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(January 13, 2014)


I just watched this video below which covers a topic that hardly anyone has heard about yet. According to the Pentagon psychopaths, autonomous killing robots are an inevitable part of our future. Yet even them are afraid of the genie they are in the process of taking out of the bottle through financing the development of prototypes. Well, Jody Williams, a peace activist from a tiny village in Vermont, thinks they ought to be pre-emptively banned, as the international community did with the blinding lasers weapons in 1998. In the following interview, she explores at length this issue, guided by the pointed questions of an excellent interviewer. I was particularly moved by what she said at the end about the power everyone has to pick an issue and make a difference in this world, taking responsibility to act for the highest good of all. She is a living example we all ought to emulate.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

'Autonomous 'killer robots' could soon replace drones' - Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams
What was science fiction a couple of decades ago is now everyday reality. But it's not only computers and smartphones -- the progress has brought us new war machines -- unmanned drones striking from the skies are no surprise for anyone today. But what has the progress of warfare prepared for us in the coming years? Today we speak to Jody Williams, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning woman, who has fought against landmines -- and won. Now she is on a crusade against the new deadly threat -- killer robots.

To support Jody Williams and to find out more, check

World of Terminator is coming, says RAF chief
Sir Andrew Pulford, chief air marshal of the RAF, said "autonomous" air vehicles, that can make decisions for themselves, are "undoubtedly" coming. (...) "The Terminator 2 type world where machines can make decisions for themselves... that is undoubtedly coming."


Al-Jazeera US on DARPA's Humanoid robot challenge with ICRAC's Peter Asaro talking about autonomous weapons
More through

March of the machines: is the future of warfare robotic?
"These killer robots are evil in themselves. You can't predict their actions and you can't control them." (...) While the idea of a robot controlling life and death is a frightening one, without taking into account the potential for hacking and technological failure, an argument can also be made that bringing robots into battle can save human life. It's the same argument which has been made for drones. CLIP

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While I have you attention, here are some other matters of interest...

Newly revealed NSA docs that reveal the full militarization of the Internet. One astounding revelation was that the NSA can use computers to target and KILL users using directed radiation.

Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice? Scientists Consider Extinction (December 17, 2013)
An exploration of what climate scientists just beyond the mainstream are thinking about how climate change will affect life on this planet. What, in other words, is the worst that we could possibly face in the decades to come? The answer: a nightmare scenario. So buckle your seat belt. There’s a tumultuous ride ahead.
(...) How serious is the potential global methane build-up? Not all scientists think it’s an immediate threat or even the major threat we face, but Ira Leifer, an atmospheric and marine scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and one of the authors of the recent Arctic Methane study pointed out to me that “the Permian mass extinction that occurred 250 million years ago is related to methane and thought to be the key to what caused the extinction of most species on the planet.” In that extinction episode, it is estimated that 95% of all species were wiped out. Also known as “The Great Dying,” it was triggered by a massive lava flow in an area of Siberia that led to an increase in global temperatures of six degrees Celsius. That, in turn, caused the melting of frozen methane deposits under the seas. Released into the atmosphere, it caused temperatures to skyrocket further. All of this occurred over a period of approximately 80,000 years.We are currently in the midst of what scientists consider the sixth mass extinction in planetary history, with between 150 and 200 species going extinct daily, a pace 1,000 times greater than the “natural” or “background” extinction rate. This event may already be comparable to, or even exceed, both the speed and intensity of the Permian mass extinction. The difference being that ours is human caused, isn’t going to take 80,000 years, has so far lasted just a few centuries, and is now gaining speed in a non-linear fashion. It is possible that, on top of the vast quantities of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels that continue to enter the atmosphere in record amounts yearly, an increased release of methane could signal the beginning of the sort of process that led to the Great Dying. Some scientists fear that the situation is already so serious and so many self-reinforcing feedback loops are already in play that we are in the process of causing our own extinction. Worse yet, some are convinced that it could happen far more quickly than generally believed possible -- even in the course of just the next few decades.

