September 23, 2002

Latest Message from Matthew Ward in Heaven: Fear not Fear, Focus on the Light

Hello everyone

Here is as promised in my last Light Series #32 the latest telepathic conversation between Matthew Ward (currently residing in nirvana/heaven) and his mother Suzanne Ward who "receives" his thoughts in reply to her mental questions while sitting at her computer - hence the term "sittings" for her session with her deceased son. As you will see this makes for a very enlightening read.

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Jean Hudon
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"At this time more than half of the energy of the planet has reached SUSTAINED light, and this means that there is no more turning back into the control formerly held by the darkness."

- Matthew Ward


1. Latest sitting with Matthew
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SUMMARY: The following Question and Answer channeling session deals with issues such as the 2012 Great Shift and the Lightworkers-assisted manifestation of the return of paradise on Earth, the fear-amplified harmfulness of GMO foods, the deleterious effects of the chemtrails, the cosmically decreed ban on any use of nuclear bombs against humans, the deception of the threat of a smallpox germ release (to create more fear!), the light fortress universal protection grid, and lots more!

Those who may still be unaware of Suzy Ward's exceptional channeling work and who would like more details or to order either "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" or "Revelations For A New Era" may visit The Matthew Books website at - see also The Veil is Opening - Introduction to the book "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" archived at

From: "Suzanne Ward" <
Subject: Here's the latest sitting with Matthew
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002

September 19, 2002

Hi, dear! I have a few questions for you.

MATTHEW: Fire away. I already have answers for you because I know the questions in your mind.

S: Good! ****** (name deleted) wants to know if 2012 is really the target date for a density shift, or even more specifically, Dec 12 or 21 of that year. What about this?

M: That year date is one that has been talked about, written about, very widely by observers or researchers of records of civilizations who were greatly attuned to universal happenings. It is just as with all other things on which many minds focus -- if there is sufficient energy directed at the same target, by universal law it will be manifested.

I'll come back to this, but first I shall address exactly ******'s question about that specific date for a density shift to take place. No, this cannot be so because the shift has been occurring for several decades. I am not saying that the Omnipotent Power cannot manage a complete changeover from one status to another in a twinkling, but simply that in this case, that is not what is happening.

There is widespread misunderstanding that coexists there alongside a clear understanding in some minds regarding a "shift." Previously it was correct to speak of the third density planetary existence, when the vast majority of Earth inhabitants were stuck in the third density mentality and spiritual evolvement. I surely don't mean that none escaped that limitation, because certainly some visionaries did - the philosophers and inventors and artists in any form whose intelligence and spiritual clarity were further advanced. But by and large, the populace did not - could not -- think in those loftier densities and thus their collective thinking kept Earth's third density limitations prevailing.

This started changing significantly more than half a century ago and has continued to roll onto increasing numbers of hearts and minds advancing into the light of the awareness of Truth. At this time more than half of the energy of the planet has reached SUSTAINED light, and this means that there is no more turning back into the control formerly held by the darkness. The fears that have arisen in the dark forces because of this advancement are causing their desperate measures that by their intention, your world interprets as evidence of greater-than-ever reason to be afraid.

I have addressed this in several recent messages in which I have given assurance that because these dramatic exposures or happenings are "coming to light" is evidence that the light is now in control. If this were not so, the many evidences of the negativity created by the darkness could not be known - the evidences still would be suppressed as formerly they were and thus no focused opposition to their continuation would be possible. But now they ARE known, and the light-filled souls focusing on peace, love, harmony, cooperation, honesty, understanding and other aspects of an Eden world, are manifesting the return of that paradise! This is the universal law of manifestation that I referred to at the beginning of our sitting, and the momentum of the measures initiated by the darkness thus is diminishing even though it appears to you that it is accelerating.

But back to your year 2012. That year is a target date for completion of the on-going shifting and not the onset of a shift that abruptly ends the scourge of the darkness. But even so, it is not a firmly fixed date in your linear time but rather a "ballpark" date that can be either sooner or later, depending upon the numbers and focusing of light-filled souls and the acceleration that you record as "time" in their soul progression.

