April 9, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #139: The Times of Reckoning

Hello everyone

As the latest U.S. polls show a steep decline of Bush's popularity over his lack of real commitment to help put an end to the Israeli incursions and human rights violations in Palestine, the time is fast coming for a global reckoning that a number of critically important things must change NOW!

Otherwise we are in for a lot more trouble...

Time for action!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Forgiveness is the answer to the child's dream of a miracle by which what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is made clean again."

- Dag Hammarskjold


1. Feedback
2. US Prepares for widening Middle East Conflict?
3. THE MILLIONTH CIRCLE - How to Change Ourselves and the World
4. Florida Bill Threatens Civil Liberties, Gives 'Unprecedented Power To Unelected Officials'
5. Paper or plastic?
7. Special Brownies


(...) According to Washington Post investigators, over the past twenty years the US has spent millions of dollars producing fanatical schoolbooks, which were then distributed in Afghanistan. "The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then [i.e., since the violent destruction of the Afghan secular government in the early 1990s] as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books..." -- Washington Post, 23 March 2002 (...) The US government can't write, edit, print and ship millions of violent, Muslim fundamentalist primers into Afghanistan without somebody in high places (in the US government) approving those primers. (...) You may recall that George and Laura Bush have made passionate speeches denouncing Islamic fundamentalism. CLIP

Congressman: U.S. Set Up Anti-Taliban to be Slaughtered
Washington's Backing of Afghan Terrorists: Deliberate Policy
CIA worked with Pakistan to create Taliban
Gaping Holes in the 'CIA vs. bin Laden' Story
To Join the Emperor's Clothes email list: http://emperors-clothes.com/f.htm

World Bank to West Bank (April 9)

Now that Bush has finally recognized the need for U.S. involvement in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, he needs to take the next important step: commit peacekeeping forces to enforce the peace.

War in The Middle East - All the latest Alternet articles
See "A Reason for Hope in the Middle East" there.

Israel Promises Partial Pullout

Briefing paper on 'A Never-Ending War? Consequences of September 11' (March 2002)

Triple Threat To Peace -- Arafat, Sharon And Bush

Demos are being organized in D.C., NYC, and SF on Thursday, April 11 - More details at http://www.tikkun.org or contact Michael Lerner <RabbiLerner@tikkun.org>

Here is the conclusion of his appeal...

"As we approach the commemoration of the Holocaust, it is all the more imperative that we not allow the memory of those who died be misused to justify current immoral policies which, while not at the level of Nazis or genocide, are nevertheless disgusting and likely to generate shame among Jews for generations to come. We who love the Jewish people must defend its interests by tryiing to change what Israel is doing. And this is not just an imperative for Jews--Christians also should be joining us and working for these same goals: because our bottom line is that everyone on the planet deserves to be treated as though created in the image of God."

Amnesty International is targeting the INS for its treatment of 9/11 detainees and apparent obstructions of justice.

The Hopi Predicted the Chemtrails
"Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky"
Some believe the "Purifier" mentioned by the Hopi, who comes in response to all of the signs of the endtime, is Pacal Votan. This prophecy is refered to as the Telektenon. http://www.earthportals.com/Portal_Messenger/pacal.html


Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002
Subject: Re: URGENT! Eyewitness report from Ramallah (and more!)
From: Liz Daly <dalyreiki@earthlink.net>

Bless you Jean for sharing this cutting edge truth with the American people, who by no fault of their own, are not given access to fair news coverage... Yes, you may think many Americans as lazy and not wanting to go the extra mile to find the truth. I have been in a Jewish section of Los Angeles today...had lunch at a very popular Israeli restaurant and when I started to discuss the truth of the plight of the Palestianian people, a young man came up to me to let me know that I could be in danger for speaking the way I was speaking and he escorted me to my car so that I would be safe. I was frightened to say the least... but of course my experience does pale in comparison to what is happening to our brothers and sisters in this conflict in Bethlehem and Ramallah. I am so very saddened as you are by all of this, as I ache with all of the enemy patterning that is coming up. I have been aching from head to toe for all of the sons and daughters of Source who are experiencing this horrific human experience. I have been contacting representatives of the U.S. government and other world leaders to register my outrage at the horrors of the insanity of the behavior of the Israelis and all others culpable in the escalation of these war atrocities... this unthinkable war madness. Thank you for sharing your communications that you receive from the ERN members. It helps those of us within the U.S. who are trying to be in service to the LIGHT no matter what. I am focusing on anchoring the truth and am focusing on the destruction of enemy patterning of any sort at all. I bless you, Jean, thank you for your hard work. I honor your truth...as you see it.

