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Miscellaneous Subjects #166: Challenging Times, Opiniated Takes, New U.S. Weapons of Mass Suffering & More!

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"If men can develop weapons that are so terrifying as to make the thought of global war include almost a sentence for suicide, you would think that man's intelligence and his comprehension... would include also his ability to find a peaceful solution."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

"I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime."

- Elizabeth Kübler-Ross


3. 'Sci-Fi' Weapons Going to War
4. Yoni Ben Artzi and Uri Ya'acobi made into scapegoats
5. Philip Berrigan, apostle of peace, dies at age 79

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Technical Difficulties (Cunning satirical animation)

Sri Lanka Gov't., Rebels Make Peace Deal (Dec 5 - GOOD NEWS!)
Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers agreed Thursday to develop a government that would give the rebels
regional autonomy, a breakthrough decision capping months of efforts to end 19 years of fighting.

U.S. Prepared to Claim Iraq Is Lying About Arms

US Seeks One Excuse for War in 12,000 Pages of Denial

Carve-up of oil riches begins (Nov 3),6903,825099,00.html
US plans to ditch industry rivals and force end of Opec. The leader of the London-based Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, has met executives of three US oil multinationals to negotiate the carve-up of Iraq's massive oil reserves post-Saddam.

15 US Cities Now Oppose Patriot Act By Law

We'll All Be Under Surveillance
How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate, they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. --George Orwell, 1984 (...) Orwell died in 1950. Prophetic as he was in 1984, however, he could not have imagined how advanced surveillance technology would become. His novel is now being actualized in real time at the Defense Department, headed by the Washington press corps's favorite cabinet officer, the witty Donald Rumsfeld. (...) Without any official public notice, and without any congressional hearings, the Bush administration--with an initial appropriation of $200 million--is constructing the Total Information Awareness System. It will extensively mine government and commercial data banks, enabling the FBI, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies to collect information that will allow the government--as noted on ABC-TV's November 14 Nightline--"to essentially reconstruct the movements of citizens." This will be done without warrants from courts, thereby making individual privacy as obsolete as the sauropods of the Mesozoic era. (Intelligence from and to foreign sources will also be involved.) Our government's unblinking eyes will try to find suspicious patterns in your credit-card and bank data, medical records, the movies you click for on pay-per-view, passport applications, prescription purchases, e-mail messages, telephone calls, and anything you've done that winds up in court records, like divorces. Almost anything you do will leave a trace for these omnivorous computers, which will now contain records of your library book withdrawals, your loans and debts, and whatever you order by mail or on the Web. CLIP

BBC: Global Anger at US 'Growing'

Want a Cover-Up Expert? Kissinger's Your Man
The president clearly does not want to know the truth about Sept. 11. Otherwise he would not have appointed Henry Kissinger to head an inquiry into the origins of arguably the most successful terrorist attack in history. Long an unabashed advocate of concealing and distorting the truth in the name of national security, he is the last guy who has the right to ask someone in government, "What did you know and when did you know it?"

The Latest Kissinger Outrage (Nov 27)
Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation? (...) the cynicism of the decision and the gross insult to democracy and to the families of the victims that it represents has to be analyzed to be believed.

Homeland Security Act: The Rise of the American Police State (Part III)
It details some of the HSA provisions themselves and briefly discuss what worries civil libertarians.



December 09, 2002


The first returns are in on the smallpox vaccine. A recent multi-center US government clinical trial on 200 “young adults” has been completed.

MSNBC reports. The volunteers who got the shot were VERY healthy to begin with. One researcher, Kathy Edwards, called them the “crème de la crème.”

Okay? So get this. “Yet when she [Edwards] inoculated them with smallpox vaccine, arms swelled, temperatures spiked and panic spread [at Baylor University]. It was the same at clinics in Iowa, Tennessee, and California.”

Stats: After the shot, one-third of the volunteers missed at least a day of work or school. 75 out of 200 experienced high fever. “Several were put on antibiotics because physicians worried that their blisters signaled a bacterial infection.”


