans consider him an enemy of the United States, 62 percent think he's a terrorist and 90 percent believe he cannot be trusted, according to the poll.

Sharon's standing is better. One quarter of the respondents consider him an enemy of the United States, 20 percent say he is a terrorist and 65 percent do not trust him.

The poll found that 65 percent of Americans think Bush is doing a good job handling foreign policy, a significant decline from the 80 percent favorable rating he had in December 2001, three months after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Fear of terrorism has declined. Last September, 45 percent of the poll respondents identified terrorism as the main problem facing the United States. That number declined to 25 percent in December and 21 percent this week.

The poll was conducted by Harris Interactive and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.


From: "Deborah Mokma" <dmokma@jeffnet.org>
Subject: Contact the media and object to US news non-objective Middle East coverage
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002

Part of what can be done is to call the news media when you object to content.

From: Jonathan Larson <eltechno@clear.lakes.com>

Often weekend news television in USA can be interesting--today it is unwatchable.

I get CNN (AOL-Time Warner), FOX (Rupert Murdoch), CNBC & MSNBC (General Electric), C-SPAN 1 & 2--24 / 7 plus PBS, CBS, NBC, and ABC. (Actually, this is typical for a small-town Cable system.)

It is just ugly. If you want to understand why American citizens of good will still overwhelmingly support the State of Israel, you should see the propaganda blitz going on. Israel may have lost support in the rest of the world, but she will make her final stand in the court of USA public opinion.

And ALL the IOUs are being called in. Elected officials of both parties go before cameras to express their solidarity with the beleaguered citizens of Israel wondering at the ethical fiber of anyone who would dare question the proposition that crazy Moslem fanatics are, without provocation, terrorizing the innocent children of Israel. The latest bombing in Jerusalem is now officially called a "homicide" rather than a "suicide" attack. (When they start changing the language, it shows the heavy hitters in PR have arrived.) The wanton destruction of Jenin and Ramallah is defended by retired military officials (of which we have a virtually unlimited supply) as necessary for a mission objective.

How effective all of this is cannot be measured. Polls tend to show Americans stand is solidarity with the Israelis against this baffling and irrational evil called terrorism, but the numbers are not so overwhelming considering the marketing blitz. Partly this is because there are now alternative methods for getting information--the Internet has blown a big hole in the monopolistic media coverage. And part is that the evidence of IDF misconduct is so overwhelming--the only way you can destroy the evidence of destruction is with rebuilding and armies are NOT equipped to do that. Finally, the Palestinian representatives who do appear on television as token opposition to be berated have agreed to a single simple message, "It's the military occupation, stupid."

Yet because it is SO politically incorrect to oppose the interests of the Zionists, the poll numbers may not actually measure true sentiment. Support for Israel may have already collapsed in USA but since no one wants to stick their neck on this one, who is brave enough to say? Certainly NOT the elected officials in Washington DC where the pro-Israeli thought police wield so much power and influence.

George W. Bush may have learned the wrong lessons from the experience his father had when he questioned whether USA should be co-signing the loans for building the West Bank settlements--George I was just crucified in the press for that. So even though GW made a small alteration in American policy towards Israel a few days ago, Sharon has already called his bluff. It is pathetic to see the American Secretary of State having to cool his heels while the IDF did its dirty work and then be told whether he will be allowed to meet with the only known leader of Israel's victims. It is not at all clear if GW could restrain Sharon even if he wanted to--you can safely bet that a cut-off of funding to Israel is NOT one of his options.

So since it is politically impossible to jettison Israel, we Americans seemed doomed to be linked to her fortunes. Being hated with the intensity that folks apparently hate Israel is not a pleasant thought. The only comfort I can take is that I am too poor to merit becoming a political target of the world's furious people wearing explosives. Which is probably a good thing because I am certainly a target of the clowns who bring us the organized plunder of the WTOs, World Banks, etc. and that is torment enough for me.



