August 1st, 2001

The Veil is Opening

Introduction to the book
"Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven"

Hello everyone

This is the Special Announcement I had mentioned to you on a couple occasions in previous postings. I can now finally break the news to all of you regarding a *most unique and exceptional* source of information about what happens to all of us after our transition into the heavenly Realm of Light where our existence continues between our numerous lives in the physical world of matter, in our long spiritual evolutionary quest towards fully conscious reunification with All That Is.

So here is this extraordinary story I invite you to read and share widely.

Some months ago I alluded in one of my compilations to a book I had read while on vacation last February 2001, in Belize. This book, "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven", and the second one "Revelations For A New Era" both written by Suzanne Ward, from the state of Washington, under the telepathic guidance of her deceased son Matthew, have had a big impact on me. As a result I've decided to assist in enabling as many people as possible to hear about these books and eventually read them so they may also receive the powerful and paradigm-shifting experience this channeled information provides.

Here is an introductory presentation of the first book I wrote with you all in mind while on the beach in Belize, immediately after reading and immeasurably enjoying it for the first time.

The Veil is Opening

A glimpse of the afterlife through the eyes of someone who is there

A long time ago, I began searching for the true meaning of life as I sensed there was more to life than what was being presented to me as important goals to attain in one's existence. I didn't know anything at that time about spirituality nor did I have the chance yet of reading the dozens of books and studying the many other sources of spiritual teachings that, once all pieced together, along with the conclusions drawn from my own inner realizations, allowed me to ultimately get a fairly good picture of what life is all about. Yet even at that early time, I instinctively knew that the consensual paradigm - or generally accepted interpretation of what IS - portrayed to us by society in schools, churches, books and on TV was not only confused but also misleading and plain wrong.

We don't come here merely to eat, grow, play, work and sleep; life isn't just about getting a degree to find a job, earning money to buy stuff, founding a family, raising kids and eventually dying. I felt there was something more to life than what our techno-craving consumer society had to offer, but I couldn't yet put my finger on it. Now, 30 years after initiating my quest for the true spiritual meaning and ultimate purpose of life, I've found a Source that has been both a confirmation of my intuitively-acquired perception on life and a revelation of several formerly unknown facts about the afterlife.

I’d like to introduce you to a book that has brought me tears of joy, moments of elation and a profound new ‘innerstanding’ of what life on Earth is all about and what happens to us after we die. Last February 2001, as I was reading a letter emailed to me by Suzanne Ward, one of my numerous correspondents in the Earth Rainbow Network I coordinate, I noticed that she was mentioning a very peculiar story about two books she had written under the direct guidance of her deceased son, Matthew, who was killed in a car accident in 1980, and with whom she has established an ongoing telepathic communication.

As I soon discovered, while reading the first book, the sudden death of her son at the early age of 17 had dealt Suzy a most severe emotional blow as she couldn't simply adjust to and accept the fact that Matthew was no longer of this world. Some months later, her persistent belief that he could not possibly have vanished forever was met with a unique opportunity to confirm her motherly certitude that Matthew was indeed still ‘out there’, in some heavenly realm, awaiting the first available channel to reconnect with his mother and tell her everything was OK for him. Indeed, various mediums enabled Suzy Ward, over the course of several years, to stay in touch with Matthew who provided her, through these mediums, with enough significant details known only to them both to prove beyond any possible doubt that the source of these communications was indeed her son.

As for me, I could also verify before reading those books that Suzy, now a trusted and proficient channel for Matthew and several other discarnate entities, was indeed able to receive with great accuracy the telepathic messages directed at her from the other side of the Veil. I could confirm this through circumstances that I prefer not to disclose here, but I can vouchsafe that it was all convincing enough as to the truthfulness of it all.

Of course, it goes without saying that I will not tell you in any details what's in this book as it is far better that you discover it for yourself in context than if I were to try summarizing it for you. But I will readily share with you some of the numerous and profound impressions that immersing myself in it has left me.

At first, Suzy describes how terribly painful has been for her and her family their sudden separation from Matthew. The sincerity of her emotions and the simplicity of her writing style make us a part of her journey towards discovering - as if we had been invited to listen to some of her most intimate thoughts - how she eventually realized the nature of the unique and most critical mission entrusted to her soul for this lifetime.

Then she goes on to share with us a detailed account of the transmissions received from her son over the course of several years as she sat at her computer, recording the astounding revelations given by Matthew about where we all go when we die in preparation for yet another incarnation on Earth or elsewhere in the Universe.

As I was reading, gulping really, the thirst-quenching knowledge that I had been searching for most of my life about the various aspects of this most wonderful heavenly realm awaiting us, my entire being was resonating in truth-synchronicity with every concept outlined and situation portrayed, as it was now all becoming crystal-clear and profoundly self-evident. And I was also realizing that this opening of the Veil and revelation of what had been hidden to mankind for so long has the power to change the world beyond our wildest imaginings.