And look, smallpox is a VIRUS, and antibiotics DON’T WORK against viruses. So, in essence, the researchers were inferring that the vaccine SUPPRESSED THE IMMUNE SYSTEMS of the volunteers---thus allowing bacterial infections to bloom suddenly---OR the vaccine was contaminated with bacteria to begin with.

Researcher Edwards, who headed up the study, said, “I can read all day about it [the adverse effects of the vaccine], but seeing it is quite impressive. The reactions we saw were really quite remarkable.”

When a researcher makes a comment like this, you know some very bad things are happening.


Of course, this story didn’t get much play in the press. But the handwriting is on the wall. Anyone can see what’ll happen if they start shooting up people by the millions with the vaccine. For example, people who don’t qualify as severely immune suppressed by any obvious assessment, but still do, in fact, have reduced immune capacity---AND THAT IS A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE.---these folks will be AT GREAT RISK from the vaccine.

This government study is KEY. Because later on, they will try to cover up the devastating effects of the vaccine. They will lie, distort, omit. But right now, here it is. Out in the open. The results, for all to see.

Let me tell you something. The CDC WANTED to release the results of this study. They wanted to go on the record now, before the stuff really hits the fan. They are very frightened of being nailed for killing people with the vaccine.


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Smallpox Vaccination Risks Versus Natural Healing of Smallpox (MUST READ!)
Clearly, this effort to frighten people into compliance with harmful, if not lethal, smallpox vaccination needs to be exposed for what it is—a grave hoax and genocidal scam.

White House Debate on Smallpox Slows Plan for Wide Vaccination
The Side Effects Risks That Include Rashes and Death

The Specter of a New and Deadlier Smallpox

Amid Smallpox Outbreaks, Bush Calls for Calm, Shopping - THIS IS A SATIRICAL LETTER!


Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002
From: "John T. Linnell" <>


Bush it seems may now be hoist on his own petard by refusing to give the UN inspectors the information they claim to have so that the inspectors can go to the sites that Bush & Co CLAIM to know about.

Hans Blix has asked for the information, Bush doesn't want to release it (if he has any) supposedly until the Iranian report can be seen. However a glitch in that idea has now risen since the inspectors will retain the report and edit it before it is released to the UN to prevent any nation getting technical "how to"information. A very sound idea. 10,000 pages will take quite a while to go through so Bush may have to wait many months before having access to an edited version. Will he wait??

IF (unlikely) Bush has any hard evidence then why not direct the inspectors to it so they can verify it's accuracy? Very simple. Much quicker. Problem is it would be about the only honest thing he has done yet so not too likely to happen.

BUT (most likely) if Bush has no evidence then this is why he isn't providing it. Sooner or later he has to provide what he has but most likely he will go to war on the basis of his unsupported claims and no one will ever see what he claims to have. This is why he is trying to undermine the inspections so desperately as he will be unmasked to the world.

All we have to date is unsupported claims from a known source of lies. (Bush). The US has not, to date, produced one shred of evidence, it's all "we know about it but we're not telling you". We are now at the point of "PUT UP OR SHUT UP". If they can't direct the inspectors to actual sites then there are none and the Bush administration have finally proved what most of us knew all along, that they are full of BUSHSHIT.

The question then arises as to what supposed terrorist crap is he going to come up with to divert attention from this nasty little point. It is automatic, any time he is cornered we have supposed terrorist warnings and this time he is well and truly in a corner of his own making, Hoist on his own petard.

I don't believe in this diplomatic and politically correct garbage but rather, plain speaking which anyone can understand, so.....

Come on you lying little bastard, produce your evidence or resign. Most informed people now know you for what you are, a lying, thieving raving maniac with a power complex.


"Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower




By John T. Linnell

Let us be brutally frank in this matter of dealing with the Bush administration.

They do not give a damn for anyone else's opinion but their own insane policies.