And of course I honor the eyewitness reports you transmit to us. I believe that two new leaders need to come to the forefront. Sharon should be stripped of power and so should Arafat...too much tainted energy...no one will ever believe either of these men...this is just my 2 cents at this point...and I pray for every mother, daughter, son and father who is living such a difficult human experience upon Terra at this point. I do not know what else to express. I am so disheartened by the behavior of humanity I can hardly think straight...


Taken from tapa-chemtrails Digest Number 358
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002
From: "azpat0" <poconnell9@bigfoot.com>
Subject: US Prepares for widening Middle East Conflict?

Credit: Jopel Skousen Newsletter: thanks to an anonymous tapa member:


The London Guardian reported that the US is already moving its Gulf headquarters from Saudi Arabia to Qatar in preparation for an attack on Iraq (which numerous experts predict will take place between July and September of this year). Saudi Arabia has refused to allow its territory to be used as a base of operations for either the Afghanistan operation or the future Iraqi invasion. There is growing skepticism surrounding US bullheadedness in taking on Iraq. Even perennial globalist yes-man Tony Blair, Britain's PM, is trying to get President Bush to call off the attack. Tony Blair's Labor Party has shown little enthusiasm for continued US saber rattling around the world. Blair knows he'll be in political hot water if he doesn't show some token opposition to the Bush warmongering. He issued orders to government intelligence agencies to not publish the expected dossier on Iraq's secret arms programs--which Bush was hoping to use to justify the coming attack on Iraq.


Sent by Alan Moore <Bflyspirit@aol.com>

Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D.
April 2, 2002

The Millionth Circle Initiative

The Millionth Circle Initiative is an official program of Global Education Associates, a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization in New York http://www.globaleduc.org, and is also sponsored by Women's World Summit Foundation, a UN NGO based in Geneva, and a host of coalitions, individuals and friends throughout the world.

THE MILLIONTH CIRCLE - How to Change Ourselves and the World

The book that inspired the Millionth Circle 2005

A combination of visionary and how-to ideas by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D., author, Jungian analyst, psychiatrist, and leader in the women's empowerment and spirituality movement.

The Millionth Circle proposes nothing less than the possibility that women's circles with a spiritual center can accelerate humanity's shift into a post-patriarchal era. Circles build upon what women do naturally, and have brought about major political and social changes. Women in small groups grew into the Women's Suffragette's movement, which gained women the right to vote in 1920. Women in small consciousness-raising groups led to the Women's movement of the 1970s. A millionth circle movement led by women could change planetary consciousness.

"The Millionth Circle," writes Bolen, "depends upon a simple hypothesis: when a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will also, and a new era begins. Once the principles are understood, the significance of women's circles can be appreciated as a revolutionary-evolutionary movement that is hidden in plain sight."

Royalties from sales of The Millionth Circle donated to The Millionth Circle 2005

For more about Jean Bolen:


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002
From: Larry Morningstar <mana7@wave.net>


Read More at: http://www.aapsonline.org/

Florida Bill Threatens Civil Liberties, Gives 'Unprecedented Power To Unelected Officials'

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) today urged Gov. Bush to veto SB 1262, a bill that gives the State Public Health Officer powers to declare a public health emergency and to order forced drugging and treatment 'under the guise of responding to terrorism'.

In a letter sent to the Governor, Jane M. Orient, Executive Director, writes:

"AAPS is totally opposed to SB 1262 -- 'imposing medical treatments on unwilling citizens at gunpoint, or with threats of taking children from their parents, or with other coercive measures -- obliterating informed consent and due process of law'. Medical consequences could be disastrous.

