September 21, 2002

The Light Series #32: Yes! The Light is Gradually Prevailing...

Here is a quite interesting and eclectic compilation for you. I should be able to send you the combined Meditation Focus #72 (on the growing famine in Southern Africa) and special Autumnal Equinox Peace Meditation (it will also include several September 21st meditations) later on tonight.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. All the material in this compilation was written and/or sent to me by some of the Earth Rainbow Network 2526 current subscribing members. Feel free to circulate it to others in your own email community. If you receive this as a forward and would like to keep receiving more such material, simply send a blank email to with "Add me to the ERN list" in the subject field of your email. This free networking service has been in existence for over 4 years now.

"We have to be much more ambitious about peace in the world -- a world in which the United States should share more of their wealth and be more aware of our role as global citizens."

- HARRISON FORD at the Venice Film Festival - Sent by Liz Daly <>

Our collective Mission: Materializing the Spirit and Spiritualizing the Matter.

- As suggested by Astrid Stückelberger <> in a recent email.


1. Discussion Group?
2. Some Americans are awake
3. Words of Matthew about the current status of the Earth
4. Ashcroft Camps & TIME AND TRUTH
5. Quotes on war & peace requested
6. Iraq and (AMAZING!) stuff
7. International Day of Peace Vigil, 9/21 & Ecofest 2002 9/29
8. One Way to Help
9. Imagine


From: Anni von Maltzan <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002
Subject: Discussion Group?

Hi, Jean!

I know you're super busy, what with the Bush/Iraq developments, and all. Just a quick question - I don't see any links to messageboards or discussiongroups on the website. Every time I read through one of your superb compilations, I long to discuss some of these great links and transformativeideas with like-minded folks. I've been looking around, but haven't yet found a list where a Lightworker sensibility is combined with clear-headed analysis of the insidious forces at work within government and economic systems. Would you know of any such group that you would recommend?

Alternatively, I realise that you probably already have too much on your plate to venture into e-group moderation. But do you think it would be feasible or advisable for some of us who admire your work and would like to have such a group, based on the kind of community-gestalt you've established, to start one up - say, on Yahoo - and see what happens? I'd be willing to volunteer my time to facilitate this - maybe if we could get a couple of other people to 'co-moderate', we could 'create' a nice little cyber-village where we would all feel comfortable and free to express our ideas, thoughts and opinions. I think it would be especially helpful and supportive for those living in the U.S., where many Lightworkers are finding that their neighbours and friends have suddenly turned into flag-waving, war-hooting patriots! <sm>

And, it could also be a space where people could exchange their experiences during the Global Meditations!

So, no worries, no hurries, no pressure - but, if you've got a bit of time at some point, let me know what you think! :)


Anni von Maltzan :º)

AND MY REPLY WAS (in part)

Dearest Anni

This is a magnificent idea and one of the most appealing initiatives proposed to me in a long time.

I'll be most happy to pass on your idea to the entire ERN list along with my words of support by including your email above in the next Light series compilation.

It would seem indeed most appropriate to bring together those who would like to share their ideas and feelings in the context of a discussion group such as the one you propose and possibly also a proper place for those who would like to share with others the guidance received and experience felt during the weekly global Meditation focus.

Technically it could either be a yahoo discussion forum or possible also a webboard.

So we will see what the response is.

When I post it please send me a compilation of the most significant feedbacks on this and I will probably include them in one of my posts to the list with the decision as to whether this proposal will be implemented.

I must add that I'm very happy you are offering to moderate this group as I'm indeed soooo overwhelmed with emails and work I just cannot take more. But I'll certainly subscribe to this group to see how it goes and perhaps contribute some inputs occasionally...


So if this idea appeals to you, please contact Anni von Maltzan <> at once and let her know of your desire to participate to this new forum. As soon as it is set up - *depending on the response* - I'll let everyone know on the ERN list how to proceed to join it.


Hi, Jean!

I'm so thrilled that the idea appeals to you!

