May 3, 2002

Confronting the Nuclear Nightmare - Part 2

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This is the complement to the other compilation I just sent you.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Message from Matthew Ward about the Nuclear Bomb
2. Cute cartoon AND action letter: Scary Useable Nukes
4. My Missing Time Experience
5. Bush's Stealth Policy on Nuclear Arms

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North Korea hiding nukes? U.S. says at least 3 bombs stored in bunkers (March 28)

The Balance of Terror and the Red Mercury Nightmare (March 26, 2002)
This is about three small 2-megaton nuclear devices have been smuggled into the United States and are being held in reserve for future use.



Matthew, someone I don't know but apparently he's a light being, says there will be 2 or 3 nuclear detonations fairly soon, seemingly in conjunction with war in Iraq and retaliatory measures, with New York as one target. That specific information may not be complete or be completely correct -- I didn't hear it directly from the channel who received it -- but simply, will there be any nuclear detonations on Earth at any time?

MATTHEW: No. Some years ago in your time, Creator and God decreed that NO nuclear explosions on or above Earth would be permitted. This curtailment of free will is because souls have been so severely damaged due to nuclear explosions that it still is not known if remedial treatments to restore their DNA will be successful. Consider this: The Beginning and all that has been manifested since the Beginning is OF Creator, and in our universe, OF God. That means, simply, that in our universe every living being and everything that has EVER been created is a part of God. When parts of God are so damaged that still there is the possibility that the DNA restoration efforts may not be totally successful, you can see the extent of His emphasis upon NEVER permitting this to happen again. Why *would* God not move to prevent more attempts by such dark and destructive powers from destroying, perhaps eternally, parts of Him? Further, these dark forces are parts of God also, thus even moreso He would not sanction any parts of Him willfully destroying other parts of Him. And, there is this ultimate realization: Any part of God destroying any other part of God means that within His Wholeness, which actually is the inseparabe connection of ALL souls with Him and with each other, we would be destroying ourselves. To provide this prevention effort -- among many other forms of essential assistance to Earth at this time --highly evolved souls with advanced technology are diligent and prevalent within, on and above your planet, and they will not permit detonations even if initial steps to activate such are accomplished.

S: Do you know if that channel is being given false information as a fear tactic of the dark forces?

MATTHEW: Mother, I don't know the channel, but you feel he is a light being, so if that is the case and that is the information that he correctly received, then he is not receiving from the light sources that he believes he is. It isn't likely that for any reason whatsoever the light beings would pass on information that is either fearsome in nature or false or both, and in this case, both fearsome and false apply.

S: Is it possible that only a small nuclear device could be detonated?

MATTHEW: Mother, even "only a small" nuclear device would mean that perhaps the radioactivity would damage fewer souls' DNA than a larger device would. NO souls' DNA is ever again to be damaged, and that is the reason for the nonallowance of free will that would choose to use nuclear devices for any reason. That is why NO accidental as well as NO intentional activations will be permitted.

S: You know that I don't feel any fear about this, don't you? I'm asking you because Michael requested your input so that he and also Jean, if he wants to, can disseminate your comments on this.

MATTHEW: Mother dear, yes, of course I know this -- from your thoughts, your feelings, the email I read with you, and also from Michael's thoughts of me in this connection. I answered you that emphatically only because I want everyone to believe that hearing this information ONE TIME is all that's necessary for them to KNOW that the light forces -- who are helping you in abundance and with technology you would find incredible in its scope and intensity of power -- WILL PREVENT nuclear detonations. Regardless what anyone hears to the contrary from any source at any time, KNOW without any doubt whatsoever that God will NOT permit nuclear damage to Earth and all life upon and around Earth!!

S: Thank you, Matthew. That's it for now, OK? I'll get back with you on that other matter after I send this off.

MATTHEW: Mother, let me add, please, that I thank Michael for asking my opinion, for giving me this opportunity to reach people who may not have read this information in the books.

S: OK, dear!


