January 17, 2002

The Light Series #13: The Ascending Power of Love and Appreciation

Hello everyone

I'm sure most of you will immensely enjoy this one!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

It is the heart, and not the brain,
That to the highest doth attain,
And he who followeth Love's behest
Far excelleth all the rest!

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- Sent by Liz Daly <dalyreiki@earthlink.net>


1. Several feedbacks
2. All is OK
3. Multiple Timelines and comments on this article
4. Very large sand mandala to purify and heal America


From: "Randy Mitchell" <therandje@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Rising Phoenix Series #5: A Symphony of Praise and Good News
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002


I resonated with your reply to Luana Harrison; I have occasionally felt what she expressed to you, but realized that if we are to allay fear inside us, it can be useful to know precisely what we are up against. The less surprised, the more prepared, hmm? I realize not everyone will see it thus, but I have come to understand that many of the measures humans take are not of necessity out of fear (learning martial arts, for example), but so that we will feel less of the need to be afraid. It is the unknown and the unexpected that terrify us most. However, there is some irony to be mined here.

What we are facing now is (step right up!) the Greatest Fear Show on Earth. Yet who is more afraid right now than the would-be puppet-masters, designers, and perpetrators of the so-called New World Order? They are somewhat like an aging card shark, betting it all on a rigged game, in a town where they are becoming increasingly well-known. Though we, the sheeple, are continually reminded of our powerlessness, the truth of the matter is WE ARE THE GREATER SIDE OF THIS EQUATION. Am I whistling in the dark? Consider:

It is the Illuminati who absolutely needs the rest of the human population at its beck and call, for its vision of paradise to manifest. The entire plan hinges, from beginning to end, on controlling the rest of the world to provide their needs. In any relationship, isn't the one in greatest need the least powerful?

Furthermore, we have been so thoroughly and systematically fed and showered with lies, manipulation, and deception precisely because our "handlers" know well that we have had, at any time, the power to reverse the tide, should the truth of their actions become known to all. Why expend so much effort/energy covering up trails, throwing up smokescreens, and deliberately misleading us, if we are in fact powerless and unable to affect the outcome? Lying is the utterance of fear, prima facie. The information and stories offered in these transmissions--both positive and negative--assist us in anchoring to the truth of what is occurring. The dark ones are operating in the desperate belief that a point will come when resistance by the masses can be overcome by technology. You are lost only when you accept this hypothesis, and forget we are all--standing together--a mighty and dynamic expression of infinity.

Keep 'em comin' brother.



From: "Sibylle Hartmann" <greensib@hotmail.com>
Subject: Luana Harrison's letter
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

Dear Jean,

Luana Harrison's letter has shocked me. Just as I thought that your information is the most wonderful out there, I read her letter. Your response to her was very eloquent and hit the spot. What she critizises is what's so good about your mail, you tell it like it is, and reading and being aware of the darkness will, like you said, help mobilize our attention towards resolving it. I have made the observation that many "New Agers" turn away from politics entirely. I don't think that the affairs of the world will change by meditation, lightning candles, angels, etc. alone, it's a very important part but it's not the whole story! Without people rising up and speaking out, we will remain, like Michael Parenti says, a "Democracy for the few". There are people who prefer to meditate, visualize, burn candles and then there are people who prefer to be political activists, writers and analysts and IT'S ALL GOOD! It's all part of healing, growing.... Education about the darkness is important and won't give it more power, on the contrary, if light is shed on it, it can only become lighter....

Jean, we all support you very much, what you are doing is fantastic and is very much appreciated! Where else can you find such a variety of the most wonderful information in a 33k email? You are the best! Thank you, thank you,




From: MonaSpree@aol.com
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

(...) By the way, wonderful response to Luana Harrison's message ("What is your purpose? What are your goals?")! It is a fine example of how differences can be overcome with patient communication, shared information, and mutual consideration, in a world of "win-win".

Thanks for your example to us all.

