February 5, 2002

Miscellaneous Subjects #125: Revealing Some Sickening Realities

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You'll find some very provocative material in this one. Some sickening stuff, but also some positive signs of hope - mostly from Matthew Ward.

The truth must come out for changes to happen!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Earth's Inter-Stellar Quarantine is Being Lifted
2. Matthew Ward on the multiple timelines
3. Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America
4. G W Bush's first year in office
5. A mega nuclear waste dump in Nevada


Pitted against the now wildly popular NYPD, this weekend's anti-WEF protesters were more subdued than their predecessors in Seattle or Davos. Was their message still heard?


During America's most jingoistic sporting event, Bush spent $3.2 million to convince us that drug use equals terrorism. It would be laughable nonsense if it wasn't so horribly misleading.


From: Lorinkiely@aol.com
Date: 21 Jan 2002

Earth's Inter-Stellar Quarantine is Being Lifted, says Vancouver Futurist

From: http://www.exopolitics.com/cuenews10.html

EXOPOLITICS Links Earth to Universal Politics

by Graham Simms

VANCOUVER, BC - America's military will suffer "ignominious defeat" by extraterrestrials if it continues to pursue its agenda of weapons proliferation into space because it is contrary to the laws of the universe to militarize space, says Alfred Lambremont Webre, a Vancouver based futurist; author; Yale educated eco-lawyer and White House liason. Webre's new book, entitled Exopolitics, describes a new branch of human knowledge - exopolitics, which is the politics of the universe. "Exopolitics provides the institutional framework for earth's integration into Universe society. That process is now ongoing and will accelerate as exopolitical realities are awakened in humankind. Exopolitics is the study of law, government and politics that will liberate human society." Webre explained in an interview this week.

Webre believes that the proposed "Star Wars" missile defence system is actually an offensive weapon to be used against extraterrestrial UFO's in an attempt by earths ruling elite to stall man-kind's merger with the rest of the universe. He explains: "Star Wars and the militarization of space is part of the information war against the integration with Universe society. Star Wars is an "inside code word" for this war among the military planners. The issue is whether our space technology will be in accord with Universal principles, or controlled by a military empire. The USA will ultimately suffer ignominious defeat by Universe society should it persist as a space military power."

In 1977 President Carter attempted to discern and disclose the reality of the UFO phenomenon to the public and Webre, then a futurist with the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute SRI, was tasked with formulating and developing the proposed study with the Carter White House on extraterrestrial communication. According to Webre, if that study had not been "brutally terminated" by the intervention of the SRI-Pentagon liason in September 1977, “We would most probably be now acting under 25 years of open disclosure. The differences could be incalculable, with the degree of power and authority to open up interaction and get beyond the zero-sum game of the death forces that now enforce the embargo against disclosure."

Open contact with advanced non-terrestrials could quickly advance human society says Webre, through the resolution of our ecological crises, by allowing world peace, and by releasing mankind from the inter-stellar and information quarantines imposed by earths secretive rulers. "New energy non-polluting energy sources of human design and application could at last be made available without their inventors fearing assassination by petroleum and nuclear interests. Our petroleum civilization would be stalemated and obsolete. Universe society's laws and institutions prohibit war as a conflict resolution mechanism. The ruling terrestrial elites and their lower non-terrestrial allies have historically used war as a key means of production and power."

With between 25% and 50% of adults in North America believing in the reality of extraterrestrial presence on earth Gallup and Zogby polls, Webre does not think that humanity will have trouble absorbing the new post-reality shock. However the disinformation war being waged against extraterrestrials and disclosure is slowing things down.

He expects an eventual grassroots exopolitical movement like the Peace movement of the 1960's-80's that will bypass the usual power channels. "The difficulty is not the human population, it is the networks of human governments and ownership of petroleum and nuclear that are in the hands of retrogressive forces. The ruling terrestrial elites...are actively carrying out a fifty year information war against our integration with Universe society... The task of our generation is to make exopolitics at the grassroots level.

"Where are the concerts on behalf of integration with the Universe? Where are the artists, the activists, the students, the writers, the militants? Answer: they are coping with the effects of the information war and the embargo against even thinking that non-terrestrial civilizations exist. "The only way out is through" the saying goes. Well, we didn't get through under Carter, so now we must get through at the grassroots."