I will not network Matthew's take on this one because first there is already enormous damage that is done to the DNA wherever the US has used depleted uranium shells (Irak, Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan as we speak) with horrific consequences for millions of years to come - for instance, right now 40% of newborn babies in Irak are deformed today because of this as was explained in a compilation about a month ago. So the claim that God would not allow nukes because of DNA damage is a moot point. The damage is already done and ongoing and expanding with no end in sight. Also unless I fail to grasp something here, souls, being immaterial, do NOT have DNA and thus cannot be so damaged by a nuclear explosion. DNA is for physical bodies, right? So radioactivity CANNOT damage souls. Period. Well, as seen from my perspective and none of Matthew's argument explains this.


Mother, DNA damage to souls is beyond, or different from injury and/or deformity or death to physical bodies. All bodies at third density die because that's part of their DNA programming, but the programming of other kinds of bodies and of all souls is different. It is not correct that souls do not have an "ingredient" that can be called DNA, which is your term that signifies the normal physical composition, appearance and functioning that define each species and you have no other term that I can use more clearly.

The light energy material of souls does indeed have the capacity for injury from nuclear effects from which it is not protected. After DNA damage to a soul, the "eternal life" of that soul still goes on, it *is* eternal, but in severely damaged form. Not only injured, but actually missing "pieces" -- distortions in lifetime experiencing that need to be accurately reconstructed -- and the entire soul has to be restored to its total experiencing composition.

The radioactivity of nuclear explosions is not attacking the souls, it is attacking the bodies of the people who are under seige. So, in this way the incarnate souls' bodies are shielding the souls themselves from this kind of destruction that befalls the souls in free spirit or in astral or etheric bodies without the density to absorb those radioactive poisons, and thus they are much more vulnerable to the effects.

Yes, there are warnings when such an explosion is about to happen anywhere, but there is no way to call in all souls who are vulnerable to the damage and protect them from it with dense bodies. Well Mother, this may be a vague explanation, but I don't have the vocabulary you would recognize nor the framework in which you could assimilate a more universal explanation."


Ahh! I'm glad Matthew explains that he is using DNA as an analogy to describe the etheric/astral blueprint of souls, if I understand him correctly. This is an important precision to make because the DNA is the chemical blueprint from which normally functioning cells decode their precise role and function in the body of any species, based, as I intuitively feel, on the energetic directives provided by the etheric/astral blueprint of the soul's etheric/astral bodies that actually control the perfect functioning of each cell and each species' physical form through this DNA tool.

I can certainly relate to this difficulty Matthew experiences in communicating concepts so totally foreign to our earthly experience. There are some things that can only be completely grasped when we are in Nirvanic consciousness... And that's fine with me :-)) Thanks Matthew anyway for your valiant and loving efforts at explaining those issues. Well appreciated!

NOTE FROM JEAN: If you are not familiar yet with Matthew Ward's channeled books, give a look at


From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: Cute cartoon AND action letter: Scary Useable Nukes
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002

It's nutty but true, President Bush now wants to build a whole new class of "useable" nuclear weapons. Political Cartooning Genius Mark Fiore really sums it up in this funny but scary cartoon. And at the end you can do something to make sure these things never get built.

Check it out at: and be sure to forward this email on to anybody else you know who might want to help prevent nuclear war.

Thank you


Islam expert warns of nuke terror Claims Pakistanis smuggled 'dirty bomb' into U.S. from Canada

March 20, 2002

He predicted the Sept. 11 attacks, and now Islam expert Dr. Robert Morey warns there are three small nuclear devices within the U.S. on standby for more terror, according to Assist News Service (ANS).

"I have Middle Eastern friends throughout the U.S. who continually feed me information as to what the terrorists are up to," Dr. Morey told ANS. "I, in turn, feed that information to the FBI and Naval Intelligence."

According to ANS, Dr. Morey first began researching Islam when he was a pastor at New Life Bible Church in central Pennsylvania during the 1980s. His research earned him a doctorate. He has authored over 40 books dealing with false religions, cults and philosophies, and founded the California Institute of Apologetics. His work has garnered him "numerous death threats" and one "clear assassination attempt last November the FBI successfully foiled." One of the Pakistani volunteers in his ministry was discovered to be a secret agent for the Pakistani Secret Service.