"This bill gives the State Health Officer the sole, unbridled power to issue a public health advisory and 'take any action appropriate to enforce any public health advisory,' without oversight or accountability. The Legislature has abdicated its authority with respect to the alleged emergency altogether."

AAPS first sounded the alarm about these types of bills last December, gathering thousands of signatures on a letter of opposition to President Bush. 'The Model State Emergency Powers Act' (MEPHA) was drafted by the CDC and promoted to the states by the Department of HHS -- with promises of federal dollars for new programs, and threats of withholding funding for current ones.

The bills are so alarming that 'many legislators in other states are publicly opposing them', including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation's largest bipartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators. "We must take a much more deliberative approach in crafting effective policy without sacrificing the rights and liberties of individuals and families," ALEC's Director of the Health and Services told AAPS.

The letter to Gov. Bush continues:

"The Florida legislation is even more frightening. 'It bypasses the ballot box altogether, giving life and death powers to an unelected bureaucrat -- it is highly dangerous to entrust any human being with unlimited power'.

"The State Health Officer could use 'any means necessary to force vaccination or treatment on unwilling citizens', if 'there is no practical method to quarantine' such individuals, and 'if the individual poses a danger to the public health.' The degree of force, the assessment of what is 'practical,' and the definition of 'danger to public health' are all at the sole discretion of this Officer."

AAPS is also concerned that these powers could be used to invalidate all vaccine exemptions - including religious and medical -- that are now legal choices for parents who choose not to subject their children to dozens of immunizations required under blanket vaccine mandates for school attendance. Dr. Orient raises medical issues that the legislation fails to take into account, including:

The bill fails to mention smallpox by name, even though it is the only contagious disease that is a credible biological warfare threat and for which a reasonably effective vaccine exists. "In an outbreak of measles or whooping cough, with several dozen cases, is an unvaccinated child a 'danger to public health'?"

There are many scientifically valid arguments against mass smallpox immunization campaigns -- 'serious adverse effects, including death'.

The strain of smallpox used by terrorists may be vaccine resistant. "Thus, an entire population could be subjected to the dangers of mass vaccination while reaping no benefit at all." Dr. Orient urges Gov. Bush to veto the bill and demand that forced vaccination and treatment be removed from it. "Moreover, no unelected official should be permitted to declare a public health emergency, nor should such a state of emergency continue without ratification by the state legislature as soon as it can be called into session," concludes Dr.Orient.


AAPS, a national non-partisan, dues-supported professional association of physicians dedicated since 1943 to protecting the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship, opposes government-ordered vaccine mandates. While many vaccines are extremely useful and have saved many lives, patients and physicians should be free to determine the best course of treatment for an individual.

Read More at: http://www.aapsonline.org/

Many AAPS Links re: Emergency Powers Legislation at:

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Petition

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.
A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943
Omnia pro aegroto
1601 N. Tucson Blvd. Suite 9 Tucson, AZ 85716-3450
Phone: (800) 635-1196 Hotline: (800) 419-4777

Dear President Bush:

We are writing to voice our opposition to the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) drafted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and being sent to state legislatures with a recommendation for passage.

While protecting citizens from biological and chemical attacks is a critical function of government, any laws passed to that end must take a deliberative approach in crafting effective policy without sacrificing the rights and liberties of individuals and families.

In contrast, this bill would give public health officials and governors sweeping new authority to quarantine and vaccinate individuals. Moreover, the proposal allows government authorities to ration and commandeer drugs and other items, including firearms and private property. And yet what constitutes a real or possible "emergency" is left subject to wide interpretation, leaving the governors little or no accountability.

The bill is so alarming that even state legislators are publicly opposing it. The nation's largest bipartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has published numerous concerns.

We therefore respectfully request that you direct HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and all other officials from HHS and its divisions, to desist immediately from all efforts, plans and actions to promote and pass this bill. Further, we ask that no federal funds be used to promote or pass this bill.