I think that this will satisfy ******'s question, Mother.

S: Is that combination of the numerals, 0, 1 and 2, significant?

M: To those who chart the course of Earth in numerology, yes, and I don't demean that method of relating to "past" and current happenings. However, what I have explained still is appropriate.

S: OK, dear, thank you. Some time ago ****** asked you about genetically engineered or altered food, when controversy about it started. You said that we should not be unduly concerned because the planters and others who deal with that food did so with light because of the benevolent intent they felt was behind its development, to provide more and better food nutritionally for hungry nations. Now it seems that considerable harm can be done, IS being done, by these foods. *** would like you to please comment on this.

M: At the time of ******'s question the situation had not reached the outcome as now exists, and it was felt then that the light infused into the grains would offset the dark intentions of the designers. Now that is not the case. We see that considerable upheavals are being caused as word of the harmfulness has sifted down to the working ranks and therefore their previous focus on the goodness they felt was the truth of these crops' development has veered into the grave concerns that have arisen in the general public.

The power of thought cannot be underestimated, Mother! Despite that truth being told by many respected channels, it is simply not being believed widely or known widely, and even many of the believers do not apply it sufficiently. So it is the collective thoughts about the dangers of this altered foodstuff for animals and humans that have brought about this new element of harm in consumption.

S: Do you mean that if no one had ever felt there was any danger at all, despite the dark intentions of the designers, these altered foods would be perfectly safe?

M: Yes. Belief that they are safe is essential to their being safe! It is not possible to arbitrarily apply a belief to one thing and not to another and have it be so in both cases.

S: So it was the publicizing of the foods' risk to health that made it so?

M: Exactly. The power of collective thoughts on that subject have increased in prevalence and intensity and thus you have manifested exactly what you've focused on - foodstuffs harmful to the physical body.

Mother, it cannot be repeated too often how essential it is that you realize the power of your thoughts, feelings, actions and even the words you choose to describe any thing, person, situation, hope, intent. Collectively these are your reality, and collectively you have created it. No, one person's suspicions or anxiety on something of this nature, a large undertaking such as genetically changing the DNA nature of certain plants, cannot sway a nourishing quality into a harmful substance.

Do you not think that the same darkness that came up with this idea of "GE" foods, as you think of them, also initiated the fear of them? Do not underestimate the cleverness of those dark minds!

S: Well, no, I hadn't thought of that. But if everyone who now believes that the GE foods are harmful - and apparently there is massive documentation to prove this is so - switched to believing these foods are good for us and for animals, suddenly the harmfulness in them would disappear?

M: You pose a good point, and while I say that reversing any situation NEVER should be considered impossible, in this case, I have to say that it is unlikely. It is like AIDS. Can your world start believing that the widespread physical devastation of AIDS can be stopped by your collective focusing on its ending? I doubt it, although that is the truth of the power of thought. It is the laws of the universe that are at work in both GE foods and AIDS. What would happen if your beliefs about both of these situations were reversed from current stance is that the light that would be brought into the collective consciousness would manifest the reversal of the conditions that the collective consciousness previously had brought into being.

S: All right, I see that, but why didn't you know when I first asked you *****'s question about the GE food development that it would turn out as it did? From your vantage point why couldn't you detect that's what would happen?

M: Remember my answer to your question years ago, How do we "see the future" ? I can see that you're thinking now of my answer, but for this record I'll explain briefly that situations are set in motion and the energy that has been put into the process is registered in symbolic form in what you could call "the field of potential." At the time of your first asking about this issue, the dark intentions that were firmly registered were being offset by the light-filled energy being registered from many souls involved in the scientific and grain field work.

This is your "Monday morning quarterback" saying that I could have used better judgment in my reply to ******'s question back then. I felt that it wouldn't be wise to introduce in my reply any possible note of alert to the effect that thinking positively about the foods being altered from their natural states would keep them from being harmful to your bodies, and conversely, thinking negatively such as potential health hazards they could bring would indeed bring those on. Once a thought is given words, it tends to spread far and wide, and in the case of a negative connotation given a plain statement of truth, alert becomes alarm. I wanted to avoid my thought having that kind of outcome and so I didn't mention that to you. So at least I have a clear conscience about not being responsible for starting that turnabout attitude regarding fussing around with plants' DNA.

