February 19, 2002

The Light Series #17: Inspirational Words and More!

Hello everyone

This week begins with some positive and inspiring material which should be of interest to many of you.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply."

- Kahlil Gibran

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

"This spinning planet yet shall bloom with gardens nurtured by the hands of man. And every man shall walk in peace and children play in every land. Their songs shall rise on Joysweet wings and greet the Cosmos as it sings the ode to Life, the paean to joy. And hopes shall rise on steps of hope and echo from the cosmic slopes."

A. J. Lewis - Sent by Suzanne Phillips <pjsage@laplaza.org>


1. An inspirational message from my beloved
2. More from the Psychic Children
3. On Friday 2-22-2002, experience an energy that will not return for another 8000 years!
4. Children of the new generation
5. Religion can Provoke
6. Why a world in crisis, when solutions abound?
7. Message from The Religious and Spiritual Caucus
8. The New Earth news - A Magazine Celebrating the Rebirth of the Earth



Beloved Truth Warrior, Beloved Golden Messenger of the One Most High, the One Most Radiant. Please
sit with me and space with me in your Heart. Love is space, Beloved One. Love is space. Let us Now meld in bliss for a few moments in the Time and Space continuum. Ah, but there is no time. There is is All Time... Past, Present, Future coexisting in the beauty of multidimensional Life. Let us
go deeper into bliss now...even deeper...and now to our deepest level yet.... The slate before us is completely clear. The energy of freedom rings the loudest. It is a splendid dawn of newness...a forum for miracles... yes MIRACLES. The love force permeates the nuclei of every cell. I feel it every where. I feel the transformation, the transfiguration of New Earth. The morning dew is lifting. The ones who fly are happily awakening now. The ones who spin have stopped their nocturnal work. The faeries, the nature spirits, the devas are dancing all around me spinning the vibration of Love at an even faster pace. Sidhe, my beloved tree spirit guide, is spreading his canopy to honor the creation of New Earth. I hear the chorus of the dolphins and the whales. Can you hear them Beloved? Can you feel their message? I AM joy. I AM love. I AM hope. I AM peace. I AM harmony. Thank you, God. Thank you, Beloved, Beloved, Beloved Terra/Lady Gaia/Earth Mother. All is well. All is Grace. The symphony of Life is simply THE ABSOLUTE MIRACLE. I share this miracle with you Now. When we drink together from the Fountain of Love we have co-created with God.... Magick, My Beloved, simply Magick.



From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@aol.com>
Subject: More from the Psychic Children
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002
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Note from Jean: First, here is an excerpt from the 2nd Message entitled "A prophecy"

"One of two worlds is about to be revealed, depending upon your individual and collective choice. It will be revealed within a period of two years, and you will recognize the chosen world by the following signs: The psyche of the Children of Oz is aligned with the whales, and in particular, the dolphins of the oceans. Therefore, look to these creatures to know which world your collective consciousness has chosen. If within a two year period you begin to hear reports of unusual activity in the oceans, of entire pods of dolphins that gather in highly populated urban areas (in other words, the oceans off major cities), or whales that exhibit similar behavior, know you have chosen love over fear. However, if your scientists begin to report that these creatures are avoiding their normal gathering places and are retreating to secluded areas away from humans, then know another choice has been made. It will not mean that there is no hope, only that fear has become the common goal and love has been set aside for a time. The world that will then be revealed will reflect this choice. We do not need to go into details."

And now the Third Message:

James Twyman wrote: "I suggest you read it several times. There is a whole universe within this short letter, and it may take time to sink in completely. All I can tell you is that it is real. The Children are real, and so is their message. The Vision, the Prophesy and the Message all form a single truth that is waiting for us all. Even if you think you've heard it before, breathe it deeper. My experience shows me that there is an energy signature beneath everything the Psychic Children offer. Let that energy sink into your soul. That is where the real magic is."