You can read EXOPOLITICS at http://www.exopolitics.com.
Also check out http://www.extraterrestrial.ca and http://www.ecologynews.com


SUZY WARD <suzy@pacifier.com> SENT ME THIS COMMUNICATION TRANSCRIPT WITH HER SON MATTHEW (in heaven - see http://www.matthewbooks.com for more details) ABOUT THE TIMELINES CONCEPT AS PORTRAYED BY KIARA <kiara@hoep.org> (see: http://hoep.org) and which you received in The Light Series #13 archived at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/LightSeries13.htm - VERY USEFUL PERSPECTIVE AND COMMENTS FROM MATTHEW AS USUAL. I share this with both Suzy and Kiara's permission.

January 7, 2002

S: Matthew, did you absorb as much as you need of what Kiara wrote about multiple timelines to comment on it?

MATTHEW: Oh yes, thank you. First, I compliment you on your style of prose, almost musical in areas, Kiara – I enjoyed my reading. Now then, your concept of multiple timelines is not new, but you know that, just as I know this is your lyrically expressed view of them and not what you feel is the announcement of their discovery.

The idea that simultaneous happenings affecting a mass of souls can be confined in any manner at all is erroneous. Even when the energy streamers of each and every soul are in the light and the body of souls moves at the accelerated pace of the universal flow, the consciousness of each individual will register the newest experience in the context of all preceding experiences. Just as perceptions of the same happenings are unique to each soul, the concept of a timeline -- which is only a word symbol to signify whatever constitutes experiencing within a defined framework of “time” – is also.

Kiara, you see three distinct dimensional Earth existences that you call timelines. My mother sees the same three to the extent that she has just read what you have written and she has no personal knowledge that’s in disagreement. But neither is she even a hair’s breadth knowledgeable of your experiencing – your lifelong thoughts, feelings and learning – that led you to establishing the parameters of those timelines or where you fit into them. And even if she were knowledgeable of all that, that would not clarify this beyond her knowing your experiencing and your place within the timelines. In “mass consciousness” there are limitless individual contributions, not a unified mass of The One and Only truth that every soul has been pursuing and voila! finds, but rather the composite of the individual experiencing of each soul.

Mother, you’re feeling uncomfortable and I have barely started. Please breathe.

S: …… OK, please continue.

M: Thank you. My words can flow more smoothly through you now. Mother, I’m not criticizing Kiara for his outlook, you know. I am giving him the comments he requested on a very specific writing. Please consider: If Earth had a population of identical souls with identical choices for learning in the same location in the universe, Kiara’s concept of timelines could be applied if he reduced it from three to one. But Earth’s population is more billions of souls than the census-takers can count, and no two are identical. For purposes of general classification, they range from third density through seventh density in spiritual, intellectual and technological achievement, but each arrived at his niche individually. Even more to the point, each will continue to evolve in all aspects of being wherever in the universe the next stage of learning is presented that the soul selects or is consigned to by virtue of the energy registration of current Earth lifetime choices.

Much is being made in these moments about events reportedly scheduled to happen in specific years or even on specific dates. A date is not fixed outside of your linear time, so holding fast to any future “time” is not something to bank on. If circumstances can alter what you call “past” – and they can! -- you can see that “future” times are at least no more likely to be set in marble than those in your past. You’ve been told that linear time doesn’t exist outside of Earth, but you must still rely on calendars and clocks because you are moving in tandem with the world at large, and minutes and years are measures in common usage. However, you cannot extract something that’s within the continuum and schedule it for July 15, 2004, for example, and count on that date sticking – even your “tomorrow” is affected by whatever happens throughout the universe during your “today.”

Furthermore, you do perceive, if not schedule, things outside of a linear timeframe. Please excuse me, Kiara, for using my mother as an example. Mother, you accept the calendar’s number of years you have been living on Earth this time around and your body ages accordingly, yet you think of yourself as “ageless” because in your mind, you are without an age and thus time is not even considered. You see upcoming plans as a week ahead or a year ahead because those are the parameters you have set or have been set for you. However, the sensation of the wait between this moment and the year ahead may seem much too short for everything to materialize that you need, whereas the week’s wait for Raquel to arrive seems endless. And even the very same occurrence years past may seem “just like yesterday” in one moment and in another, like only a dream, something that never really happened.

