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Meditation Focus Series - Week # 15

Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life

Beloved Ones

Here is the 15th suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Week # 15: Attaining Symbiosis and Oneness With All Life

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As one struggles to make sense of our fast-paced march towards an uncertain future, one has to consider what is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Life on Earth and a key condition for a successful transition to a sustainable and enlightened new way of life on Earth. Science has already led us to understand that without symbiosis, Life simply would have not evolved to the utterly astounding level of complexity and yet enduring balance it has achieved through aeons of evolutionary progress. Not a single species lives in isolation, but all depend on the intricate Web of Life for their sustenance and survival.

Obviously, the human species is no exception in this regard. Yet, through ignorance and a sheer disregard for the fragile environment on which we all depend for our continued existence, humanity has nearly managed to render asunder the delicate balance that is vital to Life’s continuance—and that, in the geological equivalent of the blink of an eye.

What is still missing is a deeply felt sense of our own Symbiosis and Oneness with all Life, an inner, intuitive knowledge that we are intricately connected with everything else and that if we keep pulling out threads from the Web of Life, it is the entire edifice made of all living things that will disintegrate and collapse, until all that is left are simple primitive organisms from which Life will again patiently, over the course of tens of millions of years, weave a new tapestry and compose a new symphony.

Such an outcome is certainly not what we would consciously choose, and yet most humans act as if it was precisely what they wish to achieve. Leaving such a legacy from our brief blossoming into a technologically potent and yet psychologically immature civilization would appear to be so utterly irresponsible and shortsighted as to be simply unthinkable. We must surely know better!

As the pioneering awakeners and most favored elements of the emerging new Gaian civilization, we have a special and unique role in addressing this situation and fostering a conscious redirection of all of humanity’s creativity, daily activities and long-term thinking towards a true understanding of our sacred role as caretakers and symbiotic stewards of what’s left of the richest, most diverse biosphere ever manifested on this living planet.

And one of our most crucial contributions to this process is arousing and nurturing within ourselves the innate sense of our Symbiosis and Oneness with all Life and, in so doing, communicating, through the combined power of our unified soulful awareness, this very knowledge to all our brothers and sisters of the greater human family.

Please, set aside some of your meditation time, whenever you feel prompted to do so, and especially next Sunday at the usual time, to instill in the hearts and minds of the 7 billion people now inhabiting the Earth the clear feeling that all is One, that all is Sacred, and that All That Is lives in perfect Symbiosis within and through each one of us, for the Highest Good of All.

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"You are my children, all, without exception, and I love you all. You are the fruit of millions, billions of years of patient labour. In you I have placed all my hopes and all my trust. I know that soon you will all awaken collectively to the eternal Oneness linking us through the Force of Immortal Life. By Life I have been shaped and I have become what I am, a being full of vitality, radiating Harmony and balance. It is the same for each one of you, for it is the same Life which has shaped you throughout your evolution and which endows each of your cells with the same vital fire that dwells in all the other cells of my immense planetary body. You have now reached a point in your evolution where you can begin to participate consciously in the mysterious processes enabling Life to manifest its infinite potential of creativity. You are about to become co-creators of a new planetary Reality which will transcend all that has existed before. You alone know what This will be, for you alone have the power to create This... My children, within you is the Key to a new world, to a regenerated Earth, to an unequalled Golden Age, and I have complete faith in you! Victory is near... Victory is near... Victory is near..."

- Taken from The Immortal Child - CHAPTER IV

"The theory of Gaia was the brainchild of Dr. James Lovelock over three decades ago. He recognized that the conditions on Earth were not only unique in our solar system, but also remarkably stable throughout the history of our planet. For instance, early in its life, the sun was about 30 percent less luminous than today, yet the temperature of the Earth has never fallen so low that the oceans have frozen from top to bottom, nor risen so high as to boil the oceans away. Looking at the less favorable conditions on neighboring planets, Lovelock postulated that, through a unique symbiosis, life on Earth is responsible for the stable, favorable environment that we inhabit. Upset the biosphere and reduce its species diversity, and you threaten the persistence of life on Earth."

- William Schlesinger -- Taken from Global Warming: Earth Out Of Balance

"The Earth with all its complex, interlocking ecosystems, is the foundation of our lives. It is our common heritage. The bounty of nature is one and indivisible. It knows no frontiers, no territorial borders. It does not recognize any North-South divide or East-West distinction. As in a family, every element in nature, however small, is part of a whole and contributes to the harmony of the whole and to its delicate overall balance. Every animal and plant species known or unknown - has its place, role and function, deserving of protection just as a family protects all its members. Stewardship in symbiosis with all life on Earth. This is the role envisioned for us. As our world views are continually challenged by new information, and as we become more aware of the consequences of our collective actions, it becomes harder for us to ignore the quality of our surrounding environment. How we obtain the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our shelter, our means of transportation, and education for our children takes on greater meaning. Indigenous peoples recognized that the relationship between humans, plants, animals and all life forms was sacred. They lived within a community that nurtured relationships, strengthened communications and created bonds between people and the natural world."

- Klaus Toepfer - Taken from

"Humanity's voracious gluttony for the resources of the Earth and lack of foresightedness of its consequences seem to be bottomless. When I consider the scope of potential changes ahead, a part of me thinks that it's no longer a matter of "if" but of "when" the dominoes start falling in a cascading crescendo of ecoblivion. Some would probably argue we are right now crashing down, with species, whole habitats and all that has so far maintained the delicate balance on this living planet disappearing faster and faster. It sure looks as if we have irremediably fouled our nest and are stuck in deep shifting sands. Yet another part of me is not that much concerned and even feels that there is some pre-ordained beauty to this mad dash into shredding the last threads that hold this magnificent symphony of living symbiosis alive, as if there was really no other way to break the hard shell of our complacent and illusory sense of separation from All That Is. At some point there will be a "break or shift" magical moment, a point Omega when suddenly our infinitely disparate cacophony of petty individual concerns and dreams will be vaporized as a deep reckoning will grab our souls, millennia of deep trance delusion will be shaken off, and a profound, blissful and oh! so Love-sparkling welling of tearful emotions and unconditional surrender will gently touch our souls, hearts and trembling lips to awaken us from this deep self-induced slumber... I know it is coming... Can you sense it?"

- Taken from HERE

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