"Hamas has me on a death list of people to assassinate in the U.S.," Morey told ANS.

Morey claims a good track record with his gathered intelligence, telling ANS "I've been right so many times the FBI showed up at my house, suspicious as to whether or not I was somehow involved - because I knew too much. I simply pointed out to them they don't have their ear to the ground in the Middle Eastern community."

"I told them several years ago that Muslim Pakistanis brought into the U.S. a small nuclear device called a 'dirty bomb' through Niagara Falls out of Canada," Morey says. "They are driving this nuclear device in the back of a van or a car waiting for Bin Laden to tell them when it's time to set it off." Morey received the information through Pakistani Christian sources, according to ANS.

"My contacts now within the intelligence community have leaked to me it is feared there are three such devices in the U.S.," Morey added.

CNN reports the Bush administration received information last October outlining a plot to smuggle a stolen Russian nuclear weapon into the United States, most likely New York City. The intelligence was deemed "not to be credible" after a polygraph test determined the informant was "bogus," one official told CNN. The perceived threat was one reason the president activated a shadow government, assigning about 100 senior officials to "bunker duty" to keep the government running in the event of a catastrophic attack.

Heightened concern over al-Qaida's progress toward obtaining a nuclear or radiological weapon, reports the Washington Post, prompted the Bush administration to deploy "hundreds of sophisticated sensors since November to U.S. borders, overseas facilities and choke points around Washington." And the Delta Force, the nation's elite commando unit, has been placed on alert to "seize control of nuclear materials that the sensors may detect."

Dr. Morey points out to ANS, "One would think that if this was not a real threat, the U.S. government wouldn't rush to spend millions of dollars for equipment to protect Washington D.C."




My Missing Time Experience
by George Andrews

In 1994, I attended the Ozark UFO Conference in the USA, which ended on April 3, Easter Sunday. Laverne and Nancy, two lady friends, offered to give me a ride from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where the conference was held to my home in Drury, Missouri. It was a beautiful spring day. As we were leaving Eureka Springs, Laverne suggested that rather than driving straight back to Drury, we first visit the area known as Spook Light Hill near Joplin Missouri, even though it would mean a considerable detour. Neither Nancy or I had ever been to Spook Light Hill, though we had heard about it, and we thought it was a fine idea.


After we described what we could remember, Forest suggested that we try to explore the missing time under regressive hypnosis, working with different hypnotists and refraining from comparing notes with each other until the hypnosis sessions had been completed. After making the phone call, we left the restaurant, and proceeded directly to the barn in the forest where I lived in Drury, which we reached about 3am. Nancy and Laverne then continued on to St. Louis.

When I woke up around noon on the following day, April 4, I examined my body for any unusual marks or bruises, but found none, nor did I notice any physical discomfort. I had an intuitive impression that the experience was in some way connected with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, which Anna Mitchell-Hedges had permitted me to spend time with during my trip to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1987, but am so far unable to come up with a logical explanation for this apparently irrational intuitive impression. The following lines came to mind, so I wrote them down, though they certainly don't constitute a complete poem:

"...from within the Crystal Skull images flicker like rippling water exploding cosmic Caster egg multidimensional vortex point ..."

I also remembered that on the morning before leaving the conference, Nancy and I had crossed the path of George Wingfield, with whom I had briefly discussed the Crystal Skull.


April 7th, 1994, was my 68th birthday during which I went over the events of April 3 yet again:

Here are my conclusions. We were taken at the time Nancy was looking out the back window, repeating what she had just said several times, and I was having such unusual difficulty in turning around. I suspect that the light came and took us as Nancy spoke for the first time, and took the entire automobile, returning it to the road about an hour and twenty minutes later. There may have been some sort of hypnotic command to prevent me from retrieving the memory of the missing time, telling us to return to the point and positions we were in just before being taken. This caused Nancy to repeat the exclamations she had made before being taken. We were ordered to pick up from where we had left off, and it would have all been seamless, their intervention might never have been noticed, if the missing time had not corresponded with the period of dusk. It was the shock of going with no transition from day to night that made us realise something paranormal had occurred. I think we didn't hear the barking dogs or see the fantastic light display because we were inside one of the fantastic lights at the time.