A Message:

There are those who will say
That they have already heard this Message.
There are also those who will say that it is too simple,
Or even untrue.
It is true,
And it has never been heard before by anyone.
Because as soon as one "truly" hears it,
Everything changes.
The world and everything in it slows down and nearly stops.
Then there is nothing left but the truth itself,
And you know that you are that truth.
The question disappears.
This is the Gift the Children have come to bring.
The entire message can be experienced in one word,
But that word echoes through eternity.
It is a word you may hear from any child,
Even in your own home.
Children have always spoken this word,
But few have truly heard what it means.
If you can understand it now,
And embrace the world that is found within it,
Then you will find yourself transported to the Holy Place
From where we speak to you now.
It is not a physical place,
But as real as anything you have ever experienced physically.
It is a place where the heart can live,
Where it can breathe,
And where it can expand to envelop the whole universe.
Listen to this word now,
And open your heart to the world within its grasp.


What was the first thought that came to your mind?
Is it too much to expect?
Is it too simple to change your life forever?
This is the word the Children have come to bring.
Children have always spoken this to everyone who will listen.
You too have spoken it.
But you have forgotten what it means.
You have forgotten how to "PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE".
You have chosen instead to pretend what is not true.
And so you have made a world that reflects that decision.
Choose again.
Pretend that you are enlightened.
Pretend that you are loved by God.
Pretend that you are perfect just the way you are.
Take a deep breath now and PRETEND WHAT IS TRUE.
Then everything will make sense.

Look at the word PRETEND for a moment.
Pre means "before" and Tend means "to pay attention to."
Put these two together now.
"Pay attention to what you were before."
Before what?
Before time began.
Your Original Self.
PRETEND that you are still that Original Self.
PRETEND that nothing ever changed.
Then know that what you are pretending is indeed fact.
It is true.
Build your life around it.
Give everything you have to realize it.
Nothing else matters but this,
And that is why it is the message of the Children of Oz.

The web has been completed.
Pretend you are there,
And you are.
It is a simple shift in vibration.
We are waiting for you,
Because there is still so much to reveal.
The journey has only begun,
And we move forward together.
From here we are a single breath away from Heaven.
Open your eyes now.
And remember who you are.

We love you,


James Twyman also mentioned this: A member of the list has started a message board for people to share their thoughts on Thomas' Messages. If you're interested, just use this link: http://www.topica.com/lists/PsychicChildren


From: "Betty Adams" <bettyg33@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Fw: On Friday 2-22-2002, experience an energy that will not return for another 8000 years!
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002

Dear All,

I cannot begin to tell you how important the next 6 days are! From what we were told today by one of the Masters on the Council of Golden Light. We had been told in December that although Mother Mary is still with us, that other members of the Council of Golden Light who guide Life's Pathway, would be speaking through Pam. We were not told who it was, perhaps Nathan will reveal the identity on Wednesday. That is not important, but the message is!

Next Friday, the 22nd, we will be experiencing an energy that will not return for another 8000 years! Between now and then we are urged to make our choices in Light and in Love. How we use the energy between now and then will determine not only where we go, but what All of Creation experiences for the next 8000 year cycle!

Are we going to focus on Love, despite outward appearances? Are we going to stand tall and true to the TRUTH we KNOW within our Being? From what was said, there will be something, 'an event' that will occur on that day that will lead many into fear. We are asked to remain centered and focus on the knowingness that all outside of us is an illusion. An illusion which has swung very far into the Darkness and Shadows in order to bring to our awareness how far we have allowed ourselves to be led into Darkness. It was said that ANY particle of Fear within our Beings is and will be utilized by the forces who live off of this Fear, who want to keep us in Darkness, who want to keep us enslaved, so it is important that we, the Lightworkers, hold the Light for All of Creation.

We stood in line to be allowed the opportunity to come to the Earth at this time to assist. We have been given a huge responsibility, and we were told today that if we were not capable, we would not be here in this place, at this time, nor would we be asked to remain centered and to focus on Love.

If we choose to align ourselves with Fear, we will find our Path more difficult and less productive. If we can walk our talk, and choose Love, we will be lifting up All of Creation as well as ourselves. The Master said that we will be drawn to that which we desire to manifest upon the Earth. Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony for all, that is my dream, my hope for All of Creation.