You can sign petitions, get yourselves tear gassed, shot with rubber or other bullets at demonstrations, be jailed and beaten up by the goons that pass for law enforcement officers in the US such as the Portland Police, you can moan, whine and bitch to each other, if you are sure the other party isn't going to squeal on you so you get free accommodation in one of General Ashcroft's labour camps (over 800 waiting for you in the US) and not one bit of that effort will have the least effect on the lunatics running the new 4th Reich which the US has now become, alias Nazimerica.

There are only two possible actions that can be taken to stop them. First, and hopefully it won't have to come to it, would be a second revolution. This is NOT a desirable solution as thousands of innocent people will get killed, and maimed and do not kid yourselves, the Bush regime will make anything they accuse Saddam Hussein of doing look like a Sunday school picnic. It means nothing to them to kill thousands of their own citizens. The record is there from earlier plans to do exactly this apart from the very strong indications that they were totally responsible for the WTC debacle.

The alternative that just may be the most effective is for the entire country to go on a prolonged national strike. There are not enough troops and police to go after everyone who refuses to go to work or calls in 'sick'. The unions could easily shut down all government transport, shipping, fuel supplies etc. Office workers in all government offices could all get long lasting 'blue flu' effectively paralyzing the government. Bush and co could not stand up to a prolonged national strike for long and when the other countries of the world saw that happening and that very obviously the decent citizens of the US did not want this war or any more of the Bush lying they in turn could ostracize the Bush administration. Possibly the citizens of other countries contemplating helping Bush in his insanity could also shut their governments down. Quite an impressive idea, a global strike to bring the governments to their senses. As stated petitions and protest marches mean nothing to them but when the government can't operate, can't move their troops or materials etc, that will have a devastating effect.

As I said in an earlier message, every time Bush opens his mouth to castigate Hussein all he is doing is describing himself. Why should the US and the Jews of Israel be the only ones to be allowed all these weapons.

One has to ponder about the morals and ethics of the so called scientists who knowingly and willingly dedicate themselves to creating all these biological weapons. It should not take too many to destroy a lot of these materials such as the smallpox virus etc. This could be done during the national strike.

On the subject of viruses, it appears that all viruses are not immune to NATURAL materials but more and more are immune to the pharmaceutical industries useless drugs and poisons. An old and long ignored material is highly effective against most known viruses. It is Colloidal Silver which kills most within 6 minutes including the AIDS, HIV etc. The drug companies don't want you to have it as they can't make any money or patent a natural remedy. The government doesn't want you to have it as it will nullify their biological threats against you. You can make your own for pennies. $20/2 ounces is a complete rip off in the Health Food Stores.

The whole world is rapidly coming to their senses and realizing that the US government is the biggest threat to world peace. Unfortunately the innocent and decent American citizens are getting the blame and are being looked on in other countries as the pariahs their politicians and administration are.

As said above the only thing that can be truly effective against this administration is to shut it down before it is too late. They have no right whatever to trample on your or other peoples rights and lives.

Surely there are enough decent citizens to do this and save yourselves and the rest of the world from potential annihilation?


"I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Note from Jean: I've added both quotes from Eisenhower above as they seem very fitting there...


From: "Robert S. Rodvik Author/media analyst" <>
Subject: 'Sci-Fi' Weapons Going to War
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002

Los Angeles Times
December 8, 2002

'Sci-Fi' Weapons Going to War

By William M. Arkin <>

On April 30, 2001, more than 30 square miles of the rolling Maryland countryside that make up the Aberdeen Proving Grounds were cleared of all nonessential personnel for the first full-scale test of a new weapon. Planners also took care to remove all unnecessary electronic equipment, because electronic equipment was exactly what the new weapon was designed to destroy.

At 6:13 p.m., the antenna on the exotic new device was switched on and a high-powered beam of microwaves was fired at a nearby truck -- the first field deployment of a "directed energy" weapon. It fried the truck's ignition and air-fuel mixing system, bringing the hapless vehicle to a halt.