You know, for quite some time now, I've sensed that there is an 'etheric' community connected through your readership, ready and willing to come into 'materialisation' as a cyber-community. Not to go too esoteric on ya ;), but perhaps many of us have worked together on projects in other incarnations, other dimensions? I think it would be very beneficial to the Planet's progress for groups such as these to gel up and firmly anchor energies so desperately needed now. The dying gasps of the old order still manage to create powerful vortexes of negativity, ravenous for the 'loosh' of free-willed conscious Beings. We need to link arms, band together and Stand firm, as an indivisible force of compassionate, ascendant Positive Energy, circling the globe with our groups and (personal belief) the energetic help of our cosmic family. With the American leadership going all out to contagiously disseminate its poison of greed, fear and paranoia, it's more important than ever for people, especially Westerners, to have safe harbours they can repair to, where they can shake off the foul winds of toxic and destructive forces, and take a dip into the clear, calm waters of Love-inspired thinking and sharing! :)


Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002
From: Meredith Tupper <>
Subject: Some Americans are awake Re: Revisiting 9-11 Series #4: The United States of Mass Denial --- Posted at

> Iraq: "Merely a first step?"
> Contact members of Congress. Protest. Don't let this be done in your name.

Dear Jean,

I continue to contact my representatives by US mail, fax and phone. I have asked others to do the same. I have attended protests and will protest outside my representative's office in the coming weeks. Please please please, let the rest of the world know that *some* of us Americans are awake and working frantically to stop this insane march to war. I fear that people outside the US only see us sitting on our butts and obediently watching CNN -- it's not true for all of us. As you well
know, our mainstream media hides American dissent so that Americans won't join it and so that everyone else will think we're lazy self-absorbed scum.

It sure would be good to hear something from Matthew right about now. Does wonders to boost my spirits when I'm down. (hint hint) :-)

Bless you again for all you do,



From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
To: Birgitta Svahnström <>
Subject: Words of Matthew about the current status of the Earth
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002

Dear Birgitta...

Your letter published in Jean's latest compilation is keenly perceptive of Earth's current status, according to messages I receive from Matthew. Last week someone called to ask how I can feel that the light is prevailing when so many terrible things still are happening, and he cited the US war threats against Iraq, widespread corporate corruption, economic recession, rampant diseases, starvation and brutal murders -- even in Peru they heard of the kidnapping and murder of two young girls in Oregon, not far from our home. He said it seems that it's the other way around, the darkness is more in control than ever.

I told him what Matthew has told me: The fact that these unconscionable things are becoming widely known is proof that the light is prevailing. Only by "coming to light" can these situations become widely opposed, and the additional light created by our increasing collective thoughts and feelings toward desiring their end is CAUSING their end. We should not feel fear about what is at hand or what may ensue, but rather intensify our convictions that even what may appear to be new horrors or worsening situations, actually are their endings, part of the transitioning of our world into the promised era of love, peace and harmony. I know what I said is an overly simplified explanation of the results of lightworkers on and off-planet, but it made complete sense to the caller, who said his pragmatic outlook needs "proof" that faith in the light is justified.

Thank you for writing as you did, Birgitta -- I pray that everyone who reads your letter will take it to heart!

All blessings,

Suzy Ward

NOTE FROM JEAN: At the beginning of next week I'll send you all Suzy's latest "sitting" with her son Matthew (now in nirvanic Heaven), an 11 page Question and Answer channeling on issues such as the 2012 Great Shift and the Lightworkers-assisted manifestation of the return of paradise on Earth, the fear-amplified harmfulness of GMO foods, the deleterious effects of the chemtrails, the cosmically decreed ban on any use of nuclear bombs against humans, the deception of the threat of a smallpox germ release (to create more fear!), the light fortress universal protection grid, and lots more! If you are new to Suzy's unique kind of heavenly messages from Matthew, check at


From: "Karen Revell" <>
Subject: Ashcroft Camps
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002

Dear Jean:

I am forwarding an article (see below) from the LA Times, written in August.