Laverne, who has studied hypnosis, decided that rather than explore our experience under hypnosis, she preferred to rely on recall, which has not occurred and is not like to at this late date. She, too, will submit to hypnosis when the time seems right, unless of course, she does succeed in recalling the events of that memorable evening. Nancy and I chose different hypnotists, and had our hypnosis sessions a few weeks later. We refrained from comparing notes until after the sessions were completed.

In the material that surfaced, there were some similarities and some differences. We both remembered being on board a craft that was not of this world, where there was a mist in the air, which Nancy remembered as white and I remembered as bluish. We both found it particularly difficult to get the faces of the entities into focus. I remembered only one type of entity, similar to humans but taller, somewhat like Vikings seven to eight feet tall, in what resembled blue sk-suits, except for their leader, who wore a white garment similar to an Arab burnoose. I had no memory of Grays. Nancy remembered having first been among Grays about six feet tall, who put her on a table and subjected her to a gynaecological examination which left her feeling sick to her stomach. She felt they were putting her on display as a rare specimen. She was allowed to rest for a bit in a dark cubicle, and then was passed on to a different group of beings who were even taller and had normal human skin. Though unable to remember faces, she did remember that the second group wore uniforms. Her description of this second group correlates with what I remember as the only group. I remember being put in what resembled a dentist's chair with a metal cap on top of my head. I think my consciousness was outside of my body, temporarily parked beside my body, at that point. I was told telepathically that this was a tune-up rather than a fundamental restructuring. I also remember being put in front of a large eye without a face, suspended in mid-air, whose function seemed to be to scan me on both the physical and subtle levels.

Nancy and I both feel that our respective hypnotists scrupulously refrained from asking any leading questions. However, since the memories that surfaced under hypnosis contained differences as well as similarities, the extent to which screen memories may have contaminated actual memories must be considered. Although it is now four years since the incident occurred, the investigation of it remains far from complete.

Besides the physical memories that surfaced during my regression, there was a definite metaphysical content, which separated out quite naturally from the physical details, as if it was a message I had been entrusted with that was independent of the physical details.

Nancy wishes to make clear that she has no memory of any type of mission statement, and that I speak only for myself in this, but agrees that it was a consciousness-raising experience.

August 2nd, 2001: UPDATE: E-mail received today from George Andrews: SUBJECT: Poem

Joyce, Please feel free to post "A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of the New World Order" and anything else I sent you from Missouri. I know you printed what I was able to remember of my missing time experience on Spook Light Road, which contained a fragment of a poem, the opening lines of a poem. Approximately seven years later, during last winter when I came very close to death, the rest of the poem came to me. I don't remember whether I sent you a copy of the completed poem, but at the risk of repeating myself, here it is:

From within the crystal skull
images flicker like rippling water
exploding cosmic Easter egg
multidimensional vortex point
where the talking tree of all the centuries
links fragments of forgotten worlds
in the frequency domain of the implicate order
go to the place where all the worlds are one
for the awakening of the Ancient of Days.
The bodies we walk around in are costumes
spirit tries on during its lifetimes of masquerade
all the way from amoeba to angel and everything between
rhythmic tides flow through the blood
as I dance in all the worlds at once
on the threshold of Judgement Day.
The world is at flashpoint
Mother Earth trembles and quakes
Mother Earth herself is speaking
telling us with cyclones that we are hurting her.
The landscape palpitates oscillates and undulates,
the sky spins like a whirling dervish.
Dust from many stars singing in our bones
remember way back when
the big bang was serenely ejaculating
the seed of All That Is.
Rainbow serpent unwinds within a sparkle of
agelessness endlessly
as on the first day that ever was.
Her eyes go wild as we become one flesh
frequency wave at which all forms of life are connected,
point at which all matter has memory
available in your own private head.
We provide entities with their support for manifestation.
The type of being that appears is in resonance
with the type of brain waves we emit.
By cleaning up the static in our own brain waves
we deprive predatory entities of their basis for manifestation
like tuning in or out a station on a radio.
Ride the wild winds from galaxy to galaxy
from century to century.
I wield the sword of truth
in the spirit of chivalry
and the light of wisdom
for the well-being of the world.
I tell my story to the ancestors of the dreamtime
and collapse the entire universe down to a single point
as I withdraw into my peacock feather eye,
the core of which is the seed point of primal radiance
from which all forms of life emerge
and into which they all return.

