January 3, 2002

The Big Brother Files #24: More Secret Machinations of Uncle Sam Unveiled

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As we begin a new year, I'm faced here with a backlog of 7 compilations of important material to send you on subjects ranging from the Enron-Gate, the spectre of microchip implants, another X-Files compilation with all kinds of amazing stuff, another Light Series compilation, two Miscellaneous Subjects ones and this one. So obviously, as I'm trying to catch up with new material and developments, some of what you'll see is bound to be dating a couple weeks back. That is my/our info-glut dilemma...

So please bear with me as we clear this up ;-)

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"I have known war as few men now living know it. Its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes."

- General Douglas MacArthur


1. Air Defenses Stood Down On 911 AFTER ATC Alerts Given
2. Hail George, Conqueror of Evildoers!
3. Forget the Constitution
4. Why is Colonel Albert Carone interesting?
5. The high-tech hunt for terrorist lairs (including the HAARP array)
6. New Office of Natural Health Products Will Create a New Market for Drug Giants


Osama has died a natural death (December 25, 2001)
PESHAWAR - Much dreaded Osama bin Ladin, the man on the top of the US list of most wanted men, had a peaceful natural death in mid-December in the vicinity of famous Tora Bora mountains, a Taliban leader who attended funeral of the Al-Qaeda leader confided to Pakistan Observer. (...) Late Osama bin Ladin, according to the source, was suffering from some serious lungs complication and succumbed to the disease for lack of proper treatment. CLIP

Bin Laden Still Alive

A War Power Quandary (December 21, 2001)

Under the Constitution, the state of war carries enormous significance. It allows a president to do things that he could not do in peacetime. The Supreme Court has allowed even the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II under the constitutional wartime powers of a president. It is this state of war that is being used now to justify such extreme measures as the new military tribunal. In a time of war, the executive branch assumes a dominant role among the branches. This expansion of executive authority is tolerated because it is viewed as temporary and necessary. But what if the powers are temporary but the war is permanent? As the administration moves to the next phase of this "war," it is becoming clear that we are dealing with a curious constitutional animal: a war that has no finite enemy or obvious point of conclusion. Because of the ambiguous wording of the war powers resolution by Congress, we have an almost Zen-like question of constitutional law: If a war is undeclared and the enemy is undefined, how will we know that we have won and the war is over? As President Bush recently stated, Afghanistan is merely "the first theater of this long war." CLIP

"The war is not only illegal, it’s criminal. It’s what the Nuremberg tribunal called "the supreme crime", the crime against peace", Michael Mandel, 18 December 2001

The Charter of the United Nations, the most authoritative document in international law, seeks to ban war as a "scourge" Its very first words are "We the Peoples of the United Nations, Determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…." War is permitted only when it is absolutely and demonstrably necessary. And the Charter does not leave that question to the individual States, no matter how powerful. Necessity is entirely a matter for the Security Council, with only one exception: the very narrow and strictly limited right of self-defence. The Security Council passed two Resolutions on terrorism between September 11 and America’s attack on Afghanistan on October 7. Now editorial writers have tried to cut and paste the words of these resolutions to make it seem like they authorize this attack, but this is just a lie and you can prove it yourself by reading the resolutions at www.un.org/Docs/scres/2001/sc2001.htm No honest reading of these resolutions could possibly conclude that they authorize the use of military force. They condemn the attacks of September 11 and take a whole host of measures to suppress terrorism, legal, financial, administrative etc. But not once does either of these resolutions even mention military force or anything like it. They don’t even mention Afghanistan by name. CLIP

And after they finish with Afghanistan they’re going to try and finish the job in Iraq and they’re going to call it self-defence against Saddam’s "weapons of mass destruction." And what is the death of hundreds of thousands of people if not mass destruction? And what is going on in Afghanistan if not mass destruction? And what are B-52s, F-14s, Apache helicopters, Cruise missiles and cluster bombs if not weapons of mass destruction? And who has the world’s biggest stash of nuclear weapons if not the US? CLIP