We have to do something collectively to stop the madness. I heard over three years ago about these camps. When Homeland Security finally takes all our power away, and we are under Martial Law, then the camps will be heavily used. They are planned for all protesters of the New World Order. They will house any ethnic group, age group, etc. that they find objectionable. When many of our military bases were shut down, it is said that they were remodeled for future use to house the undesirables. I could go on with more, but I don't want to fill the collective with any more fear and conspiracy theories. The less fear we feed into all these scenarios, the easier the transition to the new golden age will be. The old negative energies have to fall away, to make room for the New World. We want as many as possible to survive the shift. Spirit will give the lessons to those that need them. The lessons are to teach us to find love, and get out of fear forever.

I recently read Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men". It was a good book, although I think some of his sarcasm went a little too far. But, heck, when we really start telling the whole truth, that is probably about what it will sound like. Anyway, the last part of his book was a prayer. Unfortunately I returned the book before copying it-but then, there are copyright laws which would have gotten me in trouble. His prayer was to have the same pain inflicted on the Bushes, Cheneys, Ashcrofts, etc, etc. that they have inflicted on the American people, and the people of the world.

We have the Fall Equinox coming up in a few days, and I think we should focus on raising the vibrations so high that lies are difficult to tell. Natural bodily functions come into play when we lie. Our bodies are our own lie-detectors, our blood pressure rises, we sweat more, our faces flush, and our guts roll with added stomach acid. Why can't we focus - for the highest good of all - on bringing more truth to the planet? The bigger the lie, the more we flush, etc. Lightworkers and evildoers alike will be affected by the intention of our global meditation.

Wouldn't it be fun to watch our leaders get up to speak, and they turn bright red, drip with sweat, have a nose bleed, etc. as they try to spin the truth to us. Of course, we will have to use more of our own integrity as we speak to others as well, are we ready for the challenge??

Karen Revell


Published on August 14, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times

Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty.

By Jonathan Turley

Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace. Ashcroft's plan disclosed last week, but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties. The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcroft's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases to see whether this vision could become a reality. The cases of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government.

Hamdi has been held without charge even though the facts of his case are virtually identical to those in the case of John Walker Lindh. Both Hamdi and Lindh were captured in Afghanistan as foot soldiers in Taliban units. Yet, Lindh was given a lawyer and a trial, while Hamdi rots in a floating Navy brig in Norfolk, VA.

This week, the government refused to comply with a federal judge who ordered that he be given the underlying evidence justifying Hamdi's treatment. The Justice Department has insisted that the judge must simply accept its declaration and cannot interfere with the president's absolute authority in "a time of war."

In Padilla's case, Ashcroft initially claimed that the arrest stopped a plan to detonate a radioactive bomb in New York or Washington, D.C. The administration later issued an embarrassing correction that there was no evidence Padilla was on such a mission. What is clear is that Padilla is an American citizen and was arrested in the United States--two facts that should trigger the full application of constitutional rights.

Ashcroft hopes to use his self-made "enemy combatant" stamp for any citizen whom he deems to be part of a wider terrorist conspiracy. Perhaps because of his discredited claims of preventing radiological terrorism, aides have indicated that a "high-level committee" will recommend which citizens are to be stripped of their constitutional rights and sent to Ashcroft's new camps.

Few would have imagined any attorney general seeking to reestablish such camps for citizens. Of course, Ashcroft is not considering camps on the order of the internment camps used to incarcerate Japanese American citizens in World War II. But he can be credited only with thinking smaller; we have learned from painful experience that unchecked authority, once tasted, easily becomes insatiable.

We are only now getting a full vision of Ashcroft's America. Some of his predecessors dreamed of creating a great society or a nation unfettered by racism. Ashcroft seems to dream of a country secured from itself, neatly contained and controlled by his judgment of loyalty.

For more than 200 years, security and liberty have been viewed as coexistent values. Ashcroft and his aides appear to view this relationship as lineal, where security must precede liberty. Since the nation will never be entirely safe from terrorism, liberty has become a mere rhetorical justification for increased security.