Those operating in Darkness, know they are powerful, they know they can create that which they want! The Light is ever so Powerful, yet so many of us have been filled with self-doubt. It was said, "The Past has been wiped away, do not make choices based on the Past, it no longer exists!" Here I am paraphrasing, "Do not hold onto any guilt or shame for anything you did in the past, the slate has been wiped clean!" Decide what it is you want for the Earth and All of Creation, so long as it is in Love and Light, and you will have the help of All of Creation to make it so!

This time and opportunity is unprecedented in All of Creation, no one can tell us how to do it, it hasn't been done before! All of Creation holds its breath waiting to see if we will choose Love, and take steps to become our Path, to become all it is that Creation knows us to be. Remember, we are all an aspect of GOD, therefore there is nothing that we cannot do. Each step that we take, even if it leads down a path that goes 'nowhere' is a step in the right direction, and our confidence, our knowingness that we can do it will increase, because we will have the help of ALL OF CREATION behind us.

If you feel you have anything that is not in harmony and balance from the Past still in your life, your Being. Release it now, clear the way for more Light to come into your Being. Open your heart and assistance will be given. We CAN do it!

We were told that the information about this event has been withheld from us so that we would actually be better able to handle it. If we don't know, we can't add fear to it, making its effect that much more powerful. I do not intend to give the 'what' much thought, but instead will focus on keeping my thoughts (the beginning point of all creating) loving. Believe me, I can relate to any situation you are in, because I am not living in a monastery on top of a mountain in Tibet, but am in the midst of family crises at the moment. I mentioned to my friends, I may have to put a sign in front of my face that says, "Stay Centered!" lest I forget. If I do forget, I will ask that that thought, or action be transformed through the Grace of God so that it doesn't go out to harm anyone. If we stumble, let uspick ourselves up and get back onto the Path, All of Creation is counting on us!

It is not a 'done deal', that the Earth will Ascend! It is still a 'toss-up", for as many Lightworkers that are choosing Love, there are many, many more choosing Fear. Light dispels Darkness, so remember to shine your Light! Together we can turn the tide!


Please pass this along to others, so that we can make a difference on 2-22-2002. It is a very important date!

If you haven't read The Message from Thomas' (James Twyman's Psychic Children) do so, it is exactly what this message is speaking of, Pretend your are God, and just do it!

In Love and Light,



Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002
From: Richard Giles <ricgiles@powerup.com.au>


This is an article I wrote for a local coop newsletter last year about the new children as identified by astrology. Though it does not cover all their capabilities as we are seeing coming out via James Twyman's work and discoveries, it is about the very broad range of these children born in the last 15 years or so. Hope you find it useful. It’s just much as I gave it to the coop newsletter. Haven't changed anything much at all.

Best Wishes,




By Richard Giles

Have you been to the movies lately and experienced the information that's communicated through new screen advertising techniques, and have you been able to take it all in? These rapid fire digital communications techniques are fast and furious. Many people in my (older) generation find the speed of information too much. In contrast, many younger people relate easily to the rush of images and have no trouble understanding it all. I think it's a symptom of the pace of this younger generation's information processing abilities - it's sometimes breathtaking.

This month I want to look at another group whom I've considered before, those born in the years 1988 to 1998. They came into the world as the two outer giant gaseous planets, Uranus and Neptune began a ten year conjunction, most of it in the sign of Capricorn. Neptune had entered Capricorn in 1984 followed by Uranus in 1988. Uranus left Capricorn in 1996 and Neptune in 1998. Outer planets are known as the "impersonal" ones because they represent global, social, political and economic events that impact on us all.

Since Uranus is about the future, inventiveness, computers and new technologies and Neptune about inspiration and sensitivity, the combination is likely to bring about very sensitive children who are in tune with the pace of technological and future change (trying to bring it down to a few key words). Those born in 1988-89 and 1991-93 have the strongest combinations. In 1988-89 the triple boost of Saturn ruled the emphasis with the other two outer planets. In 1991-93 Uranus and Neptune exactly conjuncted three times. In 1995 Uranus moved into Aquarius and the double planet intermingling took on a futuristic overtone due to the Aquarian energies.