Poll: Most Americans Back Broader War on Terrorism (December 21)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A majority of Americans support expanding President Bush's declared war on terrorism beyond Islamic militant Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda forces to a military campaign against Iraq, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Sixty-one percent say the war will not be a success unless the United States goes on to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and 72 percent support U.S. military action to achieve that aim, according to the poll published Friday. Three-quarters of the respondents also said they supported striking suspected terrorists bases in Yemen, Somalia and Sudan, the poll found. Ten leading members of Congress recently sent a letter to Bush urging him to make Iraq the next target in the U.S. war on terrorism, saying Baghdad had revived its weapons program in the three years since U.N. inspectors left. (...) Some members of the international coalition helping in the hunt for bin Laden have shown reluctance to expand the military action beyond Afghanistan to countries such as Iraq. (...) The national poll of 755 adults was conducted by telephone Dec. 18-19 and had a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

US build-up in the Middle East (20/12/2001)
MORE than 20,000 American troops have been moved into Qatar and Kuwait amid repeated suggestions that Washington is preparing to move the war on terrorism into Iraq, defence sources said yesterday. The United States moved the headquarters of its 3rd Army to Qatar two weeks ago and defence analysts have reported large numbers of troops being moved into the region since.


(...) It is no secret that the United States is in and has been in serious financial trouble for decades. The total governmental debt of the United States is estimated at $17 trillion (with a "T"). The interest alone on the federal portion of the National now exceeds the entire personal income tax collected from every tax payer in the nation. And, since the full interest payments are not being made, let alone the principle, the debt continues to skyrocket. Claims of an election year budget surplus, which ignored the debt entirely, were little more than a bookkeeping trick in which the government spent Social Security payments as if they were general funds, along with now-failed predictions of ever increasing economic growth.


In the end, true wealth for a nation requires having a product to sell, and the United States has few indeed. Check out the labels on the big-ticket Christmas gifts. That will tell you the story of Christmas yet-to-come. The trend is obvious; unless there is a radical change to the cash flow across the border, the US government is staring at total economic collapse. The citizens cannot be taxed enough to pay the interest on the debt, let alone the debt itself. The situation is desperate. And as Clancy illustrates in his book, a desperate government will take desperate chances. The United States needs to have a product to sell, something to get the cash flow headed back into the nation rather than out of it, a product everyone needs, and a product which exists in vast amounts: Oil. CLIP

Evil Unleashed: Israel's move to destroy the Palestinian Authority is a calculated plan, long in the making, Tanya Reinhart, 22 December 2001

Religious Right Finds Its Center in Oval Office (December 24, 2001)
Bush Emerges as Movement's Leader After Robertson Leaves Christian Coalition - "God's Man" is Sitting in the White House!

Police Repression and Prison Industrial Complex

The New Totalitarianism and the Unseen Terrorist Pattern: Why there is a War in Afghanistan?

The aspartame epidemic

A Face in the Crowd Is surveillance software turning police into Robocops?

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Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001
From: Antares <Antares@time.net.my>
Subject: Air Defenses Stood Down On 911 AFTER ATC Alerts Given

Dozens of air bases were within MINUTES of BOTH 9.11 targets

There is now irrefutable evidence which proves massive complicity on the part of the highest levels of government -- along with numerous accomplices and co-conspirators in the military, intelligence and administrative sectors -- in the September 11 atrocities perpetrated against the American people.

Full story at



Sent by "Judith Iam" <judeiam@cwnet.com

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001
From: Michael Moore <mikemail@cloud9.net>
Subject: Hail George, Conqueror of Evildoers!

Posted at http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=12130


Hail George, Conqueror of Evildoers!

Dear George W. Bush:

Hats off to you, sir, for a job well done! The Soviets tried for ten years to do what it took you only two months to accomplish in Afghanistan. How did you do that? It's funny how a couple months ago there were all these Taliban, and now -- there aren't any! You must be some kind of super magician -- almost as good at disappearing acts as ol' Osama (or, as they say on the Fox Nuisance Channel, "Usama" -- I like their spelling better, like "We put the 'USA' in USAma!"). He did exist, didn't he? I would hate to have gotten myself all worked up over the wrong evildoer! I loved that last tape of his, the home video of his sleepover with that sheik. What a party animal, that guy!