Ashcroft is a catalyst for constitutional devolution, encouraging citizens to accept autocratic rule as their only way of avoiding massive terrorist attacks.

His greatest problem has been preserving a level of panic and fear that would induce a free people to surrender the rights so dearly won by their ancestors.

In "A Man for All Seasons," Sir Thomas More was confronted by a young lawyer, Will Roper, who sought his daughter's hand. Roper proclaimed that he would cut down every law in England to get after the devil.

More's response seems almost tailored for Ashcroft: "And when the last law was down and the devil turned round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? ... This country's planted thick with laws from coast to coast ... and if you cut them down--and you are just the man to do it-do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?"

Every generation has had Ropers and Ashcrofts who view our laws and traditions as mere obstructions rather than protections in times of peril. But before we allow Ashcroft to denude our own constitutional landscape, we must take a stand and have the courage to say, "Enough."

Every generation has its test of principle in which people of good faith can no longer remain silent in the face of authoritarian ambition. If we cannot join together to fight the abomination of American camps, we have already lost what we are defending.

Jonathan Turley is a professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I asked Karen to prepare a statement that would further explain what she suggests for inclusion in a possible Fall Equinox meditation - which unfortunately I won't have time to prepare as a separately standing Meditation Focus. Here is what she sent. If you feel inspired by her suggested vision, please make it part of your meditational work these coming days.

Sent by "Karen Revell" <> on 19 Sep 2002


For some time now, science and spirituality have realized that time itself is an illusion. I think truth has also become an illusion. It resembles cotton candy being spun onto a paper cone. As you put the fluffy sweetness into your mouth, it shrinks and becomes the sugar that was originally put into the machine. The media can spin all the cotton candy it wants, but somewhere along the line, if we ingest too much, we will all be praying to the porcelain god.

I think many of us are at that point now where we want the truth about our world to be known. For too long, we have hidden our heads in the sand. We've wanted our government to take care of us and build all the things needed for our comfort. We allowed them to keep their secrets - for our protection, of course. Most of our poorest people (not the homeless) live better than some in third world countries. We are now paying a very high price for our luxuries. Little by little, our government has grown, and little by little, the people of this country have fallen asleep. All the media smoke screens have kept us in our safe little spaces. Now, we have too much government, and they have too many tools to control us. We have awakened, but we are in a large web, and it's not cotton candy.

We have seen what happens to people that protest. They are beaten, shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with gas, and if that doesn't make them go home, they are arrested and tortured in jail. Before ALL of our civil rights are removed, we have to make a stand. We have to demand the truth. The only way to do this is through the Internet and word of mouth. The media won't help us. We have to use the collective consciousness. Through global meditation, we can raise the consciousness so truth must be told. We raise the frequencies or vibrations by the intent of our heart and mind - For the Highest Good of ALL. Truth is always for the higher good.

Lie-Detectors have proven that people's blood pressure rises, they sweat, their stomach turns, there are many bodily reactions to telling lies. I think a focused intent to have only the truth be told in our world would create a huge change in our world. We have the collective consciousness to work with, it is a great tool in changing our world without ever harming another. If people choose to lie, and they get a bloody nose, diarrhea, dripping sweat, rapid heart rates, etc., they have done it to themselves. This will also go for us. We will have to be very careful to tell the truth, or suffer the consequences.

Our media has been programming the collective to feel fear. It isn't intended - focussed fear. If we intend and focus love and truth, we can create miracles. I suggest that we do a five-minute focus at noon for truth and the highest good of all. If everyone focusses at noon in their space, we will create a spiral of energy. If we spend 5 minutes at noon, 5 minutes at midnight, and again at noon for three days, we can create a standing wave for truth. Not everyone will be awake at both times, but the wave will be like ripples in a pond.

Once we have truth, we will have peace.