In genuineness,

Sharona (Merel)


From: InnerSkies@aol.com
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002
Subject: God Bless You

Your reply to "John Albertson" in a most recent compilation (The Light Series #12) was absolutely outstanding. Thank you for doing what you're doing. The positive vibrations, energy, feelings you are disseminating are making a wonderful difference, as I'm sure you already know.

Much love to you and yours

Ron McEntee



On January 5 Simeon wrote:

"All is OK: the circumstances in our world are perfect for teaching humanity the way of love and compassion. If we don't learn this lesson, the universe will have the last say when we have finally destroyed ourselves and everything starts over again. If feeling love and compassion seem too tall an order under some circumstances, then we can at least find something to appreciate about the circumstances. Appreciation comes from the heart too, and is often easier to elicit as a feeling than love and compassion in difficult circumstances." CLIP

From: "Simeon Nartoomid+" <holyflame@cybermesa.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002
Subject: All is OK

Dear Jean,

You are missing my point concerning appreciation, I am certainly aware of all you cite in terms of the "facts." However, the gruesome facts don't matter in terms of the spiritual principle I am relating. I was simply giving examples of appreciation and how it can be elicited, which was representative of heart stuff and not head stuff. The idea is to learn to generate core heart energy in direct relationship to the circumstances which disturb our inner peace which brings transformation to them through the power of the heart. This technique has been scientifically proven (by Heart Math Institute) to be effective in eliciting powerful transformation which is beyond the scope of linear processing. The latter of which takes a long time and often re-perpetuates some of the energy it seeks to transform in the process of processing.

HeartMath Research Institute has done some awesome research on the power of the heart and its transformational effects. The electromagnetic field of the heart has been measured to be 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. The heart has been shown to have its own brain with 40,000 neurons, neural transmitters and neural networking which is very much the same as that found in the brain. The number of nerves going to the brain from the heart (afferent nerves) are far more numerous than those going from the brain to the heart. When the heart is in coherent rhythms its power entrains the brain and all other systems of ther body to coherent rhythms.

Considering that our world is controlled by a small handful of people who are using the head (brain) to do the controlling, people that are truly in their heart (as determined by their ability to generate heart-coherent states at will and maintain them) have a 5,000 to 1 advantage in terms of true transformational power. I ran some numbers on this Jean. If we assume that 5% of the earth's population (assumed to be 6 billion+) are those who are in main control positions using their heads to do the controlling, then this equates to 225 million people in control positions (I suspect that the number is much smaller actually). Given the factor of 5,000 to 1 heart to brain power, this would mean that to offset that energy would only take 45,000 people who could hold higher levels of heart coherent states around the clock. To make progress would require more of course. These are not large numbers though. 2,000 people in each time zone would do it.

I am currently embarked upon becoming a HeartMath certified trainer. I plan to establish a Heart-Activist Network which will use grant money to train people in heart-coherency. These people can be linked together into a network to coordinate the heart coherent energy upon key decision making gatherings taking place such as: UN Meetings, key local, state, federal and international legislative sessions, World Summits, public corporate meetings, etc. etc. People in the network would be asked to attend these in person if they could, others who could not do so would be asked to coordinate in specific ways to focus the heart-coherent energy upon the gathering and with those who were present. Political Activists could also be trained and supported by the network. The core focus would be to go to high levels of heart coherency and hold the intention that "all decisions made in this gathering would be for the best and highest good of all concerned." This intention takes human will and perception out of the picture and places our responsibility into having become aware and taken action to call upon the greater power which we call God, and to do so through the place we find God in the human experience: the heart.

HeartMath research has indicated that when intention is placed into a field of heart-coherency its manifestational power is exponentially increased. Intention placed into incoherent fields is relatively impotent. This, I believe, is why all the prayer intentions of the many around the world are not having the effect that they could. They are not being placed into fields of high enough heart-coherency.

