A Spiritual Perspective from the Global Meditation Focus Group

Spiritual Nugget #3:
Finding the Mother in Each of Us


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Finding the Mother in Each of Us

Out of multitudes of choices, we chose to arrive in this place and time to bring our unique gifts to bear on a world often dominated by fear and hatred. While these emotions can sometimes serve the survival and safety of the ego, the transformation of fear and all its cousins (hate, greed, etc.) into more positive, loving energies must be an important goal for all of us. As long as we allow such emotions to dominate us, we are locked into the dead-end job of being only minimally human. What if it were possible to rise up and come away from all of that? What if the main things keeping us from claiming our legacy of being a co-creator of our world were our remaining fears? The release of negative emotions need not be an arduous task. They can be transformed in the fire of the Love coming to us in every moment from the Spirit of Life. As we maintain our focus in alignment with Love, all these negativities can be burned away.

Our focus can and should remain on the positive aspects of creating a new awareness. As we all know, we perpetuate and accentuate that which we give our energy to. So, our intentions must be focused on the other side of the emotional coin. If we face our fellow pilgrims with an attitude of "What can I do to help? What does Life need from me in order for it to flourish?", then we are part of the solution not the problem. Whatever our individual gut feelings about what it means to "love" are, we need to focus our meditations on creating an environment, physically and spiritually, that allows love to flourish.

Before all else, we want to feel safe. The warmth and safety of the womb are some of our earliest memories. The enfoldment of a mother's loving hug allows us to feel safe enough to take that first step, to start down our path. With a haven of loving arms at our back, we find the courage to venture into the often terrifying unknown. While we cannot mother everyone in a physical sense, we can enfold each other in a womb of compassionate concern, patience and a knowing that each of us shares this one LIFE.

Of course, no one can actually create that snug, warm place called home for us. We must connect, individually with the real SOURCE of belonging. There is no real substitute for the one-on-one relationship with the mother/father within. However, for those of us whose connection feels tenuous at times, the enfolding hug of our peers who care can make all the difference. Reassurance that she/he is accepted and included is a teenager's only real priority. We never really lose that need to know that our peers value our presence and want us to be a part of what is going on. I need the approval and validation implicit in the simple act of being accepted as an equal partner in our shared LIFE, and maybe all of us do. Coming of age as a spiritual being means sharing the job of "mothering".

We begin to know what it means to focus on what LIFE wants now, as we become more open to being a transmitter/receiver rather than an isolated computer. When we can get our ego out of the driver's seat, we discover that the Spirit of Life is constantly transmitting data that we need to hear. We learn that we can listen better when we let go of the reins and enjoy the ride. We can be active, passionate listeners even when it seems like we are being passive. Sometimes the patience to hear the whole story before we act on it allows us to then move decisively and accurately, to let LOVE have a body to use as her own.

As we consider the needs of our "psychic ecosystem", our "unified field", in an unfolding process of awakening, we might ask: "What would Love do now?" Can we get quiet and still enough to hear that small voice that tells us what the Spirit of Life needs to happen? That we want and need to know is not enough. Unless we have the support system in place that creates a warm, safe feeling of home, we may not be able to respond to Love's request. Without the agreement of kindred spirits to support and enhance our effort, we are whistling into the wind.

The synergistic effect of true agreement creates the safe, inclusive environment that allows a fertile field to sprout new partners in our quest. When we meditate to heal the Earth and awaken the dormant spiritual giants, we should remember to take the time to warm the bottle and change the diaper of the frightened child in each of us.