S: OK, dear! Several people have asked me if you've talked about the chemtrails, and now I'm joining them -- was I right in thinking that the chemtrails directly over our home almost 2 weeks ago were much lower than any I've seen before? Is the persistent chest congestion I've had ever since that day a direct result of those or is my knowledge that this has happened to many people what "allowed" me to get the same?

M: Aha! Interesting thinking, Mother. You are certainly right in knowing that the chemtrails you mentioned were very low indeed, but as for your other question, I can tell you that whether you were feeling susceptible to effects from them or not, you would have had them. These are toxins that are Earth elements combined to create the effects you have been feeling - actually, much worse in many individuals -- and this would have happened to your body regardless of whether you had seen the trails or had ever even heard of them. So not always is it a person's state of mind that creates the physical effect of that one's meeting up with an occurrence such as the chemtrails.

In the case of the GE foods, they do indeed now have those reported effects because at the outset, that intention was in place and the leaking of potential risk grew like a forest fire after a long drought into the "reality" you have today in this respect. The same is so with the chemtrails, and by now their harmful effects are very real on physical bodies. So despite one's not believing this is so, or ignorance of the very existence of this manmade source of physical harm, Earth bodies are vulnerable to it.

In all of these cases -- GE foods, AIDS and chemtrails -- fear is at work and the magnified power of fear is the universal law that the darkness behind the development of these conditions knows and employs.

S: Yes, I see. Thank you. You know why I don't read very much material channeled by others, but very recently I did read something that included some ETs' message that they will contain nuclear weapons as much as they can. The exact wording sounded as if they will contain what they can, but they may not be able to prevent all possible nuclear destruction. Is this a change from what you told me years ago and have repeated several times, even very recently? I've heard from others wanting to know about nuclear war, too.

M: Mother, your understanding could only be a misinterpretation of any accurately received message from extraterrestrial light forces or a misunderstanding of that point in the transmission by the receiver or the transmission was intentionally skewed by darkness to create anxiety that will give birth to fear. There will be NO nuclear destruction on Earth!

S: Well, especially since you've just explained that through fear we created GE foods, AIDS and chemtrails, I'm wondering if this same reversal of no-fear to fear can apply to what's going on right this minute with war threats against Iraq. Surely there must be millions of people who are afraid that nuclear weapons will be used. Maybe their hope that they won't be used will prevent the use.

M: I'm not discounting the value of the "hope-thought," but these are not comparable situations, Mother. The GE foods, AIDS and chemtrails affect only Earth bodies. The resultant damage of nuclear detonation is not confined to your planet or to only physical bodies, it is universal in scope and the damage that has been caused to the DNA equivalent of the make-up of souls will never again be permitted by Creator. In this universe, God is in charge of prevention, and you can definitely count on God to handle this mission!!

The arms of God, you could say, in this mission are the powerful extraterrestrial civilizations whose greatly advanced technology and spiritual evolvement are at the helm of the prevention force. Some of these beings have been living among you for some time, unrecognized because they look like any other handsome and intelligent human, and they are influencing against the use of nuclear weapons. Equally advanced beings are off-planet, poised to cause the malfunction of any launched nuclear missiles - in fact, HAVE caused this in those that actually have been launched.

This gets back to what you read and what may be your misinterpretation that some of the nuclear launches may succeed. NONE that may be tried will succeed!!

S: I think that intuitively I know this. Or want it so desperately to be so that I won't allow myself to think otherwise. Is there a difference?

M: I think you have conscious conviction that this won't happen because you intuitively know what I have told you is God's Truth.

S: Well - OK, then. I've received an email from someone wanting to know what you think about smallpox vaccinations. I know what you've said about vaccines in general, that's in the book, but instead of my copying that to send this person, do you have anything to add on this whole situation? That is, a threat of biological warfare being the justification for vaccinating people even though a case of the disease hasn't been reported for several years?