And how 'bout that Northern Alliance! Thanks to them, my weekly supply of heroin will finally be reinstated. Whoo-hoo -- and just in time for New Year's Rockin' Eve! Those Taliban simply did NOT have the best delivery system for the stuff, kinda like why you never see Beaman's gum anymore -- poor distribution and shelf placement. According to the New York Times, the Northern Alliance has put all the poppy farmers back to work, and they are promising a "bumper crop" by spring.

But Mr. Bush, I am most impressed with how you have used those who died on September 11th to justify your lining the pockets of your rich friends and campaign contributors. Your "Economic Stimulus Bill" -- pure genius! You actually got the House of Representatives to pass a bill eliminating the law that said corporations have to pay at least a token minimum tax every year.

See, most people forget that back in your daddy's day (when he was VP) thousands of companies were able to lawyer their way out of paying any taxes at all! Then a law was passed to stop that. Now you got the House to agree to give all these corporations back ALL the minimum taxes they have paid since 1986!! That's $140 billion of givebacks ($1.4 billion to IBM, a billion to Ford, $800 million to GM, etc.). And you got this passed, all under the guise of "September 11th!" How do you get away with this without the American public whoopin' your behind? Man, you are THE MAN!

Hey, and tell your top sheriff, Big John Ashcroft, that his refusal to let the FBI look at the files of gun background checks that the Justice Department keeps -- to see if any of the terrorists or suspected terrorists have purchased weapons in the past two years -- took some balls! Even though checking those files might turn up information that could protect us in possible future attacks, Ashcroft was more concerned with not upsetting the NRA than in helping his own FBI catch the bad guys. Now that's what I call getting your priorities straight. Big John may have lost his Senate seat last year to a dead guy, but he sure as heck ain't gonna lose me as a huge admirer!

Well, I better go before someone from the Office of Homeland Security mistakes me for someone who needs to be "interviewed!" Rest assured I'm doing my part for the country by shopping my sorry ass off in this week before Christmas. Buy! Buy! Buy! Tora! Tora! Tora! Bora! Whoo-hoo, Prince O' Peace!! Fight Team Fight! Go get 'em, George, Jr. -- we're counting on you to kill all evildoers!


Michael Moore
Third in Line to the King of Afghanistan


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Engaged in the shooting war, Washington may be turning a blind eye to a favorite income source of its allies -- bad news for those who want to reduce global heroin production.

Opium production flourishes after defeat of Taliban
The greater availability will lower prices for such narcotics, increasing usage in the West and quickly leading to more violence and crime.

It's Time To Speak Up

Republicans and Democrats alike excoriated the decision, suggesting Bush was creating a "monarchy" or "imperial" presidency to keep Congress for overseeing the executive branch and guarding against corruption.

One Out of Three Americans Suspect the Latest Osama Tape is Another Fraud


From: Voitron50@aol.com
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001
Subject: Fwd: Forget the Constitution...

[To hear Congressman Ron Paul from Texas... 888-322-1414...recorded message updated today (12/4) and worth the call!!!]

Forget the Constitution

Like it or not, this is the shortest, closest to-the-truth statement (below) I've seen in a long time.

Those who were supposed to be bound by the "chains of the constitution" have instead yoked us. They break law (constitutional or not) with impunity. They secretly succor and support every social ill, as it enriches them in terms both materially and in power. They conspire against us, with the assistance of the media. They ally themselves with every sort of evil in the name of "good" and pervert conscience with a constant stream of propaganda. They steal from everyone else while enriching themselves, apparently unconcerned that this course is absolutely unsustainable in the long run.

When those who were supposedly bound by and to the constitution treat it more as a sheet to cover up their grotesque, illicit activities then what are we to do? Continue to go along with the pretense in the vain hope that somehow, the nightmare will not touch us personally? It will and does, every single day -- directly and indirectly. How much more ruination will be allowed while arguing over meaningless terms like "family values", "for the children" and "humanitarian goals" -- just to name a few.