(...) Moving beneath the Arctic Ocean where methane hydrates -- often described as methane gas surrounded by ice -- exist, a March 2010 report in Science indicated that these cumulatively contain the equivalent of 1,000-10,000 gigatons of carbon. Compare this total to the 240 gigatons of carbon humanity has emitted into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution began. A study published in the prestigious journal Nature this July suggested that a 50-gigaton “burp” of methane from thawing Arctic permafrost beneath the East Siberian sea is “highly possible at anytime.” That would be the equivalent of at least 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide. CLIP

The Escalating Catastrophe: Japan’s New ‘Fukushima Fascism’ (DECEMBER 12, 2013)
Warning: not for the faint of heart

Media CensorshipTop Censored Media Stories of 2013
1. Bradley Manning and the Failure of Corporate Media
2. Richest Global 1 Percent Hide Billions in Tax Havens
3. Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens a Regime of Corporate Global Governance
4. Obama's War on Whistleblowers
5. Hate Groups, Antigovernment Groups on Rise across US
6. Billionaires' Rising Wealth Intensifies Poverty, Inequality
7. Merchants of Death and Nuclear Weapons
8. Bank Interests Inflate Global Prices by 35 to 40 Percent
9. Icelanders Vote to Include Commons in Their Constitution
10. A "Culture of Cruelty" along Mexico–US Border
11. Bush Blocked Iran Nuclear Deal
12. The US Has Left Iraq with an Epidemic of Cancers, Birth Defects
13. A Fifth of Americans Go Hungry
14. Wireless Technology a Looming Health Crisis
15. Food Riots: The New Normal?
16. Journalism Under Attack Around the Globe
17. The Creative Commons Celebrates Ten Years of Sharing and Cultural Creation
18. Fracking Our Food Supply
19. The Power of Peaceful Revolution in Iceland
20. Israel Counted Minimum Calorie Needs in Gaza Blockade
21. Monsanto and India’s “Suicide Economy”
22. Pennsylvania Law Gags Doctors to Protect Big Oil’s “Proprietary Secrets”
23. Transaction Tax Helps Civilize Wall Street, Lower the National Debt
24. Did Monsanto Plant GMOs Before USDA Approval?
25. Israel Gave Birth Control to Ethiopian Immigrants Without Their Consent


Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary
FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society. FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

Say No to Internet Censorship
Ministers behind a secretive agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have recently met in Singapore. They hope to lock into place a binding Internet censorship plan. WikiLeaks has released documents that confirm that the TPP will make the Internet more expensive, censored, and policed. Experts say, “kids could be sent to jail for downloading” and whole families could be kicked off the Internet. CLIP

Trans Pacific Partnership Is A “Corporatist Power Grab”, Shrouded In “Big Brother-Like Secrecy”
The U.S. Trade Representative – the federal agency responsible for negotiating trade treaties – has said that the details of the Trans Pacific Partnership are classified due to “national security”. A Congressman who has seen the text of the treaty says: There is no national security purpose in keeping this text secret … this agreement hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests. It will increase the cost of borrowing, make prescription drugs more expensive, destroy privacy, harm food safety, and – yes - literally act to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and the other nations which sign the bill. To give an idea of what would happen to American law if TPP passes, just look at Equador … It’s courts awarded billions against Chevron for trashing huge swaths of rainforest. But then a private arbitration panel simply ignored the country’s court system. If TPP passes, American courts will be sidelined as well. CLIP

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
Last 13 November 2013, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The WikiLeaks release of the text comes ahead of the decisive TPP Chief Negotiators summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 19-24 November 2013. The chapter published by WikiLeaks is perhaps the most controversial chapter of the TPP due to its wide-ranging effects on medicines, publishers, internet services, civil liberties and biological patents. Significantly, the released text includes the negotiation positions and disagreements between all 12 prospective member states. The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP. Read full press release here

