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Meditation Focus Series – Week #49:

Anchoring the Golden Path of Light

Beloved Ones

Here is the 49th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE.To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week #49: Anchoring the Golden Path of Light

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

We came here on this planet from many other physical locations and dimensional realms to assist in the global transition now under way into a higher vibratory frequency of existence. Although most of us do not yet have a clear and complete recall of this self-chosen mission of spiritual assistance, we have nevertheless followed the callings from our soul and have prepared ourselves in all kinds of ways to be ready to accomplish what we came to do and, more importantly, to be.

Through the collective resonance we hold by being in perfect alignment with our true divine nature as sentient expressions of All That Is, we can indeed provide the necessary global impetus for the ever greater awakening of countless souls on Earth and for their empowerment to be all that they can be. In so doing/being, we cocreate a powerful vortex of change whose contagious effects can now be observed worldwide and is instrumental in bringing about significant changes in all spheres of human activity. This is directly opening the way towards the Golden Path of Light which all souls eventually take to become reunited and consciously re-absorbed into the Cosmic Matrix of Creator Source while bringing the harvest of many, many lifetimes and countless experiences to further enrich the collective sentience of All That Is in All That Is.

This process which is forever ongoing is part of the natural maturation of souls in their eternal journey of exploration of the myriad experiences offered by all realms of sentient existence. At this stage in this planetary field of evolution, it is vital that we consciously focus our collective soul powers to anchor in humanity's sphere of common awareness the feeling of wanting to be ever more in alignment with the prompts of our still small voice within as it guides us in our moment-to-moment experience of life and interactions with other souls – which is how we can all follow the Golden Path of Light.

This anchoring process can be best accomplished while we are in a state of deep meditation, with our awareness entirely focused into the core essence of our soul, sensing our collective Oneness and "acting" from this feeling of being One to sow in the heart of humanity the seeds of acceptance of one's true nature and a deep-seated desire to let the Flow of Grace carry us all towards each successive moment of selfless service to the common cause we came here to serve.

Please dedicate your moments of contemplative meditation, especially this coming Sunday at the usual time, to be a channel to allow the expression of our Omniversal nature to shine through and catalyze the spiritual revolution that will soon transform this whole planet back into an Eden of heavenly life, all encompassing Love and eternal Peace, for the Highest Good of All... as One.

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