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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 32:

Preparing the Ground for Ascension

Beloved Ones

Here is the 32nd suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 32: Preparing the Ground for Ascension

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The talk of a coming Golden Age on Earth has become quite common in spiritual circles over the past few years and there was a growing interest for the theme of a major global shift of ages, even if this vision was tainted in the mainstream media with the fear of some major catastrophic events. Beyond the hype surrounding this topic, there is an incontrovertible fact: the world as we’ve known it in the past century is coming to an end as it is highly unsustainable and must inevitably change if there is to be a livable future for the vast majority of life forms on Earth, especially for its dominant species, Homo sapiens sapiens.

The thought of such a new era of peace and global harmony is still a bit fuzzy for most people as it is hard to fathom that such a new reality could emerge despite the vast, overwhelming challenges humanity faces right now and the difficulties in agreeing on a proper course correction when political expediency and the detracting influence of powerful lobbies are still so prevalent.

What is needed is not only a clear vision of the bright future we would hope to leave to our descendants, but more importantly the ability to wholeheartedly surrender to the guiding influence of Divine Light and Love now pervading our globe as a result both of the request for assistance expressed by so many in their prayers and meditations, and of the concomitant Divine Will expressed through a carefully laid Plan to usher in just such a Golden Age, part of what many sources describe as the Ascension of our planet into a higher dimension of existence.

Now, what could possibly make a crucial difference and tip the balance towards the full manifestation of what is already existent as a pregnant potentiality just ahead of Now in the space-time Continuum? Faith in the power of Light and Love to overcome darkness and heal the divide between our true divine nature and our limited perception of it in the hearts of man is definitely a key factor.

The innate ability all souls inherently have to open the floodgates of emotions in their purest form to empower such a faith and trigger the activation process to transform the human caterpillar back into its angelic form is the other key factor. Examples of such quasi miraculous transformations abound around us, especially when nature, after a long winter in a dormant state, springs back to life in all its glorious splendor. It is entirely possible and perfectly reasonable to believe that after a long winter of spiritual dormancy, life on Earth is on the verge of being transmuted back into its radiant pristine original state of divine grace and perfect harmony.

In fact, just such a vision has been seen and felt as imminent by countless souls who respond to the inner call of Life, knowing that the time is now to cocreate in their life and around themselves what they came here to co-manifest. Like a vast invisible army of conspirators, they have been preparing the ground for this emerging Golden Age and the synergistic effect of their seemingly uncoordinated efforts and initiatives has shifted the whole reality that billions of people experience every day.

As any shrewd observer can see, a powerful groundswell of changes has swept the world and made possible things that only a few decades ago seemed like an out-of-reach utopian dream. Although many parts of the world still lag behind in applying the new standards that now make it possibly for ever more people to live a dignified life while ever better preserving the integrity of the balance of Life on Earth, the trend is clearly pointing towards a realistically possible Golden Age in the near future.

All that remains to be activated to unleash the great surge forward that will put us all above and beyond that last barrier separating us from this new dimension of existence is the expression in all its magnificence of the single, most potent Force that exists in this universe: Love... a Love so pure, so unconditional and so profound that it will open the doors of heaven in front of our very eyes and enable the realization of the prophetic visions about this blisstic state of being that such a Divine Love can breed.

This is what we are invited to co-manifest during our personal and collective moments of meditation, and especially this coming Sunday at the usual time... Surrendering to the Power of Love, preparing the ground for Ascension and sowing the seeds of this nascent Golden Age, for the Highest Good of all... as One.

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