From: http://www.lewrockwell.com/keller/keller19.html

Forget the Constitution

by John Keller

Ron Paul is frequently, and correctly, praised as the lone constitutionalist in Congress. But he is truly the exception that proves the rule: our government is no longer bound by anything resembling the written limitations of the Constitution.

I used to share the minarchist view. A small, limited government seemed possible and pragmatic. Even that's changed since September 11th. Instead of rethinking the foreign policy that contributed to the attacks, the government piled on more of the same. Instead of firing the chiefs of the FAA, CIA, and FBI, those agencies get more funding. The attacks on September 11th have given the federal government an excuse to shear all but the ghostly forms of any remaining constitutionally guaranteed liberties from a sheep-like people. Torture, constant surveillance, seizure upon suspicion, suspension of habeas corpus, abolishment of Posse Comitatus, and warrant-less searches of your person and property are either in effect or under serious debate. Imagine, torture in the United States! The United States has become a police state, all with our precious, written Constitution still moldering under glass in Washington, D.C.

In the span of less than 100 years communism peaked and collapsed in the Soviet Union. Communism failed because it was based on severely flawed assumptions about people, and what motivates them. I think it's time to admit that the idea of a Constitutionally limited government has failed as well. It, too, is based on flawed assumptions about people. Perhaps not as spectacularly wrong as communism, but wrong, nonetheless. Since it has taken over 200 years to produce our American "Stalinism-lite", and it has not yet collapsed, perhaps we can say constitutionally limited republicanism is at least three times better than communism. Or, to paraphrase Churchill the worst government yet invented, but better than all the rest tried so far.

We can always feel better about our revolutionaries than the Russians do about the Bolsheviks; ours didn't purges millions after winning the war. Our patriots fought for individual, God given rights, instead of aetheistic utopian groups rights. Still, the men who founded our current Republic by writing and ratifying the Constitution understood the dangerous path they were taking. Students of antiquity, they tried to avoid following the Roman path of Kingdom, then Republic, then Empire, by writing everything down. It turns out in practice that the "social contract" cannot bind the politician or the entrenched bureaucrat, any more than the Soviet Union could make the New Soviet Man. In hindsight we can see that a piece of paper is no match for the linguistic gymnastics of our permanent caste of lawyer kings.

When things do change in this country, it will not be because the bureaucrats, professional liars, and assorted utopians come to work one day and say "Gee, we failed in our job. The private market would be so much better at this." It will be because the people have finally figured out that Ben Franklin was right all along, liberty can't be traded for security, and it looks like Rothbard, Spooner, and Patrick Henry were right about the Constitution.

It's time for we the people to let go of our sentimental attachment to the Constitution; our politicians broke their allegiance to it long ago. Like communism, it may sound like a good idea on paper, but it hasn't worked in practice. It just took longer to fail. I've made the journey from skeptical Republican to minarchist Libertarian to anarcho-capitalist in a few short years. Thankfully, I had the Internet to help me stand on the libertarian shoulders of free-market and freedom minder thinkers. Forget the Constitution. It didn't work. It's time to start thinking about a government-free future.


From: "Donald Stacey" <dstacey@mediaone.net>
Subject: Why is Colonel Albert Carone interesting?
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001

What do you think of the WAR ON DRUGS that this country has been waging for decades? Each year, the government budgets a huge amount for the WAR. This year it is about $20 billion directly for the WAR and other moneys are spent in supporting activities as well. I first heard of the WAR ON DRUGS during the Nixon administration. Every year sinice then, it has been a highly visible, well-funded effort waged by our government.

And what have Americans experienced as a result of the WAR? Does anyone really believe that drug traffickinig in this country has diminished in any significant way? What we have been treated to is frequent photo opportunities where a stash of drugs, usually accompanied by guns that have been seized as well as cash, are shown with ample praise for those who ran down the low level traffickers and busted them. After all this effort over the years, have you any idea who the Drug Kingpin in our country is? Who runs the traffickers in the US?

Of course you don't know who it is. After decades and billions and billions, we have no idea who runs the drug trafficking in this country. This is true in spite of an army of DEA, FBI, local police, customs, etc personnel supposedly out looking for the traffickers. It is true despite technology that effectively monitors our every telephone conversation, our every email and our every fax. Yet year after year, only low level drug traffickers are busted.

