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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 29:

Being Born Again Into The Light

Beloved Ones

Here is the 29th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 29: Being Born Again Into The Light

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We come from the Light and to the Light we return. This is the whole story of our soul journey. No word can possibly express the infinite bliss and ecstatic sense of Oneness that pervades One’s consciousness when perfect communion is achieved with the very Source of our Beingness. And yet one is guided to offer a way, a Golden Pathway, towards reaching back to the Light of Source.

This is not about attempting nor doing anything. This is only and purely about surrendering to What Is, Has Always Been and Forever Will Be. The effulgence of Divine, Blissful Love that flows directly from Source and through One’s whole being elevates One’s Soul until fusion into Oneness erases all possible confusion as to Who We Are... and in Being so, One is being born again into the Light.

Please, allow your Self to be engulfed in and by the Perfection that you are as One with All That Is and know that in Being so, you fulfill your most vital and sacred mission, the very reason why you are here, now. Only you can choose the Moment when you will take the Leap of Faith and surrender to Love... only you the Soul Being that you are... for the Highest Good of all... as One.

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"A new Vibration, prodigious and gentle, pervades all his being. For the first time, the energy dwelling in him and animating his body fills and fulfills him so much that he no longer needs to breathe. His hands... His hands, which he raises slowly in front of his eyes... They are translucent, with streaks of Light running through them, sprinkled with little beams of sparks and hairs of light trembling as if under an invisible breath... His fingertips glisten with soft rays and, with a simple impulse of will, intense flashes stream out of them and unfurl in the night, extending his tactile sensitivity until he is literally able to touch the moon, there at his fingertips... Gaia is perfectly calm... There is no sign of surprise in his eyes, only a strange glimmer of wisdom, for he remembers now. He recalls that beyond the limitations of the flesh is hidden this marvelous body of Light, so pure and so perfect, endowed with prodigious, but entirely natural powers. But what flesh?... Did he ever have a body of flesh? Oh! Yes... This too he remembers, vaguely, like a distant memory faintly emerging from the mist of a dream from which he had just awoken."

- Taken from Inner Presence - Chapter III of the ecospiritual novel The Immortal Child

(...) "Yes! I want to be born to the Light!" calmly shines his soul...

At the same moment, millions of human beings wake from a restless sleep or stop all activity, sensing the imminence of Something totally unknown and prodigiously important. A great shudder runs through the whole Earth and violent thunderstorms suddenly burst out everywhere, whilst furious winds are rising and a low rumbling shakes the bowels of the Earth. Gaia as a whole feels the imminence of the Event. Then everything subsides everywhere at once and a great silence shrouds the planet on the eve of Awakening...

The inner pressure in Gaia's mind reaches breaking point... One by one the last resistances fall...

However, something is still left clinging, something which believes itself to be alone since the beginning of time and for eternity, isolated from everything, something obstinately attached to the Supreme Illusion...

Then in a single burst of Love, all the beings present around Gaia get up and, opening their arms, palms forward, begin chanting in unison the Sacred Sound whose vibrations echo throughout the amphitheater, the ship and, across space, upon the whole Earth which, in one final shudder releases the last resistance and begins to vibrate as an immense diapason in resonance with the Primordial Vibration...

And suddenly the miracle happens... The unthinkable, the impossible becomes Reality... Gaia also stands up, raises his arms and starts chanting the Sacred Sound with all the others...

From the top of the Flame of Life, an incandescent ray of Love then descends towards Gaia and surrounds each of his cells with a Light of ineffable beauty and purity.

The mutation is taking place!...

Gaia's whole body is being transmuted into Light and begins to radiate Life like a new star. Life resuscitates the Life that was lying dormant in matter.

A song of Joy and elation then bursts out from the vault of the huge amphitheater. Gaia, opening the eyes of his body of Light, beholds with his new vision the place where he is and the marvelous beings surrounding him. Spheres of iridescent light with fluid outlines are floating above him, emitting a music and a song of indescribable beauty. Around him, the meditating audience is literally flooding him with benevolent and warm thoughts of Love. Near him, the Maha Chohan has stood up and, looking at him with a wide smile full of compassion, tells him in thought: "Welcome among us, Brother of Light, Immortal Child..."

Then other beings, whom he recognizes thanks to his memory now fully restored, also come to greet and welcome him in this world of Light and Harmony to which they too had gained access in times past through their work and dedication. Gaia, overcome with happiness, but also very calm and dignified, suddenly perceives the profound meaning of what has just happened within him. After an endless saga going back to the origins of Life on Earth, he has at last been able to free himself from the snare of the Illusion of Separation and Death.

And what he has just experienced, millions of beings like him were soon to experience too. For there are millions who are also on the point of totally freeing themselves from the attraction of matter. The Path is clearly marked out, and together they will soon be able to form the Body of Light of humanity.

– Taken from Dance of Life - Chapter V of the ecospiritual novel The Immortal Child

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