MATTHEW: You can bet I do have something to say. Anger isn't a usual sensation to linger in Nirvana, and neither is resentment or keen disappointment or any of the common feelings on Earth that arrivals bring with them. This is different. This is feelings anew when it is discovered that masses of people have been deliberately misled, gravely deceived. This is betrayal. Once again you are being told huge untruths so that you will be pliant and go along with the recent introduction of a plan to create additional fear if such were needed in 11th hour moves for the darkness to fend off the light's advancement. That is what this is.

And yes, those Earth emotions are being experienced with unusual intensity here among new arrivals and not-so-new residents because so much betrayal has been perpetrated upon Earth's beloved life forms, from human to algae in form. It is true that the apparent "evildoers" may indeed have been serving a purpose of major importance relative to karmic lesson completion by actions that you call heinous, unconscionable, evil, villainous. But it is time for them to give this up and they are not budging toward the light as they had agreed. Physical density denied them the remembrance they thought they would have at the appointed time for awakening, but neither is that sufficient reason for continuing the game. With that hour upon them, the light forces have been urgently reminding them, and the habit of their dark work notwithstanding, they are intellectually aware that at this point they are no longer serving within their soul agreements. Even with doubled and redoubled light offerings constantly offered the darkness, they are refusing to respond even an iota for what could offer them comfort, enlightenment, solace and rejuvenated spirit. Their responding to the light would reduce the suffering they cause others and eventually eliminate it. That still WILL happen, but needless deaths and devastation are being caused and will continue to be caused as long as these souls in darkness are determined to hold onto their remaining power. Doing so is not the original design of this tiny part of the universal tapestry.

I am speaking of the Earth population of souls who have been caught in the web of darkness by soul level agreements to serve specific purposes. I am not speaking of the dark forces whose identity is not an individual soul or even collective souls, but rather is a force field that moves stealthily and without a placement so that light cannot be directed to it steadily. This is the great difficulty with the light overcoming the darkness in every speck of universal space - maybe even cosmic space, too. On Earth the light can be steadfastly offered directly to individuals, and these offerings are being accepted with heartwarming alacrity planet-wide except in these most powerful of all positions of leadership. This is where the darkness is knowingly resisting what you think of as salvation, the "saving" of one's soul into the godly realms instead of "losing" it into the depths of base energy registration.

I'm sorry, Mother, I digressed almost immediately from your question, but what I've just said is related to the vaccinations you asked about. The threat of a smallpox germ release being planned by any country is a ruse of the cruelest kind. It is one thing to threaten a world with talk of war - war is familiar to you, and as much as this is a lamentable commentary on your world, it is an accurate one. War is considered endurable, survivable for most of the parties involved, and it supports major industries so workers can support their families. War is presented as being the best way for the most people, and some there in blindness are favoring this belligerent approach as the only means to end terrorism or prevent an attack by a foreign nation. In short, war has become almost ho-hum because it is ever present -- somewhere on the globe war has been in motion for centuries.

It is quite another thing to put immeasurable fear into a world by such great deception as the threat of the reemergence of a disease being touted as so virulent that it can wipe out your global population unless precautions are taken prior to even one case occurring. To release this proclaimed "threat of germ warfare" along with announcing that vaccines are not available for all, that vaccinations can have such dire side effects as severe illness and even death, and that critically needed groups - medical people - will be the first to receive inoculations and must do so, is designed with diabolical cunning. It leaves no one feeling safe and secure. It's this: Be fearful that you won't get a vaccination; be fearful that you do. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS INTENDED!

Mother, I don't think there is a need for me to again connect the threads of the fear being created by the dark forces with the fear they themselves are feeling, or to repeat why both situations are due to the increased light prevailing. However, this time I mention an additional note and admit to a rather sad sensation. It has been anticipated - maybe "hoped" is more accurate - that the perpetrators and perpetuators of "evil" among you would see the light and embrace it and move as One with the rest of the light workers. This was their soul contract - by refusing consciously to abide by their agreements, they have betrayed themselves as well as betraying the people whom they rule.

