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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 48:

Sensing/Feeling/Being as One

Beloved Ones

Here is the 48th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE.To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 48: Sensing/Feeling/Being as One

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

Coming to grip with the fascinating number of problems our planet faces today and yet maintaining a positively inclined perspective on those numerous challenges so as to remain innerly balanced is much easier to achieve when one is attuned to a higher spiritual perspective that encompasses both the physical realities and the finer/subtler realities of existence in this multidimensional universe. From a purely rational standpoint, it may seem that the odds we collectively face are nearly insurmountable and that there is little hope of ever preventing the worst-case scenarios of a gravely imperiled future from materializing.

However, in the grander scheme of things where the overall circumstances of our earthly existence have a deeper purpose, specifically designed to prod us, as souls, to achieve the seemingly impossible shift into a higher level of Oneness Consciousness that many seers have anticipated, such a stalemate situation is precisely what is required to trigger such a shift.

Necessity being the mother of invention, and the pressure to break through the barrier of separation consciousness soon to reach a climax, both because of outer circumstances and of a growing inner resonance with the Universal Field of Oneness Consciousness, a critical number of embodied souls on Earth will soon inevitably breach to the surface of our collective trance-like delusionary physical perception of disconnection from the Whole, and allow the Cosmic Flow of Oneness to pervade their sensory and psychic circuitry in a Grand Fusion with the Universal Matrix of Love from Creator/Source.

The role we are being called upon to play, as participants to these globally synchronized meditations and souls communions, is to act as catalyst agents in facilitating the leavening of Oneness Consciousness in humanity’s common field of awareness and triggering in due time its blossoming into a supernova of revelatory epiphany. In order to accomplish this common mission, we are being encouraged to take a step further the meditative training achieved so far and delve ever more deeply into the collective experience of the intricately connected Reality of our Oneness Beingness.

Words cannot possibly describe what this state of Beingness actually is, but metaphoric images can perhaps convey elements of understanding that may trigger flashes of instantaneous remembrance at soul level, while one is totally immersed into a most profound mental calmness and emotional detachment, sensing the flow of divinely blissful awareness flowing from Source as a sentient Presence observing our every thought and absorbing our every movement of conscious perception from the epicenter of where our own awareness stems from. It is in this self-induced perceptual shift of our very own ever-flowing effulgence of perceptive sentience that we can access the most highest levels of Cosmic Awareness to which we owe our very existence as souls. The key to enable this back-treading to Source, which occurs naturally once we have fully turned inwardly the flow of attention of our awareness, is to shift altogether from the doing mode to the being mode – because there is simply nothing to do but to be.

So once you have calmed the mental agitation of your discursive mind, during our weekly global soul communion this coming Sunday, and reached the shore of your inner sea of tranquility, right at the cusp of a global fusional embrace of Love with All That Is, imagine yourself floating high above this living planet and see all the crystal-like twinkling of Light dotting its surface, each representing a soul actively seeking the same fusional goal.

Sense the waves of blissful ecstasy reaching from your heart to every other heart singing in unison the universal chorus of loving adoration to the One in All. Feel the Love that simultaneously flows through all these centerpoints of Light and enfolds this entire sphere of vibrant Life floating in the infinite expanse of space, an Oasis of Love in a living and pulsing Universe of Light made manifest. Expand your scope of perceptual sentience until it touches every single sentient being throughout the vastness of this living Field of Light. Be... One... with All That IS...

Sensing/Feeling/Being as One with the Fulcrum of Grace in the heart of Creator/Source, radiantly alive in your very own soul core, and let this experience catapult this Collective Sentience into awakening Itself into every living being on Earth and beyond, for the Highest Good of All... as One.


I Am all that you see...
I Am all that you hear...

When you will fully understand that each and every being is Me,

you will no longer be in the grip of the illusion of separation.

Communication problems with others stem from the ignorance of My Presence.

Remember that I Am everyone you rub shoulders with.

If someone makes you suffer,

it is because the illusion of separation rules your consciousness.
You have forgotten that you and the other are Me.

The same goes for everything that catches your eyes.

It is I that you see all around you...

Once you manage to constantly recognize Me in All That Is,

you shall fully realize that You are Me... and that I Am You...

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