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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 4: Choosing to Serve The Light

Beloved Ones

Here is the fourth suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 4: Choosing to Serve The Light

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At this crossroads, when so much hangs in the balance for humanity and the future of this world, it is vital to reaffirm our choice, or firmly commit ourselves, to serve the Light and BE the radiant being of Love and Compassion that we are each meant to be in the seemingly unending saga of our evolutionary progress back to the One Source at the origin of All That Is.

It is now a truism to say that what we focus on grows. So many people have awakened from the slumber of millennia of spiritual inertia and so many more are in the process of reaching up for the first rung of the soul awakening process, and in so doing are adding their light to the global awakening that is now gathering speed in tandem with this planet's own spiritual ascension towards a higher dimension of experience, en route to the much higher dimensions of this infinitely complex and intricate universal field of multi-level experiencing.

As part of this process, all awakening experiencers are being currently presented with a number of challenges in order to test the mettle of their spiritual awakening and to further catalyze and deepen their level of anchoring into the Light. Those who have vowed their allegiance to darkness are still doing their utmost to maintain as many people as possible, through fear-based manipulations and sheer violence, in the lowest possible levels of awareness, in an ultimately vain effort to perpetuate their power and domination over this planet.

What they fail to realize is that, as this planetary field of experience gradually ascends towards higher vibratory frequencies through the unrelenting beaming of Light from on and off planet sources, they will soon be vibrationally unfit and unable to maintain their very physical existence in the Love infused atmosphere that is taking hold of this living planet.

Akin to a swift transition from water breathing through gilds to aerial breathing through lungs, only those who have succeeded in developing their inner Light breathing apparatus and in attuning the vibratory rate of their whole body to the new Lighted atmosphere of Love and radiant Communion with the Omniversal One will be able to maintain their continued existence on Terra Gaia. Therefore it is vital that those who have walked the awakening path for so long and who are readying themselves to take a giant leap into this new emerging reality make a conscious choice to continue focusing their attention on the Light to both ensure their successful transition into the higher dimension and encourage as many other souls as possible to avail themselves of this extraordinary opportunity offered to all beings of Good Will and Good Heart.

Please dedicate this meditation, as guided by Spirit, to reaffirm your absolute commitment to serve the Light and channel as much Light as possible towards assisting all other human beings in their own awakening process. Completely surrender to the Will of the Universal Force of Life that has so assiduously worked to establish its vibrant presence in all nooks and crannies of this infinitely vast multidimensional universe, thus reconnecting consciously with Who You Really Are and accepting on every level to follow Its fluid, moment by moment, guidance so as to best assist others and provide the unique contribution you have chosen to offer at this place and time, for the Highest Good of All.

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