You may contact George in France at

The metaphysical content of my regression:

It's as if we each dissolve into a swirl of colors that culminate in musical tones. The swirling multicolored lights become music, and the music goes into the music of all musics. It's like a taste of the music that made the worlds, as if the Big Bang was a burst of music, as if the Big Bang was harmonious and really was musical in nature. This is the music from before the worlds were made, out of which the worlds were made, and into which they will dissolve. By each finding our essence and identifying with it, we make contact with the luminous colors which lead to that original music. The whole point of being alive is to give expression to this music of all musics.

The mission is to heal the Earth and the forms of life upon it, to restore the balance of nature, to make of the Earth a garden where all things perfect be. It is only the music which can do that, as it is more powerful than any weaponry. Even a few traces of that music can do more to transform the world than all the logical arguments of the politicians and rational expositions of the scientists. Some of the scientists do give expression to that music in their formulas, but often they do not know it, or want to admit it even if they do know it. One can give expression to that music through harmoniously creative activities of any kind.

The purpose of the mission is to heal the Earth. The way to accomplish the mission is to manifest the music from before the worlds were made in this world here and now, in whatever way we can that is appropriate to our circumstances, through actions of any kind that help to transform this planet into what it should be: the garden of the universe, instead of a toxic waste dump.

The first thing to do is to alert the people to the danger represented by the predatory reptilian ETs, as a preliminary to ridding the planet of them. Most dangerous are the Reptilians in human camouflage concealed within the government. Most of the government has no idea of the extent to which it has been infiltrated. We are here to short-circuit the Reptilian strategy for transforming this planet into a slave colony, where humans would be used like humans have been using cattle. We have only a slim chance of succeeding, but it is better than no chance at all. We must do what we can while we have any chance at all. Once the State of Emergency is declared, under martial law it would no longer be possible to make the necessary changes. It would be the same horror scene as under the Nazis and the Aztecs, repeated all over again, with the death camps yet again set up to feed the Reptilians.

The thing to remember is that for the positively-oriented forces from elsewhere in the cosmos to intervene, they must have a platform for manifestation. The main thing that humans of Earth can do is to offer the necessary support, the positively-oriented energy that provides a platform for the manifestation of positively-oriented entities from elsewhere who are spontaneously in resonance with such energy patterns. The positively-oriented forces from elsewhere will not intervene unless a clear majority of us call out to them, unless we as the people of the planet call out to them. They will not come unless we call them down. If evil is dominant in the hearts of men, they can't come through. So that is why the mission has to be. That is why we have to get the message through. Those who align Themselves with the positive energies bring in the positive forces. Those whose hearts are clouded over, who think only for themselves and are dominated by greed or other base emotions, call in the Reptilians. That is how it works. So long as the majority is of a base nature, the Reptilians will be dominant. We are here to drive out the Reptilians, because they are our enemies also.

That is why the battle is for people's souls, why we have to reach everyone to get them to understand it is within their power to bring about this change, but they can only do it by aligning themselves with God, no matter how they perceive divinity or what names they use to describe it. No matter what religion they practice, they should sincerely practice it, or else invent their own. The change that needs to be brought about is that they live directly instead of vicariously through a TV screen, and stop thinking there's no more to life than watching TV and being cynical about everything else. If enough people wake up in time to take appropriate action, Earth will not become a slave colony for the Reptilians. The positively-oriented ETs will drive them from the planet, and they will have to go elsewhere in the cosmos for the nourishment they seek.

Even if the news media refuses to touch these topics, there is a telepathic effect that is independent of the news media. There is a psychic osmosis through which ideas whose time has come will spread, even if deliberately ignored by the media. Since it's a holographic universe, one person reaching supreme awareness can spread it from mind to mind telepathically, by-passing the media and the covert censorship it surreptitiously imposed.