Appreciation of anything we can find to appreciate is a major step according to HeartMath research in entraining one's being to higher states of heart-coherency. This is not about denial of circumstances, it is about transformation of circumstances through the awesome power of the heart. If my examples of appreciation do not speak to you, then you can work to find anything you can to appreciate about these circumstances. I was using some dry humor in some of those examples anyway, but there is also some truth in them. And I have discovered that a lot of the info circulating on the e-mail/internet circuit is as false as that which you get on the mass media having its own brand of spin on it. I have moderated the NMAE list since 9-11 and read over 500 documents since 9-11, and proved to myself that many of them were fabricated and simply BS. It is hopeless to think we have the truth on this level unless we go see for ourselves, or personally know the people that are reporting whatever it is. This leaves only one avenue of "truth" left: how perfect! That is what is found in the human heart, and that is beyond the gruesome details.

The human physiology does not lie. It cannot distinguish between a "justified" stressful or negative feeling and an "unjustified" one. These types of feelings harm our physiology when we have them, its that simple. If we are to believe that these bodies of ours are the creation of God, then their signals and responses must also be seen to be the voice of God within us. The body universally harms itself when the mind embraces stressful and negative feelings and thoughts. To feel enraged about what others are doing on this planet because now we have an awareness of those circumstances (or we think we do) harms our physiology, and the body does not make any distinctions otherwise simply because the head thinks the feeling is justified. This energy also contributes to the global problem not the global solution. The body speaks the Holy Word here: there is never any justification for feelings and thoughts that are stressful or negative. By saying there is no justification, I do not mean to infer that there is no purpose in them. The purpose in them is to teach us to go to the heart where they are transformed.

Now, to step into a different track for a moment: these "butchers" are a part of us, you cannot make a distinction between "them" and "us" without contributing further to the separation which then begets more of the same. One needs to come to see the aspect of the collective all of this represents and move out of the "us and them" mentality. That is really no different than what we are witnessing taking place between the USA and "them," whoever they may be. This is the Hatfields and the McCoys mentality, and to now create another gulf between both sides of that struggle and ourselves is the same mentality, albeit at a different octave of experience.

What we call evil in our world is but the outpicturing of that aspect of the collective consciousness which is still unconscious. We have our part in that, the darkness lurks within each of us. If we project that onto the outer circumstances which are meant to mirror it to us so we can transform it, then we miss the opportunity to effectively do so and it will contunue until we "get it."

All outer actions for change must come from the platform of inner peace, and that platform is developed through learning true heart-coherency which requires non-projection. To chase after the bad guys "out there" trying to expose them will lead to exhaustion and eventual physiological systemic breakdown. This is an energy deficit situation and to transform it into an energy asset situation we need to start to learn to appreciate the manifest beauty of this creation in ALL of its many aspects, including those which mirror the collective darkness/unconsciousness so we can become aware of it and transform it: its an inside job first and foremost.

Hope that helps to explain my position more clearly.

Love & Peace,



Dearest brother

I'm extremely grateful that you have taken the time to explain so clearly what you really meant by your suggestion to find some appreciation in this 9-11 situation to work from, towards enabling the the healing powers of the heart in us. You can be assured that what you wrote will resonate with most people on the ERN list just as it profoundly resonates with me. The solution can never be to allow ourselves to experience hate, rage, resentment, anger, fear of any of the disabling emotions that do indeed disempower us from our innate abilities to assist Light in prevailing in any situation. Analogically, when faced with any darkness-induced situation, one has only to light up the inner candle of Love (the heart-coherency state you describe) to dissipate all surrounding darkness which by its very nature (darkness is merely the absence of Light, not the presence of any Dark Thing) is non existent and in so doing participate in the universal re-emergence of what has always been lying dormant in All That Is.

From my experience with personally encountering what first felt like powerful dark energies attempting to overcome me, I realized when shifting into the high Love radiation mode (a supernovae kind of radiance emanating from the divine spark of Light in each of us) that there is nothing to fight against or, most importantly, to try to protect oneself from, because this implies there would be some menacing, fearsome thing that could somehow succeed to crush us into submission and from which we would need protection. The very notion of "protection" is thus a fear-loaded trap. Only Love, real forthgoing all-embracing love that recognizes no separation between what is temporarily experienced as a negative energy or presence and seeks instead to bring this beloved lost soul into the Light That We Are in essence - loving the Devil into blissful oblivion literally - is the Golden Path towards re-establishing the Kingdom of the Radiant One here, now and everywhere (in due time).