You are thinking betrayal is nothing new. Mother, this is new and it is a sadness for us, but it will not affect Earth's progression in the light or individual souls' evolution. What it does affect is the larger picture, that of humankind and the full reptilian civilizations in this galaxy once again uniting in the light and being what you sing, A mighty fortress is our God. Unity of the two groups would be a light fortress for this part of the universe.

Yes, that will happen regardless of your world leaders who are holding fast to the dark habits. I think that I could have better stated composite feelings here and in other realms as blending into disappointment - that's a merging of the emotions ranging from anger to sorrow. But as I've told you, emotions with that heavy negativity cannot remain long in Nirvana, so these are being released as quickly as can be in new arrivals from Earth, some of whom suspected they were being told lies by their leaders but they didn't know for certain until they came here. Being so close to Earth embodiment and emotions and knowing their beloved people are being victimized makes their reactions natural and understandable.

S: Matthew, I didn't understand your reference to the light fortress in this part of the universe. Will that happen later rather than "on time" or not at all? And would "on time" be before the light is reigning totally?

M: Yes, I see that I didn't explain that at all. The light fortress is what it sounds like - protection within the light -- and in this case of Earth, it is a grid of electromagnetic waves that bend with energy motion to allow safe passage of craft and small orbiting objects. This grid is the younger cousin of the vaster protective system being erected in your galaxy that permits the orbiting of craft, planets, entire solar systems, without interference. And that system is connected to the grid segments covering all surrounding galaxies to the Milky Way, and so forth.

The purpose of this universal web is to create safer traveling for individual souls, for collective souls and for solids such as planetary bodies and mammoth spacecraft when materialized. The "bumps" in the astral highways are being fixed, so to speak. A breach anywhere in the grid web precludes the strength of the entire web, and that cannot be permitted for much longer regarding the weak link around Earth that is caused by what is claimed to be facilitating a satellite system for determining weather severities, clearer and faster communication hook-ups, and surveillance for national defense. That is not the whole truth of this Earth grid, of course -- it is designed to prevent extraterrestrial spacecraft coming within the parameters of its lower level formation. It baffles us why world leaders are fooling themselves that off-planet civilizations' technology would not be as far superior to Earth's inferior knowledge as many other scientific manifestations already have proven! So they do know their effort to keep "aliens" from landing on Earth surface is doomed, yet they are rushing along this grid and the rest of their "Star Wars" defense equipment as if it will give them a safe haven for hiding their darkness.

If there is technological opposition to the creation of the various segments of the universal grid, or obstacles deliberately created in its path, only the timing of completion is disturbed, so later rather than "on time" is at stake, but not going ahead at all with the segment nearest Earth is not an option.

S: Is the higher density - 4th or 5th - that we're "rising" into required before the smaller part of the universal grid that covers Earth can be established?

M: Yes, Mother, that's exactly it. And by the time of light totally reigning on Earth, no darkness could even begin to approach that brilliance. Nothing in the universe is isolated from any other soul or development, and even though this overall grid, the entire web-work, is a major development benefiting countless souls, it holds the same triumph for the universe as the emergence of one soul out of darkness into the light. Every milestone for the light is heralded with universal joy and every backslid soul is a sad note for all, with renewed efforts to send more light to that soul. And so it has been for eons.

S: Matthew, let's go back to the smallpox thing, please. Do you know if these germs will be released simply to prove that the government's warnings were in fact valid, and will the vaccinations that are required at least be with pure vaccines?

M: We do not believe that any smallpox germ warfare or germ release incorrectly called "warfare" will happen because protection cannot be guaranteed lifelong to the families and others close to the few people who have the capability of taking such action. And contaminating the vaccine is not necessary for creating the dreadful upheaval and fear that the dark minds in power want. The vaccine itself is dangerous because even though in mild form, it is the disease and can seriously affect and kill physical bodies not equal to the task of warding off its effects. Due to unhealthful life styles of many residents there, especially bodies addicted to drugs of any sort and that includes smokers, they would be more susceptible to the mild disease effects than if they were physically fit. If vaccinations get as far as the areas where starvation from famine is rampant and the African nations where AIDS already has weakened or killed many of the population, there would be genocide faster than is occurring now.

