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Meditation Focus Series

Week # 10: Healing The Human Heart

Beloved Ones

Here is the tenth suggested meditation theme in this weekly Meditation Focus Series. The purpose, meditation time and, if needed, a basic meditation method were provided in the first one available HERE. To review the other Meditation Focuses of this series, please click HERE.

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Seasonal Time Change: Please note that as of March 8, the time in North America will change from standard time back to daylight saving time, which means that participants in the Eastern Time Zone, for instance, will need to start their meditation one hour later, that is, at noon instead of 11:00, when joining to the 30 minute meditation based on the theme suggested below. If you also join to the 30 minute preparatory Golden Path of Light soul communion, then you will need to begin at 11:30 am. You may verify HERE your local time corresponding to 4 pm UT. As for the participants located in Europe, please note that the shift to daylight saving time will take place there on March 29, and a similar notice will be included in due time - Click HERE if you need to verify your local corresponding time.

Week # 10: Healing The Human Heart

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

It has been often indicated that once a critical mass of human beings have reached a stage in their personal healing and awakening process when true Love can shine unobstructed, then this very vibrational template of spiritual balance empowered by heightened divine awareness will spread to all humankind in a rapid expansion of global awareness and of an exponentially deeper sense of Oneness with All That Is.

That alchemical process taking place within the crucible of everyone's heart holds the key to not only our continued existence on this wonderful, beloved living planet, but also to our future Galactic Journey to bring the quintessence of what has been learned in the cauldron of physical experience to countless other worlds where other souls struggle to reach up to their godly inheritance as children of the Omniversal Creator.

So, let us dive deep within our soul to reconnect with our true divine nature and request whatever assistance we may need to heal all that needs to be healed within our heart and, by means of our intimate resonant Oneness with all other souls on Earth, to heal all that needs to be healed within everyone's heart and soul.

Let us realize how by healing ourselves, we contribute to co-healing with all others the most vital connection in all with our True essence as radiant Sparks of God living a physical experience and learning to Be All That we can Be, for the Highest Good of All.

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"The critical role of those souls who have most progressed so far onto their self-chosen spiritual quest for Higher Meaning and self-appointed mission to contribute to the global Ascension Process is precisely to further activate this global spiritual awakening through their own empowering of the Grid of Light encompassing this living planet, and through exemplifying in their daily lives the sacred Bond of Love uniting All That is. So let us all continue to assist in expanding the Grid of Light girding the Earth through choosing Peace in every single relationship we experience, radiating Love in every moment of conscious awareness, and being Harmony which is our very essence. Joining as One through these globally synchronized meditations, and continuously remaining centered in this Field of Peace, Love and Harmony that emanates from the depths of our soul Being, we will realize the much anticipated critical mass of Goodwill, Compassion and Oneness Consciousness that will shine like a mega-powerful beacon in humanity's sphere of collective consciousness and guide Home all the awakening souls still struggling to see the Light through the veiled 'reality' of 'normal' everyday life. May we all remember why we are here and what infinite power for Good is vested in us all, for the Highest Good of All."

– Taken from Choosing Peace, Radiating Love, Being Harmony

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