Respectfully submitted, [Your Name]


Go to the following site to add your name to this petition:




From: "Sibylle Hartmann" <greensib@hotmail.com>
Subject: Paper or plastic?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002

Dear Mr Despres,

Your article in the March issue of Delicious Living has angered me and many of my friends. The statement of: "Paper or plastic? It's a loaded question, and you won't believe how complicated the answer really is", is the most ridiculous I have ever read. You hereby further discourage the already unwilling people to make a small effort to use cloth bags, because that's what you do by writing that it is complicated and that most shoppers find these bags too bulky to carry, forget to bring them, or simply can't be bothered. Can't be bothered? I would like to see if when all the forests have been clearcut and we have to wear gas-masks, that people still could not be bothered.

Now let me tell you something, and I hope you listen carefully, because when it comes to the environment, America has no clue. It could learn a lesson or two from Europe. I'm from Switzerland, where we GROW UP taking shopping bags with us when we go to the stores. That is ingrained into us from the start. If we go shopping, we take our money and our shopping bags. Shopping bags are an important item in people's households. They are not just the cloth bags you see here, but sturdy bags lined with plastic inside. They never rip and can hold a ton. EVERYBODY USES SUCH BAGS!!

In Swiss stores, if you want a plastic bag, (paper bags are nonexistent) you have to pay 25-50 cents per bag. That would teach you folks who "can't be bothered"! We have to teach ourselves to carry these bags in the car and to bring them into the store. This is a matter of reprogramming the brain. It's easy. After reprogramming, it becomes automatic, you never leave the house without it. People who don't bring a bag in Europe are considered sloppy and one asks:"aren't you environmental yet?"

It is an outrage, to read the numbers: 600-1200 bags per shopper each year.... 700 bags can be made from one 15-20 year old tree....you do the math.....and it does not look good.

This IS one of the easiest problem to solve, the loss of trees is horrendous and an has to be stopped, and Americans are too lazy to bring their own bags? Now come on! Get real! Wake up and smell the garbage!

Talking about garbage. You may know that in Switzerland, for example, we have some rules and regulations that many Americans would find overly restrictive: those who want complete freedom at the expense of the environment. Well let me tell you that I gladly observe certain rules and regulations, if it saves the planet, in particular my immediate environment. I'm all for Eco-cops to the rescue..... Again: "Wake up and smell the garbage!". So in Switzerland they have this regulation with garbage.

10 garbage bags (35 liters) cost $ 20.
10 garbage bags (60 liters) cost $ 30.
10 garbage bags (110 liters) cost $ 60.

No other garbage bags are accepted, there are no dumpsters! Everything is neat and cleanly disposed of! Paying for garbage bags like that makes people think twice about just throwing recyclables in the garbage!! Also no overflowing dumpsters there! If Americans would have to pay for their garbage bags, don't you think that this would teach them to recycle? In most of Europe people are recycling pros, and everybody does it, not just hippies and environmentalists! I can't believe my eyes when I see what people, still to this day, throw away here!

When will people in this country learn that we do not have infinite resources and that if we don't reduce, reuse and recycle, the whole world will suffer an environmental holocaust in the end?? Sure America is No. 1... in garbage production... Do you really think that people recycle the paper and plastic bags?... Dream on... only a very small percentage of people do. I know so, because I see lots of these bags in people's trash, I never see people take them back to the store, or very rarely. The percentage of people who bring their own bags is tragically low!

If we don't start to retrain our robotbrains, delete such dumb questions of:"Paper or Plastic"? and download the few simple words of:"I don't need a bag" instead, we will work towards a sustainable, cleaner, brighter future. It's either trees in a lush forest or stumps in a desert. Which do you think we need to survive as a species? Will we, after it's all clearcut, still say:"We can't be bothered?"


Sibylle Hartmann


Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002
From: Trevor Osborne <wharmony@iinet.net.au>

Hi Jean,

This report came in today regarding some research work by Boyd Graves.