Meanwhile, we have lost substantial freedom so that the WAR can be fought. It is now permissable to bust down your door without notice if a tip comes in that you are a drug dealer.This is called a "no knock" warrant and it has been used against innocent people, sometimes resulting in their deaths.

It is routine for assets of Americans to be seized by the government without any proof of criminal activity. Even where there is no evidence of crime, some innocent people have been unable to get their assets back. Seizures are a source of funding for several government operations.

Our police have been militarized. Many communities have SWAT teams now that are highly armed and trained military units. What does a community do when it has a SWAT team? It uses it. Again innocent people have been brutalized by such tactics.

All the new powers created for our government in the name of fighting TERRORISM are available for use by all law enforcement agencies in their normal efforts. Some of these have been used against Americans on suspicion of criminal activities where there is no suggestion of terrorism. And what is terrorism anyway? It is whatever the government thinks it is. It could be considered terrorism to insist on one's Constitutional rights. Or to be a very religious person. Precedent exists for both of these examples.

Meanwhile the evidence abounds of direct involvement of our government in drug trafficking. There are many who have direct information and experience who speak to the extensive trafficking of drugs in our country by our government. They maintain that the WAR ON DRUGS is really fought against Americans. It is used to increase the power of those who operate our government. Those who are busted are often traffickers who compete with the government. The invasion of Panama was likely because of a dispute over mutual drug trafficking matters.

Isn't it clear to all of us that the WAR ON DRUGS is a scam? Isn't it interesting that we spend billions and billions of taxpayer moneys to help our government traffick drugs?

And that brings me to the significance of Colonel Carone. The deposition of his daughter contains a great deal of information that we haven't known about. It contains substantial amounts of information that the media has not provided us. Of course there is a question of credibility. How do you know whether you should believe what Desiree Ferdinand testifies about in the deposition? And that is an issue that we face everyday. Who do we believe and who do we not? In this case, I assure you that there are many people in a position to know who have provided information that correlates with Ms. Ferdinand's statements. My reason in distributing the information about Colonel Carone is to give you a detailed exposure to a piece of the puzzle. There are many, many other pieces that are necessary before the picture of what we are experiencing today becomes a bit clearer, of course. But a key piece is governmental drug trafficking. I have sent you two messages that contain part of a deposition about Colonel Carone. The deposition speaks to his being a made member of the mafia, a bag man in the NYPD and a "paymaster" for the CIA while serving as a Colonel in the US Army. It names names. It points to the highest levels of our government. Many of you who receive this message will not want to believe that this could be so. Unfortunately, it is clear to many of us that it is.

The third installment of the Carone series follows in a separate message. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Is the WAR ON DRUGS a scam?

Don Stacey


The high-tech hunt for terrorist lairs

By Robert Windrem,

Nov. 27 - The United States is using its growing expertise in virtual spelunking to search Afghanistan's maze of caves for Osama bin Laden. Satellite imagery and an experimental underground mapping program hidden away in rural Alaska are just some of the tools at Washington's disposal.

JEFF RICHELSON, an intelligence historian who works with the National Security Archive, says the United States has long been interested in looking underground and has put several systems to use over the years: Spy satellites and spy planes that look for construction equipment and slight variations in ground temperatures, which can indicate the presence of structural elements like shafts, entrances and even communication links. Seismic stations that listen for explosions associated with construction. Ground sensors planted covertly by special operations forces and spies near suspected sites to monitor heat and sound from underground. There have been a number of successes - for example, massive Soviet underground hideouts were discovered in 1971 by enhancing spy satellite pictures. But locating an underground structure and imaging it are two different things. Richelson, author of "The Wizards of Langley," a new book on spy technology, believes that two experimental spy satellites launched several years ago - code-named Cobra Brass and Misty - were used to further enhance U.S. detection capabilities. Moreover, newer versions of the CIA's workhorse KH-11 spy satellites may have upgraded capabilities. Richelson said the advanced KH-11 is almost certainly involved in the effort to locate caves used by bin Laden and the Taliban. Richelson noted that two key multispectral technologies would be particularly useful for tracking caves: infrared and thermal imaging. "Infrared looks for reflected heat. Thermal looks for heat generated by the object," he said. "The advanced KH-11 has had some capabilities in these areas since 1992. Whether that capability has been significantly upgraded is classified." Another tool the United States could find helpful in pinpointing caves is the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle, which has already been used to track Taliban and al-Qaida movements. The Predator, say imaging experts, is ideal for tracking heat sources because it has both infrared and thermal imaging capabilities, plus the ability to hover for hours above a suspect site.