S: Is this part of what has to "come to light" and cause harm before the darkness can be totally vanquished or can collective opposition to vaccinations prevent them?

M: In the field of potential there is the same kind of accelerated activity as is happening universally, and nothing in this moment is so firmly fixed in its momentum that collective consciousness cannot affect it. I hesitate to say that you're in a frenzy there, because many souls are steadily in light service and many others are discovering their Godselves. But there is more mental, emotional, spiritual and physical activity and wider spectrum of all than at any time before on Earth even during the wild last years on Atlantis. It is the "last gasp" long moment for every soul to consciously determine its ultimate pathway in this unprecedented era of your planet. If those on a dark path can be touched by light and wish to turn into the light, that can be done with rejoicing until the last nanosecond before "Time's up." That would be when the light will be so strong that the vibrations of a soul in the lower density of darkness will cause the body's cells to short circuit, you could say. The body will die and the energy of the soul will take it to a placement of corresponding energy registration, or vibration.

S: OK, dear, I can't think of any more questions right now. Thank you!

M: Always you are welcome! I thank you for setting aside your other responsibilities so we could have this sitting.


NOTE FROM JEAN: After deciding to send this above to all of you I wrote to Suzy with this request...

Thanks a LOT Suzy - and Matthew! Kudos once again for your excellent collaboration to help bring some more Light and understanding to all those souls who seek their way back to God.

This sitting goes a long way towards elucidating many issues that are of keen interest to so many.

But there is a topic you and Matthew may want to emphasize in your next sitting: now that we are more aware of all the efforts being made to maintain or precipitate human souls into the dark pit of disempowering, disheartening fear, I believe many would appreciate a good deal of explanation and focus on the power of Love and on how to facilitate into oneself and others the emergence and dazzling expression of this universal Force for Good. Some evocative, inspiring stories on how this force has been instrumental throughout time to manifest and nurture All That Is, how it is being used and manifested by souls in nirvanic dimension and what it does to one's outlook on Life to allow oneself to be guided towards the Light/God by the universal Power of Love emanating from this very Source. And so on...

Please let me know if you feel this is a topic you'll want to cover with Matthew in a coming sitting and if so I'll include my request above along with this new message to the ERN list.


Jean, dear, of course I'll address LOVE with Matthew as soon as I can. Thank you, as always, for being SO supportive of his messages and the website!



From: Anni von Maltzan <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002
Subject: Update on the Discussion Group Proposal

Hi, Jean!

As of this moment, I have had 16 responses, all positive (NOTE: Anni mentioned 21 responses in a subsequent email compiling several of them and discussing which options exist to host this discussion group (Yahoo - Topica, etc). They've come from Russia, Oz, Norway, UK, etc. Only one or two are from the U.S., I think. (...) I expect to get some more replies tonight and tomorrow, as people dig into their mailboxes!

(...) I think if we have a core group of even just 30 committed and upbeat people, that will be sufficient to establish a solid basis, and then others will continue to file in as the word spreads.:)

I think it would be helpful, if you are willing, to briefly mention, at the beginning of each of your compilations, that we are hoping to start up this group soon, and perhaps something like "startup depends on YOUR feedback, so let Anni know right away!" I really think we will have enough people within the next day or two.

(...) Because I want this Group to encompass ALL of it -- there should be discussions on the nuances of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld criminal activities, developments in the MidEast, Aids in Africa -- as well as our interconnections with the Cetaceans or symptoms of the Shift. If we are discussing good books, one post might refer to the Matthew books, and the next, Noam Chomsky's latest, or "The Bush Dyslexion"! In other words, I want people to see that the diversity of opinions amongst your readership (and others who may come in) is a positive thing, and doesn't detract from the fact we are all a band of like-minded souls, working to assist our world's transformation!

(...) Ok, so I'm off now - to put together a compilation of the posts I've already received, for you! Back to ya later!

Cheers, Anni :º)