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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 9: Expanding the Web of Love On Earth

Beloved Ones

Here is the ninth suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 9: Expanding the Web of Love On Earth

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For over 2 decades now there has been an ever growing number of initiatives designed to link up in globally synchronized meditations thousands and even millions of people in common purpose for the healing of humanity and the cocreation of Peace on Earth. No one has systematically documented yet the ongoing expansion of this movement starting from its inception when groups of people began to meditate together in mystical schools along with the gradual dissemination of spiritual teachings and all kinds of meditation techniques. One day, however, will come when historians will recognize this process as the foundation of what is to become the most significant unifying global experience for all mankind.

One day, soon, when humanity as a whole will have transcended the limitations of the ‘skin-encapsulated ego’ to become collectively aware of our Oneness with All That Is, such moments of global at-One-ment will be central to the emerging planetary culture of our species. Indeed, one day, very soon, all people will regularly take moments during their daily life to connect with this immensely beneficial sense of Oneness, and continuously derive a common global purpose to serve, in their individual capacities, the Highest Good of All.

It is important to realize that each time we innerly connect with the Source and add our infinitely powerful soul-driven contribution to global awakening through our own awakening to our Higher Self, we set the stage for the future existence of a planetary culture of spiritual communion with each other and with all Life on Earth and beyond. And at the same time, it is important also to realize that we are acting, in so doing, at the behest of our own future Selves connecting with us through the Omnipresent time continuum to enable what is to Be.

As we are joining in communion with thousands upon thousands of other souls feeling the very same experience, let us willfully co-create, in a synchronous expression of visionary will, the conditions that will make possible the manifestation of the New Earth where our future Selves now live... as it has already manifested just ahead in the time continuum.

Let us envision the continuous expansion of the Web of Love uniting us all, and contemplate as One the ever greater number of Light centers and shining nodes of peaceful harmony doting the Earth's landscape. As we feel torrents of Love bursting forth from the heart of our soul, let us encompass all living beings, cells, plants, animals, humans, elementals and angels, in a grand expansion of bliss, ecstasy and joy, for the Highest Good of All.

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"Our modern culture presents itself as something inevitable, even 'natural', as if we have no choice but to continue to live alienated and Earth-destructive lives, but this is a lie. There is a way of living human life on Earth that is far more healthy, graceful and balanced than the destructive alienation currently driving us towards disaster, a way of life so powerfully connected to the often unnoticed wonder that surrounds us that it can actually heal the immense devastation we've caused during our march to "civilization." It is high time we heal our koyannisqatsi - our deadly estrangement from nature and the devastating damage it has caused to the processes that support life on Earth, as well as our own epidemic of human physical, emotional, social, and spiritual diseases. Despite huge progress in parts of the world in so-called environmental awareness, there is still a huge gap between what we profess or believe about the preciousness of all life-forms and the lightning speed with which we go about destroying the environment through our individual choices as consumers and the cumulative consequences of simple food choices, preferred lifestyles, transportation modes, and indulging in the multifaceted comforts of modern civilization. May every human being realize soon how fragile are the ecological processes that maintain a steady and dynamic equilibrium without which nothing of what we have taken for granted for so long would exist. The exquisite beauty of all Life in Its myriad manifestations and the ever enchanting wonders of Nature are too sacred and just too precious to be wasted and blindly destroyed in the blink of an eye, on a cosmic time-scale perspective, as we are collectively doing right now. Let us all take time to ponder what can be done to alleviate the sufferings of Mother Earth and let us focus our collective healing energies to help Gaia, our living planet, survive and prosper, for the Highest Good of All."

– Taken from Saving the Earth Through Healing Our Koyaanisqatsi

"As we observe the seemingly ever growing degradation of the vital signs of our living planet, the seemingly ever increasing level of violence and insanity, and the seemingly constant threat of dictatorial encroachment on civil liberties by various governmental agencies, we may be tempted to conclude that there is little hope of ever succeeding in establishing the conditions for true justice for all, global peace, and a sustainable way of life for humanity on Earth. It has often been reiterated that what we focus our attention on will keep growing. Notwithstanding the fact that merely ignoring situations and crisis demanding our urgent attention cannot simply make them go away or being magically resolved, it is also true that merely concerning ourselves with the difficulties and problems of our time without initiating some kind of counterbalancing action will not contribute to resolve any of them. It is equally true however that through the concerted efforts of thousands and even millions of individuals focusing their combined spiritual power for co-creating Good and radiating Love and peaceful compassion for all living beings, much can be accomplished that would otherwise never become manifested. By agreeing at soul level to both conduct our lives in the highest possible ethical manner and collectively empower the vision of a healed world where all humans and all the kindred life forms sharing this wondrous living sphere with us all live in peace, harmony and bountiful beauty, we can all mightily contribute to precipitate, through the natural work of universal laws governing how all creations are made possible, the fast emergence of what this planet is meant to be-come in the very near future. Let us contribute in co-creating in our soul, heart and mind the reality of the New Earth that is being born right now through our growing attunement with our Higher Self, connected with and inseparable from All That Is. May we all abandon permanently any residual sense of separation from the Universal Oneness That Is and gradually grow into the highly evolved Beings of Light we are, so as to fulfill our self-assigned missions and learn the important lessons we came to realize — thus becoming more fully compliant with the agreement we each made at soul level before reincarnating to experience the tridimensional challenge of awakening to our true divine nature and shining forth the Lighted Presence that heals everything, and brings perfect balance in every single and yet eternal moment, for the Highest Good of All."

– Taken from Attuning to the Emerging New Earth

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