Special Compilation for Harmonic Convergence 2000

The Astrology of August 17, 2000

When we look at the astrology of August 17, 2000, we see Uranus, the planet of awakening, forming an exact conjunction with the asteroid Juno in Aquarius, the sign of the New Age. Juno represents how we organise our relationships, on a personal or group level, particularly through ceremonial activity. Could the message be any clearer?

The Moon in Pisces will heighten our sensitivity to Spirit, and will form an exact opposition to the asteroid Pallas in Virgo. Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom, who sprang fully grown from her father's forehead (brow chakra), represents our own innate connection with the Source, and the ways in which we give our vision practical expression. Triggered by the Moon, it will help us to ground our spirituality through the practical effort of Virgo.

With Mercury in Leo, forming a close opposition to the conjunction of Uranus and Juno, we must first have established a closer integration between our personal preoccupations and our collective values. In other words, we must first have moved beyond egoistic self-absorption to want to dance our dream awake.

The following guided visualisation has been prepared by Jean Hudon <globalvisionary@cybernaute.com> with editorial assistance for the Global Linkup of minds and hearts at 12 noon Universal Time (GMT), on August 17. Please take this as a suggestion only, which you may wish to change or add to, according to your own inner guidance and preferred style of working.

Note to the person guiding the meditation: invite all participants to take a comfortable position, suggesting, if appropriate, that everyone lies down in a circle with their heads toward the middle of the circle. Explain that the meditation will last for approximately 30 minutes.

Guided Visualisation

Let us first focus our attention on our breathing for the next few minutes as we begin to relax... Breathe deeply... and slowly... allowing all tensions of the day to dissipate... as we focus our awareness on the air entering our nostrils... and filling our lungs with life-sustaining oxygen... (2 or 3 minute pause)

Now... let us turn our attention toward our legs... relaxing all our muscles, beginning with our feet... gradually allowing the relaxation to go up to our thighs... (pause for as long as you feel is necessary)

Now... let us bring our attention to the middle of the body... making sure that all tensions are gradually released... (pause)

The body is growing more and more relaxed... as a soothing feeling of peace and wellbeing pervades our whole being... (pause)

As we turn our attention to our arms... shoulders... neck... and head... we sense this soothing feeling spreading to the entire body... (pause)

Now... observe with detachment the thoughts floating in your mind which is gradually permeated by the peace inhabiting all our being... (pause)

Now let us visualize in our hearts a white, blazing spark of pure Light... (pause)

It is the link which constantly unites us with the Source of all Life... Contemplate this radiant manifestation of our Unity with Life as we allow ourselves to become One with It... (pause)

We are One with Life... We are Life... The same Life that permeates the whole planet and All that Is... (pause)

Becoming aware of this Force linking us with all the beings around us... our companions... our invisible protectors... and all the other Life forms... let us totally identify ourselves with this vibrant, living Earth and with the very Spirit of Life... as Its scintillating radiance grows ever brightero in us... (pause)

The spark of Light now shines in us with more and more intensity... This Light is now spreading around us, converging with the Lights of the surrounding beings to form a great Cosmic Fire of Love... (pause)

We are now all One Being... shining with Life and Love... From the centre of our circle of Light, a growing bonfire of Love is now rising... and, from the midst of It, rays are radiating in all directions... and they link up with all the other beings around the globe who, just like us, are shining forth the Light of Love to foster the emergence of Peace... Harmony... Unity... and Love... (pause)

A permanent network of Life and Love now connects, through radiant beams of Light, all the Light Bearers of this world... and all life forms throughout the many dimensions of existence...

Life and Love prevail and will prevail forever...

Taken from http://www.worldhealing.co.uk

Earth Healing

Just as our body has meridians and an auric field, so too does the Earth. The Earth's meridians are known as leylines or energy lines. These lines pass through sacred sites and places of power - energy vortexes which resemble the acupoints and chakras within our subtle body. These lines and vortexes are patterns within the Earth's energy field, which can be compared to our own auric field. We are very much part of the Earth, on a physical and a subtle level, so the health of ourselves and the Earth are interlinked.

Earth healing is not about trying to heal a being that is much vaster than ourselves: it is about healing ourselves, for when we extend the barriers of the ego we realise that the Earth is in fact our enlarged self, and that all of us are, along with the animals, vegetables, minerals, liquids, and gases, a collective planetary being.

When our lives are based upon stressful living patterns, and do not acknowledge our full interconnectedness with all that is, the energies that we radiate adversely affect the energy field of the planet. A battlefield or an abattoir, for instance, will imprint the energy field of the place with a corresponding vibrational signature that persists long after the battle is over or the abattoir is demolished. This is an extreme example, but the principle can be applied to all places and situations. When we radiate stressful and discordant energies into our environment, the Earth's energy lines and vortexes can sometimes become blocked, distorted, or heavy with energy, and a unhealthy veil of energy can hang over a location, affecting our own health. On a planetary scale, millions or billions of people radiating stress and fear on a daily basis will create a much larger veil around the planet, which makes it more difficult for our own vibratory rate and consciousness to rise to the point where we can open our awareness to the universal energy or Source.

All holistic practices are a part of Earth healing, but in addition to these, there are more direct techniques which we can use to heal unhealthy energy fields. By opening ourselves to the universal energy, we can channel it for the healing of these energy fields, just as we can channel it for the healing of our own energy fields. If the healing is successful the Earth energy will respond by expanding, becoming clearer, and realigning or repatterning (all of which can be dowsed). Often birds will sing where they haven't before, vegetation will grow more, and there will be an increase in social harmony. Through focused thought or meditation, we can also radiate positive energies outwards to help uplift the consciousness of all beings - locally and globally. Many believe that the mass meditations performed during the 'Harmonic Convergence' event on August 16th-17th 1987, and the other global meditations since then, have helped to shift the consciousness of the planet to a new level. When we cease to place limits on our healing potential, we will have arrived in the Light Age.