About the same time, at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, field demonstrations were being wrapped up on another microwave weapon, this one mounted on a truck and designed to inflict intense pain on human skin. The weapon sprang from a program devoted to what military researchers call "active-denial technology." Now, a year and a half later, an enormous effort is underway to move these speed-of-light weapons from the realm of research to combat readiness. The same is true for an array of exotic new weapons, including new generations of so-called "agent defeat" bombs. Among the latter is a guided cluster bomb that scatters 4,000 titanium rods capable of penetrating chemical and biological bunkers and storage tanks with lethal effect. Most promising is a new incendiary device that generates a firestorm so intense it cannot be quenched with water.

What lies behind this rush to bring these exotic new weapons into the American arsenal is the Bush administration's almost obsessive determination to eradicate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in Iraq -- and potentially in other rogue states -- as part of its war on terrorism.

The new devices, along with the development of highly secret special operations units and new tactics, are intended to help the armed forces seize or neutralize the so-called weapons of mass destruction (WMD) with greater speed and security -- as well as with less damage to surrounding areas or people, and less danger of inadvertently spreading toxic materials.

There are risks, however, because some of these new weapons could arguably be construed as violating established codes of wartime conduct. And the risks of a backlash, whether at home or abroad, are magnified by the administration's almost total refusal to talk about what it is doing and thereby build public understanding and support.

Unfortunately, one side effect of framing the war on terrorism in terms of weapons of mass destruction is that it instills in government officials a sense of moral certainty so great that they feel no need to explain or justify themselves.

And, for all the talk of withering airstrikes on thousands of Iraqi targets and of armored divisions racing toward Baghdad, what really distinguishes Washington's preparation for war with Iraq is its focus on finding and destroying Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz made this crystal clear last week when he said, "Our goal is to achieve the disarmament of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, peacefully if possible, voluntarily if possible, by force if necessary."

And the administration clearly sees high-powered microwave, or HPM, weapons and other such devices as potentially useful in achieving that goal. When Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld was asked at an August press briefing how promising he considered HPM technology, he replied in his characteristically elliptical way by recalling the unexpected emergence of unmanned aerial drones in the Afghanistan war.

"You never know," he said. Drones "that were used in Afghanistan had not reached their full development. In the normal order of things, when you invest in research and development, you don't have any intention or expectations that one would use it. On the other hand, the real world intervenes from time to time."

The real world that drives current war planning is the absolute imperative of thwarting Iraqi use of chemical or biological weapons.

For many years, the military and the defense industry have dreamed of directed-energy weapons -- lasers, microwaves and electromagnetic pulses that would operate in milliseconds and leapfrog over the current generations of conventional and nuclear weapons.

Microwave weapons work by producing an intense surge of energy, like a lightning bolt, that short-circuits electrical connections, interferes with computer motherboards, destroys memory chips and damages other electronic components. As antipersonnel weapons, active-denial HPMs send a narrow beam of energy that penetrates about 1/64th of an inch into the skin, where nerves that cause pain are located. By instantaneously heating the skin to above 50 degrees Centigrade (122 degrees Fahrenheit), the microwaves inflict intense pain; often, the reaction they produce is panic. "All the glossy slide presentations in the world cannot prepare you for what to expect when you step in the beam," a high-ranking officer commented last year after experiencing it. His account was contained in military documents.

As a result of the attacks of Sept. 11, these and other highly classified HPM prototypes are being evaluated for use against facilities involving weapons of mass destruction. "We are looking for a boutique of capabilities," Sue Payton, deputy undersecretary of Defense for advanced systems and concepts, told the Pentagon press corps in March, describing the agent-defeat mission. HPMs are being tested against mock targets with the hope of being able to disable them with a minimum of blast effects, civilian death or external physical damage, military sources say.

In fact, HPM weapons technology has now returned to its nuclear roots. In the mid-1980s, the Air Force's Strategic Air Command called for a new weapon able to protect storage bunkers from mobs of anti-nuclear protesters. A "repel demonstrator" device using high-powered microwaves was built and tested in 1996. The focus of the program shifted to crowd control missions for places such as Somalia and Bosnia; two vehicle-mounted prototypes were tested in New Mexico and built before Sept. 11.