We are just now getting to know George here at Beyond Boundaries - have not met him in person yet but have enjoyed the book he sent us very much! It examines all of the subjects that anyone in UFOlogy should educate themselves on by reading such a book as Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes, IllumiNet Press, ISBN 0-9626534-8-9



Originally from

Bush's Stealth Policy on Nuclear Arms

March 12, 2002

WASHINGTON | It is not simply the fresh list of countries that the United States is willing to consider nuking someday.

What is truly significant - as well as stupid, scary, and outrageous - is the almost casual breaking of long-standing policy taboos about the unthinkable and the implications of this cavalier attitude for relations with the rest of the world and for future arms races.

The Russians and Chinese already know the United States is unilaterally departing from the 1972 treaty effectively banning missile defense systems. Now the world has reason to doubt the American commitment to the 1974 treaty to guard against nuclear proliferation as well as the honesty and good will of Bush administration "pledges" to cut back our post-Cold War nuclear arsenal and to maintain a moratorium on testing.

The cover story the administration sought to peddle on last weekend's TV talk shows - via Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice - is that contingency plans to target Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, and China are more theoretical exercises than serious policy work and that no special notice need be taken.

The cover story is belied by actual intentions as revealed to Congress in a freshly completed Nuclear Posture Review and in the very faint, fine print of the recently unveiled Bush budget. Over the weekend the headline-making list of countries leaked from Capitol Hill, but as part of a leak of the underlying policy document that began four weeks ago.

On Feb. 13, the Natural Resources Defense Council - well-known for its thorough, documented research - put out the first detailed summary of the posture review that had been ordered by Congress in late 2000 and of a special briefing the Defense Department had conducted on the document - without the secret list of countries. At the time, no one really noticed. With the addition of the countries, The Los Angeles Times got noticed. Here's the council's highly critical but accurate summary view four weeks ago:

"Behind the administration's rhetorical mask of post-Cold War restraint lie expansive plans to revitalize US nuclear forces and all the elements that support them, within a so-called "New Triad" of capabilities that combine nuclear and conventional offensive strikes with missile defenses and nuclear weapons infrastructure."

If the basic purpose of nuclear weapons since the end of World War II had been to prevent their use and proliferation, the deadly serious review by the Bush administration - with the force plans and massive spending as accompaniments - results in a doctrine that contemplates their use and appears indifferent to their proliferation.

Numbers tell a large chunk of the story. When the administration's intention unilaterally to abrogate the ABM treaty was made known, President Bush made much of a supposed intention to reduce its supply of deployed warheads from roughly 8,000 to below 4,000 in 2007 and eventually to between 1,700 and 2,200.

What the posture review actually reveals is a plan to cut "immediate force requirements" for "operationally deployed forces." What's going on here is more a change of terms than in posture, hidden by a new, gobbledygook accounting system that the council properly declared "worthy of Enron."

Behind the clearly visible nuclear inventory, the council found a "huge, hidden arsenal." It included, but no longer "counted," warheads on two Trident submarines being overhauled at all times, as well as 160 more now listed as "spare." It included nearly 5,000 intact warheads now in a status called "inactive reserve," not to mention a few thousand more bombs and cruise missile warheads as part of a new "responsive force." And on top of that there is to be a stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium and other components from which thousands more weapons could be assembled quickly. Extrapolating the information, the Defense Council estimated that the United States would have a total of 10,590 warheads at the end of 2006, compared with 10,656 this year.

And there's more. The administration's posture review also discloses plans to greatly expand the nuclear war infrastructure and to prepare for a resumption of testing, in part to make possible a new generation of warheads that could penetrate deep into the ground. The rules of the nuclear road from the US perspective have never included a flat-out promise never to be the first combatant to resort to nuclear war. During the Cold War, the United States was always prepared to go nuclear to stop a massive, conventional attack from the east in Europe, and before the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein got a stern message that all bets were off if he used chemical or biological weapons.

But this is different. This is a plan to use nukes in conventional war-fighting and to maintain a Cold War-sized arsenal by stealth and deception. It is disgraceful.