I got rather sidetracked there as I was leading up to telling you that happenings are coming closer together in their sequences and this acceleration is what you perceive as time passing more swiftly than it seemed years ago. While that does not change how time is perceived -- how the individual soul puts what is transpiring in this moment into context of everything that has transpired before it -- it does show how this timeline issue is part of what one considers “reality.” There are as many individual perceptions of reality – or timelines -- as there are souls who have experienced in any form anywhere in the universe, and that number is numberless, we could say. It’s like snowflakes, each with its complete value, no two identical, and just as there are no “mass realities,” there are no “mass transiting timelines.”

That is all to your benefit, you should know! Setting timelines even with broadband parameters is trying to define something that’s indefinable with any accuracy whatsoever. There are no pre-cast destinies and no limiting capacities for change in any of a soul’s attributes, attitudes, decisions and activities that form the lifelong journey. That is, there still is “time” for improvement or backsliding! There are measuring sticks, or milestones, that will become more evident as the days pass and will make the truly numberless timelines more understandable to soul-searchers. What already is evident and will become much more so is souls aligning within the same major fields of potential. And in this Kiara may have a better grasp than of the timelines separating the souls whose spiritual evolution zooms, those who embrace the light a little less and a little later, and those who stubbornly refuse the light.

It is understandable that no one can envision even a minute portion of “future” or “past” in the third density still prevailing there. Even in the fourth density emerging that some individuals are experiencing in soul-discovery, there is an eagerness to accept mentally but not a corresponding capacity to feel this at gut level. And it’s not expected. It’s the difference between living in that higher density where the human brain is not constricted as it is in the still primarily third density atmosphere of Earth, and having faith that there even is a higher place. Your searching for an understanding way beyond that is the best evidence that the “beyond” does exist and it does not have the current limitations the density of Earth has imposed upon most of her inhabitants!

These limitations are diminishing even as I am speaking to you. Lazarus and his engineers are paving the celestial roadway for the other light beings to beam their light at Earth without disruption from the dark forces. Lazarus’ troops have the technology to thwart the intrusive efforts of the dark forces at this level and above, as high as there may be any need during this period of the planetary cleansing. Of course souls still have the choice of accepting or rejecting the light, but Earth as her individual soul has chosen the light, and in her prayer for assistance to receive the light in a sustained manner, those civilizations who have been connected with Earth populations since antiquity are heeding her call.

The cleansing is not separate from the ascension process that you have divided into three timelines, Kiara, and the timelines are not separate from each other. Nothing is separate from anything else. All causes and effects are jointly created and experienced at the zenith of consciousness, but the make-up of that consciousness is the input of each soul’s experiencing, as in the journeying of a single snowflake.

Aha! Mother, I’ve told you that even family members who die simultaneously cannot make transition together and I explained why. That same principle is at work here: Each soul is eternally independent, unique and inviolate, and at the same time is inseparable from every other soul and aspect of Creation. THAT is why there are countless timelines, one for each of the innumerable souls journeying back to Creator.

Kiara, you are far ahead of many others who also are educated, spiritually enlightened, and devoutly seeking the Ultimate Consciousness. You needn’t feel the least bit embarrassed by this particular perception that is not what actually is transpiring. The only souls on the planet who do understand with a high degree of accuracy are those who are not Earth human except in physical form or appearance. These higher density civilizations are aware, of course, and your belief in their presence among you is reason enough for you to understand why their perceptions are clearer than yours, don’t you think so?

NOTE FROM JEAN: Kiara also recommended to me a fascinating research by


From: "Earthstar Hummingbird" <faeriemagic@hotmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002

Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001

Summary: MURDER BY INJECTION explains how the ruthless Rockefeller Racketeers - under the control of the world financial structure, chiefly the Rothschilds, incorporates much of the American military-industrial complex, has political control of the nation, and controls the health care and education systems of America. The major banks, defense firms, and prominent political figures interlock with the CIA and the drug firms. In addition, the Rockefeller interests are active not only in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries but in illegal drugs as well. The criminal syndicalists are now looting the American nation of one trillion dollars each year, of which about one-third, more than three hundred billion dollars per year, represents the profitable depredations of the Drug Trust and its medical subsidiaries...

Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America
by Eustace Mullins

Book review

This book is a truly thorough account of the machinations underlying America's steadily deteriorating health, and is the result of some forty years of investigative research by the author Eustace Mullins.

MURDER BY INJECTION reinforces and adds further light to the devastating exposes, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G. Edward Griffin, THE DRUG STORY by Morris Bealle and Hans Ruesch's NAKED EMPRESS OR THE GREAT MEDICAL FRAUD.

MURDER BY INJECTION explains how the ruthless Rockefeller Syndicate - under the control of the world financial structure, chiefly the Rothschilds - plays the major political, health and educational roles in America. The book describes the various arms of the Rockefeller Syndicate and their functions: the Rockefeller Oil Trust, which incorporates much of the American military-industrial complex, has political control of the nation; the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly attains control of health care of America; and the Rockefeller Foundation, a web of affiliated tax exempt creations, effectively controls education.

Mullins specifies names throughout the book, many of them belonging to familiar public figures in America. Companies and their board of directors are listed with all their connections. Eustace Mullins says that in 1987 the United States still maintains an overwhelming lead in the production and sale of drugs. Eleven of the eighteen leading firms are located in the United States and the Drug Trust in the United States is controlled by the Rockefeller group. Mullins adds: The major banks, defense firms, and prominent political figures interlock with the CIA and the drug firms. He further states that the Rockefeller interests, having established the American Drug Trust, had long been active not only in pharmaceutical drugs but in illegal drugs as well. Mullins writes: No chronical of the world's important drug firms would be complete without relating the connection between drug firms and the world drug operation known as 'Dope, Inc.'.

Mullins describes how the Rockefellers with the help of the American Medical Association and government officials gained control of America's health care industry in the early part of this century. Educating medical students was instrumental in their plan, Mullins writes: Rockefeller's Education Board has spent more than $100 million to gain control of the nation's medical schools and turn our physicians to physicians of the allopathic school, dedicated to surgery and the heavy use of drugs.

MURDER BY INJECTION describes in detail the many other dangerous and lucrative rackets that the Rockefeller Syndicate has foistered onto the unsuspecting public and which are responsible for the contamination of our land, oceans and rivers, our water and food supplies, and our bodies. For example Mullins writes: While conducting wars of attrition against the leading exponents of better nutrition, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association have valiantly defended the use of chemical fertilizers... (which, according to Dr Alexis Carrel) 'without replacing all the exhausted elements of the soil, have indirectly contributed to change the nutritive value of cereal grains and vegetables.'

On vaccinations: After the use of cowpox vaccine became widespread in England, a smallpox epidemic broke out which killed 22,081 people. The smallpox epidemics became worse each year that the vaccine was used. In 1872, 44,480 people were killed by it. England finally banned the vaccine in 1948, despite the fact that it was one of the most widely heralded 'contributions' which that country had made to modern medicine. This action came after many years of compulsory vaccination, during which period those who refused to submit to its dangers were hurried off to jail.

On fluoridation: What he [Oscar Ewing] wanted, and what he had been paid to bring about, was the national fluoridation of our drinking water... At the same time, Congressmen and other politicians in Washington were privately alerted by Ewing's minions that they should be careful about ingesting the fluoridated water. Supplies of bottled water from mountain springs then appeared in every office on Capitol Hill; these have been maintained continuously ever since, at the taxpayers' expense.

On the consequences of the Rockefellers' control: The criminal syndicalists are now looting the American nation of one trillion dollars each year, of which about one-third, more than three hundred billion dollars per year, represents the profitable depredations of the Drug Trust and its medical subsidiaries...

America became the greatest and most productive nation in the world. When the Rockefeller Syndicate began its takeover of our medical profession in 1910, our citizens went into a sharp decline. Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug monopoly, and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation.

