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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 7: We are the Key to the Future

Beloved Ones

Here is the seventh suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 7: We are the Key to the Future

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As we cross the threshold point where our entire sphere of existence will jump into the fourth dimensional reality, a very unique alchemical process is taking place worldwide within the physical/spiritual/etheric matrix of all those who are at the very cutting edge of Life's evolutionary progress.

We—all those who recognize being part of the global awakening process of humanity—are acting as the trigger mechanism within the overall consciousness of our species, and as part of the entire Gaian being comprising all that lives on Earth, and as the pioneering Awakeners, the spiritual ‘consciousness leaven’ in the ‘bread’ of humanity's emerging Oneness Consciousness, we have a unique, most vital and irreplaceable role to play to ensure that this jump point in our collective evolutionary path is successfully crossed—the success being defined as enabling the largest possible segment of humanity to consciously choose to participate in the ongoing species and planet-wide transition into a higher frequency of existence.

We are literally the Key to the future for all those who are to follow our lead onto the Golden Path of Light.

Manifestly, the Part of us that is being called upon to make right now the conscious, deliberate choice that will mean, for us and for countless others, spiritual liberation from the karmic wheel of multiple successive embodiments into physical forms, has nothing to do with our ego, but everything to do with our immortal soul.

It is the Highest level of our most intimate Awareness that needs to be awakened, nurtured back to full Remembrance of its divine Nature, arisen from the slumber of millennia, resurrected from countless death experiences, so as to fully assert its sovereign mastery over its Destiny and engage its entire, unfathomably vast resources of goodwill, creativity and, above all, Love into the final push upward towards the Light Realm awaiting the Awakened Ones.

Let us collectively join in this common realization of our Manifest Destiny and weave all together, in a mutually empowering wave of Oneness Consciousness, in synch with Gaia's own global upsurge towards the approaching Omega Point, the Web of Love that will create the necessary catalytic Thrust within untold millions of our fellow soul companions to access their own Golden Key, so that we may all unlock the Sacred Portal and soon step into a New Era of unconditional Love, absolute Peace, and perfect Harmony, for the Highest Good of All.

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"We are souls having a physical experience. We are a crystal spark of infinite beauty, radiant magnificence and shining Love, a direct emanation from the Creator Source of All That Is. Communing deeply, intimately, vibrantly in a sparkling radiance of Love with our other soul companions in this sacred journey on the Golden Path of Light, is to become the centerpiece of our existence and our ticket to heavenly bliss and dimensional ascension. Our role as the first souls to walk as One the Golden Path of Light is to be/come a template, a living pulsation of the resonant field of conscious Oneness with God/Creator Source to which all other Earth-bound souls to walk this Path ahead of Now in the Omniversal Continuum will connect with, attune to, and integrate in their own life and continuous awareness as to Who We Are as One with All That Is. To be/come this vibrational template, acting as a potent magnet and guiding force for all other journeying souls on the Path, the key is to dissolve, first while in deep synchronistic meditation with all and in every single waking moment of our life, the illusion of separation, and nurture, through focused surrendering into the Presence of God/Creator Source, the sense of omniversal Oneness, so as to vibrate as One with All That Is. In so doing, we will each anchor into the sphere of human existence on Earth – and beyond – the vibrational template and sublime Reality of Who We Are, thus making it ever more easier for other souls to partake in this feast of divine blissful Radiance and infinite Love."

– Taken from HERE

"The essential purpose of the Golden Path of Light is to enable as many souls as possible to experience themselves for who they really are, while living this physical existence, and to help them make this experience so fulfilling and so wonderful that they will gradually shed their transient human personage and learn to permanently sense themselves as, feel like and be this eternal and pure spirit energy that they have always been and will eternally remain. As more and more souls will become fully awakened to the infinitely vast creative powers now still dormant in them because they see and sense themselves as being merely their mortal bodies of flesh, blood and bones, it is expected that the entire realm of existence known as planet Earth will become thoroughly transformed into a new Eden where the living radiance of Who We Truly Are will rise and shine once again, thus bringing about an absolutely magical spiritual revolution that will forever change the face of this world. To use a familiar imagery, once they have remembered their true spiritual lineage, the sons and daughters of the One in All will once again grace this planet with their presence and accomplish their ancient dream of living in Peace, Love and Harmony."

– Taken from HERE

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