Off the record, I have been communicating with Boyd over the last couple of weeks as well as some of his former associates (there was a little in-fighting). If you are interested in this topic I can provide you with quite a lot of information including names, email addresses, etc. There is a great deal of evidence to support Graves' assertions including a research team at the Royal Perth Hospital (my home town) who have hard evidence AIDS is NOT what the authorities is claim it to be. They have an excellent website including a video of a BBC documentary that was "pulled" at the last minute.

Don't mean to inundate you so will do my best to only give you original or close to original material.




April 3, 2002




Boyd E. Graves, J.D. boyded2002@yahoo.com

US GAO, Larry Solomon 202-512-3000 http://www.usgao.gov

Congressman James Traficant Anthony.Traficanti@mail.house.gov

National Institutes of Health 301-496-4000 http://www.nih.gov

NOAH/Zygote Media 785-263-1871 http://www.boydgraves.com



(Youngstown, OH)
US General Accounting Office investigators will brief Ohio Congressman James A. Traficant of the GAO's current investigation into the mostly secret US Special 'AIDS' Virus program as early as Friday April 12, 2002.

According to statements released today from the Congressman's chief of staff, Mr. Anthony Traficanti. "(The US GAO) is going to schedule a video teleconference with our office sometime next week, I suggest you be there."

The US Special Virus program secretly spent 15 years and $550 million tax payer dollars to develop 60,000 liters of a new chimera virus which depletes the human immune system.

The 'special virus' is designed for an affinity towards racial blood markers in people of color, according to the government's US Special Virus documentation uncovered by Dr. Boyd E. Graves' during his decade of research into the origin of HIV/AIDS.

"The 1971 AIDS Development flowchart is the "missing link" in establishing the design, purpose and intent of the AIDS pandemic under the auspices of population control and national security," says Dr. Graves. "Prior to May, 1984 AIDS was called the leukemia/lymphoma virus."

On May 15, 2000 Dr. Victoria Cargill, senior US AIDS expert at the National Institute of Health, independently acknowledged the existence of the government's secret 1971 HIV/AIDS Flow Chart which Dr. Graves uncovered in 1999.

According to Buckeye Review publisher Mr. Mike McNair, "The GAO Investigation called by Congressman Traficant, is crucial in allowing the government to speak definitively about the medical and governmental facts as they exist."

The secret US Special HIV/AIDS Virus Flow Chart five page fold out is featured on page 51 of Dr. Graves' first book, "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" (NOAH/Zygote Media 2001 ISBN# 0-9707735-1-X).

"Dr. Graves first book has sold out around the world three times already," says his publisher. "Dr. Graves has provided over 26,000 free HIV/AIDS Flow Charts to folks in every corner of the world."

For additional information on Dr. Graves' research, grass roots judicial activism, or to download the US Special Virus Flow Chart online please visit www.boydgraves.com or call his publisher at 785-263-1871.

"We must let nature determine the finish line, not man," says Dr. Graves.

"We are greater than any federal virus program. We are the human race."


US GAO LETTER 02.25.02


NIH Dr. Victoria Cargill 05.15.00

US Supreme Court Case No. 00-9587


Release by NOAH

C/o Zygote Media
PO Box 332
Abilene, KS 67410-0332

O - 785-263-1871
F - 785-263-1568
E - zygotemedia@boydgraves.com
W - http://www.boydgraves.com


NOTE FROM JEAN: after networking this info above to my Media list last week, I got this comment from "Boyd E. Graves, J.D." <boyded2002@yahoo.com>

Jean: Thanks for carrying the news about the federal program that made AIDS. It is truly a volatile time in history, and the further exposure of this secret federal virus development program will strengthen our national security and our resolve.

Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

To download flowchart: http://www.boydgraves.com/flowchart/


Let's hope that some journalists will be courageous enough to investigate this horrific most evil thing they've done. I've seen a couple times info about the fact that AIDS was initially - and deliberately - inoculated to some target populations (in Africa, in the San Franciso and New York Gay communities) through a WHO hepatitis vaccination program.


Chapter by Chapter Summary of "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?"