While these devices can perform at close quarters, developers of long-range HPM weapons still have had to overcome huge problems in making them combat-ready. They require large power sources. They are small and lack ruggedness. And they have a tendency to inadvertently harm friendly forces.

In April 1999, the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center oversaw the first military HPM weapon successfully demonstrated against electronics on a small scale. The prototype was described at the time as "elegant, safe, well built, and user friendly." Last October, a Defense Department briefing extolled its ability to stop vehicles at hundreds of meters, and military sources hint that at least three different prototypes are available for what might be one-time use in Iraq.

Meantime, the Pentagon has not put all its eggs in the technology basket. It is training special combat units too.

Since Sept. 11, the mission of the U.S. Special Operations Command has focused on combating terrorism and countering weapons as dual priorities. The command's mission, according to Defense Department documents, is to "prevent/limit/minimize the development, possession and employment of weapons of mass destruction [and] to seize, destroy, render safe, capture or recover WMD [weapons of mass destruction]."

The use of Special Forces in this role actually has its roots in the Cold War, when the still-top-secret Delta Force was created. In fact, its first "certifying" exercise, code-named Joshua Junction, took place at a mock nuclear weapons facility on Jackass Flats at the Nevada Test Site. In that exercise, Delta Force teams were to recover a stolen U.S. nuclear weapon from a Middle East terrorist group. Over more than 20 years, what is now called the Joint Special Operations Command has honed its ability to conduct surgical missions against WMD production, storage and other facilities, using techniques and weapons designed to minimize environmental damage and the danger of dispersal.

Putting new weapons together with these highly trained teams of special operators, Pentagon planners have developed detailed scenarios for dealing with any WMD facilities encountered in Iraq.

Unmanned vehicles with special sensors keyed to detect radioactive or chemical emissions would scout the site. HPMs would then be employed. Spreading soundlessly along water pipes, air vents and antennas, they would attack electronic equipment, causing the facility to freeze up. HPMs might also be used to drive the enemy out of bunkers and other secure sites without the destruction and possible collateral damage that come with high explosives.

Cluster and smart bombs could also bring about pinpoint destruction of above-ground facilities. New incendiaries, combined with penetrating munitions and chemicals, could burn up chemical or biological agents. Under a program originally dubbed Vulcan Fire, the Navy and Lockheed Martin are furiously working to field 20 inter-metallic incendiaries. Called HTI-J-1000, these penetrator weapons combine high-temperature explosives to ignite and burn chemical agents, with disinfectant chlorine and acids to neutralize biological agents.

Many of the boutique weapons and special operations remain highly classified not only to preserve the element of surprise, but also because -- politically -- they are highly controversial.

This year's classified Nuclear Posture Review talked of a classified weapon under development that uses "radiological neutralization" of chemical/biological materials in production or storage facilities. "Radiological neutralization" suggests something awfully close to a nuclear weapon. And HPMs intended to destroy military electronics and disrupt civilian electrical power systems might also knock out electrical service to hospitals, for instance, and attack backup generators. Even people with pacemakers might be affected.

Similarly, high-tech antipersonnel devices must inflict pain while avoiding burning, eye damage or other prolonged effects that could be considered "unnecessary suffering," which is banned under existing treaties and international law.

The Bush administration justifies use of the new weapons on grounds that hitting WMD sites with conventional weapons might create large-scale disasters, because hazardous chemicals, toxins and biological agents could be dispersed over a wide area.

This line of thinking may stem in part from the fact that, during the 1991 Gulf War, when Hussein had an enormous chemical and biological arsenal, the United States took huge risks in attacking WMD sites. American intelligence had no idea which targets actually contained chemical and biological agents; only after the war did we discover how little correlation there'd been between actual and suspected WMD sites.

Today, U.S. intelligence about the location of Hussein's illicit materials is no better. The hope is that Iraq will do something to "expose" its weapons, providing the opportunity for a clear American shot. The goal -- reducing the risk of nuclear, chemical or biological disaster -- is important.

