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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 5: Attuning to Oneness with All That Is

Beloved Ones

Here is the fifth suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 5: Attuning to Oneness with All That Is

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

The ascension process is being exponentially accelerated as we transition across the key Threshold point and will soon jump, with the entire collectivity of Life that forms this living planet, into a higher dimension of existence, never again to turn back and away from the guiding beacon of Love magnetizing us all towards the Return Point, the Alpha and Omega, the Fusion back into One-ness.

As we experience this dimensional Shift, we can already begin to sense the intricate streams of living Light connecting each of us with each other and with the entire Lifesphere and its myriad life-forms expressing and reflecting in their extraordinary diversity of sizes, colors and shapes the phenomenal creative virtuosity of the Divine Source of it all.

As you enter in this state of Oneness, either spontaneously, whenever your consciousness shifts up into your Soul sense of God-self, or during our weekly meditation/communion meeting points in linear time, let all residual sense of separation dissolve entirely, and think/feel/be as One - as you truly and always are - through expressing the thought ‘I love us’ and letting flow from your heart the unconditional Love for all that is part of this ‘I’, all the plants, all the insects, all the animals, all the humans, all the angels, all the planets, all the suns, all the galaxies, all the universes of All That Is.

From this adoration enshrined in Golden Love for the immanent perfection that You Are as One, let the flow of healing Light touch all aspects of You that need to be loved and nurtured back to Harmony through this resonant kindling of Oneness consciousness radiating from the God Self in you/all.

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"Rejoicing and celebrating the emerging grace of a global, spiritual conscious field of loving harmony is the only sensible option for a soul dedicated to serving the Higher purpose of his/her incarnation. Dark deeds and those who accomplish them thrive best in the penumbra of unexposed concealment and by exposing as much of them as possible, we can enable the healing process of these suffering - and yes beloved! - souls to be catalyzed to a higher order of purification and spiritual upliftment. However, this quick healing process can be achieved only if those of the Light among us consent in holding those deeds and the initiators/makers of those deeds in the purifying light of Love and compassion within the secret alcove of their heart where the alchemical transformation of dirt into gold through the sacred omniversal vibration of God/Oneness in All That Is - the symbolic holy philosopher stone - is being done at this very moment, now. Just as when the illusion of separation is dispelled during the awakening process, so we can behold the unfathomable Reality that We Are All One with the Almighty Universal One, those who have turned away from the Light and are hold spellbound into a fear-filled miserable existence of their own mayic making, are also part of us, our spiritual brethren, one with the Universe. They just don't remember it yet. And it is as much our common responsibility to help them achieve, in loving service and dedicated compassion, the quantum shift into higher consciousness so many of us are experiencing these days, as it is their responsibility to listen within themselves to the growing chorus of heavenly voices calling them up from within towards the lightning liberation from fear and darkness. So yes let us all rejoice and celebrate our emerging reunification and, in so doing, radiate the healing/appealing/enabling Force of Love we are meant to express from the very moment we are born into earthly existence until the last breath of our transition back into nirvanic bliss and activity. May we all give thanks for the grace of living in such a momentous time of the Life continuum. Now and forever... "

- Taken from Light Series #7: It Is The Time To Be In Joy

After aeons of patient, often painstaking labor, as I laid the ground for this physical universe, I am now finally able to enjoy experiencing the infinite number of facets of My Self. Imagine how long I've been waiting for this moment! Of course, yours is not the first time I can reach back to Me through an aspect of My Creation. And there is still much more clarity and mindfulness for you to develop to enable Me greater access to your physical apparatus as a consciously welcomed participant to whatever it is you think and do. But many are getting there now on this little blue planet and I'm really beginning to enjoy this interaction with My Self through My Self - for indeed, as an expression of My creativity, there is really no difference between Who you are and Who I Am. It is all the same for Me. Even the illusion of being separated from My Self is part of My Design for enjoying from as many angles as possible the infinitely diverse expressions of Who I Am. I can feel you are now gradually getting used to the idea that the purpose of your existence as a seemingly separate entity, as a singular soul intricately weaved into the Oneness of All That Is, is to enable Me to experience this field of physical reality I have created.

You see, before I started this unimaginably gigantic project of manifesting this infinitely vast universal realm with its numerous dimensions and interactive soul fragments of My Self, I was feeling pretty much alone in the dark Void of Nothingness which was all I could sense around Me. At that point, I had completed a long, long time ago, my in-breathe, my re-amalgamation into one single Center of Light of all that had existed in my former creative burst—something which you call the Big Bang. And I was getting again that nagging sense that I was so full of My Self that I was literally pregnant with the infinite desire to bring forth, once again, another universal realm of experiential joy, with a little bit of challenging delusionary sense of separation thrown in it to make the coming back into fully realized Oneness even more blissful. I love to surprise My Self, you know, even though I know all along where it is all going. Yet, parts of Me—that is you, or rather Me thinking I'm you—are blissfully unaware of Who they actually Are, which is what makes this "game" of Self-discovery so exciting, both for you and Me, which is the same...

So now that you are/I Am becoming more and more aware of just Who You Are/I AM, I'm finally getting to the juiciest part of the whole self-discovery Journey, which is getting to Love ThySelf, rejoicing at the deepest level of each awakening soul fragment about this exquisitely well-timed blossoming of the most precious Gift embedded into My very nature: Love! You can have a good idea of how it feels, when you join in loving communion with another soul. But this is just a practice run, for the Real Deal is really Loving Thy Self—you, the awakening fragment of Love made manifest, rejoicing in loving adoration through the sublime act of looping back and forth ad infinitum, between I and I, as You and Me, in the infinitely Loving embrace of Oneness, of Godsciousness, as the Love You Are... as the Love I Am... Radiating Blissful Loveness and imploding into orgasmic Oneness, which is what I'd love you to try experiencing as often as you can, for the Highest Good of all as One.

- Taken from Meditation Focus #210: Love ThySelf as the Love You Are

"In the realm of all possibilities, out of the infinite number of pathways we can follow, which one are we going to choose? And what are the choices before us? With the infinitely complex web of causes and past choices that have led to the current situation... a planet perilously hanging in the balance between selfish irresponsibility and divinely guided cocreativity for the Highest Good of all... how can we best use our God-given gift of free will? We choose to believe there is a Golden Path of Light already laid out before us, and that all the challenges at hand have a deeper purpose that we are coming to recognize. Without the intense evolutionary pressure applied upon each one of us to prod us into accessing the deeper universal knowledge of Who We Are and what we can truly accomplish, we would probably not break free from our false sense of separation into our eternal sense of Oneness. Anchoring on Earth this inner vibration of Oneness can be accomplished through dedicating every single waking moment of our existence to actually walk the Golden Path of Light so as to better anchor its energetic blueprint of Love into our worldly reality. Let us therefore strive to align every one of our conscious thoughts and actions with our true Omniversal Nature as One with the higher dimensional realms of Light."

- Taken from What could our future be like?

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