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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 31:

Achieving Soul Resonance and Being Home

Beloved Ones

Here is the 31st suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 31: Achieving Soul Resonance and Being Home

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As we all know, everything in this universe is vibratory in nature, and so it is that when two souls establish a vibratory resonance with each other, their unified frequency brings them into a deeply resonant field of oneness, their respective consciousness merging into a single ‘onesciousness’—the awareness of being One. When that happens, each soul spontaneously senses the other soul’s thoughts and feelings—what is generally called telepathy, a poorly understood phenomenon that involves much more than simply sharing one’s thoughts with another being—and very powerful waves of tingling bliss engulf both soul beings into an ecstatic communion that brings pure joy and often draws tears of elation.

To establish soul resonance between two or a virtually limitless number of souls, all that is needed is a simple act of surrendering one’s control over our sense of self-perception, an act born out of love for and utter faith in each other’s divine beingness, something which the ancient concept of ‘namaste’ partly expresses.

For any soul who has not yet experienced this sort of deep surrendering to the One Omniversal Force Field of Love, the universal medium through which synchronous fusion is achieved—something which is somewhat reflected by the concept of entanglement as defined in quantum physics—it takes a definitively complete leap of faith to first achieve this state of being which, by their very nature, is an innate ability all souls can experience.

To experience soul resonance is to jump into a higher field of reality, also called higher dimension of existence, and to extricate oneself, albeit temporarily, from the realm of duality, and to enter the realm of ‘onality’, a basic, omnipresent state of non-duality in which all is sensed as One without any residual illusion of separation that is so persistent when one is attuned to the state of duality consciousness, which we are all so familiar with and usually so engrossed into.

When one is consciously cultivating this higher level of synchronous resonance with All That Is, then it naturally ensues that it will gradually become ever more easier to reach that state of pure bliss, this mystical state of samadhi, of orgasmic ecstasy, that has been described in various Eastern cultures. Moreover, as more and more souls develop this innate ability to resonate as One, it becomes ever more easier for other souls to tune into this morphogenetic field of consciousness and experience this same inner resonance—and thus through changing oneself, we are literally changing the world.

Soon a critical mass of soul resonance will be reached on Earth and this will allow the fast pace of changes on all levels of human reality that will enable the global shift into a higher dimension of existence so many have been expecting and sensing just ahead in the Continuum.

As we collectively reach this state of soul resonance, while in deep meditation, we will be experiencing a sense of Being Home—at long last! Being Home, back into intimate communion with the Source all souls originally came from, is possibly the greatest Mystery of all for any soul still self-separated from this Omniversal Reality, and yet it is the ultimate goal of our near eternal existence and the most efficient means of putting an end to all sufferings and to the karmic wheel that keeps us bound into material slavery.

Few actually reach for that permanent state of reintegration with Source; yet in those unfathomable moments of blissful communion with All That Is, when we know we are Home, we can catch a glimpse of the ultimate destination of our ever-rebounding journey. It is in those moments that the true joy of being alive and conscious is fully experienced. Please allow yourself, this coming Sunday at the usual time, the gift of achieving soul resonance and being Home, for the Highest Good of all... as One.

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"I come from a future Earth. Our world has been totally purified and everything is in total harmonic balance. Lush green forests lie where once there were deserts. Rivers and streams glisten with clear, pure water teeming with life. The mighty oceans are not such a mystery to us as we can live in chambers below the surface of the water. We telepathically communicate with the intelligent life forms that live there. Many of our kind communicate with the whales and dolphins learning technologies of consciousness that can aid both our species. The planet Gaia is totally honoured and respected as a living, intelligent, co-creative entity. All of our kind have their own unique connection to the planet. We have a new level of connection. We no longer consider ourselves separate to her. We now realise we are an intricate part of her consciousness. Gaia's dream has been accessed by our kind and all are expressing their unique part of the dream. We live on a planet that is ecologically balanced and harmonious. The planet is heavenly with stable, pleasant weather patterns and gentle climates. This enables all life to blossom. Food is in abundance and all the needs of the whole are brought forth from Gaia. We are all in align with the love that is permeating this planet."

– From a future Gaian -- Taken from Future Gaian Speaks (item #3)

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