Canada drops resistance to U.S. intellectual property demands in Trans-Pacific Partnership (13 dec. 2013)
Washington Trade Daily is reporting that Canada and several other countries have dropped their opposition to some of the United States' most unreasonable TPP demands around intellectual property rights for patents and copyright. "Over the course of this meeting, we identified potential 'landing zones' for the majority of key outstanding issues in the text," says a United States Trade Representative statement. "We will continue to work with flexibility to finalize these text issues as well as market access issues." Forbes reports, "The announcement comes as Wikileaks releases an internal memo and spreadsheet, revealing that the US is putting heavy pressure on other nations to conform with its demands." Several Canadian TPP critics, including the Council of Canadians, summarized what those leaks told us about Harper's negotiating position on key issues like intellectual property rights, investment protection, and enforcement of environmental and labour rights in the deal. While it looked as though Canadian negotiators were resisting many of the worst U.S. demands on patents and copyright, Washington Trade Daily is saying that after the Singapore meeting (December 7-10), "Australia, New Zealand and Canada, among others, dropped their objections to the high-standard disciplines in intellectual property and came on board by agreeing to the modified text [prepared in Salt Lake City in November]."

Two examples of how occult financial interests manipulate science and scientists to try to maintain the population in the dark concerning how dangerous their products really are...

Mexican Scientists Criticize Journal’s Retraction of Study on GMO (December 24th, 2013)
Scientists say Food and Chemical Toxicology gave in to pressure from GMO multinationals in retracting the Séralini study on GM maize and Roundup.

Scientists State: There Is No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety (October 21st, 2013)
There is no scientific consensus on the safety of genetically modified foods and crops, according to a statement released today by an international group of more than 90 scientists, academics and physicians. The statement comes in response to recent claims from the GM industry and some scientists, journalists, and commentators that there is a “scientific consensus” that GM foods and crops were generally found safe for human and animal health and the environment. The statement calls these claims “misleading”, adding, “This claimed consensus on GMO safety does not exist.” CLIP

Everything You Wanted to Know about Cell Phone Radiation
The FCC received more than 900 submissions regarding its cell phone radiation regulations. These documents reveal what we know about wireless radiation health effects, and why we need to strengthen regulations and provide precautionary warnings to the public.

New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls (Dec 12, 2013)
One of the hallmarks of technology is dual-use capability. It is for this reason that we are softened up with all of the benefits, before being introduced to the darker side. Technology has always been a double-edged sword, but we are witnessing a closure in the gap between good and bad as technology is now advancing at a much higher rate of speed in tandem with a growing global police state.A few months ago, I remember seeing a story about how a new microwave device could see through rubble to detect the beating heart of people trapped under a collapsed building. I immediately thought, wow that’s a good thing … ohhhh, wait a minute. Seeing through rubble; isn’t that the same as seeing through walls? And here comes the dark side. The enhancement of Wi-Fi is being labeled WiTrack. It marks a further development upon a discovery by MIT researchers back in June that they had called Wi-Vi. At the time, researchers were able to use dual signals to detect the general location of moving objects behind walls, but not an exact image.WiTrack employs radio signals to pinpoint a person’s location more accurately. An MIT press release highlights the explanation of professor Dina Katabi and her graduate student Fadel Adib which illustrates the significant difference between Wi-Vi and WiTrack: (...) The electronic tracking and Internet surveillance that we all have been enduring at the hands of the NSA and their corporate partners pales in comparison to the real-world, real-time tracking that seems to be on the horizon beyond the virtual matrix.

Health Concerns Grow: Consumers Are Getting Sick From Wireless Smart Meters
...the inauguration of smart meters with grudging and involuntary exposure of millions to billions of human beings to pulsed microwave radiation should immediately be prohibited..."
-- Olle Johansson, Ph.D.
Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

"It's one thing to be on a cell phone for one hour per day, but if you are exposed to smart meter or a cell tower, you are exposed 24/7 so the effect is cumulative."

-- Henry Lai, Ph.D.
Professor, Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory
Dept. of Bioengineering, University of Washington (Seattle)

Consumers, especially electro-sensitive persons and those with autoimmune and heart conditions, are reporting severe health problems from the RF radiation emitted from the new wireless smart meters. Smart meters use RF pulses to communicate two-way data usage between the smart meter and the smart meters on neighboring structures, as well as relay antennas on nearby utility poles that communicate data to and from the smart meters to the utility station. Concern about the wireless radiation from smart meters is exacerbated by multiple panel installations of smart meters found in multi-residential units (apartments, condos).