A senior U.S. official would neither confirm nor deny the aerial vehicle's usefulness, saying only that the Predator "has a variety of imaging capabilities."


Meanwhile, the United States has been spending millions of dollars on two above-ground stations that use experimental technology to find underground complexes. The stations are both in Alaska - one near Gokana, 180 miles east-northeast of Anchorage, and the other west of Fairbanks. Over the past five years, the government has spent $70 million on the technology.

HAARP, is the most advanced. Run by the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force's Phillips Laboratory with help from the University of Alaska, HAARP has been operating for seven years, first under secrecy then more recently in the open. And it has not been without controversy. Using 72 180-foot antennae set on a 33-acre gravel pad, HAARP heats - some would say it boils - the ionosphere to create a "mirror" so that Extremely Long Frequency/Very Long Frequency radio waves can bounce off and penetrate the Earth. By measuring anomalies in the return signal, the military has had some success in creating "images" of underground facilities, including human-made tunnels and natural cavities. Once identified, tunnel entrances can be more easily spotted by satellites or spy planes, communications from the complexes can be more easily intercepted by antennae in space or on the ground, and underground facilities can be more easily targeted. Such signals, according to the HAARP Web site, "can penetrate deeply beneath the surface and interact with the geological structure of the Earth. ... The research called for in this effort is to assess the viability of exploiting the concept of electromagnetic induction to detect and image subterranean features such as tunnels, bunkers and other potential military targets." Officials have said the detection of underground facilities was a byproduct of the main research mission of the project - "simulating the aurora borealis to determine how we can compensate for its effects on our satellites," as one official put it. HAARP has also become a favorite of conspiracy theorists who see it as a "death ray," a means of "mind control" on a massive scale and a phenomenon responsible for widespread buzzing sounds heard in Germany and during Turkish earthquakes.


Just a week before the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Office of Naval Research announced that it was negotiating with a Washington contractor, Advanced Power Technologies Inc., to enhance the system and bring it to full power. HAARP has been running at about one-quarter of its planned power.

It is not known if HAARP has been used in the hunt for bin Laden's caves, and attempts to reach Advanced Power Technologies were fruitless. However, its Web site describes HAARP's capabilities this way: "The (VLF/ELF) signals are useful for communications with land forces and submarines and, because they have great penetration range, for the investigation of subterranean formations or structures." Advanced Power Technologies also advertises that it has a full range of hyperspectral cameras and data-processing technology along with global ground tomography technology, which it describes as "characterization of underground structures."

That means the company could easily combine HAARP's ability to find underground structures with its own ability to find minute gradations in ground temperatures. Although U.S. officials declined to say whether HAARP or other similar technologies were being used, they noted that looking for bin Laden was an "all-source intelligence effort."

Robert Windrem is an investigative producer for NBC's "Nightly News."


Recommended by Ginny Rodgers <Ginny@BrightsideBroadcasting.com>

New Office of Natural Health Products Will Create a New Market for Drug Giants

From: http://www.citizensvoice.org/

Our access to affordable, high potency, natural health products is under THREAT by Health Canada's newly created OFFICE OF NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS. Under the guise of protecting the public, a brand new level of government has been created to over-regulate out of existence, products that have caused zero deaths in Canada. These products include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, essential oils and all other health enhancing foods. These new regulations (THIRD CATEGORY) will only benefit the drug giants by transforming our 'HEALTH PRODUCTS' into 'WEALTH PRODUCTS'.