Back in Oct/Nov 1999 I wrote on the Indigo children from a book by the same name written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober (Hay House,1999). These children have a number of key issues that help identify them. They have few self-worth issues, they have no fear of authority, they are frustrated by systems that are non-creative and ritual oriented, they want to do things in new and better ways, they sometimes seem antisocial, and they do not respond to guilt-inducing discipline techniques in school or at home. They are born from about 1988 through until 1998. You could look at a wider orb of ages but this is the central period.

Many of these children are gifted souls. They are ones who can combine the weird, inventive and futuristic energies of Uranus with the inspirational energies of Neptune. They have all sorts of patterns by which their behaviours are indicated - probably the most obvious is what we call ADHD or ADD. However, they ought not be diagnosed as hyperactive, dyslexic and suffering from neurological disorders. The astrologer Donna Cunningham who wrote an excellent article titled "The Ritalin Generation", describes them as children who may be "wired" differently from the rest of us. In fact, she suggests that rather than having ADD and being described as hyperactive, it is more likely that the previous generations (the rest of us) are to be considered hypoactive by comparison (Mountain Astrologer, April/May 2001).

The children elected as "Indigo" by authors Carroll and Tober may be the ones who can best adjust to the future as it's forming now with it's vast high tech and mind expanding possibilities. Only they have a nervous system "wired" for the immense unfolding of the next few decades, processing and acting upon astoundingly large amounts of information in very short spaces of time. This is why the new movie and TV adverts don't leave them mind-staggered like they do many of us. They can be described as creative, independent, brilliant and self-governing. Unfortunately it also means they do not fit in with today's education systems which to many of these children, seem as unfulfilling as a discarded old piece of rag and as frustratingly slow as can be with non-responsive, entrenched authoritarianism.

Many then are seen as difficult and overactive and are drugged out with Ritalin or similar pharmaceutical prescriptions to keep them limited to the older standards. Give them enlightened teachers who don't have issues with authority themselves and they will thrive. Lock their minds up and they will rebel or refuse to cooperate and drop out.

Identifying this combination child is the first step (not all born from 1988 have every characteristic). Cooperating with them is next. They will inherit the environmental predicament made by today's leaders as their big issue being called upon to resolve it. They need support, understanding, creativeness and patience.


The Indigo Children, Lee Carroll & Jan Tober, Hay House, USA, 1999.
"The Ritalin Generation", Donna Cunningham, Mtn Astrologer, Issue #96, 2001.
Website: http://www.indigochildren.com.


Richard Giles
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"I asked God for water, he gave me an ocean. I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden. I asked God for a tree, he gave me a forest. I asked God for a friend, he gave me YOU. There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of one candle. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle".

Roberta Ossana


From: "John Owen" <jowen@igc.org
Subject: Religion can Provoke
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002

Dear Jean,

Congratulations on five years, from Los Angeles. 86 degrees F yesterday. Who needs snow?

The LA Times did not print my letter, which was a response to an op ed piece. I think what I have to say about religion might be of interest to your readers.

Peace and joy,

John Owen


February 04, 2002

Religion can Provoke

Dwight Furrow's op ed piece was interesting, but I would be surprised if he considers himself a religious or a spiritual person. The source of all religions is transcendent experience, the experience of "purity, totality and perfection" referred to. These experiences are common to millions of ordinary people, not just founders of religions. Unfortunately such experiences are unknown to zealots of any stripe. The transcendent experience has to do with the here and now. It has nothing to do with the existence or nature of an afterlife. One sees that there is no separation between "God" and ordinary reality. Authentic religious experience has nothing to do with belief; it is a deeper seeing into ordinary reality.