But by far the most dangerous aspect is the way these wireless meters put our health at risk! This kind of microwave pulsing works differently than more-continuous cell phone radiation, and it’s much more dangerous. Many scientific studies have verified that this type particularly affects the brain, nervous system and hormones, disrupting the functioning of many body systems and causing very serious leakage of our blood-brain barrier, and that low-power broadcasts (such as from these meters) are even more damaging than higher-power ones. Typical acute symptoms include migraine headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, forgetfulness and confusion, tinnitus, tingling, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, limbic system disturbances such as severe depression or anxiety or crying jags, etc.--and a general reduction from prior levels of functionality. For some, the nervous and endocrine systems go into hyper-arousal (as with severe stress), ultimately leading to the collapse known as "burnout". Careful scientific research has proven that cumulative exposure to this type of radiation also causes more and more DNA breaks, which—if experienced frequently enough—have the potential to be a factor in ultimately causing cancer. Our risk of developing serious symptoms (often referred to as "electrical sensitivity") increases the longer our chronic exposure to this radiation continues—and, with the smart meter system fully in place, there will be no place to escape it night or day. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health problems are particularly vulnerable.

The transmitting smart meters also typically add additional high frequencies directly onto home and building wiring. This additional high-frequency load is then re-radiated throughout the interior space. Scientific studies are finding that such high frequencies on building wiring are related to a host of health problems, similar to those described above. The Precautionary Principle—which says "Better safe than sorry"--is official policy in parts of the Bay Area; "better safe than sorry" should mean no wireless meters until it’s been independently proven that long-term exposure to them is safe.


RF radiation exposure is increased thanks to the Home Area Network (HAN) that smart meters need in order to communicate with "smart" appliances (that also emit RF radiation) that will soon be introduced by appliance manufacturers. In addition, there is the Home Display Monitor (most likely wireless) that is needed to communicate between the HAN and your "smart" appliances that tells you how much energy certain appliances are using throughout the day/night. These all add to the cumulative RF radiation exposure in your home environment.

The spikes or pulses of radiation emitted from the wireless smart meters may only last a microsecond, but they are emitted throughout the day 24/7. 

Read the voluminous comments from people reporting health problems with the smart meters being installed on their homes on the EMF Safety Network website (" target="_blank"> .

SMART METERS & EMF RADIATION - The health crisis of our time!
"I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming and the increase in chemical elements in the environment."

- Dr Dietrich Klinghardt

NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013
Related material: The Report from Iron Mountain and The Report from Iron Mountain A Blueprint for Tyranny - Check also Smart Meter GRID a Corporate PLOT - a Weapon for Psychotronic Harassment and Assaults on all Utility Customers and + + REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING + Dr. Nick Begich: The Technologies of Mind Control

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And on a lighter note...

Woolies and Soweto Gospel Choir: Madiba Tribute

Mandela's Spirit of Forgiveness
Those in Mandela's circle were united in their compassion for the architects of the Apartheid system. -- It is an extraordinary moment when the entire world pauses to honor and celebrate the life and spirit of a truly remarkable human being. We celebrate Mandela most of all for the extraordinary compassion and courage with which he reached out to his former oppressors in a spirit of forgiveness. He acknowledged their common humanity and welcomed their participation in forging a new "rainbow" nation. He exemplified, along with Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the highest and best of what it means to be human.
(...) What I do recall is their deep sense that those on both sides of the apartheid struggle were victims of an unjust system that suppressed the realization of their full humanity. In effect, the system imprisoned both the jailers and the jailed. They showed a profound and universal insight into the consequences of Apartheid's systemic injustice. It's an insight that applies with equal force to today's global economic system, which suppresses the humanity of both its winners and its losers. Even now, the depth and beauty of the wisdom, compassion, and humanity of the ANC leaders I had the privilege of meeting in 1992 brings tears to my eyes. Never before and never since have I experienced such wisdom and spiritual maturity. I came away with a new hope for humanity and regularly look back on this encounter as an inspiring demonstration of human possibility. CLIP

On the 40th anniversary of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ photograph taken of Earth from space, Planetary Collective presents a short film documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect. The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it. Common features of the experience are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and our relationship to the environment.

Check also The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra and LOTS of inspiring videos: such as These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mom. And Her Reaction? Priceless.

Thirty-three Pieces of Good News that Show Things Are Getting Better

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