From: "Mary Hirsch" <soul18@pioneer.net>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000

Hi Jean

Here's a bit of personal testimony from the past: While working in a public affairs firm in the mid-80's, I was given an assignment to research AIDS for a fortune 100 corp. I discovered info that led me to believe the initial outbreak occurred among the heterosexual population in Western Africa following a WHO hepatitis vaccination program. An elderly scientist friend, who passed on several years ago, suggested to me, at the time, that it was a virus developed in a lab -- it was an experiment by the 'powers that be' to control and/or eliminate the less than desirable elements of the world's population. -- He also suggested that the gay population in San Francisco was one of the initial 'test' markets as well as longshoremen who would spread the disease worldwide. Unfortunately the majority of people did NOT want to listen to worldwide conspiracy theories..and I s'pose, the majority, still do not...it's a hard pill to swallow. Thank heaven someone has been doing their homework and, finally, someone is listening! With enough truth, simplicity and love we CAN make a difference!

REMINDER: Well over 30 million people around the world are infected by the AIDS virus and millions of them are dying every year, mostly in Africa where 5 million people are now infected each year, a human tragedy of apocalyptic proportions leaving millions of orphaned children to fend for themselves in the poorest continent on Earth.

AIDS's Shadow Cools Global Population Forecast (October 28, 1998) YES THAT WAS 4 YEARS AGO!

See also:

AIDS Cure Invented By Oklahoma General Practitioner


Sent by "Jack" <jack@synerbiz.com>

Special Brownies - There's A Message Here For Everyone!

A father of some teenage children had the family rule that they could not attend "R" rated movies. His three teens wanted to see a particular popular movie that was playing at local theaters. It was rated "R." The teens interviewed friends and even some members of their family's church to find out what was offensive in the movie. The teens made a list of pros and cons about the movie to use to convince their dad that they should be allowed to see it.

The con's were that it contained ONLY 3 swear words, the ONLY violence was a building exploding (and you see that on TV all the time they said), and you actually did not "see" the couple in the movie having sex it was just implied sex, off camera.

The pros were that it was a popular movie - a blockbuster. Everyone was seeing it. If the teens saw the movie then they would not feel left out when their friends discussed it. The movie contained a good story and plot. It had some great adventure and suspense in it. There were some fantastic special effects in this movie. The movie's stars were some of the most talented actors in Hollywood. It probably would be nominated for several awards. Many of the members of their Christian church had even seen the movie and said it wasn't "very bad". Therefore, since there were more pros than cons the teens said they were asking their father to reconsider his position on just this ONE movie and let them have permission to go see it.

The father looked at the list and thought for a few minutes. He said he could tell his children had spent some time and thought on this request. He asked if he could have a day to think about before making his decision. The teens were thrilled thinking; "Now we've got him! Our argument is too good!

Dad can't turn us down!" So, they happily agreed to let him have a day to think about their request.

The next evening the father called in his three teenagers, who were smiling smugly, into the living room. There on the coffee table he had a plate of brownies. The teens were puzzled. The father told his children he had thought about their request and had decided that if they would eat a brownie then he would let them go to the movie. But just like the movie, the brownies had pros and cons. The pros were that they were made with the finest chocolate and other good ingredients. They had the added special effect of yummy walnuts in them. The brownies were moist and fresh with wonderful chocolate frosting on top. He had made these fantastic brownies using an award-winning recipe. And best of all, the brownies had been made lovingly by the hand of their own father.

The brownies only had one con. He had included a little bit of a special ingredient. The brownies also contained just a little bit of dog poop.

But he had mixed the dough well - they probably would not even be able to taste the dog poop and he had baked it at 350 degrees so any bacteria or germs from the dog poop had probably been destroyed. Therefore, if any of his children could stand to eat the brownies which included just a "little bit of crap" and not be affected by it, then he knew they would also be able to see the movie with "just a little bit of smut" and not be effected.

Of course, none of the teens would eat the brownies and the smug smiles had left their faces. Only Dad was smiling smugly as they left the room.

Now when his teenagers ask permission to do something he is opposed to the father just asks, "Would you like me to whip up a batch of my special brownies?"

Author Unknown