I recommend you provide us with all the necessary information to also participate in the HeartMath training you mention and I'm sure many will want to join the Heart-Activist Network you plan to establish. As a matter of fact I would say that this work will mesh perfectly with the global healing service provided by all those participating in the suggested Meditation Focus issued of a regular basis and hope that we can establish some kind of coherence and collaborative cooperation in this as well, so as to magnify the resulting effects of our Light ministration.

In Service to the One



Dear Jean,

Thanks for the in-depth response. It is always so nice to deepen the heart connections with other world servers. I will certainly keep you posted on the development of the Heart-Activist network. CLIP

(...) The two books I recommend reading are "The Science of the Heart" and "The HeartMath Solution" in that order. They are $19.95 and $14.00 plus S&H respectively. People who are interested in these books, the Heart-Activist Project or in personally further developing their heart-coherency towards what is called "high entrainment" can contact me (Rev. Simeon Nartoomid) at: holyflame@cybermesa.com

Once someone contacts me I will see to it that I can address their specific needs and we can go from there with either working together or I can make recommendations as to the best course of action for that particular person.



From: "Kiara Windrider" <hoep@snowcrest.net>
Subject: Multiple Timelines
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002

Dear Jean

After writing the article below I got woken up several time during the night with small but significant changes to things I'd said. I am interested in your own responses to this. Does this connect with your own experience? Does it feel way off the deep end? You can write me at kiara@hoep.org if you wish.



AND MY REPLY WAS (after reading Multiple Timelines below)

This definitely connects with my current experience involved as I am in fostering global awakening -- and sometimes torn apart between the incandescent, burning scorias of the old and the evanescent rays of the new higher dimension of reality emerging within us as subtle yet irresistible infusion of Light dawning on this world still tormented by the fading darkness.



By Kiara Windrider (kiara@hoep.org)

January 1, 2002

A new year dawns silent and unannounced in the early morning drizzle. What will this year bring? It is a year of paradox, the drizzle informs me - the best of times, and the worst of times. It is a year of planetary initiation, of unprecedented events, that will change our lives forever. We will be shedding an old skin, open our sleeping eyes to a new light, clear away some of the veils that cling so heavily, and yet so comfortably, to our collective soul.

It's a year like never before, and I notice that I enter through its gates with equal measure of dread and excitement. My personality carries some dread; my soul carries a great excitement. A poem, written long ago, comes to mind:

Faint streaks of dawn.

The twinkling lights of an age gone by

Fade into eternity past.

I wake up shivering

From horrors still too fresh in my mind.

Why must darkness precede the dawn?

Why is death the prerequisite to life?

No matter,

The long night is ended now.

The first rays of a new dawn

Illuminate my path,

Beckoning me to follow.

Can I shape the coming day?

And shape the day we shall. It seems to me that a dense fog is lifting in the light of the morning sun. I feel so strongly the whispers of the angels, and the multitude of light beings who guide our journey into the dawning age. I walk between the worlds, as we all do, one foot in each, the gulf widening.

I have spent many years studying ancient cycles and systems of time. I have been looking at celestial phenomena through the eyes of geologists, astrophysicists, prophets, and mystics. I have spent much time in quietness and meditation listening to the voices that speak in that silence.

I am feeling that this year we enter will be qualitatively different from anything we have experienced yet. I am not speaking of wars and horrors, although we may see some of that. I am not speaking of freak weather patterns and earth changes, although this may come into our experience as well. What I am feeling is literally a thinning of the veils between dimensional realities, and the splitting of timelines.

There is overwhelming evidence from a multiple of sources, some of which I have detailed in my book, "Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension", that there is something very big going on right now. In consequence, we are moving from third-dimensional time to fourth-dimensional time. Time is no longer simply experienced in linear fashion. Multiple timelines are beginning to appear. The same events will be experienced very differently in different timelines.