But good intentions may not be a good enough answer if units such as Delta Force are sent into action with weapons and tactics that appear to cross the threshold of what is considered lawful and acceptable. Especially if the U.S. government does not begin to make its case to the American public and the rest of the world until after the fact.

Secrecy seems to be the Bush administration's favorite operating style. In the end, however, events may prove that its momentary convenience comes at a heavy price.


From: Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002
Subject: Yoni Ben Artzi and Uri Ya'acobi made into scapegoats

Yoni Ben Artzi and Uri Ya'acobi, who both already served five consecutive prison terms for refusing to serve in the army, were today imprisoned for the sixth time and received respectively 35 and 28 days in Military Prison-4. Ben Artzi will at the end of this period come close to half a year in prison. No community service for these conscientious objectors, but military prison with its short nights and its long days of forced labor.

The struggle for the release of these two - officially adopted by Amnesty International ( - is not so much a struggle on behalf of refusal to serve in the army but in the first place a struggle for fair behavior towards principled youngsters. In this country the religious succeeded to get exemption from army service for every "Yeshiva Student" - without in the least objecting to the use of violence, only to themselves having to do the dirty work. It is inacceptable that at the same time non- religious students are again and again imprisoned for the fact that they happen to have a conscience which forbids them to take part in an army which all their life (and much longer) has been an occupation army.

The two re-jailed today have both been behind bars for more than 100 days already (Ben-Artzi 126, and Ya'acobi 106). The fact that there is no sign of allowing them to see the army's "Incompatibility Commission" (the only way out of the vicious circle) is proof that a policy of years has been changed. There was for years an unwritten rule that such repeated imprisonments of COs would never exceed 90 to 100 days. There can be no more doubt: the army embarked on a new policy of harsh treatment of refusers. The new policy of "breaking the conscientious objectors" is meant to crash also another phenomenon: the increasing and widespread unwillingness to serve in the army. The steep rise in the number of pacifist and political refusers is only the tip of the iceberg. According to military correspondents the number of soldiers who "vote with their feet" by just not coming when they are called up seems to have risen even more dramatically.

Yoni Ben Artzi en Uri Ya'acobi are the first to suffer from this new policy; several other young COs are right now in prison for not yet as many days (Yoni Yechezkel, Dror Boimel, Haggai Matar - to mention some) and at least four others are due to enter this week (among them Matan Kaminer, whose letter circulates these days on the net) and these four will be accompanied by a crowd of future refusers - tomorrow at 7.30 up to the gates of the Tel- Hashomer recruitment center. But right now we advise to focus the struggle on the two who entered their sixth term. Ben Artzi en Ya'acobi now need all the support they can get.

Letters of support (which will be passed on by their family) to:


Letters of protest to:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon <>
Spokesperson of the Prime Minister <>
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz <>
Spokesperson Defense Ministry <>
Foreign Minister Benyamin Netanyahu <>

+ COPIES to: Amnesty International <>, amnesty1 <>

We very much urge you also to send your protest by fax or regular post to:

Minister of Defence Mr. Sha'ul Mofaz, Ministry of Defence, 37 Kaplan st., Tel-Aviv 61909, Israel. Fax:+972-(0)3-696-27-57

Commander of Military Prison No. 4, Military Postal Code 02507 IDF, Israel Fax: +972-(0)3-957-52-76


Visit our site:



Philip Berrigan, apostle of peace, dies at age 79

Democracy Now!
With Amy Goodman

Philip Berrigan, the patriarch of the Roman Catholic anti-war movement whose conscience collided with national policy for more than three decades, died last night of liver and kidney cancer. He was 79 and had lived at Jonah House on the grounds of a West Baltimore cemetery for much of the past decade.

He led the Catonsville Nine, who staged one of the most dramatic protests of the 1960s. They doused homemade napalm on a small bonfire of draft records in a Catonsville parking lot and ignited a generation of anti-war dissent. More recently he helped found the Plowshares movement, whose members have attacked federal military property in anti-war and anti-nuclear protests and were then often imprisoned.

Mr. Berrigan died at 9:30 p.m. at the Jonah House, a communal living facility of war resisters. CLIP


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