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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 34:


Beloved Ones

Here is the 34th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE.To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 34: Resurrection

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Amidst the torments of a new century fraught with traumatic upheavals and the ongoing uncertainty about our planet’s future health, there lies a great hope for a totally renewed global spiritual understanding and deep realization of man’s true nature as a vessel for a spark of Divinity. This renewal holds the promise of a Golden Age of peace, loving compassion and universal brother/sisterhood.

What is now marking a turning point in humanity’s journey from the fast-fading era of war and random violence into a new time of global peace is the exponentially accelerating awakening that is taking place, mostly unseen from the glare of most media’s fascination for the most extreme human behaviors, but still very much in progress as more and more souls in embodiment manage to rekindle the remembrance of their true Self and of the reason for their presence at this point in the time Continuum.

We can but celebrate and cherish the fact that humanity’s collective consciousness is at long last reflecting the increasingly potent streams of higher consciousness that have been activated thanks to all the individual awakenings that have taken place so far.

Now, since we have begun crossing the famed dimensional threshold at the end of 2012, we experience a cascading crescendo of ever more intense initiatory preparations as more and more souls make the inner shift from the illusion of separation to Oneness Consciousness, the prime condition for what can be called the Resurrection of mass divine consciousness on this beloved sphere of Life, this collection of all individual life sentience into an intricately connected whole that breathes, feels and manifests Universal Intelligence as it expresses Itself through Nature’s myriad forms of expression.

We can barely fathom at this point the scope and awe-tingling level of soul communion that will be experienced when this magical critical threshold will be entirely crossed. Yet we can sense how profound and truly revolutionary, from a historical perspective, this shift into a higher dimension of consciousness and vibration will be.

We merely have to think about how we instinctively react, deep within, every time we can witness the birth of a new being, whether human or animal, to have an idea of the kind of impression the collective awakening to our true divine nature will create in us. The delicate beauty of a blooming flower or the subtle fragrance it emits is sometimes enough to trigger this sense of muted admiration and complete reverence for the mysterious Power of Life that can so masterfully produce a new human body from the merging of two cells in the bosom of a female body, and which will soon manifest Itself when most of us will be ripe for this resurrection into our new global Self, as One with all Life on Earth and throughout the multiverse.

The glory of these sublime moments to come can already be felt if one projects his/her Self a few years ahead to partake in the planetary celebration of Light and Love that will forever enliven the memories of this magical time of victory of Divine Spirit over matter and soul oblivion that have so much dominated us throughout the past several millennia.

For countless generations to come, our victorious emergence from the slumber of a deliberately chosen amnesia into the resurrected sense of Divine Self will be remembered as one of the highest points of Joy and Bliss this world has ever known. Through joining together as loving expressions of Who We Are, while in meditation, as we will do again this coming Sunday at the usual time, or individually, we will contribute in catalyzing this process which is now well underway, and thus help cement in humanity’s collective awareness, and on behalf of all our awakening kin souls, the incontrovertible fact that Love prevails, Light grows and Oneness is, for the Highest Good of all... as One.

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