These timelines have just begun to split. Many of us are experiencing this split as the sense of a widening gulf between our personal reality and global mass consciousness. There is a sense of disorientation from ordinary reality, a feeling of walking between worlds, with much of our dreamtime consciousness engaged in building a new world, shaping it with our highest intentions, and outpicturing it into the collective as a timeline of new possibilities. Many of us are engaged, not so much in resisting or attempting to make sense of an old paradigm in its final dance of death, but in visioning the new world rising from the ashes of the old.

The same events will be experienced very differently in different timelines. There could be potentially an infinite number of timelines, but there are three, corresponding with different dimensional realities, that stand out for me.

The third dimensional timeline will continue to be fueled by the consciousness of duality, grinding its way in fulfillment of karmic laws to environmental catastrophe, political insanity, and social chaos. We will experience major earth changes in response to celestial events and energies, to the mass thoughtforms of those who choose this reality, and to the changing magnetic fields of Earth. The density of Earth will be too heavy to withstand the high-vibrational incoming energies. All the major doom and gloom prophecies we hear about have relevance to this timeline.

A fourth dimensional timeline is gradually emerging through the collective visions of those whose souls have called them to build a new world. A parallel Earth is being formed, whose destiny will be governed by the laws of grace. Its vibrational frequency will be such that the pro-evolutionary energies currently pouring through Earth's auric fields will lift her and those who choose to move with her into a quantum leap of awakened spiritual consciousness. As dimensional veils thin, we will experience a reunion with our star brothers and sisters, and with those that inhabit the Inner Earth. There could still be an experience of earth changes and chaos, but not nearly as intense. The prophecies of heaven on Earth have relevance to this timeline.

A fifth dimensional timeline is also being created. This timeline, governed by the laws of mastery, is about using the incoming evolutionary energies to activate full soul union. We will use the incoming cosmic energies to fully transfigure our individual and planetary bodies into bodies of light, preparing the way for the fourth dimensional Earth to follow in good time. The prophecies of planetary ascension have relevance to this timeline.

The splitting of the timelines is being governed by certain cosmic phenomena, including our precessional conjunction with the galactic center, and the passage of an asteroid through our solar system in the Spring of 2003. I won't go into details here, but the process is being carefully guided by a multitude of light beings from across the galaxies. Beginning with the events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath, and corresponding to the ending of the prophetic timeline represented in the Great Pyramid a few days later on September 17, a planetary initiation has begun. The timelines are separating gradually, almost imperceptibly, in a process that will gain momentum over the next few years. What timeline we wish to follow is entirely up to us, individually and collectively.

As long as we remained in third dimensional time, "reality" was something that was imposed on us from the outside. It was fixed in duality, and our options in responding to this fixed reality were somewhat limited. The forces of "darkness" seemed to dominate in this reality. Many of us felt powerless or victimized in the face of social oppression, environmental collapse, or political madness. Strangers in a strange land, we felt it was not very acceptable or safe to hold out our light.

As we begin to step into fourth dimensional time, this changes. Reality is no longer something external to us, but is created from a unified space within and then externalized. It is the quality of our thoughts and feelings, the strength of our soul, and the power of our dreams and commitments, that increasingly creates and shapes the world around us. If we are no longer locked into a single version of reality, we no longer need to struggle with opposing versions of reality! We discover the enormous power of our choices, and more than ever before, we become co-creators of our planet's future. We choose where, what, and how we want to be, and if an external reality no longer fits, we simply step out of it and create a different shared reality with those that resonate to a similar timeline.

More light than we can ever comprehend in all the universes is guiding our journey. When we encounter doubt, darkness and dread, as we inevitably will in these times to come, let us remember who we are, and what we wish to create. The timelines will run together for a while, and we may during this time be tempted to fall into despair in response to world events. Look to your own soul during these times. Feel what is real for you. And know that your choices are powerful!

A new Earth is being birthed. We are called to be its midwives. These are the times we are born for. May we walk in truth, love, and beauty!


NOTE FROM JEAN: I'm sure Kiara will be similarly most interested to hear about what your experience is in relation to those emerging Timelines/new dimensional realities. See below some of the comments he already received.