From: "Arielle Laman" <ariel_laman@hotmail.com>
Subject: Some thoughts on the conflict
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002

Aloha Jean,

I have been deeply affected, as billions of us are, by the escalating violence that is taking place in the Middle East. I have recently been drawn, on a more personal level, into the conflict through a Jewish friend of mine and I sent the following comments to him. The reason I am sending them to you is because no where have I been reading the following thoughts being expressed, considered or made visible for us to begin adding to the wealth of thoughts, feelings, and intense desires already being ex-pressed.


Aloha (I took out his name),

I feel like a parent who's being drawn into a squabble between two siblings. Yes the topic is terribly more important, and there is so much information & heritage, I am not a part of. What I have gleaned from what (I took out her name) has been sending me is that she is aligned with other jewish people, Biblical scholars and others who fervently believe that the Koran is a book of lies, and that the religion Mohammed brought has produced the 'antichrist'. SHE TRULY BELIEVES THIS AND BASED ON WHAT HAS BEEN SENT TO ME, I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT. If there is to be peace between you, it must start there!

However, I have learned in raising my own son, that sometimes tough love is what is needed, giving consequences for inappropriate behavior, not killing. If we are all truly one, and I believe that with my whole consciousness, and if you can access emotional intelligence & jump to a broader perspective, like going into outer space and looking at our plan-it from that perspective, then the killing of thousands of any people (a mere patch on the body of the earth, or a dot in the WHOLE) can be likened to killing the out pictures of the thoughts we have created (as above, so below or as within so without) on every level of existence.

If there are more people praying & meditating for peace ( I received an email from a friend informing me that 650,000 people all came together on Mar. 15 to pray for peace) and the number of people who showed up far exceeds the number needed to effect a major change in consciousness, then the out picture we are seeing (represented by the deaths of so many people) is the out come, the coming out, or killing of the out pictures (the thoughts, prayers, meditations and feelings) we & the 'others', have unknowingly been asking for. And herein lies the key. THE WORDS THESE 650,000 PEOPLE USED AND THE FEELINGS THEY FELT, WERE AMPLIFIED BECAUSE OF THE MORPHOGENETIC RESONANCE FIELD THAT WAS CREATED. THERE IS AN EQUALLY STRONG REACTION TO THIS, AND THUS WAR IS PROLONGED. As long as we believe that the 'other' is evil, and we align ourselves with many others who STRONGLY AND CONTINUALLY BELIEVE THIS, we will continue to find evidence to prove this, even though we pray or meditate for peace, because there is conflict in our own being.

If you look at the events that have happened since Mar. 15 (just under a month ago), you see that there has been an escalation in the killing; an escalation in proving I am right, you are wrong, my thoughts and beliefs are better and far more important than yours & I am willing to take action to prove it.

By continuing to take action to prove our beliefs, and the resulting certainty we develop from doing this work, we move into a continuum of self-fulfilling prophesy, and peace is always something we will be striving for, but never achieving. As long as we stay disconnected from our emotions and deal un-in-tell-it-gently with them, our emotions become the driving force in our lives & we stay locked on automatic pilot, in emotional un-intelligence (un-in-tell-it-gence). Once again, the world is being asked to become involved and we are all jumping into the war because, as a whole, the emotional body of the uni-verse is screaming for attention.


As long as our intention is to be right (and I have felt the power in that too), we will continue to find evidence to prove the 'other' is wrong. We will continue to justify our actions, blame others & try to separate ourselves from those who try to tell us we are wrong, in extremes we end up killing them (as well as that part of ourselves).

Where to go from here? This is where I was when I started working on daily putting more time, energy & feeling into verbalizing, visualizing, feeling and finally taking action to stop the 54 year war that had been raging with my mother. I am now 59 and just before Christmas, last year, my mother again sent me a letter telling me her beliefs that I was , in her beliefs, the devil, that she didn't know what I was into, but...and I finally stopped her by telling her that she sounded like Osama Bin Laden. She then connected, in herself, with the horror she felt about the actions Osama Bin Laden had been accused of & went into processing that information.

