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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 19: Standing Tall

Beloved Ones

Here is the 19th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the previous Meditation Focuses, please click HERE.

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Week # 19: Standing Tall

At this point in time, we are looking at one of the most wondrous experiences that has ever been bestowed upon living flesh. We are on the verge of making Contact... but this will not be the First contact, far from it. It will be like renewing our sacred bonds with immortal friends we have known all along. It will be like welcoming back in our soul remembrance all those moments of sheer, pure happiness we have experienced before with these blessed souls. It will be and feel just like home.

As we ascend the spiritual ladder of Love and enter ever vaster expanses of blissful, peaceful cognizance of That Which We Are, something comes alight right in the very center of our heart. A new Reality dawns on us as we open our heavenly eyes onto the scenery of past, present and future accomplishments on our never-ending Quest for Divine Perfection. A Flame, brighter than a quasar of Love, springs forth from the crucible of our awakening consciousness and we contemplate, assimilate and expand this sacred Knowledge until we reassert the full Remembrance of our Origin. We stand tall, ever more quivering with the vibrancy of our renewed discovery, and We Let It Be.......

A new Man is being born, after aeons of slow maturation in the tender embrace of the Universal Onlookers who have stood at our side all along. A new Reality is dawning and a new dispensation of the Divine Grace is occurring, at this very moment. Trust these words to reflect, however imperfectly, the Guidance that is being provided in the sanctuary of your soul, at this very moment. Know that what is being stirred by these thoughts is the perfect expression of what you came here to realize, at this very moment.

Imagine a star like your Sun shining in the firmament of infinite vastness, and experience the multitude of Life-giving powers emanating from its core and radiating ad infinitum in all directions at once... Then imagine that from the bosom of this starry being, an even higher vibrational tonality than all it has ever shone before is ignited in the fiery realm of Primordial Source where All is possible, even something as sublime, as magical and as infinitely perfect as the Universe your telescopes have been showing you for some time now. Imagine, if such a wondrous accomplishment has been possible, what is still in store for an extraordinary creature like yourself...

You are just like this expanding star and by your own volition you are making possible one of the most fascinating transmutation processes of this field of experience... Your metamorphosis from a third dimensional being of flesh, blood and bones into a radiantly expanding expression of all that has laid dormant up to this point in time.

Now it the time to allow this process to fully proceed unimpeded. Now is the time to let the full Force of your Divine Light shine through. Now is the time for your spiritual Resurrection from the realm of mortal limitation into the infinite realm of endless possibilities. All that has preceded this moment in the everlasting continuum of Existence was but a first step, a mere preparation, a simple stepping-stone in your Ascension from one vibrational range into a new much higher one. Now it the Time to Stand Tall, for the Highest Good of All.

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