Karen Revell



From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: Quotes on war & peace requested
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002


I'm putting energy into creating a national ad campaign for americans to speak up and organize, to stop war and save civil rights.

Would you please send me any quotes which come to mind, on the topic of war and peace, short -- just a few pithy lines, or point me towards where I might find them (I've looked around on the net, under 'peace quotes', etc.).

You always have terrific ones at the opening of each compilation.

I'm particularly interested in ones from the 'founding fathers' and other impeccably admired and patriotic sources.

Love to you, blessings on your work,



From: "Wade Frazier" <withheld upon request>
Subject: Iraq and (AMAZING!) stuff
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002

Hi Jean:

Over the years, I have sent you stuff from time-to-time that you have run in your excellent anthologies. This latest run-up to bomb Iraq once more, except maybe to mount an outright invasion and install our puppet, has nearly coincided with finishing my web site. I just put up my site a couple of days ago. It has been in the making for about twelve years, and caps nearly a thirty-year journey. My 1200-page site is at:

My earlier writings about Iraq and Afghanistan have been cannibalized and put into my new, 200+ page American Empire essay at

My entire site has been going through a fine grinder for the past several months, and there are still bits of it my editor has not gotten to yet, and at this time, the American Empire essay has only had my eyeballs on it. It might go through the editorial process one day. We'll see how it goes. I have some cyberpals looking for typos and errata on it right now. I hope to have about the final version of it completed by month-end.

My work was spurred from the radicalizing experience of pursuing free energy in the 1980s, which culminated with us receiving what was probably an offer in excess of one billion dollars, see

When we refused it, the nightmare ensued. To this day, there has probably never been a more sustained (or more frightening, for the energy gangsters) effort to try bringing alternative energy to the marketplace, whose relatively complete story is told for the first time on the Internet at:

The gist of my work is that we can have heaven on earth instead of hell on earth (or worse), and a very viable vision for the future is the capstone of my work, at

Your readers may find what I have published useful in their own efforts.


I might be starting a public conversation with Suzanne Taylor on her excellent The Conversation website at:

At this time, that is the only plan I have right now for public dialogue. We'll see how things shake out.

Best wishes,

Wade Frazier


From: Audre-y S. Arbe <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002
Subject: International Day of Peace Vigil, 9/21 & Ecofest 2002 9/29

Achee Activities Sept 2002: Participate in International Peace Day Vigil as well as Eco-fest 2002

International Peace Day Vigil Sept 21st - Globally! New York at Central Park's Bandshell 72d St, Saturday Sept 21st 6 am-Noon

The "International Day of Peace Vigil" is an idea of a growing number of individuals and groups bound only by a common belief that the power of prayer, meditation, or other sacred spiritual practice serves as a powerful means of promoting peace and promoting a global ceasefire. We represent many various religious and spiritually oriented groups and a wide segment of civil society throughout the world, as well as representing ourselves as individuals, to support the objective of the International Day of Peace Vigil.

The International Day of Peace Vigil is a global undertaking that requires the efforts of many people of all faiths and beliefs to be successful. We encourage you to support the United Nations' call for a global ceasefire on Sept. 21, and to help make peace happen by committing yourself or your group to a 24 vigil on that day. -- Come to Central Park's Bandshell at 72nd Street. Music, speakers, seminars, from 7 am-Noon.


This is a day to create and remember! For all of us who choose peace as a way of life, NOW IS THE TIME!! We are the world, and our actions create our reality! Love and Enlightened Action as a Human collective is the way to a world of well-being mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially for everyone. We all are being called to do our part. It is up to us to answer! --- For more information on the IDP Vigil, go to:


Participate with Achee in Ecofest 2002 in Manhattan, 11 am-6 pm Riverside Park 83rd-91st Streets Sunday Sept 29th

Ecofest 2002 is the largest environmental expo in New York! At the Eco-fest, you will see an eco-fashion show, solar cars, two solar stages, eco exhibits, conferences, great food, and the eco-walkathon. Check out over 100 exhibitors (including energy and water-waving techniques), including Achee. Meet environmental experts and activists.