My mother is going to a church that is teaching her about forgiveness, love & peace. I know she has been praying for peace, and I know she loves me & she began forgiving herself, extended forgiveness to me and the roads to peace are being built.

One of the most important parts to this whole process, is that I include her daily in my prayers, giving thanks for the gifts she has given me, because even though there have been a lot of emotions generated over the years, in the war between us, I have in-tell-it-gently in-formed the cells of emotional body by looking for new ways to perceive what has happened, finding the pearl of wisdom in what I have been & continue to be given, giving thanks for it, and following the guidance I am being given. The 21 steps below have all come together and my vehicle to move in my world, in my family, in my community and in my plan-it is strongly in place. IT IS A LIVING, BEING AND I HAVE TAKEN CARE OF IT AS A MOTHER TAKES CARE OF A NEW BORN BABY.

The 21 steps.


1. Use my skills & abilities in co-creative, win-win ways in integrity, listening compassionately &
totally to the Christ in others; Listening for guidance; Clarity of Vision, organization & pur-
purpose; Intuitively motivating & persuading others; Resourcefully pulling ideas together; Following through in my administrative, teaching &communicating skills; Singing, composing
letters, computer useage, setting & manifesting goals; Building more loving relationships, focusing on giving & receiving value & this work brings me everything I need before I need it in
every situation.

2. Connect to the secret of my real purpose & the pattern of my destiny.

3. Appreciate my senses & the pleasures of daily living, staying connected to spirit.

4. Relate to my inner potency, my ability to be effective, influential & powerful.

5. Be someone to whom others turn for leadership, help, understanding & or comfort.

6. Look carefully at my choices & co-create a field (plan-it) of love, wisdom & peace, & I live in & on this plan-it with thousands of others of life mind

7. Harness the turbulent urges within myself to move me in more peaceful ways.

8. Overcome fear & consolidate my identity to emerge in integrity & trust in myself & toward others.

9. Build on shrewdness to change what I can, accept what is & to wait silently, or withdraw from the extroverted activities of life, until I can tell the difference.

10. Come to terms with my destiny, accepting my real purpose.

11. Make choices based upon reflection, transforming ideas, people & situations through clarity, compassion, understanding & objective planning.

12. Connect to the unseen workings of the unconscious, universal energy.

13. Pay tribute to those beliefs that are dying in me, accept what is, making space for what is to come, asking now what & patiently wait to take action until I can tell what direction to go.

14. Balance compassion, forgiveness, logic, diplomacy & cleverness, following the flow of feeling, the active, intelligent faculty of choice.

15. Free myself of all that is shadowy or shameful in my body, personality or character, gaining knowledge & honest acceptance of my body & my natural sexuality.

16. Break through any pretense or false persona, willingly allowing it to be dropped.

17. Stay focused on faith & love, knowing I am being guided.

18. Move patiently & calmly through any fear, ignorance or challenge.

19. Access trust, faith & optimism, to understand patterns, resourcefulness to plan & the ability & shrewdness, to carry out the plans to fulfill my goals, my destiny & my sacred contracts.

20. See the rewards of my past efforts & ask to be guided to new perceptions.

21. Remember & integrate my achievements in the evolutionary spiral of my life unfolding.

THIS IS OUR PLAN-IT AND EVERY PART OF OUR LIFE NEEDS TO BE IN INTEGRITY. I found that by verbalizing, visualizing, feeling, embodying and finally taking action to make them living in my life, has shown me where I am not in integrity. BUT I AM COMMITTED TO GROWING AND LEARNING WHAT I NEED TO DO TO BRING MY LIFE INTO INTEGRITY. I am doing it on a daily basis, forgiving myself when I make errors, and asking for forgiveness from others.

We have all the tools we need, we just need to use them.

Blessings and Love,