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Meditation Focus Series - Week # 17

Achieving Critical Mass for Change

Beloved Ones

Here is the 17th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 17: Achieving Critical Mass for Change

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Have you noticed how most everyone’s attitude towards the environment has been changing at a quickening pace lately?... How this heightened awareness of what connects us all in this common challenge to protect this living planet from further environmental despoliation is also now translating into a greater awareness of our individual power to affect positively all the global crises confronting us, and how more and more people realize they would rather be part of the solution than part of the problem?...

Have you also noticed that there has been in recent years an exponential number of people involved, in one way or another, in the emerging new spiritual awareness of our global Oneness, thus triggering the most massive changes ever seen in human history?...

All of this is bringing humanity on the very cusp of an unparalleled shift in consciousness that will propel us all and our entire living environment—so intricately connected to us as we are now discovering—into a new era where everyone’s sentient feelings, thoughts and actions will be guided by the Universal Prime Directive of love, compassion and caring for all, of do no harm to others unless you want to harm yourself, and of perceptual oneness with the Omniversal Creator of It All... pervading our sense of Self, our every cell, every planet and every galaxy of our common field of experience, as coevolving starseeds, as the instruments this living Universe has given Itself to see, touch and feel One’s own aliveness, to make/be Love with All That Is...

Now is the time to take a bold Leap of Faith and access the infinite Power of God Within to precipitate an ever expanding cascade of awakening and ‘enlovening’ amongst our fellow travellers in this extraordinary evolutionary journey.

Now is the time to reach deep within, open our heart to the infinite Power of Love and connect with the legions of invisible helpers from the other realms of existence who stand at the ready to assist us all in our epoch-changing transition to a new heightened awareness of our Universal Oneness that will usher in a New Era of perfect peace, loving compassion and permanent harmony within ourselves and with the rest of Creation.

Now is the time to let the Power of Light shine through and enfold all other souls in a crescendoing symphony of blissful commUnion, so as to open the door through which unprecedented changes may take place on Earth to heal what needs healing, to rejuvenate what needs rejuvenation and to illuminate what needs illumination.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for. Once a certain threshold has been reached, we shall achieve a critical mass of Light that will instantaneously expand to all other living souls and permeate every cell of their bodies with the Knowledge of our eternal Oneness... and a new Reality will henceforth dawn, for the Highest Good of All.

Recommended complementary material...

“If you have sensed, like so many, the growing presence in you of a blissful Force of Love encompassing your whole being and transmuting in a flash all residual fears and doubts into a resonant knowingness of your true divine nature as soul fragments of All That is, then you know what Being the Light of this world actually means and you are ready to activate the collective fusion of Divine Will and Love that will act like a supernova of consciousness expansion and further propel this planetary field of experience into a higher dimensional reality, which will inevitably manifest itself outwardly in its all-encompassing grace and perfection. So as we gather synchronously every Sunday, let us shine ever more brightly the Light that we each are, for the Highest Good of all as One.”

– Taken from Being the Light of This World

"It pays off mightily to follow one's inner guiding still small voice within and to affirm as best as we possibly can, no matter our human frailties and perceived inability, the ever expanding expression of innate perfection we are when attuned as One with the Source of All That Is. In so doing, hundreds, thousands, millions of other souls are gradually likewise empowered to express their unique and irreplaceable contribution to global awakening and universal 'enlovening'. (...) And if we, all of us, stand together and speak out, if we all continue our work in the face of inner and outer fears, if we all simply do the footwork at hand, then the odds are greatly in our favor for Spirit to accomplish miracles through all of us and we WILL see a world of beauty, a world of abundance, and of freedom and justice for all."

– Taken from HERE

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