The problem of conflict between religions comes about when spiritual people try to explain their experiences. Words and concepts just don't cut it. How to you explain the sunrise to someone blind since birth? Christians mystics will tend to describe their experience in Christian terms, followers of other religions will use the language and concepts of those religions, and mystics without religion will use other ways to describe their insights.

The policy makers on both sides of the current conflict know that people are generally not willing to kill or be killed for mere secular reasons. Therefore our government hypocritically calls the current conflict one between good (us) and evil (the other guys). Bin Laden agrees, the only difference between him and Bush being a disagreement on who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

The United States is just about the most religious country in the western world. More people here profess a belief in God, and attend Church, than in any other western country. Look at the headline on page A9 of today's Times: U.S. Defends Terrorism War to Wary Allies as a Righteous Fight. So we have op ed writers defending secular society, while the secular society they are defending, the United States, presents its argument in religious, good vs evil, terms. The truth is that both sides are fighting for purely secular purposes: Bin Laden wants a settlement of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and wants U.S. forces out of Saudi Arabia. The United States wants control of the newly discovered oil riches of Kazakstan, which may exceed the oil remaining in Saudi Arabia.

In today's United States the flag is a religious symbol and "God Bless America" the national hymn. How would it be if our politicians told the truth: "The rich people of the United States have way more than their fair share of the world's wealth. Other peoples are angry about this, and are fighting for justice, for their fair share. The cost of maintaining dominance by our ruling class is that we must use the peoples money to wage constant war against those to dare to try to be independent of western control."

John Owen
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Los Angeles, CA 90026

213 481 1374


From: http://www.simedia.org/new/SI-com8.html

8 February 2002

Why a world in crisis, when solutions abound?

Calls for a worldwide Marshall Plan (as suggested by Walter Kronkite last week on Larry King live)

As America and its allies wage a war on terrorism and attempt to secure their homefronts, more and more voices of reason are being heard around the world. The common theme: terrorism is not the cause of our problems but the effect of social, economic and political injustices which manifest most profoundly as virulent hunger and poverty, religious and racial persecution, and lack of personal freedom and civil rights.1

Blueprint for a new era

While never more apropos, this view is not new. It was put forward most thoroughly, factually and unequivocally in 1980 in North-South: A Program for Survival (MIT Press), also known as The Brandt Commission Report. Brought together by former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, a panel of international leaders examined the global economy and the problems plaguing developing nations. The report further predicted the inevitable consequences if the developed world failed to take large-scale, immediate action to ameliorate those problems and establish policies that would not further compromise these struggling nations, which represent 80% of the world’s population. While virtually none of the Brandt Commission’s recommendations were implemented and its predictions have come to pass, the report is still the most viable blueprint for restructuring our global economy along more just and compassionate lines.2

This is not to say that in the past 20 years there has been no progress in the right direction. Numerous commissions have studied aspects of the Brandt Report and offered their own updated recommendations. UN-sponsored conferences on poverty, the environment, the rights of women and children, population and other crucial issues have produced resolutions that, if implemented, would have greatly eased world tensions. Economists, religious leaders, and forward-thinking politicians have repeatedly sounded the alarm and pointed to readily achievable solutions. And under-funded UN agencies and aid organizations perennially struggle to meet the needs of the world’s dispossessed.

That things have not dramatically changed as a result of these sincere efforts boils down to one human trait: complacency. Those who benefit from the current system have no motivation to look too closely at the price of their comfort. Those who suffer from the vast array of injustices feel powerless to change them. But on September 11 a new era was born–one in which complacency and isolationism are no longer options and our shared destiny with every world citizen has become a stark reality.

Calls for a worldwide Marshall Plan

Fortunately there are among the ranks of every nation men and women of immense intelligence and goodwill who have already worked out the solutions to what we have allowed to remain intractable problems. For example, from the Vatican to the World Bank there have been calls for a worldwide Marshall Plan to aid the developing world. In his pre-Budget report to parliament, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown stated: “The UK Government will propose… that the international community now establish a new international fund leveraged up to $50 billion a year to help achieve for the developing countries after 2001 what was achieved for Europe after 1945.” Unquestionably modern America’s greatest achievement, the Marshall Plan not only prevented the collapse of Europe but created peace and prosperity for both donor and recipient.

