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Meditation Focus Series - Week # 41:

Flowing from Duality to Oneality

Beloved Ones

Here is the 41th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE.To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 41: Flowing from Duality to Oneality

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

Being One is enabling the Omniversal Presence at the Heart of our Beingness to constantly remind us Who We Are.

Being One is melting our tiny, puny, insignificant ego-self into the cauldron of Radiant Love at the center of this Presence, and rejoicing in the stunning beauty of All That Is within and all around us.

It is smiling back at OneSelf reflected in the Mirror of Who We Are and feeling, thinking, saying I Love You.

It is knowing, sensing, perceiving the Omniversal Being within and all around us, touching, caressing, embracing OneSelf through all that exists around us... Through the touch of the grass... the caress of the wind... and the embrace of the comforting sun rays.

It is flowing within all of Nature like a droplet of joyful water in the ocean of graceful beauty.

It is merging with other beloved souls and recognizing, echoing, blessing OneSelf in a fluid dance of pure energy, for the Highest Good of all... as One.

Related inspirational quote...

"From the depths of our soul a Voice is rising to call to our attention the myriad little things we need to be aware of in the course of our daily life to succeed at mastering the many challenges we have set for ourselves in this realm of physical experience. One of the greatest challenges we have at this point in our individual and collective evolution is to actually start paying attention on a continual basis to this famed "Still Small Voice Within" that so diligently and yet so gently does its best to remind us of Who really Are and Why we are here, at this juncture of the infinite Continuum in the Eternal Now.

As part of the adaptation process into this sphere of existence, the physical apparatus employed by each embodied soul normally develops a mind of its own – which some call the ego – which plays a crucial role, as the body develops from a toddler into a fully grown adult, in maintaining the integrity of this vehicle and ensuring it receives the necessary sustenance and other elements necessary to fulfill its needs. Gradually, over time, and depending on the kind of spiritual stimulation it receives from enlightened inner and outer sources of assistance, every human being is given repeated opportunities to wean itself from the sometimes overwhelming influence of its egotic self over both its very conscience and the direction of its life.

The process of taming its human personality with its never-ending self-focused desires and making it more pliable to the higher Will of Source coming through the channel of the soul – that by its very nature is perpetually in perfect synch with the Omniversal Being it stems from – is a delicate act of dynamic balancing in a forward going movement of ascending synchronization with Source that is both the nexus of successful achievement of one's life purpose and a springboard to ever higher attainments in all fields of manifestation in this multidimensional Universe."

– Taken from Shifting from an Ego Mind-set to a Go-With-The-Flow Soul-set

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