Ecofest Tribute to the Earth

Benefit Concert, Sept 22 at 7 pm Carnegie Hall!

Learn more about the Eco-fest at

Achee (pronounced Ah - shayh') is a nonprofit organization that promotes peace, sustainability and transformation by creating holistic and cultural Pocket of Peace community centers, ecological environments and love. We do monthly Achee Activities in Manhattan. In West Africa, we are starting the Achee Light Center in the Republic of Benin, and we are supporting our adopted village in Ghana, Akim Anyinase, in building a school, herbal clinic and having electricity. Achee's first African Journey to Benin and Ghana is in March 2003 ($3,500). Have the adventure of your life, be involved in ceremonies, and breathe deeply. Manifest Miracles NOW, build a great PLANET, love life! Visit us at


The word Achee is adapted from the Yoruba people of Nigeria's term "ashe" and means the gifts, blessings and love of the Creator. It is the benediction said after every prayer. It is the cosmic Thank You for existence. Where love and harmony is present, there is Achee. It lives within everyone's heart. Let us live it together now.


PO Box 90
JAFNY, NY10116

212 243 3266


Sent by "Annegret" <>

--- Original Message ---

From: Mark Landau <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Subject: One Way to Help

Dear Friends Around the World,

I have written a book called "Archetypes, Election, Evolution/America's Denial of Democracy." It contains a supplement about the DNA Activation healing work I do. It is about Election 2000 in the USA and the events of 9/11 as they reflect who we are as a species and what we are trying to evolve into.

I believe it is important that as many people as possible read this book now. God knows it is a bit of a diatribe, a short, flawed book written in a very short time. There are many books like it on the planet. But right now, I believe it is important, for the concepts and energies it carries and for where it might lead you.

It is my opinion that the United States has no real government now, that we have no President. I believe Election 2000 showed us that we have no democracy, that there is not one person of true courage and integrity in our Senate, that our Supreme Court is corrupt, that, when it comes to the most important things, there is almost no truth and freedom in our media and the press, that our Presidency can be stolen and that special interests rule our world. I am afraid for our government, our country and the planet. If we keep going in this direction, our system will have to collapse. We will swallow ourselves up in a sea of self-serving.

It looks, at this time, like the powers of control, money and manipulation are winning our world hands down. They have poisoned almost everything. And if they fully get their way, they will destroy almost everything wonderful on our planet for many millennia.

But that's how it would look where we are at the end of this age.

I believe that every time someone reads this book, it will help propel us farther along the road of our evolution. Every time someone goes through a DNA Activation, it will help them and the planet move deeper into the light.

Every time anyone, anywhere, does something to heal and awaken, it moves us forward in ways that no one can comprehend.

Read this book. It doesn't matter if you are American or not. It doesn't matter if you are spiritual or not.

I believe that each person who reads it will help advance the shift in human consciousness that we are in the midst of at this most pivotal of all times in our history, back towards decency, integrity and the heart and forward into awakening and our reconnection with the cosmos, the divine, our world and each other.

Buy as many of these books as you can and give them to as many people as possible.

All changes occur on the inner planes first.

This is one way we can help change the world.

The collective is affected by everything that everyone does.


I believe it can help the human race evolve and help us move out of the grip of the powerful, special interests that, more and more, have taken over our world. It can help us move more deeply into the heart of love, life, freedom and creation.

To order my book go at

Love and support to you on your way.

In love, thanks and blessings,

Reverend m.
(Mark Landau)


The human race is evolving. Many will be shooting ahead at the speed of light. Many will not. It truly is a glorious time with potential the likes of which no one can comprehend.

"This remains an unprecedented time for our awakening. Millions will come into their full potential between now and 2012. Much of it will not be easy, but it holds potential beyond our ability to imagine."

Taken from

NOTE FROM JEAN: I also found interesting the preface of this book at



Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

Written by: John Lennon
© Bag productions inc.

Sent by Liz Daly <>