How could anyone continue disregarding the consequences of every single thought, word and action when considering that, for the rest of eternity, we each will have to live with them?

How could we not want to dedicate the rest of our lives here to furthering our own and everyone else's awakening to the purest Love, kindness and compassion that we all ARE at the heart of the God Cell Within that IS our very essence?

In short, how could it be life-and-business-as-usual after having been shown the importance of preparing for what is to be, once again, the most joyful reunion of souls sharing the wondrous experience of life in paradise?

This world will never be the same once this knowledge takes hold in a growing number of hearts and minds as it *will* spark the most profound and cosmic spiritual revolution to ever grace this planet, just in time to achieve what French author Andre Malraux had predicted when he wrote, “The 21st century shall be spiritual or won't be.”

Our planet is entering a new era of fast-accelerating inner and global transformation as more and more people on this side of the vanishing Veil receive greater insights and spiritual Light through mediums such as Suzanne Ward and through their own intuitive soul-prompted guidance as to just Who We Are and where our cosmic evolutionary Journey is taking us.

We all know deep within that something fundamental has to change in the way we view each other and identify ourselves, for otherwise our world is not going to make it very far in the 21st century now just underway. It is my deeply-held belief that this book, as well as the second book by Suzanne and Matthew Ward, “Revelations For A New Era”, are being made available just in time to further stimulate this collective awakening to our true divine nature as children of the Universal Life emanating from the Supreme Being at the origin of all Creation.

This is not about religion or another new age fad. This is about the most vital awareness that can emerge only when we allow our divine Self to shine through unobstructed by ego-centered thoughts and the dampening density of the physical realm where we live for a given time, learning as we go that there is so much more to life than what our collective cultural trance has allowed us to grasp so far.

I wish you the most profound awakening and thorough spiritual revelation when you choose to avail yourself of the en-Light-ening experience provided by "Matthew, Tell me About Heaven".

Jean Hudon

"I was also realizing that this opening of the Veil and revelation of what had been hidden to mankind for so long has the power to change the world beyond our wildest imaginings."

To find out more about these books, visit The Matthew Books website at and take advantage of a Special Free Book offer valid up to September 15, 2001, for both books.


"Life is meaningful, Mother! There is an ecstasy, a fervor among the people here. We have important work, almost limitless studies, visits to our Earth families, glorious music, astounding travel and incomparable beauty. Much more goes on here than the blissful life in spirit that is associated with heaven!"

This book is more than detailed descriptions of Matthew's world, which can comfort the terminally ill and their families and all who are grieving the loss of beloved people. It is more than the assurance of our inseparable bonds and reunions through the highest energy in the universe -- light expressed as LOVE.

Matthew explains why we have been led to believe the fallacy that life in heaven and even beyond that realm can be only speculation, and why, in this unprecedented time in the history of Earth, it is essential that we know the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation. Without that truth, we cannot understand either the purpose of our lives or how to prepare confidently and joyously for what is to come.


“The dialog between Matthew and his mother is nothing less than an instruction manual that can rescue the human race - just in time. It should be printed in every language, and read by - or to - everyone from the age of seven upwards. It is probably the most complete picture the world has ever had of the Universe we all came from - and to which we will all return when our lives here have run their course.”

Michael Joseph Dean

“After 35 years of exploring this subject, I found that Matthew's descriptions not only held my interest, but added to my knowledge. In addition, most of what he describes matches the best accounts written by others. (...) "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" not only helps us to understand the beauty of the other side, but to learn how to bring that beauty to our own world.”

Bobbie Sandoz

“This transmission will certainly comfort millions, bringing to their realisation of more and more of the meaning of life and the hereafter, gearing us up to properly prepare for a safer, faster and painfree transistion from Earth life to Nirvana.”

Chooi-Chin Goh

“My first impression is that Suzy Ward's channelling of Matthew is of very high resolution - perhaps even as high as 99% - and that the material is totally trustworthy.”


“I started reading and it was difficult to put it down to do the necessary things. It was a most glorious meal for the spirit.”

Eve Howard

“For a great many people incarnate here at this time, awash in uncertainty and confusion, feeling the unmistakable stirrings of their own dormant Godness rousing from a lifelong torpor, the book that could unlock the Gates of Heaven, metaphorically and literally, might just be this gem from Suzy Ward. It is a treasure trove of practical and accessible information concerning the astral realm, and the transition from physical back to spirit form.”

Randy Mitchell

Prepared by Jean Hudon <>
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
and Focus Group Facilitator

P.S. I've have prepared a personal complementary introduction to this book which you may want to *experience* before reading Matthew Tell Me About Heaven. I've posted it at