Although the book mainly deals with America, the situations described by Mullins in many respects equally applies to Australia, as in most other countries. The immense damning evidence that he presents makes MURDER BY INJECTION essential reading for those who are serious about understanding the true reasons behind our ailing health. Published by the National Council for Medical Research in 1988. Hard-cover, 348 pages.

"Is there any greater fear today than that of thinking?"

- Martin Heidegger


From: "Kiara Windrider" <hoep@snowcrest.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002

In George W. Bush's First year in office he:

1. Significantly eased field-testing controls of genetically engineered crops.

2. Cut federal spending on libraries by $39 million.

3. Cut $35 million in funding for doctors to get advanced pediatric training.

4. Cut by 50% funding for research into renewable energy sources.

5. Revoked rules that reduced the acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking water.

6. Blocked rules that would require federal agencies to offer bilingual assistance to non-English speaking persons. This, from a candidate who would readily fire-up his Spanish-speaking skills in front of would-be Hispanic voters.

7. Proposed to eliminate new marine protections for the Channel Islands and the coral reefs of northwest Hawaii.

8. Cut funding by 28% for research into cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks.

9. Suspended rules that would have strengthened the government's ability to deny contracts to companies that violated workplace safety, environmental and other federal laws.

10. OK'd Interior Department appointee Gale Norton to send out letters to state officials soliciting suggestions for opening up national monuments for oil and gas drilling, coal mining, and foresting.

11. Appointed John Negroponte - an un-indicted high-level Iran Contra figure to the post of United Nations Ambassador.

12. Abandoned a campaign pledge to invest $100 million for rain forest conservation.

13. Reduced by 86% the Community Access Program for public hospitals, clinics and providers of care for people without insurance.

14. Rescinded a proposal to increase public access to information about the potential consequences resulting from chemical plant accidents.

15. Suspended rules that would require hardrock miners to clean up sites on Western public lands.

16. Cut $60 million from a Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America program for public housing.

17. Proposed to eliminate a federal program, designed and successfully used in Seattle, to help communities prepare for natural disasters.

18. Pulled out of the 1997 Kyoto Treaty global warming agreement.

19. Cut $200 million of work force training for dislocated workers.

20. Eliminated funding for the Wetlands Reserve Program, which encourages farmers to maintain wetlands habitat on their property.

21. Cut program to provide childcare to low-income families as they move from welfare to work.

22. Cut a program that provided prescription contraceptive coverage to federal employees (though it still pays for Viagra).

23. Cut $700 million in capital funds for repairs in public housing.

24. Appointed Otto Reich - an un-indicted high-level Iran Contra figure - to Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs.

25. Cut Environmental Protection Agency budget by $500 million.

26. Proposed to curtail the ability of groups to sue in order to get an animal placed on the Endangered Species List.

27. Rescinded the rule that mandated increased energy-saving efficiency regulations for central air conditioners and heat pumps.

28. Repealed workplace ergonomic rules designed to improve worker health and safety.

29. Abandoned campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide, the waste gas that contributes to global warming.

30. Banned federal aid to international family planning programs that offer abortion counseling with other independent funds.

31. Closed White House Office for Women's Health Initiatives and Outreach.

32. Nominated David Lauriski - ex-mining company executive - to post of Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.

33. OK'd Interior Secretary Gale Norton to go forth with a controversial plan to auction oil and gas development tracts off the coast of eastern Florida.

34. Announced intention to open up Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest to oil and drilling.

35. Proposes to re-draw boundaries of nation's monuments, which would technically allow oil and gas drilling "outside" of national monuments.

36. Gutted White House AIDS Office.

37. Renegotiating free trade agreement with Jordan to eliminate workers's rights and safeguards for the environment.

38. Will no longer seek guidance from The American Bar Association in recommendations for the federal judiciary appointments.

39. Appointed recycling foe Lynn Scarlett as Undersecretary of the Interior.

40. Took steps to abolish the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

41. Cut the Community Oriented Policing Services program.

42. Allowed Interior Secretary Gale Norton to shelve citizen-led grizzly bear re-introduction plan scheduled for Idaho and Montana wilderness.

