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Meditation Focus Series – Week # 21:

Seeding Cosmic Consciousness on Earth

Beloved Ones

Here is the 21st suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses, please click HERE.

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Week # 21: Seeding Cosmic Consciousness on Earth

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As we each open our heart during our regular meditations, there comes a point where something deep within us is stimulated and made ever more aware of an observing and yet silent presence. Some have called this the Silent Watcher, others, the Everlasting Presence in us, but whatever the name used to describe this inner Conscience, one thing remains... most of the time, most people are blissfully oblivious to Its Existence. The notion that we were all created in the image of God is another well worn saying that plainly reveals our true divine nature.

There has been reams of books written on the sense of separation that stems from the illusory, transient experience of an individuated consciousness literally taking over time a life of its own as it develops its protective shell and nurture its sense of identity in a very competitive world where survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Called an ego in many cultures, this temporary self-identification with what passes for our only real self, becomes the center around which everything revolves and the buoy to which each embodied soul, lost in the trance-like experience of life on Earth, hitches its sense of existence and, in the process, completely forgets where it came from and what it really is.

Yet nowadays, there are more and more people who gradually remember that there is more to life than what meets the eye and who strive, each in their own unique way, to reconnect with this inner immortal being which, by its very nature, has always existed and forever will. Those of us who have undertaken to shed their old skin and bind their consciousness with that Higher Self in a pact of mutually assured illumination have a key role to play in the closing chapter of evolution in the third dimensional field of experience that is transitioning into a higher Sphere of more enlightened experiencing.

We are the Bearers of the Flame of Love that burns all residual miasmas of fear and ego trance, and the Seeders of Cosmic Consciousness on Earth. We are pioneering a new Way of Being that will soon become the norm as all souls in embodied experiencing will likewise share the same Knowledge and Be the same sacred Instrument of the One Universal Presence.

You are hereby invited to let all human pretence aside and grow into the God Self you are meant to Be so as to further expand the scope and breadth of manifested Divine Reality wherever you are, whatever you do and whenever you choose to Be All That You Are.

As we each renew again and again this evermore sentient awareness of Universal Creator looking through our very eyes, thinking through our very thoughts and breathing through our very lungs, we set in motion an ever more radiant Light that will inevitably catalyze the metamorphosis of this realm of existence into a paradise-like world of fun-filled happiness for all and blessed experience of the magnificence, perfection and immanent bliss of All That is, for the Highest Good of All.

Also recommended...

"There is just One Purpose to all that exists: coming to the deepest possible realization that we each are an integral, indissociable fragment of the One Being, the Universal Archetypal Essence, the Eternally Existent Presence, the Omniversal Source from which All That Is stems—and to which it will all eventually return. Discovering the infinitely intricate consequences and overall meaning of this simple fact is what all sentient life is all about. It is pointless to pretend that one—anyone!—has succeeded in wrapping one’s mind around what all that means, from stars to flowers, from atoms to super universes, from the invisible realms to the most ethereal of angelic worlds. For no one can comprehend it all. But the odyssey of learning every possible shade and nuance of what conscious awareness can encompass is what makes the Universal One in us happy to Be. Being the All Seeing, sensing all that can be sensed, touching with our mind’s grasp every single aspect of experiential knowing is what makes the heart of Omniversal Creator in us throb. We each are this Force. We each can feel its pulsing Presence in our conscience’s loins. Every song ever composed, every word ever uttered, every thought ever formed is but an expression of that same Presence, of that same Joy, of that same blissful Perfection. Everything hinges on us becoming aware of just Who we are, of just Who everyone is, of just what All That Is really is. And to that end, a nearly infinite numbers of possibilities are offered to experience every aspect of this cornucopia of perceivable realities—a “reality” being anything that appears real to our sensing abilities. From the realm of nirvanic paradise, where we all continue our journey after living a whole existence on Earth, or anywhere else in this universe, where we rest and regenerate between the intensely challenging tests of material embodiment, and where we also learn and exercise new skills that will prove useful at some future point in the Life continuum, to all other possible realities we may encounter in our never-ending journey from blissful Oneness to mindless oblivion and back, we are constantly accruing experiences and seeking to understand WHY, to what end this all IS."

– Take from Born to Be God

And just a reminder...

We are all space-time travelers engaged in the ultimate experience of a pseudo-virtual 'reality' that is so convincing that we totally ignore it is not the true Reality. We need to strive to become fully aware of this Ultimate Reality, to reach this moment of Absolute Clarity when we finally fully grasp that everything we take so seriously in our embodied life is just a game, a fabulous immersive production, whose Supreme Goal, once its understanding is indelibly etched in every neuron and in the slightest spark of conscious consciousness, is to go on to the next stage of evolution, in the 'higher' successive dimensions, up to the moment of the Grand Return within the Omniversal Source.

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