Kiara's book, Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, is available through http://hoep.org as well as an excerpt and Meditations and Practices from this book

Here is the back cover summary of this book:

Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension

There is a "Doorway to Eternity" in each of our experiences, a shimmering portal of light in which we dissolve all illusions of separation. As we step through this Doorway we connect with our light body and enter the Mystery of God, the I AM Presence, the aspect of Being that dwells in Unified Light. We merge the two. We then walk back through the Doorway as Embodied Presence, full awakened within the world of form, no longer held hostage by its seeming limitations.

This process is known as "ascension", or "full body enlightenment". Our contribution to humanity by simply walking through this portal and back is beyond comprehension. Jesus accomplished this through the Resurrection. We do not have to die to our bodies to accomplish this now. We do,however, have to die to perceptions and identities that no longer serve. We do have to trust what we know to be possible. And it does require a deep soul commitment.

If these words evoke a hidden memor, perhaps you are on this path. This book will give form to this longing of the soul. I will share my personal journeys and explore some teachings and practices, including self-inquiry ,various meditation and light body practices, and cellular repatterning. Beyond techniques, however, the intention is to open our hearts to the winds of Spirit, to ultimate possibility, and to let that be our guide.

The journey of awakening is a paradoxical one. When we merge with Self, we find we were never separate to begin with. We are already what we seek to become. The Awakened Master has always slumbered within. May we support one another now through the doorway, and awake to our awakened self!


Comments from others people to "Multiple Timelines"

Received: 11 Jan 2002

(...) Many sense the multiplicity of dimensions and worldviews and the different realities they form and that this is now transpiring. Each of us is asked to move towards completion of the old in order to make room and to birth the new. Each of us must decide the world which we wish to be a part and do the necessary work of preparation to live in such a world.


I am much in agreement with you regarding the timelines and realize it is we, as individuals, who must determine which timeline we will subscribe to---even to creating a variation of one of them for ourselves if this is the path one wishes to take.

We must all be willing to create our own timeline. We do not have to live in fear. We do not have to adhere to old, worn out tenets which no longer serve our needs. We are creators and need to exercise the abilities the greatest Creator of All gave us - not to replicate a world fallen into decay, but to bring forth a new world of peace, love, caring for all, and learning universal precepts which are now being brought into our awareness.


It's funny you mention dreamtime. I feel like that's where I've been for months. The veils are truly thin and reality has shifted in ways I don't even know how to explain. I think I'm in love with the whole process which is even more amazing. I've managed to stay out of fear and I'm actually falling in love with almost everything I come around. I'm in a real zero point place. I think my brain has just stopped working and all I feel is this incredible peace and happiness. CLIP


I just received a copy of Multiple Timelines and want you to know it agrees TOTALLY with things I have been shown on the "inner plane" since l974. Also, if you go to http://www.operationterra.com and click on the latest mailing, you will see more agreement re the separating into different "realities" that is coming very soon. CLIP


(...) Personally the awakening of my own soul to all that is happening has been exciting, sometimes scary, yet wonderfully accelerating. I feel freer than I have in years, yet I am, to others, the same as I have always been! --- It is a walk of truth and it carries you forward with a certainty and pride, all we have to do is cling to that certainty when things get a bit rough and doubt ot fear enters our human mind. We have so many friends, guides, masters and teachers, plus the God Force and those Light Workers in the galaxies helping and organizing this tremendous change, that we must remember our role is to help then to aid us in our move forward into a loving state of peace and harmony.

ALSO RECOMMENDED - in the same vein:

IT'S BOOSTER ROCKET TIME! (January 2, 2002)


Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002
From: Sananjaleen June Hughes <sananda@erols.com>
Subject: Very large sand mandala to purify and heal America


Tibetan monks from the Drepung Monastery who are part of an outreach team in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA are currently in Washington, DC making a very large sand mandala to purify and heal America. From this link you can see them working on live camera between 10:30 and 16:30 Washington, DC time, or watch time elapsed photography of the progress. They began on January 11 and the mandala will be destroyed on January 27, and poured into the Potomac River.