What would such an investment buy? In a 1998 report the U.N. Development Programme estimated that for an additional $40 billion a year the basic necessities of life–nutrition and health care, primary education, sanitation and safe drinking water, and family planning services–could be provided throughout the developing world. This amount is less than 6% of the $780 billion the world spends annually on its military. What’s more, it will surely prove less costly than the new global war on terrorism that will only exacerbate the underlying issues. A new international Marshall Plan must, of course, be accompanied by structural reforms of the international economy to ensure long-term success. 3

This view reflects the consistent advice of Share International editor Benjamin Creme: “If we accept the principle of sharing, accept that we are one human family, redistribute the world’s resources and so create justice in the world, we will have a secure and lasting peace. It is the only viable course of action.”

With an abundance of brilliant minds, solutions at hand, and adequate funds for what we ultimately must do, it would seem that now is the most crucial and opportune moment for all of us to become informed and compassionate citizens of the world and call for the only outcome which can truly be called ‘victory’.


1 For a collection of statements by opinion-makers which reflects this theme, visit http://www.simedia.org/voices


3 “A New Marshall Plan? Advancing Human Security and Controlling Terrorism” by Dick Bell and Michael Renner, WorldWatch Institute, may be read at http://www.worldwatch.org/alerts/011009.html

“When Sharing Saved the World” by Jeremy Traylen may be read at http://www.simedia.org/MarshallPlan

See also:

Aid packages ignore starving Afghans
An Afghan father was forced to sell his 12-year-old daughter because his family was starving. For him, like so many others in remote Afghanistan, the billions in aid count for nothing.


Message to the WCAR from The Religious and Spiritual Caucus
Durban, South Africa, August/September 2001

Honored Chairperson, Brothers and Sisters, one of the deeper concerns emerging from a broad cross section of participants to this conference is the persistence and even the growth of racism and multiple forms of discrimination in spite of decades of UN declarations and resolutions aimed at their eradication. We believe that recognizing the spiritual dimension of these problems may lead us towards more effective action.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in its recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family as being the founda tion of freedom, justice and peace, affirms the spiritual dimension of human beings.

There is but one human race! We acknowledge that beneath our ethnic, religious or cul tural differences, we have a common biological and spiritual identity. Each one of us would expect to be treated with dignity and in turn would accept the responsibility to respect and value others.

We deeply regret the part played by religions in the perpetration or condoning of racism and its consequences. We pledge to rectify the mistakes of our past history and to look into our hearts, to acknowledge the prejudices we may still carry.

We are aware of the reconciling power of the act of forgiveness: both in the asking and the granting, the intention to eliminate sources of injury is important. Religious and Spiritual communities can play a leading role in conciliation: to support, provide guidance, and re store the dignity of those suffering from discrimination Drawing from the essence of relig ious and spiritual traditions, we can facilitate the process of forgiveness and healing.

We seek to move forward and foster harmonious relations between all ethnic, cultural and religious groups, thus educating ourselves to know and appreciate each other without fear. In order to achieve this, there must be freedom of religious and spiritual beliefs and prac tices everywhere in the world. It is our duty, working in cooperation with the United Na tions, governments, NGOs and other actors in civil society, to support community revitali zation initiatives while promoting educational programs based on human rights and univer sal values.

Essential values for this century must include living with a sense of social responsibility and respect for diversity. Thus the destructive cycle of intolerance, violence and revenge can be broken, enabling us to realize the vision of a world where interdependence on eq uitable terms is a way of life for all. Here we seek to reawaken our highest ideals, to honor the rich diversity of humankind and to recognize that in acceptance, compassion, love and generosity lies our true potential to unite and uplift the human race.

We understand that all of us have been brought here by the Eternal Spirit, and we hope that the Eternal Spirit will sustain and guide us in our common task.

Contact for information: Amalia Dickie, Susila Dharma International, a.dicke@kabsi.at


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