43. Continues to hold up federal funding for stem cell research projects.

44. Makes sure convicted misdemeanor drug users cannot get financial aid for college, though convicted murderers can.

45. Refused to fund continued cleanup of uranium-slag heap in Utah.

46. Refused to fund continued litigation of the government's tobacco company lawsuit.

47. Proposed a $2 trillion tax cut, of which 43% will go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

48. Signed a bill making it harder for poor and middle-class Americans to file for bankruptcy, even in the case of daunting medical bills.

49. Appointed a Vice President quoted as saying "If you want to do something about carbon dioxide emissions, then you ought to build nuclear power plants."

50. Appointed Diana "There is no gender gap in pay" Roth to the Council of Economic Advisers.

51. Appointed Kay Cole James - an opponent of affirmative action - to direct the Office of Personnel Management.

52. Cut $15.7 million earmarked for states to investigate cases of child abuse and neglect.

53. Helped kill a law designed to make it tougher for teenagers to get credit cards.

54. Proposed elimination of the "Reading is Fundamental" program that gives free books to poor children.

55. Is pushing for development of small nuclear arm to attack deeply buried targets and weapons, which would violate the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

56. Proposes to nominate Jeffrey Sutton - attorney responsible for the recent case weakening the Americans with Disabilities Act - to federal appeals court judgeship.

57. Proposes to reverse regulation protecting 60 million acres of national forest from logging and road building.

58. Eliminated funding for the "We the People" education program which taught School children about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and citizenship.

59. Appointed John Bolton - who opposes nonproliferation treaties and the U.N. - to Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

60. Nominated Linda Fisher - an executive with Monsanto - for the number-two job at the Environmental Protection Agency.

61. Nominated Michael McConnell - leading critic of the separation of church and state - to a federal judgeship.

62. Nominated Terrence Boyle - ardent opponent of civil rights - to a federal judgeship.

63. Canceled 2004 deadline for automakers to develop prototype high mileage cars.

64. Nominated Harvey Pitts - lawyer for teen sex video distributor - to head SEC.

65. Nominated John Walters - strong opponent of prison drug treatment programs - for Drug Czar.

66. Nominated J. Steven Giles - an oil and coal lobbyist - for Deputy Secretary of the Interior.

67. Nominated Bennett Raley - who advocates repealing the Endangered Species Act - for Assistant Secretary for Water and Science 68. Is seeking the dismissal of class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. against Japan by Asian women forced to work as sex slaves during WWII.

69. Earmarked $4 million in new federal grant money for HIV and drug abuse prevention programs to go only to religious groups and not secular equivalents.

70. Reduced by 40% the Low Income Home Assistance Program for low-income individuals who need assistance paying energy bills.

71. Nominated Ted Olson - who has repeatedly lied about his involvement with the Scaiffe-funded "Arkansas Project" to bring down Bill Clinton - for Solicitor General.

72. Nominated Terrance Boyle - foe of civil rights - to a federal judgeship.

73. Proposes to ease permit process - including environmental considerations - for refinery, nuclear and hydroelectric dam construction.

74. Proposes to give government the authority to take private property through eminent domain for power lines.

75. Proposes that $1.2 billion in funding for alternative renewable energy come from selling oil and gas lease tracts in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve.

76. Plans on serving genetically engineered foods at all official government functions.

77. Forced out Forest Service chief Mike Dombeck and appointed a timber industry lobbyist.



A mega nuclear waste dump in Nevada

Interview with Nevada Senator Harry Reid

Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham recently approved the use of Yucca Mountain, Nevada as the nation's nuclear waste dump. If the approval goes through, an estimated 77,000 tons of nuclear waste will be transported to the site from various sites across the nation for an undetermined period of time, and deposited deep into the ground under Yucca Mountain.

JVB/TO : Will this nuclear waste dump be a danger to people in Nevada?

SEN. REID: The nuclear waste dump poses not only a risk to people in Nevada but across the entire nation. Nuclear waste, one of the most dangerous substances known to man, will be transported across our nation's railways and roadway through thousands of communities, endangering everyone in its path. The Department of Energy (DOE) has refused to release the specific routes of the nuclear waste shipments. The DOE has also refused to do any kind of Environmental Impact Study. So, we really have no idea just how dangerous the proposed nuclear waste dump would be. CLIP